Fresh Air Lounge – 11/06/1998

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Alex777A: Hiya, Drows…Is this your regular chat time?
JRiggs3812: Hey there Drows
B5CL Drows: Good news Alex777A, JRiggs3812, only 2 days until “River of Souls” premier’s on TNT.
B5CL Drows: Alex, yes, it is.
B5CL Drows: My new hosting schedule in the Fresh Air Lounge is:
B5CL Drows: Monday-Thursday 9 – 10 PM EDT,
B5CL Drows: Friday 9 – 11 PM and
Alex777A: Yeah…I’ve seen the spoilers…looks like it’s going to be great.
B5CL Drows: Saturday 4 – 6 PM .
B5CL Drows: Looks like the effects department has been working overtime for River of Souls.
Alex777A: Actually it’s showing on TNT twice in a row.
JRiggs3812: true Drows
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B5CL Drows: Now, hopefully, the new “Falcon/TCI” Cable won’t be improving the
B5CL Drows: lines again over the weekend.
Alex777A: Hmmm…your hosting times are generally a bit early for me.
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GODSIVAR: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: Hey GODSIVAR, join us in chatting about our favorite show.
Alex777A: Yes…there has been much fascinating chatting going on with the new episodes showing.
Alex777A: It’s been a loooooong dry spell.
GODSIVAR: Yes…there has been much fascinating chatting going on with the new episodes showing.
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Alex777A: Ave, Wren.
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B5CL Drows: Alex, well, Lyta and Garibaldi’s deal this week sparked some
B5CL Drows: interesting speculation. I see today’s Soul Mates
B5CL Drows: Wren19, TygerEyez1, welcome to the latest installment of “As the Station
B5CL Drows: Rotates” that ongoing soap opera staring all of us, the B5 fans!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Alex777A: Ave, TygerEyez1.
TygerEyez1: Hiya Alex.
TygerEyez1: I’m not here….I’m just your imagination.
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Alex777A: Er….which one was soul mates?
Alex777A: It just started where I am…but I’d have to leave the computer to change the channel.
B5CL Drows: Alex, Season 2, Londo’s wives come visiting.
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Alex777A: Oh, yeah.
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B5CL Drows: Pestilance, Famine and Death.
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Alex777A: What was that that G’Kar tossed to Mariel.
B5CL Drows: Hot and chilled Jhala is by the bar, LORDZIBA help yourself.
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Alex777A: Ave, Mmsgalaxy.
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Alex777A: Oops…not quite fast enough.
LORDZIBA: thanks, but i prefer Brevari
Alex777A: Avek JWormswood.
JWormswood: Hey anyone see Thirdspace
Alex777A: Long since, yes.
JWormswood: Entaro Adun Alex
B5CL Drows: JWormswood have you seen the Conventions listing at TNT’s web site?
B5CL Drows: Check under Reports and scroll down.
B5CL Drows: JWormswood, yes, when it first aired.
JWormswood: I find it “sucked”
JWormswood: oops damned macro
Alex777A: Yes…a lot of people didn’t care for it.
JWormswood: I found it was nothing more than a two part episode. Nothing like the drama and history
JWormswood: behind In the Beginning
Alex777A: There are never any of the really good conventions in my neck of the woods.
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B5CL Drows: It needed the extra 40 minutes or so of commercial time for plot development
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Alex777A: Ave, Minnie and WB, Mmsgalaxy.
Minnie4201: ah….people
B5CL Drows: Good Evening, Mmsgalaxy, Minnie4201 and Welcome to the Fresh Air
B5CL Drows: Lounge! Help yourself to drinks \_/ \_/ \_/ and snacks (::) (::) (:
Minnie4201: LOL
Minnie4201: thanx
Alex777A: Ooooooo…vitual snacks…my favorite kind. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Alex777A: vitual=virtual.
B5CL Drows: Alex, yeah, they only have virtual calories.
LORDZIBA: I have question about this room
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Minnie4201: up,wren?
B5CL Drows: Hi Wren19, have you seen the folder for Crusades in the Message Boards?
Alex777A: Yeah…that’s why I like them…can’t afford the other kind. ๐Ÿ™‚
Wren19: nothing really
LORDZIBA: is room gonna stay after the end of the show?
TygerEyez1: Ditto that, Alex.
Mmsgalaxy: ::pulls out a snack of her one:: \*******/ anyone want popcorn??
Minnie4201: sure
B5CL Drows: LORDZIBA, like I said yesterday, yes as far as I know.
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TygerEyez1: It would be a shame if this room were dismantled.
Mmsgalaxy: ::passes Minnie popcorn::: \*******/
Alex777A: Oooo…too much popcorn in my youth…I only eat it when I see theatrical releases, if then.
B5CL Drows: Tyger, virtual snacks are also good for keeping the Expanding
B5CL Drows: American Frontier under control.
Minnie4201: thanx Mm
TygerEyez1: ROFLMAO…..that’s a good one.
Mmsgalaxy: welcome
Alex777A: Hmmm…Ivanovaism’s americanized.
Mmsgalaxy: anything ot drink??
B5CL Drows: Tyger, misquote of Ivanova’s when Franklin told her she needed to gain
B5CL Drows: a few poujnds to heal better.
Minnie4201: what state is everyone from???
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Alex777A: I’m from Oregon.
TygerEyez1: it’s still good.
Alex777A: Ave, Rocky
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B5CL Drows: Good Evening, RockyFlyr, Wren19 and Welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge!
RockyFlyr: Hi Ya Floks!
B5CL Drows: Help yourself to drinks \_/ \_/ \_/ and snacks (::) (::) (:
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Mmsgalaxy: bye, got to go
Minnie4201: Washington
Wren19: hi
RockyFlyr: Folks even
B5CL Drows: B5Delenn1, how are you today!
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B5Delenn1: lousy, Drows
Alex777A: Hi, neighbor.
B5Delenn1: really lousy
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B5CL Drows: Delenn, what’s wrong?
Alex777A: Who isn’t doing lousy…it’s my natural state.
B5CL Drows: Greetings E Gelion03, tonight’s specialties are Flarn a la Sheridan, Spoo a
B5CL Drows: la Vir, and Bagna Cauda a la Garibaldi.
E Gelion03: hi all
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Alex777A: I’ll have a cup of hemlock.
Minnie4201: hi E
Alex777A: Ave, StarTrekCC.
Wren19: hi
StarTrekCC: Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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RockyFlyr: STCC!
B5CL Drows: StarTrekCC, B5 Merlen, welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge, the strangest
B5CL Drows: place in known space!
Alex777A: ave, Merlen.
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{Tygerrrrr}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5Delenn1: life sucks, Drows
TygerEyez1: Drows, where’s your pest?
StarTrekCC: Merlen!!!!!!!!!!
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}
E Gelion03: Hola los amigos
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TygerEyez1: Besides Merlen, that is.
Alex777A: I’m with Delenn there.
B5CL Drows: Tyger, no idea
Kincainjp: {S efc2
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}}}}}}}, ah, scrollangr giving you a hard time, Delenn
Kincainjp: {S efc2
StarTrekCC: {S efctheme}
B5 Merlen: What did I do this time?
B5CL Drows: Remember Kincainjp, Babylon 5 is moving it’s Monday showing to Midnight
B5CL Drows: Eastern/Pacific, after the premier of Mortal Kombat: The Series.
StarTrekCC: {S efc}
E Gelion03: i have to do stuff
Alex777A: Or at least it did when I still had a life.
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TygerEyez1: You don’t have to do anything Merlen.
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StarTrekCC: Rocky!!!!
Minnie4201: bye room
Wren19: life?
Gbpw31: hi all
Alex777A: Cya, Minnie.
B5CL Drows: Hiya Gbpw31, the Iced Jhala is on the bar.
Kincainjp: hi gb
RockyFlyr: ::smiles:
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B5 Merlen: I heard my name mentioned when I walked in
Gbpw31: jp
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Alex777A: Ave, Gbpw.
Kincainjp: {S efc1
Alex777A: WB, ZEN.
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B5Delenn1: no CC he is not
TygerEyez1: you’re hearing things again, Merlen…I’d have that seen about.
B5CL Drows: Hi B5ZEN, keep an eye out for Sierra’s Babylon 5 computer game later this
B5CL Drows: year.
StarTrekCC: {S silent}
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B5CL Drows: Tyger, think it’s a sign of early
Alex777A: Ave, THENCHI 3.
B5CL Drows: alzheimer’s?
Kincainjp: hi thenchi
B5CL Drows: THENCHI 3, the Ask JMS folder is back on the B5 Message Boards.
THENCHI 3: hiya all
B5ZEN: hi guys—went surfin for a while
Gbpw31: <sits at a table in the back>
Wren19: hi
B5Delenn1: it is just something that is really stupid….but bothers me alot
TygerEyez1: Could be, Drows….could be.
Kincainjp: {S sptheme2
Gbpw31: kimcain
Kincainjp: <sits by gbpw31>
Kincainjp: kim??!!
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul
B5CL Drows: JMS is even posting in the Ask JMS folder.
Alex777A: {S hotelca
B5 Merlen: Tyger, you said “Besides Merlen, that is.”
Kincainjp: {S smccd
OnlineHost: Wren19 has left the room.
Kincainjp: {S smccd~1
Alex777A: Well, I’d hope so or there really wouldn’t be much point in going there.
Gbpw31: i forhot to give you something lat night<puches his face>thats for the defiant
B5Delenn1: {S delenn1
B5ZEN: for some reason i got booted off every time
B5ZEN: i wanted to open a web page–don’t know why
TygerEyez1: That was my other personality, Merlen….sorry about that.
Kincainjp: what?
B5 Merlen: It was not a sure thing that JMS would come back to posting to the boards
B5 Merlen: ah
Gbpw31: that is for the defiant
B5Delenn1: {S delenn
Alex777A: Wow…almost too loud to listen to.
B5 Merlen: They have medication for that, Tyger
Kincainjp: i diden’t do that
B5CL Drows: Merlen, well, one never knows what JMS will or won’t do.
B5 Merlen: not even JMS
B5ZEN: something neat to see on the posts?
TygerEyez1: She’s back in her cage, Merlen….you don’t have to worry about her for awhile.
Kincainjp: {S sm1
Gbpw31: acully the talon mother ship did and you called it
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Kincainjp: i know i ordered it
Alex777A: Well, he answered my posting, but it was before there was an ask JMS folder.
Gbpw31: alex do you have a ppg?
Alex777A: Nope.
Log Count: There were 12 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:15 PM
Kincainjp: {S efc2
Gbpw31: does anyone but kincain have one>?
OnlineHost: Krappy4 has entered the room.
B5ZEN: Hi tyger–what’s new?
Krappy4: good evening
Kincainjp: i have a skrill <~~better then a ppg
Alex777A: I like to at least looked unarmed…keeps my opponents off-balance.
B5 Merlen: Drows…. are you still doing that trivia on Saturdays?
B5CL Drows: Wonderful to see you today, Krappy4.
Kincainjp: {S smpow
TygerEyez1: Nada, Zen….just that my car decided to fizzle out this morning.
Gbpw31: never mind <punches kim in the mouth>
Alex777A: I’ve got a really cool sword.
B5CL Drows: Merlen, no, Trivia’s over for now.
Krappy4: thanks drows
B5 Merlen: darn it…..
Kincainjp: :::::fires skrill at gbpw31:::::::
B5CL Drows: I haven’t had much free time to work on it.
Alex777A: What is a skrill?
B5 Merlen: that thing on their arms
Kincainjp: a weapon form earth final conflict
Alex777A: On who’s arms?
B5 Merlen: in earth final conflict
Kincainjp: my arm
Alex777A: Oh…never seen it.
Krappy4: is this earth final conflict?
B5ZEN: UG! i hate car problems—so expensive–I
B5ZEN: feel for you–my day was extreamly boring
Krappy4: oh ok
B5 Merlen: the companion protectors
Gbpw31: <sqrill goes right through him hi tearns into a red tail hawk>
OnlineHost: Krappy4 has left the room.
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TygerEyez1: :::::::praises the Good Lord for that…NO MORE TRIVIA::::::
B5CL Drows: Alex, it a bio-weapon used by the Talon Protectors on the show Earth: Final Conflict.
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Hello B5Delenn1, Babylon 5 is now showing Monday thru Friday at 6 PM
B5CL Drows: Eastern and Pacific time.
B5 Merlen: Tyger…. :-รพ
B5 Merlen: some of us like trivia
B5Delenn1: uh huh
Alex777A: Yes…which means it’s on where I am, right now.
TygerEyez1: yeah…you’re good at it too.
B5 Merlen: I hold my own
B5CL Drows: Merlen, I might try to do one more later this month.
Kincainjp: <morphs into commander boone> i’ll come to you level gbpw
B5CL Drows: Covering seasons 1-4
Alex777A: I can hardly ever remember the names of any particular episode.

Kincainjp: {S b5thrm5
Kincainjp: {S b5them5
TygerEyez1: NO!!!!!!!!!
B5 Merlen: WB Delenn
B5 Merlen: yes!
OnlineHost: AngelMpath has entered the room.
B5Delenn1: hi Merlen
Alex777A: Ave, AngelMpath, WB, Delenn1.
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: STCC, I would, but they do take a lot of time to set up, and after the 30th, I’m resigning.
StarTrekCC: If you say so, Tygerrrrr…
Gbpw31: well geting tired by see you tomoorow
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Hey, AngelMpath, Babylon 5 is back on Wednesdays at 10 pm Eastern and
B5CL Drows: again on Mondays at Midnight.
StarTrekCC: Drows, what????????
Alex777A: Cya, Gbpw31.
B5 Merlen: You are…… ๐Ÿ™
AngelMpath: Bon soir, mes amies
Kincainjp: :::thinks::::: wimp
B5 Merlen: sorry to hear that, Drows
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OnlineHost: BOMBA129 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Yes, I’m going to step down as a CL in the Babylon 5 area after the last ep is aired.
OnlineHost: BOMBA129 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Good Evening, BOMBA129 and Welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge! Help
B5CL Drows: yourself to drinks \_/ \_/ \_/ and snacks (::) (::) (:
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RockyFlyr: why Drows?
Alex777A: Ah, such sorrow.
B5ZEN: why????????drows

StarTrekCC: why, Drows!!!!
B5 Merlen: I gather you’re not counting Crusade….
StarTrekCC: Drows, don’t do it!
StarTrekCC: Grrrrrrrrrr…..{S lytagrrr}
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B5CL Drows: Tyger, Nost, Mikey, Lyta, Seuss, Rangr. So many targets and so few time..
B5 Merlen: Don’t make us tape you to the bulkhead, Drows
Alex777A: How’s Stef been doing? Anybody heard?
TygerEyez1: Now I’m depressed… are my favorite target though.
B5CL Drows: STCC, for personal reasons, nothing to do with you guys.
B5Delenn1: we will miss you, Drows…….very much
B5CL Drows: RMKWK, welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge, one of the Official AOL Babylon
B5CL Drows: 5 chat rooms.
B5 Merlen: Well, you gots to do what you gots to do
OnlineHost: BOMBA129 has entered the room.
TygerEyez1: You’ll still be coming around though, won’t you?
B5CL Drows: Hello BOMBA129, Babylon 5 is now showing Monday thru Friday at 6 PM
B5CL Drows: Eastern and Pacific time.
BOMBA129: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
Alex777A: brb afk
B5ZEN: you will be missed Drows
B5CL Drows: Tyger, in one form or another, more then likely.
B5 Merlen: Well, as Delenn said int TFoCP, “That’s neither here nor there”
StarTrekCC: Drows, your coming back right? you be taking a leave of absense for now only, right, Drows?
OnlineHost: Duke Jon 1 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: 15 months is a pretty good run, and you all have made it a lot more fun then work. ๐Ÿ™‚
TygerEyez1: Good….I’d have to come out there and whup you if you left for good.
StarTrekCC: Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OnlineHost: MstrGrinch has entered the room.
MstrGrinch: {P MrGrinch} Greetings and salutations.
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Hey, Duke Jon 1, MstrGrinch, Babylon 5 is back on Wednesdays at 10 pm
B5CL Drows: Eastern and again on Mondays at Midnight.
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: Greeting Duke
Alex777A: Ave, Duke Jon 1 and MstrGrinch.
Duke Jon 1: hello fellow B5 and spam fans
B5 Merlen: WB again Delenn
B5Delenn1: hi grinch
RockyFlyr: wb Delenn,Hi MrG
OnlineHost: Entilzah has entered the room.
B5ZEN: spam?
StarTrekCC: Drows, you know you might have public opinion not agreeing with you…::starts letter
Alex777A: Ave, Entilzah.
StarTrekCC: writing campaign::
B5 Merlen: watch that suction from the door, Delenn…. pulls people out of the room so often
OnlineHost: LORDZIBA has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Greetinng B5Delenn1, Entilzah, and welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge.
RockyFlyr: wb Alex
B5CL Drows: STCC, no, it won’t be a leave of absense. Sorry.
MstrGrinch: Hiya Mom, RockyFlyr, STCC, Alex777A, B5 Merlen, and everyone else
Duke Jon 1: you know spam that sorta meat in the blue can =)
OnlineHost: NGHTSBR has entered the room.
Alex777A: WB? I haven’t gone anywhere.
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Grinchie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Alex777A: Ave, NGTSBR.
NGHTSBR: Hello all
B5 Merlen: Hi Grinchie
B5Delenn1: {:o/
StarTrekCC: MrG!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: NGHTSBR, TNT has another movie for Babylon 5, one this year and one
B5CL Drows: next year.
TygerEyez1: Well, I’m going to miss you Drows…if it means anything to you.
B5ZEN: not a spam fan in any form
B5 Merlen: Howdy {S saber
OnlineHost: B5 Lome has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: {S spam
Alex777A: Ave, Lome.
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{S lome}}}}}}}}}}}}
Duke Jon 1: <–eats spam
OnlineHost: SandyV4752 has entered the room.
MstrGrinch: Spam yuck
B5Delenn1: hi Lome
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{LOME}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Hey, let’s talk about something upbeat, ok, like the new movie this weekend.
B5 Merlen: Evening, Lome
Alex777A: Haven’t seen you in the rooms in a long time.
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Lome}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
NGHTSBR: River of Souls and what?! BTW anybody know about Crusade?
B5CL Drows: Well met, B5 Lome, SandyV4752 the foods fresh, the people are fresher. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alex777A: Ave, SandyV4752.
THENCHI 3: hiya lomey
RockyFlyr: Hi Sandy
B5 Lome: eveing all
Duke Jon 1: whats going on in here today
OnlineHost: RMKWK has left the room.
B5 Lome: hey drows…
NGHTSBR: Hey spam is good
SandyV4752: Hi Alex and Rocky
Alex777A: There’s a Crusade site.
OnlineHost: Gmmas has entered the room.
Alex777A: Lots of info there.
RockyFlyr: Hi Gmmas
B5 Merlen: spam good….. sheridan flarn bad
Alex777A: Ave, Gmmas.
B5 Lome: eveing Rocky, Delenn, Alex
SandyV4752: Hi Gmmas
OnlineHost: Placebo55 has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: Hi Gmmas
SandyV4752: Hi Drows!
Alex777A: Ave, Placebo55.
B5 Lome: {{{tyger}}}}
Placebo55: hello all you b5’s
Gmmas: Hi Rocky, Alex, Merlen, Sandy
THENCHI 3: hiya placebo55
Placebo55: what does ave mean?
B5CL Drows: Congrats Gmmas, Placebo55, you’ve found one of the friendliest rooms on
B5CL Drows: AOL, the Fresh Air
Placebo55: HELLO
NGHTSBR: What is the address for the crusade site
Alex777A: Ancient roman friendly type greeting.
Gmmas: Hi Drows
SandyV4752: Hello Placebo
Duke Jon 1: todays episodes was 1 of my favorites
RockyFlyr: yup yup
Alex777A: Sort of a hail and well met, kind of thing.
B5 Lome: Hye STCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Gmmas: Jon: the 3 wives
Alex777A: Similar to aloha.
SandyV4752: Hi Lome!
Duke Jon 1: yup
B5 Lome: Hi Then, Sandy
OnlineHost: MstrGrinch has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Jon, Soul Mates? It was fun, yes.
B5 Merlen: famine, pestilence, and death
Gmmas: Jon: yes, it’s a good one
Duke Jon 1: nods to drows
THENCHI 3: how ya been lome?
B5 Merlen: {S realswd
B5 Lome: not to bad Then..
Alex777A: But what was that that G’Kar tossed to Mariel?
B5 Lome: you?
AngelMpath: {S 3wives}
B5CL Drows: Ok, I may have a bit of a pleasant surprise for you all in a few minutes.
SandyV4752: Hi Angel!
AngelMpath: Hey Sandy!!!!
B5 Merlen: {S realswrd
Gmmas: Drows: we love surprises
THENCHI 3: i’ve been holding up fine
StarTrekCC: Well, I got to go, see you later…
B5 Lome: evening Merlen
Alex777A: That would leave Londo to be war.
B5ZEN: cool drows—what is it??
TygerEyez1: Oh, hi {{Angel}}…missed your entrance.
Alex777A: Cya, StarTrekcc.
B5CL Drows: Cya later, STCC.
AngelMpath: Snuck in this time Tyger <g>
B5ZEN: I could use a surprise
OnlineHost: StarTrekCC has left the room.
THENCHI 3: how’s your daughter doing lome?
B5 Lome: {S angel
SandyV4752: Who’s coming in Drows?
TygerEyez1: I never can do that….someone’s always on alert.
NGHTSBR: Surprises are good
Placebo55: {s goodbye
OnlineHost: B5CL Seuss has entered the room.
Gmmas: Hi Seuss
B5CL Seuss: Greetings
TygerEyez1: Hiya Seuss.
Placebo55: i hate school
B5 Lome: she goes to the doctor on tuesday
B5 Merlen: Dr. Seuss?
Alex777A: Ave, B5CL Seuss.
SandyV4752: Hello Seuss
B5CL Drows: Everyone, please join me in welcomeing for the first time, the new Host B5CL Seuss.
B5 Lome: evening Seuss
B5Delenn1: hi Suess
B5Delenn1: Seuus
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
B5Delenn1: SEuss
Placebo55: welcome new host b5cl seuss
B5 Merlen: oooh…. fresh meat
B5ZEN: hi seuss
RockyFlyr: Hey there Suess
B5Delenn1: {S awhwll
Gmmas: Merlen: lol
SandyV4752: LOL Merlen!!
B5CL Seuss: lol Delenn
NGHTSBR: Hello Seuss
B5Delenn1: {S awhell
B5CL Drows: Someone new for Tyger to pick on.
B5CL Drows: Hiya Wren19, have you seen the “Guide” section of TNT? It has information
B5CL Drows: about the Babylon 5 episodes.
RockyFlyr: lol
Placebo55: hi suess
Duke Jon 1: {s drop newt got kicked out!!!! cheeer….
TygerEyez1: won’t be the same…but I’ll do my best.
Alex777A: Ick! That’s a horrible color Placebo.
B5Delenn1: Screw it,,,i give up
Placebo55: {s drop
Alex777A: Extremely hard to read.
OnlineHost: Wren19 has left the room.
Placebo55: sorry
OnlineHost: BOMBA129 has left the room.
OnlineHost: BOMBA129 has entered the room.
Placebo55: BETTER?
THENCHI 3: hehe
OnlineHost: TAPESTRY6 has entered the room.
THENCHI 3: ahhhhh my eyes
B5 Merlen: Hola Tap
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{Tap}}}}}}}}}}
Alex777A: Ave, TAPESTRY.
SandyV4752: Hi Tap!!
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{Foofa}}}}}}}}}
Gmmas: {{{{{{Tapestry}}}}}}
B5ZEN: my eyeballs hurt
Alex777A: Ack! Worse.
TAPESTRY6: hiya Merlen..
Placebo55: me too
B5CL Seuss: ouch that is bright Placebo,
B5 Lome: No Placebo
B5CL Drows: {S ahhell}
THENCHI 3: lol
B5 Lome: hey Tap
TAPESTRY6: Hey Alex ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Drows: Hello BOMBA129, TAPESTRY6, TNT’s web site has some information about
TAPESTRY6: hiya Tyger {S panther
B5CL Drows: Crusades, the upcoming sequel.?
RockyFlyr: {S foof
B5CL Drows: That one, Delenn?
TAPESTRY6: hiya Lome
B5CL Seuss: @}—->——-ยง{TAPESTRY6}ยง——-<—-{@
Placebo55: is this fine?
THENCHI 3: oh #$@$%* no
Duke Jon 1: i wish they had plaid fronts
Placebo55: ha
TAPESTRY6: ack Suess I didn’t even flinch that time
B5Delenn1: yes, Drows…thanks
TAPESTRY6: Duke you would ::;foofs:::
B5CL Seuss: cool Tap,
Gmmas: Drows: ah, but the question is, when will Crusades begin on TV?
B5 Merlen: They do, Duke…. takes a special program though
Placebo55: too many people……..
B5CL Drows: Jon, try using the Rainbow Chat, if you have Power Tools.
TAPESTRY6: hello Drows
OnlineHost: Entilzah has left the room.
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ Tappie!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
TAPESTRY6: Gmmas you know that answer to that one
Placebo55: {s gotmail
OnlineHost: BOMBA129 has left the room.
Duke Jon 1: <–has no power tools
TAPESTRY6: ::waves to Angel:: your back again ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5CL Seuss: Plaid ? {S scotbrav}
Gmmas: Tap: its supposed to be Jan, but thought date not sure
Alex777A: Well, it gets crowded now that there are episodes to talk over.
NGHTSBR: Don’t know much about crusades, but I heard it was about the rangers
THENCHI 3: same here
Log Count: There were 17 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:30 PM
TAPESTRY6: <——me neither
B5CL Drows: Gmmas, ah, that’s a good question, it’s looking like Early Feb now.
Placebo55: BPS SoftWare (Keyword to: aol://4344:1344.bpsfront.10164598.526964474)
OnlineHost: Cedarga has entered the room.
AngelMpath: you bet, Tap, couldn’t keep me away
THENCHI 3: :: turns up cd player::
Alex777A: Ave, Cedarga.
Placebo55: this is the powertools
Gmmas: Drows: any solid info?
B5CL Seuss: but Tap has those lightening fingers
SandyV4752: {{{{{{{{{{{Ced}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{{Ced}}}}}}}}}}}
Placebo55: thingy
B5 Lome: eveing Ced
B5CL Drows: NGHTSBR, have you ever seen the old animated series Star Blazers?
TAPESTRY6: Gmmas trust me..its January, would Tap lie to you? ::foofsdahair::
THENCHI 3: ::sings along::
Gmmas: {{{{{{{{Cedarga}}}}}}}}
Cedarga: ((((Alex)))))
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{Ced}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Seuss: Hiya Ced
TAPESTRY6: ::winks at Seuss::
B5CL Drows: The cast for Crusades so far is:
Cedarga: (((((Sandy)))))
B5CL Drows: David Allen Brooks as Max Eilerson.
B5CL Drows: Gary Cole as (Captain) Matthew Gideon.
B5CL Drows: Jeff Conaway as Zack Allan (rumored).
TAPESTRY6: hiya Ced
B5CL Drows: Carrie Dobro as Dureena Nafeel.
B5CL Drows: Marjean Holden as Dr. Susan Chambers.
B5CL Drows: Daniel Dae Kim as Lt. Matheson.
B5CL Drows: Tracy Scoggins as Capt. Elizabeth Lochley.
B5CL Drows: Peter Woodward as Galen.
Cedarga: ((((((Lome)))))
Placebo55: {s welcome
B5CL Drows: Congrats Cedarga, you’ve found one of the friendliest rooms on AOL, the
B5CL Drows: Fresh Air Lounge.
NGHTSBR: nope, can’t say I have
Gmmas: Tap: LOL, ok, i trust you completely
Cedarga: SEUSS!!!!Hi!
TAPESTRY6: Oh Drows..your such a showoff ::tickles::
TAPESTRY6: ::grins:: of course Gmmas
Alex777A: Ah, yes…Edward Woodward’s son.
Placebo55: anyone as cold as me?
THENCHI 3: everybody on the line out side…
B5CL Seuss: <~copies macro
Cedarga: brb,,,,gotta make seuss green <G>
TAPESTRY6: put the heater on Place
Placebo55: what?
Gmmas: Ced: lol, green eggs and……
B5CL Seuss: Placebo, got cold here too
Placebo55: it is on
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Gmmas, outside of the basic’s, I don’t know much about Crusades yet.
B5CL Drows: I do know that Stephen will be directing an ep or two.
B5 Merlen: spoo…
SandyV4752: Really, Alex?
TAPESTRY6: Oh Seuss your a macro..begger too?
Duke Jon 1: <—got rich my selling hiar pieces to bald centari men
Placebo55: stupid heat machine don’t work
B5CL Drows: Remember GODSIVAR, Babylon 5 is moving it’s Monday showing to
B5CL Drows: Midnight Eastern/Pacific, after the premier of Mortal Kombat: The Series.
B5 Merlen: green eggs and spoo
Duke Jon 1: my=by
TAPESTRY6: Ack Gmmas no green eggs..::gags:
THENCHI 3: ::sings along again::
Gmmas: Drows: thanks, i’ll be glad when there’s more info
TAPESTRY6: Ack Merlen!!!
Alex777A: Yep…it’s his son alright.
B5CL Seuss: ack B5 Merlen, !!
Placebo55: stop singing thenchi
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
TAPESTRY6: Gmmas you don’t get enough from me ::sad face::
Placebo55: stupid burger king commercials
B5CL Seuss: {S greenegs}
Placebo55: {s and ham
Gmmas: Merlen: that sounds good!
B5CL Drows: Gmmas, Keep checking at Lurker’s, and there’s a section of TNT’s site with info as well.
TAPESTRY6: I love Burger King onion rings..
Alex777A: I can’t believe I have that wav.
Placebo55: said sam i am
B5 Lome: thanks Seuss
Gmmas: Drows: will do
Alex777A: I like their french fries.
Duke Jon 1: spoo is the spam of the b5 world
Placebo55: what about me said the flle?
THENCHI 3: you come and make me placebo!
Placebo55: i mean flee
TAPESTRY6: onion rings are like awesome..
Placebo55: ok
TygerEyez1: Onion Rings???? I love ’em.
THENCHI 3: not i said the fly
TygerEyez1: Especially Dairy Queen’
B5CL Drows: Gag me with a spork.
SandyV4752: See ya later Placebo
B5CL Seuss: yummy onion rings
Gmmas: Jon: then there was breen
Cedarga: John! Hi!
Alex777A: I can’t eat onions…they burn my tongue.
Placebo55: later sandy
TAPESTRY6: even cooked, Alex?
B5ZEN: I’ll take onion rings any day
Duke Jon 1: B-king is better tasting than mc donalds anyway
B5CL Drows: Tam’s into onion rings, but I have a mild alergy to them.
TAPESTRY6: ::brings Seuss some onion rings::
Alex777A: Any way they’re fixed they burn me.
THENCHI 3: ::countinues singing::
TAPESTRY6: allergy to Onions, Drows?
Placebo55: no
B5CL Seuss: Duke Jon, I like BK better too
TygerEyez1: Actually, I like the ole Golden Arches best of all.
TAPESTRY6: oh gosh yes, DukeJon
B5CL Drows: And for those who haven’t heard, B5CL Stef has had her baby.
SandyV4752: So do I Seuss
TAPESTRY6: Tyger you mean the golden bones?
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has entered the room.
B5CL Seuss: a bouncing baby boy!!
B5CL Drows: McBaries?
B5 Lome: I hate onion rings
THENCHI 3: ::sings louder::
Gmmas: Golden Head Bone
Duke Jon 1: but i live a block from a mcd’s so i eat more of it =)
TygerEyez1: ::shrug:: can’t help it.
OnlineHost: Plessuds has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Drows, we know that, I want STATS!
Alex777A: Yeah…wasn’t she scheduled for Nov.4th?
TAPESTRY6: Seuss it bounced? oh my gosh was it hurt?
B5CL Drows: Hello DOOM 2069, Plessuds, have you seen the new “River of Souls”
B5CL Drows: images at the TNT Bayblon 5 site?
B5CL Drows: Angel, let me check.
Alex777A: Ave, Pessuds.
RockyFlyr: {S thud
TAPESTRY6: mcd..??
TygerEyez1: brb afk
Cedarga: Anyone know his name?
Alex777A: er…ad an l.
Placebo55: {s jenny craig 1-800-98-jenny
TAPESTRY6: whos’ name Ced?
Cedarga: the baby’s
RockyFlyr: Not yet Ced!
NGHTSBR: Hey anybody got ideas bout the last B5 episode? I think it’ll be a B4 time travel w/ JS @
B5 Merlen: The babys
TAPESTRY6: James Darius?
NGHTSBR: the end
THENCHI 3: 98-jennfier chung?
SandyV4752: Right Tap
TAPESTRY6: remember what Stef said
Plessuds: Hi, all –
Placebo55: craig you sick sick man
B5CL Seuss: Joseph Darius
THENCHI 3: hehe
B5ZEN: I thought river of souls plays on sunday
B5ZEN: first
B5CL Drows: “He weighs 9lbs 2 oz, blond hair, and pretty darn cute, he is 20″ long”
Cedarga: James is a good name. Named my baby girl after a boy named James <G>
Cedarga: Joe?
Duke Jon 1: monica should a spokes model for jennt craig…
B5 Merlen: It does, Zen…. 8pm
B5CL Seuss: lotsa hair she says too
Placebo55: 94 pound terror
THENCHI 3: 94lb terror
Alex777A: And 10:00 pm.
TAPESTRY6: I know the Darius part if from Highlander
Cedarga: Oh, dear… gonna chance he’ll be like jms? <G>
THENCHI 3: hehe
Placebo55: HA
Placebo55: beat ya
Cedarga: Darius is a great character, or he was
OnlineHost: Placebo55 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 5
OnlineHost: CPRWAVES has entered the room.
B5CL Seuss: Tap, and Joseph after the great maker <G>
TAPESTRY6: ::sips hot chocolate:::
Alex777A: Ave, CPRWAVES.
AngelMpath: I knew she was carrying a biggie
Placebo55: can i have some
RockyFlyr: Later Peoples!
TAPESTRY6: Oh geesch Seuss I hope not!
B5ZEN: that last ep of B5 was a little upsetting
B5CL Drows: Placebo55, repeated dice rolling outside of gaming rooms is considered
OnlineHost: RockyFlyr has left the room.
B5CL Drows: disruptive behavior, please stop.
CPRWAVES: Hi all {s CPR2
B5 Merlen: a little?
Duke Jon 1: ooooooooooo no dice rollen in here!!! oooo
TAPESTRY6: well Zen don’t think its going to get any better…it aint’
B5CL Drows: Great news CPRWAVES, Dr Franklin has declared the recent Rerun Fever
OnlineHost: Delenn3443 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 rolled 15 999-sided dice: 670 338 251 416 414 623 632 148 71 471 900 846 526 892 400
B5CL Drows: out break over, for now.
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has left the room.
TAPESTRY6: dice rolling? where?
THENCHI 3: hehe
B5CL Seuss: Hiya CPRWAVES, ltns
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, what part?
Delenn3443: Greetings
Placebo55: crap
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has left the room.
OnlineHost: BarieSweet has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Placebo55 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 6
TAPESTRY6: Drows..its all too sad
Duke Jon 1: 15000 sided dice???
OnlineHost: B5 Lome has left the room.
Placebo55: me and my stupid 6 sided dice
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 rolled 15 999-sided dice: 194 576 43 392 477 891 622 726 116 71 10 703 278 66 567
B5ZEN: what is dice rolling???
TAPESTRY6: ::tickles Seuss while serving the hot chocolate::
Gmmas: Tap: it was sad, except Delenn parts
Cedarga: (((((((Delenn)))))))))
OnlineHost: Placebo55 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 3
Duke Jon 1: bows humbyl to CPR
Alex777A: It’s annoying.
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘Placebo55’, duration 10 min
CPRWAVES: Hi Drows, and Merlin
B5CL Drows: Hi there BarieSweet. C’mon in and join us….
TAPESTRY6: Zen the stuff you do in the RedDragonInn
B5 Merlen: I CPR
B5CL Seuss: more Cocoa? yummy
Delenn3443: Hi CED
B5 Merlen: Hi, that is
THENCHI 3: bet ya
BarieSweet: Hello
TAPESTRY6: aha I found a weakness
TAPESTRY6: ::grins::
NGHTSBR: B5Zen have you ever played monopoly
CPRWAVES: {s yes sire
Alex777A: Random computer generated numbers.
OnlineHost: SeanKC6QHM has entered the room.
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘THENCHI 3’, duration 10 min
B5CL Drows: THENCHI 3, Room Disruption violates the Terms of Service. Your chat has
B5CL Drows: been suspended for 10 minutes. Please use that time to review Keyword:
B5CL Drows: TOS.
Alex777A: Ave, Sean.
BarieSweet: lalalalalala
B5 Merlen: Hi Sean
SeanKC6QHM: :::Comes in dressed in an Ape suit:::
Cedarga: well, gotta go folks!
B5ZEN: why is the online host talking about 6 sided
B5ZEN: dice here?
Cedarga: ROFLMAO Sean!!!
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘Placebo55’, duration 10 min
B5Delenn1: hi CPR
B5CL Drows: Placebo55, Room Disruption violates the Terms of Service. Your chat has
Delenn3443: Hello Cpr
TAPESTRY6: isn’t that funny I ignored before the TOS
B5CL Drows: been suspended for 10 minutes. Please use that time to review Keyword:
B5CL Drows: TOS.
SandyV4752: See ya later Ced!!
AngelMpath: Okay, Sean why an ape suit?
Cedarga: Laters!
B5CL Seuss: an ape suit?
Alex777A: Ah, yes…saw Battle for the Planet of the Apes today.
Plessuds: bye, Ced
OnlineHost: Cedarga has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Good news SeanKC6QHM, B5Delenn1, only 2 days until “River of Souls”
B5CL Drows: premier’s on TNT.
SeanKC6QHM: Thanks Ced, always said I was below a Neanderthal
B5CL Seuss: going ape over B5?
SeanKC6QHM: Angel, for when John Glenn lands, ๐Ÿ˜‰
TAPESTRY6: busy, busy tonight, Drows
B5 Merlen: Sean…… are you wearing a costume….. you don’t look different
Delenn3443: B5D long time no see!!
Duke Jon 1: imagine a 2 billion sided dice
TAPESTRY6: Sounds like it Seuss
B5Delenn1: hi again all
TAPESTRY6: Hey Sean how you be?
SeanKC6QHM: Merlen, thank you, you look cute yourself
Duke Jon 1: =)
Alex777A: The planet of the apes movies have been showing on the fx channel all week.
B5CL Seuss: {S chiggle}
TAPESTRY6: ::waves to Delenn::
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, I B C
AngelMpath: {S puhleeze}
B5Delenn1: hi Tap
B5ZEN: you should have been here yesterday this
B5ZEN: room had an echo to it
B5CL Drows: Alex, I noticed on one today.
Delenn3443: :::waves back::::
TAPESTRY6: still writing Sean?
Alex777A: Yep…they showed all five.
TygerEyez1: bak
B5Delenn1: hello Delenn
OnlineHost: BarieSweet has left the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, trying to, started sketching recently
Delenn3443: how are you?
Duke Jon 1: *notice hey its full in here today
B5Delenn1: hi Tyger
TAPESTRY6: yeah well weeknights aren’t the best, Zen
B5CL Seuss: :::rubs eyes::: two delenns?
Alex777A: New episodes have enticed people back.
TAPESTRY6: I am entering an acrylic in the art show tomorrrow, Sean
TAPESTRY6: true Alex
SeanKC6QHM: BTW, Tap, pass it on, when John Gless lands, have everyone dress up like APes
OnlineHost: SweetieBar has entered the room.
TAPESTRY6: Sean ::swats:::
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, probably better than I there
SeanKC6QHM: Ouch!
NGHTSBR: one b4 and one after the Chrysalis
Alex777A: Sorry…my ape suit is at the cleaners.
TygerEyez1: Too much for you Seuss?
B5ZEN: i sat here & talked to my self for a while–
Delenn3443: any opinions on the new episodes??
B5ZEN: real bummer
B5CL Drows: Sean, someone should EMail NASA with that Suggestion, them just might pull it on him.
TAPESTRY6: naw..just got 8.00 bucks that is the fee
B5CL Drows: Hi there SweetieBar. C’mon in and join us….
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, suit? What do you need a suit for? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alex777A: I’ve been enjoying the new eps.
Duke Jon 1: how many shows left 2 right
B5CL Seuss: Sean, he is to old to play jokes like that
TAPESTRY6: most people are passing that around allready Drows
Delenn3443: I got to go bye
TAPESTRY6: no Duke 3
SweetieBar: thanks, Hi
OnlineHost: Delenn3443 has left the room.
Gmmas: Delenn34: loved Londo one; enjoyed this latest
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, knowing NASA, and Apollo 12, I’d say so
TAPESTRY6: Objects at Motion, Objects at Rest, Sleeping in Light
B5CL Drows: Delenn3443, it was interesting, I like that Garibaldi finally got around
B5CL Drows: to asking Lyta to remove the block. He should have thought of that a
Alex777A: I don’t let hair grow all over my body…too itchy.
B5CL Drows: while ago.
TAPESTRY6: and of course you got River of Souls on Sunday night
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, and just think about the styling porblems, it’s just illegal
B5CL Drows: Tap, 2 days and counting.
Gmmas: Drows: agreed; Mr. G and Sheridan have both been acting a little dense at times
B5CL Seuss: I can’t wait till ROS, it looks great
TAPESTRY6: just not bright any more
Duke Jon 1: <–is sad
OnlineHost: CCase3 has entered the room.
Gmmas: Tap: agreed; sad that he has fallen so
Alex777A: How many drunks do you know that are bright?
B5CL Drows: Tap, well, that makes him living proof alcohol kills brain cells, huh?
TAPESTRY6: yea Gmmas
SandyV4752: Well said Alex.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, well, their noses glow red
Gmmas: Drows: i was surprised that Sheridan didn’t think he and Delenn could have a baby
Plessuds: can’t stand the drunk bit – could’ve left that out
B5ZEN: killed to many brain cells
Alex777A: Hmmmm…not a recommendation from where I’m sitting.
NGHTSBR: thing bout ROS, where do millions of souls go when POed? Apperantly to B5!
B5CL Seuss: like roudolph Sean, ?
TygerEyez1: slap some antlers on them, and call them Rudolph..right, Sean?
B5 Merlen: Does that mean Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was an alcoholic?
B5CL Drows: Sean, you think Santa will be recruiting Garibaldi to pull his sleigh this year?
TAPESTRY6: Drows..after Bester messed with him, he never was the same ::sad face::
Duke Jon 1: soon no more B5,no more londoisms
SeanKC6QHM: Seuss, and they wonder why it glows, ๐Ÿ˜‰
OnlineHost: CCase3 has left the room.
CPRWAVES: Hey Duke…{s gotmail
TygerEyez1: Seuss…you’re so smart.
B5CL Seuss: LOL
B5CL Drows: Gmmas, she is only have Minbari.
Gmmas: Jon: too depressing
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, work better than that darn deer
TAPESTRY6: you can make some up Duke Jon
Duke Jon 1: hey mail
Gmmas: Drows: i know, but he saw in the future that they had a child
SeanKC6QHM: Tyger, C-a-t Smart?
Plessuds: I would think thedo we know that all we saw of their future will come to pass?
Alex777A: Well, it’s better than if he outright killed himself…it’s hard to recover from that.
NGHTSBR: I’m reading slowly
CPRWAVES: and I guess the answer to the question is yes Duke, the one I asked ya
B5CL Drows: I do like the choice Garibaldi made, he’ll be happier on Mars with Lise
B5CL Drows: then he’s been on B5. Too many bad memories for him.
Plessuds: parden my spelling – can’t type straight
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, well, true Baldi seems to leave a no-man’s land where ever he goes
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 has left the room.
Gmmas: Drows: going to Mars is good; but he should have bargained harder to get the block off
B5CL Seuss: but B5 will seem empty without them
B5CL Drows: Alex, well, unless you’re the future President of the Interstellar
B5CL Drows: Alliance and you have your own pet alien to revive you.
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, can it be a little Kitty alien?
Plessuds: Garibaldi needs to wipe out Bester to be right – & hope he does
B5CL Drows: Gmmas, you have noticed Lyta’s not much into “barganing” lately?
Alex777A: Marrying into one of the biggest corporatons on Mars can’t hurt.
OnlineHost: TobaiofMir has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Alex, yeah, that too.
Plessuds: whole new set of problems for Garibaldi on Mars, I think
Gmmas: Drows: yes, but she does need Mr G’s help
Log Count: There were 19 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:45 PM
SandyV4752: ooooo,Drows,would you like a saucer of milk?lol
B5CL Drows: Wonderful to see you today, TobaiofMir.
OnlineHost: TobaiofMir has left the room.
B5ZEN: does anyone have any pets on B5??
Duke Jon 1: cool thanks for they wav
B5CL Drows: Garibaldi will have Lise on Mars, and a lot less pressure then he has as
B5CL Drows: Head of Covert Intelligence.
Alex777A: Well, the pak’ma’ra only eat things that are five days dead.
NGHTSBR: I remember two… one was deadly and the other was a stuffed animal(got Spaced)
Alex777A: They have to be stored somewhere.
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, JMS once said “No pets, no kids, no robots” in regards to B5.
CPRWAVES: sending more to ya
Gmmas: Drows: yeah, no pressure from Edgars Industries
B5CL Seuss: B5ZEN, not with Londos version of a cat ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: Sciromantc has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, you mean they’d eat any of Clintons Lies?
Alex777A: Yeah…but he violated the no kids rule.
B5CL Drows: Well, there were those bugs in Londo’s quarters.
B5ZEN: I remember a few bugs here and there but no
B5CL Drows: Greetings Sciromantc, have you checked for the recent updates to the AOL
B5ZEN: pets?!?
TygerEyez1: Hey, CPR…didn’t see you come in.
B5CL Drows: Babylon 5 site?
Plessuds: don’t think Mars is heaven
B5CL Seuss: {P 8Legs}
B5CL Drows: Alex, I believe that he meant as continuing characters.
Gmmas: bye all; have fun
Sciromantc: not yet drows
B5CL Drows: Gmmas, cya, have a good weekend.
B5CL Seuss: bye Gmmas,
SandyV4752: Nite Gmmas!
Alex777A: Cya,Gmmas.
Gmmas: thanks, you too Drows
Gmmas: bye
B5 Merlen: He killed both kids off in the same episode they showed up in
Alex777A: {S 8legs
OnlineHost: Gmmas has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Merlen, yep, he did at that.
NGHTSBR: I think a sword on a bug is a little much
SeanKC6QHM: Merlen, sounds like a Shrew
OnlineHost: Plessuds has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Well, there was that Nak’a
Alex777A: Well, it was all Londo had handy.
B5CL Drows: leen feeder Deuce had, also
B5 Merlen: good thing David is going to be born after the show ends
B5 Merlen: otherwise he would be a dead being
B5ZEN: yeah–delenne will have a kid–there were
B5CL Drows: That might be considered a pet.
B5ZEN: all kinds of machinery that passes for
Duke Jon 1: i hope they last B5 episode is disturbing with buckets of plot twists and blood
B5ZEN: robotics
B5CL Seuss: would that count as a pet?
Alex777A: No…we never get to see David.
B5CL Drows: B5CL Seuss, well, I think that “new Kosh” treated Lyta as a pet.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, maybe he’ll look like his pop
TAPESTRY6: Duke your a real glutton for punishment
Alex777A: At least the son David…the name seems to be a particular JMS favorite.
Duke Jon 1: we never get to see david?
B5ZEN: how about that thing the doctor gave to that
B5ZEN: dying kid
NGHTSBR: i’m bak
Alex777A: I think at last count he’d used the name 7 times.
B5CL Seuss: I would have to agree there Drows,
B5 Merlen: the glopit egg, Zen?
OnlineHost: FigSlayer has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: it was a piece of industrial goo
Alex777A: Nope…we never see David.
B5CL Drows: Merlen, Industrial goo?
OnlineHost: Sciromantc has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Hi FigSlayer, keep an eye out for Sierra’s Babylon 5 computer game later
B5CL Drows: this year.
Alex777A: Ave, FigSlayer.
B5ZEN: Yeah glopit–
FigSlayer: Sup drows was online so hust came to say sup but leaving now bye
OnlineHost: FigSlayer has left the room.
B5ZEN: that a pet?
B5CL Drows: I think it’s pretty much a given we’ll never see any pets on B5, resources are too scarce.
B5 Merlen: not even alive
B5CL Drows: Merlen, not even something I’m sure I’d want to touch, honestly.
Duke Jon 1: i gotta get a better ‘puter to play games the 486 dx 33 mhz dont cut it no more.
B5 Merlen: well, one beings pet is another beings dinner
Alex777A: No…they’ve got space roaches, though.
B5CL Drows: I mean, did we ever really find out what kind of “industrial goo” that was?
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SeanKC6QHM: Alex, ah, you mean hippies in Space
B5ZEN: i’d have to take my cat with me if I ever
B5ZEN: had to live on a space station
B5CL Seuss: B5 Merlen, Pak’ma’ra take care of that sort of thing
TAPESTRY6: Seuss!!
TAPESTRY6: {S thunder
B5 Merlen: Yep!
B5CL Drows: Seuss, B5’s walking Garbage Disposals.
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul
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Alex777A: {S zog
B5 Merlen: they don’t eat sentient beings, though
Duke Jon 1: <–i have a pet keeper! hey wait a minute
B5CL Drows: Merlen, not while they’re still mobile anyway.
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul1
NGHTSBR: But they won’t take their medicine!]
B5ZEN: pak ma’ra–icky
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul2
SeanKC6QHM: Merlen, then that means we are all targets
B5CL Drows: Jon, can a Keeper ever really be considered a pet?
Alex777A: Oh, yeah…Barium…I’ve thrown it up, too.
B5 Merlen: tells you just how bad that medicine tasted….. made a Pak’ma’ra sick
Alex777A: I know just how that Pak’ma’ra felt.
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Duke Jon 1: im like a pak’ma’ra i eat al lthe walks the land,but i eat fish too =)
OnlineHost: BusCompCon has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Merlen, knowing them, it tastes like Marzapan
TAPESTRY6: :::passes Duke a can of tuna:::
B5CL Drows: Barium is not one of man’s better tasting substances, yes.
B5CL Drows: Hey BusCompCon, have you checked
B5CL Drows: the Lurker’s Guide lately?
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, what is it for?
Alex777A: Barium is heavy, too…it’s not easy to throw up….they were surprised when I managed it.
B5Delenn1: what is Marzapan??
B5CL Drows: Sean, Barium?
B5CL Seuss: I will stick with Taps cocoa and rolls ๐Ÿ™‚
TAPESTRY6: its funny you walk away from chat for 1 minute..and they are changing the subject to barium.
SeanKC6QHM: Delenn, crushed almonds with sugar, really good stuff
Duke Jon 1: <–takes tha can and makes his fav..”the tuna sandwich..
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, yep
TAPESTRY6: why thank you Seuss ::foofsdahair;:
Alex777A: Barium is for upper GI’s.
SandyV4752: LOL Tap!!
TAPESTRY6: da tune sandwich..yes!
TygerEyez1: The Foofa lady strikes again.
TAPESTRY6: ::grins at Sandy::
SeanKC6QHM: Still lost Alex
B5CL Drows: Sean, it’s a mildy radioactive isotope that’s used to xray your digestive tract.
B5 Merlen: Duke…. you might want to take the tuna out of the can first
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, oh, not that! Ick!
TAPESTRY6: Lets do like tuna sandwiches..and barium don’t mix
CPRWAVES: Back,Duke {s gotmail} again, and I FINALY have a playable weirding mod wav for ya
TAPESTRY6: Duke is a fanatic..Merlen..he likes the can too
SandyV4752: Tap,I did the same thing you did,LOL
B5CL Seuss: and makes Pak’ma’ra sick
Duke Jon 1: cool
CPRWAVES: I sent it to a few
B5ZEN: things are degrading here
Alex777A: It’s to check the upper gastro-intestinal track.
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TAPESTRY6: such fun Alex…::NOT!
SandyV4752: Yeppers,Tap,
Alex777A: I’ve had to eat radioactive isotopes, too.
Duke Jon 1: i have a auto-can opener
Duke Jon 1: =)
Alex777A: Such fun.
OnlineHost: Vaylenn has entered the room.
TAPESTRY6: Isotopes they aren’t just for breakfast anymore
B5CL Drows: Sean, yes, it’s used more or less as a type of die for the human body.
B5CL Drows: It’s also used in some head scans.
Alex777A: Dr.McCoy is never around when you need him.
CPRWAVES: ?????????
B5CL Seuss: lol Tap,
TAPESTRY6: so anyway>….
B5CL Drows: Hey Vaylenn, have you seen the Warner Bros. store link at the main B5
B5CL Drows: Screen? Check in the text box, lower left and scroll down to the bottom.
TAPESTRY6: {S deadjim
Vaylenn: hi everybody
B5CL Seuss: who need Mcoy when you have Seuss?
Duke Jon 1: damnit jim im a doctor not a white house intern..
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, you know what he’d say, “Damn Jim, I’m a doctor, not a mixologist!”
TAPESTRY6: gee CPR was that Vorlon?
Alex777A: Just hope you never have to have a LOWER GI.
TAPESTRY6: Oh geesch..McCoy jokes!
SandyV4752: ROFL!!
CPRWAVES: Nah Wingding
TAPESTRY6: Alex!!!!!!!!!!
CPRWAVES: {s doc1
TAPESTRY6: good grief!!
B5CL Drows: Alex, I had one of those, once, when I was very young, it leaves a rather vivid memory.
CPRWAVES: :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):|:|:|:|:|:|:|:(:(:(:(:(:(
Vaylenn: sorry i havent been around much lately, i was visiting my mother.
Alex777A: Yes…I’ve had some very gnarly procedures inflicted on my by a plethora of doctors.
TAPESTRY6: Finally finished book 9..geesch what a chore!
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, not like Kidney stones, though
B5CL Drows: Vaylenn, no need to appoligize. ๐Ÿ™‚
TAPESTRY6: Yeah like pushing a piano through a transom, Drows?
B5CL Seuss: Transom?
B5ZEN: chore? tap
B5CL Drows: Tap, sorta, but not as pleasant. ROFL
SandyV4752: LOL
TAPESTRY6: yea know in old movies…? the little window over the door??
TAPESTRY6: Oh geesch Drows!!
OnlineHost: FigSlayer has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, you mean the peak-a-boo hole
TAPESTRY6: Yeah Zen..its done..seemed rather long
B5CL Seuss: I thought that was a mantle
CPRWAVES: Not feeling good, sorry…………………….
TAPESTRY6: No Sean..way over the door.!!
B5CL Drows: Good Evening, FigSlayer and Welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge! Help
FigSlayer: alright I have a few minutes what’s up
B5CL Drows: yourself to drinks \_/ \_/ \_/ and snacks (::) (::) (:
Alex777A: I actually heard the nurses were betting on whether I’d be able to down all 6 liters of Goli
Vaylenn: sorry drows, i didnt cach that earlier about a store
Alex777A: ghlty.
TAPESTRY6: to let air in .in old buildings..
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, oh, THAT!
B5ZEN: wan’t the book good??
CPRWAVES: {s earlgrey} Please
TAPESTRY6: Yeppers, Tap >>THAT
B5CL Drows: FigSlayer, the sky, taxes, and Newt Gingrich’s term in Congress apparently
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, make any money off it?
CPRWAVES: {s pictemb
Alex777A: No…I didn’t hear about the betting until after it was all over.
FigSlayer: o been downloading various wavs for the past 3 hours
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Vaylenn, there’s a link to the Warner Bros. Store at the main KW B5 Screen
Alex777A: Wb, GODSIVAR>
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, darn, should have put a few bucks down yourself
FigSlayer: too many wavs so little space on 23 zip disks
TAPESTRY6: betting I don’t bet, never win.
Vaylenn: oh thanks
FigSlayer: running out 21 Zip disks full of wavs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, I only bet on Poker, Blackjack, and Russian Roulette
B5CL Drows: WGB GODSIVAR, that is what siblings are for, yes?
Log Count: There were 16 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:00 PM
Alex777A: How many wavs Fig? I’m only up to about 525.
B5CL Seuss: 21? wow lotsa wavs
SeanKC6QHM: But I only gamble when I order out for Chinese
CPRWAVES: Tooooooooooooooooooooooooo many here
FigSlayer: I have as many will fit on 21 1/2 zip disks several thousands
CPRWAVES: No way!!!
TAPESTRY6: 16 is too many?
CPRWAVES: I hope he comes back
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, uh-huh
Alex777A: I had a brother walk out on the family…it wasn’t a bad thing.
CPRWAVES: I am sure he will, I bet it was a fight
B5CL Drows: Tap, remember when there used to be over 30, and sometimes as many as 47?
TAPESTRY6: ::finds iggy::
B5ZEN: how old is your brother godsivar?
TAPESTRY6: yeppers Drows.and all were fun..
FigSlayer: Gotta go I may be back and you can quiz me on wavs
CPRWAVES: Our family actualy had knife fights before
FigSlayer: got to many wavs bye
B5CL Seuss: Drows, I remember those days
OnlineHost: FigSlayer has left the room.
B5CL Drows: GODSIVAR, some days all you can do is hope for the best.
Duke Jon 1: <–is watcing TV
TAPESTRY6: ::sighs:: before unlimited, Drows.
SandyV4752: I remember too Drows.
Alex777A: So was my brother…let him get his life back together.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, seems like forever
B5 Merlen: I know God is reported as speaking in a booming voice but you don’t have to, Godsivar
TAPESTRY6: watcha watching Duke?
Alex777A: Sometimes you have to leave to do that.
CPRWAVES: Well, God, I will pass it too the Christian Forum if ya like for us to pray for him………
TAPESTRY6: yeah Sean..only 2 years ago.
CPRWAVES: If ya like
TAPESTRY6: no Vaylenn it looks too complicated.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, I don’t even remember that far back ::;Pulls a gray hair:::
CPRWAVES: We have a real good prayer chain there
Duke Jon 1: my cable is messup,lucky the a side still works though =)
B5CL Drows: Merlen, some people do use All Caps for vision problems.
GODSIVAR: i dont care i just want my brother back
Alex777A: Hmmm…wouldn’t work for my brother…he’s a hari Krishna.
TAPESTRY6: hehehe Sean
TygerEyez1: Sean, you’re such a brat.
B5CL Seuss: not very good pay Alex777A,
OnlineHost: Dragoniize has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Tyger, why thank you, you’re pretty cute yourself
Alex777A: Ave, Dragoniize.
GODSIVAR: a what alex
TAPESTRY6: yeah like 0..
TygerEyez1: ::::grins:::: You have good eyesight, darlin’
B5CL Drows: GODSIVAR, you could try getting a hold of some addiction center’s in
B5CL Drows: your area for some help with the family coping.
OnlineHost: JDonovan61 has entered the room.
Alex777A: A hari krishna.
B5CL Drows: Great news Dragoniize, Dr Franklin has declared the recent Rerun Fever out
CPRWAVES: Hey, God, he is strugeling with himself right now, he KNOWS he is doing all this
B5CL Drows: break over, for now.
Dragoniize: {{{{{ROOM}}}}}}
Alex777A: Ave, JDonovan61.
SeanKC6QHM: Tyger :::Looks for bifocals:::
Dragoniize: Hey Alex!
Alex777A: You see them at airports and the like.
TAPESTRY6: only the first week? I am NOT that patient.
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CPRWAVES: struggling that is
OnlineHost: StarFlick has entered the room.
TygerEyez1: Sean, {S thwap
OnlineHost: StarFlick has left the room.
TAPESTRY6: your so elderly tonight
B5ZEN: good idea drows–for godsivar
SeanKC6QHM: {S Ouch}!
B5CL Drows: StarFlick, did you know that TNT has the opening credits for all 5 seasons
OnlineHost: JDonovan61 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: available to download at their web site? Check in the Archives.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, Mentally, maybe
OnlineHost: B5225862 has entered the room.
Alex777A: Ave, B5225862.
SeanKC6QHM: Hey B5 of many numbers
TAPESTRY6: Sean your about 55 mentally
SandyV4752: B522!! Hi!!
B5CL Seuss: Tap, I thought you were a paragon of patience?
OnlineHost: StarFlick has entered the room.
CPRWAVES: Ya’ know my bro did the same thing………..
B5CL Drows: I believe there are also some chat rooms online where that’s dealt with,
TAPESTRY6: who moi? Seuss?? :;::eyes wide::
B5CL Drows: you might find someone there who can help you get through this too.
B5CL Drows: JDonovan61, B5225862, StarFlick, how are you today!
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, I thought I was Twee and a half year old ::Sucks thumb:::
CPRWAVES: He was on meth a long time
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
OnlineHost: StarFlick has left the room.
TygerEyez1: Tap??? Patient????
JDonovan61: Doing good Drows
Alex777A: Yeah…my bro hits the metaphysics room, I think.
B5CL Drows: I thought I was the resident “hot head” around here.
TAPESTRY6: :tapping foot :: Tyger!! {S thunder1
CPRWAVES: he finaly came to his senses when we cornerd him, and talked,it
B5CL Seuss: well she is always telling me to be patient
B5225862: Hail and greetings Alex angel merlen Drows Delenn CPR Sean TAP Tyger
TygerEyez1: Ooops…that was just supposed to be a thought…not actually spoken out loud.
B5225862: Now then Who is Suess?
TAPESTRY6: hiya 22
Alex777A: Ah, my brother’s have done everything between them.
SeanKC6QHM: Seuss, it’s propaganda, mate
TAPESTRY6: Suess is one of our 2 brand new CL’s..B522
B5CL Drows: B522, Seuss is one of the new Host, just now starting up with us.
CPRWAVES: was a death issue for him because he was injured a year befroe and the docs said to quit or
CPRWAVES: he quit
B5CL Seuss: <~Seuss
TAPESTRY6: Sean I never prpagandize..
B5ZEN: god is sunday going to be a scifi sunday!!!
B5ZEN: B5 movie & 13 hour of voyager too!!!
CPRWAVES: before that is
TAPESTRY6: ::waves to Seuess
B5CL Drows: You all will get a chance to meet the other one soon.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, uh-huh….
Dragoniize: Hello Seuss, nice to meet you!!!!
OnlineHost: JDonovan61 has left the room.
B5CL Seuss: :::waves to Tap:::
TygerEyez1: we already have, Drows… least some of us have.
B5CL Seuss: nice to meet you Dragoniize,
B5225862: Suess doesnt look like a nerd doesnt smell like a snerd Are you sure Suess is not a bird?
TAPESTRY6: Hey Sean…this is Tapestry..enigma incarnate
Vaylenn: to learn is not enough. to fight and lose is the only path to enlightenment.
B5CL Drows: Tyger, in Uniform in a chat room?
Alex777A: Well, it’s hard to quit after you die.
TygerEyez1: yeah…last night for a little bit.
CPRWAVES: Yup, he was told quit or die
OnlineHost: Naroon3 has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, but I’m the Iceman
TAPESTRY6: ::::;shhhhhh Drows::they have to guess
SandyV4752: Yes Drows,last night.
Dragoniize: I met her too Drows
TAPESTRY6: no Sean Iceman lives in New York
Alex777A: Ave, Naroon3.
B5CL Drows: Vaylenn, I believe it’s the struggle, not whether you win or loss, that’s
B5CL Drows: the true path to enlightenment.
CPRWAVES: I have found fools play with chemicals
B5CL Drows: Naroon3, did you know that TNT has the opening credits for all 5 seasons
B5CL Drows: available to download at their web site? Check in the Archives.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, other nickname of mine
Naroon3: hey all
TAPESTRY6: really? Sean
B5CL Drows: Ah, y’all have met Lyta then, that’s good.
TygerEyez1: Tap, it’s not that hard to guess.
OnlineHost: Conguez has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, that and Cougar
Alex777A: Playing with chemicals is fine…it’s when you start dumping them into the body that you enc
CPRWAVES: But we all have our battles
Alex777A: ounter problems.
Alex777A: Ave, Conguez.
B5CL Drows: Conguez, welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge.
CPRWAVES: Right on there Alex
B5225862: So the Vorlons dropped a nuclear Reactor into Lyta’s head!!!
TAPESTRY6: its not Tyger?
B5CL Drows: Alex, nicely stated.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, or mix them getting a reaction that blows your eye brows right off.
Vaylenn: to laugh, to cry, to shout in anger, these are the window to the soul.
B5CL Drows: B522, yeah, that about covers it.
TygerEyez1: nope, I figured it out pretty quick.
B5CL Seuss: B522, creepy huh?
TAPESTRY6: I thought the eyes were the windows of your soul?
Conguez: Hi all. Wow, lots of B5’s here!
CPRWAVES: The bigest lie is you will ” find” something, the only thing you find
Naroon3: is lyta goin to get a homeworld for teeps ???
B5225862: No wonder she lights up like Chenobyl
B5CL Drows: Lyta is now the Telepathic equilivalent of a thermonuclear warhead.
SeanKC6QHM: Tap, and look good as ear rings
Alex777A: Well, it is a B5 chat room.
CPRWAVES: is you in an alley someday dead or out of it
TAPESTRY6: Sean ::swats::
SeanKC6QHM: Ouch!
OnlineHost: Conguez has left the room.
OnlineHost: Naroon3 has left the room.
Dragoniize: The warhead matches her hair, you know how those
Dragoniize: redheads are!!! ::ducking:::
TAPESTRY6: Dragon!!
SandyV4752: LOL
B5CL Seuss: rofl!! Dragoniize,
CPRWAVES: Naroon, how does it feel to be dead? I loved that guy!!!!!
Alex777A: Too true.
B5CL Drows: Dragoniize, exciting and unpredictable?
CPRWAVES: Naroon was cool
TAPESTRY6: geeesch !! pick on a bill mum minority would you?
Dragoniize: Yeah, Drows, that the ticket!
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, and will blow up if you say the wrong thing
B5225862: actually her potential was in her genes from earlier, according to the book
B5ZEN: why would the vorlons loose a warhead–like
CPRWAVES: He left oh well
B5ZEN: lyta–& program her with all sorts of
B5ZEN: warnings too???
B5CL Drows: “Dead…been there, done that” – John Sheridan, Rising Star
SeanKC6QHM: Got the Tee-shirt
SandyV4752: Oh I used to have that wav Drows.
B5 Merlen: I still think Sheridan is the safety on that big gun known as Lyta
Alex777A: They probably didn’t anticipate her Byron association, which is what really set her off.
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, well, my theory is, she’s the doomsday weapon they created
B5CL Drows: incase the Shadows won the last war.
CPRWAVES: Yeah, and I am a fictional charecter, but we love’em don’t we…..
SandyV4752: I agree Merlen.
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
Duke Jon 1: bbl gang
CPRWAVES: Later Duke
B5CL Seuss: bye Duke Jon,
GODSIVAR: I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5 Merlen: bye Duke
B5CL Drows: Sheridan does seem to be the only person capable of handling Lyta right now.
SandyV4752: Bye Jon
Duke Jon 1: <jumpgate>
B5CL Drows: Greetings GODSIVAR, tonight’s specialties are Flarn a la Sheridan, Spoo a
B5CL Drows: la Vir, and Bagna Cauda a la Garibaldi.
TAPESTRY6: bye Duke ::foofs::
B5ZEN: why didn’t they deactivate her that way
B5ZEN: before they left then??
OnlineHost: Duke Jon 1 has left the room.
CPRWAVES: Hey, God, are you that hurt right now????
SeanKC6QHM: Zen, they didn’t care
Vaylenn: to be calm and not to be angry is just as wrong as to be angry all the time.
TygerEyez1: because he has also been touched by the Vorlons right?
CPRWAVES: I think he has bigger probs than spoo, right now
OnlineHost: B5225862 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, remember from ThirdSpace, Lyta talking about all the Vorlon’s “mistakes”?
OnlineHost: B5 Merlen has left the room.
B5ZEN: gee why should we care about them
OnlineHost: C1Hathaway has entered the room.
B5ZEN: then?!?!?!?
CPRWAVES: Did ya tell him you didn’t?
SandyV4752: Hi C1!!
C1Hathaway: Greetings
C1Hathaway: Hi, Sandy
Dragoniize: Sean, I think they left her to test Sheridan
B5CL Drows: Good Evening, C1Hathaway and Welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge! Help
Vaylenn: to be even ,is the only path to grace
B5CL Drows: yourself to drinks \_/ \_/ \_/ and snacks (::) (::) (:
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
Alex777A: Ave, C1 and Gr8 1.
C1Hathaway: Hi, Drows and Seuss
SandyV4752: Hi Gkar!!
B5CL Drows: Gr8 1Gkar, TNT has another movie for Babylon 5, one this year and one next
B5CL Drows: year.
SeanKC6QHM: Dragoniize, could be
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{{Gkar}}}}}}}}}}
C1Hathaway: Danke, Alex
CPRWAVES: He may need to know you are there for him, is he older or younger?
C1Hathaway: {{{{{{{{{{{{{G’Kar}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: hi ya {{{DRAGON}}}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Sandy
B5CL Drows: C1, have you met our latest addition to the team, yet, B5CL Seuss?
Gr8 1Gkar: LTNS C1]
Vaylenn: speacking of thirdspace drows, i hav som info
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, does that mean Suess will speak in rhymes?
Alex777A: My brother had to go…he was getting too dangerous to have around.
C1Hathaway: Not officially Drows…just said Hi though
B5CL Seuss: Hiya C1Hathaway,
CPRWAVES: Is he mad at you, usualy the guys on the stuff are just mad, or confused when they fight
B5ZEN: try to calm down godsivar—things always
B5ZEN: seem the worst at 13
C1Hathaway: Hi, Seuss
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya CPR
C1Hathaway: G’Kar…long time ’cause real life gets in the way somedays
Gr8 1Gkar: Hey, C12 I have a new Con pic
B5ZEN: sick godsivar?
CPRWAVES: If ya want we can move this conversation to another room, and see if we can help…………
Gr8 1Gkar: C1, Understood
C1Hathaway: Really G’Kar…which con…VOR?
CPRWAVES: Hi G’kar!!!!!!!!
Alex777A: Hmmm…kinda of like my brother…when they start attacking family members they’ve got to go
Vaylenn: the first ones left to fight the anti’za ( aliens in third space)
Gr8 1Gkar: Yes C1
B5CL Drows: GODSIVAR, seriously, I would suggest that you sign off and check for
Gr8 1Gkar: VOR
B5CL Drows: any local Help Lines in your area. They can give you much more
B5CL Drows: information on what you can or can’t do to help your brother.
C1Hathaway: Is in on-line?
CPRWAVES: That is NOT good,
Gr8 1Gkar: Who on line
C1Hathaway: rats….try again…is the picture on-line?
C1Hathaway: in jpg or gif format…?
Gr8 1Gkar: Jpg C11
Alex777A: Who isn’t?
CPRWAVES: HOLD on there God I will see what I can do ina minute I will be back ok?????????
Log Count: There were 16 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:15 PM
C1Hathaway: Do you share, my friend???
B5ZEN: lol-alex
OnlineHost: Vaylenn has left the room.
OnlineHost: Jaibeez has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Me, yes, I have a Couple I would LOVE to share
Alex777A: Ave, Jaibeez.
C1Hathaway: Hi, Jai.
OnlineHost: CPRWAVES has left the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: BRB AFK
B5CL Drows: Hello Jaibeez, TNT’s web site has some information about Crusades, the
Alex777A: I love to see what my B5 buddies look like.
C1Hathaway: Send them please…lots of folks got good pics…that seems to be the one thing that con was
B5CL Drows: upcoming sequel.n
C1Hathaway: really good for
B5CL Drows: GODSIVAR, (800) 448-4663 National Youth Crisis Hotline, you
Jaibeez: so is bad grammar
B5CL Drows: might be able to get some help at that number.
OnlineHost: OneKosh has entered the room.
Alex777A: Ave, OneKosh.
C1Hathaway: Drows…good thought…the crisis line
B5CL Drows: OneKosh, welcome to the latest installment of “As the Station Rotates” that
B5CL Drows: ongoing soap opera staring all of us, the B5 fans!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
B5ZEN: lon
B5ZEN: g
C1Hathaway: lol Drows…and I thought that episode was called Wheel of Fire…
Jaibeez: when is a call to arms on?
SandyV4752: bbl
C1Hathaway: though I’m not complaining…. grin
OnlineHost: SandyV4752 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Jaibeez, it’s due out this coming January.
B5ZEN: sorry–I hit wrong button there…….
C1Hathaway: After first of the year sometime, Jai
B5CL Drows: A Call to Arms will be the lead in to the
B5CL Drows: sequel series, “The Babylon Project: Crusade.” Set to air on January 3,
B5CL Drows: 1999.
Alex777A: I thought the date was pushed back.
Alex777A: No it doesn’t.
C1Hathaway: Drows…I thought Crusade got backed up in TNT’s schedule…or isn’t that official?
OneKosh: its been pushed back till febuary drows
OneKosh: at least
OneKosh: it comes out with witchblade now
B5CL Drows: C1, last I heard was, a possible delay of a month, yes.
OnlineHost: CPRWAVES has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Snotrooper has entered the room.
Alex777A: Ave, Sno.
C1Hathaway: Feb. sweeps would be a great time for them to air it….
Gr8 1Gkar: C1 {S Gotmail
Snotrooper: Hello Alex
C1Hathaway: That’s G’Kar
C1Hathaway: Thanks too
CPRWAVES: You want to go to a room were we can talk???????
B5CL Drows: OneKosh, I was talking about A Call to Arms, the movie, not Crusades./
B5CL Drows: CPRWAVES, Snotrooper, welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge, the strangest
B5CL Drows: place in known space!
B5CL Drows: CPRWAVES, Snotrooper, welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge, the strangest
B5CL Drows: place in known space!
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CPRWAVES: i have some people already to hear ya
Gr8 1Gkar: The Crusades site still has it listed for Jan
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, where the drinks are strong and the guest, strange
Snotrooper: hi Drows.
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B5CL Drows: C1, I think that was one of the reasons, and additional money in the
B5CL Drows: budget for the sets, and such.
CPRWAVES: Oh yes they can , Hold on
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Alex777A: Well, they can’t if you’ve already decided that…
B5ZEN: I remember being 13–it wasn’t easy–I’m now
Alex777A: Give them a chance.
C1Hathaway: Drows could be…
B5ZEN: 40—unreal hey–Life does move along,,calm
B5ZEN: down
C1Hathaway: G’Kar…love the pic title 2die4
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Wierding
Dragoniize: Hey, Zen, me too!
Gr8 1Gkar: Thanks C1.
Gr8 1Gkar: Its the way I felt at the time
OnlineHost: Kincainjp has entered the room.
C1Hathaway: He is a handsome one…
Gr8 1Gkar: ahhh…..
B5CL Drows: Hot and chilled Jhala is by the bar, Kincainjp help yourself.
CPRWAVES: No prob there Gkar
Alex777A: New pics, Gr8 1? Do I get to see them?
B5ZEN: thanks dragon–I feel better–hated to admit
B5ZEN: my age
SeanKC6QHM: C1H, thank you, I am a deashing devil, aren’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alex777A: Ave, Kincainjp.
C1Hathaway: lol Sean
Jaibeez: what has Claudia christian been up to lately?
C1Hathaway: If you say so
Gr8 1Gkar: Alex. I thought I sent it yesterday
Dragoniize: Zen, I like being 40, it is quite interesting
Gr8 1Gkar: Alex I will send My fav
Alex777A: Yes…just have the one?
Gr8 1Gkar: K?
B5CL Drows: Sean, I wouldn’t be able to comment on your possible ground speed, but
B5CL Drows: the other part I would agree too.
Alex777A: Cool.
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SeanKC6QHM: Drows, why thank you
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C1Hathaway: Hey Dragon…getting older may be a pain, but it beats the alternative.
Gr8 1Gkar: O you want a couple of others, I have one with a Face I don’t remember who it is
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B5CL Drows: Welcome to the Fresh Air Lounge JenMor29, the most bizarre room this
B5CL Drows: side of Earth Dome!
SeanKC6QHM: C1H, eternal youth?
B5ZEN: my brain works better at this age–that’s
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B5ZEN: what I like about it! I know more
Dragoniize: C1, I agree competely, I like aging, slowly, like fine
Dragoniize: wine
JenMor29: hi Drows….didn’t take me long to see that….
Gr8 1Gkar: But it a Group shot and not a Close up either
Alex777A: It’s best if you die before decomposing.
Jaibeez: does anyone know what Claudia christian has been up to lately?
C1Hathaway: Sean…I wouldn’t want it. I went through each decade once…it was enough
SeanKC6QHM: Dragon, but aged cheese taste better
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Dragoniize: Sean {S razz
B5CL Drows: Jaibeez, have you tried her web site for that information?
B5CL Seuss: sorry Jaibeez, but I do not know
SeanKC6QHM: C1H, still won’t remeber the 60’s when they come around again, right?
TAPESTRY6: later all ..enjoy the ride Seuss ::tickles::
C1Hathaway: Dragon…yup, the fine wine concept was always my idea too
Alex777A: I like to think I’m like a fine wine…I just get better with age.
OnlineHost: JenMor29 has left the room.
TAPESTRY6: ::waves bye to all ::: {S tap}
Dragoniize: Bye Tap!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: There is a Claudia Christian Web Web page with pics of her, information on
Alex777A: GMTA.
B5CL Drows: other roles, etc. It’s located at:
Jaibeez: no, do you know the address?
C1Hathaway: lol…I have vivid memories of the 1960’s if that’s what you mean
B5ZEN: cheese???? aged???
Dragoniize: Alex!!!!
B5ZEN: bye tap
TAPESTRY6: Drows you WOULD have that one>>laughing::
B5CL Drows: Jaibeez, I just sent it for you.
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C1Hathaway: {{{{{Tapestry}}}}
Alex777A: Yes, Dragoniize?
B5CL Drows: I have quit a few of the cast sites actually,.
C1Hathaway: Rats…missed her
SeanKC6QHM: C1H, quite a trip, eh?
Dragoniize: Nothing Alex, but we are on the same wavelenght
Gr8 1Gkar: Dragon did I send you my Jerry pic??
C1Hathaway: No comment on the grounds that anything I say might incriminate me
Alex777A: Ah, yes.
B5CL Seuss: lol C1Hathaway,
B5CL Drows: C1, since when has that ever stopped you before?
Dragoniize: Gkar, you have sent me zip pictures, nada
SeanKC6QHM: C1H, I plede the fifth commandment
Dragoniize: zilch,,,:::pouts::::
B5CL Drows: Worried Ken Starr’s looking for new target’s, C1?
C1Hathaway: Never Drows…but I’ve never had parents of my students on-line and knowing my SN before
C1Hathaway: either
Gr8 1Gkar: O’ OK,
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B5CL Drows: C1, I see, feeling a bit more “under the microscope” are you?
OnlineHost: AngelLynnH has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: They will be there shortly. Do you want them ZIP. or one at a time
C1Hathaway: That’s why I occassionally use my daughter old SN now…too
AngelLynnH: hey peeps
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Angel
C1Hathaway: daughter’s
B5CL Drows: Greetings AngelLynnH, the TNT site has a B5 in Print review by Sandra
AngelLynnH: VONNIS
B5CL Drows: Bruckner available on it’s main screen.
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, better than under a magnifying glass under the sun
AngelLynnH: hi!
C1Hathaway: Sorry fingers are already asleep
Alex777A: Well, I must flee before my head explodes like that guy in Scanners.
AngelLynnH: LOL b5 Im not into b5
Dragoniize: Gkar, It makes no dif, whatever is easier for you
AngelLynnH: Im just in here because VOnnie is in here..
C1Hathaway: Ewww Alex…not a pretty picture…
Alex777A: Why are you in the B5 chat room then?
AngelLynnH: this is the only way I can get her to talk to me! hehe
Alex777A: Well, this flu is getting me down.
Gr8 1Gkar: She is a Friend of Mine ALEX
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Teehee
AngelLynnH: yeah
Alex777A: Ah, well, that’s good, too.
AngelLynnH: we’ve been friends for years
B5ZEN: hope you feel better alex
Alex777A: Cool….it’s good to have friends.
C1Hathaway: Hope you feel better, Alex
AngelLynnH: yeah
Gr8 1Gkar: Angel did you get the Pic I sent??
AngelLynnH: esp her! LOL
AngelLynnH: yeah!
Dragoniize: Well any friend of Gkar is a freind of mine, Hello
Dragoniize: Lynn
AngelLynnH: who was that dude?
B5CL Seuss: Alex777A, I know how you feel I have been sneezing all day
Alex777A: Thanx….Ave and vale all.
AngelLynnH: hello dragon!
Alex777A: ::waves::poof::{S jump
B5CL Drows: AngelLynnH, well, you’re still welcome here. ๐Ÿ™‚
AngelLynnH: Vonnis U look like you lost weight
Alex777A: Cya…it’s been fun.
Gr8 1Gkar: That is Jerry Doyle
AngelLynnH: HEy what else did Debbies Mother say?
Dragoniize: Bye Alex, take care!!!
C1Hathaway: Ouch Seuss…Allergies or flu???
AngelLynnH: thanks B5!!
Gr8 1Gkar: Only 30 lbs all together
Alex777A: ๐Ÿ™‚
AngelLynnH: whos Jerry Doyle?
OnlineHost: Alex777A has left the room.
B5ZEN: how do you look like you lost wi=eight on
AngelLynnH: well thats good tho! 30 lbs is 30 lbs
B5ZEN: line?
B5CL Seuss: I think just a cold C1Hathaway, the temp dropped fast here
Gr8 1Gkar: Thats Mr Garibaldi to you!!
C1Hathaway: Angel…he plays Garibaldi a character on the show
B5CL Drows: AngelLynnH, he plays Michael Garibaldi, a character on the Babylon 5 television show.
AngelLynnH: oh
AngelLynnH: ahh
AngelLynnH: So did ya get an autograph vonnis?
C1Hathaway: Could be, Seuss…I’ve been praying for hard frost so my allergies will give up
AngelLynnH: a kiss?
AngelLynnH: a buck? lol
Gr8 1Gkar: I got a Few
AngelLynnH: LOL!
C1Hathaway: whoops…sorry Drows. I stepped on your toes again.
AngelLynnH: gonna dump the hubby now? heheh
AngelLynnH: j/k vonnis
B5CL Drows: Gkar, so, how was VORCon?
Gr8 1Gkar: BRB
C1Hathaway: G’Kar…how did Mira look…expecting
AngelLynnH: Id have to slap ya if you dumped your hub
B5CL Drows: C1, it’s fine. I dind’t see you sending it or I wouldn’t have doubled the info. ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has left the room.
AngelLynnH: humm
AngelLynnH: She ALWAYS does that to me..
B5ZEN: if I topped smoking My allergies would clear
B5ZEN: up!
C1Hathaway: Hee hee…we must have hit enter within micro-seconds of each other
AngelLynnH: yeah B5 they would!
Dragoniize: Zen, you would live longer too
C1Hathaway: Zen…I don’t smoke, so that won’t help mine.
AngelLynnH: brb peeps
OnlineHost: AngelLynnH has left the room.
C1Hathaway: Intersting concept…a non-smoking Dragon
B5ZEN: yeah–but it’s been my nook for so long????
B5CL Seuss: well folks it is time for me to go, it has been great see you all soon {P jumpgate}.
TygerEyez1: C1…that’s nothing.
C1Hathaway: lol Tyger
OnlineHost: R2na has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: C1, but it’s better than being a smoked ham
B5CL Drows: Seuss, take care and have a good weekend. Don’t work too hard. ๐Ÿ™‚
C1Hathaway: Nite Deuss
OnlineHost: B5CL Seuss has left the room.
OnlineHost: R2na has left the room.
TygerEyez1: I’ve a cat SN, and I’m allergic to them.
B5ZEN: welcome suess–I bye~!~~
Log Count: There were 8 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:30 PM
C1Hathaway: True Sean
B5CL Drows: Sean, hey now, ther’s nothing better then a good smoked Virginia ham.
C1Hathaway: Allergic to cats or cat SN’s, Tyger….<grin>
B5CL Drows: Hello R2na, have you seen the new “River of Souls” images at the TNT
B5CL Drows: Bayblon 5 site?
SeanKC6QHM: C1, I’m already a ham, won’t want to add smoke to that combo
OnlineHost: B5Sheridn1 has entered the room.
TygerEyez1: allergic to cats.
Dragoniize: C1, I am also the only vegetarian Dragon that I know
Dragoniize: of
C1Hathaway: lol Sean…glad you said that
B5Sheridn1: {S greetings} everybody
B5ZEN: how about smoked salmon?
C1Hathaway: Sheri, hi!
SeanKC6QHM: C1, you were going, to, though
B5Sheridn1: Hiya Hath
B5CL Drows: Tyger, so, does that mean you’re allergic to yourself while yuou’
B5CL Drows: re online?
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{{{Sheridn}}}}}}}}}}
C1Hathaway: Wtg Dragoniize…only kind of dragon I’d hang out with
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, Chinook or Steelhead?
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, well, she’s allergic to my puns
C1Hathaway: Going where, Sean?
B5Sheridn1: {{{{{Draon}}}}}
C1Hathaway: >–confuzzled
TygerEyez1: :::::sneezes::::::::
B5CL Drows: Sean, everyone’s allergic to your puns. ROFL
B5Delenn1: Drows…you oughta see it when she comes over to my house
SeanKC6QHM: C1, say the smoked ham thing
Dragoniize: Drows, that was good
OnlineHost: CPRWAVES has entered the room.
B5Delenn1: my tabby Oliver, loves her
B5ZEN: the kind in the deli????
C1Hathaway: No Sean…I just duck puns…and other miscellaneous throw objects
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, maybe I’ll start new ones
C1Hathaway: Huh?
CPRWAVES: Hi all again well I gotta go
TygerEyez1: too well….
Dragoniize: C1, duck puns, is that like game hen?
B5Delenn1: he C
B5CL Drows: Delenn, she’d love my Tabby, Bubba, he’s long haired due to being part
B5CL Drows: Norwiegian Forrest Cat.
CPRWAVES: Love ya’all
C1Hathaway: lol…only too much like horse divots…
CPRWAVES: later!!!!!!!!!
B5Delenn1: he crawls all over her demanding to be pettes
SeanKC6QHM: Dragoniize, but shouldn’t she duck the halls with cows and collies
B5ZEN: i have 2 cats-2 rats & a ferret in my house
CPRWAVES: I tried to talk ot the guy but he left, he may be back
Dragoniize: Fall all all over the place
CPRWAVES: tell him it is not his fault this stuff
C1Hathaway: Neat Zen…we used to have a menagerie…now just one cat
TygerEyez1: yeah, and the darn cat sticks his butt in my face too….as if I like that.
B5CL Drows: Delenn, well, Bubba’s not a lap cat, at 20 pounds, that’s a good thing too.
CPRWAVES: with his bro ok????????
B5Sheridn1: LOL
CPRWAVES: {s weirding
Dragoniize: Drows, I love your cat!!!!
SeanKC6QHM: Tyger, better than a siamses trying to give you French kisses
B5CL Drows: Tyger, it’s a sign of affection among felines.
CPRWAVES: {s wierding
OnlineHost: BigBoy5536 has entered the room.
B5ZEN: the ferret actually chases the cats
OnlineHost: CPRWAVES has left the room.
B5Delenn1: Oliver weighs only 10 right mow…but if he keeps it up……
C1Hathaway: Bubba…big cat!
B5CL Drows: Hot and chilled Jhala is by the bar, BigBoy5536 help yourself.
TygerEyez1: I don’t care….I don’t like it.
B5ZEN: lol-tyger mine too
B5Delenn1: Sheridn calls him the cat-dog
SeanKC6QHM: Zen, have a kitten that chases a rabbit and plays rough with a sheltie
C1Hathaway: Catch you all later….glad to see JMS back on the boards.
B5CL Drows: C1, yeah, he’s bit “slow” too, if you get my meaning, thus the name Bubba.
C1Hathaway: Nite all.
B5Sheridn1: No I don’t
B5Sheridn1: He’s a dog-cat
Dragoniize: By C1, nice to have met you!
C1Hathaway: LOL Drows…I’ve still gotta go.
C1Hathaway: Bye Dragon
B5Sheridn1: Laters Hath
OnlineHost: C1Hathaway has left the room.
B5Delenn1: ok……dog-cat then
SeanKC6QHM: Later C1
B5CL Drows: Tyger, now, if they try to bump forheads with you, that means you’re
B5CL Drows: accepted into their “group”.
B5CL Drows: Cya C1.
B5Sheridn1: Teela was a cat-dog
B5ZEN: my cat actually fetches a ball I toss–it’s
B5ZEN: so much fun!
TygerEyez1: Hmmmmm….that hasn’t happened yet.
SeanKC6QHM: Drows, so if they are more of a pian in the rear than I, it means you’re buddy buddy with th
SeanKC6QHM: them?
BigBoy5536: Teelawas a dog-cat
B5Delenn1: Drows…..Oliver likes to chase after plastic tops to pop bottles
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, Taz, Tam’s “baby”, fetches those plastic rings off milk jugs.
OnlineHost: BigBoy5536 has left the room.
Dragoniize: One of mine, chases paper
B5Delenn1: it would happen, Tyger, if you did not keep pulling your head away
B5Sheridn1: No, the first word is the adjective, therfore Teela was a cat-dog, while Oliver is a dog-cat
B5ZEN: those are fun too–mine like to play soccar
B5ZEN: with them
SeanKC6QHM: Dragon, watch them with cat nip, they just come back for more hits, like a kitty juckie
SeanKC6QHM: junkie, even
OnlineHost: Hghlndr62 has entered the room.
Dragoniize: Delenn, we have a headbutting, talking siamese,
Dragoniize: sweetest guy in the wrold
B5CL Drows: Hey, Hghlndr62, Babylon 5 is back on Wednesdays at 10 pm Eastern and
B5CL Drows: again on Mondays at Midnight.
TygerEyez1: oh really??? but then again, I don’t want to sneeze either.
OnlineHost: SandyV4752 has entered the room.
B5ZEN: kitty junkies????lol
OnlineHost: Spongy Tom has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Hghlndr62 has left the room.
SandyV4752: He’s right behind me Drows,
B5CL Drows: Good news SandyV4752, Spongy Tom, November 8th “River of Souls” will
B5CL Drows: be showing on TNT at 8 pm Eastern and Pacific.
Spongy Tom: okay…pencils down.
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{Tom}}}}}}} LTNS
B5Sheridn1: Howdy Spongy
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{Tom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5Delenn1: Oliver is so darn lovable you cannot help but like him,. right, Tyger??
SeanKC6QHM: TTFN “Smoke me a Kipper, I’ll be back for Breakfast” {S Kipper}
B5Delenn1: {S lovebug
TygerEyez1: yep…he’s one cute cat.
Dragoniize: Bye Sean
SeanKC6QHM: Delenn, does he taste like chicken?
Spongy Tom: (((((Dragon, Tyger)))))) Hey Sheridn
SandyV4752: Heads up all. We have a guest coming in.
B5Delenn1: never tasted him , Sean
Spongy Tom: {S beauty
B5Delenn1: {{{{Tom}}}}}
SeanKC6QHM: ;-), Delenn
OnlineHost: SeanKC6QHM has left the room.
B5Sheridn1: Who?
Dragoniize: Who is coming?
B5ZEN: guest? who?
Spongy Tom: Hi Drowso
SandyV4752: B5 Eagle
B5Sheridn1: or is it Whom is coming?
B5Delenn1: cool!!!
Dragoniize: So tell me who that is please?
B5CL Drows: B5 Eagle=David Eagle, one of the talented Directors of the television show Babylon 5.
OnlineHost: Trav56725 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Good Evening Trav56725, welcome
B5CL Drows: aboard the Fresh Air Lounge.
B5Sheridn1: Tyg, which was correct, who or whom?
B5ZEN: when?
Dragoniize: That is what I thought
OnlineHost: B5 Eagle has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Dragoniize, he’s also a Hugo Winner.
Spongy Tom: Who dearie
B5CL Drows: Lets all welcome David Eagle, one of the excellent directors of episodes of
B5 Eagle: Hi everyone
B5CL Drows: Babylon 5, the hot Science Fiction TV show.
TygerEyez1: Who is right, Sheridn.
SandyV4752: Welcome David!!
B5Sheridn1: {S greetings} B5Eagle
Dragoniize: Hell Eagle
B5Sheridn1: Thank you Tyg
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{Eagle}}}}}}}
Dragoniize: Hello
B5ZEN: hello!!
Trav56725: So Delenn, I saw that you had a Bad Hair Day
Dragoniize: dang it
B5CL Drows: Good evening Mr Eagle, and welcome to the Best Chat Room on AOL!!
Spongy Tom: Howdy and welcome Mr E!
B5 Eagle: How’s it going everyone?
B5Delenn1: yep…happens occasionally, Trav
OnlineHost: ItsMissM has entered the room.
B5ZEN: great!
SandyV4752: Great now that you are here Mr E.
Spongy Tom: Pretty peachie David…and you?
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, it’s going fine here, how’s things with you and your projects?
B5Sheridn1: Later y’all
B5CL Drows: ItsMissM, welcome to the chat ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 Eagle: I can only stay a few mins so does anyone have a specific question?
Trav56725: did you watch tonite? I missed that one first couple times it was on
ItsMissM: hi
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, is your Disney project still in the works?
B5Delenn1: later Sheridn
Dragoniize: Bye Sheridn
Spongy Tom: good one Drows
B5 Eagle: No, the disney project went down the tubes
OnlineHost: NGHTSBR has entered the room.
Spongy Tom: I’d like to know too
OnlineHost: B5Sheridn1 has left the room.
Spongy Tom: crap
B5Delenn1: brb…….have to break up feline fight!!!!!
SandyV4752: Oh sorry to hear that.
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, sorry to hear that, it sounded pretty good.
B5CL Drows: Delenn, cold water works for that.
B5 Eagle: But I just did a SLIDERS and will be doing another soon
Dragoniize: Water pistols
B5CL Drows: Hiya NGHTSBR, come on in and stay
B5CL Drows: awhile. :-)Sl
OnlineHost: Psicop22 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, I was just going to ask about Sliders, actually. Great news.
B5CL Drows: Good Evening Psicop22, welcome
B5ZEN: what sort new projects are you working on?
NGHTSBR: I’m back, sorry I was cut off an hour ago
SandyV4752: Can you tell us what they are about David?
B5CL Drows: aboard the Fresh Air Lounge.
Spongy Tom: Cool….Mr. Eagle…it was’t until B5 that I really noticeed directors on TV
OnlineHost: Trav56725 has left the room.
B5 Eagle: SLIDERS is about an hour!
B5 Eagle: Just kidding!
B5CL Drows: B5 Eagle=David Eagle, one of the talented Directors of the television show Babylon 5.
Spongy Tom: You do “stand-out” work
SandyV4752: LOL!!
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, I see the sense of humor is still quite intact. LOL
B5 Eagle: Thanks Spongy
B5Delenn1: ok…back..had to find my spray bottle
TygerEyez1: did it work, Delenn?
B5CL Drows: Tom, same here, actually.
Spongy Tom: Are you exclusive to TV or will you go to features some time?
B5 Eagle: My ep is about one of the new characters confronting 2 other versions of herself
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has left the room.
SandyV4752: Oh sounds good!
B5 Eagle: Peter Jurasik was in my episode
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, any word on working with other shows?
Spongy Tom: no way!
B5 Eagle: and Jerry Dole is working on the one that is shooting this week
OnlineHost: B5CL Nost has entered the room.
OnlineHost: ItsMissM has left the room.
SandyV4752: That’s great!!
Spongy Tom: certainly 2 solid reasons for catching that SLAIDERS then!
B5CL Drows: Everyone, join me in welcoming my colleague B5CL Nost.
B5CL Nost: Hiya Peeps!!
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
SandyV4752: Hi Nos!!
Spongy Tom: ((((((((((((((Nost)))))))))))))))))
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Drowsy}}}}}
B5 Eagle: I’m working on getting assignments on other shows too
Spongy Tom: SLIDERS rather
B5CL Drows: Tom, agreed, if TCI would pick up Sci Fi here.
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Tom}}}}}
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
NGHTSBR: Hiya Nost
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{{tyger}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Hi Nos!
B5ZEN: {{{{{nost}}}}
Psicop22: Hi Nost
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Zen Delenn}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, will you let us know what comes up? We’d love to know so
B5CL Nost: Hiya {{{Eagle}}}
B5CL Drows: we can make sure to watch.
Log Count: There were 12 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:45 PM
B5 Eagle: Will do
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{nost}}}}}}
B5 Eagle: No other questions?
SandyV4752: What other projects are you working on Mr E?
Spongy Tom: I really don’t know of many directors that are as recognized by fans as the great ones of B5
Dragoniize: Hey, Nost am I chopped liver?
OnlineHost: B5 Lome has entered the room.
B5ZEN: ask us one Mr eagle
B5 Eagle: I’m working on a big documentary too
B5CL Drows: Dragoniize, would you settle for diced?
Spongy Tom: (((((((((((Lome))))))))))))))))))))
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{Dragon}}}}}}}}} never dear.
B5CL Drows: B5 Lome, welcome to the chat ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 Eagle: OK
B5 Lome: {{{{{{Tom}}}}}
OnlineHost: Cedarga has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: What are some of your fav episodes?
Dragoniize: Drows, If it is yours!
B5 Lome: thanks Drows
SandyV4752: What’s it about Mr E?
Spongy Tom: ((((((((((Alibaby))))))))))))00
Cedarga: ::::waves at Eagle:::::
Dragoniize: {{{{{Lome}}}}}
Cedarga: Hey Tom
SandyV4752: Severed Dreams of course
B5Delenn1: what kind of documentary, Eagle????
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, you know, you have directed most of my all time favorite episodes of Babylon 5.
B5 Eagle: The doc is about the Holocaust
B5 Lome: Hye Dragon
B5CL Nost: My fav has always been *Severed Dreams and Hour of the Wolf*.
B5CL Drows: Welcome Cedarga, its good to see you here today. ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 Eagle: Thanks Drows
Dragoniize: Mr E, where will it play?
B5Delenn1: ahhhhh,,,,,,,,a very touchy subject, Eagle
B5 Eagle: Hi Ced
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{Ced}}}}
B5ZEN: severed dreams–but I like them all’
B5CL Nost: {{{{Lome}}}
B5Delenn1: I commend you for undertaking it
Cedarga: Tom I’ve got Maddest Kind of Love uploaded if you want it <G>
Dragoniize: {{{{{Ced}}}}}}}
B5 Eagle: Haven’t sold it yet!
Spongy Tom: who did “Face of the Enemy?”
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, that’s hard to cover, did you have family that went through it?
Dragoniize: Mr E, great subject matter
Spongy Tom: Ali, I’ll take any kind of love from you…you know that ]
B5 Eagle: Yes, I’m taking a relative back to the 4 death camps he survived
NGHTSBR: I don’t know names, but I can tell you my fav scene: The 1st Drahk encounter.
OnlineHost: LEPerky has entered the room.
Dragoniize: Mr Eagle, have you ever been to one before?
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, so, it’s sort of a personal journey for you as wlel, then?
Spongy Tom: ((((((((LEP)))))))))
SandyV4752: When are you going Mr E?
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}
B5 Eagle: Yes Dachau
B5 Lome: LEPLEPLEP!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: Hiya LEPerky, come on in and stay
B5 Eagle: Spring
B5CL Drows: awhile. ๐Ÿ™‚
Spongy Tom: That sounds very moving
B5ZEN: {{{{{perky}}}}}}
Dragoniize: They are very unsettling, I have been as well
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Perky, look who wandered in to chat!!
B5CL Nost: Oh My Eagle, that sounds really interesting.
LEPerky: MLMLML!!!!, {{{{Spongy Tom}}}}}] {{{{Drows}}}}}}}, {{{{{Tygerrrrrrrr}}}}}
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Anyone remember And the Rock Cried Out…
OnlineHost: SUZY52 has entered the room.
LEPerky: Good to see you again, Mr. Eagle!!!
B5 jgDalek: Hiya
SandyV4752: You betcha Mr E
B5 Eagle: Hi LEP
B5CL Nost: Eagle i like that Episode too.
Spongy Tom: Yes David!
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}
SUZY52: hi all
B5Delenn1: i do, Eagle
LEPerky: {{{{{[Dragon}}}}}}
B5CL Nost: {{{{suzy}}}}
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{TYger****}}}}}}
LEPerky: I do, mr. Eagle!
B5CL Drows: B5 jgDalek, SUZY52, welcome to the chat ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Delenn}}}}
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, yes, it was an excelent dichomoty using the Hymn while the
Psicop22: hello Suzy
B5CL Drows: Narn’s disposed of Refa.
Dragoniize: {{{{{{Suzy, Dalek}}}}}}}
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}
SUZY52: hi there p22
B5 jgDalek: {{{{LEP}}}}
B5 Eagle: So, what B5 staff or cast members have been in here recently?
B5Delenn1: {{{{{dalek}}}}}
NGHTSBR: Oh… It took me a minute to think which one!!!
B5 jgDalek: {{{{Suzy}}}}
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{Dalek**}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: Trav56725 has entered the room.
LEPerky: {{{{{Dalek}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: {{{{Dragon}}}}
B5 Lome: Hey Dalek
Cedarga: Eagle, did you say *one* of your relatives survived *4* camps?\
Cedarga: Wow!
Cedarga: Eagle, great ep
SUZY52: last one i remember was melissa
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Angel}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, Jullie Brown was in right before VORCon, that’s all I’ve seen.
Spongy Tom: We had a talk with Wayne Alexander in a related chat room recently
B5CL Nost: Eagle John Copeland came to a chat a couple weeks ago.
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Lome}}}}}
B5CL Nost: Walter comes in from time to time.
B5CL Drows: Welcome Trav56725, I’m delighted you could join us tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 jgDalek: Drows, Tom….Hiya
B5CL Nost: Julie drops by also.
Spongy Tom: Hey Dalek!
SUZY52: david, will you make a trip to st louis for a con soon?
Cedarga: Okay, after all those chatlogs I distributed, why didn’t I get any? Hmmm?
B5 jgDalek: ::::::walks over sita with Tyger & Delenn::::::
SandyV4752: I chatted with Julie a couple of days ago.
Spongy Tom: I want candy
SUZY52: ced, i never had set or made a log yet
B5 Eagle: Well I just worked with Peter Jurasik, I’m having lunch with Steven Furst next week
B5 Eagle: and I’ll be seeing Tony Dow this weekend
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{Ced}}}} ya sneaky I didnt see you
LEPerky: Cool!!!! Mr. Eagle.
Cedarga: Eagle, you worked with Jurasik on Sliders?
B5CL Nost: Peter came for a visit a couple months ago.
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, please send my a greeting from me, if you think of it.
B5 Eagle: Yes CED
SUZY52: has tony dow made any mor eps?
Cedarga: ((((John))))) Hiyas!
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{Nost}}} Hiya
Spongy Tom: Mr. E, we are all really appreciative of the attention to the fans the B5 cast and crew
Spongy Tom: show
LEPerky: {{{{{Cedar}}}}
B5ZEN: unreal lunch schedual– I had dinner with my
B5ZEN: cat!
B5 Eagle: Yes, he and Steven have done CRUSADE
Cedarga: Hey (((((LEP)))))
B5CL Nost: Great.
SandyV4752: That’s great!
LEPerky: Mr. Eagle… which eps? or are they going to be show soon?
SUZY52: cool
B5CL Drows: I did hear that Stephen Furst did episode 5 of Crusade, I believe.
Cedarga: Eagle, steven said he directed a b5 actor on Crusade when I saw him in Madison
B5 Eagle: LEP – which eps what?
B5CL Nost: Drows i didn’t mean to barge your chat but i have a little announcement to make.
Cedarga: Drows, that’s the one he talked about…105…
NGHTSBR: I’m looking @ the Crusade info right now & all I can say is “wow”!
B5CL Drows: Nost, not a prolbem, you know you’re always welcome in my chats.
SUZY52: david, can you tell me why jerry doyle is not going to visions on nov 27th?
B5 Eagle: Yes, I think Rick Biggs was in that ep
B5CL Nost: B5Cl Stef is the happy mother of a 9 lb baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: Good news for the Franklin fans.
OnlineHost: R2na has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Don’t know SUZY
Dragoniize: All Right Stef!!!!
OnlineHost: R2na has left the room.
LEPerky: Mr. Eagle.. which episodes of Sliders will Peter, and Stephen be in?
Trav56725: GOOD GOING STEF!!!!!
SUZY52: i really wanted to see him
B5CL Drows: Nost, sorry dear, I betcha to that one. ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Nost: Mother and son are doing great??
Cedarga: ::::grins:::: I can watch a little more Biggs…
B5 jgDalek: Way to go Stef!!!!!! Woohoo
Spongy Tom: Yeah!!!
B5CL Drows: Good Evening R2na, welcome aboard
B5CL Nost: Drows well worth repeating. LOL
B5CL Drows: the Fresh Air Lounge.
Dragoniize: Nost, thanks for the info!!!!
LEPerky: Atta girl Stef!
B5 Eagle: Peter is in the first two of this season. Steven is not in any
Cedarga: Nost, is it Joseph or James Darius?
SUZY52: was hoping jan would had called me tonight before i came back on in here
B5Delenn1: good going Stef
B5CL Nost: Joseph Ced.
LEPerky: thank, you, Mr. Eagle.
SandyV4752: When does it start Mr E?
Cedarga: Thanks, Nost
Spongy Tom: LEP…Jerry Doyle is in one though
B5 Eagle: Anyway, folks, gotta go
Spongy Tom: Ick. I have to go my friends. Mr. E, thanks for poppin’ in!!!!!
SUZY52: bye david
SUZY52: bye tom
B5CL Nost: Eagle it was nice to see you!!
SandyV4752: Thank you for coming in Mr E!!
B5 Eagle: thanks for inviting me Sandy
B5 jgDalek: Bye Mr eagle
Psicop22: bye Tom
B5Delenn1: Thank you for joining us tonight, EAgle
Spongy Tom: mwah!
B5ZEN: bye Eagle
B5CL Drows: Mr Eagle, thank you for stopping by, and for giving us some of the most
B5CL Drows: vivid images of the show.
OnlineHost: Spongy Tom has left the room.
B5 Eagle: See ya again soon
SandyV4752: My pleasure Mr E
Dragoniize: Thanks for the caht Mr E
LEPerky: bye Mr. Eagle!!!
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has entered the room.
B5 Eagle: Bye
Psicop22: Bye Mr Eagle
B5CL Nost: Take care Eagle and keep us posted please.
OnlineHost: B5 Eagle has left the room.
SUZY52: as always i came in a little too late
B5CL Drows: Nost, I asked and he did say he would.
B5 jgDalek: ;;;;walks to juke box inserts 1 credit{S oneiwant
B5CL Drows: Hi SUBZERO482, join us for some fun.
LEPerky: Well, drat….. you and me both, Suzy.
B5CL Nost: Cool Drows.
SUBZERO482: hi
B5CL Nost: Hiya Sub.
B5ZEN: this is fun any more surprises???
B5CL Drows: Well, that was a nice surprise for a Friday night.
OnlineHost: Cedarga has left the room.
B5CL Nost: BTW I just talked to Stefy and she says to tell you all HI!
SUZY52: would like to see peter in here again
LEPerky: request to room: if anybody has the enitre log.. please send it to me??? PLEASE???
NGHTSBR: Yes it was…
SandyV4752: You’re welcome Drows
LEPerky: it was indeed, Drows…
B5CL Nost: And that she is very bored. LOL
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, I really wish I could promise you more, but when a guest drops
B5CL Drows: by, it’s usually spur of the moment.
B5Delenn1: poor
B5Delenn1: poor Stef
B5CL Drows: Sandy, and thank you old friend for that. I enjoyed it.
LEPerky: LOL, Nost… wait til she gets home.
SandyV4752: My pleasure old friend
B5CL Nost: That is what I told her Perky. LOL
LEPerky: Thank you SandyV.. for inviting David.
B5CL Nost: Drowsy you always do well dear.
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has left the room.
NGHTSBR: Thanx Sandy
OnlineHost: SUBZERO482 has left the room.
B5ZEN: how do they let you know one is coming–spur
B5ZEN: of the moment??
OnlineHost: StarFlick has entered the room.
SUZY52: is that why we are in this chat room instead of eclipse?
B5CL Drows: Sandy, anytime you can encourage one of them to drop by, please feel free. We love it.
OnlineHost: StarFlick has left the room.
B5CL Nost: Zen they don’t.
OnlineHost: B5 Lome has left the room.
B5CL Drows: B5ZEN, sometmies they IM first, sometimes they just “pop” in.
SandyV4752: Sure will Drows.
B5CL Drows: Hi StarFlick, join us for some fun.
LEPerky: Zen..they just show up. or are invited by good friends.
SandyV4752: Like me,hehehe
SUZY52: once i did ask walter to join us and he did
B5CL Drows: Suzy, Walter’s always fun to have arond.
LEPerky: Drows, did you log all that?
B5ZEN: that’s neat–enjoyed~~~~~~~~
SUZY52: he sure is. so is peter
Dragoniize: Perky I have it
OnlineHost: Trav56725 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Perky, don’t I always, and anyone wanting a log, please EMail B5Sinclair for a copy, ok?
B5CL Nost: Really they are all very nice, just some are more into chatting than others.
B5 jgDalek: They always come here, esp when a book is being promo’ed.
SandyV4752: I would like a copy please someone.
LEPerky: Dragoniize.. can you send the log to me… okay, Drows.
B5 jgDalek: lol
B5CL Drows: Drowsbane is no longer in existance.
LEPerky: who killed Drowsbane?
SUZY52: i figure that drows same thing goes with nost old name
Dragoniize: Drows, really, I will miss him
TygerEyez1: Drows is dead????
B5 jgDalek: Someone Shot Drowsbane out of misery? What happened??
B5CL Drows: Perky, it’s part of the changes I’m making this month.
Log Count: There were 12 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 08:00 PM
LEPerky: Damn.. I’ll miss Drowsbane.. ::sniffs::
B5CL Nost: We mourn for Drowsbane.
TygerEyez1: you’re killing me.
LEPerky: A moment of silence for Drowsbane, all.
Dragoniize: We need a funeral dirge
SUZY52: we need a wav that is the death march
B5ZEN: who’s drowsbane???????
B5 jgDalek: Drows{S exterm} ๐Ÿ™
LEPerky: we doo indeed, Dragon.
OnlineHost: EmmaArrow has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Tyger, B5Sinclair will still be around, for a while yet, I’m sure.
NGHTSBR: I asume you mean Koenig… Sorry I was looking at the web a sec
SUZY52: hi emma
OnlineHost: MzBiesma has entered the room.
SUZY52: lnts you in here
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Nice to see you EmmaArrow,
B5CL Drows: MzBiesma, Wren19, hope you can stay a while.
EmmaArrow: Hello
OnlineHost: Wren19 has left the room.
MzBiesma: hi
Dragoniize: {{{{{{MzBiesma}}}}}}
LEPerky: CL Drows… are you leaving too?
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{Mizzy}}}}}}}}}}}}}
MzBiesma: {{{{{{{{{{Dragon}}}}}}
SandyV4752: Oh I hope not!
EmmaArrow: Psi, hello. Long time no see
B5CL Nost: Hiya MzB.
MzBiesma: {{{{Tyger}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Perky, yes, I’m officially stepping down as a CL effective the end of the
B5CL Drows: month, but I am staying till the show is over.
SUZY52: {S aj
MzBiesma: {{{{{{{Nost }}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: {S nightmove
Dragoniize: Oh Drows,,,NNNOOOOOOOO
B5CL Nost: {{{{{Mz}}}}}
Psicop22: -=bowing=- Emma…how have you been?
SUZY52: drows, your not coming back at all?
SandyV4752: No way Drows!!
TygerEyez1: Terrible, isn’t it?
NGHTSBR: U’re kiddin’
LEPerky: that bites, CL Drows!!!!
Dragoniize: {S Cryin
TygerEyez1: I’ve been in mourning for a solid hour, Perky.\
B5CL Nost: I do think he should be encouraged to stay all.
OnlineHost: EmmaArrow has left the room.
SUZY52: this is news to me
LEPerky: :::sobs uncontrollably:::
B5ZEN: drows–anything we can do to change your
B5CL Drows: Like I said earlier, 15 months is a good run, for any CL. And you all
B5ZEN: mind??
B5 jgDalek: We gonna miss ya Drows
SUZY52: why are you leaving drows?
B5CL Drows: have made it much more fun then work.
MzBiesma: you like, Dragon????
SandyV4752: Me too Perky. Waaaaa!!!
LEPerky: ::throws self at Drows:: ;pleads for you to stay:::
SUZY52: but you can still come back in using another s n
Dragoniize: I like the name, MzB…… Drows I am going to miss
Dragoniize: you
SandyV4752: Please stay on Drows.
B5CL Drows: I’ll still be using B5Sinclair, so I won’t be completely gone.
SUZY52: cpt jan will have a fit when she hears this
LEPerky: Please stay Drows!!!!
SUZY52: oh good
TygerEyez1: at least Sin will still be around for me to pick on.
B5CL Nost: Now Drows you left yourself wide open for that one.
NGHTSBR: well that’s good
MzBiesma: Drows.,… will DEFINITELY be missed
B5ZEN: I repeat–anything we can do to change your
B5ZEN: mind drows?????????????????????/
B5CL Drows: I can’t really go into the reasons, some are personal, but I just want
B5CL Drows: you all to know that it has nothing to do with the fans here, you’re all a
B5CL Drows: great bunch.
SandyV4752: I completely forgot about your Sinclair persona Drows
LEPerky: :::snivvels::: ::sniffs:::
LEPerky: Sandy.. how could you….
TygerEyez1: I didnk’
LEPerky: they are similar.. but not the same.
TygerEyez1: didn’t, even….
B5CL Nost: Perky I almost went into fits when he told me!
B5 jgDalek: Drows =Sinclair? well waddayaknow
B5CL Drows: Sandy, well, Sin certainly didn’t forget about you. ๐Ÿ˜‰
LEPerky: Nost.. I am in fits….
SUZY52: but at least you wont be completely gone drows
SandyV4752: Cause it’s been sooo long since I’ve seen him in it Perky.
OnlineHost: RockyFlyr has entered the room.
LEPerky: tied in knots…
RockyFlyr: {S dedodedo
LEPerky: {{{{{{{Rocky}}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: EmmaArrow has entered the room.
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Rocky}}}}}}}}dear.
NGHTSBR: i’ll be back in a few!
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}}}
SUZY52: {S missingyou
Psicop22: WB Emma
SandyV4752: I am properly chastised Drows,sorry.
OnlineHost: NGHTSBR has left the room.
SUZY52: bye nght
OnlineHost: CECJT has entered the room.
SUZY52: hi cec
B5CL Drows: Nice to see you RockyFlyr,
B5CL Drows: EmmaArrow, CECJT, hope you can stay a while.,
EmmaArrow: Thanx, I got booted
LEPerky: Rocky.. CL Drows is leaving us… at the end of the month.
Dragoniize: Hi CEC
B5CL Drows: Sandy, none meant, I was teasing.
EmmaArrow: {S ACEHOLE
CECJT: Hello Everyone
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{{{{{NOST, Suz,Sandy}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: Gets Tyger a bottle of {S drpepper
SUZY52: emma, some of us get that a few times in our aol time
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{{{{{Dragon}}}}}}}}}}}
SandyV4752: I know old friend <G>
SUZY52: hi rocky
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Rocky}}}}}}}}}}}}
Dragoniize: Hi Rocky!
SUZY52: {S ezvalen
SandyV4752: {{{{{{{{{{{Rocky}}}}}}}}}}
RockyFlyr: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Ladies}}}}}}}}}}{S chipkiss
B5 jgDalek: {S rocky&b
MzBiesma: hello Rocky
B5CL Nost: Drows suppose I will get into trouble for being here with you all intead og
B5CL Nost: the cafe where i belong? ROFL
Dragoniize: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Rocky}}}}}}}}}}}}}
EmmaArrow: I only saw that episode a bit ago
LEPerky: Nost.. you belong here with us….
LEPerky: sobbing with the rest of us.. I suppose.
B5CL Nost: Emma my recorder missed the last 10 min.
SandyV4752: I agree Perky!
CECJT: Tyger that Neil ‘Diamond concert was fantastic!!!!!!!! :-
B5 jgDalek: {S splash
OnlineHost: Kayble2819 has entered the room.
LEPerky: The snerts can take care of them selves.
TygerEyez1: cool.
OnlineHost: StarFlick has entered the room.
OnlineHost: StarFlick has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Nost, well, I was just going to ask if you were moving over to the EC,
B5CL Drows: since my shift is over for tonight, but I wouldn’t worry about it if you
B5CL Drows: want to stay here.
SUZY52: {S smogmode
CECJT: wish it could have lated longer
B5CL Drows: the rooms been really good tonight.
B5CL Nost: Drows as tired as i am I hate to move, even in VR. LOL
EmmaArrow: That’s odd
OnlineHost: NGHTSBR has entered the room.
OnlineHost: MagyMay200 has entered the room.
LEPerky: ::stomps pixie feet:: dabnabitall, Drows!!!!
RockyFlyr: LOL
EmmaArrow: I dodn’t get it, and I know I have it
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{Magy}}}}}}
SandyV4752: Drows,would you send me a copy of David’s visit please?
LEPerky: {{{{{Magy}}}}}}
MagyMay200: Hi room!!
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Magy}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Dragoniize: Drows, cuz you bring out the best in us!! LOL
SUZY52: hi magy
RockyFlyr: Hi Magy
EmmaArrow: Hi Maggy
Kayble2819: Hi Room
Dragoniize: {{{{{Magy}}}}}
SUZY52: {S smeghead
B5CL Drows: Hiya NGHTSBR, MagyMay200, come
B5CL Drows: on in and stay awhile. :-)ir
B5CL Nost: Dragon now that IS weird. LOL
TygerEyez1: You bring out the worst in me, Drows….and I’m going to miss it.
Dragoniize: Hello Kayble
B5 jgDalek: Hiya magy
MagyMay200: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Nost,
MagyMay200: Perky,Tyger,Dragon}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
SUZY52: {S navgtr
B5CL Drows: Ok in that case, I’ll go ahead and head out. Anyone wanting the log,
B5CL Drows: please send me an EMail at B5Sinclair, and i”ll have it available later
B5CL Drows: tonight or early tomorrow.
B5CL Nost: There ya go Tyger, that’s more like it!
LEPerky: Tyger… you and me both!!!! :::SOBS::
EmmaArrow: {S AJRIMMER
B5ZEN: I’m thirsty
B5CL Drows: Well, everyone, I’ll leave you all in the very capable hands of B5CL Nost,
B5CL Drows: treat them at least as nicely as you would me. {S evilaugh}
RockyFlyr: Thx Drows
B5CL Nost: Niters {{{{{{{{{Drows}}}}}}}} reconsider!!!
RockyFlyr: later Drows
SUZY52: bye drows
Psicop22: nite Drows
B5 jgDalek: {S hotelcal
Dragoniize: Bye {{{{{{Drows}}}}}}
SandyV4752: Nite{{{{{{{{{Drows}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Nost, I’ve been wanting to say that for a while now, dear. ๐Ÿ™‚
CECJT: Drows see ya
B5ZEN: bye drows
B5 jgDalek: Bye Drows
B5CL Drows: Nite all, see you tomorrow, or Monday.

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