Eclipse Cafe

The Eclipse Cafe was the first chat room that premiered in the America Online (AOL) Keyword: Babylon 5 area.

The room was open 24/7 and moderated daily for several hours by volunteers called Community Leaders (with the prefix of B5CL) who underwent special training by AOL and given the ability to perform basic room management such as kick, ban and mute. As part of these duties, every chat log had to be uploaded to the system in case there were questions later.

The rooms also featured cast and crew members coming in to chat with fans from time to time. Some were recognizable, but some “lurked” under false names.

Here are some of the transcripts of those rooms. I have tried to denote the chats if a cast/crew member was present.


There are several emoticons and things going on in the rooms that might need some explaining.

{S greeting}  – This played a sound in the chat room. For instance this played Sheridan saying “Greetings from Babylon 5”. Others included the sound of a PPG, drazi saying “Purple” or “Green”, etc

@ @ @ – Cinnamon rolls

The Transcripts

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