Fresh Air Lounge – 11/05/1998

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SandyV4752: {{{{{{{{{{Drows}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Hello SandyV4752, don’t forget Downbelow Sound Archives has moved to a new location.
B5CL Drows: Evening Sandy, getting excited about River of Souls this weekend?
SandyV4752: Good to see you again old friend.
SandyV4752: Yep I am.
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Wren19: hi
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B5CL Drows: Hello Wren19, Zaxxon3000, have you checked out the Lurker’s Guide under
B5CL Drows: Episodes>Spinoffs for information about Crusades”?
SandyV4752: Did you see the review of it at the Scifi Channel site Drows?
B5CL Drows: Actually I saw a new preview on TNT just today, during Due South.
B5CL Drows: It looks pretty good.
SandyV4752: I’ve seen several previews and it looks good to me. But their review was rather unflatterin
SandyV4752: g.
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B5CL Drows: Well, after watching the ep last night, I was part right about Lyta.
B5CL Drows: Garibaldi did help her, but not to escape
SandyV4752: That you were.
B5CL Drows: Hello GODSIVAR, don’t forget Downbelow Sound Archives has moved to a new location.
B5CL Drows: TNT doesn’t quit have the hang of advertising for Babylon 5, unfortunately.
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SandyV4752: They did at the beginning of the year. But now they seem all pumped over ER.
B5CL Drows: Merlen was right about G’Kar being involved as well.
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B5CL Drows: Hey, Zaxxon3000, Babylon 5 is back on Wednesdays at 10 pm Eastern and
B5CL Drows: again on Mondays at Midnight.
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B5CL Drows: Sandy, yeah, they are “over hyping” ER, in my humble opinion.
Kirantha: {{{{{{{{{{{Drows}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Hello Kirantha, Babylon 5 is now showing Monday thru Friday at 6 PM
B5CL Drows: Eastern and Pacific time.
SandyV4752: I agree.
Kirantha: Howdy all
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SandyV4752: Spider in the Web is on right now.
Kirantha: {{{{{Tyger}}}}}}{P tyger
Wren19: not here
Zaxxon3000: >8-) Gee! Thanks Drows!!!!!! ::::Puts on his ‘Nuke’ Shades:::::
B5CL Drows: Hey Wren19, TygerEyez1, join us in chatting about our favorite show.
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kira}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Wren19: of course
Zaxxon3000: {S drgnkiss
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Wren19: kira who
B5CL Drows: It’s nice to see that Lyta’s becoming a bit more “personally motivated”
B5CL Drows: in her negotiations. And to finally find out just what the Vorlon’s did….
Kirantha: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{QB}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}LTNS!!!!!!!!!!!!
QB KILGOR: Greetings Alien Peoples
B5CL Drows: Congrats QB KILGOR, you’ve found one of the friendliest rooms on AOL, the
B5CL Drows: Fresh Air Lounge.
QB KILGOR: hi Kir,,
QB KILGOR: hi Drows
Zaxxon3000: {S zathrdo
Zaxxon3000: {S zathdo
Kirantha: {S bchisbak
Zaxxon3000: Q:Are we not Men?
QB KILGOR: usually i use Sephrenia5,, but had to re-install,,, AGAIN!
Kirantha: {S bchisbac
Zaxxon3000: {S Answer
Wren19: i think that lyta went crazy
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B5CL Drows: QB, I hate then that happens.
SandyV4752: Oh I think if we had been paying better attention,we’d have seen what they’ve done to her.
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QB KILGOR: i had to do it TWICE today !
Zaxxon3000: Greetings Commander!! :::Salutes:::::
B5CL Drows: Wren19, she’s just beginning to realize how powerful she really is.
B5CL Drows: CmdrCool, welcome to the latest installment of “As the Station Rotates” that
Wren19: they did too much
B5CL Drows: ongoing soap opera staring all of us, the B5 fans!!!! 🙂
Wren19: she knew
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Wren19: or part of her did
TygerEyez1: Boy, Lyta’s got some major attitude, doesn’t she?
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Wren19: yes
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Kirantha: If people were pushing me around like she has been
Kirantha: pushed around, I’d start doing some return pushing
Kirantha: too.
EsperTeep: hi
Wren19: oh yeah
TygerEyez1: you betcha.
Kirantha: Hi Esper
B5CL Drows: Tyger, well, if you were the Telepathic equivalent of a thermonuclear
B5CL Drows: weapon, you might have some “major attitude” too.
QB KILGOR: im gonna go finish my Fave Places,, BBL
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Zaxxon3000: Hmmm!!! No familiar faces here. Except you Drows, of course.
B5CL Drows: Hiya EsperTeep, the Iced Jhala is on the bar.
Wren19: no one needs her
EsperTeep: faces?????
B5CL Drows: Kir, agreed, she’s got some attitude due her
Wren19: we have none
SandyV4752: She’s been hurt by her “friends” on the station,and has finally made it known how much.
Wren19: for they are behind the screen
Zaxxon3000: Have Anlashok36 or Andro22 been in at all tonight, Drows?
EsperTeep: go Lyta!
OnlineHost: B5 Merlen has entered the room.
Wren19: yes
B5CL Drows: Zaxxon, not that I’ve seen
Kirantha: Greetings Merlen
TygerEyez1: {{{{Merlen}}}}}
Wren19: andro came in
B5 Merlen: Greetings Kira
B5CL Drows: Wonderful to see you today, B5 Merlen.
B5 Merlen: Hello all
Zaxxon3000: ::::Signals Ship to transport him back up!:::::::
GODSIVAR: no one cares
Zaxxon3000: Thanx Drows. I’d better go then.
B5 Merlen: So, did everyone see yesterdays episode?
Zaxxon3000: See Ya!!!
EsperTeep: yep
Wren19: yes
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SandyV4752: Sure did Merlen.
EsperTeep: Delenn!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirantha: Merlen, yes! Wasn’t it great
B5CL Drows: Merlen, we were just talking about it in fact.
Zaxxon3000: :::::Phases Out::::
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Kirantha: They are managing to wrap things up aren’t they
B5CL Drows: Oh, yeah, and the long awaited pregnancy of Delenn. About time.
Kirantha: Sending everyone in there own directions.
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EsperTeep: But they really need Ivanova to anchor it to last season.
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SandyV4752: Got that right Drows.
B5 Merlen: So, how many think Lyta is being corrupted absolutely
B5CL Drows: Hi there B5Delenn1, HoneyB87. C’mon in and join us….
HoneyB87: ::walks in:: hi!
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Kirantha: Hi HoneyB
Kirantha: Delenn!!! Hi!
B5Delenn1: {{{{Room
B5Delenn1: }}}
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B5CL Drows: Merlen, well, she’s got the near absolute power.
B5Delenn1: Hi Kira
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EsperTeep: It was funny to see Delenn so crazy.
B5 jgDalek: Hiyas
B5CL Drows: Hello B5 jgDalek, have you checked out the Lurker’s Guide under
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B5CL Drows: Episodes>Spinoffs for information about Crusades”?
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Kirantha: Hey Dalek
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{Tyger***}}}}}
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: EsperTeep, that was a fun scene to watch
B5 jgDalek: {{{Kira, Delenn}}}}} hiya
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{Tyger}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: It’s nice to see you Wren19, feel free to join in the discussion.
B5 jgDalek: Hiya Drows
B5Delenn1: {{{{Dalek
B5Delenn1: ]]]]
HoneyB87: when is crusade coming on???
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{Dalek***}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: Hiya Merlen
EsperTeep: But was that ep really supposed to air? I could have sworn Wheel of Fire was after “Objects.
EsperTeep: ”
B5CL Drows: But, I didn’t expect to see Lochley act so human with Garibaldi, it’s
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B5CL Drows: nice to get a bit of back ground on her attitude, though
B5 jgDalek: Gets Tyger her {S drpepper
OnlineHost: Igma1 has entered the room.
SandyV4752: I agree Drows.
OnlineHost: Igma1 has left the room.
EsperTeep: kind of boring still I think though
B5 Merlen: Yeah, I gotta say, I like lochley more now
Kirantha: Maybe so Drows, but I still don’t like her.
B5CL Drows: EsperTeep, it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve modified the airing order.
B5 Merlen: She seems more human
B5CL Drows: Hey Igma1, have you checked the
B5CL Drows: Lurker’s Guide lately?
TygerEyez1: Merlen, agreed….I like her more now too.
B5 jgDalek: Lochley human???????????
B5CL Drows: Merlen, I think that was the point. Her “control freak” attitude is a bit
B5CL Drows: more understandable now.
EsperTeep: But you CAN’T modify the airing order! I mean look what happened with Knives!
OnlineHost: STARCMD464 has entered the room.
B5 Merlen: She showed real emotion
B5 jgDalek: Lochley is OK
EsperTeep: I agree
B5CL Drows: Well met, STARCMD464 the foods fresh, the people are fresher. 😉
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul
B5 Merlen: I think Wheel is in the place it was supposed to be considering
Kirantha: Hi Star
B5 Merlen: the next one is definately after Wheel
B5CL Drows: Merlen, and <dramatic pause> compassion for a fellow human. Imagine that
EsperTeep: good point
B5 Merlen: :-O
B5 Merlen: from lochley?
B5CL Drows: Especially Garibaldi? I was as shocked as he was.
B5 Merlen: talk about plot twists
HoneyB87: You knew the whole time that that was coming, that she was an acholholic
EsperTeep: That explains what was going on with Zoe.
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul2
SandyV4752: I liked it when Lochley decked Lyta,LOL!!
EsperTeep: Rofl
OnlineHost: Wren19 has left the room.
STARCMD464: I’ll take the B5jgDalek, medium rare with TygerEyez1 on the side
HoneyB87: i could tell the whole time, tht that’s what she was going to say
B5CL Drows: Here, I was expecting them to shoot it out in the Zocolo with PPG’s at
Kirantha: Sandy, that was a good scene.
B5CL Drows: 20 paces, and what does she do? Calls Lise to come help him.
B5 jgDalek: Ok, who bets G’kar keeps trying to go after Lyta now that they will be traveling together?
B5 Merlen: Here’s something I noticed the second time I watched it…. Lyta
B5 Merlen: can’t seem to control Sheridan
B5CL Drows: EsperTeep, I kind of expected something similar in her past myself.
SandyV4752: Well said Drows
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B5Delenn1: Tyger….i am sending you some wavs hon
B5 jgDalek: Whats that Star, Me & Tyger???
EsperTeep: I *thought* the alchoholism was only her. I wouldn’t have guessed her father.
Kirantha: Merlen, that’s because he has been touched by a Vorlon too.
EsperTeep: Who?
TygerEyez1: ok, Delenn.
B5CL Drows: Merlen, he was also “touched by the Vorlon’s” remember?
Kirantha: Sheridan
B5 Merlen: she’s able to control everyone in the Zocalo without breaking a
B5 Merlen: sweat but can’t control him
STARCMD464: Drows said the people were fresher then the food so I made my order
Wren19: why not
B5CL Drows: He had Kosh inside him for quite a while, I’m not surprised that Lyta
B5CL Drows: would have problems “handling” him.
B5 jgDalek: So Tyger and I are being fresh? lol <eg>
EsperTeep: Are you a cannibal STAR?
Wren19: lyta has gone crazy or something
EsperTeep: She’s cool now.
STARCMD464: feeble atempt at humor
Wren19: not really
HoneyB87: lyta hasnt gone crazy
Wren19: she’s freaky
EsperTeep: I like her this way.
HoneyB87: she’s gone sane
B5 Merlen: I know… but still….. that was quite a surprise to her since she
B5 Merlen: didn’t sense him coming and couldn’t make him move the ppg
B5 Merlen: away
B5 jgDalek: TYger is a nice dish<eg>
EsperTeep: He was touched by Vorlons.
B5CL Drows: Wren19, Lyta’s be used, walked on, cast aside, and more or less totally
TygerEyez1: ::::stares speculatively at Star::::
B5CL Drows: abused by the B5 crew, she’s just out for some “payback” now.
EsperTeep: <Bad excuse>
HoneyB87: no
Wren19: true
B5 Merlen: Touched isn’t the word…. he’s the safety on the doomsday weapon
Wren19: and she should get
Wren19: it
HoneyB87: lyta is trying to get back at the corps not the b5 crew
Kirantha: Merlen, nice way of putting it.
Wren19: i’m just not really used to seeing her this way
HoneyB87: she didn’t want to be arrested
OnlineHost: Ramirez798 has entered the room.
Wren19: would you
EsperTeep: Just imagine if Susan had fallen in love with Byron instead of Lyta taking the heartbreak.
STARCMD464: Now why is that Tyger, I was just experimenting with humor
B5CL Drows: Wren19, not just touched, outside of Lyta, the only other person who’s
B5CL Drows: had a Vorlon riding inside them is Sheridan, and who knows what all
B5CL Drows: Lorien did when he brought Sheridan back?
Kirantha: Wren, we are used to seeing her a mouse. Well, we
Kirantha: just found out the mouse is actually a lion.
B5CL Drows: Greetings Ramirez798, have you checked for the recent updates to the AOL
B5CL Drows: Babylon 5 site?
SandyV4752: Lyta was treated badly by the crew after the war.
B5 jgDalek: OMG,Suzan & Bryon…no way
B5 Merlen: nah… there’s more to it…. she’s learning she’s very powerful
B5 Merlen: and is feeling like she’s unbeatable
STARCMD464: looks like my experiment went the way of the Dodo
B5Delenn1: {S gotmail} Tyger….these are must DL and listen to wavs
EsperTeep: That’s whay JMS had planned originally.
B5CL Drows: Kir, more of a Saber Toothed Tiger, with two tooth aches actually.
Ramirez798: i missed yerstey’s ep tellme about it
SandyV4752: That too Merlen.
Kirantha: Drows, LOL
B5 Merlen: She feels she’s about petty things like the rest of the galaxy
Wren19: she is a lot better now though
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B5 jgDalek: Talia, maybe, EvenMarcus, but Byron
TygerEyez1: okay, Delenn…thanks. will do now.
Wren19: byron was a jerk
B5CL Drows: Lyta’s possibly just this side of the power level of the Vorlon’s and
B5CL Drows: Shadows were, if not on the same level.
Wren19: but why entrust that level of power to a human
Ramirez798: Lyta kicks
STARCMD464: sorry if I offended you
B5CL Drows: Wren19, I think he was weak and misguided, and cost a lot of people’s
B5CL Drows: lives before he found out he was wrong.
HoneyB87: shes never been treated fair by anyone. except byron. face it, shes been runm over how many
HoneyB87: times
B5CL Drows: Wren19, Doomsday Weapon.
Wren19: so
HoneyB87: WHO was wrong?
B5 Merlen: I thought about what she said about there beeing different
B5 Merlen: levels of weapons…. if the Vorlon planet killers were the
B5 Merlen: medium class weapon, what does that mean Lyta can do as a
B5 Merlen: big weapon
SandyV4752: I agree HoneyB
STARCMD464: Me and Pinto beans is a doomsday weapon
Wren19: she can probably destroy the whole galaxy
Kirantha: Star, we’ll keep you separated then
Wren19: maybe it’s on a larger scale
B5Delenn1: too much info, Star
B5CL Drows: Merlen, I think she’s probably capable of being a E.L.E for the Shadows
B5CL Drows: if something went wrong and they were winning this time.
HoneyB87: if she cant break an addiction, she cant destroy the galaxy
Wren19: maybe
Wren19: but she’s still pretty powerful
HoneyB87: yes
HoneyB87: shes gotten stronger
Wren19: and is going to get stronger
B5 jgDalek: I would hate to see Lyta now with PMS
B5CL Drows: E.L.E.= Extinction Level Event, for those who haven’t seen Deep Impact.
Kirantha: Dalek, LOL
B5 Merlen: oh, don’t be so sure…. all she’d have to do to destroy the
B5 Merlen: galaxy is make the suns explode…. she’s powerful, but not
B5 Merlen: subtle which is what is required to kill an addiction
SandyV4752: LOL Dalek
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul
Wren19: true
OnlineHost: Kevin39275 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Merlen, remember the Planet Killer in ST: TOS?
Kevin39275: HEllo
B5CL Drows: Hi Kevin39275, keep an eye out for Sierra’s Babylon 5 computer game later
B5CL Drows: this year.
Kirantha: Hi Kevin!!
Wren19: hi
STARCMD464: Lyta no clothes would be a good thing
Kevin39275: okayt I will
Ramirez798: yea
B5 Merlen: the one with the neutronium armor and the slicer beam?
Wren19: don’t get sick
Ramirez798: lyta in da Nude.
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B5CL Drows: Doomsday Weapon that is released in case you lose, to make sure no
B5CL Drows: one wins. Yes, that’s the one Merlen.
HoneyB87: ::groans””
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
Kevin39275: **************Age/ sex check*************
B5 jgDalek: {S penalty
B5CL Drows: I think that’s more or less what the Vorlon’s made Lyta.
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has entered the room.
Kirantha: Drows, does that mean she is on self destruct?
B5CL Drows: No age/sex checks in the room, please. That information is in our profiles if
STARCMD464: {s ignore
B5CL Drows: we want it known, thank you.
B5 Merlen: Sorry, we don’t take checks in the Lounge… only cash and dukets
STARCMD464: {s aolcop
B5 jgDalek: Doomsday weapon is G’Kar in cell with Londo after a meal
Wren19: oh yeah
B5CL Drows: Kir, no, just that she may have the power level to take out the
B5CL Drows: Shadows, if they won the war this time
B5Delenn1: {S gotmail} Dalek
B5CL Drows: Hello, DOOM 2069, updated and
B5CL Drows: printable schedules of the show air times can be found at TNT’s web site.
B5 Merlen: {S rimshot} Dalek
B5 jgDalek: thanks Delenn
B5Delenn1: you ok, tygwer?
B5Delenn1: Tyger?
Kevin39275: Gotta go
TygerEyez1: downloading darlin’
B5 jgDalek: TYger Hon
Kevin39275: Buh Bye
B5Delenn1: which one are you dl now??
OnlineHost: Kevin39275 has left the room.
TygerEyez1: the second one
OnlineHost: DOOM 2069 has left the room.
B5Delenn1: you have the first one done??
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B5CL Drows: I don’t really see the Vorlon’s as the “happy loser” type, so they have
B5CL Drows: have set Lyta up to be able to sort of take revenge if they lost to the
B5CL Drows: Shadows, thinking maybe they could control her if they were still
B5CL Drows: around.
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Wren19: with the evil kosh i don’t think that she would have let them control her
B5CL Drows: The way it’s looking, I’m not sure that the Vorlon’s could control her now.
TygerEyez1: YES, ROFL……they are great!!!!
Wren19: not even the shadows could
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul
B5Delenn1: i l ove that movie!!!!
B5CL Drows: Problem with Doomsday Weapons, they tend to turn on their creator’s as often as the enemies.
B5Delenn1: {S rpaul2
SandyV4752: I disagree Drows,they would destroy her first.
Kirantha: Drows, and everyone inbetween.
B5CL Drows: Remember Infection?
OnlineHost: STARCMD464 has left the room.
Wren19: yeah
Wren19: what they created
Wren19: they can destroy
B5Delenn1: i thought you would like them
Wren19: sometimes
B5Delenn1: what do you think, dalek
B5Delenn1: ??
B5CL Drows: Sandy, If they could, yes. But they might have been just arrogant
B5CL Drows: enough (like that hasn’t happened before) to make a serious mistate (
B5CL Drows: again) with Lyta.
OnlineHost: TelShy has entered the room.
SandyV4752: mmm,good point Drows.
Wren19: the vorlons are kind of stupid
B5CL Drows: Something along the lines of ThirdSpace????
B5 jgDalek: DElenn, I am still downloading them
B5CL Drows: Hello TelShy, glad you could join us today.
TelShy: aloha
SandyV4752: Wahhh, I didn’t get to see Thirdspace.
B5Delenn1: ok,hon
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SandyV4752: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: TelShy has left the room.
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
B5Delenn1: ya know what i have not heard you play in a long, long time, Dalek???
B5CL Drows: Sandy, try reading the book, if you can, it’s better
B5 Merlen: Hi Perky
B5CL Drows: Remember LEPerky, Wren19, Babylon 5 is moving it’s Monday showing to
B5CL Drows: Midnight Eastern/Pacific, after the premier of Mortal Kombat: The Series.
B5 jgDalek: in download manager, Got a wav from Ced in front dl fi
B5Delenn1: Perky!!!11
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Perky}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: {S bimbo
SandyV4752: Thanks Drows,I just bought it.
B5Delenn1: LOL
B5 jgDalek: that i bet
B5Delenn1: uh huh
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{Lep}}}}}
B5CL Drows: And, there is a nice shot of the Drahk from Season 4 without the
B5CL Drows: computer distortion in the Season 4 guide by Jane Killick.
B5CL Drows: Sandy, Dark Genesis is a great book as well. I loved it.
SandyV4752: I’ll look for it. Thanks Drows!
Wren19: what about the psi corps books
B5CL Drows: Gregory Keyes is a decent author for Babylon 5 materials, I can’t wait for the sequels.
OnlineHost: Wren19 has left the room.
TygerEyez1: :::thanking God that stupid wav is on zip drive now:::::
B5Delenn1: LOL
B5Delenn1: Bessie likes it, Tyger
B5 jgDalek: Dinner time, dont know if i will be back tonight or not
TygerEyez1: :::shudders::: well I hate it.
B5 jgDalek: {S alig8r
OnlineHost: Chuck34frd has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: I think it’s safe to say Lyta’s more powerful then anyone thought up to
B5CL Drows: now, and, perhaps, more powerful then the Vorlon’s intended.
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{Tyger,Delenn,LEP}}}}}} bye
SandyV4752: I bought Creating Babylon 5 by David Bassom,Drows.
LEPerky: sorry folks, I’ll be back after I get done printing out ML’s card… bbl.
TygerEyez1: Later, Gater.
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Chuck34frd, how are you today!
B5CL Drows: Sandy, I haven’t picked that up yet.
SandyV4752: I really like it Drows.
Chuck34frd: Great drows …how are yoy?
OnlineHost: LEPerky has left the room.
B5CL Drows: I do have the Security Manual though, it’s pretty good.
B5CL Drows: Chuck, I’m fine, thanks.
Chuck34frd: i mean you
SandyV4752: I passed on the Security Manual.
Chuck34frd: Missed half the show last nite
B5CL Drows: Sandy, I’m still looking for a copy of the Screen Writer’s guide book
B5CL Drows: JMS put out, if only for the script.
B5CL Drows: Chuck, first or last half?
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
Chuck34frd: first half
SandyV4752: Let me know where you find it Drows,ok?
B5CL Drows: Sandy, sure.
Chuck34frd: and last weeks show
B5CL Drows: Chuck, make sure to check it out on Monday at Midnight, then. It was good.
Chuck34frd: so Londo is Emperor
Chuck34frd: Sure wish I had seen last weeks ep..
B5CL Drows: You know, as disturbing as Lyta’s power is, Garibaldi’s deal with her is interesting.
Chuck34frd: very
SandyV4752: I agree Drows.
Chuck34frd: How this will come about in 2 eps will be ???
B5CL Drows: It’s about time he thought up that “have Lyta remove the block” idea.
B5CL Drows: Geez, I said he should have done that months ago.
Kirantha: I gotta go folks. See ya all later.
Kirantha: Nite!
OnlineHost: Kirantha has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Kir, nite
B5CL Drows: Chuck, it’s probably going to be carried over into Crusades.
OnlineHost: Wren19 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Wren19 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Wren19, having connection problems>?
Wren19: no just logging on and off
Chuck34frd: do you know who will star on the crusades???
SandyV4752: Looks more like a revolving door problem to me Drows,lol
B5CL Drows: Chuck, there’s a partial list of them at Lurker’s Guide.
Wren19: check the crusade page
Chuck34frd: trying to catch yourself still here wren???
Wren19: what
SandyV4752: LOL Chuck!!
B5CL Drows: I do have a fairly long macro with a list of the stars.
SandyV4752: Oh run it Drows!
B5CL Drows: The cast for Crusades so far is:
B5CL Drows: David Allen Brooks as Max Eilerson.
B5CL Drows: Gary Cole as (Captain) Matthew Gideon.
Chuck34frd: go for it
B5CL Drows: Jeff Conaway as Zack Allan (rumored).
B5CL Drows: Carrie Dobro as Dureena Nafeel.
B5CL Drows: Marjean Holden as Dr. Susan Chambers.
B5CL Drows: Daniel Dae Kim as Lt. Matheson.
B5CL Drows: Tracy Scoggins as Capt. Elizabeth Lochley.
B5CL Drows: Peter Woodward as Galen.
B5CL Drows: Der you go.
SandyV4752: Well done Drows!
OnlineHost: Exidar has entered the room.
Exidar: hello all b5 lovers
B5CL Drows: Sandy, PT’s does all the work, I just write them. LOL
Chuck34frd: no G-kar or Londo??
B5CL Drows: Exidar, TNT has another movie for Babylon 5, one this year and one next
B5CL Drows: year.
Exidar: suck we are down to the last 2 episodes
TygerEyez1: ScrollDrows to the rescue!!!!
B5CL Drows: Chuck, there’s a chance that some of the stars of B5 will be doing
B5CL Drows: cameo’s on Crusades, but not much chance of permanent staring roles,
B5CL Drows: as yet.
Exidar: i know
Wren19: that’s sad
Exidar: i hope crusades is as good as b5 was
B5CL Drows: Well, they wanted a “new show” concept for Crusades, so it wouldn’t be
B5CL Drows: just a “Babylon 5 on a ship” concept.
Log Count: There were 8 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:45 PM
Chuck34frd: rats…they really developed some neat {ginteresting characters and now gone
Exidar: yes but i hope the story has as many levels and twists as B5
B5CL Drows: Exidar, that remains to be seen, but I’m going to give it a chance when
B5CL Drows: it’s aired. And that means for me judging it on it’s own merrits.
Wren19: why can’t they have another season of b5
Exidar: contract is up and story is ended
Exidar: the show has come to an end
B5CL Drows: Wren19, there were never any real set plans for any more, it was set up
B5CL Drows: for 5 years from the very beginning, almost 15 years ago.
Wren19: no it doesn’t
Exidar: no what doesnt
Chuck34frd: ????
Wren19: it doesn’t have to end
B5CL Drows: Chuck, like I said, the word is, some of the original cast will be back on
B5CL Drows: Crusades, in “guest star” status.
Chuck34frd: Like a good book…hate for it to end
Exidar: yes it does there are now real enemies the shadows vorlons and all the other anceint races h
Exidar: ave left
Wren19: i’m going to get tired of looking at humans
SandyV4752: Drows,check out ISN at The costume designer for Crusade is going to guest
SandyV4752: there.
B5CL Drows: Chuck, yep, exactly, “Sleeping in Light”‘s the last chapter of Babylon 5.
B5CL Drows: Time for a new bookk
Exidar: good call
B5CL Drows: Hopefully, one just as good as the first.
Wren19: hopefull is a good word
Chuck34frd: felt the same way about Lord of the Rings
Exidar: hope so
Wren19: yeah
Exidar: You know im only 15 and i started watching this show at 9
Wren19: wow
Exidar: i figure that it can end but i hate it to
Wren19: i just started this year
B5CL Drows: Wren19, well, the amount and type of alien’s on any sci fi show is
B5CL Drows: determined by the budget, and not many have enough money to do
B5CL Drows: what they would really like to.
Wren19: but still no minbari as the main charcters
OnlineHost: MBSL11 has entered the room.
Exidar: Has anyone heard about the theather movie?
OnlineHost: MBSL11 has left the room.
Wren19: there might not even be one
Exidar: Ok good font
Exidar: why?
B5CL Drows: Exidar, still just rumors about that, no set plans todate.
B5CL Drows: Greetings MBSL11, have you checked for the recent updates to the AOL
B5CL Drows: Babylon 5 site?
Exidar: ok
Chuck34frd: Of all the Sci-fi shows including Star Trek…this is/was the best
Wren19: i agree
OnlineHost: Ramirez798 has entered the room.
Exidar: Yeah the story in b5 is one of the best i have ever encountered
Wren19: i always got bored with ST
Exidar: not that that would be much
B5CL Drows: Exidar, there is, however, a section of Lurker’s Guide set up for news
B5CL Drows: about a theater movie, I’m sure they’ll post info there if they make
B5CL Drows: plans for one.
Exidar: ok
Exidar: Thanks
Exidar: Hey on sunday we have to B5 movie and X files
Wren19: will the excalibur ever visit b5
Exidar: the not to
B5CL Drows: Exidar, well, this is the first real attempt to write a “saga” for
B5CL Drows: television, with a serious treatment.
Exidar: maybe
Exidar: but it is a deep space ship
Chuck34frd: B5 movie on Sunday???
TygerEyez1: It kept me interested, that’s for sure.
Exidar: yeah here anyway
B5CL Drows: I’d be happy if the new Warlock class destroyer showed up.
SandyV4752: River of Souls Chuck.
B5CL Drows: River of Souls is about a group of Soul
B5CL Drows: Hunters come to the station demanding the return of something that was
B5CL Drows: stolen from them. Set to air on November 8th, 1998.
Chuck34frd: 2 hrs??
Wren19: it only had a 3 mil. budget
TygerEyez1: Now for our station break…..
OnlineHost: MBSL11 has entered the room.
Exidar: B5CL how do you do that can you just type fast
B5CL Drows: Now we know what it is they lose. Yes, two hour movie.
B5CL Drows: Hey MBSL11, have you seen the Warner Bros. store link at the main B5
B5CL Drows: Screen? Check in the text box, lower left and scroll down to the bottom.
OnlineHost: B5CL Tap has entered the room.
MBSL11: no I haven’t sorry
B5CL Drows: Exidar, that movie information was a Power Tools macro. Prewritten.
B5Delenn1: {{{{tAP}}}}
OnlineHost: Gmmas has entered the room.
Exidar: i
TygerEyez1: oh, sorry…..I’m quiet tonight, not invisible.
B5CL Tap: hiya Drows how you be?
Exidar: get
B5CL Drows: Everyone, join me in welcoming my colleague B5CL Tap.
Exidar: it
B5CL Tap: ::bows to Delenn::
SandyV4752: Hi “foof” lady!! hehehe
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Foofa}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Exidar: welcome
B5CL Tap: Tyger your never invisible.I see you ::foofs::
B5CL Drows: Hey Gmmas, have you checked the
B5CL Drows: Lurker’s Guide lately?
Chuck34frd: hi tap
B5CL Tap: hello Exidar and Chuck
OnlineHost: Wren19 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: whatcha guys chatting about tonight?
Exidar: so how are you two colleageus
Exidar: oopps
TygerEyez1: Dunno….haven’t been paying attention.
OnlineHost: LEPerky has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Exidar, in a way, it’s like an “online version of voice mail” you might say. LOL
SandyV4752: WB Perky!!
Exidar: just how b5 is coming to an end
B5CL Drows: Welcome back Perky.
B5CL Tap: LOL Drows ..okay I buy that
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{{SandyVVVVV}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Oh, for those who haven’t heard, Stef had her baby.
Exidar: LOL
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{{Drows}}}}}}}}} sweetie
B5CL Tap: Well B5 has 3 more shows to go..Exidar..then all gone
Exidar: really
Gmmas: brb
TygerEyez1: {{{{{Perky}}}}}} The card looks great!!!
OnlineHost: Gmmas has left the room.
LEPerky: SHE DID????????? HOT DAMN!!!!
B5CL Tap: She had her James Darius
OnlineHost: Vorlon B51 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Bcdaum has entered the room.
Exidar: i thought it was 2
LEPerky: Tygerrrrrr did you see it tonight, the card????
SandyV4752: Good name!
TygerEyez1: yup.
B5CL Tap: LEP just a touch enthusiastic?
LEPerky: a boy child, huh?
B5CL Drows: The last 4 eps of Babylon 5 are:
B5CL Drows: “Objects in Motion” 11/11
B5CL Drows: “Objects at Rest” 11/18
B5CL Drows: “Sleeping in Light” 11/25
B5CL Tap: Gee LEP I hope, so!
B5CL Drows: Good news Vorlon B51, Bcdaum, only 3 days until “River of Souls” premier’s
B5CL Drows: on TNT.pund
Vorlon B51: “The sounds of billion’s of people calling your name my follower’s no your victims”
LEPerky: What you said, Tap, yes!
Bcdaum: good evening all
B5CL Drows: Perky, over 9 pounds even.
Vorlon B51: hi all
B5CL Drows: Big baby.
B5CL Tap: Hiya you be?
LEPerky: ::faints:: {S thdu
Exidar: i ahve seen two of thos i have both on tape
OnlineHost: Marstoq has entered the room.
LEPerky: {S thud} even
SandyV4752: Yikes,Drows!
Exidar: have
B5CL Drows: Bc, LTNC.
LEPerky: Is Stef okay???
B5CL Tap: Exidar they never have been shown yet.
B5CL Drows: Good news Marstoq, November 8th “River of Souls” will be showing on TNT
B5CL Drows: at 8 pm Eastern and Pacific.
Bcdaum: I be great. three days off to play{S doobie
B5CL Tap: Yes LEP she is fine and bored
Marstoq: {S tmptran
B5CL Drows: Sandy, it was a C-section, if I remember right.
Exidar: no have have thos episodes on tape im sorry
LEPerky: LOL, she wants to get back to hosting already?
B5CL Tap: yeppers Drows
B5CL Tap: Exidar they were never aired
LEPerky: She should welcome the time off.
Chuck34frd: Well gotta go…Nite drows..everyone.
B5CL Tap: this will be the first go round
B5CL Drows: Nite chuck.
SandyV4752: Nite Chuck.
Vorlon B51: “No one here is exactly what they appear”
OnlineHost: Chuck34frd has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Hey Sandy didn’t see you there
Exidar: no they have been i have them on tape i just watched the second one yesterday
LEPerky: To ML: We Miss You, Please Come Back Soon (Keyword to:
B5CL Tap: too ture, Vorlon
Vorlon B51: hehehe
Marstoq: Good evening Tap Perky…
B5CL Tap: geesch LEP
LEPerky: there, that’s for anyone that wants to see ML’s card!
SandyV4752: Hi Ya Tap! I called you to “foof” lady,hehehe
SandyV4752: ooops the
B5CL Tap: Ack Sandy I missed it.!!
LEPerky: What, Tappie????
Vorlon B51: did any one go to “VOR”
LEPerky: VorlonB51.. I did.
B5CL Tap: noone is what they appear to be..LEP
Marstoq: I saw the previews for Souls…it looks like GCI heaven.
Vorlon B51: i did too
LEPerky: including me.
Exidar: hey you name doesn’t fit any more vorlon b5 1
Ramirez798: i missed laszt nights epsode could someone tell me what happen?
Vorlon B51: ?
B5CL Drows: Well, everyone, I’ll leave you all in the very capable hands of B5CL Tap, treat
B5CL Drows: them at least as nicely as you would me. {S evilaugh}
LEPerky: in a word, Ramirez??? lots.
B5CL Drows: Nite everyone, see you tomorrow.
OnlineHost: B5CL Tap has left the room.
LEPerky: LOL, Drows.. good to see you again.
OnlineHost: MBSL11 has left the room.
Exidar: captain got letta
B5CL Drows: Ramirez798, it’s on again on Monday at Midnight.
Bcdaum: gotta go ER is on {S kipper
SandyV4752: Nite {{{{{{{Drows}}}}}}}
Vorlon B51: it was fun vor
OnlineHost: Bcdaum has left the room.
LEPerky: oh that’s good, Tap leaves too.
Exidar: president not captain
B5CL Drows: WEll, seems I’m here until Tap’s back, anyway. LOL
SandyV4752: LOL
Exidar: LOL
Vorlon B51: i whrn to party affter it on sat
LEPerky: LOL, stuck with us again, huh, Drows?
TygerEyez1: hahahah…..PSYCHE!! You just thought you were leaving.
OnlineHost: Marstoq has left the room.
Exidar: Drows i swear to god that i have the first two of the last 4 episodes of b5 on tape
LEPerky: Tygerrrrrrrrr, Delenn.. that card was 6 pages long!!!!
OnlineHost: MBSL11 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Well, Tap’s been having a few minor glitches lately.
B5CL Drows: Greetings MBSL11, Gr8 1Gkar, have
SandyV4752: Drows, I got to see Nos last night.
B5CL Drows: you read the message boards lately?
Log Count: There were 11 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:00 PM

<Relieving Host had a screen freeze and had to reboot>

SandyV4752: Hi Gr8!
Exidar: who
B5CL Drows: Sandy, yeah, she’s doing pretty good
OnlineHost: LORDZIBA has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Greetings}
LEPerky: {{{{Gkar}}}
SandyV4752: She did a great job too.
B5CL Drows: Hey, LORDZIBA, have you seen the
B5CL Drows: Babylon 5 CD-ROM reference guide yet? It’s not bad.
Exidar: {s greetings
Gr8 1Gkar: Tyger Would you like to see my Pic od Jerry D.??
LEPerky: Nost always does a great job, Sandy!
B5CL Drows: Sandy, well, I thought her everything I know, so watch out. ROFL
OnlineHost: B5 Merlen has left the room.
LORDZIBA: so, what’s up?
Exidar: eieiheue
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Welcome
Exidar: heklllo
SandyV4752: LOL!!
Gr8 1Gkar: PERK
TygerEyez1: 6 pages???? WOW.
Exidar: stop ignoring me what have i done
Vorlon B51: ISN has just learned that a Centauri ship was destroyed today while making an atempt
LEPerky: <—— that be me!!!
Gr8 1Gkar: EX who is ignoring you?
Vorlon B51: to enter the space of the Drakh colony known as Morgrah. The
Exidar: everyone
TygerEyez1: sure Gkar…send it.
Vorlon B51: ship was detected by the early warning systems and later destroyed by the
Gr8 1Gkar: LEP, sending you mail BRB
Gr8 1Gkar: K
SandyV4752: Drows, I need the address for your chat at efc. ok?
LEPerky: thanks, Gkar!!!
LORDZIBA: Drows I have a question about this room?
B5CL Drows: Sandy, actually, the chat is in the Lounge here.
Exidar: i have been saying things for 5 minutes and noone has replied
B5CL Drows: LORDZIBA, ask away.
SandyV4752: Ohhh!!
TygerEyez1: when, Drows?
B5CL Drows: Tyger, Monday’s at 9 ET.
TygerEyez1: gotcha…thanks.
OnlineHost: Fireblast has entered the room.
LORDZIBA: what is gonna happand to this room after the end of the show?
LEPerky: Drows, what?
B5CL Drows: Wonderful to see you today, Fireblast.
Exidar: it will burn to the ground
LEPerky: ::shakes head and hears brain rattle::
Vorlon B51: Earth gov has just confirmed that war between the Earth alliance and the Drakh
LORDZIBA: is gonna stay or gonna be Cruseder room?
Vorlon B51: empire has broke out when the Drakh attacked and destroyed the Earth
LEPerky: Ah, LordZ… good question.
B5CL Drows: LORDZIBA, there’s still Crusades in January, and there’s likely to be
OnlineHost: B5CL Tap has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: reruns for a long time to come, hopefully.
LEPerky: ::looks at Drows::
Fireblast: HB5CL i Drows
B5CL Tap: ack! thanks Drows
B5CL Drows: Welcome back Tap.
SandyV4752: WB Tap
Vorlon B51: Earth alliance colony Sigma 19. The colony and the defending fleet were both
Exidar: LORBZIBA: it will burn like a hydrgen bomb
LEPerky: WB, Tappie!!!!
B5CL Drows: >{¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯}<
B5CL Drows: >{ AOL }<
B5CL Drows: >{ PUNT }<
B5CL Drows: >{ Pillow }<
B5CL Drows: >{____________}<B5CL Tap, there ya go
B5CL Tap: take 2
Vorlon B51: destroyed. A battle transcript is available here:The Fall of Sigma 19
LEPerky: oh come on.. you expect this room to go poof in 3 weeks?
LORDZIBA: I after the END of B% its gonna be the END of this ROOM
B5CL Tap: oh wonderful Drows..I will fluff it up
B5CL Tap: who said that LEP?
B5CL Drows: Vorlon B51, it’s nice for the B5 History Lesson, but it could get
B5CL Drows: disruptive after a while, ok?
TygerEyez1:’ll foof it up.
B5CL Drows: Tap, you all set?
LEPerky: Nobody, Tap.. it is just a lingering fear.
OnlineHost: Conguez has entered the room.
OnlineHost: MBSL11 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Hey Conguez, join us in chatting about our favorite show.
OnlineHost: Fireblast has left the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: Tyg, PERK {S Gotmail
B5CL Tap: yeppers..Drows.. go for it.
OnlineHost: MBSL11 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: don’t worry..LEP its not
B5CL Drows: Ok, that’s it for me, then, see you all tomorrow.
B5CL Tap: Hiya Conguez welcome to the Fresh Air

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