Eclipse Cafe – 11/23/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
B5CL Mikey: Heya DWebs, IRichar!
OnlineHost: Zek Kan has entered the room.
IRichar006: Hey Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Zek Kan, glad you could make it!
Zek Kan: any of you know of a Babylon 5 SIM?
Zek Kan: Thanks..hehe
B5CL Mikey: No, Zek, I don’t 😉
Zek Kan: Kay, thanks anyway.
Zek Kan: adios
IRichar006: aloha zek
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, with us?
OnlineHost: Rolonda3 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Hi Mikey, i’m land.
DWebs10407: sorry.
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh 😉
B5CL Mikey: Everyone ready for the “big night” Wednesday?
IRichar006: yep
B5CL Mikey: I do hope you two will be able to come to the chat party 😉
OnlineHost: Rolonda3 has entered the room.
IRichar006: party? cool
B5CL Mikey: Heya Rolonda! Glad you could make it!
DWebs10407: Yep I did MIkey, and it didn’t tape. 🙁
B5CL Mikey: Utoh, Dwebs!! :((
DWebs10407: Thank’s MIkey, i’m going to try and retape it tonight.
B5CL Mikey: Good idea 😉 It was a good one
B5CL Mikey: ‘I’ll admit, I cried! LOL
B5CL Mikey: But I won’t ruin it for ya, I promise 😉
B5CL Mikey: I can’t believe this is really it
OnlineHost: VORMJN has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Heya VORMJN, glad you could make it!
VORMJN: have you been expecting me then
B5CL Mikey: Not specifically you, but always glad to have people along! 😉
OnlineHost: JOtter4802 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Hey there JOtter! Welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
DWebs10407: Agreed, it was.
DWebs10407: I was getting really close myself.
JOtter4802: What’s up Mikey?
OnlineHost: MrMordenV has entered the room.
MrMordenV: Mikey!!!
B5CL Mikey: MrMorden, glad you could maek it! 😉
B5CL Mikey: JOtter, not a lot! How bout yourself?
JOtter4802: Just got back online….after a long bout without a phone
MrMordenV: So Mikey, how hard is it to get the job as a B5CL?
B5CL Mikey: Not sure, MrMorden..have you tried applying? 😉
MrMordenV: not yet
JOtter4802: Later all
MrMordenV: bye Jotter
B5CL Mikey: JOtter, come back soon!
MrMordenV: <g>
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
MrMordenV: so, what are we chatting about tonight
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya DW
B5CL Mikey: Gr8 1 Gkar, welcome ot the Cafe!
MrMordenV: Hi Gkar
DWebs10407: Hi Gkar, waves from i’m land.
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Mikey
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: MrMorden, I’m still in disbelief of the events to transpire
Wednesday night 😉
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi Y aMr Morden
B5CL Mikey: SUBZERO, pull up a chair and join us!
MrMordenV: I wouldn’t know Mikey
OnlineHost: Trekkie102 has entered the room.
MrMordenV: Hiya Trekkie
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie, welcome ot the Cafe!
Trekkie102: hey all
Gr8 1Gkar: To much for any one person to take Mikey
Trekkie102: Hi Doc
Gr8 1Gkar: I can’t believe there Timing
B5CL Mikey: MrMorden, I just meant it being the last episode and all ;(
Trekkie102: Hiya Mikey
Trekkie102: Hiya DW
DWebs10407: Oh so did anyone see Touched by an Angel last night?
Gr8 1Gkar: I will be depressed Thurday
DWebs10407: HI Trekkie, waves.
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes DW I did
MrMordenV: I’m still waiting for it to start again over here
Trekkie102: and hiya everyone who i didn’t directly say hiya to
DWebs10407: Oh cool Gkar, me too.
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, you’re not the only one 😉
DWebs10407: It was good.
MrMordenV: How’s it going Capin
Trekkie102: yay!!!!!
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes DW it was, DW did you notice Rick Biggs in the back ground
Trekkie102: it came out!!!!!!
Trekkie102: oh, i’m fine, you?
MrMordenV: not bad
Gr8 1Gkar: When they we showing the Taped sceen
DWebs10407: BB, made made a good cop.
B5CL Mikey: DW, that was sad! 🙁
DWebs10407: Oh so I wasn’t seening thing’s.
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Made made he did
DWebs10407: Yeah it was Mikey.
Gr8 1Gkar: No you weren’t
DWebs10407: So it was Rick then?
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes it was
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s.
DWebs10407: Sorry I thought you where saying something ealse.
Gr8 1Gkar: Someones Home video I think
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes it was Rick
Gr8 1Gkar: I didn’t have time to see if he was dancing with he beautiful
wife, or not
DWebs10407: All I saw was his head.
OnlineHost: G QUON34 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: And I thought I was seening things.
Gr8 1Gkar: And I think those were pics of B& M RL wedding
B5CL Mikey: G QUON, glad you could make it!
Trekkie102: hello, I have returned form my SIM group
G QUON34: hi
Trekkie102: *from
Gr8 1Gkar: See you all later, Just stopped by before lunch and Shower
Gr8 1Gkar: TTFN
Gr8 1Gkar: {{DW}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, come back soon!
MrMordenV: Trekkie I seem to have problems emailing certain group members
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks Mikey
IRichar006: I gotta go Aloha all!
MrMordenV: bye Rich
B5CL Mikey: Come back, Richar! =)
Trekkie102: like who?
DWebs10407: Was that their son, in the vid?
B5CL Mikey: don’t know, DWebs, interesting question
DWebs10407: Thank’s Mikey.
OnlineHost: DRux434242 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Gelangelo has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: DRux, Gelangelo, welcome to Babylon5’s Eclipse Cafe!
OnlineHost: Orca579 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Did anyone noticed the son’s name on the show?
Trekkie102: ::feels a headache comming on::
Trekkie102: not allowed in here
B5CL Mikey: Orca, as cafe protocol, we don’t do age/sex checks here 😉
Orca579: OH
B5CL Mikey: =)
B5CL Mikey: If we want the information known, you’ll find it in our profiles
DWebs10407: Well I cleand the VCR this moring, and checked the tape.
DWebs10407: So hopefully it will tape, tonight
DWebs10407: Nock on wood.
B5CL Mikey: We hope, DWebs!
DWebs10407: Thank’s Mikey.
B5CL Mikey: Orca, please, lower your caps 😉 And you’re welcome to join us,
we’re all chatting!
DWebs10407: Did your’s tape, last week?
Orca579: ok
B5CL Mikey: Sure did, DWebs
B5CL Mikey: Orca, thank you! :o)
DWebs10407: Oh cool Mikey.
Orca579: what are you all tallking about?
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, I’m recording it for a friend who doesn’t get cable.
She’d kill me if it didn’t
B5CL Mikey: record,LOL.
B5CL Mikey: Orca, we’re talking about “babylon 5”
DWebs10407: Oh I see Mikey.
Orca579: will you all be my friends?
B5CL Mikey: Sure, Orca! 😉
DWebs10407: Yeah Orca.
MrMordenV: Depends Orca, what do you want?
MrMordenV: :::put hand over mouth::: must stop saying that
B5CL Mikey: LOL
Orca579: how old are you all
MrMordenV: too old
MrMordenV: far too old
B5CL Mikey: Orca, we don’
B5CL Mikey: don’t do age/sex checks here 😉
Orca579: ok
DWebs10407: Be right back, all.
B5CL Mikey: Everyone ready for Wednesday night?
B5CL Mikey: Ok, DWebs! 😉
MrMordenV: don’t all answer at once eh?
B5CL Mikey: LOL
Trekkie102: brb, cool song on
B5CL Mikey: Ok, Trekkie 😉
Orca579: i going to put you on my buddy list are you?
B5CL Mikey: I love Madonna’s new song
B5CL Mikey: Am I what?
DWebs10407: I’m back.
MrMordenV: Hello Back
MrMordenV: lol
DWebs10407: HI Morden.
Orca579: put me on your buddy list?
B5CL Mikey: Orca, I don’t use a buddy list 😉
Orca579: oh
MrMordenV: Got a great offer on B5 videos today
Orca579: are you dwebs?
B5CL Mikey: Coolies, MrMorden!
Trekkie102: ::humms song:: I’m back
MrMordenV: A store here is selling them in season Boxed sets
DWebs10407: Nope sorru Ocra, I don’t know how to do that.
B5CL Mikey: Interesting
DWebs10407: Oh cool.
MrMordenV: seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4
Orca579: oh
MrMordenV: at what must be about $90 a season
Trekkie102: EVIL SONG!!! brb
OnlineHost: CPRWAVES has entered the room.
Orca579: i have to go bye anyways im 11
Trekkie102: much better, back
MrMordenV: see ya Orca
Trekkie102: bye-bye
DWebs10407: This is my opinion is but season 3 and 4 where the best.
B5CL Mikey: Orca, come back soon!
B5CL Mikey: CPRWAVES, welcome to the Cafe!
MrMordenV: I liked season 2 myself
B5CL Mikey: I’d have to agree, DWebs.
DWebs10407: thank’s Mikey.
MrMordenV: The story with Londo and his wives had some good lines
Trekkie102: i like the seasons with Marcus the best, personally <g>
MrMordenV: should have guessed Trekkie
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Trekkie
DWebs10407: I have to agree with trekkie.
Trekkie102: long going joke in here, huh Mikey?
DWebs10407: Be right back.
MrMordenV: One thing of note though
B5CL Mikey: Sure, Trekkie 😉
Trekkie102: kiras
Trekkie102: oops, sorry. Kira’s on
MrMordenV: I’ve watched the first 8 episodes of season 2
Trekkie102: time to play Captain
MrMordenV: and Kosh hasn’t said a word yet
MrMordenV: cool Trekkie
DWebs10407: I’m back.
Trekkie102: so much fr that, she left!
MrMordenV: lol
Trekkie102: ::pulls out plasma blaster 7 shoots typo deamons:: all beter
Trekkie102: i mean, and shoots
OnlineHost: FaryDrgon has entered the room.
MrMordenV: didn’t get them all then Trekkie
B5CL Mikey: FaryDrgon, welcome to the Cafe!
Trekkie102: apparently so……
MrMordenV: Thats not a Fairy Dragon is it?
DWebs10407: HI Fairy Dragon.
FaryDrgon: Hi
Trekkie102: brb, somebody has the nerve to come to my house….
MrMordenV: there goes the station
MrMordenV: lol Trekkie
OnlineHost: P21Corps has entered the room.
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
MrMordenV: Hiya P21
P21Corps: hello
DWebs10407: HI P21.
FaryDrgon: So whats the news in this room?
MrMordenV: Dragn
B5Dragn1: Greetings ALL
MrMordenV: {S drgnkiss
DWebs10407: HI D.
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{MIKEY}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
B5CL Mikey: Hey there P21, Dragn! Glad you could make it!
B5CL Mikey: {{{{{{{Dragn}}}}}}}}}
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{{Morden}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
P21Corps: {S happy
MrMordenV: {S whatwant
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{P21}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
FaryDrgon: to me?
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{DW}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
P21Corps: {{{{{dragn}}}}}
B5Dragn1: I think that is everybody…..ROFL
P21Corps: {S virwant
MrMordenV: Some nights just Drag-on
Trekkie102: back all
MrMordenV: lol P21
DWebs10407: Wb trekkie.
P21Corps: }=)
Trekkie102: Thanx
B5Dragn1: LOL Morden
DWebs10407: Welcome.
B5Dragn1: How are you Mikey???
MrMordenV: wb Trekkie
OnlineHost: MINIBIDAY has entered the room.
MrMordenV: who was it Trekkie
MINIBIDAY: doltahodgen, I greet you from lulungameena in the tarsian galaxy
MINIBIDAY: I am a trekker not a trekkie
MrMordenV: nice weather?
MINIBIDAY: its not bad here in new york
B5CL Mikey: Heya MINIBIDAY 😉
DWebs10407: Oh where finially getting some cold weather down here Firdya.
B5Dragn1: Mini…I think he is talking to
B5Dragn1: Trekkie102…..
MrMordenV: lol
MINIBIDAY: hi b5cl
DWebs10407: Ack, Friday.
FaryDrgon: Where are you all from?
DWebs10407: Me D?
P21Corps: Florida
OnlineHost: Gbpw31 has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: DW…raining here…cold weather on the
B5Dragn1: way…you should get it by Monday
MINIBIDAY: too much humuggidy there
P21Corps: hi Gb
Gbpw31: hi all
FaryDrgon: KC,MO
MrMordenV: Talking is not the hard part Dragn it the listening
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s D.
B5Dragn1: Florida Drgon
Gbpw31: hi trekkie
B5CL Mikey: Heya Pbpw…glad you could join us!
B5Dragn1: LOL Morden
FaryDrgon: k
Gbpw31: b5cl?
MINIBIDAY: greetings and felicitations
B5Dragn1: Mikey..are you just lurking today??
P21Corps: {S unfor2
MINIBIDAY: good episode 100 on voyager
Gbpw31: mikey?
OnlineHost: Loginr has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Yeah it was interesting.
MINIBIDAY: can’t wait to see final episode on wednesday of b5
FaryDrgon: yes that was a good one
MrMordenV: Is Mikey sleeping?
DWebs10407: The preview for the new movie looked good.
DWebs10407: Mikey, are you here?
B5CL Mikey: Of course, DWebs 😉
MrMordenV: MIKEY!!!
B5Dragn1: Mikey is lurking……ROFl…..He’s good at
B5Dragn1: that
MINIBIDAY: it is going to be hard to top the 4th season finale
DWebs10407: Oh ok, just checking Mikey.
Gbpw31: kim and chcaty taking a delts flyer right out of a space doc
B5CL Mikey: Nope, not sleeping, merely observing more today than usual 😉
Gbpw31: MIKEY?
DWebs10407: Oh ok Mikey.
MrMordenV: ah, sleeping with your eyes open
B5CL Mikey: As Leo Buscaglia said, “Talk less, listen more. No one ever
learned anything by talking.”
B5CL Mikey: <g>
MINIBIDAY: esri dax is a cutie
Trekkie102: back
Gbpw31: b5cl mikey
B5CL Mikey: I do NOT like Ezri
Gbpw31: ‘
B5CL Mikey: Yes, Gbpw?
B5Dragn1: Now Mikey….youmcan’t do that….you are
Gbpw31: just gb okay?
B5Dragn1: supposed to talk to the aliens……I mean
B5Dragn1: us
Gbpw31: hi trekkie
MINIBIDAY: first current sf love is lyta
B5CL Mikey: LOL…I do talk!
Trekkie102: hello all
MrMordenV: WB Trekkie
P21Corps: {S 3rdey
Trekkie102: I just caught up on everything…more or less
P21Corps: {S 3rdeye
Trekkie102: thanx
MrMordenV: less?
Gbpw31: does anyone know the pres???
FaryDrgon: no
P21Corps: {S hpay2
Gbpw31: presjohns?
P21Corps: {S erthshi[
B5CL Mikey: Gbpw, know who?
P21Corps: {S erthship
Gbpw31: by all
MrMordenV: bye Gb
P21Corps: {S p21~1
Trekkie102: hey, you’re ot a Trekkie, your a TrekkER?
B5CL Mikey: Gbpw, come back soon!
P21Corps: {S rocknite
MINIBIDAY: right! trekkie is a nutty fan. trekker is a devotee
P21Corps: {S jackass
OnlineHost: Orca579 has entered the room.
MrMordenV: splitting hairs Trekkie
P21Corps: {S bitchin
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Orca!
OnlineHost: MstrGrinch has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Wb Orca.
MstrGrinch: {P MrGrinch} Greetings and salutations.
Trekkie102: nono, trekker is the deragatory name for a Trek fan. trekkie is
the ‘proper’ one
DWebs10407: Hi Grinch.
P21Corps: Hi Crinch
MrMordenV: yeah hello
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{{Grinch}}}}}}}}}}{ P drgnkiss}
B5CL Mikey: Heyyya Grinch! 😉
Trekkie102: and, yes, i do feel like spliting hairs and debating something
MrMordenV: getting into a fight over names eh?
P21Corps: Argh! THe demons are OUT!
MINIBIDAY: other way around, trekkie
Trekkie102: yes, apparently so Mordy <g>
DWebs10407: I thought a male Star Trek fan was a trekker, and a female a
B5CL Mikey: Now, demons just don’t sounds very healthy 😉
MrMordenV: so what do you call a B5 fan?
Trekkie102: no, i’m afraid it isn’t
P21Corps: I know they don’t
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, actually, a lot of people find the term “trekkie”
offensive 😉
Trekkie102: Babylonian
MINIBIDAY: I’ve been around a lot longer. My first tv scifi show was Captain
Video in 1947
MrMordenV: Intelligent?
B5CL Mikey: They prefer Trekker, to be PC
Orca579: do you mind that i am 11?
DWebs10407: Oh I see, thank’s Mikey I didn’t know that.
P21Corps: No, Orca
B5Dragn1: {P drgnkiss}
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
Orca579: ok
P21Corps: hi Wren
MstrGrinch: only if you dont mind being 11 Orca
B5CL Mikey: Heya Wren! Welcome to the Cafe!
DWebs10407: Hi Wren.
B5Dragn1: That’s for you Grinch
Trekkie102: DW, that’s also a popular belief in Ri.
Wren19: what’s wrong with being 11
MstrGrinch: thanks B5Dragn,
P21Corps: Nothing
DWebs10407: I’m sorry what’s Ri?
B5Dragn1: How’s the weather up there Grinch..raining
B5Dragn1: here
MrMordenV: Rhode Island
Orca579: is anyone around my age?
MstrGrinch: Raining here too B5Dragn,
Wren19: what is your age
MrMordenV: I hope I spelt that right
MINIBIDAY: By the way, in the sf weekly mag, they have wrong info. Blast off
was first used on tv by
DWebs10407: Oh I see, thank’s Morden.
Orca579: 11
B5CL Mikey: Anyone else having lag problems? 🙁
MINIBIDAY: captain video 3 years before tom corbet
Wren19: me too
P21Corps: Orca, here age doesn’t matter
Trekkie102: in RI, some people would agree wth you that Trekker is for male
trek fans
B5Dragn1: BIG time Mikey…….
DWebs10407: Nope Mikey, you having problems?
MrMordenV: nope I’m fine
DWebs10407: Mine’s been frezzing on and off, all day.
Wren19: maybe that is right
Trekkie102: Orca, not usless you consider 15 close
B5CL Mikey: Yup, DWebs
MstrGrinch: Major Lag problems here Mikey,
MINIBIDAY: whats a female fan….a trickie?
DWebs10407: Oh no.
B5CL Mikey: Least I’m not the oly one, Dragn
Wren19: ocra, i;m 11
MrMordenV: Its close to me Trekkie
B5CL Mikey: And Grinch ;0
MrMordenV: well maybe not
Wren19: i like the term trekkie better
Orca579: i do
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey you using PT’s?
MINIBIDAY: must go now. need line for fax
B5Dragn1: Seems like PT’s makes the drag worse
Trekkie102: Trekkie, supposedly. but IT ISN’T!
Orca579: hey wren are you a male?
MINIBIDAY: live long and prosper and may all your children be borne naked
Wren19: no
DWebs10407: Bye Mb.
MrMordenV: lol MINIBIDAY
Orca579: oh a female
B5CL Mikey: MINI, come back soon!
Wren19: they’ll be born that way anyway
Trekkie102: bye Min, may your path be clear
Wren19: yeah
Orca579: so am i
Trekkie102: and me as well
MrMordenV: My path is clear if I ignore all the things in the way
Wren19: of course
Wren19: it will be
P21Corps: {S unfor2
Wren19: but it’s easier if you make them all go BOOM!
MrMordenV: Am I the only male in here
Trekkie102: <g> that would work to
Wren19: probably not
B5CL Mikey: MrMorden, nope 😉
Orca579: { S welcome
MrMordenV: phew
OnlineHost: Vaylenn has entered the room.
P21Corps: hi Vaylenn
MstrGrinch: <~Mr Grinch 🙂
Trekkie102: 🙂
Wren19: hi vaylenn
Orca579: {S welcom
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
Vaylenn: hi all
DWebs10407: Hi vaylenn.
P21Corps: {S p21~1
B5CL Mikey: Heya Vaylenn, SUBZERO!
MrMordenV: I was getting worried Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Glad you two could make it!
B5Dragn1: Sheesh…my new glasses are playing havoc
B5Dragn1: with my typing
Orca579: {Swelcome
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Morden!!
SUBZERO482: hi!
B5CL Mikey: Utoh, Dragn
P21Corps: My new demons are playing havoc with mine
Orca579: { Swelcome
MrMordenV: That many women in one place can be dangerous
B5Dragn1: Trifocals Mikey….and MUCH
B5Dragn1: stronger….lines are driving me nuts
B5CL Mikey: ROFL, Morden! No comment!
Orca579: { S welcome
Wren19: what do you mean, morden
MrMordenV: especially if they have credit cards
P21Corps: Morden, be nice
B5CL Mikey: Ack, Dragn..sounds like it!
MstrGrinch: I take mine off when typing B5Dragn,
Orca579: did anyone hear it
MrMordenV: You know I’m only joking P21
DWebs10407: I need mine for the computer and reading.
B5Dragn1: Can’t Grinch..can’t see the keyboard if I do
B5Dragn1: that
P21Corps: I know
MrMordenV: <g>
Wren19: don’t need mine, yet
P21Corps: just had to say something
Wren19: who did
Vaylenn: sorry i havent been around lately, i keep forgetting to check in.
P21Corps: after all I am a female
Wren19: huh?
Trekkie102: I feel like shopping
B5Dragn1: Just need to adjust the angle I hold my
B5Dragn1: head…..used to the other glasses
MrMordenV: Cat still alive and kicking P21?
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
P21Corps: yeah
Orca579: wren i am going to put you on my buddy list
B5CL Mikey: Heya GODSIVAR! 😉
Wren19: why
DWebs10407: I got alot of my Christmass shopping done last week.
P21Corps: it loves it outside
DWebs10407: Hi God.
MrMordenV: not long before it snuffs it I bet
Wren19: it what?
MrMordenV: dies
Wren19: lovely
Wren19: just lovely
MrMordenV: pops its clogs
MrMordenV: bites the dust
MrMordenV: kicks the bucket
B5CL Mikey: MrMorden, you feeling ok? 😉
Wren19: what are you talking about
Wren19: morden
Trekkie102: yellow all, I’m back
DWebs10407: I think Mr. Morden, is having a meltdown.
MrMordenV: soory, just got this death fixation thing
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Trekkie!
DWebs10407: Wb trekkie.
Wren19: always had it
MrMordenV: WB Trekkie
Vaylenn: oops, my roommate says they got a page, and needs the line.
B5Dragn1: Morden….hung up on dying?
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
P21Corps: hi kin
Wren19: you are already dead, so there is no reason to die
MrMordenV: feeling a bit light headed Dragn
Orca579: bye
Trekkie102: Thanx
Trekkie102: I was buggina fellow SIMmer to write a post & do something in the
B5CL Mikey: Dieing just isn’t healthy 😉
Vaylenn: mmmmuuuuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
MrMordenV: But its a start Mikey
Wren19: of course it is
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Morden
Wren19: it’s a natural process of life
Wren19: because there is no life
MrMordenV: at least you can’t get any worse
Wren19: only death
Wren19: there is nothing worth living for
Wren19: except death
MrMordenV: depends, what day is it today?
Wren19: monday
P21Corps: {S unfor2
MrMordenV: nope not worth dying today
Wren19: the day we all get reincarnated
MstrGrinch: the day after yesterday MrMordenV,
P21Corps: {S 3rdeye
Wren19: but you are already dead
MrMordenV: got the whole week to sc**w up yet
Wren19: no you do not
OnlineHost: Orca579 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: I wish it was the weekend.
Wren19: there is no beginning
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Orca! 😉
P21Corps: {S unfor2
Wren19: only an end
Wren19: wb, ocra
MrMordenV: so tell me Wren, any problem you want off your chest
DWebs10407: Well I hate to do this, but I should be going.
Wren19: yes, life
DWebs10407: Bye everyone, waves.
MrMordenV: see ya DWebs
Trekkie102: bye DW! ttyl
B5CL Mikey: DWebs, come back aond see us soon!
DWebs10407: Bye Mr Morden.
Wren19: bye dw
DWebs10407: Bye Trekkie.
DWebs10407: Bye Mikey, thank’s.
DWebs10407: Bye Wren.
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Waves to all.
P21Corps: wb dragn
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Dragon!
MrMordenV: Don’t like death, too static
Wren19: death does not exisr
B5Dragn1: Talk aobut it and it does you in
Wren19: life does not exist
Wren19: we do not exist
OnlineHost: Orca579 has entered the room.
MrMordenV: oh God
Wren19: wb, ocra
Wren19: what’s wrong
MrMordenV: hiya Orca
Wren19: morden
Wren19: get fed up with this nonsense
Orca579: did webs leave?
MrMordenV: I’m not going into this non-existance thing again
Wren19: yep
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, Orca, she left 😉
OnlineHost: JMKMS has entered the room.
OnlineHost: ChinCherry has entered the room.
Wren19: you never went into it morden
Orca579: oh man
B5CL Mikey: JMKMS, ChinCherry, welcome ot the Cafe!
MrMordenV: I did a few weeks ago Wren
Wren19: so you should know about non-existance
B5Dragn1: But Wren……we have been into it in
B5Dragn1: previous chats……talked it to death…LOL
Wren19: because you experienced it first hand
MrMordenV: I have no inclination to go there again OK
Wren19: why
Wren19: what is wrong with it
MrMordenV: as a topic it doesn’t exist
Wren19: if it does not exist
Wren19: what is the point of talking about it
MrMordenV: so who cares?
Wren19: if there is no point
B5Dragn1: Wren….it’s Monday….not a good day for
B5Dragn1: exestenalism
MrMordenV: take a vote
Wren19: everyday is a good day
MstrGrinch: lol B5Dragn,
B5Dragn1: NO!
Wren19: you do not agree?
MrMordenV: all those in favor of discussing non-existance?
B5Dragn1: Nay…….
Wren19: why are you not in favor?
OnlineHost: CPRWAVES has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Not a great topic, Wren <g>
MrMordenV: Glad the horse Voted
Wren19: what is wrong with not existing?
MrMordenV: LOL
P21Corps: hey people P21’s on the can I’m in control
B5Dragn1: May I propose an alternate topic? Quantum
MrMordenV: uh oh
B5Dragn1: physics
Wren19: huh?
P21Corps: ….till she comes out anyway
Wren19: lovely
MrMordenV: same difference Dragn
Wren19: what do you know about it
P21Corps: uh oh
Wren19: please enlighten us all
B5Dragn1: LOL Morden….at least that is a space
B5Dragn1: topic……
MrMordenV: can any of it be proven Dragn?
Wren19: yes it can be proven
B5Dragn1: Probably not…..most of it is theory
P21Corps: thaat stupid little ***** better not touch this puter again
MrMordenV: having fun P21
Wren19: didn’t you read that article about excuting that cat
Wren19: fun with what?
P21Corps: {S insane
MrMordenV: pardon Wren?
Wren19: thank you
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Hey there SUBZERO! 😉
B5Dragn1: WB Subzero
MrMordenV: if killing cats is connected to Quantum Physics, P21 is in luck
Wren19: it is connected
B5Dragn1: ROFL Morden
MrMordenV: how so Wren
MrMordenV: I’m all ears
MrMordenV: Well thats about all I got left
Wren19: i forget the details, but there was this article about it in an issue
of populat mechanics
P21Corps: {S unfor2
P21Corps: {S insane
Wren19: whose insane?
Wren19: you or me?
P21Corps: ME!
OnlineHost: OnlyKosh has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Can’t we just all be insane? 😉
Wren19: i thought i was insane too
B5CL Mikey: Heya OnlyKosh, glad you could make it!
OnlyKosh: Salutations all
Wren19: of course not
MrMordenV: Hope springs eternal Mikey
OnlyKosh: hey Mikey
B5Dragn1: But Mikey….I thought that was already
B5Dragn1: certified???
B5CL Mikey: LOL, You’re certifiable, difference!!
B5Dragn1: ROFL Mikey
Trekkie102: I’m back
B5Dragn1: WB Trekkie
B5CL Mikey: <g>
Trekkie102: Thanx again
MrMordenV: hello Bac…. no wait I’ve used that one
OnlineHost: Gbpw31 has entered the room.
MrMordenV: WB Trekkie
OnlineHost: Tan Ninja has entered the room.
Gbpw31: back
B5Dragn1: Morden try…No front
Tan Ninja: ::enters:: hello all!
OnlyKosh: ::sighs:: Not much happenin’ c-ya guys (and gals) later.
P21Corps: {S unfor1
Wren19: where did you go
P21Corps: {S unfor2
OnlineHost: FaryDrgon has entered the room.
MrMordenV: so where’d you go this time Trekkie
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Fary! 😉
Wren19: p21 do you have a psycological thing going there?
MrMordenV: Well P21?
MrMordenV: <g>
P21Corps: {S insane
MrMordenV: LOL
Wren19: anyone here know if they belong in a mental institution?
Wren19: thought so
MrMordenV: guess thsat answers that
Trekkie102: ::cracks her knuckles::
MrMordenV: owww
Trekkie102: around….
Wren19: answer my other question, now
MrMordenV: around what?
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
P21Corps: {S p21!
P21Corps: {S p21~1
Trekkie102: bugging some of me crew and fellow rangers & such like things…
B5Dragn1: Hehehehe…..thank you Grinchy…{S drgnkiss
Wren19: p21 you’d be driving me crazy
Trekkie102: alsi talking 2 my best friend, raven
Wren19: if i wasn’t already crazy
Trekkie102: *also
MstrGrinch: {S snpypi~1}
P21Corps: {S p21~2
MrMordenV: been busy then Captain
B5Dragn1: Tail swisin time………….
OnlineHost: Gbpw31 has entered the room.
Gbpw31: back
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Dark Twee has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: {P snpypi~1}
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
MrMordenV: the waxing and waning of the chat room
B5CL Mikey: Heya Dark!
FaryDrgon: Getting out of rang of tail
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Wren, SUBZERO, and Gbpw!
B5Dragn1: LOL Morden…..never a dull moment huh?
P21Corps: {S justgas
Trekkie102: yep, very busy
Wren19: what do you mean
MrMordenV: in out, in out, shake it all about
P21Corps: {S im
Gbpw31: mikey just gb okay?
B5Dragn1: Sorry Fary…..but I got to swish
B5Dragn1: sometimes!!!
B5CL Mikey: dull moments are for dull people, honey, LOL
B5CL Mikey: Okies, Gb, I’ll rey to remember that 😉
B5Dragn1: True Mikey…true…{S smooch
Wren19: of course
Gbpw31: if you dont<hold a ppg in the air>
Wren19: but is there a point
Wren19: in everything
FaryDrgon: No prob I have tail too
B5CL Mikey: Don’t forget Wednesday night, 10 PM, “Sleeping In Light”!! (As if
anyone could)
MrMordenV: oh my god he’s got a gun :::yawn::
Wren19: don’t you believe delenn
B5Dragn1: Doing the Hokey Pokey Morden?
Gbpw31: i wont by all
P21Corps: {S insane
MrMordenV: yup Dragn
Wren19: p21, say something meaningful, for a change
MrMordenV: ebb and flow is another good way to describe things
Wren19: vir?
MrMordenV: here
Wren19: did you get that from him
P21Corps: {S iseered
MrMordenV: pardon Wren?
B5CL Mikey: Naw, now, lets be nice peeps 😉
Wren19: what do you mean nice?
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey….you honestly think that can
B5Dragn1: happen?
MrMordenV: Peeps??? I hate Havenites…. oops wrong story line
Wren19: did you get that ebb and flow thing from him, morden
MrMordenV: no, its used to describe tides
MrMordenV: I was always good in English
B5CL Mikey: Sure it can, Dragn! Especially on my watch! LOL
P21Corps: {S pumping
Wren19: that’s the idea he was describing in one of the eps
P21Corps: {S unfor1
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey…..I know……..I know…….
P21Corps: {S unfor2
P21Corps: {S insane
MrMordenV: just one word…
MrMordenV: Spoo
P21Corps: {S iseered
B5Dragn1: {S spoo
Wren19: doesn;t everyone here love being nice
P21Corps: {S p21~1
B5Dragn1: Wren…that is a loaded question
OnlineHost: B5CL Seuss has entered the room.
OnlineHost: ItsEz2H8me has entered the room.
FaryDrgon: I have to be ……I have have childern
Wren19: now let’s all hug, in honor of byron
B5CL Mikey: Heya Seuss, ItsEz! Glad you two could join us!
B5CL Seuss: Greetings fellow B5 Fans 🙂
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{Suess}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
ItsEz2H8me: I know this is B5, but …
B5CL Seuss: thanks Dragn,
B5CL Mikey: ItsEz…but what?
MrMordenV: a stroke of the brush does not guarantee art from the bristles
B5Dragn1: LOL…slipped out on me did you???
Wren19: of course
ItsEz2H8me: did anyone see that last ep of Friends? Okay, stop laughing.
Wren19: you’re all poetic, morden
B5CL Mikey: No, ItsEz….I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it 😉
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
B5CL Seuss: MrMordenV, good thought
MrMordenV: you do not understand
Wren19: never seen friends
Wren19: of course
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
Wren19: we are not ready
ItsEz2H8me: I figured, I get that a lot from Sci-Fi fans.
Wren19: neither are you
FaryDrgon: I<<<Published poems
MrMordenV: you have forgotten something
B5CL Mikey: Welcome to the Cafe, Kincain!
Wren19: which is…….
ItsEz2H8me: Sci-fi fans also don’t seem to like “hard rock ” music either.
MrMordenV: everything and nothing
Wren19: i sort of like that
Wren19: i like noise
OnlineHost: Emerald544 has entered the room.
P21Corps: I like hard rock musid
P21Corps: music
MrMordenV: good
P21Corps: damn demons
B5CL Mikey: Emerald, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe! 😉
ItsEz2H8me: like what?
Wren19: except backround noise
Emerald544: hi
MrMordenV: listen to the music, not the song
B5CL Mikey: Emerald, how are you? 😉
Wren19: fine, you vorlon quoter
B5CL Seuss: P21Corps, try hanging garlic around that might chase the demons
ItsEz2H8me: P21Corps——> like what groups?
Wren19: demons are good
OnlineHost: Mankind116 has entered the room.
Wren19: i have nothing against demons
P21Corps: Nah…already did wont’ help
MrMordenV: cannot say, saying I would know. Do not know, so cannot say.
Wren19: i used to be a demon
OnlineHost: Mankind116 has entered the room.
P21Corps: Metallica
B5CL Mikey: Mankind, pull up a chair and join the chat!
ItsEz2H8me: new or old?
P21Corps: both…mainly new
Wren19: does anyone here like new age music?
ItsEz2H8me: yeah, that’s what I thought, The new stuff isn’t bad, but not
*real* heavy.
B5CL Seuss: Wren, it is a little better than old age music
FaryDrgon: <<<going to table…..chating with self
Wren19: it’s still bad
B5CL Mikey: Wren, you mean, Yanni type stuff?
Wren19: yep
Wren19: can’t stand it
B5CL Mikey: I love Yanni 😉
P21Corps: I listen to Black Sabbeth
Wren19: drives me crazy
B5CL Mikey: Seen him in Concert. Floor seats, center section ;D
ItsEz2H8me: I like really heavy, like “Deftones”, “Korn” and stuff like that.

P21Corps: **************************************************************************************demons
Wren19: do a spell, p21
P21Corps: I like Korn
Wren19: it always works
B5CL Seuss: I like Korn on the cob
ItsEz2H8me: I go into a “heavy music” chat and say B5, they’re like “huh?”
so, you know.
P21Corps: No itdoesn’t
Wren19: you tried it?
MrMordenV: brave man
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Seuss. Korn is, uhm, strange people 😉
OnlineHost: MAGIC21885 has entered the room.
ItsEz2H8me: :::weeps::: One more episode….:::weeps sum more:::
Wren19: everyone sterotypes
MAGIC21885: hello ali
B5CL Mikey: We’ve been expecting you, MAGIC! Pull up a chair and join us!
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
Wren19: who is alu
Wren19: ali
Trekkie102: I’m here….
ItsEz2H8me: I also like Marilyn Manson, well untill the new CD.
B5CL Mikey: SUBZERO, glad you could make it!
MrMordenV: mee too trekkie
B5CL Mikey: Ack, no Marilyn Manson
MrMordenV: grrr
Wren19: marilyn manson makes me sick
MrMordenV: MM aint that great, got no balls
ItsEz2H8me: people seem to hate him, but never heard the music, but thats
MrMordenV: lol
Wren19: did you ever see the music vids
P21Corps: I don’t like Manson…Just because there are some really fucked ppl
that listen to him
B5CL Mikey: P21, watched the language.
ItsEz2H8me: like me 😛
P21Corps: sorry
Trekkie102: huh? oh, hi
MrMordenV: : Þ
P21Corps: the demons did it
Trekkie102: I’m Ali
MrMordenV: Ali!!!!
Wren19: oh
Wren19: what kind of demons, p21
P21Corps: typo
ItsEz2H8me: I went to a B5 con in Pasadena, and wore a “Rage against the
Machine” shirt, man I felt very
Wren19: ahh
Trekkie102: huh? yes?
SUBZERO482: erewvj
ItsEz2H8me: alone.
Wren19: get new software
MAGIC21885: Alison its me Daryl
Trekkie102: I know who you are
MrMordenV: welcome to the B5 music chart show
Wren19: lovely, mordeb
Wren19: morden
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
MAGIC21885: sorry bad day
Wren19: nice sense of humor, really

MAGIC21885: i am never online this early
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Kincainjp
B5CL Mikey: P21, keyboard stuck? 😉
MrMordenV: It may be bad, but its all I got Wren
B5CL Seuss: P21Corps Please keep the cat away from the keyboard.
Trekkie102: ::kicks computer:: why ME!??!?!?!
Wren19: what type of font, p21
P21Corps: OK}=)
ItsEz2H8me: B5 is my all time fav show, but I’ve loved music for like 10
MrMordenV: because Trekkie
P21Corps: symbol
ItsEz2H8me: when I was little, it was like “Star wars” good, “Star Trek” bad.
Wren19: i was like star trek good
MrMordenV: I feel George Orwell coming on
ItsEz2H8me: in like 1990, it was like “Star Trek ” good “Star Wars” bad
Wren19: star wars bad
Kincainjp: {S pris
Wren19: uh, when were you little
FaryDrgon: I sit here pondering…..words of faith and wisdom to myself
ItsEz2H8me: in like 1993, I was like Star Trek AND Star Wars good.
B5CL Mikey: Fary, wanna share? 😉
MrMordenV: see clever not to give any dates Wren
Wren19: then words of faith and wisdom you shall learn
Wren19: and hear
FaryDrgon: whats to share?
ItsEz2H8me: in 1995, I was like Star Trek and Star wars bad…Babylon 5 the
Wren19: may your wanderings bring you
OnlineHost: WolfsVoice has entered the room.
MAGIC21885: hello john i didn’t see your name how was school as you know i
wasn’t there today
B5CL Mikey: I’m not sure…was hoping you could tell me 😉
Wren19: to the place of your choosing
MrMordenV: aw hell
P21Corps: hi wolfsVoice
B5CL Mikey: WolfsVoice, we saved your favorite seat! 😉
P21Corps: {S ah-hell
WolfsVoice: Hello. How’s it going?
Kincainjp: {S trek
ItsEz2H8me: so, no one watched last weeks Friends?
MrMordenV: nope
WolfsVoice: +No.
Wren19: no
B5Dragn1: Well…got to go DL some mail…then get
B5Dragn1: some supper…take care all…{S drgnkiss}
B5Dragn1: to all
P21Corps: no
ItsEz2H8me: okay, well I’ll go somewhere else, later
MrMordenV: bye |Dragon
P21Corps: bye dragn
WolfsVoice: bye dragon
Wren19: bye dragon
FaryDrgon: life is more than an age or physical oberishion of ones self.
B5Dragn1: {{{{{Mikey}}}}}} Take care darlin…..{S
B5Dragn1: smooch
B5CL Seuss: bye Dragn,
Wren19: life is non-existant
Wren19: you all know my views on it
MrMordenV: YES
WolfsVoice: yes
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
OnlineHost: P21Corps has entered the room.
OnlineHost: G QUON34 has entered the room.
Wren19: do you want your memory refreshed
P21Corps: wrong button
MrMordenV: NO
G QUON34: hi
WolfsVoice: Please don’t, hi
Gr8 1Gkar: Can anyone send me {S Greeting
Trekkie102: ::begins cursing a *nameless* pesron in Klingon::
Gr8 1Gkar: Or {S greetings}
B5CL Seuss: Hiya Gr8 1Gkar,
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, P21, G QUON, thanks for comin back! 😉
Wren19: of course
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Seuss
Wren19: not
P21Corps: {{{{gkar}}}}}}
MrMordenV: problems Trekkie?
B5CL Seuss: sorry I dont have either one Gr8 1Gkar,
Trekkie102: just a few
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya P21. I haven’t seen you lately
MrMordenV: want to share them?
Gr8 1Gkar: Seuss they really the same thig
WolfsVoice: Seems like no one has seen any one latelt.
P21Corps: been busy
Gr8 1Gkar: Just added an s on the of one
Trekkie102: not partictularly
B5CL Seuss: who is saying it?
Gr8 1Gkar: GQUAN, Please send me that
OnlineHost: Assimiltr has entered the room.
MrMordenV: thats okay I only got 7 minutes anyway
B5CL Mikey: Heya Assimiltr, glad you could make it!
Assimiltr: Hiya Seuss
P21Corps: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Assim}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya ASSIM
Assimiltr: Hiya Mikey!!!
Assimiltr: 😉
WolfsVoice: Hello.
B5CL Seuss: Hiya Assimiltr, 🙂
Assimiltr: {{{Gkar!!!}}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Wolf
Gr8 1Gkar: {ASSIM}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: Much love
Wren19: gotta go
MrMordenV: bye Wren
P21Corps: bye Wren
WolfsVoice: See ya Wren
Assimiltr: Ditto
B5CL Seuss: see ya Wren,
Gr8 1Gkar: Bye Wren
Assimiltr: Bye Wren
Wren19: must brainwash someone
B5CL Mikey: Wren, come back and see us soon!
Assimiltr: Hiya P21
Assimiltr: Hiya Trekkie 😉
MrMordenV: too soon the Wren leaves the nest
Assimiltr: Gkar..whats this about free time?
MrMordenV: well, not a moment too soon
Assimiltr: ::::whistles and looks to ceiling::::
Gr8 1Gkar: One free month for that proplem with Host the other night
B5CL Seuss: Free time? I pay $21.95 a month….free hmph
Assimiltr: Hot dang Gkar!!!
Assimiltr: I want blood.
Assimiltr: }:)
MrMordenV: bllod calls out for blood
Gr8 1Gkar: I only got 1 free month
Assimiltr: Still waiting to hear if my situation will get resolved soon.
MrMordenV: *blood
Assimiltr: Oh well..whats the topic??
Assimiltr: Er.. besides B5
P21Corps: ??
WolfsVoice: I’ve don’t know how many free months I ahve.
Assimiltr: I have a pic of bruce from SiL
Assimiltr: anyone want?
Gr8 1Gkar: But they still havn’t taken care of either problem yet
Assimiltr: They will sweets, they will.
Gr8 1Gkar: SIL??
Assimiltr: I might just get my Lawyer in on it. 😉
Assimiltr: Sleeping in light
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
Assimiltr: SiL
Gr8 1Gkar: Ah,,
MrMordenV: well got to go. See any of you tomorrow?
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Heya AmbKosh!
Trekkie102: bye Mordy!
Gr8 1Gkar: Bye Mordie
B5CL Mikey: MrMorden, I’ll be here! 😉
AmbKosh715: hello
Assimiltr: I’ll be here Morden
WolfsVoice: Bye Mordy
P21Corps: hi Kosh
Trekkie102: I’ll be here, you know that!!
WolfsVoice: Hi ya Kosh!
MrMordenV: wow, quite a response this time
G QUON34: hi kosh
P21Corps: bye Morden
Trekkie102: bye Mordy, ttyl
Gr8 1Gkar: ttyl ??
WolfsVoice: See ya Mordy!
Assimiltr: Thats cause it’s after three and we are all awake Morden
Assimiltr: lol
Gr8 1Gkar: Takes us awhile
Assimiltr: Hello Wolf
Gr8 1Gkar: Kinda slow
MrMordenV: I thought it was cause I made less jokes. LOL
Assimiltr: lol
AmbKosh715: :::pours glass of minbari ice tea:::
Gr8 1Gkar: Assim did you ever get {S gasup}?
Assimiltr: Whats up with the CL’s..Cat got yer tongue?
Gr8 1Gkar: lol
Assimiltr: {S gasup
Assimiltr: lol
Assimiltr: I cant believe bruce said that!
B5CL Mikey: Nope, just winding up, getting ready to head out ;)~
Assimiltr: lol
AmbKosh715: bye
Gr8 1Gkar: CLs have never been so quiet
Assimiltr: Head out?
OnlineHost: W3892R has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Bye Kosh
Assimiltr: Indeed Gkar! lol
WolfsVoice: Bye Kosh!
Assimiltr: I haver a question
P21Corps: Can you send me {S gasup} assim?
Gr8 1Gkar: CLLLLss ??
WolfsVoice: What?
Assimiltr: we have seen two CL’s in the rooms for ..oh..the past two months
B5CL Mikey: Yep, my time is up….believe me, its not because of you two, I’m
just finishing paperwork;)
Gr8 1Gkar: P21 you better be careful
Assimiltr: besdies training..whats up with that?
Trekkie102: <g>
Gr8 1Gkar: ah..
Assimiltr: Mikey..I used deodorant!
Gr8 1Gkar: But Mikey You are the BEST
B5CL Mikey: <chuckles> Why, thank you! 😉
Assimiltr: :::sniff:::
B5CL Seuss: {P warning} *** REMEMBER ***
Assimiltr: I brushed muh teeth!
B5CL Seuss: No legitimate AOL representative will EVER ask for your password
or credit
Assimiltr: I offend?
B5CL Seuss: information. If anyone does ask you, report it at keyword:NOTIFY
B5CL Seuss: 11/23/98 03:57 PM
Assimiltr: lol
B5CL Mikey: Actually, Seuss jus came by to help me out because I don’t feel
well today :o)
Assimiltr: Sorry Mikery.
Assimiltr: er…
Assimiltr: Mikey
Assimiltr: Happy Thanksgiving!
Gr8 1Gkar: Bye ya Seuss, Your the best TOO
B5CL Seuss: <~ just glad to be here 🙂
B5CL Mikey: <chuckles> No problem..thank you!
Gr8 1Gkar: Happy Thanksgiving!!
B5CL Mikey: See you all next time, which will be tomorrow at 4PM!
P21Corps: bye Mikey
Gr8 1Gkar: Mikey EST??
WolfsVoice: Bye Mike
B5CL Mikey: Gr8, you betcha! 😉
Gr8 1Gkar: K
Assimiltr: I gotta scoot!
B5CL Mikey: Bye everyone! =)
B5CL Seuss: Bye Gkar, Assim and everyone else too
Assimiltr: {{{{Gkar}}}}

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