Eclipse Cafe – 12/15/1998

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B5CL Seuss: Greetings fellow Babylon5 Fans I am B5CL Seuss (you can just call me
MCForensic: Last night we had CECJT on the go. Has the flu and can’t eat and we were all talking about
B5VORLON1: hi angel bye
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MCForensic: food and CHOCOLATE!
AngelMpath: [[[[[{{{{{<3<3<3 MES AMIES <3<3<3}}}}}]]]]]
B5CL Seuss: Seuss) and I will be your host for the next hour.
B5CL Seuss: I bid you welcome to the Eclipse Cafe 12/15/98 07:59 PM cst
MCForensic: Suess!!
B5CL Seuss: Tonights topic: discussion of tonights episode ” Messages from Earth ”
Cedarga: (((((((((((Delenn))))))))))
AngelMpath: Hi Roomies! Are we having fun yet?
Cedarga: ((((((((((Angel)))))))))
B5CL Seuss: Hiya MCForensic, AngelMpath, STCC,DelennMax,Ced
MCForensic: Delenn: Hope we didn’t drive you out earlier?
Cedarga: (((((((((((Seuss))))))))))
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! Cedarga !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
Cedarga: (((((((((((((NagTrek)))))))))))))))
MCForensic: Fun? Please define: FUN
B5Delenn2: {{{{{{{{{Ced}}}}}}}}}}
B5Delenn2: {{{{{{{{{{{{Seuss}}}}}}}}}}}
B5Delenn2: no, MCF, you didnot
B5Delenn2: i got booted
MCForensic: Ok. Good to hear.
MCForensic: Not that you got booted!
Cedarga: :::::throws Delenn finestkind snertskin lifeline::::
B5CL Seuss: booted oh no!
Cedarga: {S boothead}
B5Delenn2: thanks
B5CL Seuss: {S boot}
B5Delenn2: {S booted
MCForensic: Was you bad??
B5Delenn2: yes…i was
MCForensic: Oh, goodie. Care to explain??
Cedarga: LOL Delenn, how could we tell the difference?
B5CL Seuss: then Santa will bring you no presents this year
Cedarga: :::runs and hides behind STCC::::
B5Delenn2: <EG>
Cedarga: Oh, look who’s talking…. Dr. Seuss!!!
Babs5Capt: Hello
MCForensic: Seuss … Not Grinch!
Cedarga: Hey Babs!
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Dgarye, Babs5Capt…food and drink on the right, have a seat and
B5CL Seuss: discuss our favorite show!
B5CL Seuss: {S grinch~2}
B5Delenn2: Santa never brings me presents. Seuss
Dgarye: Which show is that?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome R2na to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the atmosphere
B5CL Seuss: Hi R2na!
Dgarye: too late CL
B5CL Seuss: DocPoncho welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
DocPoncho: hi everyone!
Cedarga: Hiya doc
Dgarye: oh I was going to discuss the future but the past will do
DocPoncho: hi ced, how are you tonite?
B5CL Seuss: Dgarye, I am kinda fond of the present
Cedarga: Ced’s a little under the weather. Had a swing dancing party and bowed out!
DocPoncho: woah, not good
Dgarye: Really B5 has a present ?
B5CL Seuss: Hi Cool!
Dgarye: forget cool
DocPoncho: bye cool
Cedarga: didn’t want to jepardize my BBVD tickets for tomorrow
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Lokiborg to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the atmosphere
Cedarga: πŸ™‚
Dgarye: Let’s play a game
MCForensic: What game?
Dgarye: Try to guess what SN of those in here refers to if anything
DocPoncho: BBVD?
Cedarga: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
DocPoncho: oh
MCForensic: ;;Whopper:: “Thermonnuclear War?”
Dgarye: LokiBorg
Cedarga: (a tad off topic, but everyone here knows how much I love em)
Dgarye: maybe was going for lucky
B5CL Seuss: Dgarye, how bout reading the profiles for that
Dgarye: gorg
Dgarye: luckyborg
Dgarye: THAT”S it!
MCForensic: Borgs don’t get lucky, the assimilate.
Dgarye: Janeway might disagree with that
B5CL Seuss: lolMCForensic,
StarTrekCC: Seuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCForensic: Never hold hands with a Borg on the 1st date!
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cedarie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: STCC!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: .{{{{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}
Dgarye: I heard Barbie Borg and Janeway are reel lucky
Cedarga: STCC ah, {S itsawake}
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! STCC !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
B5CL Seuss: LOL Cedarga,
Dgarye: But back to B5
StarTrekCC: Nagdarga…Grrrrrrr..
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Cedarie another chocolate milkshake for her refrige..::
Dgarye: We really should stick to the subject you know
Cedarga: :::::swats STCC’s nose::::: Stop growling!
Dgarye: Tell ’em CL
MCForensic: ST:V gets 7/9 and I get Nurse Ratchet!!
StarTrekCC: Nagdarga, {S thunder}
MCForensic: Who said CHOCOLATE!!! ???
Dgarye: so we were all waiting for me to do color and sound right?
B5CL Seuss: Dgarye, we are not locked into a topic got one you would like to suggest?
Cedarga: Hey, STCC, DeLancie is coming to Chicago in January…
Dgarye: ??????????????
Dgarye: – — —‒‒‒—€‒€º°{s b5them0}°º€‒€‒‒‒—— — –
Dgarye: ??????????????
B5CL Seuss: Welcome SpooBrains…food and drink on the right, have a seat and discuss
B5CL Seuss: our favorite show!
SpooBrains: any particular topic?
B5CL Seuss: Tonights topic: discussion of tonights episode ” Messages from Earth ”
Dgarye: Special effects department that is too unobtrusive!
B5CL Seuss: Dgarye, maybe for Xmas lights
MCForensic: Ced: will you stand in queue to see him?
Dgarye: Is this better Sir?
Dgarye: better
Dgarye: looks happy
Cedarga: MCF, yes. My daughter is a big fan.
B5CL Seuss: Dgarye, just fine with me
Cedarga: If I can blow up a car to get Gaiman’s autograph, I can stand in line to see DeLancie
Cedarga: STCC, don’t say it…
MCForensic: Nurse Ratchet (wife) is too.
B5CL Seuss: Cedarga, I would like to meet him too, be sure to get good pics
Dgarye: If you could blow up a car you would have burned your
Dgarye: mouth on the exhaust pipe
Cedarga: Seuss, I’m having a hit-and-miss time with my camera.
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SpooBrains: I got to meet Chase Masterson a wekk and a half-ago
SpooBrains: wekk=week
Cedarga: Remember the accident pix were blank and the next roll was clear?
B5CL Seuss: SpooBrains, cool was it at a Con?
Dgarye: I wait ten years to use a joke and this is what I get?
SpooBrains: Just a collector’s store
Dgarye: uh oh
Dgarye: a sentence is missing
B5CL Seuss: Cedarga, try those disposables I have had pretty good luck with them
Cedarga: Spoo, you got pix?
Dgarye: We doing that again aol said it was fixed
B5CL Seuss: KMG!!!!!
Cedarga: Seuss, I still have four of them half-shot around here from Wizard
Cedarga: Con last July… Maybe I can finish them off <G>
KMGray3: Seuss!!
Cedarga: ((((((((((((((Gray))))))))))))))
SpooBrains: No. I had her sign a collector’s booklet
KMGray3: Greetings all
B5CL Seuss: Greetings PAULC, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take checks but we
B5CL Seuss: do take Centauri Ducats.
KMGray3: {{{{{{{{{Cedar}}}}}}}
Dgarye: – — —‒‒‒—€‒€º°°º€‒€‒‒‒—— — –
Dgarye: (Β―`’Β·.,ΒΈ(Β―`’Β·.,¸·´¯`Β·Β­>({s b5intro1})<­·´¯`Β·ΒΈ,.Β·’´¯)ΒΈ,.Β·’´¯)
Dgarye: – — —‒‒‒—€‒€º°°º€‒€‒‒‒—— — –
KMGray3: {{{{Angel}}}}}
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! KMG !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KMG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: Cedarga, I know all about unused film <G>
PAULC682: I can spare only 1000 ducat’s
Dgarye: I thought Ducat killed Jadzia
KMGray3: Hiya Dgar, MC, Spoo, {{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}
PAULC682: who?
SpooBrains: Seuss, your topic seems to have wandered
MCForensic: KMG: Hi
StarTrekCC: Cedarie, that is cool:-)
Dgarye: {{{{{{{{{{{KM}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: SpooBrains, that is cool you frame it?
Cedarga: Grrrrrrr You set me up for that, didn’t you?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome SpooBrains to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all
Dgarye: Yohoo
B5CL Seuss: your favorite characters.
B5CL Seuss: {S chiggle}
SpooBrains: No, I’m going to get more signatures in the book
Dgarye: ??????????
Dgarye: ???({s b5them2})???
Dgarye: ??????????
Cedarga: Topic? Are we allowed to use that word in here?
KMGray3: heh heh
B5CL Seuss: Hi PAULC!
Dgarye: Yes with the r or without
PAULC682: Krusty the klown
MCForensic: Sure. We’re open minded!
Dgarye: Open minds I heard about that once
B5CL Seuss: just avoid the “W” word
PAULC682: with?
Dgarye: W?
MCForensic: ?W?
B5CL Seuss: Hi SUZY!
SpooBrains: I just watched Sleeping in light twice in a row. I’ve been in new episdoe withdrawl again.
Dgarye: You got us now satisfy us
StarTrekCC: Cedarie….::in the kosh tone of voice::yes….
Cedarga: ::::searching frantically for b5-related word starting with @::::
Dgarye: Wookie?
Cedarga: Spoo, you have a real problem then…
MCForensic: Wookie? (close?)
Dgarye: {s starwars
KMGray3: brb afk
Dgarye: {S whimpdoll
Cedarga: MCF {S thwap}
Dgarye: that was not real we knew that by the niners –
Dgarye: right?
MCForensic: I was only asking?
B5CL Seuss: LOL nope
Cedarga: LOL
SpooBrains: Anybody got the season theme WAVs for 1-4?
Dgarye: {S wilhelm3rd
B5CL Seuss: and it is Rangers rule not mine
Dgarye: {s wagner
B5CL Seuss: SpooBrains, have you tried down below?
Cedarga: Well, Spoo, it’s hard to feed new-ep withdrawal now…
StarTrekCC: Seuss, what is Scrollangr’s rule?
Dgarye: wrong qeustion Spoo
Cedarga: Not encouraging the NagTrek, STCC…
B5CL Seuss: the W**k word is bad
Dgarye: ????????
Dgarye: ??({s b5them3})??
Dgarye: ????????
Cedarga: Oh, and not masking profanity like Seuss just did…
Dgarye: hit hit hard hard must be Ivanova
MCForensic: W**k. YUK! DOUBLE YUK!!!
Cedarga: Or like K**k or G****s or Shat***
B5CL Seuss: yup that is a close to typing it as I can without having to clean the KB
Cedarga: ::::stops hiding behind STCC and looks for new protector:::::
AngelMpath: <<< wav site for B5
Cedarga: Angel, good job!
B5CL Seuss: Cedarga, you are hiding behind him after saying that?
AngelMpath: Ced, thank Valen for copy and paste <g>
SpooBrains: No frames for me.
B5CL Seuss: Welcome B5Fanatic, JRiggs,come in and talk about the most talked about
B5CL Seuss: show in the universe.
Cedarga: ((((((((((((((((RIggsey)))))))))))) whereyabeen?
StarTrekCC: Riggs!!!!!!
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Wren to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all your
Dgarye: So we like four better?
B5CL Seuss: favorite characters.
JRiggs3812: Hidy Ho folks
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, B5CL Mikey, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary
B5CL Seuss: travellers.
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! Mikey !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
B5CL Seuss: HIya MIkey
B5CL Mikey: Hey Seuss!! <g>
B5Fanatic9: is anyone else in limbo since the show is over and crusade doesn’t start for a while?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome SLK 2u, Wren to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the
JRiggs3812: Hey {{{{{CED, STCC}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: Helloooo Angel!!
B5CL Seuss: atmosphere
Dgarye: ?????????
Dgarye: ????{s b5them4}????
Dgarye: ?????????
SLK 2u: hello
B5CL Seuss: B5Fanatic, in a major way
Dgarye: The year we took back what was ours
B5CL Seuss: Welcome B5Delenn…food and drink on the right, have a seat and discuss our
B5CL Seuss: favorite show!
B5Fanatic9: is “A call to arms” postponed too?
Dgarye: End of history so do not scroll
StarTrekCC: Cedarie, I am always reliable protector, I always protect you, Nagdarga
B5CL Seuss: “Call to Arms” The lead-in to “Crusades” the Babylon5 spin off will air on
KMGray3: bak
B5CL Seuss: TNT January 3rd
StarTrekCC: Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}}}}}}}}
KMGray3: Hi Mikey
KMGray3: Hi JR
B5CL Mikey: Heyyya CC, KMGray!!
B5Fanatic9: ok, wasn’t sure if it was postponed too
Dgarye: wow a CL is advertising must be a gimmick
B5CL Seuss: Crusades will star: Gary Cole,Tracy Scoggins,Daniel Dae Kim,David A.
B5CL Seuss: Brooks,Marjean Holden,Carrie Dobro and Peter Woodward.
Cedarga: O. M. G. It’s Mikey!
JRiggs3812: :::Passes 3lbs. box of See’s candy around room:::
JRiggs3812: Hey KMG
B5CL Seuss: Welcome PAULC…food and drink on the right, have a seat and discuss our
B5CL Seuss: favorite show!
B5CL Mikey: Cedarga, the one and ONLY! LOL
Dgarye: hehehehehehehhe and I got punted for saying Assimiltr
Dgarye: must be a new wave
Cedarga: What about it, Paul?
StarTrekCC: Cedarie, yeah, you don’t see him much, he an Afternoon person <WEG>
Cedarga: You looking forward to Crusades?
PAULC682: no
PAULC682: pe
B5CL Seuss: PAULC, how about droping the caps?
Dgarye: ??????????
Dgarye: ????({S b5tehm5})????
Dgarye: ??????????
AngelMpath: brb afk
PAULC682: ???????
Dgarye: damn kids dog cat keyboard {s b5them5
MCForensic: I pick keyboard!
Dgarye: Why is here?
Dgarye: I know why
MCForensic: Cause mine gets ornery at times.
PAULC682: y??????
B5CL Seuss: PAULC, all caps is considored shouting and it is difficult to read
SpooBrains: I fixed my you got mail so it’s the season 5 theme
JRiggs3812: thats cool Spoo
PAULC682: it is
B5CL Seuss: SpooBrains, isnt that a long wav for that?
Dgarye: Sorry the CL did not know what I was saying so I began
Dgarye: to spell it for the CL starting with A guess the
Dgarye: CL got confused
SpooBrains: I don’t care how long it is
MCForensic: Spoo gets lots of mail, so needs a long theme.
Dgarye: ?????????
Dgarye: ???{s b5dclars}?
Dgarye: ?????????
B5CL Mikey: Dgarye, be nice to the CL
B5CL Seuss: Welcome BardNatole to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all
B5CL Seuss: your favorite characters.
Dgarye: christmas wave
BardNatole: hey Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Heya Natole! =)
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Bardy!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
BardNatole: I got my web back, get back to DR on friday
BardNatole: hey SCC
B5CL Seuss: KRI welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
SpooBrains: So, what’s everyone’s most memorable B5 moment?
Dgarye: Was not anyone here
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
Cedarga: Hey, Nat
Dgarye: except for me of course
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Bard a T::
BardNatole: “Abso-fraggin-lutely damnit”
B5CL Seuss: SpooBrains, that would be a little tough to decide
Dgarye: exactly Bard
Cedarga: Spoo, I think the first time I got a jms e-mail. I was… stunned speechless….
Cedarga: ….honest
B5CL Seuss: Welcome PAULC…food and drink on the right, have a seat and discuss our
B5CL Seuss: favorite show!
Dgarye: soo you got jammie too
Cedarga: …I couldn’t think of a thing to say
Cedarga: …really
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Cedarie the new “Guide to Cedarie:Third Edition” written by CC:
KMGray3: that’s saying a lot for you Ced πŸ™‚
MCForensic: ::note to JMS. send more email::
Cedarga: Gray, did ya hafta say that so quickly?
B5CL Seuss: but mine is Delenn telling the Earth Force Fleet that the only man to survive
B5CL Seuss: a Minbari attack was behind her….
Log Count: There were 13 member(s) in Eclipse Cafe at 08:30 PM
Cedarga: LOL
KMGray3: lol..>Ced..umm…well….yeah
B5CL Seuss: PAULC, Please drop the caps
B5CL Mikey: “The only human to ever survive battle with a Minbari fleet is behind me.
Dgarye: If JMS had email we would be done with the Crusade and
Dgarye: on to the PsiCorp WAr time for War
B5CL Mikey: You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else.”
B5CL Seuss: Mikey, yup thats the line!!
PAULC682: what if lorian is a mixture of human and vorlon
Dgarye: just a figure of speech of course
SpooBrains: Humans aren’t that old
B5CL Seuss: Hi PAULC!
BardNatole: or just when he got back from Z’ha’dum, the big speech in the Zocalo
Dgarye: {s boomboom
PAULC682: 4000 maybe
MCForensic: Does that make Lorian a Vermin or a Humador?
PAULC682: VERmin
KMGray3: lol
StarTrekCC: ::turns to Cedarie, and in a kosh voice::The pebble finds the path.
Dgarye: Lorian is a hairdresser
PAULC682: What th/
B5CL Seuss: Welcome JChaps to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
Cedarga: STCC, but they still won’t let me vote!
B5CL Mikey: Heya JChaps! =)
MCForensic: Lorian is a crossdresser??
B5CL Mikey: Cedarga, who won’t let you vote?
JChaps20: lol
B5CL Seuss: PAULC, get caught in the revolving dor?
B5CL Seuss: door
Dgarye: Did we notice that John had a different hairdo when he
Dgarye: arrived back on B5 than when he jumped?
PAULC682: What is the brown thing in lorien’s head
Cedarga: The avalanch, Mikey…
StarTrekCC: ::Sees Cedarie trying to vote…voting for two Presidents one democrat and Republican::
Cedarga: …sorry… bad joke…
B5CL Seuss: {S alavach}
KMGray3: heh
B5CL Mikey: Ohhh…”The avalanche has already started. Its too late for the pebbles to vote.” Gotcha!
PAULC682: democrate
BardNatole: think it’s part of his crown
MCForensic: PAUL: It’s a wart.
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Dgarye to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
B5CL Mikey: Dgarye, I noticed a lot changed about Sheridan upon his return from Z’Ha’Dum
Dgarye: Sorry someone did not like my hairdresser theme
B5CL Mikey: I guess dieing just sorta does something to a person, doesn’t it?
StarTrekCC: {S koshhere}
PAULC682: the final 4 episodes?
BardNatole: oh, well…Mikey, being dead will do that to a guy
StarTrekCC: {S koshhere}
B5CL Mikey: BardNatole, thas what I’ma thinkin ;D
Dgarye: Yeah like oriental food and mexican tacos
B5CL Mikey: Dgarye, not sure thats an image any of us care for <g>
Dgarye: {s ivanova2
MCForensic: Death: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the space station ..
B5CL Seuss: Greetings STARCMD, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take checks but
B5CL Seuss: we do take Centauri Ducats.
BardNatole: call me Nat
KMGray3: {{{{{{Tyger}}}}}}}}
Hello folks
B5CL Mikey: Heya Tyger! ;D
Cedarga: {S tygbells}
StarTrekCC: Tygerr!!!!!
B5CL Seuss: ltns STARCMD,
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{Gray}}}}}}}
KMGray3: Hi Star
Dgarye: We take checks from God
StarTrekCC: Cedarie, send me that!!!!]
TygerEyez1: ROFL, Ced.
Dgarye: and i
B5CL Seuss:
KMGray3: tygbells?
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}}}}}}}}}
SpooBrains: “As for Delenn, everyday for as long as she lived, Delenn woke up early to watch the sun
Dgarye: {s dogywhap
SpooBrains: come up.”
STARCMD464: Cedar nice card
MCForensic: Dgarye: only with ID
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{Seuss}}}}}}}}}}}}
Dgarye: you know I am stuck in here now
B5CL Seuss: LOL MCForensic,
Dgarye: MCF God’s ID is God’s ID
TygerEyez1: Ced, I love them. {S tygbells
B5CL Seuss: Public service announcement: Only 10 shopping days till Christmas.
AngelMpath: {S b5epilog}
Dgarye: anyone?
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{Tygerrr}}}}}}}}}}}
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}}}}
Dgarye: IAMthatIAM?
B5CL Mikey: Aaack, Seuss!! I don’t think people want to be reminded of that! <g>
BardNatole: who cares.
B5CL Seuss: Welcome PAULC,come in and talk about the most talked about show in the
B5CL Seuss: universe.
STARCMD464: so is Insurrection as good as I have heard
B5CL Mikey: And don’tcha mean 9 shopping days? <g>
Dgarye: must be a {s zoomer
TygerEyez1: Star, yes it is.
StarTrekCC: STAR!!!!!!!!!!
MCForensic: Dgarye: Get the phone number and SAAN\
Dgarye: {s errorgod
KMGray3: heh
MCForensic: SAAN=SSAN. (darn keyboard)
Dgarye: but the rest is history
STARCMD464: STCC whats up there bud
BardNatole: I saw it Star, I liked it, but I dunno, I’m not a hard core critic, as long as it doesnt
JChaps20: haven’t seen it, …yet. : )
BardNatole: totally bomb, I think movies are okay to good.
B5CL Mikey: Seen what? Insurrection?
Dgarye: I was okay to Good
B5CL Seuss: Welcome RPM to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all your
B5CL Seuss: favorite characters.
Dgarye: in fact I was better than most
B5CL Mikey: I’d give Insurrection 3 1/2 stars out of 5
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Chuck34frd to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all
B5CL Seuss: your favorite characters.
B5CL Seuss: I heard Insurrection was great
BardNatole: sure beats Generations by a long shot
TygerEyez1: Mikey, 4 out of 5.
Dgarye: but since there where ten spots
Chuck34frd: Hi suess…everyone
Dgarye: {s bldyhell
B5CL Mikey: Seuss, I liked it. I’ve found the older crowd tends to enjoy it more than the teens to
KMGray3: have not seen so cannot say
B5CL Mikey: mid 20’s does
JRiggs3812: Insurection deserves 5 out of 5
SpooBrains: I liked it a whole lot and I’m a teen
TygerEyez1: I laughed my rear end off personally.
Dgarye: Yeah it was better than Mr. Rogers goes to Mars
MCForensic: Generations was bad, but First Contact was worse. Had the entire ST history all screwed up!
JChaps20: lol
STARCMD464: what kind of a can of worms did I open
BardNatole: Mikey, gonna make me feel old, I use to avidly watch STNG
B5CL Mikey: No Mr Rogers! Pleeeeease! <g>
BardNatole: …I’m 17
TygerEyez1: ah, why not, Mikey?
StarTrekCC: How about Mr. Scrollangr:-)
B5CL Mikey: Natole, I wants TNG religiously from 88 on
MCForensic: Nat: You’ll get over it!
KMGray3: heheh
B5CL Mikey: Cuz Tyger, that man warped me as a child, lol
SpooBrains: MCF, First Contact was awesome, it screwed up no Star Trek history.
Dgarye: ::::its a wonderful neighborhood wouldn’t you be my friend?:::;
BardNatole: yeah…I’ll just feel older
TygerEyez1: {S lmfao
Dgarye: Get lost cupcake!
Cedarga: Star, some great lines in it.
Dgarye: Every movie ever made has some great lines
PAULC682: Isotopes
StarTrekCC: ::looks at Mr. Mikey::
Dgarye: some are in the credits
MCForensic: Sorry: WRONG. Check facts. Z Cochram was Centauri, not Human. UNSS AMITY made
B5CL Mikey: <glances at Mr CC> Yes?
MCForensic: 1st contact with Vulcans? Bad history!
SpooBrains: My personal favorite, “We’re through running from these bas***ds.”
STARCMD464: so are deep lines at Fiesta Bowl
Dgarye: {s illogicl
SpooBrains: First Contact was with the Vulcans.
B5CL Seuss: you think MCForensic, ?
Cedarga: Yeah, I had trouble with Insurrection and Peter David’s books…
Cedarga: Grrrrr, I’ve been spoiled…
StarTrekCC: MC!!!, actually…the First Contact movie was canon, and besides, when Cochrance said
Dgarye: First contact is a virgin spring
Dgarye: Igmar that
StarTrekCC: he was from Alpha Centuri, he ment he lived there…and resided there.
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Ra1of,come in and talk about the most talked about show in the
B5CL Seuss: universe.
Chuck34frd: popcorn anyone???
B5CL Seuss: Welcome BardNatole…food and drink on the right, have a seat and discuss our
B5CL Seuss: favorite show!
BardNatole: BLAST! for the love of Faenella thats annoying
MCForensic: Suggested: Star Stek Star Fleet Chronology, Goldstein, Goldstein & Sternbach
Dgarye: How do you pop corn through a jimmy
StarTrekCC: it like saying I’m <whoever> from Vulcan, but I was born on
BardNatole: ::whacks AOL over the head with her stick…HARD::
StarTrekCC: earth.
Dgarye: sorry need the space
Dgarye: {s b5them0
StarTrekCC: Perky!!!!!!!
B5CL Mikey: Perky dahlin!!
B5CL Seuss: Welcome LEPerky to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
StarTrekCC: MCF, which version is that?
KMGray3: {{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}
LEPerky: STCC!!!!
BardNatole: hey Aunty!
STARCMD464: I should have seen it Friday night but I went bowling and got a bit drunk
B5CL Seuss: Perky!!!
Cedarga: ((((((((((((Perk)))))))))))
LEPerky: {{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}}}} Dahlin!!!!
Dgarye: I would have said crack corn but we are drug free and our mother’s back is serious stuff
LEPerky: Seuss!!!! good to see you again!
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{Justine}}}}}}}}}
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{[Cedar}}}}}}}}}]
Dgarye: we seem to be drifting
B5CL Mikey: Howaya Perky? :^)
B5CL Seuss: Welcome WOTKelin to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all
BardNatole: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Perk}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: your favorite characters.
LEPerky: {{{{{{Tigerrrrrrrr}}}}}}}}
MCForensic: Publisher: Pocket Book, NY 1980
SpooBrains: When is WWOE scheduled to air again?
LEPerky: Mikey… you have late duty tonight?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome WOTKelin to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
Dgarye: So who is your favorite character and how can I trash them for you?
B5CL Mikey: Perky, naw, just visiting Seussy!!
B5CL Seuss: Dgarye, play nice
Dgarye: okay sorry
StarTrekCC: MCF, that is not an canon source….
LEPerky: Ah… proctoring, Mikey?
Cedarga: Mikey can’t stay away…
B5CL Mikey: Nooo, just visiting
Dgarye: ::::::winklles fingers at Seuss:::::
Chuck34frd: he’s just mad he doesn’t have any popcorn
BardNatole: I need more fonts….since I reformatted I hardly have a fraction of my old ones
LEPerky: uh, huh, Mikey {S smooch
B5CL Seuss: Mikey just wanted to pay back all the time I was looking over HIS shoulder
Dgarye: {s b5intro1
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: Welcome PM to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
LEPerky: LOL, Seuss.
LEPerky: {{{{{{STCC}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: LOL! Not true! I’m just playing!! ;D
B5CL Seuss: {S chiggle}
LEPerky: I’ll try to behave.. well, for a little bit, anyway.
PM454: ‘evenin
StarTrekCC: ::wonders…looks over to Mikey::Playing, hmmmmm..
Chuck34frd: out of popcorn…g-nite
Cedarga: :::::faints:::::
Dgarye: I need to get back my christmas colors wait I’ll be back seuss hold my seat
B5CL Mikey: Yes, CC, I play!
Cedarga: LEP, warn me if you are gonna do that again!
LEPerky: Cedar.. what? threaten to behave?
B5CL Seuss: lol Cedarga,
Cedarga: Yes!
LEPerky: {S pxygiggl
SpooBrains: I”ve been conducting research of Sci-fi fans and I have come to several conclusions:
BardNatole: ::sits on the couch and sighs:: I want DR back….I have to wait till friday
BardNatole: we are nuts, but devoted?
B5CL Mikey: For shame, Natole ;(
Cedarga: I need to brace myself…
SpooBrains: B5 fans like all forms of sci-fi B5, ST, SW
LEPerky: Hmmm…. okay… anybody figure out who Seuss really is?
MCForensic: Also: ST: Strangers From The Sky.(MW Bonanno)
SpooBrains: ST fans prefer ST, but will watch the others
TygerEyez1: Perky, like it’s a big secret.
Cedarga: Spoo, some of us have no taste at all… we even read fantasy <G>
B5CL Seuss: I am me of course
TygerEyez1: MCF…I loved that book.
BardNatole: mom needs her paycheck first Mikey, I’m subject to the whims of parents bank accounts
LEPerky: Tygerrrrrrrrrr… I don’t know…. so it is a mystery to me.
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh, Natole. Understood
LEPerky: of course you are Seuss.
BardNatole: Hey, Fantasy is cool! nothing wrong with Fantasy
SpooBrains: And SW fans consider themselves superior to everyone else
LEPerky: Did you bring the Cat and the Hat too?
B5CL Mikey: Well, see, ST fans have had ST a lot longer than we’ve had B5
MCForensic: Good book. Well written.
B5CL Mikey: And SW fans just want to see action, thats all there is to SW
LEPerky: Even, MCF.
Log Count: There were 15 member(s) in Eclipse Cafe at 08:45 PM
SpooBrains: MCF, ST novels are not considered offical sources.
BardNatole: I need JOB badly….I have an application out, but I need to follow up soon.
B5CL Seuss: nope just some {S GreenEgs}
Cedarga: Spoo, as do all other fans, Spoo…
LEPerky: Bard.. is tomorrow too soon?
B5CL Mikey: Natole, ToysRus in Knoxville is hiring :^(
B5CL Mikey: :^) even
BardNatole: nope, I put it out last week.
LEPerky: dang…. don’t have that one Seuss.
BardNatole: Mikey, thats a LITTLE far.
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Dgarye to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our favorite
B5CL Seuss: episodes.
SpooBrains: ST: Federation and First Contact contradict each other every step of the way
B5CL Mikey: Natole, ya think?
BardNatole: least a couple thousand miles
B5CL Mikey: Awww, shucks
Dgarye: And the weather outside is freighful but in here it’s so
Dgarye: delightful
B5CL Seuss: LEPerky, send an Email request and I will send it
Cedarga: :::::shudders::::: ToysRUs at Christmas?
BardNatole: sides, the one here is hiring…but who’d wanna work there and stay sane?
B5CL Mikey: ToysRus would be fun! LOL
LEPerky: Cedar.. I know.. that’s scary isn’t it?
StarTrekCC: MCF, Semi-Canon Books are only ST:Chronology, ST:Encyclopedia
STARCMD464: Bard I know how you feel – but once you get on your own its worth it
LEPerky: thanks, Seuss.
Cedarga: <~~~~~~~~~thinks she is beginning to like the insurance industry
BardNatole: I mean I know I’m nuts, but at least I’m not stressed out
KMGray3: :::looks outside at clear skies::: So much for frightful
MCForensic: Outside of original scripts, what is “official”
B5CL Seuss: Cedarga, I think fire walking would be more fun than that
StarTrekCC: and TNG and DS9 tech manual are the only semi-canon books…
LEPerky: Hey {{KM}}}
BardNatole: Star…I’m asking for a Courtesy Clerk (bagger) job at Thriftway
Dgarye: If I think it’s delightful we should all be afraid
Dgarye: very afraid
KMGray3: {{{{Perky}}}}}
JChaps20: LOL
Cedarga: Baggers are courtesey clerks?
SpooBrains: Tech manuals, Chronology and Encyclopedia are the only offical sources.
BardNatole: fancy title
LEPerky: Bard.. keep trying… something’ll show up.
Dgarye: ??????????
Dgarye: ???({s b5them2})???
Dgarye: ??????????
MCForensic: Chronology is what I cited.
BardNatole: hey, I’d be happy with that, I can do that, it pays.
SpooBrains: Please cite again
Dgarye: that’s beggers Ced
StarTrekCC: Spoo, they are Semi-Canon, if something on screen condicted…
LEPerky: Cedar.. of course they are….. all places should have them.
Cedarga: :::::mutters:::: easier when I was a youngun, these young
Cedarga: whippersnappers gotta have nice titles…
StarTrekCC: soemthing from the books, then the TV or Movie is canon
Dgarye: I agree with Perky
MCForensic: Official Title: STAR TREK: Spaceflight Chronology
LEPerky: LOL, Cedar.
Dgarye: MTV?
SpooBrains: Publisher?
BardNatole: not to mention I can walk to the Thriftway, it’s just a few blocks
KMGray3: hehehe Ced
StarTrekCC: MCF, that not official book, it non canon
Dgarye: Yeah they are big these days Bard
Cedarga: Nat, that would be cool.
LEPerky: ya wouldn’t want a courtesy whatever to be confused with a bag person, would you?
SpooBrains: That’s what I thought
Cedarga: I hate the commute.
Dgarye: that’s community
BardNatole: Perk, it’s the same job, just one is a fancy title.
Cedarga: LEP, what’s wrong with bag ladi…um, people? Huh?
LEPerky: Bard, I know……..
Dgarye: Like President is really dipstick?
BardNatole: bag luggers?
StarTrekCC: MCF:THe book that is Semi Canon is “ST Chonology:History of the Future”, writen by Michael &
MCForensic: Pocket Books/Div of G+W under exclusive license by Paramount (1980)
StarTrekCC: Denise Okuda
BardNatole: Dg…careful, that can be taken any number of ways
PM454: The adventurs of: Bag Person…
LEPerky: oops… πŸ™ chews on wings for a while… sowwwry.
Dgarye: need an r there CC
Cedarga: LOL!!!!
StarTrekCC: MCF, but that was before TNG, and alot of information has changed after that, the source
B5CL Mikey: Courtesy Clerks! Bagpersons! Slaves! Peons! ;D
Dgarye: Monica knows that
StarTrekCC: is non canoncal
BardNatole: Grunts?
LEPerky: Mikey.. mayby you should try it?? huh?
Cedarga: ::::gently removes wings from LEP’s mouth:::: don’t do that dear!
BardNatole: Brutes?
MCForensic: Scheesh!
LEPerky: ::smiles:: thank you Cedar.
BardNatole: sound like Barbarian titles in DR Mikey!
B5CL Mikey: Um, LEPerky…NO?
PM454: liberal arts majors…
Dgarye: And still the monica jokes must be an ‘impeachable’
Dgarye: thyme
B5CL Seuss: Mikey, the Baggers here make lotsa $$$
B5CL Mikey: Natole, wha does? Peons?
LEPerky: well, it IS a job.
KMGray3: :::hands LEP candycane to much on instead of wing::::
Cedarga: Seuss, tips?
Dgarye: oh that’s a spice right?
StarTrekCC: MCF, sorry, but I take these things kindof seriously, I am a ship
Dgarye: {s b5them3
B5CL Mikey: Seuss, they make minimum wage here, and no tips
B5CL Seuss: in a big way Cedarga,
LEPerky: ah.. ::munches contentidly:: thanks KM!
BardNatole: Grunt, Brute and Peon are the lowest circle titles for Barbarians in DR
Cedarga: Gray, is that a chocolate candy cane?
B5CL Seuss: Naranek welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
Dgarye: I have a tip get another job
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
StarTrekCC: tech fan in ST, and alot depends on the source, like I like the Mr. Scotts
B5CL Seuss: no tips? ack!
BardNatole: 4-9th circle those are the only ones you have
Naranek8: hello all
StarTrekCC: guiide to the ENterprise, but it is non canon.
KMGray3: Ced-umm no, but here ::::passes Ced chocolate candy cane:::
Cedarga: Mikey, we don’t tip them here either…
B5CL Mikey: Natole, a Peon is actually a worker on the lowest level of the Indian Caste system
LEPerky: gad.. you’re supposed to give the baggers tips???
LEPerky: News to me.
Cedarga: thank youd ear!
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Lennier,come in and talk about the most talked about show in the
Cedarga: Um, dear
B5CL Mikey: LEPerky, some people do, yes
StarTrekCC: ::Gives Cedarie a chocolate milkshake::
B5CL Seuss: universe.
BardNatole: ::passes a box of fresh, crunchy candycanes to Aunty Perk::
Lennier151: {{{{{CED}}}}}}
LEPerky: Oh boy.. more candy!
BardNatole: they are the lowest possible level of fighter in DR
Dgarye: Get married at least now you will be a direct object
Dgarye: instead of a metaphor
Cedarga: But it’s starting to be proper to tip gas station attendents for Boojie’s sake!
LEPerky: Hmmm…… ::wonders how much candy pixies can eat::
MCForensic: Always thought this was Chronology. Includes up to 1701-A. Drat. Another illusion shattered.
Cedarga: ((((((((((Lennier))))))))))))))
B5CL Mikey: Well, peoples, I’m gonna head out
Lennier151: hi Naranek
LEPerky: awwww Mikey!!!!
BardNatole: perfer Brute myself, and I think the Barbs have really bad titles until at least 20th
B5CL Seuss: Bye Mikey thanks for stopping in
B5CL Mikey: Been fun…be nice to Seuss now! At least as nice as I would be! <eg>
Dgarye: {s zoomer
BardNatole: later Mikey
Naranek8: hey
TygerEyez1: Later Mikey Darlin’
PM454: Gas station attendents? What’s that?
B5CL Mikey: Seeya tomorrow everyone!
KMGray3: Bye Mikey
Cedarga: ::::waves at Mikey:::::
Dgarye: {S b5them4
LEPerky: <EG> Mikey, sweetie!!!
Dgarye: simple yet festive
Naranek8: Is the episode Severed Dreams really good?
StarTrekCC: MCF, they should have be at your bookstore…ST Chonology:History of the Future,
B5CL Seuss: Hi B11s!
BardNatole: it won a Hugo
StarTrekCC: it is alittle out of date itself, but it is still cool, and includes upto TNG
okay.. why does Boojie ring a bell to me?
Dgarye: Figure it our Nara Severed Dreams duh?
BardNatole: Vorlon god!
Naranek8: that’s the only one I haven’t seen! brrrrr
KMGray3: heh
Dgarye: our?
B11s13: HI!!!!
StarTrekCC: and in color, I would keep your ST:SpaceFleet Chonology, I heard it a collector idea.
B5CL Seuss: LEPerky, Boojie was the ancient Vorlon God
Dgarye: Is Nara ours to play with?
StarTrekCC: item.
MCForensic: Nurse Ratche owns a used book store. Have to dig in the back.
Dgarye: I don’t do that
LEPerky: Oh……
Cedarga: Narank, I’d start talking nicely to the b5 fans in your area <G>
Naranek8: hey!
BardNatole: “I’ll put a bucket on my head and pretend to be the ancient Vorlon god Boojie” “Thats it!”
LEPerky: I need to re do my personal memory chips.
Dgarye: The world is mine not some insignificant individual
BardNatole: “Okay, I’ll go get a bucket.”
StarTrekCC: MCF, it should be at a regular bookstore…mCF, out of date means about a year or two ago,
Dgarye: no offense
B5CL Seuss: and with that accent….LOL
StarTrekCC: Pocket book does keep books on the shelf for a long long time.
MCForensic: OK. will look. thanx.
LEPerky: dang I hate it when I only half way remember something.
Dgarye: ?????????
Dgarye: ????{S b5them5}????
Dgarye: ?????????
LEPerky: Bard.. reference please.
Naranek8: there aren’t any
BardNatole: about time for ER, later folks! {{{{{{{{{{{{Roomhug!}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Dgarye: Must be almost exciting LEP
B5CL Seuss: 5 Min warning……
LEPerky: I’ve been reading too many out of sequence books.
BardNatole: Voices of Authority, Sigma 957, Walkers, season 3
LEPerky: Seuss.. you leaving too?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Exec to the Eclipse Cafe, now serving the latest on B5 and all your
BardNatole: later Aunty
B5CL Seuss: favorite characters.
LEPerky: thanks, Bard.
Cedarga: Anyone want a link to some great Tolkien pix?
B5CL Seuss: *** REMEMBER ***
B5CL Seuss: No legitimate AOL representative will EVER ask for your password or credit
B5CL Seuss: information. If anyone does ask you, report it immediately at
B5CL Seuss: keyword:NOTIFY AOL. 08:54 PM cst 12/15/98
B5CL Seuss: *** REMEMBER ***
LEPerky: Well Done, CL Seuss!
B5CL Seuss: Cedarga, send it to me in Email please
LEPerky: Cedar.. I would… in e-mail, please.
Dgarye: You all have credit with me and I am your password
Dgarye: Just needed some levity
Dgarye: sorry
Lennier151: i want the link Ced
Dgarye: you don’t and I am not
LEPerky: Seuss.. when’s the next time you are here?? so I can come and ummmm create havoic again
B5CL Seuss: LEPerky, tomorrow night
LEPerky: oh? ::grins:: what time?
Dgarye: ?????????
MCForensic: Gotta go. Dog just made coffe and Nurse Ratchet is scratching at the airlock. (wrong?)
Dgarye: ???{s b5dclars}?
Dgarye: ?????????
Dgarye: christmas again
LEPerky: gad, MCF… lots of luck.
MCForensic: NYPD Blue in 3 min.
KMGray3: hehe
B5CL Seuss: 8-9est
Lennier151: {S Gkaryell
LEPerky: ::snaps fingers:: drat!
Dgarye: I do the opposite but I understand MC
LEPerky: well, I’ll catch ya when I can.
Dgarye: wow true confessional and no one around to hear
Dgarye: ar?
Dgarye: around to hear
StarTrekCC: Bye MCF!!!!
bye everybody see ya beyond the rim.
StarTrekCC: Well, I must go myself…
StarTrekCC: Exams to study for:-)
Dgarye: aol is testing our linguistic capabilities
Lennier151: brb as Locutus632
LEPerky: niters, STCC.. see ya.
B5CL Seuss: AApocrypha welcome to the Eclipse Cafe. Be sure to catch the
Dgarye: I am ready
KMGray3: Bye {{{CC}}}
B5CL Seuss: Babylon5 TV movie “A Call to Arms” airing on TNT in 1999!
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{KMG}}}}}}}}
AApocrypha: Thanks B5CL Seuss
StarTrekCC: Bye Seuss!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Seuss: Bye CC
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cedarie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Dgarye: I have a tooth ache I will not be able to answer the
Dgarye: call
Cedarga: Study hard, ((((((((((((((((((NagTrek)))))))))))))))))))
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Tygerrr}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}}}}
LEPerky: LOL, Cedar.. good one ::giggles::
StarTrekCC: I will, Nagdarga:-)
B5CL Seuss: Well folks it is that time again, Time to leave you all till it is time to return.
B5CL Seuss: I will return at the same Bab time same Bab channel <G>
B5CL Seuss: . 12/15/98 08:59 PM
KMGray3: Niters Seuss
Cedarga: Sssssshhhhhh Perk, you’ll blow my cover!
LEPerky: niters, CL Seuss.
StarTrekCC: It Seuss, jumpgate…

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
OnlineHost: DWebs10407 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Hi Mikey, good afternoon.
B5CL Mikey: Perfect timing, DWebs! πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: How are ya today?
DWebs10407: Thank’s Mikey.
DWebs10407: Fine thank’s, and you?
DWebs10407: Oh we finially have some cooler weather today.
B5CL Mikey: WOoHoo!! LOL
DWebs10407: Thank’s.
B5CL Mikey: I’m pretty daggone good! Had a great date last night <g>
DWebs10407: Oh that’s good.
B5CL Mikey: LOL! Agreed πŸ™‚
DWebs10407: thank’s.
B5CL Mikey: How’s da cow? πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh my cow is great, thank you.
DWebs10407: Still trying to figure thing’s out.
B5CL Mikey: I’m sure, but what fun! -=D
DWebs10407: I figured out how to play a music Cd.
DWebs10407: Thank’s, and it is.
B5CL Mikey: Wahoo!! LOL
B5CL Mikey: Like Madonna?
DWebs10407: Thank’s.
DWebs10407: No, like the B5 music Cd.
DWebs10407: It wouldn’t run on my old computer.
B5CL Mikey: I mean do ya like Madonna? πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh sorry Mikey, no not really sorry.
DWebs10407: I’m not that into music to be honest.
B5CL Mikey: LOL, no problem, just curious πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s.
B5CL Mikey: Her newest CD is actually rather good. I never liked her before
DWebs10407: Oh I see, interesting thank’s.
DWebs10407: Some of here music is good.
B5CL Mikey: The Power Of Goodbye
DWebs10407: Oh I was just thinking of that song, that’s scary.
OnlineHost: AngelMpath has entered the room.
DWebs10407: From the With honors sound track, right?
AngelMpath: [[[[[{{{{{<3<3<3 MES AMIES <3<3<3}}}}}]]]]]
DWebs10407: Hi Angel.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Angel! Glad you coudl join us!
AngelMpath: Hi Roomies! Are we having fun yet?
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, not sure about a soundtrack, but I know its on her “Ray Of
Light” CD
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s Mikey.
DWebs10407: I was talking about a song she sang for a movie.
B5CL Mikey: Which song?
B5CL Mikey: Angel, sure we are! Talking about Madonna <g>
DWebs10407: Did you see a movie calld, With Honor’s, about a group of Collage
AngelMpath: Anything you’d like to know? <g>
OnlineHost: Trekkie102 has entered the room.
Trekkie102: hi all
AngelMpath: Hey Trekkie
DWebs10407: Hi trekkie.
AngelMpath: If I don’t know it my kids do
B5CL Mikey: Hey there Trekkie! Pull up a chair and join the chat!
Trekkie102: Hiya Angel, DW ad Mikey
DWebs10407: The song start’s out with, Say good bye or not alone, or
something like that.
Trekkie102: sorry i haven’t been here for while
OnlineHost: Lursah has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Anything new anyone?
Trekkie102: my school is the best
DWebs10407: Oh cool Trekkie.
Trekkie102: and half my fingers have pretty little pieces of glass in them
OnlineHost: Mlewzder has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Hi Ml.
Mlewzder: Hey DW
OnlineHost: Courilee has entered the room.
Mlewzder: ::walks in and sits in dark boothe::
DWebs10407: Be right back, mai.
Trekkie102: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DWebs10407: ack, mail.
OnlineHost: LCG85 has entered the room.
Courilee: Hi,hi,hi.
Trekkie102: hey all
B5CL Mikey: Eeeks! Heya Mlew, Courilee!!
Mlewzder: Hello Courilee
B5CL Mikey: I’m having problems, AGAIN, today πŸ™
DWebs10407: I’m back.
B5CL Mikey: I jus don’t think AOL likes these phone lines out here in the
middle of nowhere πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh no Mikey.
Trekkie102: wb DW
DWebs10407: Thank’s trekkue.
DWebs10407: Ack, trekkie.
Courilee: What’s up?
DWebs10407: sorry.
Mlewzder: Hey Mikey! ::bows:: to great and powerful..Mikey…::sings..I wanna
be like mike…lalala
Trekkie102: πŸ˜‰ no prob
DWebs10407: thank’s trekkie.
Trekkie102: πŸ™‚
Courilee: Where’s nowhere?
Trekkie102: me am happy. me use bad grammar
Mlewzder: boonedoks
Mlewzder: LOL trekkie
B5CL Mikey: Courilee, about an hour outside of Knoxville TN πŸ˜‰
Courilee: Where’s boonedocks?
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Mlew, if you wanna be like me, you’re in a mess!
Mlewzder: LOL..very true Mr. Mikey
Trekkie102: I live in “a tiny strip of land with nothing but clams to eat”
aka- Rhode Island
Courilee: Yep. Been near there, it’s nowhere. Lived in nowhere IL, Am now in
nowhere, NJ.
DWebs10407: I’m in south Florida.
OnlineHost: QuakerCat has entered the room.
Courilee: Hence, Eclipse cafe.
Mlewzder: im in nowhere Indiana
Trekkie102: and, that a part of a comic strip from Bosquet. the comic that
makes fun of RI
B5CL Mikey: QuakerCat, glad you coudl stop by today! πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: Oh did you all see the James Bond, Liscens to Kill, that was
filmed in the Key’s?
OnlineHost: Natoth 469 has entered the room.
Trekkie102: hello
Courilee: Hey, my spoo’s green.
Trekkie102: hey Natoth
Natoth 469: evening all
B5CL Mikey: Heya Natoth, welcome to the Cafe!
DWebs10407: Hi Nat.
Trekkie102: afternoon
Courilee: HI, Natoth
Mlewzder: Yea dwebs that one stunk though. Didnt like the dude who played the
80’s bond
OnlineHost: ComicBoy88 has entered the room.
Courilee: Hi.
ComicBoy88: Any 1 have 4.0
DWebs10407: Oh I see Ml, well I actuially got to see them filme a scean of
that movie.
ComicBoy88: OH
Trekkie102: anyone see “Something about MAry” or “Amistad”?
B5CL Mikey: ComicBoy, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
DWebs10407: I saw Amistad.
Mlewzder: kewl DW
ComicBoy88: DUH
B5CL Mikey: No, Trekkie, sure didn’t ;(
Mlewzder: me neither trekkie
OnlineHost: ComicBoy88 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: ComicBoy, welcome back πŸ˜‰
Courilee: ComicBoy, can’t read your color.
ComicBoy88: THANKS
OnlineHost: Thang9hpp has entered the room.
Trekkie102: that was filmed 15 minutes from my house and the real ship is
only 45 minutes from my house
ComicBoy88: OH
DWebs10407: Thank’s Ml, me and my family happen to be down there, when they
where filming infront of –
B5CL Mikey: Thang, welcome to the Cafe!
DWebs10407: the shell shop.
B5CL Mikey: ComicBoy, mind lowering your caps, please? :^)
ComicBoy88: ok
DWebs10407: Hi all, that just came in.
Courilee: Hi
Mlewzder: <—was in the movie Blue Chips
B5CL Mikey: Thank you! ;D
Trekkie102: hello
DWebs10407: Oh cool Ml.
ComicBoy88: :}
Courilee: aw,,,,I like caps.
DWebs10407: You and you all wain’t to hear something funny?
Trekkie102: kill the CAPpers!!!
B5CL Mikey: Courilee, caps is considered shouting πŸ˜‰
Trekkie102: <g>
Trekkie102: sorry, that was a reflex….belated, but it was one
Natoth 469: I can’t see any caps
B5CL Mikey: Angel, thanks for the links, if only I could play sounds ;(
Courilee: I stand accused,……guilty.
Natoth 469: ooouch I heard those though

ComicBoy88: hoopppppl;;lllpppppp;;;ll;ikjjjkjdddddddddddddm,,jjjjjjhjnhhjnbkjkjjjjjjjhgfdfgggfdg
ComicBoy88: gdfffffgdddddddfggdfvvcccccgvvvvv
AngelMpath: Oh Mikey, you poor darlin’, why not? :::gives Mikey hug:::
ComicBoy88: gfffddddddddddddrtgggd
B5CL Mikey: ComicBoy, cat on the keyboard? πŸ˜‰
Mlewzder: ooook ::looks at iggyfier::
ComicBoy88: HI
B5CL Mikey: Bad kitty! πŸ˜‰
ComicBoy88: SHUT UP
AngelMpath: :::::prepares offering for the Goddess::::: ComicBoy {S
B5CL Mikey: “Creation comes when you never let go, Freedom comes when you
learn to say no”
Mlewzder: always wondered that response mikey..if cat is on keyboard then it
is smart enough to hit en
Mlewzder: ter key?
B5CL Mikey: ComicBoy, be nice πŸ˜‰
ComicBoy88: Hey Im a Male
Courilee: Mikey gets hugged a lot. Every day even. OK, I’ll hug too (((())))
AngelMpath: Mikey, that’s from her current song,
Trekkie102: good for you
AngelMpath: “The Power of Goodbye”
B5CL Mikey: Angel, YES!! I LOVE that song! πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Wahoo, Courilee! πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: {S lrngbye}
AngelMpath: Me too
Trekkie102: ah well
B5CL Mikey: I never liked Madonna before “Ray Of Light” either πŸ˜‰
Mlewzder: {S chickens} ::pulls out Golden striped Shakron and slices up some
chickens to be fried::
AngelMpath: Mikey, when will you have sounds back? I have the links
Courilee: No wonder you get hugged.
Trekkie102: owowowowowowowowowowowowow OW that hurt!!!!!
B5CL Mikey: Angel, probably be a long time ;(
ComicBoy88: HI
Mlewzder: {S chicken} grrrr..
AngelMpath: Mikey, me and the girls have been fans from day one
B5CL Mikey: Hello, ComicBoy πŸ˜‰
DWebs10407: ack, my sceen save just came on.
DWebs10407: HI ComicBoy.
B5CL Mikey: Angel, the years before she was, um, well, just too, well, you
know, for me <g>
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, can’t have a Screen Saver πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: Understood, I took a lot of flack from my brother about what kind
AngelMpath: role model she was for the girls
DWebs10407: I’m sorry you, Mikey?
B5CL Mikey: ComicBoy, I’m gonna ask you once more, please stop being
disruptive and join our chat πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: there were several years she served as a bad example <g>
B5CL Mikey: No, DWebs, I meant yours can’t come on! ;D
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, Angel, she really did <g>
Mlewzder: ::Sheathes shakron:: and takes chicken by legs to kitchen.
DWebs10407: oh ok, thank’s Mikey.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Gr8 1 Gkar, thanks for stopping by!
DWebs10407: HI Gkar.
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Miket
Gr8 1Gkar: y
OnlineHost: ComicBoy88 has entered the room.
Mlewzder: Yells anybody for some fried chicken?..
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, ComicBoy!
Gr8 1Gkar: Gosh it’s WINDY out here
Courilee: HI, hi, hi.
DWebs10407: It’s finially cool here.
B5CL Mikey: Where’s that, Gr8?
Gr8 1Gkar: Did someone say {S Chicken}?
ComicBoy88: Shut up Mikey
DWebs10407: Winter’s finially riching us.
Gr8 1Gkar: Southern Calif
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh, ok, Gr8, wouldn’t know bout out there πŸ˜‰
Mlewzder: ::kicks chickens outta kitchen..hey..already cookins some of yas.::
Gr8 1Gkar: 70 miles an hour Gusts
B5CL Mikey: Folks, remember you can IGNORE any unwanted chat πŸ˜‰
Gr8 1Gkar: The wind is only 40
DWebs10407: oh ok, thank’s Mikey.
B5CL Mikey: Geesh, Gr8! Thats Tropical Storm force winds isn’t it?
ComicBoy88: SHUT UP
DWebs10407: It got down to like 56 here last night, I think?
Trekkie102: Iggy is my best friend…..
Mlewzder: ::comes out wih plate of fried chicken mashed taters blackeyed peas
and some collard greens:
Gr8 1Gkar: It’s the NORM for out here Mikey
OnlineHost: ‘ComicBoy88’ permagagged for 5 mins
Trekkie102: and my best firned is about to have some excercise….
Gr8 1Gkar: It’s just a little late in the year for it
Courilee: What???? No spoo on the side?
B5CL Mikey: ‘ComicBoy88, Room Disruption is a violation of the Terms Of
Service. As a result, your chat
DWebs10407: The weather’s been really strange this year.
Mlewzder: ::shivers at the word spoo::
Gr8 1Gkar: If you live in the deserts it’s like getting SAND Plasted
B5CL Mikey: has ben suspended for 5 minutes. Take this time and review them
at Keyword: TOS
Gr8 1Gkar: WHO Mikey??
OnlineHost: BlzrChick2 has entered the room.
Mlewzder: ::chuckles::
AngelMpath: {S celebrt}
BlzrChick2: Anyone here like Dawson’s Creek?
B5CL Mikey: Gr8 1 Gkar, not you <g>
Gr8 1Gkar: TAP did that to me,
B5CL Mikey: Blzr, this is a Babylon 5 chatroom πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: BRB folks πŸ˜‰
Gr8 1Gkar: once. Because of a Wav name I played more than once
Mlewzder: well that was wrong then gkar
Gr8 1Gkar: But I didn’t See her warning
Mlewzder: I mean she was wrong for doing it
DWebs10407: So, everyone all set for next week?
Courilee: Next week?
Mlewzder: hmmm never is sooo many places to
go..not enough time
Gr8 1Gkar: ML, do you remember the WAV of Ivanova saying “Bastards, those
Dirty RAT bastards” ?
AngelMpath: Gkar, I know which wav that was, you HAD to know it was TOSable,
AngelMpath: that’s what you get for letting you-know-who bait you
DWebs10407: Oh sorry I meant, Christmas.
Gr8 1Gkar: I renamed it {S AOL
Mlewzder: LOL
Mlewzder: Very approatiate Gkar…ROFL
Gr8 1Gkar: I hope it didn’t just get me tossed
Courilee: What!!!!That’s next week!!!!!
OnlineHost: B5Sinclair has entered the room.
Mlewzder: Next Fri. Courilee
DWebs10407: Yeah Cl, next Friday.
Courilee: Hi, Sin
Gr8 1Gkar: Sorry MIKE, But I know ML has no wav cap
Mlewzder: Howdy Sin
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! B5Sinclair !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
DWebs10407: Hi Sinclair.
B5Sinclair: Afternoon everyone.
DWebs10407: Be right back all.
Courilee: I need Two more weeks yet!!!!
Gr8 1Gkar: I think I’m in trouble again. Mikey is not speaking
Trekkie102: back all
B5Sinclair: How’s life treating you Mikey?
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Trekie
Gr8 1Gkar: WB
Mlewzder: Just isnt gonna seem like christmas..though just like last
year…No snow. πŸ™ not even cold
Trekkie102: hello! πŸ™‚
AngelMpath: Gkar, if you know it’s going to get you in trouble, why do you do
AngelMpath: Sin, Mikey had to do a ‘brb’
DWebs10407: I’m back.
Trekkie102: brb
Mlewzder: well welcome back Dw
Gr8 1Gkar: Angel, I didn’t think this one would get me tossed. It came off
the Show. The Show this roos
DWebs10407: Thank’s Ml.
Courilee: Today’s my birthday. Got a new PC.
B5Sinclair: Nice to see you Ml, how’s it going?
B5CL Mikey: Sorry bout that folks πŸ˜‰
Mlewzder: HAPPY birthday Courilee
AngelMpath: wb Mikey
Gr8 1Gkar: Cool . Courilee
Mlewzder: Pretty good Sin how bout you?
DWebs10407: Oh happy b-day Cl, and Congrads.
Gr8 1Gkar: Happy happy
Mlewzder: Joy joy
AngelMpath: Courilee, congrats
Courilee: PC Happy, happy, happy!
DWebs10407: So what kind of PC, did you get?
B5Sinclair: Not bad.
B5Sinclair: Courilee, get a Cow?
Gr8 1Gkar: Mikey, I’m I in trouble for what I said earlier,
Mlewzder: jeesh wish I could get a new PC..
B5CL Mikey: Sunday was my 1 year anniversary with the Babylon 5 forum! =)
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, are you in trouble? Not that I know of πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Mikey, congrats.
AngelMpath: {S celebrt}
Mlewzder: Well Happy Annnnnivereesarrry
B5CL Mikey: Heya Sinclair! Sorry I missed your entrance! πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: Spunky7152 has entered the room.
Courilee: Thanks, made it throuigh another one. Packard Bell 366 w/ 17″
DWebs10407: Oh cool Mikey, congrads.
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! Spunky !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
Gr8 1Gkar: Mikey you weren’t in the room when I typed it
Mlewzder: {{{{{{{{spunky}}}}}}}}}}
B5Sinclair: Courilee, well, it’ll do in a pinch.
DWebs10407: Oh cool Cl.
Spunky7152: {{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}
Spunky7152: {{{{{{{{{{MLew}}}}} {S smooch
B5Sinclair: Mikey, that’s ok, I’m used to it.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Spunky! Glad you could make it! =FD
Gr8 1Gkar: I am normally pretty well behaved
B5CL Mikey: Awww, now, Sinclair, I don’t normally do that ;(
Spunky7152: {{{{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}}}} Dahlin!!! {S smooch
Trekkie102: back again
Mlewzder: <—got a wallworld 386 with a fried modem….
Courilee: I’ll be pinching for 2 years. Thank you.
Gr8 1Gkar: WB
B5Sinclair: Mikey, I wasn’t talking about you in particular.
Spunky7152: ::tickles Sinclair:::
Gr8 1Gkar: Cour, don’t you just LOVE your puter
Gr8 1Gkar: ??
Gr8 1Gkar: I do
Gr8 1Gkar: I have to share with the whole family
Mlewzder: Gkar not all of us have relationships with our puter…hmmm
B5Sinclair: Ml, I’ll stick with my Acer. πŸ™‚
Mlewzder: };o)
DWebs10407: Same here Gkar.
Gr8 1Gkar: But it’s works out most of the time
Spunky7152: ::giggles::
OnlineHost: ComicBoy88 has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Yeah, Right ML.. No one in this room
OnlineHost: ComicBoy88 has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Thank You DW
Spunky7152: Uh huh, Mlew…. yeah right!
Mlewzder: Hell Id settle for a 486 with a good modem
Courilee: Haven’t open box yet. Need to check all saved files 1st. Last time
I fried my PC I lost a
DWebs10407: Welcom Gkar.
OnlineHost: ComicBoy88 has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Here Spunky
Courilee: lot of my book & had to rewrite.
Gr8 1Gkar: I mean Here here, Spunky
Spunky7152: πŸ™‚
Mlewzder: Spunk hone you at work?
DWebs10407: My old one is a 133, this one is a 400.
Spunky7152: I know you would, Mlew.
Spunky7152: Werrrrrrk!
B5CL Mikey: I am sooo Jealous, DWebs! LOL
Mlewzder: ::said the “w” word..oops…hehe
DWebs10407: I’m sorry Mikey, we need to find a way to get you a cow.
Gr8 1Gkar: Sorry ML. We had to use out old parts to build the one my son is
tradeing for a Car
Mlewzder: Have a car..need a good puter.
Spunky7152: Hey… MLew needs a new puter too.
Gr8 1Gkar: DW, is that what you have??
B5CL Mikey: Too young to get the credit approval, DWebs πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: DW, sure, and just what are you doing with all that computing
B5Sinclair: Backing up NASA’s space shots?
DWebs10407: I have a Gateway 400 Gkar.
Spunky7152: Mikey… give it a couple of years…. ::giggles::
Mlewzder: thats oki credit is shot you can have mine…heh heh
Gr8 1Gkar: My credit is so OVER extended
Courilee: The only consistent part of last 2 rebuilds & original was Packerd
Bell printer. Tried to go
OnlineHost: CharlesYin has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: Mikey, check around, I’ve seen some systems pretty low here.
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Mlew
DWebs10407: Got me Slinclar.
Courilee: safe with brand I know.
CharlesYin: Hi people
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, when you’re um, unemployed, anything above free is too
high <g>
B5Sinclair: Courilee, PB?
Gr8 1Gkar: No more to barrow
Spunky7152: Sinclair… 233 mhz Celeron…. $599.
Mlewzder: if I had 300 I could get one ell of a nice puter
Spunky7152: oh… Mikey.. thought you were employed….
Gr8 1Gkar: lol
B5Sinclair: Spunky, Celeron’s use Cyrix yes?
B5CL Mikey: I’d be thrilled with a P120, LOL
DWebs10407: We need to get Mikey a cow.
Courilee: At 54 I have all the credit in the world & the bills to match.
Gr8 1Gkar: ML, what speed mod do you have now?
Spunky7152: Sincl… Celeron is intel… just not a pentium II
Mlewzder: Jeesh I might have to pop out the ol commodore 64 it probably runs
better then this
Mlewzder: Gkar..Im runnin at 4800bps
Spunky7152: ouch, MLew!
B5Sinclair: Ok, just checking. They’re selling a lot of Cyrix systems here
Gr8 1Gkar: Agreed Cour, 40 here
Spunky7152: Sinc… I’ve seen them on sale here too.
B5CL Mikey: I’s jus 20!! πŸ™
Gr8 1Gkar: ML, we finalt got a 56. But {S AOL} will only let us sign on at
Courilee: Never heard of Cyrix.
Spunky7152: We know, Mikey…
B5Sinclair: Spunky, I guess it’s the 90’s version of the DeSoto, huh?
Mlewzder: modem is 14.4 but wont connect on anything but 4800bps..very
weird..pieve o junk
Spunky7152: probably so, Sinclair.
Gr8 1Gkar: ML {S AOL
Gr8 1Gkar: lol
B5Sinclair: Mikey, a babe in the woods.
AngelMpath: Gkar, it’s the phone company that does that, not AOL
Mlewzder: not aol.
Courilee: Ahhh, to be 20 & size 9 again!
Mlewzder: fried modem…prodigy..Cserve..everything..wont sign..on.
Spunky7152: Well, we could always take up collections for Mikey and MLew…
Gr8 1Gkar: Angel, AOL is the on that makes the clams the they have 56 or
B5Sinclair: Ml, that’s what it sounds like to me.
Gr8 1Gkar: SO Angel, if I spoke to the Phone comp. would they fix it?????
AngelMpath: They do Gkar, but they are at the mercy of the local phone
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, probably the lines, and they’re not gonna install new lines
Mlewzder: yup tried to install new modem..puter wont accept it..something up
with 38kernel
B5Sinclair: Gkar, just because they can accept it, doesn’t mean 90% of the
country is
B5Sinclair: above about 33.6 access on the phone lines.
B5CL Mikey: I have a lot of static in my lines, can’t get a connection over
28.8, even with a 33.6 modem
Mlewzder: 38+6 hehe
AngelMpath: won’t fix it Gkar, they’ll tell you they are under no obligation
to provide
AngelMpath: more than 14.4k
Spunky7152: damnation, MLew…
B5CL Mikey: Well, I used to have a 33.6 modem, LOL
Gr8 1Gkar: When we had 36 it signed us on at 32
Trekkie102: ep. compy talk
Trekkie102: bye all
DWebs10407: Bye trekkie.
B5Sinclair: Angel, I don’t really think there’s a lower limit on what they
have to provide, actually.
Gr8 1Gkar: Ahhhh,, thanks for the info Angel. I will ask they whats up??
Spunky7152: Hmmmm…. I guess I should be thankful for now being able to sign
on at 52000
Gr8 1Gkar: I hope they don’t say the celing
Mlewzder: LOL very much so Spunky
B5CL Mikey: I’ve considered ISDN..if I ever get a puter that can handle it
again πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: Sin, one of the IS/DP guys I worked for got that info directly
from our
AngelMpath: wonderful US West people
B5Sinclair: I think there are still areas sputtering along at about 4800
Spunky7152: Mikey… first things first….
Gr8 1Gkar: But I live in Southern Calif. Big city
B5Sinclair: Angel, so, there is a limit they’re required to provide? It must
B5Sinclair: something the gov’t set.
AngelMpath: Sin, exactly
Mlewzder: <–remembers the days when a 2400 modem was fast..and there was no
Gr8 1Gkar: I guess all the businesses are using all the good lines
B5CL Mikey: What I wanna know is why do government restrictions limit
downloads to 53k?
Spunky7152: GKar… could be….
B5Sinclair: They need to up the limit then. 14.4’s a bit outdated these
Courilee: Well, got to get back to work. See you all thursday?
B5CL Mikey: Probably, Gkar, pay more, better service, thats the way it goes
DWebs10407: Good question Mikey.
B5CL Mikey: Courilee, not me, but I’ll seeya next week if not tomorrow! πŸ˜‰
Gr8 1Gkar: Sucks πŸ™
Spunky7152: MIkey.. I once had that answer… but CRS.
Mlewzder: Sin I would give anything to be back up to 14.4..
Gr8 1Gkar: Poor ol’ ML
B5Sinclair: Ml, I remember when I thought my 486 PB with a 2400 was a good
computer too.
Spunky7152: {{{{{{{{{{ML}}}}}}}}}}}
AngelMpath: I know Sin, always thought they did that to charge more money,
AngelMpath: slower download, bigger bucks, except most people don’t download
AngelMpath: l/d anymore
Gr8 1Gkar: lol.. SIN.. Those were the days
Mlewzder: yup..used to run BB’S es..hehe
Spunky7152: ML.. think of it like this… you are back online…
Spunky7152: temporarily… and able to find chat rooms… kinda.
DWebs10407: I remeber when a Appel 2Gs was a good computer
Mlewzder: heh heh
Gr8 1Gkar: ML, bulitin board??
B5CL Mikey: I don’t remember 2g, DWebs…I remember IIc, tho, LOL
B5Sinclair: Gkar, I saw a comp game the other day that required a P200
minimum to
Gr8 1Gkar: We started out on a BBS
B5Sinclair: play. It’s getting out of hand.
Mlewzder: yup Gkar..long time ago when there wasnt an internet. I had a BBSS
Spunky7152: yeppers.. bulletin boards… before Web.
DWebs10407: Oh sorry Mikey I meant 2gs.
Gr8 1Gkar: WOW SIN.
Gr8 1Gkar: Thats awful
Mlewzder: People could play crappy games and leave messages…lol
B5CL Mikey: Geesh! 200MhZ for a GAME??
DWebs10407: Goodness.
Spunky7152: a game requiring a minimum of P200??? That’s rediculous!!!
B5Sinclair: Gkar, it’s the latest Jane’s Combat Flight Sim, the Israeli Air
B5CL Mikey: And to think, 10 years ago Bill Gates said no one would EVER need
over 510k of memory <g>
Gr8 1Gkar: ML… take that back… I LOVED my scrabbel games
DWebs10407: Oh some of the games are at 166 now.
Spunky7152: ::snickers::
Gr8 1Gkar: I had 20 games going at a Time
DWebs10407: Anyone have a DVD drive.
DWebs10407: Wow Gkar.
B5CL Mikey: I seen someone playing Scrabble at Perkins last night, LOL
Mlewzder: <–used to play world war..and Red Dragon..every night
B5CL Mikey: I mean, who carries board games to restaurants? ;D
Spunky7152: oh…. MIkey??? did you have a grand time, last night???
Gr8 1Gkar: It really makes me mad. My kids HAD to have N64. And they use the
puter for there games more
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, I have difficulty playing ONE game…how do you do 20?? LOL
B5Sinclair: I still work on AD&D ocasionally.
Spunky7152: Mikey.. we used to.
B5CL Mikey: Spunky…maaahvelous dahling! Simply mahvelous! LOL
Spunky7152: ::giggles::
Spunky7152: good to hear it, sweetie.
B5CL Mikey: Well, a coffeeshop I could understand, but a restaurnat? I jus
don’t get it πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Gkar, have they gotten Zelda yet? It’s a great game.
Gr8 1Gkar: Mikey.. You didn’t have to play them all at once
B5CL Mikey: Ohhh, a PC version of Zelda?
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, Ok, that makes sense πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Mikey, I meant for N64.
Gr8 1Gkar: SIN, Renting. untill Christmas
Babs5Capt: Hello
DWebs10407: Anyone have Jeid Knight?
B5CL Mikey: Babs5Capt, welcome to the Cafe!
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, I got addicted to Zelda for Super Nintendo
B5CL Mikey: ”
Spunky7152: oh.. not a resturant… a bar maybe.
DWebs10407: ack, Jedi sorry.
B5Sinclair: I’d love a Comp version of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Mlewzder: <–got playstation..much better than N64 had both systems
B5CL Mikey: I played it 20 hours a day til I fnished it, LOL…I’m afraid of
B5Sinclair: Mikey, that was a great game, this is much better.
Gr8 1Gkar: No 64 versiion. Nintendo owns Zelda
Spunky7152: Well, folks… zat time again…. {{{{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}} see ya
B5Sinclair: Mikey, the N64 Zelda is 3D.
Gr8 1Gkar: ML. Zelda NOT for Sony
DWebs10407: Bye Sp.
Spunky7152: {{{{{{{Sinclair}}}}}}}}}
AngelMpath: later Spunky
Spunky7152: {{{{{{MLew}}}}}}}
Mlewzder: Nintendo is supposed to be coming out with a disc drive for 64
Gr8 1Gkar: That would NEVER do in our house
DWebs10407: I should be runing too, bye everyone.
DWebs10407: waves.
Mlewzder: {{{{{spunky}}}}}}}
Spunky7152: {{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}}}
Mlewzder: Gkar sweetie I know that
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, I seen a commercial for it, looks too fun <g>
AngelMpath: Cya DW
B5Sinclair: Spunky, DW, take care
Spunky7152: later, Gkar!!!
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, seeya tomorrow! πŸ˜‰
Gr8 1Gkar: Later Spunky
DWebs10407: bye Angel, cya.
Spunky7152: {S pixydust
Gr8 1Gkar: {{{{{{{{{{Spunky}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
DWebs10407: Thank’s Sn, you too.
B5Sinclair: Mikey, it’s also one of the most aggravating games I have ever
DWebs10407: Bye Mikey, seeay tommrow.
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, worse than Myst?
OnlineHost: Saiyana has entered the room.
Mlewzder: aahhh remember the days playing mario bros…hell asteriods…hell
pong. heh heh
B5CL Mikey: Saiyana, welcome to the Cafe!
B5Sinclair: Mikey, never played Myst.
Gr8 1Gkar: SIN, what are you talking about??
Saiyana: ::a Shadow walks in::
B5CL Mikey: Mlew, LOL, I remember Mario
B5Sinclair: Ml, you should see the N64 Mario. It’s also 3D.
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, Myst is probably the most annoying game I’ve ever
Gr8 1Gkar: Pong. HEY. we still have Atari
OnlineHost: DCSR35 has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: Gkar, the Nintendo 64 games.
Mlewzder: Sin I had a 64 and mario…didnt like it..too much for kids
Gr8 1Gkar: Ahhh.. Thanks.
B5CL Mikey: DCSR535, glad you could make it! πŸ˜‰
Gr8 1Gkar: Remember Arati
Saiyana: ::walks to Sinclair
Mlewzder: Rather keep muh playstion and Resident evil..hehe
Mlewzder: Arati? gkar..::hmmm
DCSR35: Umm…thats not my name…but thats ok.
Gr8 1Gkar: Space Invaders. I was GREAT at that game
B5Sinclair: Mikey, you should try XCom: Interceptor, if it will comes out
for your stuff. >:-)
Gr8 1Gkar: Spoo
Saiyana: DC?
Gr8 1Gkar: Atari
Mlewzder: lol..:grins::
Gr8 1Gkar: is that better?
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, I can’t play ANY graphics based games on this computer
Mlewzder: <–smatty pants
DCSR35: What??
B5Sinclair: I still have a Pong game around somewhnere.
B5CL Mikey: I played Myst on a friend’s
Saiyana: You ok?
Mlewzder: Mikey you played sequel to myst yet?
B5CL Mikey: Sai, who? πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Mlew, Riven, no, I haven’t, don’t intend to, LOL
Gr8 1Gkar: BRB
B5Sinclair: Mikey, that’s right, you have a dinosaur, right?
B5CL Mikey: Played Myst for about an hour, said forget it
Mlewzder: lol
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, can we say 486, 66MhZ? πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Ml, for a second, I thought you meant Pyst. LOL
Mlewzder: Mikey thats what I got
Mlewzder: er…I have a 386 thouhg
B5Sinclair: Mikey, I still have a 486 25 sitting around gathering dust.
B5CL Mikey: This one used to be a 386/33
B5CL Mikey: They upgraded to 486/66, LOL
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, I wanna P120! I’d be happy <g.
Mlewzder: <—advantage 386/66 wally world 600mb capaticie.with a fried
OnlineHost: BarieSweet has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: BarieSweet, glad you could make it!@
BarieSweet: hello
BarieSweet: what’s up?
B5Sinclair: Ml, haven’t you heard? Modems taste lousy fried, you need to
bake them. LOL
Mlewzder: heh…if it would make it run I would do it…
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, puters don’t fry well, either
Gr8 1Gkar: back
B5CL Mikey: For some odd reason, they tend to disagree with electrical storms
Gr8 1Gkar: HEY
Mlewzder: wb gkar
Mlewzder: HEy
B5CL Mikey: Hey whatty, Gkar? πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Mikey, and you found this out the hard way?
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, uh huh
Gr8 1Gkar: remember tha Rick Biggs is one Lifetime at 9:00 pm tonight. New
show for him
Gr8 1Gkar: “ANY DAY NOW”
B5CL Mikey: Hadda 485DX4, 100MhZ, 32 MB RAM, 33.6modem
Mlewzder: if it sucks..iim turning channel
B5CL Mikey: Not anymore, LOL
OnlineHost: Prince416 has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Mikey, you too? Lightning bolt got neighbors house, arced to
AngelMpath: fried the motherboard
B5Sinclair: Mikey, gee, haven’t you heard of surge protectors?
B5CL Mikey: Prince, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, sure have, didn’t work tho <g>
Prince416: Hi everybody
Gr8 1Gkar: They shouldn’t sell puter with out Surge portecters
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, Angel, fried that sucker πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: Sin, mine got it thru the phone lines
B5CL Mikey: I think thats what happened to me, Angel
B5Sinclair: Mikey, surge protectors are like health care, you get what you
pay for.
B5Sinclair: Mine has a spot for the phone lines.
AngelMpath: had surge protectors on everything else EXCEPT the phones
B5CL Mikey: Needless to say, I gotta Surge protector with the phone adapter
now, too
Gr8 1Gkar: My phnoe line is hooked in thur surge protecter
Mlewzder: mine is too gkar
B5Sinclair: You all heard about the problems with the cheaper surge
protector’s, yes?
Gr8 1Gkar: I hope it works
Gr8 1Gkar: Should the time come
AngelMpath: Gateway said they had 7 other people bring their CPU’s in that
AngelMpath: for the same storm
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, no, but I can guess
Mlewzder: sucker was exp. too..think I paid around 40bucks for that sucker
Gr8 1Gkar: SIN, is there a list of bad protectors??
B5Sinclair: Mikey, some of them have a thermal cut off that can cause small
OnlineHost: AlexSL5519 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Mlew, when I get a new computer, I WILL have an UPS
B5Sinclair: Couple of surges and the thing fries.
B5CL Mikey: Alex, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
AlexSL5519: hello
B5CL Mikey: Ack, Sinclair!
B5Sinclair: Mikey, this is mostly those inexpesnive plastic ones.
B5CL Mikey: I figured, but still, eesh
B5CL Mikey: I don’t comprend someone paying $3000 for a computer and then
buying a $5 surge protector
Gr8 1Gkar: Plastic is bad?
B5CL Mikey: Oh how I’d love to crawl in some people’s heads πŸ˜‰
Gr8 1Gkar: I don’t want to hear that
B5Sinclair: Mikey, mine’s on a computer specific one. Nice metal case.
B5Sinclair: Gkar, no, the newer one’s have been changed, this is mostly the
older ones.
Gr8 1Gkar: Eeewwwwwweeeeee Not a pretty picture Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Gkar, LOL, you know what I meant!
B5Sinclair: Just keep an eye out for any discoloration or warping in the
case, and you’ll be fine.
Gr8 1Gkar: SIN mine is about 5years old?
B5Sinclair: Gkar, you might think about upgrading it.
Gr8 1Gkar: lol, Yes Mikey. But I couldn’t resest
Gr8 1Gkar: OK
AngelMpath: bbl Roomies, play nice {S angelkiss}
Gr8 1Gkar: Bye Angle
Gr8 1Gkar: el
B5CL Mikey: Awww, everybody is leaving ;(
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, check out an UPS
B5CL Mikey: $100 or so, I think they’d be well worth it
B5CL Mikey: Even have a battery backup for power failure
B5Sinclair: Mikey, they can be.
Gr8 1Gkar: OK, Thanks for the advice
B5CL Mikey: So you can save your work before you turn the computer off. I’d
really hate to be typing a
B5CL Mikey: 20 page report, and lose it πŸ˜‰
Mlewzder: GTG…::sheathes Shakron:: and wavs bye
B5CL Mikey: Mlew, seeya next time! πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Mikey, that is annoying, yes.
Gr8 1Gkar: I don’t think we need a battey back here.
B5Sinclair: But, there are times when Window’s does that to you anyway. ROFL
Mlewzder: ::walks out singing..I wanna be like mike..
B5CL Mikey: ROFL, Mlew
Gr8 1Gkar: Thats true
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, I’d go off on someone, too
Gr8 1Gkar: Time for me to take off.
Gr8 1Gkar: TTFN
Gr8 1Gkar: {{{{{{{{{{ROOM}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: Wellwell
B5Sinclair: Mikey, I had a spread sheet I was working on once with several
B5Sinclair: complicated IF statements, that Win95 torched by throwing me a
B5Sinclair: Exception Error” party.
B5CL Mikey: Geeeez! Did ya call MS and bless em out?
B5CL Mikey: Just to makeya feel better? LOL
B5Sinclair: Gee, is it me? Should I change my antipersperant?
B5CL Mikey: LOL! Nawww, you know they come and go
B5Sinclair: Especially this time of day, yeah.
B5CL Mikey: Uh huh…peace and quiet…at least some of the time, LOL
B5Sinclair: How are things going?
B5CL Mikey: They’re going πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Its near those blasted Holidays, so EVERYTHING is a bit hectic
right now, online and
B5CL Mikey: otherwise πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: I guess things could be worse.
B5CL Mikey: Definately πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: RL going better?
B5CL Mikey: So far so good <g>
B5Sinclair: Glad to hear it.
B5CL Mikey: =D I’ve learned to take everything as a lesson and stop
complaining πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Mikey, that puts life in more perspective.
B5CL Mikey: It does help sometimes, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Yeah, sometimes it would be nice to have easier lesson’s though,
B5CL Mikey: I’ve learned if you’ll start looking for the REASON these bad
things happen, you’ll have
B5CL Mikey: less time to sulk over them actually happening πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, it’d be nice..but since when was anything good ever nice
and easy?
B5Sinclair: Mikey, I’m pretty much with Marcus these days.
B5CL Mikey: Agreed πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: Life if fundamentally unfair.
B5CL Mikey: You’re talking about Cajun’s wav, right?
B5Sinclair: If it’s a Marcus wav, I’m sure she has it.
B5CL Mikey: LOL..yeah
B5CL Mikey: Something about
B5Sinclair: You know the Life is unfair. If it was fair, then we’d deserve
all the bad
B5Sinclair: things that happen to us.
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, thats the wav I was talking about..something similar to
that πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: You know, oddly enough, I don’t miss Hosting. I thought I would.
B5CL Mikey: Well, you had your fill of it <g>
B5CL Mikey: I don’
B5CL Mikey: don’t really think I’d miss it that much either, to be honest.
B5CL Mikey: Everyone sure misses you tho
B5Sinclair: Mikey, when you start feeling like King Leonides, it’s time to
bag it, you know?
OnlineHost: CinnNDave has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: yeah, I heard that a few times this AM.
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, I know what you’re saying
OnlineHost: HUTZ84 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Heya HUTZ πŸ˜‰
HUTZ84: hmm, lotsa people in here
B5CL Mikey: Oh, shaddup! LOL
B5Sinclair: I had to explain that reference to Tyger this morning. LOL
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, this ia friend, BTW, I’m not being rude,LOL
OnlineHost: WhitneyCat has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: I figured that, Mikey. You only treat your friends that way.
B5CL Mikey: Hey there WhitneyCat! Pull up a chair and join us!
B5CL Mikey: ROFL, Sinclair!! Not all my friends, just the ones I like!
HUTZ84: I feel special
B5CL Mikey: Oh, you know you’
B5Sinclair: Mikey, gee, that means you must really like me, huh? LOL
B5CL Mikey: you’re special <g>
B5CL Mikey: You betcha Sinclair! lol
HUTZ84: you a host too?
B5Sinclair: Nice to meet a fellow Mikey-victim, Hutz. Ex-patriate host,
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair is a first one, and he was my Mentor, HUTZ πŸ˜‰
HUTZ84: ahh, cool
HUTZ84: nice to meet you too πŸ™‚
B5Sinclair: Mikey, Ron finally made that official a few months ago, actually.
Officially a First one.
OnlineHost: Jheri1726 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: HUTZ, done level 24 this morning ;D
HUTZ84: I noticed
B5CL Mikey: Oh, really, Sinclair? <g>
HUTZ84: was on Mikal for a min
B5CL Mikey: Jheri, welcome to the Cafe!
Jheri1726: hey
HUTZ84: congrats πŸ™‚
B5Sinclair: Jheri1726, welcome to the Misfit’s of AOL.
Jheri1726: what’s up?
B5CL Mikey: Jheri, not much right now..and yourself? πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: I can’t believe it’s been 3 years Mikey. Doesn’t seem like it
B5CL Mikey: 3 years or longer, Sinclair πŸ˜‰
HUTZ84: ohhh, you’ve known him 3 years?
B5CL Mikey: I know, I donno where time goes
Jheri1726: whating for babylon to come on
B5Sinclair: And sometimes it feels like 30. :-/
B5CL Mikey: Jheri, thats a nightly event! πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, it does. So much has changed in 3 years. We’ve seen
so many people and things
B5CL Mikey: come and go.
Jheri1726: every nite except fridays tnt lost there minds
B5Sinclair: Jheri1726, this is not an unfamilar concept to me.
B5CL Mikey: TNT never had a mind <g>
Jheri1726: true
OnlineHost: NoOthrLver has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: NoOthrLvr, welcome to the Cafe!
B5Sinclair: I came to that conclusion when they moved Monday’s show for
Mortal Kombat.
Jheri1726: guess i need new screen name huh
B5CL Mikey: Look at what they’ve done the entire time they’ve had the B5
broadcasting rights
B5CL Mikey: One screwup after another
Jheri1726: every nite
Jheri1726: 30min and counting
B5Sinclair: I see, double ER’s on Friday. Somehow that figures.
B5CL Mikey: I like Chicago Hope, never watched ER
B5Sinclair: TNT’s been good to the show, but it’s also underrated it.
Jheri1726: so any good b5 games out there
B5CL Mikey: Sierra has a game I hear, Jheri
B5Sinclair: Jheri1726, there’s supposed to be one comeing out this year or
early next.
Jheri1726: dig
B5Sinclair: I’ve got the web site for the game somewhere if you want it.
Jheri1726: play return of shadows it sucks
Jheri1726: please
B5Sinclair: Sierra’s Babylon 5 computer game web site is:
B5Sinclair: This one’s a flight sim type, based on the show, from what I
B5Sinclair: Like the Star Wars games, complete with “historical battles”.
Jheri1726: well why i never tried that i don’t know ? tks i’ll try it
B5Sinclair: Jheri1726, Tie Fighter’s a great game. I really like it. When I
have a chance to play.
B5Sinclair: If it’s anything like that, it will be a great game.
Jheri1726: dig
OnlineHost: StarEnsign has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: XWing’s also been revamped for Pentiums, I hear. The older
B5Sinclair: almost unplayable on anything above a 486.
B5CL Mikey: StarEnsign, welcome to the Cafe! πŸ˜‰
StarEnsign: Greetings all. Thanks Mikey.
B5Sinclair: Hiya Star.
StarEnsign: ::nods to Sinclair::
B5Sinclair: If this one holds up to Sierra’s promises, it should be a great
Jheri1726: home page looks great
StarEnsign: Fair well.
OnlineHost: KingDogMan has entered the room.
KingDogMan: hi
B5CL Mikey: KingDogMan,welcome to the Cafe! πŸ˜‰
KingDogMan: thanks
OnlineHost: CECJT has entered the room.
KingDogMan: hello
B5Sinclair: Hey CJ.
B5CL Mikey: CJ, we saved your favorite seat! πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: KingDog, how are you today?
KingDogMan: great and you
CECJT: Hi Sin and Mikey
B5CL Mikey: CJ, how are ya? πŸ˜€
KingDogMan: I love this place all the other places have in intersing chatting
B5CL Mikey: King, doing great, thanks!
CECJT: better holding down solids today
KingDogMan: Did you guys and galls see the last episode?
B5Sinclair: CJ, Flu?
CECJT: yes stomach flu
B5Sinclair: Yes, I saw it. Even managed to record it.
KingDogMan: Me to
CECJT: No King
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: It’s on again on December 38th, too.
KingDogMan: It is really too bad it is now off
Spires05: Hello all
B5CL Mikey: Spires, welcome ot the Cafe!
KingDogMan: 38?
B5Sinclair: Ack, 28th. Forgot what planet I was on.
CECJT: Sin did you make any of that bread???
KingDogMan: o
B5Sinclair: CJ, not yet.
KingDogMan: =Þ
B5Sinclair: Thanks for the recipe, though. It looks great.
KingDogMan: have you guys made your christmas cookies yet?
CECJT: Sin looks like you caught Drows Syndrome πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: I made Peanut Butter fudge and snowballs πŸ˜‰
KingDogMan: snowballs?
CECJT: Mikey I will be making some this Friday
B5Sinclair: Mikey, you got the recipe for the Snowballs lying around?
KingDogMan: I started but I still have alot
B5CL Mikey: CJ, I try to get it over with ASAP
B5Sinclair: CJ, yeah, it seems I can’t get away from it.
B5CL Mikey: Yuyup, Sinclair, I think I have it memorized πŸ˜‰
B5CL Mikey: And they’re good lil things, too
B5CL Mikey: Simple
CECJT: hahahaha
B5Sinclair: Mikey, drop it my way in a mail?
B5CL Mikey: Sure thing πŸ˜‰
KingDogMan: Is there anyone in fresh air?
CECJT: Sin which do you have more of wavs or recipes
B5Sinclair: I’d change SN’s again, but I figure 30 or so is about the limit
even for someone with MSND.
KingDogMan: this is only my 3rd sn
B5Sinclair: CJ, I have a lot of wavs, but I mostly use a cook book, myself.
KingDogMan: brb
OnlineHost: KingDogMan has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Lolo202 has entered the room.
CECJT: figures
KingDogMan: no one is in the fresh air alunge
OnlineHost: Lolo202 has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: My wife’s the scratch cook.
CECJT: Usually isnt until later King
KingDogMan: o like what time
CECJT: Sin I thought you did the cooking
B5Sinclair: CJ, yeah, but I stick to simple things. With the exception of
the very rare lasagne.
OnlineHost: Lolo202 has entered the room.
CECJT: King between 630 & 730 depends on the night
KingDogMan: o ok
B5CL Mikey: Welcome to the Cafe, Lolo! πŸ™‚
B5Sinclair: Thanks Mikey.
CECJT: Sin you are bad
B5Sinclair: We had pot roast on Sunday, and I made it into stew yesterday.
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, any time! πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: BarieSweet has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Anyone seen any Malls this week? LOL
KingDogMan: we havent even put our tree up yet
B5CL Mikey: BarieSweet, welcome to the Cafe!
CECJT: I love chocolates and Itilan food and I am on a liquid diet right now
except toast
BarieSweet: yo
KingDogMan: got to go bye
B5Sinclair: Mikey, I try to avoid malls like the plague this time of year.
BarieSweet: I love going to malls
B5CL Mikey: They are unreal!
B5CL Mikey: I mean, absolutely NO parking spaces
BarieSweet: I really like them around this time of year
CECJT: Sin come work at Sears right now
BarieSweet: but the sales are grear
B5Sinclair: Some stores are open to midnight or later, that’s when we do most
of our shopping.
B5Sinclair: CJ, I’ll bet it’s packed.
CECJT: It was last week
B5CL Mikey: Malls are insane….drove around for an hour trying ot find a
parking place
CECJT: been home sick this week so dont know
B5Sinclair: Last week WalMart here had a special 6 AM sale and people were
lined up at 4 AM.
OnlineHost: Lolo202 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: And even the upper level on the mall was could feel
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, not a 24 hour wal-mart?
CECJT: Sin Sears has had 3 of them so far and it is hell
B5Sinclair: I’ve forgotten waht it’s like to have a multi-story mall. Our’s
are smaller
B5Sinclair: then a wing at South Center.
B5Sinclair: Mikey, nope, mostly 9-10.
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh. My local Wal Mart does 24 hours from Thanksgiving to New
CECJT: Mikey the stores run a special for JUST a couple of hours to get you
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, we just have a 2 story mall
B5Sinclair: Here, it stays open to 1 or 2 for the last weeks or so until
B5Sinclair: Mikey, our’s here has at most 30 stores, and they’re mostly
B5Sinclair: The other one is smaller.
CECJT: Sin was it you that told me that you were in retail
OnlineHost: B5Delenn2 has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: CJ, no, not me. I can’t remember who’s in retail now.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Delenn! =-D
B5Delenn2: {{{{Mikey}}}}}}
B5Delenn2: {{{{{{{{{{Sin}}}}}}}}}}}
CECJT: dont remember who but they have symp for me Sears kids dept
B5Delenn2: hello CJ
B5Sinclair: That recipe looks pretty easy, Mikey.
CECJT: {{{{Delenn}}}}
B5Sinclair: I think it might be Ced.
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, it is, very easy, and surprisingly good πŸ˜‰
CECJT: Mikey could you send me it also please
B5CL Mikey: You got it, CJ πŸ˜‰
B5Delenn2: me too, Mikey
CECJT: thanks Mikey
B5Sinclair: I’ll try to scrounge up my lasagna recipe. I modifed an old
Virgina recipe
B5Sinclair: that’s pretty popular.
B5CL Mikey: Ya got it, Delenn πŸ˜‰
B5Delenn2: soooo….Mikey…..did you have fun last night??<G>
CECJT: Sin I make my sauce and noodles from scratch do you?
B5CL Mikey: Delenn, honey, you donno the half of it!! LOLOL
B5Sinclair: Not the noodles, no.
B5CL Mikey: I’ll IM you when I finish here <weg>
OnlineHost: Jheri1726 has entered the room.
CECJT: I have a pasta maker and they are good
B5Sinclair: I’m fairly sure I don’t want to know what you’re refering to,
B5CL Mikey: Jheri, welcome back!
Jheri1726: hey
B5CL Mikey: CJ, one of those Ronco specials? LOL
B5Sinclair: I plan on getting one of those someday. Last purchase was a
B5Delenn2: ok, honey….i will be all ears!!!!
CECJT: No one of my own
CECJT: I use 4 chesses also
OnlineHost: SPerk80070 has entered the room.
B5Sinclair: Nothing like steamed vegies for taste. Much better that way.
B5CL Mikey: Heya SPerk!
SPerk80070: hey mikey
SPerk80070: πŸ™‚
CECJT: true Sin
SPerk80070: {{{{{{{{delennn}}}}}}}}}}}
B5Delenn2: {{{{{{{{STEVE}}}}}}}
CECJT: Hi Perk
SPerk80070: hows you?
SPerk80070: since this morning?
SPerk80070: hey CEC
Spires05: Hi Steve
SPerk80070: hey spires:)
B5Sinclair: CJ, I usually use Italian sausage instead of ground beef for the
B5Sinclair: Works out much better.
SPerk80070: how is everyone today???
SPerk80070: ::puts on kettle::
CECJT: I get heartburn from the sausage
OnlineHost: GonzagaGuy has entered the room.
SPerk80070: anyone for tea?
GonzagaGuy: Hi everybody
B5Sinclair: Well, I’m out of here, catch you all later. Have a nice one.
CECJT: it does taste better that way
B5CL Mikey: Heya GonzagaGuy! Glad you could make it! πŸ˜‰
B5Sinclair: “May God stand between you and harm, in all the empty places you
B5Sinclair: walk.” {S egyptbls}
SPerk80070: hi goinzaga
B5CL Mikey: Sinclair, seeya next time πŸ˜‰
CECJT: When Sin says bye he means it
CECJT: brb
OnlineHost: Frecklebr has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: LOL! Yeah, he does
B5CL Mikey: Freckle, glad you could make it today!
B5CL Mikey: Welll, folks, my time is up, too. Been great, thank you
all….seeya tomorrow at 3pm EST!
B5CL Mikey: {S egyptbls}

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