B5CL Rangr

Eclipse Cafe – 9/13/1998

PowerChat: *** Entered Eclipse Cafe on 9/13/98 at 08:29 PM *** BB5Alien: {{{{{{{{{{{{Ranger}}}}}}}}}}}} B5Sheridn1: Bye, Scott, Mom’s turn StarTrekCC: Scrollangr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{S Ranger1}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B5CL Rangr: Howdy everyone, sorry I’m late Log Count: There were 8 member(s) in Eclipse Cafe at 08:30 PM B5Sheridn1: uh huh, a likely excuse StarTrekCC: That fine, Scrolangr…we forgive you B5CL Rangr: I … Read more

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