Fresh Air Lounge – 12/10/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Fresh Air Lounge”. ***
Assimiltr: I have 7 year old
Raven11027: I’m not into 007
Mlewzder: Wb Tap. Le poof?
Assimiltr: he wants Boos and Air Rose
B5WHISTLER: santa?
Assimiltr: bow and arrows
B5CL Tap: naw just too many windows open
R McEdin: wbTap
OnlineHost: StarTrekCC has entered the room.
Assimiltr: wb tap
Mlewzder: ah Le stupid then? ::grins::
Raven11027: NIghtsurfer
NiteWing81: nightwind, nightangel, nightcrawler?
NiteWing81: cool raven
B5CL Tap: Welcome CC to the FreshAir
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{Assimie}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: Tappie!!!!!
R McEdin: Night Crawler
B5CL Tap: ::yawns::
Raven11027: ๐Ÿ™‚ <bows> thanks
Assimiltr: {{{{{{{STCC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Assimiltr: ๐Ÿ˜‰
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Tappie}}}}}}}}}}} {S foof}
R McEdin: Yeah!
NiteWing81: cool
Assimiltr: Happy Ho Ho
Raven11027: Night Crawler is cool
StarTrekCC: Tappie, how are you tonight?
StarTrekCC: ML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: CEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NiteWing81: I dont know, probably too many though
B5CL Tap: Incredible as always, StarTrekCC
Mlewzder: ::nods:: Hola CC
StarTrekCC: Hey Whistler!
StarTrekCC: Merlen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mlewzder: ::hums along with James bond theme::
Raven11027: Hey the new ST came out tongight didnt it
StarTrekCC: Tappie, formal tonight…
Mlewzder: Tommrow Raven
B5WHISTLER: very busy tonight
B5CL Tap: Yeah StarTrekCC its Christmas there are lots of formals this month.
Assimiltr: They saw it in las Vegas
NiteWing81: what about nitenight
Raven11027: thanks Mle
NiteWing81: ๐Ÿ™‚
Assimiltr: World Wide premier tonight for them..lucky few
Mlewzder: np
B5WHISTLER: mcedin i caught 3 mice so far
B5WHISTLER: lucky me
Raven11027: Here’s a question for ya…
R McEdin: without a cat that’s pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚
Assimiltr: Keep lookin you find a pumpkin and Cinderella!
B5WHISTLER: you’ll never guess
Raven11027: has anyone ever looked at a white star and a war bird side by
Assimiltr: ???
B5WHISTLER: what i found
R McEdin: what?
Raven11027: ever notice how close they look to eachother
OnlineHost: StarTrekCC has entered the room.
R McEdin: no Raven
Assimiltr: I did raven..musta been the Bloodwine
OnlineHost: Narnb5z has entered the room.
Raven11027: LOL
Narnb5z: hi ]
B5WHISTLER: a box of .22 caliber
B5WHISTLER: hidden
R McEdin: yeah I guess they do
B5WHISTLER: previous owners of the house
R McEdin: old Whistler?
Raven11027: sorry I like both shows and things stand out
B5WHISTLER: i guess
Assimiltr: Whistler…with a nail and spoon..coulda shot em rats
R McEdin: oh that’s nice
Mlewzder: <–likes both shows too
Raven11027: no bigie.. I though it was cool myself
B5WHISTLER: they turned green
OnlineHost: Narnb5z has entered the room.
B5WHISTLER: the brass casing
OnlineHost: B5Crusader has entered the room.
CECJT: STCC hi. Was in IM land
Mlewzder: ::shivers:: Man Cold sure has hit this part of the land.
NiteWing81: hey new person, whoever you are
B5Crusader: Greetings all
R McEdin: old ammo can be unstable Whistler Careful
Assimiltr: :::slips overto tree and puls off a candy cane:::
CECJT: Too many windows open…you know how that is
Assimiltr: Hiya Crusader!
B5WHISTLER: going to give it to the police
Assimiltr: Crusader..guess what!!!
R McEdin: Hello
Raven11027: well everyone time to run to the farm
B5Crusader: Hiya Assim, Angel, Merl, Tap, CEC, Mlew, STCC!
B5Crusader: Assim-what?
Raven11027: you all take care
Narnb5z: hi am back
B5CL Tap: Hello B5Crusader
Assimiltr: My B5 site was added to Down below!
R McEdin: bye Raven
Mlewzder: Cusader? I know you..::looks closely::
CECJT: Later Raven
B5Crusader: Assim-Awesome!!
Assimiltr: ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: COITSTER1 has entered the room.
Assimiltr: Knew you could appreciate it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
R McEdin: good I dea Whistler
Narnb5z: My Buds (Keyword to:
Mlewzder: ack..Crusader..not Cusader…oiy…::smaks rebelling fingers::
B5CL Tap: Hiya Coitster did Misty have the baby yet?
Assimiltr: lolNarn!
B5Crusader: :::Flashes Mlew badge stating “KMGray’3s not so secret dsiguise”
R McEdin: idea (sorry)
Narnb5z: heheheh
Narnb5z: assim
Mlewzder: ah ha..Hola then. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Assimiltr: ๐Ÿ˜‰
COITSTER1: no not yet, she is due any day, we had a doctors visit today
NiteWing81: bye everyone, i must continue on my quest for a new name
Assimiltr: Nite Nite
B5Crusader: Niter Nite
NiteWing81: that could work
COITSTER1: I am getting ancy
CECJT: Nite Nite
COITSTER1: I want the baby to come
B5CL Tap: gee Coitster didn’ t you tell me that last week>??
NiteWing81: peace and good nite
OnlineHost: R McEdin has entered the room.
COITSTER1: I want to be a dady
COITSTER1: she has an appointment every week now
Assimiltr: Yeh..right…LOL
B5CL Tap: You will be a good one, Coitster
StarTrekCC: {S wrekmall}
COITSTER1: we have had 2 false runs to the hospital so far in 3 weeks
Assimiltr: COI..You need to see the tape “Bill Cosby, Himself”
B5CL Tap: got an andrenilin rush huh?
COITSTER1: Misty and I couldn’t be happyer together
Mlewzder: ::forgets that oliver is on..and flips channels::
B5CL Tap: that’s good Coitster your both good people
Assimiltr: it a Vorlon or narn?
R McEdin: lol
Assimiltr: lol
R McEdin: LOL
B5Crusader: heh
COITSTER1: are you talking to me Assimiltr?
Assimiltr: the baby…do you knowwhat it is???
OnlineHost: RAMPAGE927 has entered the room.
Assimiltr: YES
Assimiltr: lol
Narnb5z: am vorlonb51 too
COITSTER1: Coit is my last name
RAMPAGE927: tap!
RAMPAGE927: ass
CECJT: Coit, there having fun
Narnb5z: thats my rpg name
RAMPAGE927: i mean assim
COITSTER1: aaahhhh
OnlineHost: KaseyKove has entered the room.
Assimiltr: Thanks Ramp
COITSTER1: Coitster was my nick name in school years ago
Assimiltr: boy or girl????
CECJT: ::::light dawns onhim::::: shine!!!:::
Assimiltr: I just asked for Human..
Assimiltr: I got Pestilence..famine..and Death
R McEdin: lol
B5CL Tap: Hello Rampage how you doing tonight?
B5Crusader: lol
B5WHISTLER: brb afk
KaseyKove: Hello room
Assimiltr: HiyaKasey
KaseyKove: 33 f here
CECJT: Hey Kasey
B5Crusader: Greetings Kasey
Assimiltr: Noooo…
R McEdin: 3 girls Assim?
Assimiltr: It doesnt matter…
CECJT: Kasey we do not sex/age here ok?
OnlineHost: B5Ranger1 has entered the room.
Assimiltr: Nope..two boys..famine and Death..Death being the oldest
B5CL Tap: hello Ranger how are you tonight?
B5Crusader: Hiya Ranger!!
Assimiltr: {{{{Ranger}}}}
KaseyKove: what is Fresh Air Lounge??
Assimiltr: Hiya
Assimiltr: Its a babylon 5 chat kasey…Welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚
B5Ranger1: Howdy All
B5CL Tap: Its a place on Babyon5 , Kasey
R McEdin: (Riff and Raff)
R McEdin: are mine
B5CL Tap: A restaurant one of the classy ones
Assimiltr: That yer kids RM?
KaseyKove: oh yeah!!!
KaseyKove: cool
Assimiltr: Riff and raff?
R McEdin: yeah
Assimiltr: lol!
KaseyKove: BRB
Assimiltr: guess it beats Mutt and jeff…lol
CECJT: Howdy Ranger
B5CL Tap: They have shown the names on the show before, Kasey, briefly but
they were there.
R McEdin: ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: B5CL Nost has entered the room.
B5Ranger1: So Assimiltr, which version do you hear? {S B5CL} Simpsons or
Mlewzder: <–would have liked to have seen a Zocalo chat room
B5CL Tap: So you wear the rug out pacing yet, David?
B5CL Nost: Hey all you lovely people!
Mlewzder: {{{{{{{{{Nosty}}}}}}} {S candle
Assimiltr: Voyager..Chakotay
B5Crusader: Hiya Nos!
R McEdin: hello
Assimiltr: {{{{Nost}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Hiya Nost how you be?
Assimiltr: Whats the othewr one????
StarTrekCC: Scrollangr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Everyone}}}}}}}} ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Nost: I b good Tap.
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{NOSTtie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Nost: Thanks ML!
Assimiltr: Ranger..send the other one..please
B5CL Tap: Nost you b good? oh comeon..!
B5Ranger1: Assimiltr, funny … I was sent a Simpsons version some
how…imgaine that?
Mlewzder: ;:bows:: always to be of service mlady
Assimiltr: I dont have it..send???
B5CL Nost: Well Tap i try. LOL
StarTrekCC: It the monthly B5CL convention night…::GIves Everyone the B5CL
convention T-Shirt…
B5CL Tap: okay Nost..
B5CL Nost: {S nostie
B5CL Tap: naw StarTrek only 2 not a convention you need 4 or 5
StarTrekCC: thinks Scrollangr should be the chairman::
Assimiltr: wb Whist
B5 Merlen: Goodness knows, Nost, you can be very trying….
B5CL Nost: Hi Whistler.
B5Crusader: wb Whist
B5WHISTLER: kids are in bed
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Crus}}}}}} LTNS
B5Ranger1: Assimiltr, oh I will
R McEdin: wb Whistler
Assimiltr: Ok.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
OnlineHost: Shadow b51 has entered the room.
B5WHISTLER: now its my time to relax
B5Crusader: {{{{NOS}}}}} ๐Ÿ™‚
Shadow b51: hello
Assimiltr: Hi Shadow
B5CL Nost: Hi Shadow
Shadow b51: merry x-mas
B5CL Tap: Welcome Shadow {S shadows
B5Crusader: Hi Shadow
R McEdin: and eat one of those Milano cookies?
B5CL Nost: Back at ya Shadow. ๐Ÿ™‚
Assimiltr: ranger..send now?????
Assimiltr: Please?
OnlineHost: AngelMpath has entered the room.
B5WHISTLER: i have to renew my membership
B5 Merlen: I’m…. dreaming…. of a Spoo christmas……
Assimiltr: :::bites candy cane:::
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Angel}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Hiya Angel ^i^
B5Crusader: ick Merl…hehe
Assimiltr: HiyaAngel ๐Ÿ˜‰
StarTrekCC: Scrollangr, can you send me the B5CL wav…the voyager version
B5 Merlen: Just like the Spoo I used to know
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Assimiltr: I’ll have a spoo christmas without you…
OnlineHost: XwwKINGwwX has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Hi Nost
B5CL Tap: Welcome King to the FreshAir
XwwKINGwwX: NARN say it
B5CL Nost: Oh dear I have to send ya all that wav too. ๐Ÿ™‚
AngelMpath: Hey Tap {S taptap
Narnb5z: King hi
B5CL Tap: ::waves to Angel:::
B5WHISTLER: what wav?
Narnb5z: no king here does not like b5′
B5CL Nost: I love that wav. ROFL
OnlineHost: LEPerky has entered the room.
B5CL Nost: Whistler {S nostie
B5CL Tap: yeah brings all kinds of images to mind
B5CL Tap: Hiya LEP
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}
B5Crusader: Hiya Perky
B5 Merlen: Hello Perky…{S pixydust
LEPerky: Tap!!!!
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! LEPerky !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{[NOST}}}}}}}
LEPerky: {{{{{{Merlen}}}}}}}}}
B5WHISTLER: okie dokie
B5CL Tap: <we will now have an interlude of hugging>
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}
LEPerky: LOL, Tap!
LEPerky: {S neener
B5WHISTLER: no thanks
B5 Merlen: {S grouphug
B5CL Tap: ::grins::
Assimiltr: LOL..Yeah Ranger..I heard was Chathost..::fumbles for
B5Crusader: lol
Narnb5z: Shadow hi
B5WHISTLER: i missed something didn’t i?
B5Ranger1: StarTrekCC, ASSim, {S gotmail2}
Narnb5z: doug
LEPerky: {{{Assim}}}} wherever you are!!!!
Assimiltr: Ranger..that used to be Chathost
B5CL Tap: Whistler in this room, you miss something don’t feel bad, it prolly
wasn’t worth it, anyway.
Narnb5z: xwwkingwwx
B5CL Nost: Now Ranger that is scary. ๐Ÿ™‚
Assimiltr: {{{{Perky}}}}}}}}
B5Ranger1: Assimiltr, uh huh
LEPerky: OMG!!! {{{{Ranger}}}}
B5WHISTLER: along for the ride
StarTrekCC: Scrollangr, Grrr…{S gotmail2}
OnlineHost: B5 Lome has entered the room.
Assimiltr: I found that the other night too on some sound site…
CECJT: {{{{{{{LEPerkyu}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
LEPerky: lemme see… some one else …..
B5CL Tap: Gee Nost, we back to Halloween?
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Lome}}}}}
B5Crusader: Hiya Lome
B5CL Tap: Hiya Lome
Narnb5z: {{{{{{{{{lome}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{Lome}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Nost: Must be Tap.
Assimiltr: We just have to figure out who likes Simpsons…lol
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MLEW}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} {S smooch
B5Ranger1: StarTrekCC, I’ve got several of those {S gotmail3}
Assimiltr: {{{{{Lome}}}}}}}}}
B5WHISTLER: lome greetings
LEPerky: MLMLML!!!!
B5CL Nost: Don’t have that one.
StarTrekCC: Scrollangr, let me send you my wav requests, since your over
B5 Merlen: {S hellmail
B5 Lome: {{{{nost, Narn}}}}}
B5CL Tap: ::watches StarTrekCC unroll request list:::
B5 Lome: LEPLEPLEP!!!!!!!
B5Ranger1: StarTrekCC, go for it
B5Crusader: hehehe
CECJT: Perky
B5 Lome: eveing Whistler
B5CL Tap: gee that looks a little long…
LEPerky: Hey CEC
B5CL Tap: Good thing you got zip, Ranger
B5 Lome: STCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LEPerky: ::watches STCC’S list unroll for miles::
B5 Lome: Hi Crusader,,, Tap
B5CL Tap: {S zip
B5Ranger1: B5CL Tap, button then zip dear
CECJT: Sorry…did not mean to spell your name wrong. Dang typo demon is
about tonight.
B5CL Tap: {S fastnzip
B5 Merlen: But tap, does Ranger have fasten then zip
CECJT: How you doing?
AngelMpath: Ranger, you might as well just send him all 3000 and let STCC
sort them out <g>
B5CL Tap: really Ranger? I zip then button
LEPerky: ::giggles, Merlen::
B5CL Tap: sounds like a plan, Angel ::smiles::
LEPerky: me… I just flutter…
CECJT: Angel honey, did you get my IM?
B5CL Tap: {S zipper
B5Ranger1: AngelMpath, way too much too time to spend!
OnlineHost: XwwKINGwwX has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: ya know I have more zip wavs then I thought
Narnb5z: king hi
AngelMpath: guess not CE, send again?
B5CL Tap: You ever index your wavs, Ranger?
LEPerky: All right.. where’s Sinclair???
CECJT: ok hang on
B5 Lome: Is that you ML?????
B5CL Tap: dunno LEP was he around?
Narnb5z: doug
B5Ranger1: STCC…are you nuts? I’ve got over 3000 wav’s you don’t have!
Mlewzder: Perky lome {{{{{{{{{big ol bear hug}}}}}}}}}}}
B5WHISTLER: lome wanna joke?
LEPerky: Tap… dunnow.. just seemed appropriate somehow.. with you and Nost
and Ranger… here.
AngelMpath: Nost go POOF
StarTrekCC: {S thwap}, Scrollangr!
Mlewzder: Smiles..the one and only lome..sorry was afk. ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 Lome: sure Whistler…
CECJT: CJ says that the next time that Tyger is on just say those 3 words 3
times, ok?
B5CL Tap: Naw..LEP he isn’t around much anymore
LEPerky: Tap… I know.. ::sniffs::
B5Ranger1: StarTrekCC, I’ll send along those that you asked for by name!
B5 Merlen: {S nomore
Narnb5z: king had to put on power tools
B5CL Tap: off to reality he went, got sucked up into the black hole.
LEPerky: Tap….. did you send him a life line, when he left?
StarTrekCC: {S B5CL1}
B5 Lome: CEC say what 3 words three times/??
B5WHISTLER: enjoy lome
B5CL Tap: nope LEP
Narnb5z: hahahaha
StarTrekCC: {S Rave2}
LEPerky: TAP!!! :;frowns:: why ever not?
B5 Lome: thanks Whistler..
AngelMpath: Ok CE, but if we keep this up Tyger just might TOS us for
harrassment <g>
Mlewzder: King I would say something but i wont…heh heh… : X
B5CL Tap: King its something people use around here.
B5WHISTLER: welcome
B5CL Tap: LEP he didnt’ ask
CECJT: ya ya I know she says
B5Crusader: Been fun all, but I must be going. {{{{{{{{{{room}}}}}}}} See ya
tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚
Narnb5z: doug i want to see a mac
XwwKINGwwX: o thsnks
LEPerky: Sheesh, Tap… ya shoulda anyways.
CECJT: <g>
B5CL Tap: bye Crusader
XwwKINGwwX: thanks
Mlewzder: {S hulk
B5WHISTLER: chocolate for the mice
OnlineHost: SeanKC6QHM has entered the room.
CECJT: hey Sean
B5WHISTLER: hershey kisses
AngelMpath: wb Sean
CECJT: Welcome
B5CL Tap: sorry LEP I didn’t see him get caught up in the void, and there was
Mlewzder: ::sniffles:: ::pulls covers up around self::
B5CL Tap: Hiya Sean

StarTrekCC: Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XwwKINGwwX: tlk 2u l8r CHRIS
B5WHISTLER: i just love them to death
R McEdin: that’s kind of you
Narnb5z: ok doug later
LEPerky: Harrumph!
B5WHISTLER: i thought it was
B5CL Tap: er no sos
CECJT: Angel, CJ asks what r we going to do during playoff time? (hockey)
LEPerky: Tap.. I’ll toss it to him, when he resurfaces.
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: okay LEP go for it
R McEdin: death by Chocolate
Assimiltr: Toss whO?
B5CL Tap: Hiya Tyger
B5WHISTLER: hate to waste it on a mouse
StarTrekCC: How are you, Sean(many letters and numbers)?
TygerEyez1: Hey Foofa.
B5 Lome: evening Tyger
CECJT: Hello Tyger
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Tygerrr}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
TygerEyez1: Hi ya’ll.
B5CL Tap: Sean manylettersandnumbers?
SeanKC6QHM: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Room hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
LEPerky: Hey Sean, creep! ::giggles::
AngelMpath: CE, with my luck I’ll be shoveling a couple of feet of snow
B5CL Tap: LEP now that wasn’t nice
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{SEan}}}}}}}}
Narnb5z: ok all got to go later
Mlewzder: {{{{{tygerrrrr says with a soft growl}}}}}}}}
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, he calls me that
Narnb5z: bye
CECJT: haha
B5CL Tap: tsk tsk
Assimiltr: Nite narn ๐Ÿ˜‰
Narnb5z: see you
B5CL Tap: LEP calls you that?
LEPerky: Tap…. Sean understands…. I think.
StarTrekCC: Tappie, it better than Seanangr….:-)
LEPerky: but your right, it wasn’t.
SeanKC6QHM: LEP, yep
B5CL Tap: LOL you think? you are not sure?
CECJT: Send the white stuff to Tyger CJ says
B5CL Tap: Is that an orea thang, CEC?
B5WHISTLER: white stuff?
LEPerky: Tap.. you ever seen a pixie think??? it isn’t a pretty sight.
B5CL Tap: ack oreo
LEPerky: {S pxygiggl
AngelMpath: CE, Duky says she might be getting some tonight <g>
B5CL Tap: does it hurt?
R McEdin: bye
Assimiltr: :::skakes the tree lookin for more candy canes:::
LEPerky: most definately, Tap!
B5WHISTLER: snow you mean?
Assimiltr: Bye RM
B5CL Tap: oh sorry LEP
Assimiltr: I think
CECJT: lol
B5 Merlen: More like there’s pixie dust everywhere
LEPerky: lol
B5CL Tap: ewwwwwww candy canes..::gags::
LEPerky: yeppers, Merlen…. ::grins::
Assimiltr: :::finds one more candy cane::::
Mlewzder: Hey I like Candy Canes
B5CL Tap: <——no like peppermint
OnlineHost: B5CL Nost has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Tap, CJ wants me to send snow to Tyger, Duky says they are
getting their own, maybe
OnlineHost: MisyKatina has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: wb Nost
TygerEyez1: Yeah, right, Angel….it won’t happen.
AngelMpath: {S Nostie
CECJT: Angel, depends on the white stuff!!! ROFLMAO
LEPerky: WB, SIS!!!
B5CL Tap: Oh go ahead and send, virtual snow is different
B5CL Nost: Well that certainly was refreshing. NOT!!
B5CL Nost: Thanks Perky. hehe
Mlewzder: wb nost
B5CL Tap: bummer Nost, booted huh? ::fluffs pillow::
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{NOSTtie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
MisyKatina: I just have to know, do you all hang in the Hanson room too?
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}
B5CL Nost: Large type boot Tap. ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: who is Hanson?
Assimiltr: wb Nost
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Tyger}}}}}}}
AngelMpath: Misy, ROFLMAO
B5CL Tap: didn’t they die?
Assimiltr: No Misy not me
LEPerky: ::hands Nost the pillow::
Mlewzder: hanson?? ::ahhhh its the word of the devil..:trys to stop ears from
B5 Merlen: The Hanson or Manson room
SeanKC6QHM: Katina, I have a great wav of them getting vaporized
B5CL Nost: thanks all.
B5 Merlen: {S puntemt
B5CL Tap: naw BackStreet Boys or NSYNC
B5CL Nost: ::::::takes pillow from Perky:::::::
MisyKatina: Cuz watchin’ you all tonight reminds me of what I would imagine
the hanson room to be like.
AngelMpath: Merlen, more of a chance we’d be in the Manson room <G>
CECJT: Manson….Manson….manson
B5Ranger1: anyone else want a copy of the wav’s (thunder types)
B5WHISTLER: manson
B5CL Tap: not even close Misy
Assimiltr: Think about em alot Misy?
MisyKatina: {S manson
B5CL Tap: {S thunder6
B5WHISTLER: please
B5CL Tap: {S thunder5
B5 Lome: i would Ranger
LEPerky: Brb.. afk.
B5CL Tap: {S thunder7
CECJT: BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Nost: LOL Assim
B5 Lome: funny joke Whistler
AngelMpath: :::::prepares offering for the Goddess::::: MisyKatina {S
TygerEyez1: Ranger, send them to me, please.
LEPerky: Ranger.. I would!!!!
Assimiltr: ๐Ÿ˜‰
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, agreed, most of us here are old enough to me Hanson’s
B5CL Tap: ::cranks up the volumne:::
LEPerky: Please!!!!!
Mlewzder: manson hanson same thing..poor white boys that are to young or to
funky to get some.
B5 Merlen: {S boom
StarTrekCC: Ranger, send the series please…
B5CL Tap: {S thunder9
B5WHISTLER: you like?
B5CL Tap: hehehe
MisyKatina: No, actually I couldn’t even name something they do
B5CL Tap: {S thunder10
Assimiltr: Jeez merlen..I hadthat one..forgot
StarTrekCC: Sean(many letters/numbers), How was your day?
B5CL Tap: {S thunder12
SeanKC6QHM: CC, home sick, how about you?
B5CL Tap: {S thunder 3
B5WHISTLER: its a true story
B5CL Tap: {S thunder2
MisyKatina: How do you know it’s true?
B5CL Tap: hmm what number I miss?
Assimiltr: {S gladIdonthavethosewavs
B5CL Tap: {S thunder1
AngelMpath: Hey Ranger, you only sent me up to Thunder10, how does Tappie
have 12?
B5WHISTLER: la times article
TygerEyez1: Seanie, are you feeling better now? And what’s wrong with you?
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, 1, I think
B5 Merlen: Girl you know it’s true…. oo oo oo
B5CL Tap: {S thunder
SeanKC6QHM: Tyger, yes, and mostly psycotic
StarTrekCC: Ack, Sean(Many Letters/Number)
B5CL Tap: Very cool wavs
CECJT: Tyger did you iggy me?
B5WHISTLER: misty did you get a copy?
Assimiltr: Ranger…Ranger…{S hidear
B5CL Nost: What’s true Merlen?
B5 Lome: ican believe it….
TygerEyez1: Well, heck, Sean….tell me something new.
B5CL Tap: I had too previously ,Angel
B5CL Nost: Hiya CEC!
B5CL Tap: er two even
Assimiltr: heheheeh
SeanKC6QHM: Tyger, {S Razz}
CECJT: hey Nost
TygerEyez1: Nope, CE or CJ, I haven’t iggied anyone.
B5 Merlen: It’s from a song…..
B5 Lome: HOw’s your son Whistler… feeling any
B5 Lome: better??
MisyKatina: copy?
B5CL Tap: {S thunder 6
B5WHISTLER: what people do for entertainment
SeanKC6QHM: Although I did get to watch Les Miserable on TV today.
CECJT: ok….it is CE
StarTrekCC: Sean(many letters/number), are you going to see insurrection
B5CL Nost: Hanson….hmmmm…..isn’t that the rugrat group?
B5WHISTLER: a little
AngelMpath: Merlen, that was Milli Vanilli
TygerEyez1: ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just quiet tonight.
SeanKC6QHM: CC, nah, haven’t been to the movies in a long time
SeanKC6QHM: Tyger, for a change :::ducks:::
B5 Lome: tyger quiet???
B5WHISTLER: wakes up crying every night
TygerEyez1: ::::stares::::::
SeanKC6QHM: Nost, yep, Teeny boppers
CECJT: QUIET????? That a fat one! (That from CJ
StarTrekCC: Sean, watch it.
B5CL Tap: They play wavs, Whistler ::grins::
B5CL Nost: Sean it’s not nice to mess with Tigers.
B5 Lome: are you sick tyger???
Assimiltr: :;;accidently breaks candy cane..see’s small piecefly thru air
landing in taps hair:::
B5 Merlen: ah…. thanks…. didn’t know what persons did that song
CECJT: lol
TygerEyez1: No, just quiet.
B5CL Tap: ::::foofs candy out of hair:::::ewwwwwwwww!
Assimiltr: :::ut oh:::
SeanKC6QHM: Nost, unless I have my trusting whip and pihst hat
Assimiltr: {S shefoofed
B5CL Nost: ๐Ÿ™‚
LEPerky: back.
CECJT: How are your exams tyger
TygerEyez1: CE, tell CJ to stuff it.
AngelMpath: Assim {savebutt
MisyKatina: {S garbage
Assimiltr: dang..gotta find a wav forthat!
AngelMpath: {S savebutt} sheesh
B5CL Tap: Ask Stef for it Assimiltr
Assimiltr: I need that wav Angel!
Mlewzder: ::sniffles staying in dark corner by himself::
StarTrekCC: {S foof}
TygerEyez1: Next week is finals week.
B5Ranger1: B5WHISTLER, you aren’t accepting attached files
B5CL Tap: oh Tyger not this week?
LEPerky: Hey Mlew… what’s wrong, cutie???
StarTrekCC: Next week is exam week..
Assimiltr: She has one ..a shefoofed? Ok
B5CL Tap: yes
B5WHISTLER: let me check
AngelMpath: I know you do Assim
Mlewzder: ::sniffs:: cold..oiy.
CECJT: Cj says she loes you anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚
Assimiltr: I do what?
CECJT: loves
Assimiltr: I dont have that anymore..I changed it…
LEPerky: Mlew.. you need pixie special drink?
StarTrekCC: Angel, can you send that one to me, please.
B5CL Nost: Tap have you seen Stef this week?
TygerEyez1: ๐Ÿ™‚ right back at her.
AngelMpath: brb phone
B5CL Tap: CJ loves everyone, CEC
SeanKC6QHM: ML, you know which is faster, right, hot or cold?
B5CL Tap: Ah yes Nost, yesterday as a matteroffact
MisyKatina: ok, the dh wants back in the room. Peace out.
Assimiltr: I saw Stef…Tuesday afternoon
Mlewzder: Havent been feeling real great..bad migranes..and cold stress..been
killing me.
TygerEyez1: Foofa, for some reason, she loves me especially…..don’t know
B5WHISTLER: ranger my email is open
B5 Merlen: {S fytowel
B5CL Nost: I have been out shopping, haven’t seen many in the daytime.
CECJT: I know, I know. I married the only woman with all the love any man
can handle
B5WHISTLER: whats wrong?
B5CL Tap: is that bad, Tyger?
B5 Merlen: Hot is faster cause you can catch a cold
SeanKC6QHM: ML, easy way to fix that, don’t think, works for me so well I
forget that I stopped thinking
SeanKC6QHM: at all
SeanKC6QHM: Merlen, {S Rimshot}
TygerEyez1: I guess not….she just finds it easy to pick on me, I guess.
B5CL Tap: :::pours Minbari tea for the patrons:::::
OnlineHost: R McEdin has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: c(_)รด
B5CL Nost: Thanks Tap.
B5CL Nost: Hiya McE.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, any scones with clotted cream?
B5CL Tap: Minbari tea cures colds
B5 Lome: tea…. i need an asprin with it
CECJT: Tyger if CJ did not like or love you, she would have nothing to do
with you.
B5WHISTLER: ranger?
R McEdin: hello
B5CL Tap: ah no Sean I am trying to kill a cold
B5WHISTLER: you there
Assimiltr: wb RM
SeanKC6QHM: Not kill us
TygerEyez1: I know….that’s why I pick back. I’m the same way.
CECJT: That is why she likes you
B5WHISTLER: hello mc
B5CL Nost: CJ?
Mlewzder: ::opens up bottle of whiskey..and starts drinking::
R McEdin: thanks
B5CL Tap: Nost its two on the same sn CEC and CJT
OnlineHost: Cedarga has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: Hi Ced
B5CL Tap: Hiya Cedarga
SeanKC6QHM: Ceddy!!!!
StarTrekCC: Tygerrrr…excited we might get some snow tonight…
Assimiltr: {{Ced}}}}} hey girl
Assimiltr: ๐Ÿ˜‰
TygerEyez1: Hiya Ced.
R McEdin: Whistler, you got your tree up?
B5CL Nost: Oh Ok I see. (well not really but whaqt the heck)
LEPerky: {{{{{{{Cedarie}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: ewwwwwwwwww snow!
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Cedy}}}}}}}
SeanKC6QHM: CC, and tomorrow you get to shovel it
CECJT: Sorry Nost….did not mean to confuse you

StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{CEDARIE!!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5WHISTLER: green tree
TygerEyez1: CC, I’ll believe it when I see it….which it won’t happen.
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{!!!! Cedarga !!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
B5WHISTLER: red decor
B5CL Tap: My tree is in the backyard..just waiting
B5CL Nost: CEC natural state here.
B5CL Nost: ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 Merlen: STCC is very good at shoveling it
B5WHISTLER: the kids picked it
B5CL Tap: too true Nost
CECJT: hahahaha
R McEdin: I like the way they smell
SeanKC6QHM: “Oh the weather outside was whitening, when the dog did something
frightning. He’s got no
B5CL Tap: ah shoveling what, Merlen?
StarTrekCC: Sean(many letters/numbers), they aren’t predicting a big
snowstorm, only some snow
Cedarga: (((((((Merlen))))) (((((Tap))))))) ((((((((Sean))))))
Cedarga: (((((Tyg))))) ((((((nost))))((((((STCC))))) ((((((Angel)))))))
B5CL Tap: SEAN! {S thunder6
B5CL Nost: Tap I am so sad!! Eggnog is gone!
SeanKC6QHM: other place to go, yellow snow, yellow snow, yeloow snow”
Assimiltr: LOL Sean hehe
LEPerky: LOL, {{{{{{{{{Sean}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: on Nost ..I am so sorry got a Hallmark shop nearby?
Cedarga: :::whew:::: (((((((((Hugs everyone else)))))))) (I like
CECJT: But it is not as bad as having two Dragons in the same room and
getting the wrong answer
SeanKC6QHM: Nost, the good stuff with the rum?
StarTrekCC: collected on the lawns, nothing sticking on the pavements.
B5CL Tap: its the only place that sells them
B5CL Nost: Yep going tomorrow. hehe
CECJT: from the wrong one
B5 Lome: Eggnog… who has the eggnog???
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{Cedar}}}}}}}}}}}}
TygerEyez1: Ced, any luck finding a bell wav?
B5CL Tap: Lome its Eggnog candy
B5 Lome: {{{ced}}}}}}
OnlineHost: Werrf has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: Jumpgate sounds, Jumpgate sounds, Bester’s on the way…
CECJT: Hey {{{{{{{CED}}}}}}
Assimiltr: I been lookin for it Lome
CECJT: Sorry I missed you
B5CL Nost: Lome a wonderful person sent me eggnog truffles!
B5 Lome: {{{{{Werrf}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: Werff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, be wary I got wavs from the ‘Butt’cracker Suite <WEG>
R McEdin: Do you Collect B5 figures?
LEPerky: Merlen, which Bester?
B5CL Tap: Sean ::swats::
B5 Merlen: Ivanova turned out the Lights in hopes he’d go away.. HEY
B5 Lome: wow.. NOst and you didnt share??
Cedarga: Not yet, Tyg… I’m gonna hafta *make* one I think (got lots of
Cedarga: bells, just no connection to the microphone right now)
SeanKC6QHM: Ouch!
B5CL Tap: Yes R McEdin I have about 12 of them
B5CL Nost: Hiya Werrf.
OnlineHost: GrAdmCloud has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: By Assim
Assimiltr: Hiya Werrf ๐Ÿ˜‰
CECJT: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cedarga}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Nost: Lome not even LOL
TygerEyez1: I’ll keep a check out myself for one and send it if I can find a
good one.
Werrf: Morning, chaps and chapettes.
GrAdmCloud: <<this a b5 room>>
Assimiltr: by what?
B5CL Tap: Welcome Werff and GrAdmCloud to the FResh Air {S air
StarTrekCC: ::thinks the conection of Cedarie and Bells::
R McEdin: how many are there?
TygerEyez1: Howdy Werrf.
Assimiltr: Yep GR
LEPerky: Morning, Werrf!!!
SeanKC6QHM: Werrf, aren’t chap those things coyboys wore?
Cedarga: Cool, Tyg
B5CL Tap: How many figures RMcEdin? I am missing Susan right now.
TygerEyez1: coyboys???
StarTrekCC: ::looks at bells, then looks at Cedarie, and then back to the
Werrf: What, Sean?
B5 Merlen: The Jumpgate sounds (Jinglebells)
Werrf: What’re you talking about?
SeanKC6QHM: Werrf, sorry, obscure joke
R McEdin: Whistler, do you collect the figures?
GrAdmCloud: royal guard>please all stand and make way for the emperor of the
great Centauri
B5CL Nost: I have 8 figures.
StarTrekCC: Sean(many letters/numbers), {S thwap}, cowboys
B5WHISTLER: hubby says no
B5CL Nost: Tap i have Susan.
SeanKC6QHM: CC, picking up Tyger’s habits, are we?
GrAdmCloud: royal guard>please all stand and make way for the emperor of the
great Centauri
B5WHISTLER: too much money
R McEdin: want some?
Assimiltr: I have figure 8….hehe..I wish!
B5 Merlen: {S 8legs
B5CL Tap: I got 2 Kosh’s though
B5WHISTLER: i wish
CECJT: Well folks, the honorable CE says it is time for bed
R McEdin: lol Assim
B5 Lome: i agree whistler
B5CL Tap: the 9″ and the 6″ figures..
Assimiltr: ๐Ÿ˜‰
GrAdmCloud: royal guard>please all stand and make way for the emperor of the
great Centauri
B5CL Nost: Tap i will trade you a Susan for a Kosh.
StarTrekCC: Grrrr…Sean(many letters/numbers), {S jawawhip}
Assimiltr: Nitre CE
TygerEyez1: Nite CE.
LEPerky: Niters, CE… sleep well.
SeanKC6QHM: Toodles CEC
B5CL Tap: is it a 6inch Susan, Nost?
CECJT: All good things must come to an end…..
B5 Lome: night Ce
B5CL Nost: Mine are all the 9 inch ones.
TygerEyez1: Give this to CJ for me. {{{{{{}}}}}}
B5WHISTLER: hubby does bills he says no
OnlineHost: GrAdmCloud has entered the room.
OnlineHost: GrAdmCloud has entered the room.
Assimiltr: hehe Nost..Ya got a 9″ Sheridan?
B5CL Tap: I haven’t seen the 9″ Kosh yet..
OnlineHost: GrAdmCloud has entered the room.
CECJT: Night to all and Merry Xmas to all!
R McEdin: I just found a bunch of ’em.
B5WHISTLER: whats nine inches
B5CL Nost: Yes Assim.
R McEdin: ‘nite
Assimiltr: LOl
CECJT: Back at you{{{{}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: I need to do an inventory of all those B5 figures
B5CL Nost: Nite CEC!
B5WHISTLER: found?
TygerEyez1: ๐Ÿ™‚
Cedarga: bak…. son was online. Had to nag him ๐Ÿ™‚
Assimiltr: :::whistles ..lookin innocent:::::
B5CL Tap: I don’t think Kosh is out yet, except in the action figure size
B5CL Nost: I just got the marcus figure.
R McEdin: uh that’d be Narn. (9 inches)
B5CL Tap: I got Marcus
LEPerky: WB, Cedar!!!
StarTrekCC: Oh, you did, Nagdarga:-)
SeanKC6QHM: Ced, nothing like the internet to bring families together…
B5WHISTLER: b5 figures?
B5CL Tap: Sheridan Delenn..Gkar and Londo and Vir
R McEdin: yea
B5WHISTLER: lying about?
Cedarga: Tap, you *got* Marcus? Really?
R McEdin: no
B5CL Tap: Yes Whistler they are at ToysRUs
B5CL Nost: Yes Whistler.
LEPerky: only B5 figure I have is Marcus.. plus lots of phots.
B5WHISTLER: i know
B5WHISTLER: look but dont touch
B5CL Tap: Yeppers Cedarga and you can’t have him either ::foofsdahair::
R McEdin: I located there point of origin.:)
SeanKC6QHM: LEP, what, no life sife cardboard cutout?
B5CL Nost: Tap I get mine at Target.
Cedarga: LEP, I knew you were a lady of good taste <G>
StarTrekCC: Sean(many letters/number), hmmmmm, so does it connect your
Assimiltr: My rugrats call it “ToyzforUs”
B5CL Tap: really, Nost? I never went there
B5WHISTLER: point of orgin?
Cedarga: Sean, no, dear, it’s made of silk <G>
StarTrekCC: {S foof}
LEPerky: SEan.. nope.
B5CL Nost: Tap they are a little less there.
SeanKC6QHM: CC, nope, not yet, will after I get numbered, tagged and shipped
B5WHISTLER: origin
LEPerky: thank you, Cedarga!
R McEdin: I can get ’em if you want.
SeanKC6QHM: LEP, not THAT obsessive?
B5CL Tap: they are on sale at ToysRUs for 5 a piece
B5WHISTLER: i want but cant have
B5CL Tap: and the bigger figures are marked down to 15
LEPerky: Sean.. nope.. I still have some sense of reality left.
B5CL Nost: The 9 inches figures Tap?
Assimiltr: :::waves to Ranger:::
B5 Lome: really tap???
R McEdin: Toys r us in So Ca?
B5CL Tap: yeppers
SeanKC6QHM: LEP, probably a whole lot more than I so
B5WHISTLER: hubby says no money
Werrf: Where do you keep it, Perky?
SeanKC6QHM: so=do
B5CL Tap: Northern Ca..RMcEdin
Assimiltr: Perky..thats “cents” …lol
R McEdin: wich one would you get?
LEPerky: safely tucked away, Werrf.
R McEdin: thanks Tap
B5 Lome: mailed your package today Werrf…. they say
B5 Lome: one week..
B5CL Tap: they are on the too
LEPerky: no, Assim, it was actually spelled right for once.
Assimiltr: I know……pun
B5CL Nost: Tap i have gotten a coupel from Ebay
B5CL Nost: l e
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: did you Nost? good prices?
LEPerky: {{{{{{{Assim}}}}}}}}
SeanKC6QHM: Heya Delenn
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}
Assimiltr: Hiya delenn
Werrf: ::Hugs Lome:: Thanks, Aunty…thnkyouthankyouthankyou
B5Delenn1: hello all
B5 Lome: {{{Delenn}}}}
B5CL Tap: Hiya Delenn ::pours Minbaritea for Delen::
Cedarga: (((((Delenn)))))
B5 Merlen: Hello Delenn
Mlewzder: {{{{{{{delenn}}}}}}} {S wetkiss
B5CL Nost: Yes Tap, I got 6 for $50.
Assimiltr: ๐Ÿ˜‰ perky
B5CL Tap: <interlude of hugs>
B5CL Tap: AckNost!
AngelMpath: {S tea3rdfav}
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}}
B5 Lome: well now the book has been in calif. hawaii
B5CL Tap: good deal!
B5 Lome: and next england
SeanKC6QHM: Angel, {S Wavbeg}!
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Room}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Werrf: A well travelled book ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Nost: Yep Tap. ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 Lome: yes
Werrf: I’ll have to take it to Scotland, then send it to Germany.
SeanKC6QHM: Werrf, book?
B5WHISTLER: brb afk
B5 Lome: perfect…
B5Delenn1: gee..i feel loved now, guys…..thanks
B5CL Tap: time for me to jet later all ::waves:: {S tap}
B5 Lome: you are Delenn
B5CL Nost: But of course Delenn.
SeanKC6QHM: Toodles Tap!
B5CL Tap: ::grabs jacket and heads out the door:::
LEPerky: Jet safely Tap.
B5CL Tap: toodles Sean ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5 Lome: bye tap
B5CL Nost: Niters Tap!
R McEdin: Bye Tap
TygerEyez1: Bye Foofa.

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