Eclipse Cafe – 12/03/1998

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CatmanK20: Hello everyone
B5CL Seuss: Greetings fellow Babylon5 Fans, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe 12/3/98
B5CL Seuss: 07:58 PM cst
Tan Ninja: hello Everyone!
B5CL Seuss: welcome Tan Ninja,
Tan Ninja: AFK
Sheridnfan: Hiya B5CL Seuss…you are somewhat new, yes?
B5CL Seuss: Sheridnfan, not exactyl <G>
Sheridnfan: Or have I just been living in a “virtual cave” for a while?
B5CL Seuss: Greetings RPM, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take
B5CL Seuss: checks but we do take Centauri Ducats.
Sheridnfan: I see I see…new clothes.
B5CL Seuss: yuppers like the uniform?
Wolf3685: Uh huh
Sheridnfan: Well I have to figure out who is in the uniform first.
Wolf3685: ::Wislses::
B5CL Seuss: can wolfs whistle?
Sheridnfan: Sure….never heard of a wolf whistle?
B5CL Seuss: Lol you got me there Sheridnfan,
Wolf3685: (Sorry no very good at spelling)
Wolf3685: No its just my call sign
Wolf3685: ::Continues::
Sheridnfan: Well I have to skate. Hockey game coming up and have to get my gear together.
B5CL Seuss: call sign? are you a piolet?
B5CL Seuss: Sheridnfan, you playing?
Sheridnfan: I can never find my jersey right before game.
Sheridnfan: yes, I play forward on Thursday.
Sheridnfan: and the rest of the times I play goalie.
B5CL Seuss: good luck
Wolf3685: Yes
Sheridnfan: Thanks.
B5CL Seuss: cool
Tan Ninja: Hey, what was that purplish ship Sheridan flew in “Sleeping In Light”?
B5CL Seuss: Welcome GODSIVAR,come in and talk about the most talked
B5CL Seuss: about show in the universe.
Sheridnfan: They call that a White Star..
Wolf3685: Blue Stars
Tan Ninja: It looks like a variation of a White Star
B5CL Seuss: Tan Ninja, that was a White Star
Wolf3685: No that is the new breed
Tan Ninja: Sheridn, I know what a White Star is
Wolf3685: Yes Tan Blue Stars
Sheridnfan: It was. He said he was taking a White Star out/
B5CL Seuss: it did look different huh?
Sheridnfan: A blue star?
Tan Ninja: White and Purple, not Dark Blue
B5CL Seuss: the bridge was not in the same place
Wolf3685: Thats what this guy at this web site said::shrugs::
Sheridnfan: Maybe I just couldn’t see through the tears in my eyes, but it looked the same to me.
Tan Ninja: Watch it again..
Sheridnfan: I don’t know if I’m quite ready to watch it again….I’ve seen it twice and both times were
Tan Ninja: It had a blunt nose, was a MUCH darker color, and had a different general shape
Sheridnfan: quite emotional.
Sheridnfan: I see, Tan. I will check it out, but the quote was he was going to take a “white star out”
B5CL Seuss: Tan Ninja, well the Vorlons were no longer around to help build new ones
Sheridnfan: for a Sunday drive.
GODSIVAR: hahahahahahaha
B5CL Seuss: GODSIVAR, good joke?
Sheridnfan: Well the Vorlons wouldn’t be around to build the Exaclibur, but it too is based on the same
Sheridnfan: tech that the White Stars are.
Sheridnfan: Nice spelling, Sheridan Fan…Excalibur….
Tan Ninja: Excalibur
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Spires to the Eclipse Cafe.
GODSIVAR: welcome
Spires05: Hello all
B5CL Seuss: I guess the typos abound tonight
Spires05: Hi Sivar
Sheridnfan: I’m off like a prom dress. Talk with you all later.
Tan Ninja: LoL!
B5CL Seuss: Lol bye Sheridnfan,
Tan Ninja: Spires, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe! The only cafe that can be BLOWN TO BITS and still
Tan Ninja: serve customers!
Spires05: hehe
B5CL Seuss: Tan Ninja, we are like NY roaches, you will never get rid of us
Tan Ninja: I know, I know..I was once asked if I had set up residence here
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, Sayren FE, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary
B5CL Seuss: travellers.
Wolf3685: HEy I live in NY
Wolf3685: {S Wolfcall
Tan Ninja: safe haven??? it’s been BLOWN UP!
Spires05: I live in Ny also…..
B5CL Seuss: Tan Ninja, technicalities
Tan Ninja: I live in IN
B5CL Seuss: <~Native NYer
Wolf3685: Born and raised
B5CL Seuss: transplanted somewhere else
Tan Ninja: ::ducks a piece of Cobra Bay::
Wolf3685: lol Tan
Wolf3685: ::Sees a section of G’kar’s quarters fly by::
B5CL Seuss: Tan Ninja, we use the Star Trek “Big Reset Button” principal here
Tan Ninja: ::sees a section of Londo’s quarters crash into the piece of G’Kars quarters::
B5CL Seuss: nothing like a BIG hole in the plot to keep a series going
GODSIVAR: {S stsucks
B5CL Seuss: our favorite show!
Wolf3685: ahhhh
GODSIVAR: nothing like a BIG hole in the plot to keep a series going
Wolf3685: ::Gets hit in the head with a computer from CNC::
Spires05: “I canna hold er captain, its breakin apart….”
B5CL Seuss: So has anyone been watching EFC?
B5CL Seuss: it is almost as good as B5
Wolf3685: “Captain’s log. A whole section of our ship fell of and nobody likes me”
Wolf3685: lol
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Roddin to the Eclipse Cafe.
Tan Ninja: LOLOLOL!!!
Tan Ninja: MST3K!
Wolf3685: Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Spires05: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolf3685: lol
Roddin20: whats so funny
Tan Ninja: Roddin, welcome to the only cafe than can be vaporized and still serve it’s customers!
Spires05: Hey Toungy!
Roddin20: hey spires how you doing man – shut up spires
Roddin20: im past that
Spires05: ::Bill Gates laugh:: I’m just absofragginlutely fine.
Spires05: You may be past that, but I ain’t.
B5CL Seuss: Hiya Alsprtacus, Welcome to the Eclipse Cafe.
Roddin20: ok – I’ve said it before and Ill say it again – You need help
B5CL Seuss: Spires, Roddin, play nice now
Tan Ninja: the only..Oh, never mind
Alsprtacus: thanks what’s the topic of the day
Wolf3685: LOL
B5CL Seuss: Alsprtacus, how to avoid the end of B5 blues, at least until Crusades beging
Tan Ninja: Topic? AAAHHHH!!!
Wolf3685: Only Cafe to be vaporized and still serve customers
Spires05: I do need help, have you looked at my profile lately. Its the profile of a non-sane man.
Roddin20: ah were always like this – none gets hurt
Roddin20: usually
Tan Ninja: thank you
Alsprtacus: well there’s the books
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Sayren FE to Eclipse Cafe, join us in a discussion of our
B5CL Seuss: favorite episodes.
Tan Ninja: There’s reruns
Roddin20: right spires
B5CL Seuss: Alsprtacus, have you read many of them?
Tan Ninja: I’ve read 3, if anyone cares
Alsprtacus: there’s the which character would you like to see in a wet tee shirt
Wolf3685: ::ADmits Spires to a Mental Instatute::
Alsprtacus: almost all ofd them
Roddin20: thank you someone who agrees with me
Alsprtacus: but the psi corps book moves too slowly
Spires05: ::laughs manically:: THe white coated men can’t hold me down.
Wolf3685: {S B5explode
B5CL Seuss: I have not had the pleasure of reading any of them yet
Roddin20: are you sure
Wolf3685: ::tears fall from his eyes::
Spires05: They can’t opress us black brothers.
Tan Ninja: B5CL, really! That’s a shame!
Spires05: ::gets up on table and does 5 minute free-style rap about the police opressing the balc man:
Roddin20: Just incase you havent noticed lately – Your
Roddin20: not black
Wolf3685: ::Laughs::
Alsprtacus: i like the doors that were open for to dream in the city of tears
Tan Ninja: ::hits his head on a table::
Wolf3685: ::Sees a cartoon purple elephant smoking and doing show tunes::
Roddin20: now dont hurt yourself
Spires05: And, we be popping caps in Compton…. ::gets off table and sits down::
B5CL Seuss: Wolf, if you see that I suggest help and soon
Alsprtacus: also the shadow within is a great book…it explains why mordin served the shadows
Tan Ninja: ::sees a Thunderbolt collide with Spires:: Ouch..That musta hurt
Alsprtacus: makes him very sympathetic
B5CL Seuss: now if you said purple dinosaur then I would say turn off the Barney tape
Roddin20: spires you still alive over there
Spires05: ::takes a bite out of the Thunderbolt::
B5CL Seuss: We have plenty of fresh cofee and Minbari tea, AmbKosh help
B5CL Seuss: yourself!
Wolf3685: ::Sees the same elephant eating a shoe filled up with green hay with tarter sause::
Wolf3685: Ahhhhhh::Draws PPG::
AmbKosh715: :::pours a glass of minbari ice tea:::
Roddin20: Hey I’ll take some coffee
Wolf3685: ::Shoots at elusion::
Spires05: “And so it begins….”
Wolf3685: ::Nothing is damaged::
B5CL Seuss: Wolf, please check all weapons at the door
Tan Ninja: Wolf..Calm down
GODSIVAR: ahhhhhhhh im on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolf3685: {S Begins
GODSIVAR: hellllllllllpppppppppppppp
GODSIVAR: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roddin20: wolf no death today please
GODSIVAR: i need help
Tan Ninja: {S Be Somewhere else!
Alsprtacus: i miss lyta…she’s a babe
Wolf3685: ::Holsters PPG::
Tan Ninja: Lyta was hot..Oh ya..
GODSIVAR: helllllllllllpppppppppppppp
GODSIVAR: im on fire
Tan Ninja: ::puts God out::
Roddin20: ::throws water on godsivar::
B5CL Seuss: GODSIVAR, please contain your enthusiasim
Spires05: {S LorienSIL
GODSIVAR: ahhhhhhhh thank you
Wolf3685: I’m ok::Just like That kid from Hey Arnold who always get hurt::
Wolf3685: ::Shakes nervously::
Spires05: ::looks at Wolf:: foot…ball…head…..
Wolf3685: ::His head turns into a football::
AmbKosh715: Seuss must i check my pike at the door? i have no intention of using it
Roddin20: So spires hows everything with you
Alsprtacus: thought i seemed to be the only one in the universe who didn’t know that talia and ivanova
Spires05: I’m supposed to place my weapons at the door?
Alsprtacus: were an item
B5CL Seuss: AmbKosh, well the rules say no weapons…..pretent it is a loooon chopstich
Roddin20: yes you were spires
B5CL Seuss: Welcome MssNomer,come in and talk about the most talked about show in
B5CL Seuss: the universe.
B5CL Seuss: ack major typos there
MssNomer: Hi when is the re-run of the last episode of B5????
B5CL Seuss: Greetings PM, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take checks but we do
B5CL Seuss: take Centauri Ducats.efull
Spires05: ::walks over to weapons locker:: I’ll be done in a few hours. ::begins to empty weapons::
B5CL Seuss: MssNomer, the last rerun? hopefully not for a long time
Roddin20: Spires I told you to kleave them weapons at
MssNomer: I missed the last episode, when is it on again???
Roddin20: home
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Sayren FE to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the atmosphere
Spires05: ::looks at Dave:: I’m a mercenary, I never leave weapons at home.
B5CL Seuss: MssNomer, I do not know, check the lurkers Guide
Alsprtacus: are they keeping any of b5 characters for crusades
B5CL Seuss: or TVGuide online
Roddin20: Well you caould at least bring less weapons
Roddin20: You dont really need the high explosives do
Spires05: I need to be perpaired for every occasion.
Roddin20: you
Wolf3685: ::Goes insane::
B5CL Seuss: Alsprtacus, not that I am aware of
Spires05: uh oh
Wolf3685: Surgar!!!!!!!!!!Mon
Wolf3685: key!!!!!!!!
Roddin20: ::call for the men in white coats for wolf::
Spires05: Monkey where?
Wolf3685: ELEPHANTS!!!!
Spires05: ::takes out fighting pike::
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Jamie,come in and talk about the most talked about show in the
B5CL Seuss: universe.
Wolf3685: Pine Apples!!
Roddin20: Its over in the corner
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, MssNomer, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary travellers.
Spires05: ::begins looking for the monkey::
Wolf3685: ::Presents no harm to others::
Alsprtacus: i heard that they might use lyta…but i also heard that they may use that useless female ca
Roddin20: its in the corner
Wolf3685: ::Shakes:::
Wolf3685: :Falls to floor::
B5CL Seuss: Spires, ummm I believe I mentioned something about weapons
Alsprtacus: captain…
Roddin20: ::checks on wolf::
Alsprtacus: and i’ve heard that they are going to use a completly new cast
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, JRiggs, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary
B5CL Seuss: travellers.
Spires05: ::tuirns to Seuss:: I am a Ranger. I live for the One, I die for the One.
JRiggs3812: Hi, hello, how are ya folks
Roddin20: someone get wolf some help
B5CL Seuss: Alsprtacus, so I have heard too
Wolf3685: ::Talks to himself::
B5CL Seuss: Welcome to the Eclipse Cafe Maeve v, have you checked out the member
B5CL Seuss: photo album ? Look for it on the main screen KEYWORD: aol://4344:691.babylon5.6160970.497479657 Babylon 5
Wolf3685: ::Calms down::
Alsprtacus: seuss…which rumor
Tan Ninja: ::sighs::
B5CL Seuss: Hi CW!
Spires05: Somethign wrong Ninja?
B5CL Seuss: We have plenty of fresh cofee and Minbari tea, Maeve v help yourself!
Roddin20: spires call the medics of wolf
Maeve v2: Thanks guys.
One of six: Hey…
Wolf3685: {S Nuttiest
Alsprtacus: please tell me that they are keeping lyta
B5CL Seuss: We have plenty of fresh cofee and Minbari tea, One of six help yourself!
B5CL Seuss: Alsprtacus, the all new cast
Wolf3685: ::Shakes ever so slightly::
Alsprtacus: awww spooo
Spires05: Well, thats what happenes when your floating freely in space.
Maeve v2: Tea sounds wonderful
CW4658: Hello there…
B5CL Seuss: Welcome to the Eclipse Cafe Angel, Air80rice, have you checked out the
B5CL Seuss: member photo album ? Look for it on the main screen KEYWORD: aol://4344:691.babylon5.6160970.497479657 Babylon 5
One of six: *** foffee please****
JRiggs3812: hey Kir
B5CL Seuss: Kira!!!
Wolf3685: (_)I prefer JAVA
Roddin20: ::pours coffee::
Kirantha: Greetings
Tan Ninja: foffee?
Air80rice: Is anyone good at science, if so…..IM me
Alsprtacus: speaking of spoo…anyone have some?
CW4658: herb tea, please
Kirantha: Hi JR!
Maeve v2: LoL Wolf
Kirantha: {{{{Seuss}}}}
Tan Ninja: {S SpooSigh
One of six: ::pays for coffee::
Spires05: AHHH, to many people ::hides under table::
Roddin20: gtg see everyone around
Alsprtacus: mmmm….spooooo
B5CL Seuss: Bye Roddin,
Roddin20: kill em spires
One of six: So what is going on with babylon 5 now?
B5CL Seuss: Greetings B5ZEN, welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, we do not take checks but we
B5CL Seuss: do take Centauri Ducats.
Alsprtacus: ever seen a spoo stampede
Tan Ninja: Umm..It blew up
Alsprtacus: very boring
One of six: lol I know
Spires05: ZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of six: any new shows from it?
B5CL Seuss: One of six, We are awaiting the start of Crusades a B5 spinoff
JRiggs3812: hey Zen
Maeve v2: Hi Zen
Wolf3685: {S Spoo
Spires05: HIYA OLD BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirantha: Greetings Zen
Tan Ninja: Al, that’s when they get up to the heafty speed of .6 inch a MONTH!
Alsprtacus: raw spoo…yummmmm
Alsprtacus: yep…
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Gr8 1Gkar to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the
B5CL Seuss: atmosphere
Kirantha: Greetings Gkar
Maeve v2: Why are they putting crusades off for the Non exisistant NBA?
Spires05: Gkar, hiya
B5CL Seuss: Hiya Gkar
JRiggs3812: wb Gkar
Wolf3685: la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Tan Ninja: Good question Maeve!
One of six: B5CL.. Are they going to till about the yrs that they did not show from the last shoa?
B5ZEN: so what’s been new here– everyone have agreat Thanksgiving?
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Greeting}s
Kirantha: Zen, I sure did.
Maeve v2: I’m a Bulls fan, but there isn’t going to be a season
Tan Ninja: {S WhiteStarEngine
B5ZEN: me too!
Wolf3685: {S Hellooldfriend}
B5CL Seuss: Welcome MattEpp to the Eclipse Cafe.
Gr8 1Gkar: Thats another one I’m missing {S UpYours} Any one have it??
B5CL Seuss: r opinion
Spires05: Tan, can I have that wav?
Tan Ninja: ::is a Pacers fan::
Alsprtacus: i will give my starfury for some decent spoo.
Gr8 1Gkar: PLEASE send
B5CL Seuss: Maeve v, good question why dont you let TNT know your opinion
Kirantha: Gkar, I do……I’ll send
B5CL Seuss: I do Gr8 1Gkar,
Tan Ninja: Spires, cant send it. I own a Mac, and I can’t send a sound I can play in a chat room
MattEpp: Well, Teykash, Seuss
B5CL Seuss: thanks Kirantha,
Gr8 1Gkar: Thank U Kira, O’ happy day
Maeve v2: Seuss, I just might. It’s illogical to put off something that has momentum for
Spires05: Dang Mac……………
Alsprtacus: spoo teriyaki
Maeve v2: a questionalbe payoff
Wolf3685: {S Spoo
Alsprtacus: southern fried spoo
MattEpp: what’s going on, all?
Tan Ninja: I love my Mac! {S Macintosh
Gr8 1Gkar: Somebody PLEASE Send
Maeve v2: please forgive the typos, I’m ill
Alsprtacus: spoo ala mode
MattEpp: whadja all think of ze finale?
Tan Ninja: spoo under glass!
B5CL Seuss: Gr8 1Gkar, Kirantha is sending
MattEpp: Me too, Tan
Maeve v2: Alspet: euhhhhh 🙂
B5CL Seuss: MattEpp, I thought it was great
Gr8 1Gkar: I thought it was lacking in Info, But other wise GREAT
Kirantha: GKar, you have mail!!
B5ZEN: I’m bummed the series is over–the last ep was great
Alsprtacus: hey…we could convert b5 into a spoo ranch
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks Seuss
Wolf3685: GTG BYE all
B5CL Seuss: Gr8 1Gkar, and too many open holes in the plot
Spires05: BYE WOLF
Maeve v2: I cried straight thru the ep
B5CL Seuss: Bye Wolf,
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks KIRA
MattEpp: yeahs? I thought it was good, but it has been a “year–week– of great sadness.”
Maeve v2: Bye Wolf
Kirantha: Gkar, you’re welcome
B5CL Seuss: Welcome to the Eclipse Cafe STARCMD, have you checked out the member
B5CL Seuss: photo album ? Look for it on the main screen KEYWORD: Babylon 5
Wolf3685: Thanks all
Gr8 1Gkar: {S 2sexy2
Gr8 1Gkar: O yeah!!
B5ZEN: are their any B5 movies left coming up?
Maeve v2: I understand why the question he left there are there. but in the end
Tan Ninja: A Call to Arms
MattEpp: Most of my offline friends were really dissapointed by “sleeping in light.”
Kirantha: Zen, yes. A Call to Arms in Jan
B5CL Seuss: B5ZEN, Call to Arms in June
Alsprtacus: i hope not…the movies stink
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, Air80rice, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary travellers.
MattEpp: It was so slow moving that I was a little dissapointed as well.
Tan Ninja: June or Jan?
Maeve v2: they might be related to B5 but they aren’t B5 if that makes sense
B5ZEN: is that B5–or Crusaders?
JRiggs3812: later folks, until next time
Alsprtacus: river of souls was lousy
Kirantha: Bye JR
Maeve v2: Night all
B5CL Seuss: B5ZEN, B5 leading in to Crusades
Air80rice: IS anyone good at science, need help..IM if you can be helpful
Kirantha: Alsprtacus, I really liked it.
B5CL Seuss: Alsprtacus, I liked it
Tan Ninja: ThirdSpace rocked, River sucked, Beginning was awesome
B5ZEN: who will be in call??
Alsprtacus: true fans
B5CL Seuss: Welcome Gr8 1Gkar to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the atmosphere
Kirantha: I really enjoyed ROS. I thought Sheen was great.
Gr8 1Gkar: Damn, I hate when that happens
Alsprtacus: tan…you liked 3rd space?…you’ve had too much spoo
Gr8 1Gkar: Sorry, I think some one set it to sign off after transfer
Tan Ninja: I’m a big fan of bloody space dogfights
Kirantha: I wonder if they will make a book out of ROS?
MattEpp: Really, Tan… I didn’t see Thirdspace, but I heard it sucked, and I rather liked River.
Gr8 1Gkar: {S tim2rest
Alsprtacus: but b5 is more than zapping aliens
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes more,
Tan Ninja: Not in Third Space it wasnt
B5CL Seuss: MattEpp, we prefer “sips through Straws” but IMHO it was lacking
MattEpp: O”f course, Kirantha.
Alsprtacus: they cover many moral issues
Gr8 1Gkar: But JMS movies are lacking in Story
Tan Ninja: I found ROS’ acting fairly dull and slow
Alsprtacus: the black rose killer was very powerful
Gr8 1Gkar: He tries to cover up with special affects
Tan Ninja: effects
Alsprtacus: i loved no hiding place
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes AL that one was very good
B5CL Seuss: Gr8 1Gkar, there is a lot more CGI in the movies I will agree with you there
Alsprtacus: war without end…fantastic
MattEpp: “Sips through straws?” what the heck ya talking about? :::confusion::::
B5CL Seuss: Welcome SandyV,come in and talk about the most talked about show in the
B5CL Seuss: universe.
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya {{{{{{{{{{Sandy}}}}}}}}}
Alsprtacus: and then we get 3rd space and river of souls… :~p
Gr8 1Gkar: {S InMyUniv
Kirantha: Time for me to fly. See ya folks
Tan Ninja: What was wrong with Third Space?
Gr8 1Gkar: Bye Kira, thanks again
B5CL Seuss: Bye Kirantha,
Tan Ninja: It covered a serious moral issue
Gr8 1Gkar: I’m to slow
Alsprtacus: a stupid premise…a stupid plot and wasted special effects
SandyV4752: Hi {{{{{{{Gkar}}}}}}}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: I liked the old ST series, they always had a moral at the end
Tan Ninja: Al, it was about the folly of pride
MattEpp: River? Alsprtacus? It was great. Martin Sheen was awesome. Where did you have your head
MattEpp: stuck while watching it?
Gr8 1Gkar: Sandy, would you like the B5 version of an IGGY?
B5CL Seuss: Gr8 1Gkar, um unlike V*yeger?
Alsprtacus: that was just tacked on at the end…never developed
SandyV4752: Yes Please,Gkar!
B5CL Seuss: Welcome AlyshaP to the Eclipse Cafe, enjoy the chat and the atmosphere
Gr8 1Gkar: Seuss you mean the Movie??
B5CL Seuss: Gr8 1Gkar, a new wav?
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes, The movies don’t have the same messages
Gr8 1Gkar: No not new, Old
AlyshaP13: Does anybody know when TNT is going to rerun the episode, “The Fall of Centauri Prime”
Alsprtacus: the movies were no where near the quality of the seires…and that’s a dissappointment
MattEpp: I’m with ya, Alysha… I didn’t get to see it.
MattEpp: Yeah, I suppose so Alspr
B5CL Seuss: AlyshaP, I am sorry but I do not know that
Gr8 1Gkar: BRB
PM454: send an e-mail to TNT…
Alsprtacus: though in the beginning was excellent
Tan Ninja: I saw it!!
AlyshaP13: whats the address
Tan Ninja: One of the only 5th season Eps I saw!
PM454: you had to ask. try
Alsprtacus: i guess i want the more than what i saw in the series
MattEpp: PM: HOW??
B5ZEN: any one going to see insurrection–think it might be good?
B5CL Seuss: MattEpp, try KW:Search
MattEpp: t’was it good, Tan?
Tan Ninja: Me!
AlyshaP13: been there, doesnt give a date as to when their going to re run it
Tan Ninja: It was decent
B5CL Seuss: B5ZEN, I am looking forward to it

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