Eclipse Cafe – 12/30/1998

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MCForensic: Then you will have the puter ALL to yourself!!
B5Sinclair: Duckie, how ya doing, dear?
B5CL Seuss: Greetings fellow Babylon5 Fans I am B5CL Seuss (you can just call me
B5CL Seuss: Seuss) and I will be your host for the next hour.
B5CL Seuss: I bid you welcome to the Eclipse Cafe 12/30/98 08:07 PM cst
GRUMPYM0M: You know I was in here 15 minutes ago and there was no one
StarTrekCC: Seuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodimus13: ;kfsdfgnjkdfgj;ldkfg
B5Sinclair: Hello Stef, Seuss, Wynd.
GRUMPYM0M: Now look at this place
PlkyDuckie: Great, the divorce is final!
StefniLyn: thsnkd
ACtDtH: Hi Seuss
PlkyDuckie: How are you doing Sinclair?
B5Sinclair: Congrats, that means you’re at least temporarily a free agent, yes?
B5CL Seuss: Hiya STCC, B5Sinclair, ACtDtH,
StefniLyn: {{{{{Seussy}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5Sinclair: Duckie, I’m doing pretty good.
PlkyDuckie: Temporarily
StarTrekCC: Seuss, how are you tonight?
GRUMPYM0M: I don’t think that is temporary
GRUMPYM0M: I think that is long term
Rodimus13: Good bye
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Seuss a Chocolate Pound Cake::
Rodimus13: Bye
B5CL Seuss: thanks STCC,
B5Sinclair: Grumpy, I’m sure she’ll meet Mr. Right soon.
GRUMPYM0M: I’ve been there done that
Rodimus13: BYE BYE BYE
PlkyDuckie: I have, I’m already engaged.
B5CL Seuss: seya Rodimus
GRUMPYM0M: And believe me I was in no hurry
StefniLyn: what is wrong with Mr. Left? Prejudice against Lefty’s are we?!?!?!?!
B5Sinclair: I thought I remembered that Ducks.
StarTrekCC: Seuss, Oh No, your turning into Scrollangr-in-training:-)
GRUMPYM0M: Stef you a lefty
StarTrekCC: B5CL Seussangr:-)
B5CL Seuss: STCC, I thought we established that already
B5Sinclair: Stef, no, from the resident Mr Wrong, I’m just wishing her the best.
StefniLyn: What made you think that Mom :::smiles::::
Telepath84: Hey, Seuss
GODSIVAR: suesssssss
B5CL Seuss: GODSIVAR welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
GODSIVAR: teeeeeeeepppppppp!!!!!!!!!
PlkyDuckie: Hey Stef, he is also a Mr. Left
Telepath84: ahhh!
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Kat to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
GODSIVAR: he he eh he he ……
StefniLyn: Kewl Duckie!!!
B5Sinclair: I guess you can prove, scientificly anyway, that you’re in your right ment,
B5Sinclair: tnen, Stef.
Telepath84: being a lefty sucks, it’s better to be a righty anyway.
GODSIVAR: walks toward teep
Symphonyx8: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MEEster MORden!!!!!
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Sinclair “Mr. Wrong Of the Year” Award::
StefniLyn: MIne is a rightie but you cant have everything
B5CL Seuss: Greetings MinbariRob, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take checks
B5CL Seuss: but we do take Centauri Ducats.
B5Sinclair: Robby!! LTNC
GRUMPYM0M: Stef only a left would say something like that
StarTrekCC: Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StefniLyn: Sin…..{S bite}
PlkyDuckie: Well Sinclair, he can definitely say that he is in his right mind.
Telepath84: :::eyes GODSIVAR::::
MinbariRob: Hello Suess
B5 SciFi: what about a visa check card seus?
PlkyDuckie: Hiya {{{Rob}}}
StefniLyn: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Rob}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
GODSIVAR: laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MinbariRob: Hello Sinclair
B5Sinclair: Duckie, have to be, to stick with you. 🙂
B5CL Seuss: B5 SciFi, you have to check with Ranger on that one
MinbariRob: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Room}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Telepath84: HI, rob
StarTrekCC: Seussangr, so what is the topic tonight <WEG>
B5CL Seuss: Welcome JOtter,come in and talk about the most talked about show in the
B5CL Seuss: universe.
StefniLyn: {{{{{{{JO}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: STCC, Open chat
StarTrekCC: JOtter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PlkyDuckie: Sinclair, ha-ha 😉
PlkyDuckie: Hiya JO
GRUMPYM0M: It’s like one big happy family
B5Sinclair: Duckie, 😉
JOtter4802: {{{{{{Stef}}}}}
StefniLyn: How about a Call to Legs? NIce long muscular ones hehehe
Telepath84: Melissa tramatizes morgaine!
B5Sinclair: Evening JO.
JOtter4802: Hi Ya Trek
GRUMPYM0M: lol Stef
Telepath84: Oh my.
JOtter4802: Hello Sinclair
B5Sinclair: Stef, I like legs. Especially long ones.
B5CL Seuss: I like legs that reach the ground
StefniLyn: Me too Sin. I like the ones that actually reach all the way to the floor
JOtter4802: Hi Ducky
StefniLyn: DMTA Seuss!!!
B5Sinclair: Stef, Seuss, they usually work best that way. Heeheehee
B5CL Seuss: lol StefniLyn,
B5 SciFi: the ones that bend and fold or even better>
GRUMPYM0M: twist
ACtDtH: :::checks to make sure her legs reach the ground:::
B5 SciFi: ouchy!!!
StefniLyn: well sometimes you dont need them to get to the
StefniLyn: floor…knees work just fine…ummm at least that is what I
StefniLyn: heard…..():-}
B5Sinclair: Stef, no comment
StarTrekCC: Seussanger, so how have you been today?
StefniLyn: thats a first Sin
B5Sinclair: I’m trying to behave this evening.
StefniLyn: awwwwww why?
B5CL Seuss: STCC, I have been fine you>
B5 SciFi: someone said there going tom behave in this room <G>
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StarTrekCC: ::shocked::Sinclair, your behaving tonight…what is the world coming to.
B5Sinclair: I misbehaved enough last night.
StarTrekCC: Fine, Seussanger
B5CL Seuss: shouldnt it be Seussranger?
StefniLyn: If you misbehave does that mean we get to {S handcuff} you?
StarTrekCC: Nah, Seussanger <WEG>
Telepath84: <yawn>
PlkyDuckie: Well, night all
GRUMPYM0M: Stef I won’t go there
B5 SciFi: now i ‘ve heard and seen it all first they blow up the station now to here that someone is g
B5Sinclair: Nite Duckie, take care.
B5CL Seuss: STCC, now YOU are sounding like Ranger
StefniLyn: aww why not Mom? I would hehehe
B5 SciFi: going to behave <G>
StarTrekCC: Seussanger, we could go find Scrollangr and settle it…<WEG>
B5CL Seuss: Welcome JOtter to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the atmosphere
StefniLyn: wb from punt hell JO
B5Sinclair: WB JO, get lost on the way from the door?
StarTrekCC: Me, Actually sounding like Scrollangr, perish that thought, Seussanger
GRUMPYM0M: Stef shame shame
B5CL Seuss: JO got the {S boot}
StefniLyn: what?
JOtter4802: No Sinclair…a big Ugly boot monster…wanted me for dinner
StarTrekCC: JOtter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5Sinclair: JO, I’m assuming the tables were turned, so to speak.
StefniLyn: <~~~~{}:-)
JOtter4802: Hi again Trek
StarTrekCC: {S RangerNL}
GRUMPYM0M: {S g-grief
B5Sinclair: Looky, Stef’s got a unicorn’s horn. ROFL
B5CL Seuss: STCC, can I get that wav?
JOtter4802: ::holds up the head of the boot Monster::: Oh Yeah…
StarTrekCC: Seuss, Ok:-)
B5CL Seuss: {S wavbeg1}
GRUMPYM0M: STCC can I have that too please
B5Sinclair: Seuss, how’s everything been going?
Telepath84: i’m gonna go make a pie…
StefniLyn: does that make me a virgin?
Telepath84: my little sis’ll probably in to bother you guys soon..
Not going there, Stef. Nope, notme.
Telepath84: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Everyone}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: B5Sinclair, gmta
B5Sinclair: Nite Tele.
GRUMPYM0M: Hope not
StarTrekCC: GRUMPYM0M…hold on.
StefniLyn: teeheee
Telepath84: bye!
GRUMPYM0M: ok thanks
JOtter4802: tha’s ones too easy..Stef
B5CL Seuss: Welcome TLH to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
GRUMPYM0M: Bye teep
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
B5Sinclair: »§«:*´`³¤³´`*:»§«{ Tyg!! }»§«:*´`³¤³´`*:»§«
StefniLyn: well you guys are just too nice tonight
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sin}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} {S kisskill
GRUMPYM0M: Yeah aren’t we
B5Sinclair: I see War Without End, part too is on today.
B5CL Seuss:
B5Sinclair: Now, that’s the kind of thing I love, Tyg.
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{Seuss}}}}}}}}}}}} {S tigrkiss
TygerEyez1: You knew I would use it, Sin.
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Tan Ninja to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
Tan Ninja: ::enters:: Greetings fellow B5ers!!
TLH7424: hello everon
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Tygerrrrrr}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: {S Tyger}
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, JTroy, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary travellers.
ACtDtH: {{{{{{{{{{{{Tyger}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: Hi Tan!!!
StefniLyn: I just read the first B5 book. got four of them for christmas
B5Sinclair: Tyger, I only share “wavs” if they’re going to be used, dear.
JTroy77777: Hey all.
StarTrekCC: Hi JTroy!!!
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: {S RangerNL}
StarTrekCC: Gmmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{AC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Tan Ninja: Hi STCC
StefniLyn: hi Gmmas
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Gmmas to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all
B5CL Seuss: your favorite characters.
TygerEyez1: Sin, of course you do.
B5Sinclair: Hiya Gmmas.
StarTrekCC: {S STSClean}
JTroy77777: Hey, everyone.
Gmmas: Hi STCC!!!!!!
GRUMPYM0M: I love it LOL
Gmmas: Hi B5Sinclair!
GRUMPYM0M: {S rangerNL
Gmmas: and Hi Seuss
GRUMPYM0M: I haven’t heard that in a long time
StarTrekCC: M0M, great to use that wav when Scrollangr here:-)
JTroy77777: Hi, Gmmas.
StefniLyn: I dont have that wav ::pout:::::
Tan Ninja: dang it..GtG
Gmmas: Hi JT !
GRUMPYM0M: poor Stefi
JOtter4802: could you send me that Wav please M0M?
JTroy77777: ::has no wavs::
B5Sinclair: Gee, a case of “Wav” envy there, Stef?
GRUMPYM0M: I just got but ok
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Stefni a Squirtmaster 20000000000 squirtgun and sends the wav::
Gmmas: Stefni: hows the young one doing?
StefniLyn: well I got to feed the munchkin….
StefniLyn: he is telling me he wants to drain more life out of me.
B5CL Seuss: Welcome JTroy to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
JTroy77777: FA’s as empty as ever.
B5CL Seuss: nighters Stef
Gmmas: Stefni: lol, have fun
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Stef}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}, Bye:-),. wave sent.
JTroy77777: ‘Bye Stef.
StefniLyn: night everyone…Oh yeah…you try getting biteen..oh nevermind
StefniLyn: thanks STCC
StarTrekCC: M0M, are you sending it to JOtter?
MCForensic: <– says, no thanks
B5Sinclair: Well, I don’t know if anyone hosts the FAL anymore. Shame, that.
StarTrekCC: Ok, Got it to Stef, so don’t worry, M0M
Gmmas: A Wed night with no B5 Season 5 is a sad event
B5CL Seuss: B5Sinclair, Tap does but she is no vacation
StarTrekCC: ::looks at Sinclair for the moment…and points to FAL::
JTroy77777: Seuss, you wouldn’t happen to be the Host, would you?
B5Sinclair: So, Tap’s out for the holidays, eh? Heeheehee
GRUMPYM0M: STCC you realize how many people got that wav in 5 minutes
B5CL Seuss: JTroy, yes I am
StarTrekCC: M0M, Hmmmmm…
StarTrekCC: are you tonight:-)
JTroy77777: Ooohh,Mc’s here…
MCForensic: Tyger!!!!!
JOtter4802: Thank you M0M
GRUMPYM0M: your welcome
MCForensic: <–lurker
TygerEyez1: {{{MCF}}}
TygerEyez1: Tired, CC.
GRUMPYM0M: I haven’t that one in a long time
B5Sinclair: Oh, lovely, they have Sidekicks on twice tonight. How thrilling.
JTroy77777: Figures.
StarTrekCC: Tygerrrr..Cedarie might not be here tonight…
B5CL Seuss: B5Sinclair, yuck!
GRUMPYM0M: Sidekicks???
Gmmas: Sinclair: ;my point exactly, too sad
TygerEyez1: why not?
B5CL Seuss: once is bad enough
B5CL Seuss: Hi Pwcaman!
JTroy77777: Sinclair: The one w/ Chuck Norris?
TygerEyez1: Sidekicks was a really dumb movie.
B5Sinclair: JTroy77777, yeah, that one.
StarTrekCC: Tygerrrr…it seems her kid’s want to play with ST:Starship Creator program:-)
Pwcaman: Hello! What’s the topic?
GRUMPYM0M: oh ok
JTroy77777: Oh. It wasn’t that bad…
B5Sinclair: Tyger, I believe it redefined the category of dumb movie, actuall
B5Sinclair: y.
TygerEyez1: uh-oh
GRUMPYM0M: Pw we are still working on one
TygerEyez1: No, I’ve seen much, much dumber ones.
B5Sinclair: STCC, I saw that in the store a while back, any good?
GRUMPYM0M: So have i
B5Sinclair: Tyger, like MoonTrap?
Pwcaman: Ah… So what movie is dumb, Tyger?
StarTrekCC: Sinclair, I have it also…the program is good, somewhat, but it really
TygerEyez1: Never seen MoonTrap. Who’s in it?
JTroy77777: Hmmm… Dumb movies…
GRUMPYM0M: Hubby picked up movie called Armageddon
B5Sinclair: Walter Koenig.
StarTrekCC: restricted…it only will allow you to do certain things.
TygerEyez1: REd Sonja…..really dumb movie.
Gmmas: Mom: We’ve seen that!
B5Sinclair: I like armageddon, it was good.
GRUMPYM0M: and it isn’t the one with Bruce Willis
TygerEyez1: Armageddon was awesome.
StarTrekCC: Well, TNT is the network that put on 24 hours of “The Christmas Story”, and also the network
TygerEyez1: oh
B5Sinclair: Tyger, Brigitte Neilson doesn’t do much for me, even in a chain mail
B5Sinclair: bikini.
Gmmas: Mom: oh no, then its the wrong one
MCForensic: Armageddon was not too bad
TygerEyez1: ROFL.
Pwcaman: Yes, Armageddon rocked (no pun intended!)
B5CL Seuss: STCC, I liked taht movie
JTroy77777: I want to see “Prince of Egypt”.
GRUMPYM0M: So do my kids
StarTrekCC: that said that they would run Babylon 5 uniterrupted…during the Season 5 run.
MCForensic: JTroy: read the book. Much better!]
Pwcaman: Prince of Egypt had the best animation I have ever seen, period.
GRUMPYM0M: This movie is so bad
StarTrekCC: Seuss, well 24th hours of any movie is exessive.
Gmmas: STCC: they’re doing that again this year, wish they’d have 24 hours of B5 instead
JTroy77777: Ugh! “The Christmas Story”? That was scary. ::shudders::
B5CL Seuss: STCC, I agree with that
TygerEyez1: Especially the Christmas Story. :::shudders::::
GRUMPYM0M: When they are flying in space hubby says he can see light bulb
B5Sinclair: Even 24 hours of anything would be better. I’d settle for Herc or Xena.
B5CL Seuss: Rubidoo welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
TygerEyez1: Sin, now you’re talking.
TygerEyez1: I could deal with 24 hours of Sorbo.
Log Count: There were 11 member(s) in Eclipse Cafe at 08:30 PM
StarTrekCC: TNT now is putting Babylon 5 at 4:00 PM EST or 3:00 CST…
Pwcaman: Does anybody know the final outcome for Emperor Mulari (misspelled?)
JTroy77777: Anyone seen the TV show “Nightman”?
GRUMPYM0M: Tyger so could I
TygerEyez1: Yes.
GRUMPYM0M: I have it’s not that good
Gmmas: TNT has NOT shown many promos for Call to Arms, i only see ads for it during B5
StarTrekCC: Grrrrrr….Now I won’t be able to watch babylon 5…
GRUMPYM0M: I’ll take Sorbo anytime
B5Sinclair: Pwcaman, if you watched WWE part 2 tonight, you’d see what happens to
B5Sinclair: Londo Molari.
B5CL Seuss: Pwcaman, nope they left us hanging with taht story line
TygerEyez1: me, too M0M
StarTrekCC: because I will still be in school…BRB AFK eatting dinner.
B5Sinclair: You want to know?
Gmmas: Pwcarnan: they showed it tonite, as B5 Sinclair said
JTroy77777: Haven’t been able to watch B5 since the beginning of the summer…
B5Sinclair: He doesn’t make it, Vir becomes Emperor 16 years after B5’s story line
B5Sinclair: ends.
Pwcaman: I know about the thing controlling him, but what happened in the 20 years between the last..
JTroy77777: I’m so deprived.
Pwcaman: two episodes?
B5Sinclair: Pwcaman, myabe we’ll see something of that during Crusade, but I’m not
Gmmas: 17 years after 2260, Londo and Gkar strangle each other
B5Sinclair: holding my breath.
B5CL Seuss: Pwcaman, maybe Crusades will tell us
B5Sinclair: Seuss, GMTA
Gmmas: Details to follow in books still to be written
B5CL Seuss: “Call to Arms” The lead-in to “Crusades” the Babylon5 spin off will air on
B5CL Seuss: TNT January 3rd
JTroy77777: The other war… With …
B5CL Seuss: Crusades will star: Gary Cole,Tracy Scoggins,Daniel Dae Kim,David A.
B5CL Seuss: Brooks,Marjean Holden,Carrie Dobro and Peter Woodward.
Pwcaman: I’ve seen the strangling vision, too, but I was just curious about what lead to it.
B5Sinclair: Maybe they’ll do a Londo chronicles after the Psi Corps one.
Gmmas: Pw: they will deal with that in a Centauri trilogy still to be written
Pwcaman: B5 spin-off? What’s that?
JTroy77777: Seuss: You’re a chatting advertisement, aren’t you?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome PMSallume to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the atmosphere
B5CL Seuss:
B5Sinclair: Pwcaman, Crusade, starting next year.
PMSallume: Greetings all…
GRUMPYM0M: PMS honey how are you doing
B5Sinclair: »§«:*´`³¤³´`*:»§«{ PM }»§«:*´`³¤³´`*:»§«
GRUMPYM0M: Is everything ok yet
PMSallume: Still alive hon….
MCForensic: A very good follow on would be Lyta-GKar story line.
GRUMPYM0M: just say yes or now
JTroy77777: MC: Gross!
PMSallume: {{{{{Sinclair}}}}}}}}}}
B5Sinclair: PM, nice to see you agian.
B5CL Seuss: B5Sinclair, that sounds so far away…next year…sigh
Pwcaman: yes, I’d love to see what happens to those two also…
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Werrf…food and drink on the right, have a seat and discuss our
B5CL Seuss: favorite show!
MCForensic: Why?
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{Werrf}}}}}}} {S tigrkiss
PMSallume: So…anything structured planned for this evening?
JTroy77777: Werrf: Hi. I’ve heard a lot about you today.
ACtDtH: Hi PM, Hi Werrf
B5Sinclair: Seuss, well, March or June is a way off, but next year’s only 2 days away
B5Sinclair: or so.
Werrf: Tyger…were you blocking me?
Werrf: What’ve you heard, Troy?
Werrf: It’s all true
TygerEyez1: I had prefs up, and forgot to add you. So sorry.
JTroy77777: Stuff…
MCForensic: An idealist and a teep travel the universe. Why is that so gross, JT?
Pwcaman: gotta go.
Werrf: No prob, just curious.
TygerEyez1: as soon as you walked in, I realized.
Werrf: What sort of stuff?
B5CL Seuss: JOtter welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
Werrf: Forget it, Tyger. Not a problem.
B5Sinclair: Seuss, at least that’s still Jan 3rd.
TygerEyez1: {S tysmooch
PMSallume: I have a trivia question that needs answering…
GRUMPYM0M: ok shoot
MCForensic: Shoot
GRUMPYM0M: We’ll try
Werrf: I thought it was me – I went to my PrpivPrefs and you showed up again
B5CL Seuss: Greetings RemyDarnot, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take checks
B5CL Seuss: but we do take Centauri Ducats.
JOtter4802: {{{{{{PM}}}}} how are you?
B5Sinclair: Waht’s the interrogative, PM?
PMSallume: JO Jo!!!
Werrf: C’mon, PM, hit us.
ACtDtH: Hi Remy
JTroy77777: MC: I meant the thing a while back, when he asked her to help make Narn Teeps…
Gmmas: Hi PMS! and the question is?
TygerEyez1: Nope, it was me.
PMSallume: In SiL Garibaldi took a shotglass…why?
RemyDarnot: Hi, it’s great to be here.::sitsin chair and looks around for a drink;;
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Kevin…food and drink on the right, have a seat and discuss our
MCForensic: Oh. Forgot ’bout that. Eh?
B5CL Seuss: favorite show!
Werrf: Can’t help. Sorry.
B5Sinclair: PM, I’m betting it was a reminder of what happened there, so he wouldn’t
B5Sinclair: forget and fall off the wagon, again.
Gmmas: PM: it was the closest thing to grab; a memory of the station, a bad one for him
SktrGrl126: \_/ i m wasted
PMSallume: I can only think it had to do with his drinking and the place
JOtter4802: a sovenieer?
ACtDtH: PM, an ironic souvenier?
PMSallume: Or it was just a handy souvenier….have to ask JMS about it eh?
B5Sinclair: PM, I’m betting it was about the drinking and the place, myself.
GRUMPYM0M: That is a goodone
B5Sinclair: Michael was always into Irony.
ACtDtH: I agree Sinclair.
PMSallume: the look he had when he looked around kind of gave that impression
PMSallume: I get choked up just thinking about it….
B5Sinclair: And it could be a play on words of a kind. He did get shot there several
B5Sinclair: times, afterall.
MCForensic: maybe its for the same reason Monica kept the dress.
GRUMPYM0M: your right PM
Werrf: Guys…before this gets too far…could you do me a favour?
Gmmas: PM: i think B5 held a lot of bad memories for him
B5CL Seuss: Welcome SktrGrl to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all your
B5CL Seuss: favorite characters.
PMSallume: eeeoooo Sin
JTroy77777: I’m going to check another room. ‘Bye all.
Gmmas: What Werrf?
PMSallume: Bye Troy
MCForensic: Werff??
Werrf: I haven’t seen the Last Five.
Werrf: They’re starting on Sunday…I’d hate to have gone this far without spoilers just to
GRUMPYM0M: Werrf you haven’t?
PMSallume: ruh roh….can’t say anymore with Werrf here
Werrf: lose it here.
Gmmas: Werrf: sorry
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, KIPSRUN, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary travellers.
B5Sinclair: Werrf, what’s the favor. Oh, sorry. You’ll love them, when you get to see
B5Sinclair: them. Espceially SiL.
Werrf: Sorry, I don’t want to gag you…
KIPSRUN: hello hows it going
GRUMPYM0M: sorry
Werrf: Well, they’re being shown, at 11:30 every morning…
PMSallume: It’s just one of the rules hon…don’t worry, there’s lots more to talk about than that
Werrf: But they’re sliced to ribbons because they’re part of a Children’s Programme,
PMSallume: 11:30?? Where are you?
Werrf: And they’ve got a blooming great pink and yellow clock in the corner.
PMSallume: Ohhhh…it’s over the sea
Werrf: So I’m just forgetting they exist for now, and watching them when they show them uncut.
RemyDarnot: That’s one nice thing about here…it’s on at prime time/
ACtDtH: Part of a childrens program???!
B5Sinclair: Werrf, one thing. You’ll want to slomo the credits in SiL, they show
B5Sinclair: almost all of the Prod. Crew.
Werrf: Yeah. “The Big Breakfast”. For kids in the mornings.
Gmmas: Remy: at least it was
PMSallume: I’m bummed cause the reruns are moving to 4! aaaarrghhh!
Werrf: Wildo, Sin…thanks
Gmmas: PMS: me too
GRUMPYM0M: Where are you ?
Werrf: Me?
RemyDarnot: Yeah, I’m watching the reruns right now
PMSallume: I have yet to see a slow mo of the ending…
Werrf: Three guesses.
RemyDarnot: Oooooh, what you’re misss=ing
GRUMPYM0M: in the us
PMSallume: WWE Pt 2 tonight
B5Sinclair: PM, I paused and it and advanced frame by frame, I think each are only
B5Sinclair: one or two frames long.
B5Sinclair: 3 at the most.
Gmmas: Remy: i watched it tonite at 6 est
MCForensic: Werrf: Is der palm trees?
B5CL Seuss: B5Sinclair, I will have to try it
PMSallume: Yeah…that’s what I hear…sigh…
RemyDarnot: Yes, if you’re speaking to me.
Werrf: Well, no offence, Mom, but your ingenuity leaves a bit to be desired.
Werrf: Check my profile.
Werrf: I’m in the UK.
PMSallume: Hey if anyone is in the Burbank CA area around Fathers day next year….
GRUMPYM0M: I thought so
GRUMPYM0M: I just had to ask
Werrf: Then…pardon me for being silly, but…why did you say “US”?
PMSallume: There’s a con happening that a good portion of the crew shows up at
RemyDarnot: It’s six here now
B5Sinclair: Werrf, It sucks they held it so long there. But I’m glad you’ll finally be
B5Sinclair: able to see them.
RemyDarnot: well, 644
GRUMPYM0M: Just wanted to make sure
Werrf: What really sucks is what they’ve done to them.
B5CL Seuss: JTroy welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
RemyDarnot: Not a probem.
Gmmas: PMS: which convention?
GRUMPYM0M: They are really good
B5CL Seuss: bb JTroy
RemyDarnot: 3 January–Yahoo!
Werrf: Channel Four’s site was damn near crashed with complaints about their treatment of the show
GRUMPYM0M: What are you doing online now
PMSallume: Agamemcon 3 of course…heheee
Gmmas: PM: thanks
GRUMPYM0M: It’s almost 3 am
StarTrekCC: BAK!!!!!
JTroy77777: ::sigh::
StarTrekCC: PMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Werrf: WB, CC!
RemyDarnot: Me..I’m just waiting for 7:00 p.m. then Im probably going to OWC
PMSallume: STCC!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: Werrf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5Sinclair: Werrf, I heard the overseas wasn’t beeing handled like the UK. That’s
B5Sinclair: really shoddy programming.
B5Sinclair: OK=US
Werrf: Shoddy? It’s beyond shoddy.
PMSallume: It’s criminal…
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}} wb
Werrf: This can only be a deliberate plot to drive us all mad.
GRUMPYM0M: WHere in the good old UK are you
Werrf: I mean, at the very least they could get rid of the damn clock.
B5Sinclair: It is nice to know it’s been treated worse somewhere the TNT’s been at
Werrf: West Sussex, Mom.
B5Sinclair: times, though.
B5CL Seuss: lol Werrf, it is a conspiricay!!
Gmmas: Werrf: sounds like its backfiring
Werrf: Oh, thanks, Sin.
PMSallume: Anyway….
B5Sinclair: Seuss, you think Shatner’s behind it?
JTroy77777: Almost 9:00 here.
Werrf: Personally, I think it’s Chris Carter.
Log Count: There were 13 member(s) in Eclipse Cafe at 08:45 PM
PMSallume: Yeah!! that’s it! It’s a Paramount plot!
Werrf: He destroyed Space: Above and Beyond, now he’s working on B5.
B5CL Seuss: B5Sinclair, the Trek conspiricy theory?
TygerEyez1: conspiracy
B5Sinclair: Werrf, you could try posting on the Message Boards and see if someone
GRUMPYM0M: I liked that show
B5Sinclair: can send you copies of the shows from the US.
MCForensic: probabaly a plot by Mrs Turner (jane)
GRUMPYM0M: We watch it on the SciFi channel
RemyDarnot: So did I!
Werrf: Won’t work, Sin.
Werrf: Differet video formats.
PMSallume: Hey you guys got the VCR rights first though….
JTroy77777: Oh, boy… A conspiracy.
B5Sinclair: Werrf, ah, that’s right
Werrf: Besides, they’re doing it properly from Sunday, one ep a week, so… ::Shrugs::
PMSallume: Hey what
PMSallume: What
PMSallume: dangit!
Werrf: You haven’t got the videos yet?
B5CL Seuss: Werrf, sheesh it really does sound like a conspiricy
PMSallume: What does Mr G say about conspiracy
B5Sinclair: I know, Monica’s behind it. ROFL
Gmmas: The teeps are behind everything
Werrf: No – it’s Saddam Hussein, trying to distract us so he can invade.
TygerEyez1: Sin. LOL.
PMSallume: First time its coincidence second time its conspiracy, third is enemy action
StarTrekCC: The Sci-Fi Channel, the owner of the Star Trek Special Advertising Edition
MCForensic: Sin: Close .. no cigar!
Werrf: And this is about the fourth time.
GRUMPYM0M: PMS how long do you have online
Werrf: Definitely enemy action.
B5CL Seuss: Hi Vontees!
Werrf: Forensic…bad. Very bad. ROFLMAO!!!
Vontees: Waz up
JTroy77777: It probably is a conspiracy… We sound like Mel Gibson on “Conspiracy Theory”.
PMSallume: I have about an hour but I have money to put in the meter
B5Sinclair: I’m not touching that onne Forensic.
StarTrekCC: I don’t like Sci Fi Channel for what they did to Star Trek, they made it the Star Trek
MCForensic: REmember: Just because yur paranoid…
Werrf: We’re just discussing the possibility that the UK has been treated so badly because somebody
MCForensic: doesnt mean they NOT after you.
Werrf: is conspiring against us.
PMSallume: Take it away Sinclair…..
B5Sinclair: Werrf, How’s Tony Blaire doing over there, lately?
Werrf: And no a/s checks, please.
JTroy77777: Von: Not allowed.
StarTrekCC: :SPecial Advertising Edition.
Werrf: What would you liek to know about him?
Vontees: WHY NOT
B5CL Seuss: Vontees, Please look at our profiles for that information.
B5Sinclair: Age and sex checks are no longer cashed here — try the bank of Romance
Werrf: He’s gone up a long way in my estimation, that’s for sure.
StarTrekCC: Vontees, Too Old/No:-)
GRUMPYM0M: {S penalty
B5CL Seuss: Vontees, please unlock your caps.
JTroy77777: Yes.
Gmmas: gotta run; bye all; Remember B5 !
B5Sinclair: Vontees, define old.
PMSallume: Von..we have rules in here….unlike everywhere else
Werrf: Vontees, a) lower the caps, b) stop disrupting the room, please.
B5Sinclair: Keep the Faith, Gmmas.
PMSallume: Bye Gmmas!@
MCForensic: Older than dirt. Scram
Gmmas: Sinclair: will do; bye
StarTrekCC: Bye, Gmmas!!!!!!
JTroy77777: ‘Bye, Gmmas!
Vontees: old is wrinky
Gmmas: bye all!
TygerEyez1: The bank of Romance???
PMSallume: Von is too young to appreciate B5 I suspect
JTroy77777: In dog years, I’m dead.
Werrf: Vontees, I’d like you to meet a dear friend of mine.
B5Sinclair: Tyger, hey, I got it from a friend, sue me.
GRUMPYM0M: I can tell
PMSallume: Iggy!
Werrf: His name is Iggy.
MCForensic: Old beats the hell out of the alternative!!
StarTrekCC: Vontees, maybe you have better time cashing your checks at the bank of People’s Connection
TygerEyez1: It’s rather cute.
B5Sinclair: In dog years, I’m a senior Congressman.
Vontees: is n-e-1 13 but I dought it
PMSallume: Hey you know I got a shock on Christmas eve!
GPC1121: hi all
B5CL Seuss: Welcome GPC to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
Vontees: how gay
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
PMSallume: I saw my ex and all I could think about is he looked a lot like Sheridan!
B5Sinclair: I haven’t been 13 since Nixon.
B5CL Seuss: Remember, you can ignore any member whose chat you don’t want to see by
PMSallume: Very grey but very distinguished looking!
B5CL Seuss: double-clicking their name in the roster box, then click “Ignore”. 08:50 PM cst
Werrf: PM…if he looked like Sheridan, you should’ve stuck with him
StarTrekCC: Seussanger, that isn’t fun!
MCForensic: I havent been 13 since Eisenhower!
GRUMPYM0M: Sinclair neither have I
B5Sinclair: Looks, ain’t everything, Werrf.
PMSallume: Verrf he doesnt have the same personality….
Werrf: I know, Seuss…I’ve already done it. It’s a good move.
Werrf: Ah, I see
Vontees: Damn U guys r older than I grandma
StarTrekCC: I haven’t been 13 since…Bush:-)
Werrf: I know this, if my wife looked like Ivanova, I wouldn’t CARE about the personality.
GRUMPYM0M: Von watch it
MCForensic: Then go talk to Gramma
Werrf: I haven’t been 13 since……er……
PMSallume: Ahh…Von..the young and ignorant rooms are that away——->
B5CL Seuss: Vontees, now might be a good time to remind you that you agreed to follow
GRUMPYM0M: {S djeryu
B5CL Seuss: AOL’s rules when you got your account here.
B5CL Seuss: (keyword TOS is the place to find them) 12/30/98 08:51 PM
B5Sinclair: The President or the “singing group”?
TygerEyez1: I haven’t been 13 since ::shudders:: Square Pegs.
B5Sinclair: ROFL
RemyDarnot: Age is a benefit not a curse
Werrf: Seuss, can’t you do something about him?
JTroy77777: Well, good for her. I bet she’d whip your butt for talking like that.
PMSallume: Hey…just indulge me a bit here…
Vontees: shut the f*ck up old geezers
B5Sinclair: PM, I always indulge you.
GRUMPYM0M: What do you need
MCForensic: Snert Alert. Snert Alert. Danger, Will Robinson.
StarTrekCC: Vontees, maybe you need this…::Give Vontees a bar of soap::
PMSallume: In a fair fight who would win…Ivanvova or Janeway?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Vaeyre, KING EEL…food and drink on the right, have a seat and
B5CL Seuss: discuss our favorite show!
Werrf: Impossible to say, PMS.
KING EEL: Who cares?
RemyDarnot: Ivanova
PMSallume: Thank you Sinclair…. {blush}
B5Sinclair: Vontees, now that you’ve shown your high IQ, care to just join in and
B5Sinclair: chat?
JTroy77777: Von: My granma would beat me black& blue for saying that.
GRUMPYM0M: PM Don’t know
B5CL Seuss: Vontees, Masked Vulgarity is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please stop
B5CL Seuss: now and review them at keyword: TOS 08:52 PMcst 12/30/98
Vontees: sure
Werrf: Nobody would win a fair fight between Janeway and Ivanova, because such a thing wouldn’t
Werrf: exist.
GPC1121: bye all
B5Sinclair: Thank you, Seuss. 🙂
JTroy77777: Before we boot ya.
GRUMPYM0M: {S brngsnrt
StarTrekCC: Sinclair, you wish you were back in the old days?
B5Sinclair: Ivanova would kick the Stuffing out of that stuffed shirt, PM.
MCForensic: Von: did you studt REAL HARD to master your vocabulary??
PMSallume: Hey a better bet would be….Ivanova and ….
Vontees: What am I suposed to talk about to my grandma aged pjeople
B5Sinclair: STCC, naw, Perm Iggy’s worth it.
TygerEyez1: ::::relaxes::::::
KING EEL: GG Allin or Charles Hurd?
StarTrekCC: Vontees, Ummmmm…you know what Babylon 5 is?
PMSallume: Brain freeze!!!!1
GRUMPYM0M: Von you are coming real close to becoming snert food
B5CL Seuss: Remember, you can ignore any member whose chat you don’t want to see by
B5CL Seuss: double-clicking their name in the roster box, then click “Ignore”. 08:54 PM cst
PMSallume: Red head teep….eeeeeeee!!!!1 I can’t beleive I lost it!
B5Sinclair: Ok, that time I see “I call upon the Great and Mighty Goddess Ignora to bring
JTroy77777: Let her tell you stories about when she was young. You just might learn something.
B5Sinclair: peace to this, her humble servant”
Vontees: Hey Grumpy U really need help
Werrf: I know we can, Seuss. The trouble is when only one person does, and nobody else does.
TygerEyez1: Sin, I’m already deafened.
Werrf: I’m reading people chatting to someone I can’t see, and it irritates me.
MCForensic: Don’t ignore him. We can use the laugh. Every village needs an idiot!
Vontees: n-e-1 under 50 here
StarTrekCC: Seussanger, can you tell Scrollangr to take out that Link to our room at the WB area.
GRUMPYM0M: Not today
Werrf: Can’t you suspend his chatability or something?
TygerEyez1: MCF, ROFL.
PMSallume: “Ignore them and they will leave.”
B5CL Seuss: STCC, I can ask him
B5Sinclair: Vontees, is there a particular reason you’re so hung up on our ages?
Vontees: lol
StarTrekCC: Vontees, do you know what babylon 5 is? second question, do you watch it?
JTroy77777: Very good ?s.
Werrf: Sorry, guys, retreating back to Iggy.
B5Sinclair: Almost everyone here has an IQ above room temp, that’s more important
B5Sinclair: then age to us.
PMSallume: Anyway….
GRUMPYM0M: Sinclair Von wishing they knew their age
TygerEyez1: Well said, Sin.
PMSallume: Let’s deal with something we can actually discuss?
Vontees: no particular reason its just soooo funny to talk to old chick
JTroy77777: Oooh… Nice comeback, Sin.
B5CL Seuss: sounds good to me PMSallume,
GRUMPYM0M: Like us life
PMSallume: I have a question about WWE2
JTroy77777: What?
StarTrekCC: Ah, if my age was important to someone they can ask it by IM…if they really want to know.
MCForensic: Shoot, PM
PMSallume: Sheridan disappears the first time to Centauri Prime 17 years ahead
B5Sinclair: JTroy77777, I see some are still capable of recognizing sarcasm when it’s
B5Sinclair: used. 🙂
B5CL Seuss: KING EEL welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
B5CL Seuss: Greetings B5 Lome, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take checks but
B5CL Seuss: we do take Centauri Ducats.
Werrf: Y’know, guys…in the old days, you used to have to pay money to watch idiots.
PMSallume: the second time they showed Delenn in the future
TygerEyez1: Um, Sin, I noticed it too.
B5Sinclair: What’s the ? PM
JTroy77777: {{{{{{Lome}}}}}
ACtDtH: {{{{{{{{{Lome}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Sinclair a room IQ measurement device…::
Werrf: Here, we can do it for free while we talk about B5.
PMSallume: Where did Sheridan go the second time?
B5 Lome: eveing all…
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Lome}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
KING EEL: All the B5 movies except for “In The Beginning” were horrible.
GRUMPYM0M: Hi lome
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Lome}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
PMSallume: {{{{{{{{{Lome!}}}}}}}}}}}
B5Sinclair: PM, I think he was the space suited figure that they showed in Bab
B5Sinclair: Squared.
StarTrekCC: Vontees, so do you know what Babylon 5 is?
B5 Lome: {{{{Troy, AC, Mom, STCC, PMS}}}}}}}}}}}
PMSallume: Ummm…we have dissention in the ranks
Werrf: ::Hugs Aunty:: Welcome aboard, Aunty.
B5 Lome: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Tyger, Werrf}}}}}}}}}
Vontees: @—(——– a flower for all U old geezers
B5Sinclair: KING EEL, I liked them all, but Third Space seemed a bit “chopped” to
B5Sinclair: me.
B5CL Seuss: PMSallume, nope we are one big happy family
PMSallume: Ahhh…that’s right…gotcha…someone mentioned that before but he didn’t go anywhen?
Vontees: no I don’t ko
JTroy77777: Lousy flower.
StarTrekCC: ::takes the flower and tears it apart::
RemyDarnot: Gotta go, bye
GRUMPYM0M: gee thanks I think
ACtDtH: <doesnt feel old and certainly isnt a “geezer”
Werrf: Lousy snert giving it to us.
JTroy77777: This one’s better.
MCForensic: ::sneezes, has old fart allergies::
TygerEyez1: Last I heard 29 was still considered young.
KING EEL: The whole movie seemed tacked on to me. They could’ve used that money to enrich the regular
Vontees: better than U can ever draw Jtoy
StarTrekCC: Vontees, for your information this room topic is Babylon 5 and related Science Fiction shows
PMSallume: STCC…nownow…don’t take it out on a poor defenseless flower
PMSallume: Anyway…
KING EEL: season, which was lacking in substance.
PMSallume: Everytime I come here I forget my trivia notebook
GRUMPYM0M: Lome we have a snert
Werrf: Hey, guys…have you noticed that Vontees can’t receive IM’s? Looks to me like his parents
Vontees: no wonder YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKIN’ GAY!
Werrf: didn’t want their two year old talking to people.
B5 Lome: yes we do MOm
JTroy77777: @}—–“—-,,—
Vontees: BYE
GRUMPYM0M: that’s enough
PMSallume: Okay everyone…lets debate withe the EEL
StarTrekCC: Last I heard 18 was very young, but I don’t know I must have been promoted to old geezership
TygerEyez1: Werrf, no profile either.
JTroy77777: Good riddance!
B5Sinclair: Vontees, engage in spontanous intercourse with a manuevering pastry.
Werrf: yep.
GRUMPYM0M: it figures
Werrf: Clearly on Parental controls.
B5CL Seuss: Vontees, Room disruption is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please stop
B5CL Seuss: now and review them at keyword: TOS. 08:59 PM cst 12/30/98
ACtDtH: LOL Sinc
KING EEL: Debate? These are imperical facts!
PMSallume: Very good Sinclair!!!1
Log Count: There were 14 member(s) in Eclipse Cafe at 09:00 PM
GRUMPYM0M: Werrf should be on parental controls
Vontees: BYE
Werrf: Poor little snerty-werty… ::Scratches Von between the ears::
Werrf: HOO-YAH!
Seussanger, I guess your going to have a big TOS report to fill out!@
B5 Lome: aw… you made him leave…
PMSallume: EEL…they are opinions when presented to a room full of people
Werrf: Sorry, Lome
B5CL Seuss: STCC, looks like it
JTroy77777: Thanx, Seuss.
PMSallume: Now…
B5Sinclair: PM, I forgot the aeronautical, but it was good.
B5CL Seuss: Well folks it is that time again, Time to leave you all till it is time to return.
StarTrekCC: Seussanger, sorry about the paperwork…but you know his parents aren’t going to be happy
B5CL Seuss: I will return at the same Bab time same Bab channel <G>
B5CL Seuss: . 12/30/98 09:00 PM
PMSallume: Ahh..yes.
PMSallume: See ya Seuss!
Werrf: Looking forward to it, Seuss!
StarTrekCC: when they get a report on his activities.
B5 Lome: bye Seuss
Werrf: Enjoy yourself
TygerEyez1: Nite {{{Seuss}}}
JTroy77777: ‘Bye Seuss!
StarTrekCC: Bye, Seuss!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCForensic: By Seuss
GRUMPYM0M: Bye Seuss

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