Eclipse Cafe – 12/14/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
DWebs10407: Hi Mikey.
B5CL Mikey: Heya DWebs 😉
Khasatin: hello Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Hi Khas! =)
DWebs10407: Anway, it was vary interesting.
Khasatin: well, in theatricl movie, set it at the right time, Marcus could be
in it
DWebs10407: Agreed Kh, you could be right.
DWebs10407: It would be nice to see him, but i’m not getting my hopes up.
Khasatin: DWebs, there’s always reruns, and tape
DWebs10407: Yep, agreed thank’s.
B5CL Mikey: Still haven’t given up, huh DWebs? <g>
DWebs10407: Sorry Mikey, i’m getting vary close.
Khasatin: but wow, a B5 movie on the big screen would be killer
DWebs10407: It’s just that the info in Cinescape was vary interesting.
DWebs10407: Yeah, agreed Kh.
DWebs10407: Everyone was listed except Kosh, Ivonvia, I think.
DWebs10407: This is all unconfirmed.
B5CL Mikey: Either of you see “Insurrection” yet?
DWebs10407: Nope not yet, maybe Thursday.
DWebs10407: Did you see it?
Khasatin: sounds late season 4
B5CL Mikey: I was there opening night, DWebs! LOL
DWebs10407: Yeah it does, Kh but except Lockely is in it.
DWebs10407: Oh cool, oh right I forgot.
Khasatin: was going to Mikey
Khasatin: if it works, will see it tomorrow
B5CL Mikey: It was pretty good 😉
DWebs10407: Yeah same here, if not this weekend.
DWebs10407: Oh cool, thank’s Mikey.
Khasatin: in that case, anywhere season 5
DWebs10407: Yeah, im thinking it’s season 5.
DWebs10407: But guess who ealse was listed?
Khasatin: Bester
DWebs10407: Nope.
Khasatin: what’s her name
DWebs10407: yeah, Tailia.
Khasatin: ah, that’s not what I was thinking
DWebs10407: Oh sorry, who where you thinking of?
OnlineHost: LORDZIBA has entered the room.
Khasatin: Number One, she’s got a name, but it escapes me now
B5CL Mikey: Heya LORDZIBA! Pull up a chair and join the chat!
LORDZIBA: do I know u mikey?
DWebs10407: Oh ok I see Kh.
DWebs10407: Hi Lord.
B5CL Mikey: I’ve seen ya around in the room, LORDZIBA 😉
LORDZIBA: i am coming often
OnlineHost: AngelMpath has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Hi Lord.
AngelMpath: [[[[[{{{{{<3<3<3 MES AMIES <3<3<3}}}}}]]]]]
Khasatin: hello angel
DWebs10407: Hi Angel.
AngelMpath: Hiya Khas, DW
B5CL Mikey: Hey there Angel! Glad you could make it! 😉
LORDZIBA: so, what’s a topic today?
AngelMpath: [[[[[{{{{{<3<3<3 MES AMIES <3<3<3}}}}}]]]]]
Khasatin: movie, rurmors
DWebs10407: Nothing much lord, just talking rumor’s on the B5 movie.
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! Mikey !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
DWebs10407: Any idea when we would see it?
Khasatin: a B5 christmas tradition movie
AngelMpath: Mikey, did you hear the chat rooms crashed again about an hour
DWebs10407: It did it again.
DWebs10407: I wonder what’s going on?
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: No, Angel, sure didn’t..but I don’t doubt it! 🙁
Khasatin: um, anybody use Netscape for AOL?
B5CL Mikey: Spires, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
DWebs10407: Nope, I don’t Kh.
AngelMpath: couldn’t get into any chats, not just B5
LORDZIBA: and what movie gonna be? CtA?
DWebs10407: Oh goodness Angel, I couldn’t get into the B5 chat.
DWebs10407: But I didn’t try anything ealse.
Khasatin: what, AOL falling apart, no surprise there
AngelMpath: Khas, you try keeping track of 12 million members <g>
DWebs10407: I finially got to see Joe Black yesterday.
DWebs10407: I would have seen Star Trek, but I figured it would have been a
made house.
Khasatin: agreed Webs
LORDZIBA: I like new Federation Uniforms
DWebs10407: Thank’s Kh.
LORDZIBA: like new Bajor, I mean they look like Priests
DWebs10407: I did get to see the Star War’s preview, it looked good.
Khasatin: would have went early friday, but car wouldn’t start
DWebs10407: Oh no Kh, sorry to hear that.
B5CL Mikey: LORDZIBA, I didn’r really care for the new dress uniforms
OnlineHost: Assimiltr has entered the room.
Khasatin: just dead battery
Assimiltr: Hiya Mikey
LORDZIBA: but I do
Assimiltr: Hiya Dwebs
Assimiltr: 🙂
LORDZIBA: hi Assim
DWebs10407: Hi Assim.
Assimiltr: Merry Christmas all 🙂
Khasatin: Assim
Assimiltr: Hiya Ziba 🙂
DWebs10407: Thank’s Assim, you too.
Assimiltr: Hiya Khas 🙂
Assimiltr: 😉
B5CL Mikey: Hey there Assimiltr! 😉
Assimiltr: Hey Annnnggeellll!
LORDZIBA: my Hobby is to collect books, information on Military uniforms,
including sci-fi too
AngelMpath: Assim!!!
Assimiltr: autographed books?
Khasatin: well, this shurly has reset inactivity timer
Assimiltr: 😉
B5CL Mikey: I’m lagging today 🙁
Assimiltr: sorry toots
DWebs10407: Oh no Mikey. 🙁
AngelMpath: Mikey, everyone is
DWebs10407: Did you ever see Les Misserables Mikey?
LORDZIBA: u just try to get without
B5CL Mikey: No, DWebs, sure haven’t
DWebs10407: Oh no Mikey, sorry to hear that.
Khasatin: well, i’m outta here, thanks for the unconfimed info, Webs
Assimiltr: Bye khas
Assimiltr: what unconfirmed info??
DWebs10407: Try and get it, the next time your at Block Busters.
DWebs10407: Welcome Kh.
DWebs10407: Bye.
B5CL Mikey: Khas, come back soon!
DWebs10407: I think you’ll like it.
Khasatin: ’bout the big screen B5 movie, Assim
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, I have to drive a good bit to find a Blockbuster <g>
Assimiltr: Ohhhh
Assimiltr: 😉
DWebs10407: Oh no Mikey, i’m sorry. 🙁
Assimiltr: Well it IS confirmed that returns to Crusade
B5CL Mikey: O’
B5CL Mikey: I’m used to it, DWebs, LOL
OnlineHost: Courilee has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Oh ok.
Assimiltr: <—in Denver voice “Far Out!”
Assimiltr: Mikey….you been exposed to the new gag proggie yet?
B5CL Mikey: Couriless, welcome to the Cafe!
OnlineHost: SPerk80070 has entered the room.
Assimiltr: New proggie has new annoying feature
SPerk80070: {{{{{{{{{{{{assim}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: Assimiltr, the what?
SPerk80070: thanks for that code:)
Assimiltr: u try to toss…
B5CL Mikey: SPerk, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! SPerk !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
DWebs10407: Hi Perky.
SPerk80070: hey mikey:)
Assimiltr: screen comes up that looks like aol toss screen
SPerk80070: hey DW LTNS
Assimiltr: but it has the tosseee’s name on it
Assimiltr: it goes to them NOT aol
Assimiltr: and then they toss you by changing the names
SPerk80070: {{{{{angel}}}}}}}
Courilee: hi. hi.hi
Assimiltr: Some kid was using it last night
SPerk80070: hey courie
Assimiltr: {{{Sperk}}}}}}
DWebs10407: Oh goodness.
Assimiltr: Only defense, that I have found so far
DWebs10407: Be right back.
SPerk80070: oh and assim thanks for adverting my site:) hehe
Assimiltr: is to emain cloaked during chats
Assimiltr: Welcome Sperk!
Assimiltr: Great site!
Assimiltr: <–got my B5 counter too!
B5CL Mikey: Not sure exactly how something like that would work. hmmm
AngelMpath: Assim, there is one other defense
SPerk80070: you got a b5 counter?
SPerk80070: cool
SPerk80070: i saw them on eclipse
Assimiltr: Me either Mikey but it’s out there
SPerk80070: but i havent got a counter that allows me to chang digits
Assimiltr: ya..I asked and he sent me one
Assimiltr: 🙂
AngelMpath: Use PT to TOS them afterwards
DWebs10407: I’m back.
OnlineHost: ACtDtH has entered the room.
Assimiltr: wb Dwebs
DWebs10407: Thank’s Assim.
Assimiltr: There ya go Angel lol
Courilee: What’s a b5 counter?
B5CL Mikey: ACtDtH, welcome to the Cafe! Pull up a chair and join the chat!
Assimiltr: It has pics of the characters
ACtDtH: Hi everyone {{{{{{{{Room}}}}}}}}}}
Assimiltr: {{{Act}}}}
Assimiltr: the counter does
DWebs10407: Oh by the way, I was told that Richierd B. is going to be on a
movie on Lime Time, tommrow.
Courilee: Somebody pass the spoo.
ACtDtH: {{{{Assim}}}}}}}
DWebs10407: It’s eather a tv show, or a movie, not shure?
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! AC !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
Assimiltr: :::passes spoo dip and fresh fried snert ears to Cour::::
ACtDtH: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}}}}
DWebs10407: Hi Ac.
Courilee: snert ears,oooooo!
ACtDtH: :::::snags some spoo as it passes by:::::
B5CL Mikey: ewwww <g>
Assimiltr: Mikey..I am still investigating that determine best
way around it..little chits.
SPerk80070: thats burnt fried snert ears assim:) cant leave em in pan long
Assimiltr: <–likes to assimilate snerts…they make great soup
SPerk80070: leperky says hi, shes working so cant come in
SPerk80070: she said say hi to mikey for me
Assimiltr: Give perky a hug {{{Perky}}}}
LORDZIBA: ::takes some good old brevari::
Courilee: looked like a good hug to me!
B5CL Mikey: I don’t even know how exactly its supposed to work, Assimiltr 😉
Assimiltr: Me either Mikey..thats why I investigate…
Assimiltr: betterr to know thy enemy (‘s proggies)
Assimiltr: lol
B5CL Mikey: I don’t got any enemies!! =)
Assimiltr: It would SHOCK you to know how many sites there are to get that
stuff..I was anyway
Courilee: Don’t spend much time down below, do you?
Assimiltr: enemy=snert=enemy=snert
B5CL Mikey: Sure I do, Courilee, all my time 😉
Assimiltr: <–is the “garibaldi” of the bunch
DWebs10407: Is the little quite one.
Assimiltr: {S b5epilog
Assimiltr: You got that one Mikey?
Courilee: Then you’ve got enemies, dear. You just don’t know who they are
until it’s too late!
ACtDtH: :::looks at Assim to try to find Garibaldi resemblance:::
Assimiltr: ::::shows red nose to Act:::
Assimiltr: lol
SPerk80070: lol
DWebs10407: Lol.
Assimiltr: 😉
OnlineHost: WCrayton has entered the room.
Courilee: lo
DWebs10407: Boy is everyone in a mood today.
B5CL Mikey: WCrayton, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
SPerk80070: assim what counter have you got on your site that you can change
the digits?
Assimiltr: Hiya WC
DWebs10407: Hi wc.
Assimiltr: LeCounter..but i never change em
Assimiltr: My page averages over 100 hits a week
Assimiltr: Just got added to Dowen below!
Assimiltr: ‘er…Down
Courilee: Your page?
Assimiltr: ayup
DWebs10407: Cool Assim.
Assimiltr: Babylon 5 – The last of the babylon Stations
Assimiltr: 🙂
WCrayton: What happen to Sheridan’s son on 16th birthday?
Assimiltr: Ya..I am kinda proud of that…lol
DWebs10407: I hope Crusade is good.
Assimiltr: He gets his Keeper…supposedly
DWebs10407: Good question Wc, we don’t know?
Courilee: Maybe Crusade will explain B’day.
OnlineHost: StarFlick has entered the room.
Assimiltr: we suspect…I cant wait to see how they tie Bester is
Assimiltr: in
ACtDtH: I am assuming he avoids the keeper somehow.
SPerk80070: i have Le counter but dont know how to change them
DWebs10407: I’m sorry but I wain’t to see Mr. G get bester good.
SPerk80070: i got my site added to down below too:)
SPerk80070: about 3 days ago
Assimiltr: Sperk…cliked on it lately? been updated
Assimiltr: FAR OUT!!!
Assimiltr: 🙂
WCrayton: Londo gave a gift that he was suppose to open when he turned 16.
What happened?
SPerk80070: clicked on what?
OnlineHost: LIV2556 has entered the room.
Assimiltr: the counter to get your stats
B5CL Mikey: LVI, thanks for stopping by! 😉
DWebs10407: don’t know Wc?
SPerk80070: it used to just say how many people each week
B5CL Mikey: WCrayton, we don’t know for sure what happened
Assimiltr: still does
SPerk80070: nothing special
Courilee: B’day is one of open ended stories.
Assimiltr: it has button to edit
SPerk80070: is there now something there that allows me to change the digits?
DWebs10407: I hope Crusade is good, I can’t wait.
SPerk80070: oh.. cool
Assimiltr: ayup
Assimiltr: edit button
SPerk80070: where do i upload them digits to though?
Assimiltr: keep resord of your hits gets hacked regularly
Courilee: I need a B5 fix!!!!!
Assimiltr: You dont upload them…type them in
B5CL Mikey: Courilee, that would be January 😉
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Heya Dragn! 😉
DWebs10407: Hi D.
B5Dragn1: Greetings {S ya’ll
ACtDtH: gotta go. See you around! {{{{{Room}}}}}}}
Assimiltr: Just sent you a “FIX” Cour
Assimiltr: {{{{{{Dragn}}}}}
Courilee: January is tooooo many Santa animations from now!!
DWebs10407: Bye Ac.
Assimiltr: Bye Act! 🙂
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{ASSIM}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
B5CL Mikey: AC, come back soon! 😉
Assimiltr: 🙂
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{DW}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
B5CL Mikey: Courilee, it could be worse!
Courilee: Miss ya.
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{PErK}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Courilee: What, “Won’t ya be my neighbor?
Assimiltr: lol
B5Dragn1: Did I miss anybody???? LOL
SPerk80070: hey:)
Assimiltr: I gotta scoot….later all!
DWebs10407: Bye Assim.
SPerk80070: type what in assim?
SPerk80070: darn
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, had a chance to catch “Insurrection” yet?
Courilee: Of all the times I come here, this is always the most intelligent
time slot.
DWebs10407: I was going to see it Firday, but something came up. 🙁
B5CL Mikey: Glad to hear that, Courilee! 😉
B5CL Mikey: Awww, DWebs, I’m sorry 🙁
Courilee: Must be x’mas tree.
OnlineHost: Kayble2819 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Thank’s Mikey, it probably would have been a made house anyway.
Courilee: HI, Kay.
B5CL Mikey: Kayble, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
OnlineHost: B5Delenn2 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be
B5Delenn2: hello all
Courilee: yo
B5CL Mikey: Delenn, glad you could make it! =)
Kayble2819: hello
B5Delenn2: I got your mail, ANgel……and i am ready
B5Delenn2: more than ready
B5Delenn2: {{{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}}}}}
AngelMpath: cool Delenn, we can start meeting there anytime <weg>
Kayble2819: hi mikey
B5Delenn2: LOL
SPerk80070: hey delenn
DWebs10407: Oh cool Mikey, thank’s for the info. 🙂
Kayble2819: hi courilee
B5Delenn2: {{{{{{{{{{Steve}}}}}}}}
B5Delenn2: i talked to Bear yesterday, Steve
B5Delenn2: hi DW
OnlineHost: Rangr Java has entered the room.
SPerk80070: did you:) good
SPerk80070: he keeps sneaking on
Courilee: HOw Do you make it look like you’re singing like that?
B5CL Mikey: Heya Rangr Java! Glad you could stop by!
B5Delenn2: yes….he should be moved today and will be offline for awhile
Courilee: Yo, Rangr
DWebs10407: Worse comes to worse, i’m going to see it this weekend, or the
weekend –
DWebs10407: after christmas.
B5Delenn2: heyRangr
SPerk80070: see what DW?
Rangr Java: wow! has everyone seen “Star Trek: Insurrection”?
Rangr Java: howdy
B5CL Mikey: Surely, Java 😉
Kayble2819: i have
Courilee: Going out to buy new pc today. Any recommendations?
DWebs10407: Insurrection Ranger.
DWebs10407: Ack, sorry Perkey.
AngelMpath: Courilee, Gateway, wouldn’t have any other kind
Rangr Java: it was KEWL!
DWebs10407: Oh I have a Gatway too, it’s great so far.
B5CL Mikey: I wanna Gateway! 🙁
DWebs10407: Oh i’m sorry Mikey. 🙁
B5CL Mikey: Java, it was pretty good 😉
B5CL Mikey: LOL, DWebs, I’m fine
DWebs10407: Oh ok Mikey.
DWebs10407: Anwayone have a DVD drive?
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
Courilee: Best Buy has 0% interest for 18 mo. Might check it.
B5Dragn1: AOL…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
B5Delenn2: {{{{{{{{{Dragn}}}}}}}}}{S sissypoo
Courilee: hi,b5
B5CL Mikey: Welcoem back, Dragn!
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! Dragn !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
Kayble2819: i got my ibm aptiva at best buy
DWebs10407: Wb D.
Courilee: How is it
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}}}}{S sissypoo
OnlineHost: Ygkrasnov has entered the room.
Kayble2819: who me courilee?
Courilee: Spoo & snert ears pass by.
B5CL Mikey: Ygkrasnov, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
Rangr Java: hey, DWebs! Looooong time, no see!
Courilee: Yes, Kat
Ygkrasnov: hi everebody
DWebs10407: Hi Java, yeah it has been a while, what’s new?
AngelMpath: Dragn, I’m finding that most of my disconnects are the phone
company, not aol
Kayble2819: i like it
AngelMpath: time for a cold boot for Dragn
B5CL Mikey: I have that problem out here in the middle of nowhere, Angel
AngelMpath: Mikey, sometimes those are the worst phone connections
AngelMpath: least little static can disconnect
B5CL Mikey: Yeah
Courilee: A friend got an Aptiva. Had to have reset up 3 times. OOPS! Got a
c;ient, gotta go. By all!!
DWebs10407: Oh goodness, that’s awfule.
Rangr Java: not much, living in California again, and B5Emarie and i are
working on wedding plans
Kayble2819: congratulations, rangr java
Rangr Java: thanks
DWebs10407: My last computer was a 133 clone.
AngelMpath: Rangr, what was your old s/n, I know you
B5CL Mikey: Wedding? WooHoo!! 😉
DWebs10407: Oh congrads Java.
AngelMpath: {S B5married
B5Delenn2: {S wavbeg
Ygkrasnov: I have e-m. Gotta go. sorry bye
Rangr Java: i used to be: ::::Draws deep breath:::::::
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
AngelMpath: wb Dragn
B5CL Mikey: elcoem back, Dragn!
B5Dragn1: Gonna try this one more time……….
B5Dragn1: Mikey…your typonese is a bad as mine today
Rangr Java: EYE SALVE, Cpt Java, CAPT JAVA
B5CL Mikey: :::hands Dragn some butt velcro and a puntpillow:::
B5Dragn1: Angel….get my mail???
B5CL Mikey: I know, Dragn, I’m still half asleep, and a little excited about
tonight, LOL
AngelMpath: Delenn, I renamed that one, it’s Marcus and Franklin bickering
AngelMpath: Dragn, sure did
B5Dragn1: Thanks Mikey…I really need it….punted twice in as many minutes
is nerveracking
B5Delenn2: LOL
B5CL Mikey: I’m sure, Dragn ;(
AngelMpath: ::::looks at Java:::: I knew I knew you <g>
B5Dragn1: LOL Angel……I think I am ready for that room…..
DWebs10407: Oh that was so funny, when they where on Mars.
B5Dragn1: Why excited about tonight Mikey????
AngelMpath: DW, that’s the one
B5CL Mikey: Mikey has a date! ;D
AngelMpath: Dragn, aren’t we all? <weg>
B5Dragn1: Ahhhhhhh…..same one as the other night????
B5CL Mikey: Uh huh <weg>
DWebs10407: Oh cool Angel.
DWebs10407: That was a good ep.
B5Dragn1: {S woo hoo
Rangr Java: …i just can’t believe B5 is over….
OnlineHost: ChinCherry has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: Mikey….we will want details ….details
DWebs10407: Me neather java. 🙁
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Dragn!!
ChinCherry: hello all
B5CL Mikey: ChinCherry, thanks for stopping by! =)
Rangr Java: why did the last ep have to be so sad? SHEESH!
DWebs10407: Sorry all i’m land.
B5CL Mikey: Java, it was the end…it was gonan be sad regardless ;(
DWebs10407: I’m sorry, what’s going on tonight?
Rangr Java: mikey, it isn’t a date with a certain cable channel, i hope!
B5Dragn1: No LOL Mikey…..Auntie Dragn is
B5Dragn1: serious….Have to make sure you are
B5Dragn1: seeing someone nice, now don’t I?
Kayble2819: bye everyone
Rangr Java: bye
B5Dragn1: Bye Kay
DWebs10407: Bye.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, of course I am! -=D
B5Dragn1: Good…..just have to make sure
Rangr Java: just kidding mikey
DWebs10407: Be right back, mail.
B5CL Mikey: Java, LOL! Noooo
B5Dragn1: Delenn…are you lurking????
B5CL Mikey: I’d missed your comment <g>
Rangr Java: i was all embarrassed, watching “sleeping in the light” with my
Rangr Java: i almost teared up, i DON”T do that!
B5Dragn1: Java…ny hubby cried at SiL….and he is not as big a B5 fan as I
DWebs10407: I’m back.
B5CL Mikey: It was horribly depressing, Dragn, I can see why <g>
B5CL Mikey: Did you all see “Touched By An Angel” last night?
AngelMpath: just part of it Mikey, why?
Rangr Java: it did make us cuddle a bit closer though! ¦ Þ
B5CL Mikey: Angel, I just thought it was sweet!
B5CL Mikey: Lucky you, Java <g.
AngelMpath: it was, I liked the way they hid as the manger scene
Rangr Java: so what’s this about a new B5 movie?
B5CL Mikey: Yup, Angel..and of course Roma would be the north star, LOL
Rangr Java: yes, i am luckey
B5CL Mikey: Java, “A Call To Arms” will air in January
AngelMpath: of course <g>
Rangr Java: B5Emarie is the sweetest gal i have ever known
OnlineHost: B5Delenn2 has entered the room.
Rangr Java: so, it fills in the gap in time?
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Delenn! <g>
B5CL Mikey: Java, leaves us with 5 months til Crusade
Rangr Java: uhm, delenn is stuck in the door?
OnlineHost: Telepath84 has entered the room.
Telepath84: hi
B5CL Mikey: Heya Telepath! LTNS!
B5CL Mikey: Telepath, ummm…ok! <g>
Rangr Java: she’s gonna play it in heaven! lol
Rangr Java: with telekinesis, of course!
Telepath84: It’s sooooo beautiful!
B5CL Mikey: That would be interesting 😉
B5CL Mikey: Telepath, yeah, they are 😉
Telepath84: :::harp sitting in her lap::::
AngelMpath: Telepath, an early Christmas present?
Rangr Java: i think JMS just has no regaurd for our withdraw , all these
waiting periods!
Telepath84: uh huh.
Telepath84: 🙂
B5CL Mikey: Java, its more of TNT’s schedule than JMS’s wishes 😉
Rangr Java: see a couple of eps, wait a couple of months!
AngelMpath: Java, I think TNT is the culprit for the delays
Rangr Java: this goes way back, before tnt entered the B5 world
Rangr Java: :::::snickes from the madness::::\
Rangr Java: snikes = snickers
B5CL Mikey: LOL
B5CL Mikey: I think “A Call To Arms” will be worth waiting for 😉
Rangr Java: hey, toys-r-us has a lot of B5 action figures!
DWebs10407: I wain’t one, i’m hoping to get some for Christmas.
B5CL Mikey: Java, really? I haven’t looked in Knoxville
Rangr Java: htey had kosh, marcus, vir
Rangr Java: ::::whacks keyboard:::::
AngelMpath: Java, someone bought them all out here as soon as they went on
DWebs10407: wow.
Rangr Java: they had a large size baldi too!
DWebs10407: Well sorry to do this, but it’s time for me to run.
DWebs10407: Bye everyone.
DWebs10407: Oh cool.
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, coem back soon!
DWebs10407: Bye all.
AngelMpath: later DW
Rangr Java: bye DW!
DWebs10407: Thank’s Mikey, I will.
Rangr Java: GOOD ta see ya!
B5CL Mikey: Seeya tomorrow, DWebs 😉
DWebs10407: Later Angel, if I hear anymore i’ll let you know.
AngelMpath: thanks DW
DWebs10407: Bye Ranger, you too.
Rangr Java: ¦ )
DWebs10407: Ok Mikey, bye.
DWebs10407: Welcome Angel.
B5CL Mikey: I’m withholding judgement on “Crusades” at least until halfway
through Season 1
B5CL Mikey: I know I didn’t even like Babylon 5 til about a half dozen eps 😉
Rangr Java: so, insurrection was a nice suprise, i thought
AngelMpath: Mikey, good idea, most shows need a few eps to build a storyline
Rangr Java: i liked it for the first season, then dropped out then liked it
again after seeing sheridan
B5CL Mikey: ‘Yeah, Angel, they do
B5CL Mikey: ‘Java, “The Gathering” really confused me
Rangr Java: it was so long between the pilot and the series, i didn’t even
notice the changes
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, but when you rewatch it <g>
Rangr Java: i know, i was cracking up!
B5CL Mikey: But I mean it just confused me when it first came on, before any
other B5 had ever been seen
Rangr Java: especially delenn
B5CL Mikey: Ohhh, I STILL love the Delenn/G’kar scene
Rangr Java: i think it was supposed to
Rangr Java: it was supposed to be chaotic times, that’s why B5 was built
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, well, they done a good job, LOL
B5CL Mikey: Especially Kosh. How did they poison Kosh?
Rangr Java: maybe a shadow produced virus?
B5CL Mikey: Ehh, thas a bit iffy, but not impossible I guess 😉
B5CL Mikey: LOVED Lyta from teh beginning
AngelMpath: bbl talking to the Dukman TTFN
Rangr Java: yeah, but the end of lyta, sheesh!
B5CL Mikey: Rather weak, huh? <g>
Rangr Java: scary chick!
Rangr Java: she’s a “doomsday” weapon, but they never got into that
Rangr Java: i want to see her flip out
Rangr Java: ::::notices voice is echoing:::::
B5CL Mikey: LOL..not at all!
B5CL Mikey: I think they way Lyta went out was a bit weak
Rangr Java: is this room slower since B5 series is over?
OnlineHost: CECJT has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: CEC, welcome ot the Cafe!
B5CL Mikey: Java, a bit, at times..but we still have a pretty decent crowd at
CECJT: Hi Mikey
Rangr Java: cool
CECJT: Mickey that is true when the hackers dont get in]
B5CL Mikey: CECJT, how are you today? 😉
CECJT: feeling a little better
Rangr Java: i met my fiancee in fresh air, it would suck if this place got
shut down
B5CL Mikey: Good to hear!
B5CL Mikey: What was that about Hackers, CECJT?
B5CL Mikey: Java, we’re not goin anywhere! 😉
Rangr Java: good
Rangr Java: if i see a demo crew, i’m a shootin’
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Java!
B5CL Mikey: Don’t worry bout it!
CECJT: B5clRanger had his hands full last night with about 4 or 5 of them and
their mouths
B5CL Mikey: Ok, CJ, what exactly were you trying to say? <g>
B5CL Mikey: Ah, yeah, CJ, that happens..but we get it under control
Rangr Java: do you guys have counter programs for hackers?
CECJT: It took about an hour but we all backed the CLs
CECJT: yes
Rangr Java: i heard a rumor that a handfull of ’em have compromised aol
CECJT: they have
CECJT: they are a pain in you know where
Rangr Java: isn’t that a federal offense?
CECJT: thought so
OnlineHost: Katelaa has entered the room.
Katelaa: HI!!
B5CL Mikey: Katelaa, welcome to the Cafe!
Rangr Java: hello
Katelaa: howzit?!!!
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt has entered the room.
Babs5Capt: Hello folks?
CECJT: Quieter
B5CL Mikey: Babs5, welcome to the Cafe! =)
Rangr Java: brb
B5CL Mikey: I think everyone is dozing off? <g>
Katelaa: HI
OnlineHost: Rangr Java has entered the room.
Rangr Java: back
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Java 😉
Rangr Java: it’s been a while
CECJT: Ranger our comp sends a spike back though the microprocessor
Rangr Java: cool
B5CL Mikey: That doesn’t sound very healthy <g>
Katelaa: Howz everyone feeling today? I’m hyper!!!
OnlineHost: Spunky7152 has entered the room.
Rangr Java: CECJT, are you an aol employee?
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Kate! Pretty good!
B5CL Mikey: Heya Spunky!
CECJT: Mikey is there anything we can do to help you Cls out besides telling
Spunky7152: ::lands with a thud::
Spunky7152: Heya, Mikey!!!!
CECJT: Hi Spunky
Spunky7152: What in the 300 holy Hs? is going on with AOL???
Spunky7152: Hey, CEC!
B5CL Mikey: Not really, CJ, best to just stay on the sidelines, and not get
caught in the crossfire 😉
Spunky7152: Mikey…. is this left over from last night?
B5CL Mikey: Spunky, what? 😉
Katelaa: GOOOD!!!!!
CECJT: I have a problem with that especially if they attack a friend
Rangr Java: so, mickey, you guys have a lot of firepower against hackers?
Spunky7152: Hmmm…… this wierdness of being able to sign on, just now…
Rangr Java: mikey, sorry
Katelaa: I thought I turned on the air in here> Its freezing<
Rangr Java: :::whacks keyboard::::
CECJT: I am warm
B5CL Mikey: Java, we can handle the situations when they arise 😉
Katelaa: not mee!!!
B5CL Mikey: CJ, and i’m cold..tradeya <g>
Rangr Java: cool
Katelaa: my hands!!
Katelaa: BLUE!!
CECJT: No Mickey just getting over the flu
Katelaa: Anyone from GA!!?
Spunky7152: ::mumbles something unintelligible under breath:::
Spunky7152: just thought I’d stop in and say Hi to ya mikey.
Rangr Java: are you only alowwed to use them on you own shift?
B5CL Mikey: Spunky, what happened when you signed on?
Spunky7152: I take it SPerk left already?
B5CL Mikey: Spunky, glad ya did! -=D
Rangr Java: or is that “Classified”
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, SPerk didn’t say too long
B5CL Mikey: I really can’t discuss much of anything about that, Java ;(
Katelaa: I know STEVE!!!
Spunky7152: Mikey.. well…. it tried signing on about 4 times… got
Spunky7152: blank screen with PTs up… but no sign on.
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh, thats odd
Katelaa: Hes my BUDDY
Rangr Java: makes sense
B5CL Mikey: Who is that, Katelaa?
Spunky7152: And this is from the werrrrk, place, Mikey.
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh, Spunky, eeek!
Katelaa: Hes the pommy who plays rugby and swims in winter
Katelaa: SPerk800701!!
Spunky7152: I know, sweetie, I know!!! {S smooch
Katelaa: > take out the one!!<
Spunky7152: Steve is a rugger??? cool,! i’ll have to chat with him about
B5CL Mikey: Guess I’d better be headin outta here myself 😉
B5CL Mikey: I have a date tonight, can’t be late! ;D
Katelaa: A rugger?
Spunky7152: K, Mikey… I’ll try to stop in earlier tomorrow.
CECJT: have fun Mickey
Spunky7152: Have a great time, Mikey!!! LOL
B5CL Mikey: Do that, Spunky!! So, I’ll see you all tomorrow! {S egyptbls}
Spunky7152: 😀
OnlineHost: Buldawg1 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Honey, you KNOW I will! LOL
B5CL Mikey: Bye all!
Rangr Java: bye, Mikey! have fun, Don’t forget protection1
Rangr Java: lol

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