Eclipse Cafe – 11/14/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
Mmsgalaxy: hi Tap
OnlineHost: PDBECS has left the room.
B5CL Tap: hello peoplez πŸ™‚
Thor119345: thans, MM
B5CL Tap: {S tap
Mmsgalaxy: your welcome Thor
Spenscott: hi Mm
B5CL Tap: Hiya MMsgalaxy how goes it?
Mmsgalaxy: i ges its going ok
B5CL Tap: RAB your never alone as long as you can get online.
Mmsgalaxy: ::yawns:: still tyred though
B5CL Tap: you like River of Souls, Mm?
OnlineHost: Artistspen has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Hiya Artistspen welcome to Eclipse Cafe.
Mmsgalaxy: yes, i saw it wed. it thought iti was cool\
Artistspen: Heyo!
Mmsgalaxy: hi Artist
B5CL Tap: River of Souls on Wednesday? you got it taped?
B5CL Tap: good RAB πŸ™‚
B5CL Tap: I saw it on Monday cause I don’t have cable.
Mmsgalaxy: no i watched it to 1 am
B5CL Tap: Ack! they ran it at 1am?
B5CL Tap: well that was a wonderful spot to put it
OnlineHost: PDBECS has entered the room.
Thor119345: hiya Tap.. How goes the battler?
Mmsgalaxy: yes it was from 11 to 1 am ::yawns again::
PDBECS: sorry i left you guys
B5CL Tap: I liked Third Space too RAB..a little more action
B5CL Tap: Hiya goes well you be?
Artistspen: Soooooo whats happening?
Mmsgalaxy: for some odd reason i didnt liek third space
Thor119345: super..
PDBECS: i think ill go play some slingo
B5CL Tap: hmm Well let me think Artistspen…Stef had a baby boy so she won’t
be in the cafe much
PDBECS: seeya
B5CL Tap: You see the other game PD?
B5CL Tap: take 5?
PDBECS: not yet
Mmsgalaxy: i thought that third space ended to quickly
B5CL Tap: I don’t like it that much but its differnet
PDBECS: but i’ve heard about it
B5CL Tap: its a long d/l too
Artistspen: Yeah im coming to slingo to but ill win!
PDBECS: ill take a look at it
B5CL Tap: like slingo..its easy I got the hand held game even
B5CL Tap: Yes did..but then they only had 2 hours
PDBECS: i have to play that
PDBECS: see ya
B5CL Tap: keyword: Slingo RAB its a an easy game to play and its free
B5CL Tap: bye PD
Artistspen: Ive won a million times!
PDBECS: ::leaves::
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Mmsgalaxy: the needed another half an hour
Artistspen: :: Follows ::
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B5CL Tap: or Keyword: Boxerjam will get you to all the games.
B5CL Tap: and all the boxerjam games are free.
B5CL Tap: RAB telling you about the games?
Mmsgalaxy: its ok Rab, Tap didnt mean any ofence
B5CL Tap: I like the games myself
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B5CL Tap: just don’t like paying for the games
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Mmsgalaxy: bye people
B5CL Tap: although I pay for one myself..but then I have been playing it over
a year.
StefniLyn: Morning tap
Mmsgalaxy: ::shoots Godsiver:: bye
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘GODSIVAR’, duration 5 min
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B5CL Tap: Hiya Stef how you be?
StefniLyn: Tired but what do you expect hehehe
B5CL Tap: well yeah he getting you up all the time now?
StefniLyn: Joseph is snoozing right now after waking up every other hour last
StefniLyn: Just about
B5CL Tap: RAB talk to Godsivar in IMs..we like to keep the chat light..
OnlineHost: Artistspen has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Lots of fun ..Stef πŸ˜‰
Artistspen: “”Returns ::
B5CL Tap: WB Artistspen
Artistspen: “” is ::
B5CL Tap: all ready finished your slingo gaes, Artistpen
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘RABDKESBDN’, duration 5 min
Artistspen: Nope.
StefniLyn: Oh more than you can imagine Tap
StefniLyn: But he is doing lots better
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B5CL Tap: that take 5 is fun…but you have to get used to it.
Nitegrl24: a ha… there you all are…
StefniLyn: Ever try Out of Order? its pretty fun
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OnlineHost: KThom1002 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Yeah I liked that one its likescrabble
OnlineHost: AngelMpath has entered the room.
StefniLyn: Yeah its fun I like it
B5CL Tap: Welcome KT and Angel to Eclipse Cafe..@@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
Artistspen: I did not reconise any one.
StefniLyn: Hi there Angel!
OnlineHost: BOMBA129 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: BOUNTY 109 has entered the room.
StefniLyn: recognize
BOMBA129: *** You are in “Fresh Air Lounge”. ***
B5CL Tap: in the games?
BOMBA129: OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
B5CL Tap: Not lately Bomba..I do the Lounge, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Artistspen: No im not
OnlineHost: KThom1002 has left the room.
StefniLyn: I think we know where we are Bomba….
BOMBA129: OnlineHost: *** You are in “Fresh Air Lounge”. ***
Artistspen: im in the Eclipse Cafe
B5CL Tap: aint’ 4.0 wonderful
StefniLyn: havent gotten lost here in ages
B5CL Tap: Bomba room disruption is a no-no..thanks
BOMBA129: well
Artistspen: yeah…
StefniLyn: Unless you count the time I got lost in the swimming pool
B5CL Tap: hardly Stef..the path is well worn..;-)
B5CL Tap: how did you like Third Space, Stef?
B5CL Tap: well its a big swimming pool πŸ™‚
StefniLyn: Third space was interesting. I really likes River of Souls too.
AngelMpath: Hey Stef, how ya doing?
StefniLyn: watching the repeat of it now
AngelMpath: TAPPIE!!!
B5CL Tap: I think I liked the action ..than in Third Space..but River had its
StefniLyn: Angel I am tired but doing well. Joseph is now eating almost
every other hour
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B5CL Tap: Hiya Angel.. ::passes Minbarit tea to Angel:::
BOMBA129: OnlineHost: *** You are in “Fresh Air Lounge”. ***
B5CL Tap: so the kid is a week old now?
AngelMpath: thanks Tap
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘BOMBA129’, duration 5 min
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Artistspen: :: Searches for a mucus ::
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StefniLyn: 9 days now Tap
B5CL Tap: old person, Stef πŸ˜‰
B5CL Tap: any plans on what school he goes to?
AngelMpath: but who’s counting right Stef <g>?
StefniLyn: yeah he had his first well baby appointment yesterday
B5CL Tap: ::grins::
Artistspen: :: Fires fresh water at it ::
AngelMpath: Stef, remember what I said, nothing lasts forever, good or bad
StefniLyn: School? nah havent even thought past getting sleep
DeathL9999: ::goes to the bar::
B5CL Tap: I think JMS has a obsession with bats, myself.
B5CL Tap: Narn bat squads and now love bats πŸ˜‰
Artistspen: M
Artistspen: U
Artistspen: C
Artistspen: U
B5CL Tap: I love you
Artistspen: S
StefniLyn: Well he is doing better and he is gaining back the weight he lost
Artistspen: !
StefniLyn: due to the pacifier incident
B5CL Tap: you are my frend..
B5CL Tap: etc, etc, etc,
DeathL9999: I want SpAm On Rye
Artistspen: Tap is CRAZY!!!!!!!
StefniLyn: {S iggy
B5CL Tap: Cafe is open Death..toaster is not engaged πŸ™‚
B5CL Tap: why thank you Artist..I hate to think i was normal ::foofsdahair:::
AngelMpath: Tap, you think JMS’s next forte is vampire movies? <g>
StefniLyn: {s foof
B5CL Tap: naw ..Angel..his next forte is comic books
AngelMpath: {S foof
StefniLyn: comic books?
StefniLyn: oh my he is delving into the depths
B5CL Tap: I which will prolly be easier on him in the long run.
AngelMpath: how about vampire comic books? O;)
Artistspen: {S ARTWAY
StefniLyn: but the comic industry is like bottoming out
B5CL Tap: Hey Stef didn’t you read that stuff?? he has arcs for all the
characters, even!
DeathL9999: ::: orders a milk shake at the bar :::
StefniLyn: really?
B5CL Tap: I thought I sent that one to you?
Artistspen: I make comics!
AngelMpath: Rob probably deleted it when he checked her mail
StefniLyn: Prolly got lost in the shuffle
OnlineHost: NoHawker has entered the room.
StefniLyn: LOL Angel he did del some stuff
DeathL9999: ::: takes over working the bar :::
B5CL Tap: sending you the stuff on the comics
NoHawker: Does anybody have a web address to look up Banylon 5 ships specs?
AngelMpath: Figures Stef, he’s a guy :::ducks:::
Artistspen: :: Orders ink and cap ::
B5CL Tap: there is a couple of places NoHawker..let me send you some links in
NoHawker: Thanks I would really apreciate it
StefniLyn: sounds very interesting
StefniLyn: Oh he just deleted the stuff that was unimportant
OnlineHost: Maeve v2 has entered the room.
DeathL9999: ::: hands artsist some ink inside a cap ::: πŸ™‚
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
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OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
StefniLyn: who knows what that could have been
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has left the room.
Maeve v2: Good Morning all
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
AmbKosh715: hello
AngelMpath: Hi Maeve
Artistspen: :: Drinks ink and puts ink cap on head ::
DeathL9999: Takes a metal can and eats it\
DeathL9999: πŸ™‚
B5CL Tap: Hiya AmbKosh and Maeve welcome aboard πŸ™‚
B5CL Tap: sent NoHawker hope it helps
AmbKosh715: :::frowns:::what are you doing artist?
OnlineHost: ElaraDi has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Artistspen, you and Tux 17 should get together and have an ink
and crayon brunch
B5CL Tap: I can’t open mail right now ::sighs::
AmbKosh715: hello di
NoHawker: Thanks I’m going there as soon as I can
B5CL Tap: ewwwwww Angel
OnlineHost: PDBECS has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: but Tux does love the crayons πŸ™‚
B5CL Tap: you win PD?
Artistspen: Im being a pen like i am.
PDBECS: nop;e
PDBECS: i lost
OnlineHost: NoHawker has left the room.
B5CL Tap: oh well next time
PDBECS: i was in 7th place
PDBECS: now that’s not bad
OnlineHost: Maeve v2 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: ack! got the devil a few times?
AmbKosh715: i do not understand this human behavior
PDBECS: but considering the number of players…
StefniLyn: who does?
B5CL Tap: ::sips macdonald orange juice::
DeathL9999: Grabs a can of cola and splashes the cola on the ground and eats
the can
PDBECS: was also 7
PDBECS: so…yeah
StefniLyn: does anyone else find life confusing?
DeathL9999: :::YUM::::
B5CL Tap: I got the hand held game, Stef..
Artistspen: You were in X-press
B5CL Tap: constantly..Stef
StefniLyn: I threw the game away
B5CL Tap: how come?
OnlineHost: ElaraDi has left the room.
StefniLyn: Cause I dont follow the rules anyway
AngelMpath: Stef, I’m just wondering how much Tap should charge for
B5CL Tap: Yeah well Xpress is playing the game, regular is a chat room.
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has left the room.
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
StefniLyn: so I made my own game
DeathL9999: :::sits at the bar and orders a silver platter:::
AmbKosh715: brb
B5CL Tap: Ack ! Angel why???
Artistspen: I find life in paper.
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has left the room.
StefniLyn: Are you talking about slingo Tap?
DeathL9999: grabs the artist pen
B5CL Tap: slingo or life..Stef we keep switching πŸ˜‰
StefniLyn: Angel I think they couldnt pay enough money for what Tap has to
put up with
OnlineHost: PDBECS has left the room.
B5CL Tap: ROFL Stef
StefniLyn: Slingo is like life…..
B5CL Tap: gold coins, angels and jokers?
DeathL9999: ::::starts to draw a horse::::
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
Artistspen: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! A the ink is rushing to my
AmbKosh715: back
AngelMpath: Well, Death is eating metal, Artist is eating ink, I’d be
charging their
AngelMpath: parents Tap <g>
StefniLyn: Oh we just watched the season 2 ep where sheridan gets captured
StefniLyn: for tests and Kosh does the “you have always been here” routine
B5CL Tap: wb Ambassador πŸ™‚
DeathL9999: Finishes drawing the black andilusian
B5CL Tap: For a stomach pump, Angel?
StefniLyn: And Rob just said…”Why doesnt someone just shoot Kosh? He is so
B5CL Tap: I mean this place would be ER in reality!
AngelMpath: that too!
B5CL Tap: I LOVE KOSH!! ::kicks Rob::
B5CL Tap: {S kosh
AmbKosh715: what?
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has entered the room.
DeathL9999: :: taps the drawing with her finger and the horse comes to life
and looks like any other
StefniLyn: Oh leave him alone Tap he has been up almost all night
B5CL Tap: irrelevant..Rob!
DeathL9999: horse
Artistspen: Halp! Help! Whoa! Thats good drawing!
StefniLyn: He is trying to understand Kosh
B5CL Tap: Stef.. tell him insanity is hereditary, you get it from kids πŸ™‚
DeathL9999: :::hurls the pen and he lands on the table ::
StefniLyn: LOL tap. will tall hi that
B5CL Tap: πŸ™‚
DeathL9999: /me gets on the horse and flys into the room::
StefniLyn: can you believe we only have two more eps?
B5CL Tap: its a popular bumper sticker around here.
DeathL9999: im s0 used to typing /me in diablo
B5CL Tap: yeppers Stef.. cause Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks
OnlineHost: Cedarga has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Death, please play nice
B5CL Tap: Hiya Cedarga @@@ have a cinnamon roll
AmbKosh715: why do humans eat things that are bad for them(like ink and soda
B5CL Tap: you want coffee, tea, hotchocolate or milk?
Cedarga: Yum!
StefniLyn: Yeah we are still trying to figure out what we are going to do for
Cedarga: Thanks, dear. {S coffee
StefniLyn: Hi there Ced…the cheesecake was great!!!!!
Artistspen: i WANT ink SODA!!!!
DeathL9999: Grabs a sauce pan and swallows it
B5CL Tap: I don’t think he is human Kosh ::winks::
StefniLyn: {p coffee
B5CL Tap: cheesecake?
B5CL Tap: virtual or real?
DeathL9999: /me hands the pen a cup of permenent ink
Cedarga: Stef, glad your ladies liked it. We were a little upset it didn’t
Cedarga: there in time, but…
DeathL9999: i type /me so much
StefniLyn: Yeah Tap….she sent me a YUMMY cheesecake
Cedarga: A birthing present, Tap.
B5CL Tap: Cedarga you made it yourself?
DeathL9999: im usexd to chatiing in diablo chat
DeathL9999: used
AmbKosh715: I’ll ask lav next time I see her
Cedarga: No, not me, dear. {S eli’s
StefniLyn: Oh I wouldnt have been able to enjoy it if it had gotten here
earlier. the timing was great
Artistspen: iM REALY A MAGIC PEN???!!!
Cedarga: The factory is down the street.
DeathL9999: NO
B5CL Tap: Gee Cedarga I could have sworn it was you πŸ™‚
OnlineHost: GeoMetroid has entered the room.
DeathL9999: just a regular pen only alive
OnlineHost: Flyboy2241 has entered the room.
AmbKosh715: what artist?
B5CL Tap: Can you tell Saturday morning cartoons are over?
DeathL9999: I am magic yea
Cedarga: (wonders if my oven still works after all these years)
OnlineHost: GeoMetroid has left the room.
B5CL Tap: ROFL Cedarga
StefniLyn: They have been over for a while
B5CL Tap: gee Cedarga might want to dust the oven occasionally πŸ™‚
StefniLyn: Heck I have been forbidden to do ANYTHING
Cedarga: Stef, that gets old, fast, doesn’t it?
DeathL9999: grabs a tree from it’s roots
DOOM 2069: who’s got the pen now
B5CL Tap: Stef..your typing on line..THAT is something!
Cedarga: Dust?
StefniLyn: My tummy is stillhurting from the c-section and I am under dr
orders to do NOTHING
DeathL9999: Lunch time!!
Cedarga: ::::grabs dictionary:::::
DeathL9999: /me eats the tree
StefniLyn: Yeah but that doesnt involve moving around Tap
B5CL Tap: Well yeah Cedarga.. you know comb webs and stuff
DeathL9999: i keep doing that
DeathL9999: hmm
Flyboy2241: ::: slips in silently ::: hiya Ced.
B5CL Tap: Stef your fingers are moving ..:grins::
B5CL Tap: hehehe
AmbKosh715: :::pours glass of minbari ice tea:::
OnlineHost: Kirantha has entered the room.
StefniLyn: teehee Rob is also asleep
B5CL Tap: Hiya Kira..whatcha up to?
Cedarga: ((((((((((FLyboy)))))))))) Hiya, hon!…. stop deadsticking in, ya
dare devil!
OnlineHost: SILKDWII has entered the room.
DeathL9999: makes a pizza and eats it
Kirantha: ::::waves at Tap::::
Cedarga: {S Kirantha
StefniLyn: But was told that I was doing too much again
AngelMpath: Gee Tap, leave her alone, the kid will give her enough guilt as
it is <g>
StefniLyn: {{{{{{{Kir}}}}}}}}
Kirantha: Hi Ced {S kirantha
Flyboy2241: I’ll try to remember that
Kirantha: {{{{{{{Stef}}}}}}}}}
Kirantha: All well on the home front?
B5CL Tap: LOL Angel
DOOM 2069: {S systemstart
Artistspen: iF I MADEthe drawing come alive i must be magic!
OnlineHost: Brockwho has entered the room.
Cedarga: Hiya Angel
AngelMpath: Hey Ced, how goes it?
OnlineHost: doom1069 not found to gag
Kirantha: Hi Angel
DeathL9999: No mister pen i made it come to life you pinhead
Cedarga: Okay. I’m hiding from the dishes. They have started stalking me
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘DOOM 2069’, duration 5 min
Kirantha: Stef, how’s the little one?
AngelMpath: Hi Kira, when did you sneak in?
B5CL Tap: Ack Cedarga sounds like a horror movie!
DeathL9999: :::hurls the pen into a garbage truck and it drives to Brazil :::
Kirantha: Angel, just now. And dragons don’t sneak.
Cedarga: Silk!
B5CL Tap: Hello Silk welcome to Eclipse Cafe
StefniLyn: He is snoozing at the moment. I am sure that he will wake up soon
and want a snack
Cedarga: Hello, sir prince
Artistspen: ::Draws ink pizza and makes it alive and eats it::
DeathL9999: THERE!
Kirantha: Stef, probably
DeathL9999: ::laughs at the pen eating paper :::
StefniLyn: He is laying here next to me.
Cedarga: :::::quickly puts up objects not hidden from invalid kender:::::
DeathL9999: ROFL
SILKDWII: Is there a topic this morning
StefniLyn: He was up every other hour last night wanting something to eat
AmbKosh715: BBL
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has left the room.
StefniLyn: kender?!?! ::looks about::::where?
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has left the room.
SILKDWII: I hate kender
B5CL Tap: SILK always a topic..just have to guess what it is…
DeathL9999: ::: gets on hands and knees :::
Cedarga: Tap, that’s mean!
OnlineHost: Brockwho has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Third Space, River of Souls..last 3 episodes..
OnlineHost: SAn4242571 has entered the room.
Cedarga: Anyone watching River? It’s on now
B5CL Tap: what Cedarga?
DeathL9999: :::: Roars like a Tiger out of her human body
SILKDWII: oh good, I get tired of spying you know
StefniLyn: Hey!!!!!! You cant hate Kenders…they are cvute…adorable…and
very friendly
DeathL9999: ::: changes into a Siberian Tiger::::
B5CL Tap: next 2 episodes, Thanksgiving, STef’s baby..etc. etc. etc.
Artistspen: Im im ……. Wahhhhhhhhhh! I want to be magic! make me magic
StefniLyn: :::fluffs topknot::::
DeathL9999: /me pounces on the pen
OnlineHost: Duke Jon 1 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: B5 Talia has entered the room.
StefniLyn: Yeah Ced…he just gave her the love bat
Cedarga: Hey, there, Jon
Kirantha: Kenders are some of my best friends. Of course, I make sure my
hoard is safe tho.
SILKDWII: I wanted to strangle Tasslehoff with a passion
Cedarga: Hiya Talia
B5 Talia: Hello everyone
AngelMpath: Hey Stef, when you going to be able to do {S divhug} again?
Duke Jon 1: hey B5’ers
Cedarga: I’m recording, but with the tv off. Seen the silly thing 3 times
DeathL9999: i keep typing /me as usual
B5CL Tap: Welcome Duke Jon and Talia to the Eclipse Cafe @@@@@@@cinnamon
rolls are HOT!
Artistspen: ::Jumps::
StefniLyn: As soon as my stitches heal Angel. Not allowed to move at the
B5CL Tap: nope SA
DeathL9999: A pen jumping
StefniLyn: But you cant keep a good kender down!
Artistspen: :: trys to be magic again ::
DeathL9999: SEX check please
DeathL9999: <<<<<<<FEMALE
Duke Jon 1: <–is recording river of souls *again* =(
StefniLyn: Sorry cant for the next 6 weeks Death
B5CL Tap: Why Duke you lost it?
DeathL9999: (V)
Duke Jon 1: error o my part =(
Flyboy2241: age and gender are irrelevant in here Death
Duke Jon 1: o=on
OnlineHost: Artistspen has left the room.
OnlineHost: Artistspen has entered the room.
DeathL9999: :::turns back :::
SILKDWII: ‘I wanted to swing Tas by his top knot and let him go in the
Cedarga: Jon, I’m still trying to get a clean copy as well.
AngelMpath: oh geez Stef, just got that one
SAn4242571: where is tanis
Cedarga: Storm had my cable fuzzy for days…
DeathL9999: :::picks up the pen feeling sorry :::
StefniLyn: Would you believe the Captain that saw Joseph yesterday
StefniLyn: ORDERED me to not get in to any more car accidents? She
StefniLyn: saw my scars and asked what happened
DeathL9999: :::taps the pen and he turns into a human :::
B5 Talia: Actually, I’d have thought that age and gender were irrelevant to
Death in general
Artistspen: :: trys again ::
StefniLyn: :::Giggles::::Well at least you got it Angel…no one else noticed
Artistspen: Ah! Im Im human!
Flyboy2241: Interresting point Miss Winters
OnlineHost: SAn4242571 has left the room.
DeathL9999: But you have clothes at least
AngelMpath: Stef, been there, done that <g>
DeathL9999: πŸ™‚
B5 Talia: Death comes to all
Artistspen: I want to be a magic pen.
B5CL Tap: You don’t have a clean copy,Cedarga, because you refuse to dust
SILKDWII: so do teeps
DeathL9999: B% are you talking about me?
OnlineHost: Spenscott has entered the room.
Duke Jon 1: my cable for some reason was not still aint clear
now,but this is the last day i
DeathL9999: b5
B5 Talia: Yes, Death I am
Artistspen: I didnt need cloths then
Cedarga: Well, gee, Tap, ya think it makes a difference? ::::rummages for
Kirantha: <—-glad I don’t have cable.
Duke Jon 1: can recored before i go back to work.
Cedarga: Hints from Heloise:::::
SILKDWII: I need cable, I’m dying without my B5!!!!!!!!
DeathL9999: :::turns pen into a bacteria and puts him in a container ( very
small ) under the microscope
Duke Jon 1: its better though,it aint real clear though
B5CL Tap: Sure..clean your tv screen too πŸ˜‰
DeathL9999: :::studies him :::
B5 Talia: Let me guess Kir…. DSS?
B5CL Tap: Duke your not dusting either?
Cedarga: Silk, I told ya about the tapes for sale of season five?
Duke Jon 1: heheh
Cedarga: Write a letter to Santa…
StefniLyn: boy I dont think that I could last 2 days without cable
B5CL Tap: I saw the B5 tapes on sale in a catalog for PBS yesterday.
StefniLyn: now that I am trapped in my home for the next 4 weeks
SILKDWII: How much are they Ced
Kirantha: Talia, sorta
Artistspen: ::Swims happy::
Cedarga: About fifteen dollars a tape
StefniLyn: Really Tap? How much?
Duke Jon 1: they have some season 5 tapes on sale already too
Cedarga: I wait til they are on sale…end up paying about $10
Cedarga: For two eps, silk
B5 Talia: Geez, Columbia House is 20 for two eps
Kirantha: I have a satelitte dish. Don’t have to rely on cab.e
SILKDWII: Oh, that’s better,
B5CL Tap: I think it was like 59.95 or something like that…let me check
B5CL Tap: LOL Cedarga I know
B5CL Tap: Where Duke Jon?
DeathL9999: Takes the pen ( he is normal ) and draws a girl ink pen
Cedarga: Talia, CH is the only way to get the original Gathering if you are
DeathL9999: ::: it comesto life :::
Cedarga: interested in having it…
Duke Jon 1: just thing of all the money i saved by taping off the TV,you do
the math 15 bucks per tape
Cedarga: Believe it or not, the WB Gathering version is the new one…
B5 Talia: Already have it Ced.
Duke Jon 1: and i have all the episodes
B5CL Tap: Duke ..KarrdeTal figured 1500 dollars
Artistspen: am i magic/
B5CL Tap: but he is single..and he didn’t mind spending the money.
SILKDWII: <~~Just watched Armagedden three times
DeathL9999: NO i made it come to life you dumb pinhead
Cedarga: I still haven’t done the CH thing. I want to, but I shudder at the
Cedarga: thought of them getting my name and address,
Cedarga: and…gasp….checking account number…
B5CL Tap: nice..this is a friendly cafe
Cedarga: Jon, I’m missing seven episodes.
Artistspen: ?
B5CL Tap: LOL Cedarga afraid of checking account numbers?
DeathL9999: Well im telling him the truth……In diablo we were like this
all the time
SILKDWII: Relax tap he just said pinhead
B5 Talia: It’s not bad Ced. I send them a check once a month
Cedarga: And I have one with bad tracking I can’t seem to salvage
B5CL Tap: Still not nice…
Cedarga: Tap, AOL started charging me for AOL Long Distance and I don’t even
have a phone…
Artistspen: made a what come to life?
Flyboy2241: brb
B5CL Tap: and its the little things that lead to bad things
DeathL9999: a girl ink pen
SILKDWII: If he calls him a nincumpoop then throw him out
B5CL Tap: Ah Cedarga..that is a trick..
Cedarga: I have been a month trying to straighten it out.
B5CL Tap: no phone?
Cedarga: Nope.
Cedarga: It’s Polki’s phone
Kirantha: Ced? No phone? How do you get onto AOL?
SILKDWII: How are you on here?
B5 Talia: Ced, if you don’t authorize them to debit your account, they have
to wait for you to send
Cedarga: In her name
B5 Talia: them a check every month
DeathL9999: hold her arms out at her sides and her arms tunr into bird
DeathL9999: turn
Cedarga: Talia, I never authorized the debit for any long distance
B5CL Tap: I have heard of acounting nightmares here ::shudders::
DeathL9999: Turns into a indian condor
B5CL Tap: Cedarga maybe you’ll need the Narn bat squad πŸ™‚
Cedarga: I’ve written letters to the Illinois Attorney General, et al
Artistspen: Ahhhhhh! no way!
DeathL9999: :::squawks:::
B5CL Tap: Although Corwin’s bat might make them so sick they will captiulate
Cedarga: Tap, only if I can send modified love bats <G>
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has entered the room.
DeathL9999: ::: swoops down and catches Pen in her claws :::
B5CL Tap: i love you..
SILKDWII: My mom said “We may starve to death but we’ll always have AOL:
B5CL Tap: you are my friend
B5 Talia: But do you authorize them to debit for your AOL?
Cedarga: (((((((John)))))))
B5 jgDalek: Good Morning
Cedarga: Talia, yes
B5CL Tap: Hiya Dalek!! {S dalek
OnlineHost: JM ICEMAN has entered the room.
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{Ali}}}}
B5CL Tap: Hey JM how you be?
B5 jgDalek: {{{{Tap}}}}}
JM ICEMAN: Greetings Room!!!
Cedarga: ((((((((((((blanky Icey blanky))))))))))
B5CL Tap: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ passes cinnamon rolls around the chat room ::::::
JM ICEMAN: Hiya Tap πŸ™‚
Artistspen: wow! what a veiw!
B5CL Tap: blanky?
Duke Jon 1: Humbly bows to Deleks..
JM ICEMAN: Hi Ced…cold?
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{Stefni}}}}} hiya Mom
DeathL9999: my nick name = DL
B5 Talia: Hello Dalek, Iceman
B5 jgDalek: Hello Jon
OnlineHost: RABDKESBDN has left the room.
DeathL9999: ::: soars higher into the air :::
B5CL Tap: ::sips orange juice:::
SILKDWII: You think that’s dirty Tap?
Artistspen: {{{{JM}}}}
Cedarga: Icey is just too cold to hug without a blanky (editing that for
daytime you know)
B5 jgDalek: Hiya Talia
JM ICEMAN: Yeah Tap,Ced always ask’s for a blankey
StefniLyn: :::rushes back from the little mommys room:::HI Everyone that came
in whilst I was gone.
B5CL Tap: blankies are usually blue, Silk
JM ICEMAN: Hi Artist
AngelMpath: Ced, Duky is having problems cancelling his AOL long distance,
AngelMpath: they double bill him even though ATT told AOL he switched
JM ICEMAN: Hi dalek{S dalek
DeathL9999: ::: drops the pen :::
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Angel,Kira}}}}}}}
Duke Jon 1: nah 36 degrees aint cold =)
OnlineHost: Porse 2 has entered the room.
Kirantha: {{{{Dalek}}}}
B5 jgDalek: Hiya JM
SILKDWII: ::::grabs the pen:::
Artistspen: Im in the air! ahhhhhhhh! falling!
Cedarga: Angel, well, he is not the only one
DeathL9999: ::: dives down and catches it :::
Kirantha: {{{{S iceman}}}}
Kirantha: {{{{S ice1
JM ICEMAN: hello Duke
SILKDWII: HA HA I got it first
Artistspen: Whew!
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ DALEK!!!ICEMAN!!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
Duke Jon 1: -2 now thats cold
B5CL Tap: [=] orange juice JM?
JM ICEMAN: Hey Stef,how’s the baby?
DeathL9999: :::: Soars ::::
Duke Jon 1: hey JM
StefniLyn: He is snoozing but I think I have to change him. He made a
squishy noise.
Cedarga: Well, there is a month left of b5.
Cedarga: I can solve this AOL billing problem after that.
AngelMpath: Ced, He had to cancel his charge card because of it
JM ICEMAN: Did you bake anything today Tap?
B5CL Tap: {\} got my orange juice with a straw πŸ™‚
DeathL9999: :: squawks ::
SILKDWII: What’s happening on B5
B5CL Tap: its ending Silk
B5CL Tap: the day before Thanksgiving is the last new show
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
DeathL9999: ::: turns a sharp mountain peak and pen loses balance:::
B5CL Tap: @@@@@@@@sure cinnamon rolls are HOT!
Cedarga: I’d miss you guys, but this is just about the last straw.
Cedarga: Sorry I started ranting.
B5 jgDalek: Hey does the cafe have a “changing table” for Stef
DeathL9999: ::: dives down and catches him :::
Cedarga: I’ll be good now.
Artistspen: How bout you build a nest home……There! on that branch!
Duke Jon 1: All good things must come to a end =(
GODSIVAR: you know someone sent me a pic of 200 guys having sex
SILKDWII: I know that but how. Who’s fighting who or what
OnlineHost: LORDZIBA has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: bummer Cedarga well where ever you go there is always email πŸ™‚
JM ICEMAN: B5 is ending…thinks of that Frank Sintra song…
StefniLyn: what is the matter Ced?
OnlineHost: Porse 2 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: sent it to ToSSpam..Godsivar
AngelMpath: Ced, talk to Duky next time he’s on, I’m sure he’d love to swap
B5CL Tap: Hiya Ziba welcome to the Eclipse Cafe
Duke Jon 1: GOD??!!!! blah…
Artistspen: Woah!
DeathL9999: ::: lands on the bar counter :::
Cedarga: John, well, now that we no longer barbeque snerts, we have bricked
Cedarga: over the barby and padded it with embroidered snertskin pillows for
Cedarga: her…
DeathL9999: ::: lets pen off :::
GODSIVAR: {s b5them5
LORDZIBA: so, what’s a topic today?
GODSIVAR: {S killsix
B5CL Tap: embroidered? you don’t dust but you embroider?
DeathL9999: thank you for going on indian condor Flight
GODSIVAR: {S b5them4
GODSIVAR: {s ppg
DeathL9999: please wait till a complete stop
Artistspen: Thanks! Now lets build.
B5CL Tap: its saturday, gets sane occasionally even πŸ˜‰
B5 jgDalek: Nice to know that Ced, I am sure Stef appreciates that
B5 Talia: Tap I don’t think Ced embroidered them
JM ICEMAN: Naaa Ced…lets brand them with hot irons
DeathL9999: turn back into a person and jumps off countert
B5CL Tap: well who embroders?
Duke Jon 1: <–i enever anser mail from ppl i dont know,you git nasty litte
things that way.
DeathL9999: counter
Cedarga: Tap, just before crocheting became popular, I crocheted Polki’s
wedding veil
B5CL Tap: how long that take you Cedarga?
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt has entered the room.
Cedarga: LOL Icey!
Cedarga: A year
B5CL Tap: hiya Babs welcome to the Eclipse
B5 Talia: I wouldn’t know. Although, if you want I could find out
JM ICEMAN: Ced,your so talented!
B5 jgDalek: Have to go, bye all, see ya later
B5CL Tap: how long was it, Cedarga?
B5CL Tap: byebye Dalek
Artistspen: hay! where did she go? I was gonna help her build a nest.
Cedarga: Brat was married by the time I finished it and lying to me about it.
DeathL9999: :::: gets on hands and knees :::
Babs5Capt: Hiya Tap
JM ICEMAN: See ya Dalek
SILKDWII: Well since i’m learning nothing here, I guess i’ll move on
StefniLyn: boy read an IM and get lost forever
B5 jgDalek: {S alig8r
Kirantha: Gotta go. Bye!
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has left the room.
OnlineHost: Kirantha has left the room.
Babs5Capt: Bye Kira
B5CL Tap: she got married before you finished it?
StefniLyn: I love the snertskin pillows and I embroder
DeathL9999: ::: lifts off the ground cause her legsare getting long with
yellow fur
OnlineHost: SILKDWII has left the room.
Cedarga: Wow, an exodus.
Babs5Capt: Hi Ced
OnlineHost: Artistspen has left the room.
OnlineHost: Artistspen has entered the room.
Cedarga: Hiya Babs. How’s the south?
DeathL9999: ::: brown spots cover
B5CL Tap: they come they go, ought to know that πŸ™‚
DeathL9999: :::: her neck stretches long like her legs with same color
Duke Jon 1: <—has a seat covers made out of snert skins..
Artistspen: What is the animal now?
OnlineHost: Soulblade3 has entered the room.
DeathL9999: ::: is now a girrafe :::
Artistspen: Wow!
B5CL Tap: loverly Duke…what color are they?
OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
Soulblade3: Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5 Talia: Well, gang, I need to be goin
B5 Talia: going
B5CL Tap: hiya TCB how you be?
DeathL9999: ::: snatches pen
OnlineHost: QwikTypr has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: the topic varies but the people are nice πŸ˜‰
TCBK1015: I’m Fine
Artistspen: whoa!!!
AngelMpath: Talia, at least you didn’t say groin
Duke Jon 1: there are kinda rawhide colored
B5 Talia: LOL. Thank God for little favors
B5CL Tap: ah I see Duke..perfect for you huh?
Duke Jon 1: =)
DeathL9999: ::: hurls pen and he turns into a crow ::: this is my magic not
B5 Talia: Goodbye everyone
TCBK1015: Any one watching River of Souls now?
B5CL Tap: you tan the hides yourself?
AngelMpath: later Talia
B5CL Tap: bye Talia
OnlineHost: B5 Talia has left the room.
JM ICEMAN: girrafs..there yellow with big brown spots
StefniLyn: bye Talia
OnlineHost: Soulblade3 has left the room.
Duke Jon 1: yup i is <–ebonics
B5CL Tap: ever paint a giraffe, JM?
OnlineHost: LORDZIBA has left the room.
Artistspen: Do i even have magic yet/
B5CL Tap: Ack Duke don’t you dare ::swats::
Cedarga: TCB, I’m recording it, but not watching
JM ICEMAN: Not that that I know of Tap
Duke Jon 1: muahahaha
B5CL Tap: hey something new..
StefniLyn: EEP I have been promoted in my sim group!!!!
JM ICEMAN: What Tap?
OnlineHost: Flyboy2241 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: nice
AngelMpath: Stef, not bad for not being able to do anything
B5CL Tap: kewl Stef..!
StefniLyn: really….two levels too
Duke Jon 1: ok ill behave =)
StefniLyn: well its about time.
OnlineHost: QwikTypr has left the room.
B5CL Tap: how many levels can you go, Stef?
JM ICEMAN: Stef,you shouldn’t be taking stims!
Cedarga: Okay, who are you and what did you do with Jon?
B5CL Tap: JM she said SIM not Stims!
Duke Jon 1: hehe
AngelMpath: Hey Spenscott, you ever going to get a profile?
DeathL9999: who is JM?
TCBK1015: What is the best B5 movie? I think it’s RoS
B5CL Tap: LOL Cedarga ..Tap makes them behave ::foofs::
JM ICEMAN: Oh,thats different…never mind
B5CL Tap: Kill them with kindness that is my motto =)
StefniLyn: Well I was a mage of the thrid order now I am a mage of the first
B5CL Tap: I liked Third Space alot, TCB
StefniLyn: cant go any higher unless I want to be the head of the order
Duke Jon 1: in the beginnig was the best Bar none.
B5CL Tap: not that River of Souls was bad..just not much action.
Cedarga: OMG A kender mage?
TCBK1015: Third Space is O.K.
Artistspen: Im sliping out of grip DeathL9999!
Cedarga: And I’ve been voluntarily entering the same room?
Cedarga: ::::backs up warily:::::
B5CL Tap: LOL Cedarga
AngelMpath: Tap, looks like we put Spen to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz
B5CL Tap: tis still Stef.. Cedarga ..see you were prejudice towards kenders
all this time!
TCBK1015: I’ll be Back soon
OnlineHost: JM ICEMAN has left the room.
Duke Jon 1: river of souls was more story based,no fighting =(
Babs5Capt: Hi Stef

DeathL9999: dsGseoAHRJpejhpfjbpaejrhposjnijksbgklmrbmdl;fmgpengejbpdbpfedhpmnehdropnwpnvgwognhp[sjnpoz

OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: yeah Duke ::sighs:: bummer huh?
OnlineHost: DixieDoves has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: cat on the keyboard Death?
DeathL9999: :::artist is a corw :::
Artistspen: angle is cachin some Zs
StefniLyn: hmmm?
Babs5Capt: I didn’t really like that one
StefniLyn: I as in IM land again..
Artistspen: Caw! Caw!
Duke Jon 1: i misss big fleet battles
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has entered the room.
DeathL9999: ::: is a girafe
AngelMpath: No Artist, Spenscott is
OnlineHost: JM ICEMAN has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Yeah Duke.they don’t happen often ::sighs::
B5CL Tap: wb JM
DixieDoves: Hello room
StefniLyn: sheeesh
Duke Jon 1: nope they dont =(
JM ICEMAN: Thanks Tap
DeathL9999: uh oh feel like im changing into soemthing big CLEAR TH)E AREA
AngelMpath: wb Iceman
StefniLyn: now was what that about adorable kenders?
B5CL Tap: I dont’ think he said anything..yet, Angel
JM ICEMAN: Thanks angel
Artistspen: :: Eats fruit in tree :
B5CL Tap: finish your Christmas shopping JM?
Cedarga: I liked River much better than 3rd Space
OnlineHost: DixieDoves has left the room.
B5CL Tap: well you like bats, Cedarga πŸ˜‰
DOOM 2069: hey has that fruit been inspected
Babs5Capt: Ced I sent them
JM ICEMAN: almost,a few more gifts
Duke Jon 1: B5 had afew big dust ups =)
AngelMpath: Nope, Tap, he comes in here and lurks
StefniLyn: ::::panic:::::
OnlineHost: Spenscott has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Lurkers are welcome, Angel πŸ™‚
OnlineHost: Gnt56 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: I will be done today.. πŸ˜‰
JM ICEMAN: Hi Gnt!!!
B5CL Tap: hiya Gnt!! LTNS!
AngelMpath: that woke him/her up
DeathL9999: her legs cross together fin
StefniLyn: hi there Gnt
B5CL Tap: where you been hiding?
Duke Jon 1: its always garibaldi =)
DeathL9999: making a fin
Gnt56: hi everyone
Cedarga: Gnt!!! Hey there!
AngelMpath: GNT!!!!! LTNS
Gnt56: ((((((((((((((((((((tap the best)))))))))))))))
DeathL9999: :::: gorws larger and turns into a BLUE WHALE
DeathL9999: BLUE WHALE
B5CL Tap: ::blushes::
B5CL Tap: sorry Death they don’t fit in the cafe
JM ICEMAN: Look,Tap turned fusishia!
DeathL9999: they don’t
DeathL9999: ?
B5CL Tap: nope
DeathL9999: ::: smashes the cafe::::
Babs5Capt: Could I ask a question?
B5CL Tap: fuschia
Cedarga: JM? How can you tell?
Gnt56: daughters wedding and other commitments took up most of my time
DeathL9999: AAHHH
DeathL9999: OUCH
StefniLyn: brb
Artistspen: :: Turns into a frog ::
B5CL Tap: i guess many at the wedding, anyhow?
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has left the room.
Gnt56: 255
Cedarga: Gnt, how did it feel to marry off a daughter?
DeathL9999: Tell artists it is a figment of his imagination
JM ICEMAN: i can tell anything Ced..
B5CL Tap: whoa..nice intimate wedding πŸ™‚
Gnt56: only have one child
B5CL Tap: blew the bank book huh Gnt.?
Cedarga: Oh, that makes it a bit harder…
Duke Jon 1: hmm…we have shape shifters here,is odo here =)
Artistspen: :: sighs ::
Gnt56: and then the bank went phew
DeathL9999: Turns into human
B5CL Tap: Prolly came from the Bridge, Duke πŸ˜‰
B5CL Tap: LOL Gnt
Babs5Capt: Well, I”ve gotta be off.. ye everyone
JM ICEMAN: Yeah Duke,I have Odo in this jar []
Duke Jon 1: heheh
Babs5Capt: Bye
B5CL Tap: bye Babs
DeathL9999: taps him and tells him he can turn into any reptile
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt has left the room.
DeathL9999: There
Gnt56: did everyone feels let down by river
OnlineHost: SandyV4752 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: hiya Sandy
AngelMpath: Hey Sandy
SandyV4752: Hi Tap!!
Duke Jon 1: hey it cleared out quick in here =(
SandyV4752: Hi Angel!
B5CL Tap: I am going to the art show in an hour.
StefniLyn: well folks I need to go change a diaper. Talk to you all later
B5CL Tap: see how my picture did ::sighs::
Cedarga: Gnt, I was pleasantly surprised, considering that Lochley is not my
Cedarga: favorite character
B5CL Tap: bye Stef
SandyV4752: Hi Iceie
AngelMpath: later Stef
StefniLyn: :::::waves:::::have a good day
Cedarga: Tap, you’ll let us know?
SandyV4752: Bye Stef
OnlineHost: StefniLyn has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Lochley was more human than usual, Cedarga
Gnt56: found that it was tript and not very imagnitave
Artistspen: Ill be a…….. lizzerd!
DeathL9999: ::: artist your a frog :::
B5CL Tap: well don’t hold your breath, Cedarga, there were many entries I am
DeathL9999: now your a lizard
B5CL Tap: and this is my first time
Artistspen: a frog is an anfibian
DeathL9999: same thing
B5CL Tap: I will take a pix and get it scanned so you can see it.
DeathL9999: well in my magic you can turn into a frog
JM ICEMAN: Your first time Tap???
B5CL Tap: amphibian
Duke Jon 1: <–turns into a democrat,nooooooooooooo
DeathL9999: AAHHH
Cedarga: Gnt, I was expecting a little more from the show as well, but I’m
Cedarga: beginning to think I put undue pressure on Babylonian. I expect
Cedarga: from them I wouldn’t of others…
B5CL Tap: well yes, JM I told you I never entered an art show before this
DeathL9999: ::: turns into a cheetah and runs away :::
B5CL Tap: Duke and JM !! {S thunder
DeathL9999: HELP!!
Artistspen: Ok im a frog!
JM ICEMAN: What I say?What I say?
Gnt56: tap good for you and good luck
DeathL9999: a demcrat!!!
DeathL9999: HELP
Artistspen: :: Hopes with Him::
OnlineHost: Flyboy2241 has entered the room.
DeathL9999: him ?
B5CL Tap: oh..I am not expecting anything, Gnt.. just lost 8 bucks but then I
would have spend it
DeathL9999: <<<<her
Duke Jon 1: and i just rasied your taxes 4 trillion %
JM ICEMAN: It’s not like I ask Tap {S naked
Gnt56: ced i am always anoyed when i feel a show is done for the money not
the art
B5CL Tap: on something frivolous like food or something πŸ˜‰
B5CL Tap: {S thunder1
Flyboy2241: bak
DeathL9999: i dont have taxes
OnlineHost: Artistspen has left the room.
B5CL Tap: well at least no rain today…and got my chores done πŸ˜‰
DeathL9999: turns back
Duke Jon 1: im a democrat now sure ya do!!!!!muahahahah
OnlineHost: Artistspen has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Tap, send me your thunder wavs please
DeathL9999: IM A WITCH
B5CL Tap: LOL Duke..
Cedarga: Gnt, I was expecting more questions… And the answer seemed a
Cedarga: magical. I feel the same way about Garibaldi’s latest “recovery”
Cedarga: pat.
B5CL Tap: sure Angel..I got them on my zip disc..let me find them..
B5CL Tap: or did I lose them when we wiped the disc?
Artistspen: im a cute little male kittin.
AngelMpath: thanks
DeathL9999: ah
B5CL Tap: Cedarga I had a friend that quit just that fast.
Artistspen: Can i be that DeathL9999
DeathL9999: ::: PICKS UP THE CAT :::
Duke Jon 1: <—turned back to form the Duke
B5CL Tap: He didn’t make a big deal about it or anything
B5CL Tap: it just happened
B5CL Tap: ah Duke what were you before?
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘DeathL9999′, duration 5 min
OnlineHost: MrsPie has entered the room.
JM ICEMAN: Well,gotta go,things to do,people to see…Tap just add the juice
to my bill
B5CL Tap: Welcome Mrs to the Eclipse Cafe
B5CL Tap: okay JM will do ::puts in extra for tip:::
Duke Jon 1: a monarchist of corse (im a Duke =) )
B5CL Tap: ::foofs::
Artistspen: Meow!!! Im the pen!! GERGGLE GERGGLE!!!! Im not like other
AngelMpath: CYA later Iceman
JM ICEMAN: Bye Room…..Have a nice day all…
OnlineHost: Batswing has entered the room.
Duke Jon 1: damn i cant spell
B5CL Tap: Ah yes, Duke that is right I forgot πŸ™‚
B5CL Tap: bye JM ::waves::
OnlineHost: JM ICEMAN has left the room.
B5CL Tap: :finishes orange juice::
Duke Jon 1: later jm
OnlineHost: DACNC has entered the room.
OnlineHost: MrsPie has left the room.
Gnt56: im off to fish and smoke a good cigar se you all again
B5CL Tap: I call him JM because I know at least 3 Iceman types in the room
B5CL Tap: byebye Gnt..have fun πŸ™‚
SandyV4752: Bye Gnt
OnlineHost: DeathL9999 has left the room.
Gnt56: “for the one”
OnlineHost: Gnt56 has left the room.
AngelMpath: later Gnt
B5CL Tap: they come ..they go poof!
B5CL Tap: hello DAC welcome to Eclipse Cafe
Artistspen: Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Tap: Ack! Animaniacs are on
Artistspen: :: drowns ::
DACNC: whats hte chat today
Duke Jon 1: ya know i hate that lawer in river of souls hes a smug little
bastard huh..
B5CL Tap: Its been varying DAC ..River of Souls, Third Space, end of
B5…Stef’s baby..
Artistspen: :: Is in the water waiting for a good soul to take care of him ::
B5CL Tap: LOL Duke reminded me of a used car salesman πŸ˜‰
Duke Jon 1: heheh
SandyV4752: I thought he was hilarious,lol
DACNC: 3 more to go till the end
B5CL Tap: had hair that reminded me of Caesar
B5CL Tap: Objects at Rest, and Sleeping inLight..DAC
B5CL Tap: just 2….unless your counting Call to Arms in January
DACNC: onother b5 movie event
Duke Jon 1: the bast part is on now,then they guys says i didnt want a 3 some
Artistspen: DeathL9999: Any one want a cat?
B5CL Tap: Oh geesch Duke ::blushes::
B5CL Tap: Death isn’t here Artistpen
Duke Jon 1: heheh
B5CL Tap: that suit was strange looking
Artistspen: Hes on the roof
B5CL Tap: looked liked something like scuba gear
Duke Jon 1: i wonter who cleans the suits ?? hmm..
OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: I don’t want to know!! :::sips orange juice::
Cedarga: EEEEewwwww Jon?
TCBK1015: Hi
Duke Jon 1: muahaah
B5CL Tap: wb TCB
Cedarga: Do you stay up nights thinking of this stuff?
SandyV4752: LOL Ced!!
OnlineHost: Mike011701 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Duke is very witty, Cedarga he dont’ have to stay up πŸ˜‰
Cedarga: ((((((((Sandy))))))))
Duke Jon 1: no most of its off the hip on the fly
B5CL Tap: hya Mike welcome aboard Babyon5
Flyboy2241: interresting point though Jon
OnlineHost: Mike011701 has left the room.
SandyV4752: {{{{{{{{Ced}}}}}}}}}}}}} I thought you saw me gal! LOL
B5CL Tap: yeah just like High Noon..Duke -)
Cedarga: Was afk for a bit. Musta come in then…
Duke Jon 1: you guys should here me in person fulll of beer =)
B5CL Tap: Sandy is very quiet πŸ˜‰
SandyV4752: That’s ok πŸ™‚
TCBK1015: Do you think that Crusades will be as good as B5?
B5CL Tap: LOL Duke
Cedarga: Do you slosh, Jon?
Flyboy2241: brb again
SandyV4752: I’m doing my grocery list,lol
B5CL Tap: dunno TCB its not an will be different.
Duke Jon 1: no the jokes are far less tame =)
B5CL Tap: remember Minbar tea. and spoo Sandy πŸ™‚
TCBK1015: How will it be different?
DACNC: who will be on crusades any of the old charaters?
SandyV4752: You got that right Tap πŸ™‚
Artistspen: who wants a cat???
Cedarga: DAC, not as regulars
B5CL Tap: well Lochsley, DAC she gets 18 shows
Cedarga: Really, Tap? 18 shows?
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
DACNC: all new people yuck
OnlineHost: MaverickIX has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: and Franklin..will be in it from time to time
Duke Jon 1: i allready a pretty litte girl kitty =)
B5CL Tap: yeppers. Cedarga
Cedarga: ((((((Mav)))))))
B5CL Tap: Hiya Maverick..
MaverickIX: (((((Ced))))))
B5CL Tap: and in a couple
MaverickIX: Hiya Tap
B5CL Tap: but I think its flashbacks
Cedarga: Tap, that’s cool to know
MaverickIX: talking about Crusades?
B5CL Tap: girl kitty?
Cedarga: ACK!
B5CL Tap: yeppers Maverick how you guess?
SandyV4752: I think I read somewhere that Lyta is in the first one Tap.
Cedarga: Just blew my assumption
B5CL Tap: πŸ™‚
Artistspen: meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
B5CL Tap: she is in the one, Steven Furst directed, Sandy
OnlineHost: DthStrGnnr has entered the room.
TCBK1015: What is the plot for Crusades?
DACNC: i really don’t like capt locklyey to stif
MaverickIX: The more I find out about Crusade, the more it interests me…I’m
gettin excited
B5CL Tap: which is not quite the first about the 3rd I think cause number 1
isn’t one now.
OnlineHost: Gbpw31 has entered the room.
DthStrGnnr: who lives in IL
B5CL Tap: TCB the Drakh’s leave a plague behind on Earth
MaverickIX: DACNC…you stole my font!
SandyV4752: Oh ok πŸ™‚
OnlineHost: SCOLLIN007 has entered the room.
Artistspen: Any one fer a FRISH male FRISH kitty? Frish frishk!
B5CL Tap: the Excalibur goes out to find a cure
SCOLLIN007: hi evertone3
Duke Jon 1: so,is crusades gonna be like,ol trek,roaming aroun the universe
meeting new races ect?
B5CL Tap: you want the link TCB?
SCOLLIN007: hi everyone
TCBK1015: Yes
B5CL Tap: yeppers kindof, sortof, Duke
Gbpw31: hi all
SCOLLIN007: hi
B5CL Tap: okay..let me email it to you…TCB
MaverickIX: no Jon…well, they will be roaming around
SandyV4752: Sounds like it to me Duke
Duke Jon 1: i could get into that
DACNC: sorry mav had this for awhile cool aint it!! LOL
MaverickIX: yeah…Tempus Sans ITC
OnlineHost: Gbpw31 has left the room.
SCOLLIN007: bye everyone
OnlineHost: SCOLLIN007 has left the room.
Cedarga: Well, I think the dishes are multiplying in there… Gotta go!
Cedarga: ::::waves:::::
MaverickIX: c ya Ced…
B5CL Tap: have fun Cedarga ::grins::
OnlineHost: Cedarga has left the room.
MaverickIX: got the washing machine working yet Ced?
Duke Jon 1: i just hope they stop bu mebar to see sherdan and dylenn,and mars
to see garibadli
TCBK1015: I’ll be back
OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: well they might Duke.. you never know with do you?
Duke Jon 1: and centari prime to see londo
B5CL Tap: i don’t think londo will finish the season, Duke
Duke Jon 1: one can always hope
MaverickIX: Well, Jon, I would love to see a few eps with G’Kar and
Lyta…their travels…if they are
DACNC: the show was only suppose to be for 5 seasons anyway they are trying
to stretch it out
B5CL Tap: I mean if we go by WWE
MaverickIX: still traveling by the time Crusade is set
OnlineHost: Artistspen has left the room.
Flyboy2241: I think we will see Londo and G’kar one last time
SandyV4752: Ahhh,good point Tap.
Flyboy2241: when they kill each other
DACNC: Lyta said she would see garabaldi in two years
Duke Jon 1: ya i figured londos new frind the keeper will keep him in check.
MaverickIX: yep…crusade is 2 years past s5
MaverickIX: so the drakh attack will take place at approx the same time as
the telepath war
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: but Duke I think Vir will be Emperor by the time Crusades start.
B5CL Tap: welcome Spires to the Eclipse Cafe
DACNC: so will crusades go for two or five years like B5
OnlineHost: Spires05 has left the room.
MaverickIX: 5 years
Duke Jon 1: someone told me it was a 5 year thing
DACNC: teepaths bad or good( we know bester bad)
MaverickIX: 5 wonderful years
B5CL Tap: he doesn’t have this one planned like an arc though..
B5CL Tap: but he said he had some suprises planned.
SandyV4752: Well Tap, it’s getting later and my cupboards aren’t filling up
by themselves. So I’d better
SandyV4752: go,LOL
MaverickIX: Angel…you there? hi!
DACNC: B5 the death of londo was in first episode
AngelMpath: Hey Maverick!! ltns
OnlineHost: Batswing has left the room.
B5CL Tap: what first epidode?
SandyV4752: Bye all!!
B5CL Tap: bye Sandy have fun πŸ™‚
OnlineHost: SandyV4752 has left the room.
MaverickIX: Tap…i read that there is an arc…just not as much as B5
B5CL Tap: He is more into his comic book I think
Duke Jon 1: In a way Londo commits suicide cuz londo asked g’kar to kill him
DACNC: the very first of B5 londo had a dream of his death and that will be
one of the last episode
B5CL Tap: he isn’t writing that much of Crusades anyway
Duke Jon 1: it was the keeper that kills g’kar =)
B5CL Tap: in War Without End..his death was bascially predestined.
DACNC: no londo and G’kar kill each other by strangulation
B5CL Tap: what keeper Duke?
MaverickIX: yes, i wonder if we will see Londo’s death on screen
OnlineHost: Gbpw31 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: or you just playin’ with our minds? :;tickles::
DACNC: we have seen it about three times already
B5CL Tap: well it was shown in Season4..
Duke Jon 1: Londos litte buddy that lives on his neck
AngelMpath: Anyone taking bets that JMS completely changes the outcome of
AngelMpath: Londo and Gkar just to throw us off?
B5CL Tap: ewwwwwww Duke
MaverickIX: well, for real this time I mean Duke
DACNC: maybe Virs coronation instead
Gbpw31: <comes in and stands>
B5CL Tap: I dunno Angel, its his story, I don’t take bets on this storline at
B5CL Tap: Welcome Gb to the Eclipse Cafe @@@@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
Gbpw31: hi all
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
GODSIVAR: i am god 2
Flyboy2241: I think what we will see is a re run segment of a prior episode
instead of having filmed a
Duke Jon 1: thats why i like B5 JMS keeps you guessing
Gbpw31: <shows his uniform>
Flyboy2241: new sequence of their deaths
AngelMpath: My point exactly Tap, I was being facetious
MaverickIX: good bye all : ΓΎ
Duke Jon 1: i was really suprsed whe nmarcus cole dies
B5CL Tap: I dunno Flyboy..jms might just keep it the way it was too..
B5CL Tap: why Duke?
OnlineHost: MaverickIX has left the room.
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
B5CL Tap: bye Maverick
Gbpw31: by all
OnlineHost: Gbpw31 has left the room.
DACNC: how can they cange the deaths/ We have seen them sooo many times
Duke Jon 1: cuz think about most show never kill of main charters
B5CL Tap: but he was never a main character
Duke Jon 1: true
AngelMpath: DACNC, exactly why JMS would do it
DACNC: They already got rid of Ivanava and the bland telepath
B5CL Tap: there was 14 people that had credits, it was more an ensemble.
B5CL Tap: and NaToth
Duke Jon 1: i didnt thik we would die though,i got used t ohim =z)
B5CL Tap: and that pilot from the first season
B5CL Tap: and Catherine and Sinclair
OnlineHost: DthStrGnnr has left the room.
B5CL Tap: I mean the only one still standing was Garibaldi!
B5CL Tap: and Delenn
Duke Jon 1: did everyone go t ofresh air?
B5CL Tap: I think they will be the only ones left from the whole 5 years.
B5CL Tap: dunno Duke..I do Fresh Air on Tues, Wed and Thurs πŸ™‚
Duke Jon 1: and dr frankin
DACNC: they are splitting everyone up so that we will except new charaters
DACNC: but doesnt B5 get blown up
Duke Jon 1: true
Flyboy2241: Supposedly the station was to be destroyed in the Shadow War
DACNC: he should be dead in about fifteen years
Duke Jon 1: i dont think it does yet
AngelMpath: I’m guessing TNT will postpone Crusade til February sweeps the
AngelMpath: they postponed B5 and RoS to November sweeps
DACNC: shadow war???? that already happened maybe the telepath war
Duke Jon 1: do they have any made yet? crusade episodes?
B5CL Tap: yes Duke made 8 so far
AngelMpath: 8 now? last I heard it was six
Flyboy2241: no the telepath war has already occured as well, it ended with
Byron’s death
DACNC: that wasn’t a war that was a battle
DACNC: they have all those ships in hyperspace
Duke Jon 1: i wish i knew sombody on the inside so i can make bootlegs for my
B5 pals in here =)
B5CL Tap: that wasn’t a battle it was a skirmish
OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: LOL Duke
AngelMpath: wb TC
Duke Jon 1: hehe
TCBK1015: It’s good to be back
AngelMpath: btw, what does TCBK stand for?
B5CL Tap: enjoy the sites TCB?
TCBK1015: I enjoy the B5 Sites very much
TCBK1015: I DO
Flyboy2241: All of those ships in hyperspace are being lead by Lyta thogh,
and she would not attack the
Flyboy2241: station without trying to avoid it
B5CL Tap: that happened during In the Beginning and show during War Without
AngelMpath: > DACNC, UPPERCASE is normally used for adding EMPHASIS!
AngelMpath: > Otherwise it’s considered SHOUTING (and is harder to read)!
OnlineHost: Gandyjam2 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Gandyjam2 has left the room.
DACNC: SORRYhit the wong button
AngelMpath: I love my PT macros
B5CL Tap: Caps are considered shouting in the cafe, please shift off the caps
lock , thank you.
B5CL Tap: oh just showing off Angel πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: yepper
OnlineHost: Gandyjam2 has entered the room.
Flyboy2241: But Bester is not in command of the Psi-Corps, he cannot order an
OnlineHost: Duke Jon 1 has left the room.
DACNC: bester is the key man in the corp
TCBK1015: is Crusades a spinoff or a sequal?
OnlineHost: Duke Jon 1 has entered the room.
AngelMpath: can’t believe some of the dopey quotes it comes with
B5CL Tap: its called a Spin off..TCB
OnlineHost: Gandyjam2 has left the room.
AngelMpath: “A beautiful woman is the hell of the soul, the purgatory of the
AngelMpath: and the paradise of the eyes.” – Fontenelle
AngelMpath: “My fellow Americans…The bombing begins in five minutes.” –
AngelMpath: Ronald Reagan
TCBK1015: Someone thinks it’s a sequal
Flyboy2241: Even Bester has his superiors. Remember the last time he was on
the station in pursuit of
Flyboy2241: the unstable teep
TCBK1015: Bester is a heartless teep
DACNC: yes but he thinks normals are mundane and to be removed
B5CL Tap: right Angel πŸ™‚
TCBK1015: Gotta go
B5CL Tap: bye TCB πŸ™‚
AngelMpath: TCBK, you never told me what your sn means
OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has left the room.
Flyboy2241: that he is with no question but hardly a massive force
B5CL Tap: i guess we will never know Angel πŸ™‚
AngelMpath: I’ll get him/her next time
B5CL Tap: yeah no profile..must be a lurker πŸ™‚
DACNC: it wasn’t lyta who put all those ships in hyperspace she was with the
AngelMpath: speaking of Bester, Walter just signed on
Flyboy2241: o yes , I see that
Flyboy2241: hope he comes in
AngelMpath: just sent him a buddy chat invite
DACNC: is the same person writting crusades as B5
Flyboy2241: and notice everyone goes silent as we know the one we are
speaking of is able to hear
B5CL Tap: I can’t hear a thing! ::grins::
B5CL Tap: no sounds
DACNC: what?
AngelMpath: the silence is deafening
B5CL Tap: JMS is starting Crusades, but not writing all the episodes, DAC
Flyboy2241: actually I have been DLing a lot of classic TV themes
OnlineHost: Pres Clark has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: like what Flyboy?
Pres Clark: Hello, Tappie!
Flyboy2241: they annoy my dad when i put them on event association
DACNC: we know B5 had a begging a middle and an end will the new one have
the same
B5CL Tap: I bet Flyboy πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: GineokW has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: nope DAC..its more like winging it πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: Hi Walter, thanks for being here
B5CL Tap: Hiya Gineok welcome to the Eclipse Cafe
Flyboy2241: Munsters, Get Smart, MASH, Hogans Heroes, F-Troop
DACNC: that wont be any good this one keep you thinking
B5CL Tap: Speaking of Bestor …he shows up;-)
DACNC: dont all bad pennys show up
B5CL Tap: well it does have a theme. DAC ..finding a cure for the plague
GineokW: How’s everyone doing?
AngelMpath: We were speculating on Bester’s future in Crusade and the end of
OnlineHost: B5Fanatic9 has entered the room.
Flyboy2241: Greetings, I hope security did not trouble you this time
B5CL Tap: doing great , what is new with you?
DACNC: plague? where did it come from
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: the DRakhs, DAC
B5CL Tap: our favorite badguys in Nikes πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: EmmaArrow has entered the room.
DACNC: those shadow helper people?
Pres Clark: We already know they cure the plague, so I’m not sure how
interesting Crusades will be.
EmmaArrow: Hi
B5CL Tap: PresClark it hasn’t even started yet.
Pres Clark: Hello.
B5Fanatic9: hi all
B5CL Tap: hiya Emma & B5Fanatic @@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
Pres Clark: Yes, but we already know the plague is cured.
GineokW: Speculating on Bester’s future at the present time is futile. There
are no plans for Bester
DACNC: does anyone from the show ever come to the chat rooms?
EmmaArrow: Tap, could you please fill me in on the topic??
B5CL Tap: Only in your mind, Pres πŸ˜‰
B5Fanatic9: besides clark, the fun in it is what they see and do in the
GineokW: in the forseeable future.
B5CL Tap: No more Bester at all?
OnlineHost: Codeman041 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: last time we saw him was with Byron I think, wasn’t it?
Flyboy2241: DAC, just take a look at Gineo
Pres Clark: Remember the episode where we see future events (the 100th
anniversary of the ISA?
DACNC: what a minute what about besters girlfriend the one traped in the
machine?? he has to cure h
B5CL Tap: Hiya Codeman welcome aboard Babylon5
EmmaArrow: No, Wasn’t he spacing someone??
Codeman041: HI
B5CL Tap: Maybe she is in cryo forever, DAC
B5CL Tap: oh in the Corp is Mother/Corps is Father, Emma?
Duke Jon 1: is back from im land
EmmaArrow: Kinda like so many others
B5CL Tap: wb Duke
EmmaArrow: Yes
OnlineHost: Pres Clark has left the room.
EmmaArrow: Hi Duke
OnlineHost: Massiah321 has entered the room.
Duke Jon 1: what i miss
DACNC: thanks fly
B5CL Tap: Did he space the guy or his protegee?
Massiah321: pokΓ©mon!!!
EmmaArrow: That was a good episode though
OnlineHost: Codeman041 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: not lately, Massiah
EmmaArrow: No, I think it was the guy
Massiah321: huh?
OnlineHost: Pres Clark has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Duke say hi to Walter Koenig
OnlineHost: Codeman041 has entered the room.
Massiah321: what did you mean by not lately?
OnlineHost: Pres Clark has left the room.
OnlineHost: Adm KTahll has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Is your book tour over, all ready?
Duke Jon 1: hey walter hows your day? =)
GineokW: Hi Duke…just checking out these type styles now that I’ve gone to
B5CL Tap: well I think there is a keyword for anime, Massiah
B5CL Tap: pretty fancy stuff 4.0
AngelMpath: Walter, no plans for Bester and Lyta to face each other in two
Duke Jon 1: i know the colors are nice
OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has entered the room.
Adm KTahll: Greetings everyone
EmmaArrow: I just finished watching somne Anime
Adm KTahll: B5CL are you like a STFC?
B5CL Tap: Hiya AdmKT welcome to Bayblon5 Station
B5CL Tap: what is STFC?
Adm KTahll: Its a chat guide for Star Trek
EmmaArrow: Star Trek First Contact I believe
B5CL Tap: you got it KT
Duke Jon 1: im record river souls walter,have you watched it yet?
GineokW: Colors? Where di I find the colors?
Adm KTahll: Cool !
EmmaArrow: ]Ok, I was wrong
OnlineHost: RABDKESBDN has entered the room.
EmmaArrow: The blue A button
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has entered the room.
Flyboy2241: Star Trek First Contact, Tap
Adm KTahll: I love B5 as much as Trek..its a great show
Duke Jon 1: the blue a
B5CL Tap: HIya Tyger Eyez and RAb welcome aboard Bablyon5
OnlineHost: Cnfoxfire has entered the room.
EmmaArrow: That was what I thought Fly
B5CL Tap: well in this case Flyboy its for guides and hosts.
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Foofa}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
RABDKESBDN: Hi again tap
OnlineHost: Massiah321 has left the room.
AngelMpath: Walter, you are sooo cute!
B5CL Tap: ::foofsdahair:: we have a special gues, Tyger
RABDKESBDN: Is death99999 still here
B5CL Tap: er guest..::swats typo demon:::
TygerEyez1: I see that.
TygerEyez1: LOL.
B5CL Tap: nope RAB
Duke Jon 1: i need to eat,chinese foods sounds nice right now..
GineokW: God, Angel, I’m too old to be cute but thanks anyway.
B5CL Tap: hmm I rather go to Taco Bell
TygerEyez1: {S tacobell
B5CL Tap: Ah your never too old to be cute, George Burns was cute πŸ˜‰
TygerEyez1: true, Tappie.
TCBK1015: Walter, Who is your favoret B5 Characture?
DACNC: is bester ever going to get his woman out of cryo and the machine
EmmaArrow: Great, make me think of fast food. Now I’m going to be hungry for

AngelMpath: Walter, you’re about my age, trust me, you’re cute O;-)
EmmaArrow: Chinese again
B5CL Tap: gee do Angels age? ^i^?
RABDKESBDN: Chinese is good as long as you know what it is
Duke Jon 1: <===loves chicken fingers
GineokW: My God, I’m not that old!!!!
TygerEyez1: Tap, a question for the ages, huh?
AngelMpath: only when we have to Tap <g>
Cnfoxfire: gineokw any chance of you tormenting the crusade cast ?
EmmaArrow: I know
GODSIVAR: hi bester
B5CL Tap: see your STILL young πŸ™‚
Duke Jon 1: 27 aunt that old is it =)
Cnfoxfire: your char. :o)
Duke Jon 1: aunt=aint
B5CL Tap: oh gee Duke up for Social Security any day πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: :::::Frowns at Walter:::: just how old do you think I am?
RABDKESBDN: 27 is kind of old
Duke Jon 1: hehe
B5CL Tap: ROFL Angel
Duke Jon 1: gee thanks =)
B5CL Tap: only when your 5..RAB πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: Kim7Karlos has entered the room.
Kim7Karlos: HI
TygerEyez1: Angel, you started it. {S tygrgigl
B5CL Tap: hello Kim welcome to Eclipse Cafe @@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
AngelMpath: Tyger, I was giving him a complement and see what it got me <g>
EmmaArrow: I think I’m the youngest person in the room
B5CL Tap: yes you did Angel..::gets Angel shawl and rocking chair::
RABDKESBDN: i’m 15 and stop treating me like an idoit
Adm KTahll: Hi Kim7
Kim7Karlos: THANK YOU
TygerEyez1: hehehehe
Duke Jon 1: when i get in the moring i feel,real old =)
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘RABDKESBDN’, duration 5 min
EmmaArrow: -=Hands a cane to Tap=- How bout this?
Adm KTahll: LOL Duke
B5CL Tap: its just your out of shape Duke
Cnfoxfire: <—– 32 yrs
GineokW: How would I know how old you are, Angel. …Well, this script sucks.
Duke Jon 1: in=up
B5CL Tap: get out to they gym or go walk the dog or something :0
EmmaArrow: Rab!! I feel old now
Flyboy2241: but15 year olds are idiots
OnlineHost: TCBK1015 has left the room.
Kim7Karlos: AGE/SEX
EmmaArrow: <——17
B5CL Tap: Flyboy be nice..we are a Friendly cafe
OnlineHost: Kim7Karlos has left the room.
DACNC: can we get back to B5
Cnfoxfire: no sex checks
Flyboy2241: True true Tap
B5CL Tap: irrelevant/incredible
Codeman041: don’t call 15 year olds idiots I’m 15
EmmaArrow: But it’s true Tap, I was when I was thart age
B5CL Tap: We were doing River of Souls…
Cnfoxfire: good answer
Duke Jon 1: but the do take travelers checks
Adm KTahll: LOL Tap
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘Codeman041′, duration 5 min
OnlineHost: Kilrah4Eva has entered the room.
Duke Jon 1: muaha
DACNC: i was not impressed with river of souls
Kilrah4Eva: BESTER
Kilrah4Eva: ROCKS
B5CL Tap: Not enough action for ya, DAC?
GineokW: I haven’t seen River of Souls . I was travelling then.
DACNC: it did not fit into the storyline
EmmaArrow: I was, I found it great
Duke Jon 1: i liked river of souls,in the beginning was the best.
B5CL Tap: Still doing the book tour?
OnlineHost: God0r has entered the room.
DACNC: and why did lockly have to be in her underware??
OnlineHost: God0r has left the room.
Adm KTahll: BBL…Nice to meet you all !! QAPLA’ !!! ::bows to all ::
B5CL Tap: Well I think it was more Fredericks..DAC πŸ˜‰
EmmaArrow: Then again parts of it reminded me of another show I used to watch
B5CL Tap: bye AdmKT
AngelMpath: DAC, that was total cheesecake wasn’t it?
Cnfoxfire: tracy scoggins isnt hard to look at in her holosuite attire(i need
a cold shower)
Adm KTahll: ::beams out::
OnlineHost: Adm KTahll has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Cn..calm πŸ™‚
DACNC: it didnt make sence to the whole thing
Duke Jon 1: hey…we like chesse ckae here =)
EmmaArrow: It was a holobrothal, whjat would she be wearing??!!
B5CL Tap: didn’t like the Soul Hunters. but then they dont’ make sense to me
either πŸ™
B5CL Tap: ::passes Duke a whole cheesecake::
Kilrah4Eva: I thought it was the tightest one Bros.
Flyboy2241: When was Thirdspace on?
DACNC: we never saw Ivanava in her draws
Cnfoxfire: somethin slinky
B5CL Tap: July..Flyboy
GineokW: Was in Columbus, Ohio for the book last Monday. No more book tours
for awhile anyway.
EmmaArrow: I still haven’t seen Thirdspace, I have it on tape but I don’t
have time
AngelMpath: They should have subtitled it ‘Lochley does Fredericks of
Flyboy2241: ::: faints
B5CL Tap: Get Tired Traveling?
Kilrah4Eva: It was on this summer
B5CL Tap: ROFL Angel..oh gee there wasn’t that much to see!
DACNC: it is on TNT again today
Kilrah4Eva: and It was the Bomb
Flyboy2241: what time
B5CL Tap: Third Space was good, Kilrah.
EmmaArrow: You must be relieved GineokW
B5CL Tap: But I like old fashion space opera πŸ˜‰
DACNC: any NY stops coming up anytime
AngelMpath: or maybe “Lockley reprises Lois and Clark”
Kilrah4Eva: you are right B5CL
B5CL Tap: was she like that in Lois and Clark, Angel?
DACNC: it didnt fit in with the regulare series shows
TygerEyez1: Gotta run, folks…..see ya’ll later.
AngelMpath: Tap, I think her entire wardrobe for Lois and Clark came from
EmmaArrow: Who did she play in Lois and Clark??
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: I read Dark Genesis ..the first book of the PsiCorp trilogy
::shudders:: very scarey!
B5CL Tap: LOL Angel…whoa!
GineokW: I recorded an abridges version of the book on tape on Tuesday and
Wednesday of last week.
Flyboy2241: really. I’ll have to read it
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: oh really ? will it be out soon?
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has left the room.
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has entered the room.
GineokW: It will be available in Feb.
B5CL Tap: WB Ambassador Kosh..
EmmaArrow: Same here Fly
AmbKosh715: hello
Cnfoxfire: i think if i wrote b5 movies id hafta finda some exscuse to dress
lochly slinky in every ep
EmmaArrow: Hi Kosh
B5CL Tap: Thanks for the info..I will let people know πŸ˜‰
AngelMpath: Walter, I love books on tape, when will it be ready for sale?
B5CL Tap: Cnfoxfire.. one track mind huh?
B5CL Tap: said February, Angel
AngelMpath: sorry major screen lag
EmmaArrow: But we’de never see any guys in skimpy attier
B5CL Tap: I will pass the info to my email list..
Duke Jon 1: nah the psi-corps are misunder stood the are really a warm and
fuzzy bunch. =)
OnlineHost: PAWNSNITE has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: yeah I had a problem with lag on Thursday
B5CL Tap: yeah right Duke ::tickles:
DACNC: i want the see garabaldi with out a shirt
Duke Jon 1: hehe
AmbKosh715: well i think ill come back when its not so crowded
B5CL Tap: DAC there are 3 shows like that!
EmmaArrow: Sure Duke
OnlineHost: AmbKosh715 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: crowded?? where?
B5CL Tap: only 14 of us
B5CL Tap: hiya Pawn how you be?
DACNC: when when
EmmaArrow: I want to see Corwin in boxers
PAWNSNITE: Good !! all excited
Flyboy2241: II just want to see Garibaldi get over his telepathic
B5CL Tap: DAC you haven’t watched real close huh?
B5CL Tap: ::grins::
B5CL Tap: When he got stabbed in the back..that was what first or second
Cnfoxfire: i seen pat tall and mr koenig in kc a year ago they both looked
great and pat is that pretty
Duke Jon 1: this aint crowed,i rember the old bridge,when there was like 40
ppl in there
B5CL Tap: and when he was drinking and got the call for Edgars Industries.
DACNC: that was no fun he was in pain want to see him come out of the shower
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
Duke Jon 1: scrolling and snerting out
PAWNSNITE: My daughter gets her black belt in Kempo Karate tonite
B5CL Tap: DAC..its cable.but not THAT kind of cable ::blushes::
EmmaArrow: I like Leese now, it isa really confusing
B5CL Tap: kewl Pawn
B5CL Tap: Lise ..grrrrrrrrrr
EmmaArrow: Congrats to her
B5CL Tap: no like her ::foofs::
PAWNSNITE: Ka thanks i’ll tell her
Cnfoxfire: i hope they do something to show the telepath war in at least a
EmmaArrow: I know, but she seems to live him now
DACNC: one can hope!!
B5CL Tap: well after 3 husbands!!
B5CL Tap: geesch..
Duke Jon 1: have you seen all the B5 moive walter which one was your favorie?
PAWNSNITE: good to see you here
DACNC: when will they do a real blockbuster like all the others
OnlineHost: EmmaArrow has left the room.
Cnfoxfire: love your char walter but man your char.needs a good garibaldi
roughin up
B5CL Tap: LOLCnfoxfire
DACNC: a good old fashioned earth a.. kickin
B5CL Tap: Well he likes being a teep
B5CL Tap: reading peoples minds would be a kick πŸ˜‰
OnlineHost: Kilrah4Eva has left the room.
OnlineHost: Kilrah4Eva has entered the room.
Cnfoxfire: ya know you have a wonderful charactor when people luv 2 hate you
OnlineHost: BDennis386 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Bester you love to hate..means a Roddy MacDowell
characters, used to love to hate
B5CL Tap: him.
AngelMpath: Walter, just read your profile, you’re a collector?
BDennis386: {S JUMPGATE
B5CL Tap: Hiya BD welcome aboard Babylon5
Flyboy2241: you know, Mr G could always revive that teep virus, modify it to
attatch to specific DNA
PAWNSNITE: Ya Does everyone here Know how Nice of a guy Walter Is ! regular
guy And very nice!
BDennis386: no not the intro
Flyboy2241: codes and send it after Bester
B5CL Tap: oh geesch Flyboy
B5CL Tap: BD be nice..say hello to Walter Koenig
BDennis386: Hi walter
B5CL Tap: ack ..they are advertising Hercules..!
B5CL Tap: I need to stay away from the tv set!
BDennis386: sorry ive heard the hello to this room all but to often
PAWNSNITE: If any one would like a pic of Gineokw and me just e mail me
B5CL Tap: well BD we are the friendlist cafe in all of AOL
B5CL Tap: at least when Tap is in the Cafe ::foofsdahair:::
OnlineHost: B5Fanatic9 has left the room.
BDennis386: please dont be so subtle im really not into subtlty
B5CL Tap: That was subtle?
GineokW: Pawnsnite – the picture was from Chicago?
PAWNSNITE: got to go All nice to stop by! Have to get stuff ready for tonite
BDennis386: yeah <well BD we are the friendlist cafe in all of AOL> you were
subtle then
B5CL Tap: bye Pawn
B5CL Tap: that is subtle?
PAWNSNITE: i sent you a copy didn’t I Walter
Duke Jon 1: brb gang i gotta get some food before i pass out from hunger
BDennis386: as much as a chat host can get here
B5CL Tap: I think you need to find the definition of the word:
B5CL Tap: later Duke enjoy πŸ˜‰
GineokW: I remember now.
OnlineHost: Cnfoxfire has left the room.
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘BDennis386’, duration 5 min
Duke Jon 1: <jumpgate>
OnlineHost: B5Fanatic9 has entered the room.
PAWNSNITE: just e mail for It LOVE ALL !!! see you here agian soon walter
B5CL Tap: wb B5Fanatic
OnlineHost: BABnut6 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: PAWNSNITE has left the room.
B5Fanatic9: hi
B5CL Tap: Hiya Babnut welcome to the Eclipse Cafe
OnlineHost: Sknt has entered the room.
BABnut6: cnfoxfire
OnlineHost: Duke Jon 1 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Hiya Sknt..say hi to Walter Koenig ..our Bester from Babylon5
BABnut6: thats me i mean had to switch
GineokW: How do i get back to the regular black color for sending messages. I
ca’t find it in the …
GineokW: color chart.
OnlineHost: Mike011701 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: in the 4.0 chart? it should be the bottom row
Sknt: Hiyas!! glad to see you, been watching you since i was teenager in the
60s πŸ™‚
Mike011701: who me?
B5CL Tap: when he had the cute Beatles haircut, Sknt? πŸ™‚
B5CL Tap: hiya Mike welcome to the eclipse cafe
Mike011701: I wasn’t alive in the 60’s
GineokW: Not on 4.0
Sknt: when he wore the wig before his hair grew out πŸ™‚
OnlineHost: Mike011701 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: wig??
BABnut6: hey that was his space beatles/monkeys style
OnlineHost: Spenscott has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Space Beatles?
OnlineHost: B5Sinclair has entered the room.
BABnut6: yeah
B5CL Tap: Hiya Spen & Sinclair welcome aboard @@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
GineokW: Bottom row are custom colors.
AngelMpath: Hiya Sinclair
OnlineHost: Parath666 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: EmmaArrow has entered the room.
Spenscott: thanks
EmmaArrow: Back
B5CL Tap: wb Emma
Sknt: Walter on the earliest star trek didn’t you wear a wig ala the monkees
to appeal to younger
EmmaArrow: I hate sibblings
B5Sinclair: Afternoon Tap and Angel. Greetings Mr Koenig.
BABnut6: i wanna hold your phaser, iwanna hold your phaser
AngelMpath: BAB, lol
OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
AngelMpath: Tappie went poof
B5CL Tap: ack! pushed the wrong button!
GineokW: Can anyone help me get out of this color thing.
B5Sinclair: Tap, hit the wrong button again?
Flyboy2241: click the OK button Walter
B5Sinclair: Mr. Koenig, are you using AOL 4?
BABnut6: your coming in black on my side
B5CL Tap: ::blushes:
EmmaArrow: YOu aren’t in color GineokW
Sknt: just click a color, any color Walter πŸ™‚
OnlineHost: B5Fanatic9 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: but he wants the normal black
B5Sinclair: brb
EmmaArrow: But normal is boring
OnlineHost: B5Sinclair has left the room.
Sknt: then click black and it should close automatically
B5CL Tap: too true Emma
OnlineHost: NurEyvonGQ has entered the room.
Parath666: which one of you are walter
OnlineHost: B5CL Drows has entered the room.
AngelMpath: my black is the bottom row of ‘basic colors’
BABnut6: in the wrath of kahn “they put creatures in our ears”sounds funny
when ya say it fast
B5CL Tap: Sknt, Walter did an abriged version of Dark Genesis in audio.
NurEyvonGQ: Hi Walter
B5CL Tap: hiya Drows ::hugs::
GineokW: I know I’m coming in black. I want to get back to the standard
B5CL Drows: Ok Tap, I’ve got the room.
GineokW: black
B5CL Tap: thank Drows..bye all.. help Walter with his 4.0..Drows ::hugs::
B5CL Tap: {S tap

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