Fresh Air Lounge – 11/16/1998

PowerChat: *** Entered Fresh Air Lounge on 11/16/98 at 06:00 PM ***
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B5CL Drows: Hey, PBojorquez, have you seen the
B5CL Drows: Babylon 5 CD-ROM reference guide yet? It’s not bad.
PBojorquez: hello:::::::::::::echos off the walls:::::::::::;
PBojorquez: cool thanks drows. were are all the people
B5CL Drows: For now, but there will be more along in a few minutes
OnlineHost: Knight2884 has entered the room.
Knight2884: Helo
PBojorquez: cool
PBojorquez: i need t go good luck
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Knight2884: B5CL ?
B5CL Drows: Hey Knight2884, have you heard that will be hosting
B5CL Drows: chats with Babylon 5 crew members?
Knight2884: Well no
B5CL Drows: They’re going to be starting them up again on December 3rd.
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Knight2884: but really i wanted to ask u a question
Knight2884: Have u seen B5 Merlen lately ?
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OnlineHost: Sheridnfan has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Hey Sheridnfan, have you heard that will be hosting
B5CL Drows: chats with Babylon 5 crew members?
B5CL Drows: Knight2884, not since Friday, no.
Sheridnfan: Hiya everyone….just cruising by.
B5CL Drows: Hello Sheridnfan, glad you could join us today.
Knight2884: B5 u sure he was on friday ?
Sheridnfan: brb though….
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B5CL Drows: Knight2884, I’d have to check, but he’s a pretty regular member of my chats.
OnlineHost: Sheridnfan has entered the room.
Knight2884: was it this friday or last ?
Sheridnfan: ok back.
B5CL Drows: This last Friday.
Knight2884: Yea i know im looking for him
Knight2884: okay thanx
B5CL Drows: Sheri, welcome back.
Sheridnfan: I want those Legos they keep advertising on TNT. The ones that push the plates off the
Sheridnfan: table.
Sheridnfan: That commercial was just on… 🙂
Sheridnfan: Pretty bad to want Legos at my age, but they look so cool.
B5CL Drows: Sheri, actually, I haven’t seen that add yet. I probably will later on.
B5CL Drows: Sheri, that’s one way to stay young, isn’t it?
Sheridnfan: Oh yes, you can’t miss it. It’s been on 100s of times.
Knight2884: Drows Is there anyway u can E-Mail me or IM me if u see him on ???
Sheridnfan: Every B5 episode has the commercial in it. they say you can use your computer
Sheridnfan: to program the robot mechinisim.
B5CL Drows: Knight2884, I can try to remmeber to let him know you were looking
B5CL Drows: for him, but it would be better if you EMailed him yoursefl.
Knight2884: I have many times Drows
B5CL Drows: Sheri, interesting, what will they think of next.
Knight2884: but thank you anyway drows
Sheridnfan: I know. Remember when Legos only came in like primary colors?
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B5CL Drows: Sheri, yes, and 5 basic shapes, too.
Sheridnfan: I can’t believe I am watching this rerun episode of B5. Hunter Prey. I think I have seen
Sheridnfan: it literally 10 times.
B5CL Drows: Now they have dozens of specific sets, and lot’s of different shapes, sizes and such.
Sheridnfan: But, not quite ready to jump on the freeway to go home.
B5CL Drows: Well, tha’s one of the things about B5, it’s still interesting no matter
B5CL Drows: how many times we watch it.
Sheridnfan: I guess I should have some kids…at least use them as a cover to buy toys.
Sheridnfan: 🙂
B5CL Drows: Sheri, that works for me. LOL
Sheridnfan: I’ll say this about Hunter Prey….Sheridan is looking awfully good… :=P
B5CL Drows: Me, I’m still into comic books on occasion.
Sheridnfan: Ahh… I still attend the San Diego Comic Book Convention each year, though I haven’t been
Sheridnfan: following many comics lately.
B5CL Drows: Sheri, I usually pick up one of two every now and then, mostly the XMen.
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KMGray3: Hiya Drows, Sheridnfan
B5CL Drows: Hello KMGray3, the Official Fan club will have a guest, John Iacovelli, the
B5CL Drows: Production Designer on Dec 3.
Sheridnfan: I think the last time I went to the comic book store was just to put in my order for my
Sheridnfan: 5th season B5 trading cards
Sheridnfan: Hiya KMG.
B5CL Drows: are those better then the collectable card game cards?
Sheridnfan: The pictures are much nicer on the trading cards.
Sheridnfan: They look like say…hockey cards. Very glossy.
B5CL Drows: The CCG’s seemed a bit “cheesy” to me, looked like cheap card stock,
B5CL Drows: simplistic images and such.
KMGray3: ack..sorry got to go for a few
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Sheridnfan: yes, that’s the CCG cards. the trading cards are much nicer, but they are just that, just
Sheridnfan: cards.
Sheridnfan: And they have facts on the back about the show, or that particular scene depicted on
Sheridnfan: the card.
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B5CL Drows: Hello Resrv 58th, don’t forget Downbelow Sound Archives has moved to a
B5CL Drows: new location.
Resrv 58th: so what’s the new location?
B5CL Drows: Sheri, that sounds a lot better then the CCG set I saw.
B5CL Drows: The Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5 has moved to a new location
B5CL Drows: at:
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Resrv 58th: *sigh* wouldn’t you know it, I finally get a chance to come on and it’s a slow night
B5CL Drows: Resrv 58th, give it a few minutes.
B5CL Drows: Hey, Mike17032, Babylon 5 is back on Wednesdays at 10 pm Eastern and
B5CL Drows: again on Mondays at Midnight.
Mike17032: Hello
Sheridnfan: Thanks for the update Drows. I will mark it my browser
B5CL Drows: Just part of the service, Sheri.
Resrv 58th: thanks, Drows, getting new addy set up now
Sheridnfan: oh no, the SiL commercial……
B5CL Drows: Sleeping in Light does look interesting.
Sheridnfan: ::::::::::reaching for the Kleenex:::::
Resrv 58th: <– bummed because she accidently zapped her River of Souls tape
Sheridnfan: I haven’t yet watched River of Souls….still…
Sheridnfan: I think they are going to revoke my Fan Club card. 🙂
B5CL Drows: Resrv 58th, ouch. I’m not sure when it will be re-broadcast either.
Resrv 58th: nah. . .
Mike17032: River of souls was not as good as In the Begining
Resrv 58th: . . .not even Bester is THAT cruel. . .well,. . then again. .
Sheridnfan: Well ya know….there isn’t much for a Sheridan Fan in River of Souls.
Sheridnfan: So I can’t say I’m running to the VCR.
Resrv 58th: yeah, but I still kinda liked it
B5CL Drows: True, since he’s off the sation at the time of RoS.
Sheridnfan: Plus I’m kinda in the middle of moving.
Mike17032: I liked river of souls, but there was not enough space combat
B5CL Drows: It was a pretty good movie, not as good as In the Beginning, but better then ThirdSpace
Resrv 58th: Drows: that’s what worries me 🙁 I discovered it the morning after the last encore
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B5CL Drows: Janet Greek did a pretty decent job on it.
Mike17032: I still haven’t seen Third Space
Resrv 58th: Sheri: LOL!!!!
Sheridnfan: I liked Thirdspace, but it’s a pretty bias’d opinion.

Host was booted.

PowerChat: *** Entered Fresh Air Lounge on 11/16/98 at 06:29 PM ***
Gkar7: {S lonmix1
CECJT: -> -> -> ->
B5CL Drows: Well, that was fun. NOT!
CECJT: wb Drows
Spires05: WB Drows
Gkar7: what wasn’t so fun
Log Count: There were 4 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:30 PM
Gkar7: {S shotmar
CECJT: Not! Getting kicked off?
OnlineHost: FPierpont has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Illegal Action shut down.
FPierpont: hi
FPierpont: :Þ
Gkar7: i HATE that
Spires05: Hi FP
B5CL Drows: Hey FPierpont, have you heard that will be hosting
B5CL Drows: chats with Babylon 5 crew members?
FPierpont: ltns
FPierpont: um no
FPierpont: gg
Gkar7: {S eclipse
OnlineHost: FPierpont has left the room.
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has entered the room.
Gkar7: {S shotmar2
B5 jgDalek: Hiya Drows
B5CL Drows: Hey B5 jgDalek, have you heard that will be hosting
CECJT: Hey Drows, where is everyone going???
B5CL Drows: chats with Babylon 5 crew members?
Spires05: {S funeral
Gkar7: {S begins
B5CL Drows: John Iacovelli, the Production Designer will be chatting at
B5 jgDalek: No Drows, do tell>>>>>
B5CL Drows: on December 3rd.
B5CL Drows: His staff are the ones who desing the sets.
Gkar7: {S vorlonsrule
CECJT: Drows R U having spelling problems????
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has left the room.
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has entered the room.
OnlineHost: KMGray3 has entered the room.
B5 jgDalek: that was quick
Spires05: Must be a typo demon
KMGray3: Greetings all
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{KMG}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Welcome back KM.
KMGray3: {{{{Dalek}}}}
CECJT: Well about time KMG!!!!!!
Gkar7: {S jump
KMGray3: Thanks {{{Drosy}}}}
KMGray3: CEC!!!!
Gkar7: {S lonmix1
KMGray3: hehehe
CECJT: Howdy Gal
B5CL Drows: CJ, why do you ask?
CECJT: design is spelled wrong above in your last.
KMGray3: How’s everyone this eve
CECJT: Been a long time KMGray
Gkar7: {S s4mix
B5 jgDalek: Doing Ok KM, how about you?
B5CL Drows: CJ, I’ll double check it later, thanks.
KMGray3: CEC-true, was usy much of last week and had no phone service for several days! ack!
KMGray3: usy=busy
CECJT: Well, you used to know me as Pwilli
B5 jgDalek: Drows typo must in infecting you KM
B5CL Drows: I hate when that happens KM.
KMGray3: Finally got back yesterday….Pwilli? Hey it had been awhile then hasn’t it?
OnlineHost: Gkar7 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: It’s that Techno Mage Typo Demon they left behind.
KMGray3: Dalek-hehehe, yep it appears so
CECJT: Yeah, a long time. You still interested in that game I was trying to put together?
B5CL Drows: Two more episodes left. I never really thought this day would come….::Sighs::
CECJT: True Drows
KMGray3: Uhm? Sorry can’t remeber which game you’re refering too
KMGray3: Too true Drows…:::sigh:::
B5 jgDalek: There is a one page story about it in next weeks TV Guide
KMGray3: really? cool
B5CL Drows: Oh, I saw something “Cute” today at the store.
CECJT: The game was Babylon 5 – The Station
B5 jgDalek: With a photo of an older Sheridan ready to die
B5CL Drows: Dalek, sounds like a SiL promo.
KMGray3: CJ-oh that one. I’d like to but my times limited now. Sorry:/
B5 jgDalek: SiL?
KMGray3: Sleeping In Light
B5CL Drows: The latest issue of StarLog, a science fiction show magazene, has a full
B5CL Drows: page shot of Lochley in that Holobrothel outfit.
B5 jgDalek: That, oh yea
CECJT: That’s ok. I need input from many sources. You can be one of them, ok?
KMGray3: Gee just what I want to look at Drows 🙂
B5 jgDalek: woohoo Lochley
KMGray3: CJ-Sure, I’d be glad to help
B5CL Drows: That’s why cute was in “s
KMGray3: hehehe
CECJT: I want a pic of Lochley in that outfit.
B5CL Drows: Pick up the latest StarLog, then, CJ. It’s a very clear shot.
OnlineHost: PresJohnS has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Wonderful to see you today, PresJohnS.
B5 jgDalek: They should put Lochleys pic from holobrothel in a B5 calendar
PresJohnS: hello
PresJohnS: all
CECJT: Yeah, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has entered the room.
KMGray3: heh…well it would sell =)
CECJT: Hey Pres
KMGray3: {{{{{{{{{Tyger}}}}}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: Hello {{Tyger}}
B5CL Drows: Gee, now we know why Kosh hit the ceiling when sheridan asked him “What do you want”.
Spires05: Hi PresJohn
B5CL Drows: Greeting TygerEyez1, and welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge.
CECJT: Hello Tyger
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{Gray}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
PresJohnS: i am sorry i any of you have tried to im me in the past week or so
PresJohnS: my computer is
CECJT: {{{{{{{{ Tyger}}}}}}}}}
KMGray3: ROFL Drows
PresJohnS: being very slow
TygerEyez1: Hiya {{{Dalek}}}
B5 jgDalek: We can see that Pres
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{CEC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: I’m watching Hunter, Prey. It’s nice to see some of the older “loose threads” get tied up.
TygerEyez1: well, I’m being paged….see ya’ll later.
B5CL Drows: The 4th question is supposed to be given in Sleeping in Light, what ever that is.
CECJT: tyger, did you get that recipe?
PresJohnS: and it cannot handle 4.0 right now it does not have enough memory
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has left the room.
KMGray3: Bye Tyger
B5CL Drows: CJ, Amish Friendship Bread recipe?
CECJT: yes.
PresJohnS: hey spires do you have the link to sperks RPG?
B5CL Drows: I did get it, thank you.
CECJT: Welcome
B5CL Drows: I was checking the mail when I got booted earlier.
Spires05: Yes I do john
OnlineHost: SeanKC6QHM has entered the room.
PresJohnS: ????????????
KMGray3: I hate that when it happens Drows
SeanKC6QHM: Hidey Ho!
CECJT: You want Amish Friendship Bread Recipe, KMG?
KMGray3: Hey Sean!
B5CL Drows: Hey SeanKC6QHM, have you heard that will be hosting
B5CL Drows: chats with Babylon 5 crew members?
PresJohnS: opps sorry
KMGray3: CJ-yes please
PresJohnS: wrong font
SeanKC6QHM: CEC, is that stuff any good?
Spires05: How can you accidentally change your font?
PresJohnS: well could you send me it?
KMGray3: well it looked pretty 🙂
CECJT: Ok, check your mailbox tomorrow,ok?
KMGray3: CJ-ok 🙂
CECJT: Yes Sean
PresJohnS: i ment it for cursive
PresJohnS: but hit wingdings by mistake
B5CL Drows: It’s easy to click on the wrong font when you’re experimenting.
Log Count: There were 7 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:45 PM
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, but even harder to decide on which one to use
KMGray3: oh yeah…its why I dont really bother
CECJT: Too True Drows, you should know, right?
KMGray3: heh
PresJohnS: even easerer with my computer
SeanKC6QHM: CJ, it’s my job to torment the CL’s, just ask Tap
B5CL Drows: Any bets on what happens with Sheridan and Lennier this week? We
B5CL Drows: know he survives until Sleeping in Light.
PresJohnS: thanx
B5 jgDalek: Wrong font is nothing!!! sending wrong IM when IMing with 3 or more now thats…….
B5CL Drows: Sean, Rangr would be a better one to ask. ROFL
KMGray3: Dalek-LOL…been there, done that, still embarassed
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, I pick on them equally, 😉
CECJT: Sorry Sean, but first come, first teasing. Drows is special for CL teasing.
B5CL Drows: Dalek, sending a IM to the room can be a bit embarassing at times, too.
Spires05: your welcome
KMGray3: hehe
B5 jgDalek: An IM to the room? that can be done?
OnlineHost: Lespresto has entered the room.
CECJT: I believe there is a problem between Sheridan and Lennier.
B5CL Drows: Dalek, yes, by forgetting to switch to the IM window, or sending it
B5CL Drows: wrong when you have the “Show IM’s in Chat” function running with
B5CL Drows: Power Tools.
SeanKC6QHM: CJ, can we pants him later, then?
KMGray3: Hi Les
B5CL Drows: Great news Lespresto, Dr Franklin has declared the recent Rerun Fever out
B5CL Drows: break over, for now.
CECJT: Pants?
Lespresto: Hi KMG
B5 jgDalek: Ya learn somethin” everyday, woohoo, thanks Drows
SeanKC6QHM: CJ, pull down his pants in front of everyone, you know, Pantsing
Lespresto: Hi Drows
B5 jgDalek: Hiya Les
Lespresto: Hi CEC
KMGray3: CJ-yes it appears so (re:Lennier/Sherindan)
Lespresto: Hi Dalek
CECJT: Sad isn’t it?
PresJohnS: lennier would not leave me
KMGray3: Yes, sad how it appears things will end between them
PresJohnS: like that
PresJohnS: i don’t think he would at least
B5CL Drows: Anyone think Lennier will go back to save him, or will someone else
B5CL Drows: stumble on the President.
OnlineHost: CTDST has entered the room.
CECJT: ???
KMGray3: Someone else maybe
OnlineHost: CTDST has left the room.
OnlineHost: CTDST has entered the room.
B5 jgDalek: Drows, after 2 weeks its terminal reruns for B5
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, agreed, but there has always been some tension between them
CECJT: You guess is about as good as any
KMGray3: Think Lenny-boys got to much of the gren eyed monster in him
B5CL Drows: Hello CTDST, glad you could join us today.
B5CL Drows: KM, that would fit with Morden’s “You will betray the Anla’Shok” to Lennier.
KMGray3: Drows-yep it sure would
Lespresto: Night Everyone!!!!!
OnlineHost: Lespresto has left the room.
KMGray3: Nite Les
B5 jgDalek: Speaking of lennier, guess who is on DS9 soon?
B5CL Drows: It would be an interesting twist for Delenn to be the one to find him, too.
KMGray3: Heard he was going to be on DS9
B5CL Drows: After seeing Lennier leave him to die.
KMGray3: Drows-ooohh..nice touch
B5 jgDalek: Yep KM
SeanKC6QHM: Dalek, those are related?
CECJT: Wrong series KMG
OnlineHost: PresJohnS has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Bill Mumy planning on crossing series?
B5 jgDalek: MUmy is going to be on DS9 next week or 2 weeks Sean
SeanKC6QHM: Dalek, as What?
KMGray3: Be nice to see Mumy do something different
B5 jgDalek: Just a guest-starring role
B5 jgDalek: Photo looked non-alien
CECJT: Photo? What Zine?
B5CL Drows: Bill Mumy out of make up on ST: DS9? Interesting….
KMGray3: Sad as it sounds I think Bill Mumy, my mental image is either of a kid or a bonehead..go fig
SeanKC6QHM: Well, must dash, dinner’s here, toodles!
B5 jgDalek: TV guide
SeanKC6QHM: KM, 🙂
KMGray3: Bye Sean
CECJT: Later Sean
B5CL Drows: Catch you on the flip side Sean!
OnlineHost: SeanKC6QHM has left the room.
CECJT: Next weeks TV Guide
B5 jgDalek: brb afk
B5CL Drows: Nice turn-around for ST characters appearing on B5.
OnlineHost: AngelMpath has entered the room.
KMGray3: Hiya Angel
KMGray3: Isnt it just Drws?
CECJT: Hey Angel
KMGray3: ack…Drows even
B5CL Drows: Majel Barret, Andreas Katsulas, and Pat Tallman, in a way.
AngelMpath: HI KM, CECJT
B5CL Drows: Remember AngelMpath, Babylon 5 is moving it’s Monday showing to
B5CL Drows: Midnight Eastern/Pacif
AngelMpath: better late than never
B5CL Drows: Not to mention Walter Koenig.
CECJT: Really late
B5 jgDalek: bak, with tv guide in hand
CECJT: Walt has been to ST and back
B5 jgDalek: Bill is in next DS9 ep
KMGray3: cool
AngelMpath: Bill?
KMGray3: Bill Mumy
OnlineHost: CTDST has left the room.
CECJT: Billy Mumy
AngelMpath: cool
Spires05: does it say whats hes playing?
B5 jgDalek: photo ad on page226
AngelMpath: had a crush on him when I was little
B5CL Drows: I still hope they bring Andreas Katsulas back to ST, on DS9, they need
B5CL Drows: a really good Romulan on that show.
KMGray3: hmm..should go grab tv guide and read
CECJT: Dalek, which TV guide?
B5 jgDalek: just mentioned key star-fleet post and JemHadar
AngelMpath: <<<old enough to watch first run Lost in Space eps
CECJT: Same here Angel
B5 jgDalek: The cover with Robin Williams
B5CL Drows: Probably means as an Admiral’s gopher.
CECJT: This weeks
B5 jgDalek: Same hear Angel
B5 jgDalek: Hiya {{{{angel}}}}
B5CL Drows: Angel, no comemnt on the grounds it would show my age.
AngelMpath: Hey Dalek
KMGray3: <–not that old but seen LiS reruns as a kid
AngelMpath: Drows, remember you’re the same age as my “baby” brother <g>
B5CL Drows: Remember Land of the Giants and Time Tunner?
B5CL Drows: Tunnel that is.
CECJT: Yeah, yeah. We know Drows, you is older than the hills and older than dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5 jgDalek: Old enough to watch the Flintstones in prime-time
KMGray3: lol
B5CL Drows: CJ, well, I did change Lorien’s daipers a couple of times. ROFL
KMGray3: ROFL Drowsy
AngelMpath: Drows, quit bragging
CECJT: I got something that is certain to time/date you all, would you like to have it?
B5CL Drows: Hmm, interesting, I’d forgotten the ship “sang” to the Dr in todays ep.
OnlineHost: RABDKESBDN has entered the room.
KMGray3: um sure
B5 jgDalek: I suppose Lorien’s Diapers are still in some landfill on Zha’ha’dom
KMGray3: :::snickers:::
B5CL Drows: Greetings RABDKESBDN, have you checked for the recent updates to the
KMGray3: Hello Rab
B5CL Drows: AOL Babylon 5 site?
RABDKESBDN: Zha’ha’dom went boom
B5CL Drows: Dalek, actually, the Shadows used them as “bio warfare devices” in the previous war. LOL
CECJT: lol
KMGray3: ewwww
KMGray3: LOL
RABDKESBDN: or did you not see that one
Spires05: Well all I have to go sleepies. Bye everyone
B5 jgDalek: lol
KMGray3: Bye Spires
OnlineHost: Spires05 has left the room.
B5 jgDalek: Bye Spires
RABDKESBDN: Hi spires05
Log Count: There were 6 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:00 PM
RABDKESBDN: remember me
CECJT: Actually Drows, that is definitely known as “fallout”!!
CECJT: Bye Spires
B5CL Drows: Well, time for me to leave, you’re all
B5CL Drows: welcome to stay and enjoy the Fresh Air Lounge. If you need assistance,
B5CL Drows: please feel free to use KEYWORD: I Need Help or KEYWORD: Notify
B5CL Drows: AOL to report violations. Bye for now!! 😉
KMGray3: ack…the puns the puns!
B5CL Drows: See you tomorrow.
B5 jgDalek: Were there any “klingons” by the fallout
KMGray3: Niters Drowsy

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