Eclipse Cafe – 12/29/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
DWebs10407: Oh cool Jo, and agreed it look’s good.
DWebs10407: I haven’t seen alot on it.
B5CL Mikey: Heyas people! πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Hi Mikey.
RangerBAD: Hello Mikey! ::bows::
DWebs10407: How’s it going?
B5CL Mikey: Ohdear, DWebs, LOL!
B5CL Mikey: I’m still alive, lets put it that way πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh ok Mikey, I got it.
DWebs10407: And sorry to hear it.
DWebs10407: I thought I spelled something wrong.
B5CL Mikey: LOL, nawww, jus been a rough week πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s.
B5CL Mikey: Why does everyone leave when the CL shows up? lol
DWebs10407: Got me Mikey?
RangerBAD: ::jumps up and starts dancing:: Whoo Hoo!!!
B5CL Mikey: they scared of Mikey??
RangerBAD: Im in a great mood now!!
B5CL Mikey: Good to hear, RangerBAD! πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: That’s good Ranger.
RangerBAD: I feel good!! I feel great!! oh yeah!!
B5CL Mikey: Um, dare I ask why?
DWebs10407: I was thinking the samething.
B5CL Mikey: LOL
RangerBAD: I dont know….just listening to some music that makes me happy
DWebs10407: lo.
DWebs10407: lol
DWebs10407: Oh that’s good.
B5CL Mikey: Ahhhh, erm, ehh, uh, ok, LOL
RangerBAD: Is that so strange?
B5CL Mikey: Nahhh, jus thought it would be something jucier than that, LOL
DWebs10407: lol
RangerBAD: Actually i just took a bunch of PCP Mikey
B5CL Mikey: ROFL
RangerBAD: Im tripping like a bat out of hades
RangerBAD: Thats pretty juicy, eh?
DWebs10407: lol.
B5CL Mikey: Better!! LOL!!
DWebs10407: So, everyone all excited about the movie next Sunday?
RangerBAD: ::looks like hes moving in fast foward hes dancing so fast::
RangerBAD: Yeah Mikey!!!!!!!!!
RangerBAD: Im ready for it
DWebs10407: Me too Ranger.
B5CL Mikey: You betcher! <G>
DWebs10407: Cool Mikey, me too.
DWebs10407: Anyidea when Crusade starts?
RangerBAD: You better bet your arse on it that im ready
DWebs10407: Lol.
B5CL Mikey: Crusades starts in June
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s Mikey.
RangerBAD: If they dont push it back anymore Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Dey better not, daggum em! LOL
DWebs10407: Yeah, you tell them Mikey!
RangerBAD: If i got to im going to make some heads roll at TNT..even the push
it back
B5CL Mikey: We’ll march on TNT! lol!
OnlineHost: Natoth 469 has entered the room.
RangerBAD: Ill put my kinsman sword to their throats
DWebs10407: Yeah!
B5CL Mikey: Heya Natoth πŸ˜‰
Natoth 469: evening all
PaxBwithU: :hugs Natoth::
RangerBAD: I may be in prison for the rest of my life..but it would be worth
B5CL Mikey: We’re planning mutiny against TNT, wanna join? πŸ˜‰
RangerBAD: It would be a great justice for B5 fans everywhere
DWebs10407: Hi Nat.
Natoth 469: only if you incluse channel 4 in that
DWebs10407: Yeah, it would.
RangerBAD: (((((((((((Natoth))))))))))))
Natoth 469: {{pax}} {{baby brother}}
RangerBAD: I heard about that Natoth
B5CL Mikey: natoth, sure, we’ll jus run amok! lol
Natoth 469: poor werrf was really annoyed yesterday when I pointed out he’d
missed the episode
RangerBAD: I know
DWebs10407: Oh no Nat, which ep did he miss?
Natoth 469: well at least it meant he didn’t miss todays
B5CL Mikey: Natoth, honey, poor werrf is ALWAYS annoyed
Natoth 469: The Fall of centauri Prime
PaxBwithU: ::laughs::
RangerBAD: ::plays the air guitar:: Yeah!!
DWebs10407: Oh no.
Natoth 469: ROFL you have a point Mikey
B5CL Mikey: <tries to conceal da BIG RED BUTTON from view>
RangerBAD: yeah he got mad at me because i was going to send him a gift he
thought he didnt deserve it
Natoth 469: :::sigh::: family who needs them
B5CL Mikey: He probably didn’t πŸ˜‰
RangerBAD: Dont tell him i told you
Natoth 469: I never snitch
RangerBAD: Yeah he deserves it
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
DWebs10407: I will, just kidding.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Kincain, pull up a chair and join us, if ya wanna <shrugs>
B5CL Mikey: LOL, I’m in a mood today!
DWebs10407: It’s ok Mikey, go for it.
RangerBAD: Im in awesome mood!!!!!!!!!!!!
DWebs10407: I’m in a ok mood.
Natoth 469: I’m too tired to be ina mood
Natoth 469: I hate going back to work
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Natoth, ya poor thing
DWebs10407: oh no.
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back Kincainjp
DWebs10407: Wb K.
Natoth 469: sympathy ahhh I love it
B5CL Mikey: Uh huh, and consider yourself lucky
RangerBAD: Hey Natoth did i ever send you my pic??
B5CL Mikey: I don’t have sympathy for many people, lol
Natoth 469: ohhh I do I do
Natoth 469: no you didn’t
Natoth 469: lets see
RangerBAD: You want it?
Natoth 469: you bet
RangerBAD: okay Anyone else want to see?
DWebs10407: No thank’s.
Natoth 469: put it in the family album
B5CL Mikey: Sure, Ranger, why not? ;D
RangerBAD: I was hoping you wanted it Webs…okay Mikey!!:)
Natoth 469: Mikey do you know when the identicard page is due to be updated ?
DWebs10407: Oh sorry Ranger, it’s not you I appearicate it.
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
DWebs10407: It’s just my old computer got a virous, and I don’t like
downloading stuff anymore.
B5CL Mikey: Natoth, have you uploaded a pic?
Natoth 469: ::curls up under blanket::: wake me in half an hour
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: You can email B5CL Wayne, he’s our Message Boards Manager, and
File Librarian
RangerBAD: {S gotmail
PaxBwithU: She has mikey, and she looks great!
B5CL Mikey: That would be under his jurisdiction πŸ˜‰
Natoth 469: yes, a few did in a drunken fit of solidarity
Gr8 1Gkar: hi ya
DWebs10407: Hi Gkar.
Gr8 1Gkar: hi ya mikey
RangerBAD: Oh i see Webs
PaxBwithU: ::whistles::
Gr8 1Gkar: hi ya dw
PaxBwithU: Damn…
Natoth 469: ooo thank you Pax shame that one is well out of date now
Gr8 1Gkar: hi ya pax
DWebs10407: Thank’s Ranger.
OnlineHost: LEPerky has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Hi Gkar.
Gr8 1Gkar: hi ya perky
PaxBwithU: Hello G’kar…
DWebs10407: Hi Perky.
LEPerky: Hey, Gkar!
RangerBAD: (((((((((((((((((Perky)))))))))))))))
B5CL Mikey: Gkar, Perky, glad you could join us today! πŸ˜‰
Gr8 1Gkar: how goes it room
LEPerky: Hey DWebs!
Gr8 1Gkar: ?
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{RangerBAD}}}}}}}
DWebs10407: It’s ok Gkar, thank’s.
RangerBAD: Whoo Hoo!!!
OnlineHost: InvidGuy has entered the room.
DWebs10407: and you?
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}}}}}}}} Dahlin!!!!
LEPerky: {S smooch
B5CL Mikey: Hey there InvidGuy! Pull up a chair and join the chat!
Gr8 1Gkar: did every one make out well , with te christmas goodies?
InvidGuy: Hello fellow Babylonnians.
DWebs10407: Hi G.
Natoth 469: {{{{{{{{{{{baby brother}}}}}}}}}}}} so thats what you look like
PaxBwithU: ::sighs::
Gr8 1Gkar: doing good here,
LEPerky: Gkar… pretty good, considering we’re redoing the bathrooms in a
few weeks….
RangerBAD: Yeah thats what i look like
DWebs10407: that’s good, me too.
Natoth 469: whats wrong Pax?
PaxBwithU: Brad…
PaxBwithU: He’s so handsome..
Gr8 1Gkar: kid playing ZELDAin surround sound
PaxBwithU: ::sighs::
Natoth 469: err what kind of sigh is that????????
Gr8 1Gkar: O cool perk, new bathroom
RangerBAD: Yeah!
PaxBwithU: ::narrows eyes at Natoth::
DWebs10407: Oh I got some B5 nine inch doll’s last week.
LEPerky: Gkar… both of them… sheesh!
DWebs10407: cool.
Natoth 469: ::stiffles giggle:::::
PaxBwithU: ::turns glare at Brad::
InvidGuy: GKar, Just imagine Resident Evil in RCA digital surroun sound.
PaxBwithU: Venasi mai, Brutai…
RangerBAD: He what did i do?
Gr8 1Gkar: You don’t have to do them BOTH at the same time
DWebs10407: Oh anyone have a DVD drive, on their computer?
Gr8 1Gkar: lol.. Not if I don’t have to GUY
LEPerky: Gkar… nope, one right after the other…
OnlineHost: TravJPP has entered the room.
LEPerky: BAD, did you send me your photo?
B5CL Mikey: TravJPP, pull up a chair and join the chat!
Gr8 1Gkar: I need to paint bath rooms
RangerBAD: You want it Perky?
DWebs10407: Hi trav.
LEPerky: BAD, yes please!
Natoth 469: yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee brb
B5CL Mikey: Trav, how are you today?
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
LEPerky: GKar… we’re having a contractor redo both of them… right down to
the studs.
RangerBAD: {S gotmail Perky
LEPerky: thanks, BAD… brb, mail call!!!!
RangerBAD: your welcome
Natoth 469: oops so excited I forgot to leave
Gr8 1Gkar: Perk , what are you going to do for a bath room
Natoth 469: ttfn
Gr8 1Gkar: TTFN
RangerBAD: exicted about what
Natoth 469: :::wink::: I’ll tell you when you’re older
Gr8 1Gkar: Poor ol’ Nototh
B5CL Mikey: Seeyas Gkar
B5CL Mikey: =)
RangerBAD: Im old enough now…heh heh
DWebs10407: Bye Gkar.
Gr8 1Gkar: Not me Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Ohh, lol, ok
Gr8 1Gkar: I was saying TTFN to Natoth
Natoth 469: I doubt it
B5CL Mikey: Sit still then! LOL
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Crazy
Gr8 1Gkar: My JCB wav
Gr8 1Gkar: Well that slowed thigns down
DWebs10407: Oh I got some B5 doll’s last week.
OnlineHost: Natoth 469 has entered the room.
Kincainjp: ::::::takes out ppg and points it at paxes head::::::::
DWebs10407: The nine inch ones.
Natoth 469: I’m back <G>
DWebs10407: Wb Nat.
LEPerky: back… Cool BAD.
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
InvidGuy: i shoulda thought to get one of those
Gr8 1Gkar: That was cool DW, I forget was it the 9″ or the action figuers??
B5CL Mikey: Kincain, you’re not gonna start this today, ok? πŸ˜‰
RangerBAD: Thanks Perky
Kincainjp: ::::puts ppg away::::::
DWebs10407: Thank’s Gkar, the nine ich.
Gr8 1Gkar: O’ cool
Natoth 469: well Pax pour me a drink
DWebs10407: I got Sheirdan, Gkar, and Delenn.
OnlineHost: Pugsl29511 has entered the room.
LEPerky: Well, folks… gotta scoot…
DWebs10407: No Marcus. πŸ™
DWebs10407: Thank’s.
Gr8 1Gkar: I have my Signed Gkar doll
B5CL Mikey: Heya Pugs, glad you could join us!
RangerBAD: ((((((((((Perky)))))))))))))]
LEPerky: Just thought I’d pop in and say Hi, Mikey!
Gr8 1Gkar: πŸ™‚ BAS
DWebs10407: Oh cool gkar.
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{BAD}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: {{{{{Perky}}}}}} Coem back and see me soon! πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: But I order a few of the action figures, and one of them’s
LEPerky: Mikey, Doll, you KNOW I will πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: =)
OnlineHost: Nicko56 has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: yeah, extremlly cool. I didn’t think I’d ever get Andreas to sign
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Nicko
LEPerky: {S pxythndr
B5CL Mikey: Heya Nicko! Glad you could make it! πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh cool Gkar, and thank’s.
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
Nicko56: hello
RangerBAD: Hello Nick ::bows::
DWebs10407: Anyone know if Toy’s R Us still has them?
Nicko56: {S jump1
DWebs10407: Hi Nick.
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Jump1
Nicko56: hi
Nicko56: has what
Gr8 1Gkar: Hey I have that one. It sounds Cool
Kincainjp: pax remember if you tell bad and natoth i’m comeing after you
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, I haven’t been to Toys R Us in years
OnlineHost: HUTZ84 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Oh sorry the B5 Doll’s and Action figures.
Natoth 469: ooo tell me what?!?!?!?!
Nicko56: yeah it rules
DWebs10407: Oh ok thank’s Mikey.
PaxBwithU: ::smirks:: Why do they find me…
B5CL Mikey: Hey there HUTZ84! πŸ˜‰
Nicko56: we do here
PaxBwithU: It’s really starting to get on my nerves…
HUTZ84: hey
DWebs10407: Oh ok thank’s Nick.
Gr8 1Gkar: I have DLed wavs and forgot about them
Gr8 1Gkar: What is PAX??
PaxBwithU: Do I have a sign that I wear that says “Okay all Snerts surround
me, 11 year old women fall
DWebs10407: It’s just my mother was getting me the doll’s, and the guy told
her that they where –
PaxBwithU: in love with me?
PaxBwithU: ”
Natoth 469: tell me plllllease
DWebs10407: discontinuing them.
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Dragn! Glad you could make it!
Gr8 1Gkar: {S InMyUniv
DWebs10407: Hi D.
PaxBwithU: ::growls::
B5Dragn1: Greetings All….{S ya’ll
Nicko56: i have garabaldie
PaxBwithU: Hello Dragn.
DWebs10407: Oh cool Nick.
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya B5Drag
Nicko56: they have them all here
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{Mikey, Pax, DW, Gkar}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
OnlineHost: B5BRIAN has entered the room.
Nicko56: i have akosh and marcus figure to
DWebs10407: At Toy’s R Us, Nick?
Nicko56: yes
DWebs10407: Oh cool.
Gr8 1Gkar: Garibaldi doing what , NICKO
Gr8 1Gkar: ?
B5Dragn1: How is everyone this aftrernoon??
OnlineHost: Gohan614 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Oh ok thank’s Nick, I just can’t figures out why that guy told
her that.
DWebs10407: oh well.
Nicko56: just standing up
DWebs10407: Hi D, fine thank’s and you?
Gr8 1Gkar: Tahoma
B5Dragn1: Mikey….get your car fixed??
Gr8 1Gkar: Thats boring
B5Dragn1: Fine DW…tired though
Nicko56: well i live in a small city so we have lots of them
DWebs10407: Oh that’s good, oh sorry to hear that.
Gr8 1Gkar: Sorry folks, checking fonts
DWebs10407: Oh I see Nick, I live in a big city.
B5Dragn1: Is ok Gjar…like that one
Gr8 1Gkar: Wingdings
DWebs10407: Maybe that’s the problem?
Nicko56: what city
DWebs10407: thank’s.
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
Gr8 1Gkar: You do??
DWebs10407: I pretty big one.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, sure iddn’t ;(
B5Dragn1: Not the wingdings though…..LOL
Nicko56: brb
Gr8 1Gkar: No not the Wingdings
B5Dragn1: How long before you think it can be fixed
B5Dragn1: Mikey…{:>(
DWebs10407: Maybe their having trouble getting them in?
Gr8 1Gkar: I was looking for my B5 wingdings, They are cool
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, I donno, if it has to go in the shop, who kows? I’m
broke, and unemployed
Nicko56: ok
Natoth 469: got to run got a call to make
DWebs10407: Oh no Mikey. πŸ™
Natoth 469: {{{{{{{{{ROOM}}}}}}}}}}}
B5Dragn1: Gkar….if you find them….can you send me a copy
B5Dragn1: or tell me where to get them???
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum:: Every snert…
Nicko56: they are 7 dollars or something like that
Nicko56: here
Gr8 1Gkar: OK Dragon.
B5Dragn1: ::::pats Mikey::::::I sowy Hon……{:>(
B5Dragn1: Thanks Gkar…..{S smooch
RangerBAD: ((((((((((((((Dragn)))))))))))))))))))
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{Bad}}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Natoth 469: bye all
DWebs10407: Bye Nat.
B5Dragn1: Bye Natoth
DWebs10407: Bye D.
B5CL Mikey: Natoth, seeya next time! πŸ˜‰
Nicko56: bye toth
B5Dragn1: Bye DW
Gr8 1Gkar: BBL, I have to go find them
Nicko56: too late
DWebs10407: Oh you know what, the Sci fi channel store is having a big sail.
B5Dragn1: OK Gkar….bye for now
OnlineHost: Telepath84 has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: On what DW?
Nicko56: hi teep
Telepath84: Yo
DWebs10407: and are selling stuff for 30 to 50% off.
DWebs10407: Oh all stuff D.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Telepath! πŸ˜‰
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{TEEP}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
PaxBwithU: Hey Teep.
DWebs10407: Hi Tel.
Nicko56: {S b5door
Telepath84: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{B5D}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
DWebs10407: The action figures are like 6 and 8 and a few at ten.
Nicko56: that much
Telepath84: Hey, Pax
DWebs10407: Yep.
Telepath84: Hi, DW
Telepath84: HI, Mikey
Nicko56: i dont think they are that much here
DWebs10407: But some are the hard to get ones.
Nicko56: like what
DWebs10407: Like Kosh, and Sheirdan.
OnlineHost: JQuin22464 has entered the room.
Nicko56: lol we have thoughs to
B5CL Mikey: JQuin, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
Nicko56: many of them
DWebs10407: Oh, that’s good.
DWebs10407: Be right back.
Nicko56: yeah it is nice not to have to wait for them to get more in
Telepath84: Yikes, my dad is flipping out.
Nicko56: from what teep
Telepath84: i dont know.. he’s downstairs cursing out the house…
Nicko56: lol
DWebs10407: I’m back.
Telepath84: I’d quote, but that’d be very TOSable..
RangerBAD: WB Webs
DWebs10407: Oh anyone have a DVD player?
DWebs10407: Thank’s Ranger.
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
Nicko56: i saw some of the pic of you guys
Nicko56: and girls
Nicko56: finally
DWebs10407: that’s cool.
Nicko56: yeah
PaxBwithU: Not me. ::winks and sips rum::
RangerBAD: Like who?
B5CL Mikey: <g> Me’s there!!! Me’s in the file library!! lol
Nicko56: it is nioce to know who i am talking to
Nicko56: yes mikey i saw yours
Nicko56: nioce=nice
OnlineHost: DTh9856 has entered the room.
Nicko56: suzy 52
B5CL Mikey: DTh, pull up a chair an join us!
Nicko56: gkar
Telepath84: Look who it is..
DTh9856: hI
Nicko56: yes teep
RangerBAD: The snert again
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
Nicko56: i know
DWebs10407: I haven’t downloaded anything on this computer, too afriade of
getting a virous.
RangerBAD: ::gets out his iggy cannon::
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Dragn!!
B5Dragn1: Power went down…..storming here
Nicko56: {S kboom
RangerBAD: WB Dragn
B5CL Mikey: No snerts, everybody is gonan be nice an chat and play by the
rules! =)
DWebs10407: oh no D.
Nicko56: where B5drabn
DWebs10407: Oh we had fog this morning.
DWebs10407: Vary strange.
B5Dragn1: Now Mikey what kind of fun is that??????
Nicko56: dragn
Nicko56: sorry
B5Dragn1: Central FL Nick
Nicko56: ah
Nicko56: we had snow
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, hon, when I got THIS on <points to his uniform> its not a
matter of fun <weg>
DWebs10407: oh i’m in florida too D, but i’m way south of you.
DTh9856: HI
B5CL Mikey: Hello, DTh!
B5Dragn1: <G>……and don’t you look dashing Mikey
B5Dragn1: ::::winks:::::::
OnlineHost: GRUMPYM0M has entered the room.
Nicko56: i think i am the only soult dakota person here
B5Dragn1: DW…it’s coming your way……heavy cold front
Nicko56: south
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{{Mom}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
DWebs10407: Oh cool, thank’s D we need it down here.
Telepath84: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
DWebs10407: We had fog this morning.
B5Dragn1: So did we DW
B5Dragn1: LOL Nick….probably
GRUMPYM0M: {S drgnpurr
DWebs10407: What’s the temp, up there?
RangerBAD: Hello Mom
DWebs10407: Oh, interesting.
B5Dragn1: 55 and dropping
Telepath84: i hope my dad is okay…
Nicko56: well it is time bye al{S jump2
DWebs10407: Oh wow, that’s getting cold.
DTh9856: age/sex
B5CL Mikey: Nicko, seeya next time πŸ˜‰
GRUMPYM0M: {S penalty
B5CL Mikey: DTh, as cafe protocol, we don’t do age/sex checks here
GRUMPYM0M: yes/yes
RangerBAD: ::iggy cannon goes off::
DTh9856: K
B5Dragn1: old enough/not enough…….LOL
DWebs10407: lol.
GRUMPYM0M: DTh guess you got your answer
DWebs10407: Well it’s time for me to run, bye everyone.
DWebs10407: Waves.
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, seeya next time πŸ˜‰
B5Dragn1: Bye DW…..{S drgnkiss
DWebs10407: Bye mom.
DWebs10407: Bye Mikey, see yah tommrow.
GRUMPYM0M: ok who’s left in here
DWebs10407: Bye D.
GRUMPYM0M: not me
OnlineHost: MCForensic has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Oh I might be alittle late tommrow.
RangerBAD: (((((((((((((webs))))))))
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{MC}}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
B5CL Mikey: MCForensic, glad you could make it today!
DWebs10407: I might run up to the computer store.
DWebs10407: Bye all.
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, I’ll probably be here πŸ˜‰
GRUMPYM0M: Ok then I will let you all in on a little secret
RangerBAD: Hello MC ::bows::
B5Dragn1: What’s that Moom??
B5Dragn1: Mom I mean…sheesh
DWebs10407: Oh ok, see yeah Mikey.
DWebs10407: Bye all.
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
GRUMPYM0M: What is todays date
OnlineHost: MCForensic has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: 12/29/98
Telepath84: 29th
OnlineHost: Wihtestar1 has entered the room.
Telepath84: Hey, MCF
B5CL Mikey: Wihtestar1, welcome to the Cafe! πŸ™‚
RangerBAD: Whoo Hoo!!!!!
Telepath84: Hey, Wihte
MCForensic: Hello, all.
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
GRUMPYM0M: It’s my Birthday
MCForensic: Happy Birthday, MOM!!
Wihtestar1: go check out this page
B5Dragn1: AFK….gotta answer phone
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
B5CL Mikey: Happy birfday!! =)
RangerBAD: Happy birthday to you ::starts to sing like Maryln monroe::
GRUMPYM0M: oh god
RangerBAD: Happy Birthday to………..mmm…you~~
B5CL Mikey: lol
MCForensic: <–starts to sidle up to singer
RangerBAD: Happy Birthday Mom ::blows a kiss::
GRUMPYM0M: I’ll be back here tonite to
GRUMPYM0M: Last year was sad
B5Dragn1: Back……..
GRUMPYM0M: Hubby went to sleep and I was alone
MCForensic: What would you like aa a present??
B5Dragn1: Mom how sad…….
GRUMPYM0M: So we had b-day party in here
B5Dragn1: I hope you shot him????
Telepath84: i better go practice piano for a while, bye!
GRUMPYM0M: I wish I had
B5Dragn1: Bye Teep
MCForensic: Bye TEEP
GRUMPYM0M: We had alot of fun in here
B5Dragn1: Mc…..hows by you today??????
OnlineHost: Wheelpack has entered the room.
GRUMPYM0M: Present free aol for a year
MCForensic: I’m OK. However, Nurse Ratchet is trying to kill me.
Wheelpack: GRUMPYM0M, is that punt proof AOl for a year?
B5Dragn1: LOL…..and how did you get tangled up with
B5Dragn1: her???
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
MCForensic: Wheel: No such thing!!
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{WheelPack}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi there, Can someone give me Assim web page??
B5CL Mikey: Hey there Wheelpack, Gkar! Glad ya oculd make it! πŸ˜‰
Wheelpack: MCForensic, I know I know, but that would be a really present
GRUMPYM0M: Don’t have it
Wheelpack: <wink>
B5CL Mikey: Gkar, not sure
Gr8 1Gkar: Not sure?
Wheelpack: Gr8 1Gkar,….
MCForensic: Nurse Ratchet gave me a Viagra and Rogain cocktail last night …
B5CL Mikey: Ohhh, she got her own domain?
Wheelpack: Hi ya Dragon
B5Dragn1: Gkar…hang on sending the link
MCForensic: but all it did was make my hair stand on end!!
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks Dragn
Wheelpack: B5CL Mikey, well, isn’t she domeniant?
B5CL Mikey: lol! You KNOW I owuldn’t touch that one if my life depended on
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
MCForensic: {S systemstart}
Wheelpack: B5CL Mikey, ROFL
GRUMPYM0M: I wouldn’t
MCForensic: Got a new macro toy … had to try it out.
B5Dragn1: LOL MC…….
B5CL Mikey: macro toy? Um…that sounds dangerous πŸ˜‰
Wheelpack: MCForensic, thanks, I’m glad I can kill wavs anytime
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks Dragn
Gr8 1Gkar: TTFN
MCForensic: Wheel: Spoilsport!!!!!
B5Dragn1: mikey…..I got the PT upgrade….the new macros
B5Dragn1: are dangerous
Wheelpack: MCForensic, well, mine is B5 season one theme
MCForensic: Actually, works for text, wav, pix, etc.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, aaack! Mikey doesn’t like PT’s, they’re evil, and they
must be destroyed
B5Dragn1: Wheel…i like {S b5them0} myself
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey………
MCForensic: I plan to rig it to blast snerts!
Wheelpack: got it, then I get tired of Season one, I usually switch to season
B5CL Mikey: I miss G’kars prophetic enlightenments ;(
Wheelpack: MCForensic, they have to have the wav first
B5Dragn1: Yes Mikey…the most profound character
MCForensic: I know. Now I have to figure out what wav most snerts have. (?)
B5CL Mikey: The book of G’kar, I can see it happening in a few hundred years
Wheelpack: B5CL Mikey, oh you just liked that he chased more woman then
Wheelpack: GWRepBobby
RangerBAD: You want to talk prophecy Mikey?
RangerBAD: You know i can Mikey ::grins::
B5CL Mikey: LOL, he did not!!
B5CL Mikey: Ranger, erm, I don’t think my head is on straight enough to get
into philosophy, lol
PaxBwithU: ::sips rum::
B5Dragn1: g’Kar didn’t have to chase them…they came to
B5Dragn1: him…..ROFL
Wheelpack: B5Dragn, uh huh
B5Dragn1: Mikey shall we start Quantum Physisics
B5Dragn1: again???? LOL
B5CL Mikey: Well, who wouldn’t go after G’kar and that bald lumpy lizard skin
head? LOL
B5CL Mikey: I did NOT say that! <ducks>
RangerBAD: I know someone who believes he is god in another dimension
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, nooooo, my lil overfilled head would explode today
MCForensic: Who said quantum physics??
Wheelpack: B5CL Mikey,’s been logged and noted
B5Dragn1: ROFL…….but Mikey….all that talk of pleasure
B5Dragn1: thresholds……
B5CL Mikey: Wheelpack! Aaack! You would!!
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, You KNOW I’m not going there <whistles>
B5Dragn1: ROFLMAO Mikey
RangerBAD: Lets talk Einsteins theroys
Wheelpack: Those nasty PT’s …. hehehehe
B5Dragn1: Bad….let’s not and say we did…..LOL
RangerBAD: Special Relativity
B5CL Mikey: I like that Dragn <g>
B5Dragn1: <g> Mikey
MCForensic: Shall we talk Geneeral or Special Theory, or his nobel prize
RangerBAD: No light speed is easier
RangerBAD: Special MC
MCForensic: Shoot
B5Dragn1: Actually Bad…..Mikey and I were witness to a
B5Dragn1: hyperspace discussion…got real interesting
B5CL Mikey: Uhhhh!!! Energy=Mass times the speed of light squared!! lol!
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, Dragn, it did at that, never got anywherre, but it was fun!
MCForensic: E=MC*C
RangerBAD: Differt place in a time period gives you differnt view
PaxBwithU: Einstein didn’t right a one of those theorys…
RangerBAD: then someone else point of view
MCForensic: However, this theory hold only above the “event horizon”!
PaxBwithU: Hiw wife made them all…
B5Dragn1: Oh Pax??Who did?
OnlineHost: Sugare67 has entered the room.
Sugare67: i’m back
B5CL Mikey: Heya Sugare, glad you could make it! πŸ˜‰
PaxBwithU: His wife.
Sugare67: pax, how long have you been in here?
Wheelpack: here’s one for you: If a photon was traveling at light speed, what

Wheelpack: time would it be for the photon?
PaxBwithU: ::thinks::
B5Dragn1: Oh Wheel….::::::smacks head:::::: Not again
PaxBwithU: I don’t know…20 hours with slight interuptions…
Sugare67: lol
MCForensic: Time will be zero, since photon has no mass
RangerBAD: It would be normal time Wheel?
Wheelpack: bedtime ….. cuz it’s lights outs! LOLOL!
B5Dragn1: Mikey….tell Wheel to quit egging everyone
B5Dragn1: on…..ROFL
RangerBAD: And everything around it is speed up?
MCForensic: LOL LOL <<–enjoys being skunked!
B5Dragn1: ROFL Wheel………
RangerBAD: Thats light speec
B5CL Mikey: LOL
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, you tell him! He won’t listen to me! LOL
Sugare67: it took me about 15 minutes to get ready, then i was in the shower
for about an hour
Sugare67: ( my hands are very wrinkly)
Wheelpack: B5CL Mikey, did you say something?
B5Dragn1: Me either….I’ll just have to bug him Sunday night
Sugare67: and your still in here
B5CL Mikey: Whoo Meeee? <whistles>
B5CL Mikey: Nope, Mikey didn’t say nuffin πŸ˜‰
B5Dragn1: Mikey NEVER says nuffin……<G>
RangerBAD: Man i thought there might actually be a serious converstation
B5CL Mikey: Nope!!
OnlineHost: TARutter has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: <~ As innocent as the newly driven snow
Sugare67: a serious conversation?
B5Dragn1: bad….how can we hold a serious conversation
B5Dragn1: about abstracts??????
TARutter: Hidee Ho good neighbors! ;>
Sugare67: hmm
Wheelpack: Oh no!!!! It’s the Rutter!
MCForensic: RBAD: Me too. Cosmology RULES!
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{Troy}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Sugare67: hooooooody ho!
B5CL Mikey: Heya TARutter! “And the final piece of our little puzzle arrives”
RangerBAD: Yeah it does MC
Sugare67: dat was from South PArk
Sugare67: Park
Wheelpack: there goes the sector
Sugare67: hoooooowdy
Sugare67: oops
Sugare67: gosh, what was in that water?
B5Dragn1: Sugar….try {S ya’ll
Sugare67: i have like, something wrong with my hands
Sugare67: {S ya’ll
Sugare67: can’t hear it
Wheelpack: B5Dragn, can I get a copy of that one?
B5Dragn1: Yup Wheel….what SN you want me to send to?
B5CL Mikey: Um, whas wrong with your hands??
Sugare67: {S hnsnsucs} can you hear this?
Sugare67: dang
Wheelpack: B5Dragn, this one
TARutter: puzzle?
B5Dragn1: Nope Sugar
Sugare67: brb
B5Dragn1: Ok…..
TARutter: do I LOOK like a Rubik’s cube?
B5CL Mikey: Ohhh, I haven’t seen one of those in years
Wheelpack: TARutter, I know…it’s a big word…but you can do it ,wink>
Sugare67: i have to listen to one of my many sounds to have them all work
Sugare67: up in file
Sugare67: ok now
MCForensic: TAR: No, RC’s have only 6 colors!
Sugare67: {S hnsnsucs
OnlineHost: Alex777A has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: 6?
Sugare67: pax, are you alive?
Wheelpack: B5Dragn, thanks
B5Dragn1: Wheel….{S gotmail
B5CL Mikey: Heya Alex! Pull up a chair and join us!
PaxBwithU: No.
Alex777A: Ave, all…can’t stay but thought I’d drop by and with you season’s
greetings. πŸ™‚
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{Alex}}}}}{S drgnkiss
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
Sugare67: ok, just wanted to know
MCForensic: 6 – one for each face.
GODSIVAR: IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Mikey: GODSIVAR, welcome to the Cafe!
GODSIVAR: heheheheheheh
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: I tought it was 3 colors
B5CL Mikey: Lesseee….
Sugare67: {S wantyo~1
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Gkar!
RangerBAD: Ave ((((((((((((((Alex)))))))))))))))
B5Dragn1: WB {{{{{Gkar}}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow
B5Dragn1: Alex……..HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!
B5CL Mikey: Yup, 6 ;D
Gr8 1Gkar: Mikey, can you give me the DownBelow site
Gr8 1Gkar: ??
Sugare67: yellow is blinding
Alex777A: er….that’s wish not with.
Sugare67: see?
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks Mikey
MCForensic: Baby cubes have only 3. Big kids RC’s have 6 R, G, B, C, M, Y
Sugare67: kjnvjnsfgvnf
Sugare67: i like dark
Alex777A: Well, ave and vale and I hope to see you all at a later time. πŸ™‚
B5CL Mikey: Gkar, I’ll have to email you the link after my shift is up πŸ˜‰
Alex777A: ::waves::poof::{S jump
Gr8 1Gkar: TTFN ALEX
B5Dragn1: Bye ALex
Wheelpack: Alex777A, see ya
Alex777A: πŸ™‚
RangerBAD: Vale Alex….::bows::
B5CL Mikey: Alex, thank you! Come back soon!
Sugare67: {S mailbeep
Sugare67: by alex
Gr8 1Gkar: Can some one else send me Downbelow Wav site??
B5Dragn1: Gkar…hang on…….
OnlineHost: Ssiruuk84 has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks Dragn
Sugare67: does anyone have the PokΓ©mon battler?
B5CL Mikey: Ssiruuk, glad you could join us today!
Gr8 1Gkar: Mikey, thanks but Never mind DB
Ssiruuk84: I am glad too Mikey.
Wheelpack: well, time to stroll….. catcha later :::::forms jumpgate::::::
Wheelpack: dumpgate}
B5CL Mikey: Okies, Gkar πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Wheelpack, seeya next time! πŸ˜‰
Sugare67: bye wheel
Sugare67: hmm
B5Dragn1: Bye Wheel
Sugare67: pax is not alive, i have nothing to chat about
Sugare67: what kind of water does my shower have?
B5CL Mikey: Try Babylon 5 πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: StarTrekCC has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Heya CC! πŸ˜‰
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{STCC}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Sugare67: everyone (practicly) i know likes B5
RangerBAD: STCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{Dragn1}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: BRAD!!!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: MCF!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: Gkar!!!!!!!
Sugare67: hmm
Gr8 1Gkar: CC!!!!!!!!!
Gr8 1Gkar: {S AOL
Sugare67: everyone here knows STCC?
MCForensic: STCC!!!!!!!!!! <]:-P
Sugare67: am i missing something?
B5CL Mikey: Pretty much, Sugare πŸ˜‰
Sugare67: hm
B5Dragn1: Yup sugar…..the best snertrek on AOL
Gr8 1Gkar: {S AOL
Sugare67: i need to come here more often
MCForensic: Sugar: STCC is know to all above the level of nematode!
StarTrekCC: How are you, Mikey..:Gives Mikey a Drowsdairy Peach Muffin::
B5CL Mikey: Mikey is tard! lol
StarTrekCC: Sugare, Hey Heveryone!
Sugare67: hm
StarTrekCC: Grrrr…{S typo}
Sugare67: hi STCC
Gr8 1Gkar: TTFN
StarTrekCC: Sugare, Hmmmm…never seen you in here before, new?
Sugare67: i had major typo
Sugare67: kind of
MCForensic: STCC: Perhaps you can join RBAD and i in a discussion of Dr
Einstein’s Special Theory?
Sugare67: i’ve been here before, but not often
B5Dragn1: STCC…got any of your specail ragn tea?? I am
B5Dragn1: parched
Sugare67: so, yea. i’m new
B5CL Mikey: {S gosfaith
B5Dragn1: Dragn i mean
Sugare67: {S tearin
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Dragn a cup of TEAH’s Tasty Tea::
Sugare67: my b/f is never on any more
Ssiruuk84: {S FORGOT
StarTrekCC: MCF, Ack..Hmmmmmm…what would be involved.
B5Dragn1: ::::sips:::: Thanks so much……Myn tired to put my
B5Dragn1: flame out with a snowball…..LOL
Sugare67: i need to call him some day soon
RangerBAD: Hey Suguare do you even know what B5 is?
MCForensic: If not Special Theory, how about chocolate?
Sugare67: babalon 5
Sugare67: or something like that
B5CL Mikey: CHOCOLATE!!! <swoons!>
Ssiruuk84: {S BEGINS
Sugare67: i need chocolate
RangerBAD: What is it about Sugare?
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
Sugare67: i have no idea
Sugare67: space
RangerBAD: Why are you in here then?
Sugare67: i have no idea

MCForensic: ChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolate!!
RangerBAD: You have nothing im common with us
StarTrekCC: ::got “Late Delivery from Alvon” B5 soundtrack::
B5Dragn1: MC is having a chocolate attack!!!! ACK!!!!!!!
MCForensic: Sorry. I get carried away!
Sugare67: what does eclipse cafe have anything to do with B5?
RangerBAD: Its a cafe on B5
Sugare67: oh
StarTrekCC: ::Gives MCF a Indy’s Incredible Chocolate Pound Cake::
B5Dragn1: Sugar…for the uninitated…..The Eclipse cafe is
B5Dragn1: ON babylon 5
StarTrekCC: Sugare, through we discuss other Sci-Fi series too.
Sugare67: i figured
MCForensic: ::drools, gives lopside moron grin and digs in::
B5Dragn1: So is the Fresh Aire Lounge BTW
RangerBAD: Do you watch Sci Fi Sugare?
B5CL Mikey: hehehe
OnlineHost: Sugare67 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back Sugare πŸ˜‰
Sugare67: no one is in there
RangerBAD: Do you watch Sci Fi Sugare?
Sugare67: hmmm
MCForensic: Sugare: FAC is overflow for this place …
Sugare67: who doesn’t?
B5CL Mikey: Fresh Aire was once our spoiler room
RangerBAD: Obviously you dont watch B5
B5CL Mikey: When viewing for Babylon 5 was split up πŸ˜‰
MCForensic: YIK
Sugare67: obviously
B5Dragn1: MC….it is also…or was…the spoiler
B5Dragn1: room…could discuss shows that people hadn’t
Sugare67: i like comedy
Sugare67: like, waterboy
RangerBAD: What shows do you watch?
OnlineHost: PsiCop99 has entered the room.
Sugare67: or a night at the rox bury
Sugare67: alot
B5CL Mikey: PsiCop, glad you could join us! πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: Spenscott has entered the room.
PsiCop99: :::::nods::
Sugare67: aaahhhh
RangerBAD: Absoulutley clueless..i give up
B5CL Mikey: Spenscott, pull up a chair and join the chat! ;D
RangerBAD: ::pulls out iggy cannon::
Spenscott: think I will
PsiCop99: Mikey would you happen to be in a sim group called ASG
MCForensic: Dragn: But we all know that only the really elite are here …
why else would you be here
OnlineHost: Sugare67 has entered the room.
Sugare67: aliens are among you
Sugare67: they are taking over
MCForensic: Aliens ‘R Us
Sugare67: and i’m laughing
RangerBAD: Fire! ::shoots off Iggy cannon::
Sugare67: yes
Sugare67: :: morphs to calico cat::
B5CL Mikey: PsiCop, no, I’m not πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Everyone have big New Year’s plans?
PsiCop99: ok
Sugare67: meow
OnlineHost: PsiCop99 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: SGBaby1305 has entered the room.
Sugare67: < the andalites will take over!>
PsiCop99: kinda empty in thab lounge
Sugare67: MEOW
PsiCop99: *tha
B5CL Mikey: Heya SGBaby πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Sugare, is that nessecary?
B5CL Mikey: <g>
Sugare67: meow
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Dragn!
Sugare67: < hey! SGBaby>
MCForensic: Mikey: Nurse Ratchet and I are going to watch ST:TNG, starting
with ep 1
B5Dragn1: Back……power again….::::sigh::::::
Sugare67: < B5CL, are you like, the host or something?>
Sugare67: meow
OnlineHost: CTHOMP1216 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Sugare, um, yep!, I am
Sugare67: meow!
B5CL Mikey: And I think we heard “meow” the first time πŸ˜‰
Sugare67: purrr
B5CL Mikey: CTHOMP, glad you could make it!
B5Dragn1: {S cat
Sugare67: :: walks to a chair and sits::
SGBaby1305: Sugare I know you.
PsiCop99: Mikey I got volume one for christmas
Sugare67: < i know>
Sugare67: {S catroar
OnlineHost: GRUMPYM0M has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, GRUMPY!
Sugare67: < big cat>
Sugare67: meow
GRUMPYM0M: Ok now I’m ticked
B5CL Mikey: Sugare, thats quite enough
B5Dragn1: WB {{{{{Mom}}}}}}
B5Dragn1: {S cat
RangerBAD: Whats wrong Mom
RangerBAD: ?
Sugare67: < your name specifies that>
MCForensic: Oh, OH! A TICKED Mon!! L:ook Out!!
GRUMPYM0M: Not funny
B5Dragn1: What’s up Mom???
Sugare67: :: morphs to siberian tiger>
Sugare67: ::
PsiCop99: ::chuckles:::
GRUMPYM0M: I wanted to download the new Mircosoft internet explorer
B5Dragn1: <~~~~~is watching “CATS”
Sugare67: {S catroar
B5CL Mikey: Dragn!!! I’m sooo jealous!!
OnlineHost: Silverarmy has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: And Mom……………?
MCForensic: ::looks for can of Feline-Away::
GRUMPYM0M: and everytime I try to get the one I want
GRUMPYM0M: the page is all screwed up
B5Dragn1: Why Mikey????
GRUMPYM0M: and I can’t read it
Sugare67: < no one likes cats?>
OnlineHost: Daxias has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Cuz I don’t have Cats on video!! or on cassette!!
Silverarmy: waz ^ sg
GRUMPYM0M: not true
B5CL Mikey: Daxias, welcome to the Cafe!
PsiCop99: Mikey
Sugare67: < i like cats>
Sugare67: < i am a cat>
GRUMPYM0M: I don’t want netscape
Sugare67: < a siberian tiger>
B5CL Mikey: Yes, PsiCop?
B5Dragn1: {S neener} Mikey
GRUMPYM0M: That I can read
Sugare67: {S catroar
SGBaby1305: Silverarmy, I don’t know you.
Silverarmy: sgbaby1305
PsiCop99: I got Vol. 1 for christmas
GRUMPYM0M: What is the problem
Sugare67: < and, i can no longer sit on this chair>
B5Dragn1: I bought it last night Mikeyu
MCForensic: Sugar: Go chase a mouse or eat a hindu
Silverarmy: ya ok
PsiCop99: ya know what makes me ma
B5CL Mikey: Sugare, I’m gonna ask you once more to join our chat, you’re
becoming disruptive
PsiCop99: *mad
Sugare67: :: jumps onto floor, making self comfy::
PaxBwithU: MCF…that was bad…
Sugare67: ::looks at MCF with deep brown eyes::
B5CL Mikey: Coolies, Dragn!!
B5CL Mikey: I loved Macavity, Skimbleshanks and Grizzabella πŸ˜‰
MCForensic: Why? Hindus have a smokey flavor, Im told.
SGBaby1305: Pax is here! Pax from yesterday!
PsiCop99: Im probably the only one in the world with one that has a box thats
printed upside down
Sugare67: :: stands on all four feet::
Sugare67: {S catroar
GRUMPYM0M: Everytime I try and look at a page I don’t Java
B5Dragn1: Seeing for the first time today…..going to have
B5Dragn1: to watch again when I am not online
RangerBAD: Whats the cats name that sings “Memories”?
GRUMPYM0M: or the right plug in
OnlineHost: Lursah has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: Mom…is your Java translator enabled?
GRUMPYM0M: Have to check
B5CL Mikey: BAD, I’m not sure, actually
B5CL Mikey: I know the song, its a solo, but I donno who she is
Sugare67: < as a matter of fact,> :: walks toward MCF:: < i will chase a
PsiCop99: mikey didnt you hear me?
RangerBAD: I think if that was true Dragn then she would be getting a java
script error
OnlineHost: DFink0916 has entered the room.
Sugare67: :: start to run::
B5CL Mikey: Yes, PsiCop
B5CL Mikey: DFink, welcome to the Cafe!
B5Dragn1: Mikey…the one that eventually becomes the
B5Dragn1: “Gelical cat…….
MCForensic: I’m a rat, not a mouse. (according to Nurse Ratchet)
Sugare67: < ok then, rat>
PsiCop99: what do ya think of my situation
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Sugare, this will be the last time I ask you to stop simming, and
join our chat πŸ˜‰
Sugare67: :: runs toward MCF::
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
GRUMPYM0M: WNow where was I
MCForensic: {dog
B5CL Mikey: Gkar, welcome back
Sugare67: < you want me to chase a rat?>
GRUMPYM0M: Ok which do I check under
MCForensic: {S dog
GRUMPYM0M: Preferences
SGBaby1305: OK all, I am going to do what I do best!
Sugare67: {S catroar
GRUMPYM0M: Go away right
PsiCop99: Dont worry mikey ill handle the cat problem
Sugare67: < i’m not just a cat>
B5CL Mikey: PsiCop, thank you, but I can handle the situation πŸ˜‰
Sugare67: < i’m a deadly cat>
B5Dragn1: Mom…check your Java?? It is in your windows
B5Dragn1: explorer
RangerBAD: Hey i put her on iggy a long time ago
PsiCop99: ::::takes out PPG ::
OnlineHost: RMSRANCH has entered the room.
PsiCop99: darn
Sugare67: < ppg?>
B5Dragn1: it can tell you if it is enabled there
SGBaby1305: OK! yell dog
B5CL Mikey: Psi, you’re not helping by encouraging the simming
RMSRANCH: hi,pax
GRUMPYM0M: OH then that means I have to leave
B5CL Mikey: You all KNOW simming is a violation of protocol πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: RMSRANCH, glad you could make it!
PsiCop99: well if shes going to sim shes gotta do it right
OnlineHost: BarieSweet has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: BarieSweet, glad you could make it!
RangerBAD: She doesnt need to be simming
Lursah: But Mikey skinning snerts is fun
RangerBAD: just ignore her
BarieSweet: hello
RMSRANCH: what ya talkin about?
PsiCop99: Sugare dont be a newbie use dice when you attack some especially
when your in rhydin
B5Dragn1: Mom…you can get to explorer by clicking strat
B5Dragn1: on your task bar
B5CL Mikey: Don’t get all worked up, peoples πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: Sugare67 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 4
GRUMPYM0M: I get if you see a gray box then you need a new plug in
B5CL Mikey: PsiCop, die rolling isn’t allowed, either, you know that.
B5Dragn1: Don’t have to get off AOL to do that
RangerBAD: Way to go Psi! idiot
Sugare67: {S catroar
SGBaby1305: This isn’t a game room, sugare.
RangerBAD: your just encouraging her
PsiCop99: Who you calling idio
PsiCop99: t
Lursah: Sugare has left the building
B5CL Mikey: Folks, calm down, and play by the rules.
OnlineHost: DFink0916 has entered the room.
RangerBAD: dont force me to iggy you Psi
GRUMPYM0M: Elvis has left the building
PsiCop99: go ahead
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, DFink! ;D
DFink0916: Any questions on the top 10 results?
BarieSweet: what’s up in here?
SGBaby1305: We ate too much sugar this morning!
RMSRANCH: i hope you will leave to grumpy
B5CL Mikey: BarieSweet, whole lotta nothing, lol, how bout yourself? πŸ˜‰
MCForensic: MOM, if the Java fix doesn’t work, try another MS site. I’ve
found the Redmond site to be
MCForensic: the very worst. Try MS-UK
PsiCop99: waiting…..
BarieSweet: nothing here
BarieSweet: just being bored
B5CL Mikey: I hearya, BarieSweet πŸ˜‰
RMSRANCH: were is the air lock?
BarieSweet: πŸ™‚
RangerBAD: Well im going to go
SGBaby1305: brb
B5CL Mikey: That depends on what you’re gonna do with it, RMSRANCH, lol
RangerBAD: ((((((((((((Everyone))))))))))))))))
PsiCop99: as am i Mikey c-ya
B5CL Mikey: RangerBAD, seeya next time! πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Later, Psi!
RMSRANCH: kill myself b5,with you idiots in here
B5CL Mikey: Why, thank you RMSRANCH =)
SGBaby1305: I am back all!
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, SGBaby!
SGBaby1305: =)
RMSRANCH: i hope you brought a gun,sgbaby,youll need it
MCForensic: Gotta go. Nurse Ratchet has the ground snert pot pie ready! Yum
B5CL Mikey: No, RMSRANCH, no one is gonna need a gun πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: MCForensic, seeya next time! πŸ˜‰
MCForensic: Back later
RMSRANCH: or a strong rope
RMSRANCH: to hanp
RMSRANCH: i mean hang
RMSRANCH: hello,any one awake?
B5CL Mikey: No violence πŸ˜‰
B5Dragn1: Wow….I go to IM land and everyone
B5Dragn1: leaves…..Sheesh
B5CL Mikey: Yes, RMSRANCH, we’re here :o)
B5CL Mikey: Yup, Dragn, all gone! πŸ™
B5Dragn1: Almost time for B5….and time for me to go to
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, be good! πŸ˜‰
B5Dragn1: See you tomorrow Mikey??
RMSRANCH: me to,gotta go
B5CL Mikey: Hopefully, Dragn <G>
B5Dragn1: {S drgnkiss} to all
B5CL Mikey: RMSRANCH, seeya!
RMSRANCH: ill be back baby
RMSRANCH: ””””””leaves”””””””’
OnlineHost: RMSRANCH has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Well, folks, its time for me to head out of here! See you all
tomorrow at 3PM EST!
B5CL Mikey: {S egyptbls}
RMSRANCH: see ya

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