Eclipse Cafe – 11/03/1998

know, I forget what tomorrow night’s ep is titled
LadyCaroly: do I know you?
B5CL Mikey: Zaxxon, I’m not holding my breath
B5CL Mikey: LadyCaroly, I don’t think so 😉
KWhit10120: do you guys watch Babylon 5
Zaxxon3000: Yep!
SUBZERO482: yup
B5CL Mikey: You betcha, KWhit!
KWhit10120: me to
Zaxxon3000: Thats why were here.
KWhit10120: me to
Zaxxon3000: *We’re
KWhit10120: are you guys human
Zaxxon3000: I guess SHE wasn’t
B5CL Mikey: Don’t forget “River Of Souls” November 8th!
SUBZERO482: i am narn
Zaxxon3000: How could we forget. LOL!
KWhit10120: you are what
Zaxxon3000: I am a human. Why?
OnlineHost: RangerCole has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: RangerCole, thanks for coming!
RangerCole: Just passing thru.
B5CL Mikey: Ok ;o)
KWhit10120: do you guys have ppg’s
Zaxxon3000: Geez I can’t remember…….Whats the name of your homeworld
OnlineHost: Trekkie102 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Martin Sheen as a Soul Hunter…interesting, don’tcha think?
B5CL Mikey: Heya Trekkie!
RangerCole: Is anyone ever in the Fresh Air Lounge?
Trekkie102: hey all, sory I’m late
Zaxxon3000: I
OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
Zaxxon3000: Hello Subzero.
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
SUBZERO482: hi
B5CL Mikey: Heya boys and girls! 😉
B5CL Mikey: Mikey just got scalped! <g>
Zaxxon3000: I see. at least Anlatok* hasn’t tried to follow you in here yet!
Ha! ha! ha!
OnlineHost: EBISSY has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Who would that be, Zaxxon?
Zaxxon3000: After you left she challenged everyone in the room to Mortal
B5CL Mikey: Who? LOL
Zaxxon3000: I dunno Mikey, She was just some crazy person who kept fighting
Zaxxon3000: But it was fun to watch though! 😉
B5CL Mikey: Ah, well, she’s not gonna do that while I’m around 😉
B5CL Mikey: Everybody is always nice when I’m here, they just love me :o)
OnlineHost: KWhit10120 has entered the room.
KWhit10120: hi
Zaxxon3000: Not Real fighting!! Just pretend – roleplaying fighting
Zaxxon3000: hi!
SUBZERO482: hi kwhit
Zaxxon3000: Next ep. on tommorow!!!! can’t wait
KWhit10120: hi subzrro
B5CL Mikey: You better believe it! 😉
B5CL Mikey: Heya Kwhit! Gl;ad you could make it!
KWhit10120: make it to what
Zaxxon3000: Sorry I’ve just been corrected….Her name was Anlashok!
B5CL Mikey: KWhit, to the cat! 😉
B5CL Mikey: Ah, ok, Zaxxon 😉
B5CL Mikey: Lyta is gonna show just what she’s made of tomorrow night, I
can’t wait!
Zaxxon3000: Yep!
Zaxxon3000: {S Eclipse
B5CL Mikey: “You can
B5CL Mikey: “You can’t stop someone who has been touched by the Vorlons”
B5CL Mikey: Oohhhhohoh!! I love it!
Zaxxon3000: lol
Zaxxon3000: A huge fan eh?
B5CL Mikey: I get excited over my B5 😉
Zaxxon3000: I’ve noticed 😉
B5CL Mikey: Bigger than life, Zaxxon 😉
OnlineHost: LadyCaroly has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: LadyCaroly, glad you could join us!
Zaxxon3000: I hope Crusade does as well as the original B5.
B5CL Mikey: Ya know, I forget what tomorrow night’s ep is titled
LadyCaroly: do I know you?
B5CL Mikey: Zaxxon, I’m not holding my breath
B5CL Mikey: LadyCaroly, I don’t think so 😉
KWhit10120: do you guys watch Babylon 5
Zaxxon3000: Yep!
SUBZERO482: yup
B5CL Mikey: You betcha, KWhit!
KWhit10120: me to
Zaxxon3000: Thats why were here.
KWhit10120: me to
Zaxxon3000: *We’re
KWhit10120: are you guys human
Zaxxon3000: I guess SHE wasn’t
B5CL Mikey: Don’t forget “River Of Souls” November 8th!
SUBZERO482: i am narn
Zaxxon3000: How could we forget. LOL!
KWhit10120: you are what
Zaxxon3000: I am a human. Why?
OnlineHost: RangerCole has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: RangerCole, thanks for coming!
RangerCole: Just passing thru.
B5CL Mikey: Ok ;o)
KWhit10120: do you guys have ppg’s
Zaxxon3000: Geez I can’t remember…….Whats the name of your homeworld
OnlineHost: Trekkie102 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Martin Sheen as a Soul Hunter…interesting, don’tcha think?
B5CL Mikey: Heya Trekkie!
RangerCole: Is anyone ever in the Fresh Air Lounge?
Trekkie102: hey all, sory I’m late
Zaxxon3000: I have!
B5CL Mikey: KWhit, no, please leave the guns at the door 😉
OnlineHost: Alex777A has entered the room.
Trekkie102: Zaxxon! hi! Mikey! Hi!!
SUBZERO482: narn
Alex777A: Ave, all.
B5CL Mikey: Occasionally, RangerCole, especially when the cafe is unhosted
KWhit10120: what race are all of you
Trekkie102: everyone else! Hi!
B5CL Mikey: Alex, welcome to the Cafe!
Zaxxon3000: ::::Drops Auricon PPG pistol, and kicks it towards door::::
B5CL Mikey: Kwhit, I’d hope we’re humans 😉
Zaxxon3000: Oh! Hi there Trekkie.
RangerCole: It’s always empty when I’m there…must be my cologne…
Trekkie102: =) hi
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Ranger, nawww
KWhit10120: do you guys now PresjohnS
Trekkie102: do you know where Mordy is?
Zaxxon3000: >8-D Howdy!!
Alex777A: Doesn’t seem too empty now.
Trekkie102: KWit, yup. i do
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie, haven’t seen him, sorry
Trekkie102: Jolan tru
Zaxxon3000: I dunno. But he should be on later this evening!
RangerCole: Well, thanks for the info. Good day.
KWhit10120: what’s his real name
B5CL Mikey: Alex, ready for Lyta’s Encore tomorrow night? 😉
Trekkie102: later? ok, thanks
Trekkie102: no clue
Alex777A: Yep…patiently waiting.
B5CL Mikey: patiently?!? Whats PATIENCE?! <g>
B5CL Mikey: I have NONE, LOL
Trekkie102: hey, anyone who was here yesterday, remember me talking about
KWhit10120: he’s my friend i now what his real name is
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, Trekkie 😉
Zaxxon3000: A question, Mikey. What does gag mean?
Alex777A: I don’t think I have any tape space left for it, though…I’m going
to have to find some som
Alex777A: ewhere.
B5CL Mikey: Pardon, Zaxxon?
B5CL Mikey: Alex, yeah, I’d hope so!
Zaxxon3000: I’ve seen someone respond by typing … gag
Zaxxon3000: sometimes just ga
B5CL Mikey: Uhm, I wouldn’t know, Zaxxon
Trekkie102: his name is….Kevin
KWhit10120: no
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh, coolies, Trekkie! LOL
Alex777A: {S hotelca
Zaxxon3000: It took me long enough to find out what lol meant 😀
Zaxxon3000: {S jump3
Trekkie102: 😉 i feel so special for remembering
B5CL Mikey: <g>
SUBZERO482: {S jumpgate
B5CL Mikey: Anne Rice is gonna be on Rosie in a few minutes
B5CL Mikey: Any Rice fans out there?
Zaxxon3000: Hmmm! My sounds aren’t working!!!!!!
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
Alex777A: I’m watching Beneath the Planet of the Apes, myself.
Zaxxon3000: brb
B5CL Mikey: Zaxxon, thats not good
Alex777A: Ave, GODSIVAR..
B5CL Mikey: GODSIVAR, welcome back!
Trekkie102: hello
Trekkie102: so, hoes that war?
Alex777A: Nope…but thanx for asking.
B5CL Mikey: GODSIVAR, mind lowering your caps, please? 😉
Trekkie102: *how’s
Trekkie102: kill the capper!!
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie, uhm, what war?
Trekkie102: <g>
B5CL Mikey: Thanks, GODSIVAR 😉
Zaxxon3000: {s eclipse
Trekkie102: long story Mikey. something with the Shadows
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh. hmmm
Zaxxon3000: nope…..still nothing.
OnlineHost: PresJohnS has entered the room.
Alex777A: Ave, PresJohnS.
Zaxxon3000: ::::Bows::::
PresJohnS: :::walks in:::
B5CL Mikey: PresJohnS, welcome to the Cafe! 😉
Trekkie102: hey boss
PresJohnS: :::nods:::
Zaxxon3000: ::::Salutes:::::
OnlineHost: SeanKC6QHM has entered the room.
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
KWhit10120: i got him here i called him
B5CL Mikey: Heya SeanK, glad you could make it! 😉
Alex777A: Ave, Sean, and B5Dragn1.
SeanKC6QHM: Hiya Y’all!
Zaxxon3000: {S dragnkiss
B5CL Mikey: Y’all?? LOL
B5Dragn1: Greetings All
Zaxxon3000: Yo!
GODSIVAR: im in a war
B5CL Mikey: Dragn dahlin! Welcome to the chat! 😉
B5Dragn1: Sean….have you goone southern on us……LOL?
KWhit10120: hi PresjohnS
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{Mikey}}}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
SeanKC6QHM: Dragn, I reckon so
B5CL Mikey: I thikn so, Dragn. Sad thing is, I’m southern, and I don’t evne
talk like that, LOL
PresJohnS: hey kwhit
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{Sean}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
PresJohnS: god i know you are in a war
B5CL Mikey: {{{{{{{{Dragn}}}}}}}}}}
KWhit10120: what war
Zaxxon3000: {S drgnkiss
OnlineHost: PUNKPEANUT has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Teah}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: Ohdear, can we save the war til after my shift? 😉
B5CL Mikey: PUNKPEANUT, chat is great, thanks for joining us!
Alex777A: I’m an Oregonian and my Canadian cousins always accused us of
talking with a drawl until the
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey…I guess I am guilty of talking like that….
Alex777A: y heard real southerners.
B5Dragn1: <~~~~~Southern to the bone
B5CL Mikey: Not me hon 😉
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{Zax}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Alex777A: Ave, Punkpeanut.
B5CL Mikey: Anyone watch “Cats” on PBS last night? 😉
SeanKC6QHM: :::Looks at my bones::: Hmmm…. I look like I as pale as
bleached chalk to the bone
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, nah, got the full sound track
B5Dragn1: LOL Sean………
Zaxxon3000: :*( Sorry Dragon. My sounds are not working!!!
Alex777A: I considered watching Cats…but I didn’t get around to it.
B5CL Mikey: Ahhh, Sean 😉 I don’t. I want it though
Alex777A: I’m apparently one of the few who’s never seen it.
B5Dragn1: <~~~~~watched the Temptations
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, from my neck to my ankles hasn’t seen sunlight in 5 years
B5CL Mikey: Alex, its great! Last night was my first time!
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, ask the Santa Kosh for it
OnlineHost: ProtectDFM has entered the room.
Alex777A: Ave, ProtectDFM.
B5Dragn1: Missed it…..darn…::::snaps fingers::::::
PresJohnS: :::sits down at an empty table:::
GODSIVAR: alex what does ave mean
ProtectDFM: Hey! Anyone else have the B5 font?
PUNKPEANUT: what Alex777A
B5CL Mikey: }Heya Protect! 😉
Alex777A: Ancient Roman type friendly greeting.
Zaxxon3000: {S Zathrdo
B5Dragn1: Godsivar….it means Hail in latin
Alex777A: Sort of a hail and well met kind of thing.
Trekkie102: i leave for 5 minute to do an E-mail…
SeanKC6QHM: Like Ave Maria
Alex777A: Similar to aloha.
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt has entered the room.
Trekkie102: sheesh
Alex777A: Yep…for those Catholics in the room.
Alex777A: Ave, Babs5Capt.
PUNKPEANUT: what Alex777A
OnlineHost: Natoth 469 has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, or classical maniacs like me
Alex777A: Ave, Tothy.
Zaxxon3000: I have to leave to check out why my sounds don’t work. Could be
deep rooted prob…
SeanKC6QHM: Heya Natoth!
Natoth 469: hi all
B5Dragn1: ROFL Alex…also for those of us who studied Latin
Natoth 469: ave Alex
Trekkie102: natoth! hi!!!!
B5CL Mikey: Heya Natoth, welcome to the Cafe!
Babs5Capt: Hey whats up yall?
B5Dragn1: Bye Zax
B5CL Mikey: And Babs5! :o)
Natoth 469: hiya trekkie
Alex777A: I’d love to study latin…I’ve only had 3 weeks. You can’t find
any place that teaches it a
Alex777A: ny more.
ProtectDFM: So what’s up all you crazy peeps?
PUNKPEANUT: hi Natoth 469
Trekkie102: we are still on a truce?
B5CL Mikey: Protect, Crazy? 😉
Alex777A: {S dune2
B5Dragn1: How Ya been Mikey? See your drawing with the
B5Dragn1: halo and Wayne’s coment on it on the message
B5Dragn1: boards?
SeanKC6QHM: Heya Natoth, <quick joke> do you dream in black and tan?
Natoth 469: errr no
GODSIVAR: swix is gonna kill me so i dont know
Babs5Capt: B5Dagn1 how ar eya?
B5Dragn1: LOL Sean….or spots?
Babs5Capt: are ya
Alex777A: I’d admit to a certain amount of craziness. 😉
ProtectDFM: I got to go.
PUNKPEANUT: (((((((((hi))))))))))))
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{Babs}}}}}}}}}}{S sissypoo
ProtectDFM: See you all later
Babs5Capt: I havent been on in forever
B5Dragn1: I KNOW!!! Where Ya been?
Alex777A: I haven’t been to the message boards in AGES.
GODSIVAR: capppppppppppppp long tim no see
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, it’s a Guiness slogan
B5Dragn1: LOL Sean…but apt….wouldn’t you say?
SeanKC6QHM: Very
SeanKC6QHM: Speaking of Guiness, need to find the recipe for Guiness stew
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: Use the one for regular stew…..cut liquid bye one pint and add
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Babs5!
Alex777A: There was a recipe for Baugna Cauda (however that’s spelled) in the
tv guide a few weeks ago
Trekkie102: brb, i LOVE this song!!!!!
SeanKC6QHM: LOL Teah, not quite
Natoth 469: the B5 cook bok is great
B5Dragn1: Wish I could find it Alex……
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Ohhh, I gotta have Anne Rice’s new book 😉
Spires05: Hi all.
B5CL Mikey: Spires, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
Natoth 469: {{{spires}}}}
B5Dragn1: Sure…..or throw out everything and JUST use Guiness
Trekkie102: back all, hey spire 🙂
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, good choice
Alex777A: Must be tough having all those eating scenes in B5.
Spires05: NATOTH! {{{{{{{{{NATOTH}}}}}}}}}}
Trekkie102: didn’t I just see you a little while ago in the Marvel room?
Alex777A: A few takes and you could be ready to gag.
PUNKPEANUT: hi Spires05
Spires05: Hi Trekkie. Yes, you did.
B5Dragn1: I think somebody needs to fix the cafe
B5Dragn1: door….sheesh they are revolving in and out like
B5Dragn1: dancers
Alex777A: Drink enough and you won’t even notice that the stew is missing.
Trekkie102: ok, just wanted to be sure I wasn’t seeing things
Trekkie102: or people, as the case maybe
B5CL Mikey: You aren’t used to that by now, Dragn? 😉
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, found some really good Halloween candy, Amaretto, Irish
cream, and Kaula flavored
B5Dragn1: {S slobkiss} Mikey….of course……
B5CL Mikey: Kahlua?! <drools>
Alex777A: Yum.
Trekkie102: cool
SeanKC6QHM: I prefer Amaretto
Natoth 469: sounds horrible
PUNKPEANUT: ((((((((((bey))))))))))))) :0)
Trekkie102: where’s Darkness?
B5Dragn1: Neat Sean……we used to trick or treat at the local
B5Dragn1: bars……they gave the minature bottles
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, LOL
Alex777A: We had some chocolate’s in the form of little wine bottles filled
with various liquours.
Spires05: Well, I ahve to go for a while. BBL
B5Dragn1: ::::::wiping up floor around Mikey::::::: Now cut that out….
B5CL Mikey: Alex, Godiva? <swoons>
OnlineHost: DodgyLogic has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, Raspberry liquour, trust me
B5Dragn1: Bye Spires
B5CL Mikey: I LOVE Godiva’s Liquer filled, ohhhh
Alex777A: Not Godiva…but they were tasty. 🙂
B5CL Mikey: DodgyLogic, glad you could make it!
B5CL Mikey: Godiva is the best! Get a box every christmas and birthday
B5Dragn1: Brought back some Ghardelli Chocolates from CA…..YUM!!!!!!
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, good, ain’t it?
B5CL Mikey: Never heard of em, Dragn
Alex777A: I give out almond rouca…how is that spelled?
B5Dragn1: You Bet!!!!!!
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, you haven?!?!?!?!?!?!
B5CL Mikey: Nopenope 😉
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, :::Slap, slap
B5Dragn1: Mikey San Francisisco is famous for them…..
SeanKC6QHM: :::: You sad, sad person
B5CL Mikey: LOL
B5Dragn1: Sheesh…my spelling……
B5CL Mikey: Never been to San Francisco
Alex777A: Ghiardelli is well known.
B5Dragn1: Mikey…Ya got to go……neat city
Alex777A: Neither have I…but I have seen their chocolate products.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, almost as good as German chocolate
B5CL Mikey: Ehh, gimme my Godiva, its much more readily available 😉
B5Dragn1: Thank you Alex…my spelling is really rotten today..been a long
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, I’ll be goin someday!
Alex777A: Well, I’ll eat German chocolate…but coconut isn’t my favorite.
Alex777A: I’ve got a brother that lives in SF.
SeanKC6QHM: I prefer chocolate covered marzapan
B5Dragn1: Well when you get there Mikey…go to the Gjiardelli factory
Alex777A: Is that where they produce it? I had no idea.
B5Dragn1: Oh Lord…..not again…::::;sigh:::::::::::
Alex777A: ::see Alex trying to get a clue:: 😉
B5Dragn1: Yup Alex…near the Wharf…….
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, try going to Montery next time, Ghiardelli store, they
serve deserts ther
B5Dragn1: Sean….they have EVERYTHING at a restaurant that is next to the
Alex777A: Well, I never see or speak to this particular brother.
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, :-), <note, need to visit San Fran-freakshow soon>
Alex777A: I don’t think I’ll be hitting the Wharf any time soon.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, goo,d Worf won’t like that
B5Dragn1: ROFL Sean….people watching there was as good as the
B5CL Mikey: Fran-freakshow?
B5CL Mikey: <g>
Alex777A: He’d probably growl at me.
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey..yeah…a real freak show there
B5CL Mikey: Whyso? <perk>
Trekkie102: back all. where’d everyone go?
B5Dragn1: Saw a Tropical fish and his mate….both every color of the rainbow
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, I’m cursed living within driving distance, it gets weird
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie…up, up and away ;D
Alex777A: Well, my brother is a hari krishna so I’m sure he fits right in.
Trekkie102: well so they did
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, easily
B5Dragn1: Now Sean…how did a “normal” like you get plunked down there?
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
Alex777A: They were a bit outre in Oregon.
B5Dragn1: LOL Alex
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, GODSIVAR 😉
Trekkie102: Pixie sticks aren’t a good breakfast food
Alex777A: Wb, GODSIVAR.
B5CL Mikey: Why not, Trekkie? 😉
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, born here, live about an hour’s drive in traffic
Trekkie102: dunno, but that’s what I’m told
B5Dragn1: LOL trekkie
Trekkie102: = )
OnlineHost: SGTGEE has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Trekkie, but Almond Joys are
B5CL Mikey: Awww, you have pixie sticks for breakfast if you want, LOL
Trekkie102: guess what my breakfast was on Sunday?
B5CL Mikey: SGTGEE, welcome to the Cafe!
Alex777A: And their food…they have this really sickly sweet stuff they like
to pour on the food.
SeanKC6QHM: Hey Sarg!
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie, uhm, sugar? 😉
SGTGEE: Hello All…
Alex777A: Ave, SGTGEE.
Trekkie102: good guess
Trekkie102: 😉 how’d ya know?
B5Dragn1: I will pray for you Sean……I was glad to get back
B5Dragn1: to FL where they don’t give insane people drivers’
B5Dragn1: licenses
B5CL Mikey: LOL
SeanKC6QHM: Teah, can I come too? :::Dog eyes:::
B5CL Mikey: Hey now, Dragn, sanity is way overrated 😉
Trekkie102: way over rated
B5Dragn1: I have 2 extra bedrooms……come on……
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, so true
Alex777A: I’m considering getting a license…you’d better be ready to run
for your lives. 😉
OnlineHost: CmdrCool has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, you bet your assets I will!!!
CmdrCool: Hello all
B5Dragn1: Not on a 10 lane freeway Mikey
Alex777A: Ave, CmdrCool.
B5CL Mikey: LOL
Trekkie102: as lond as you don’t come driving in Rhode Island, i won’t start
running yet
Alex777A: I’ve already failed to pass the test 4 times.
Alex777A: Eek!
B5Dragn1: 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, you’re joking, right?
B5CL Mikey: Rhode Island….thats one of those states they could eliminate
and over half the country
B5CL Mikey: would never know it 😉
SeanKC6QHM: I aced both tests once
Alex777A: No, I’m sorry to say, I’m not.
Trekkie102: please say u were
B5Dragn1: ROFL Mikey
Alex777A: I have no depth perception…makes driving difficult.
Trekkie102: how true
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, much like Montana
B5Dragn1: Also driving for the rest of us Alex
B5CL Mikey: I failed my driving test the first time…almost got the
instructor killed, and he failed me
Trekkie102: we could disapper and no one would know it
B5CL Mikey: 😡
SeanKC6QHM: LOL Teah
B5CL Mikey: Sean, yep, thats another one of those
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey…….
Alex777A: Actually, I’m a pretty good driver…I don’t have a license…but I
did have a car.
SeanKC6QHM: And Calif, if one you wish would go bye bye
Alex777A: Kind of backwards…but that’s me. 😉
B5CL Mikey: Sad thing is, Dragn, I’m very serious 😉
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, too true
Trekkie102: we’re to tiny. we need to invade Massachusetts
Alex777A: That kind of thing is bound to make an instructor flunk you.
B5Dragn1: I understand Mikey…..I hope you are a better
B5Dragn1: driver now? Else I won’t be coming to TN anytime
B5Dragn1: soon
Alex777A: They don’t like being mashed.
Trekkie102: maybe then we’ll be noticed
B5CL Mikey: LOL…well, honey, people get outta my way one way or another 😉
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie, LOL, you people up there need to consolidate into one
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, well, be like my dad, drive a diesel Suburban, people MOVE
away REAL fast
B5Dragn1: Actually….HOW ‘BOUT THEM VOLS?!?!?!?!?
B5CL Mikey: But, I’ve only went the wrong way down a one way street once in
my life
GODSIVAR: hahahahahahahahhahahahaha
Trekkie102: yep. and be name RHODE ISLAND
Alex777A: What is Trekkie from one of the mini states?
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Sean, you bet they do ;D
Trekkie102: Rhode Island
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, but it handles like a whale
GODSIVAR: i am god\
B5Dragn1: Hehehehe…..ya’ll sure showed them Gators……Heheheheh
B5CL Mikey: I’m sure, Sean, I’d end up killing somebody
SeanKC6QHM: I call it “The Dreadnaught”
B5CL Mikey: You bet we did! <g>
Trekkie102: our beaches actually have sharks in them.
B5CL Mikey: Lor,d you shoulda see Knoxville that night, Dragn
Trekkie102: and the largest geat white was found in out waters
Alex777A: To cold to swim in the ocean in Oregon so they’re no problem.
B5CL Mikey: I think they leveled half the city. The goalposts ended up in
the river
B5CL Mikey: And there was bald spots in the end zones the size of volkswagens
B5Dragn1: I can imagine……Do you realize that you could still have to face
them in a bowl game?
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, well, we done it once, we can do it again 😉
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, one helluva party, eh?
B5CL Mikey: Sean, that isn’t the half of it! LOL
SeanKC6QHM: :-)-)
B5Dragn1: LOL….that’s what FSU said last year….remember?
B5CL Mikey: Not really <g>
B5CL Mikey: We’ve beaten ALL our rivals this year
B5CL Mikey: Heh, it only gets easier, til the bowl game anyway
B5Dragn1: But I don’t think it will come to that….aren’t TN and FL in the
same SEC division?
Alex777A: Ah, Julie Caitlin Brown is online, I see.
B5CL Mikey: Yup, Dragn
B5CL Mikey: TN is #2 on the AP poll released Sunday
B5Dragn1: Then……you already got em whupped
Alex777A: Feetballs?
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
GODSIVAR: {S shadow
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, GODSIVAR!
B5CL Mikey: Alex, you betcha
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, ohhhohohoh!!!
B5Dragn1: Did you see where UCLA dropped in the Polls……Ohio St is #1 now
B5CL Mikey: I didn’t tell you!!!
Alex777A: Wb, GODSIVAR…You almost blew off my head with that wav.
B5CL Mikey: No, Dragn, didn’t pay attnetion
B5CL Mikey: But…you know, the REBA concert?! In Thompson Boling Arena?!
B5Dragn1: Tell me what??????????
Trekkie102: so now, I’m to scared to go swimming off Long Island
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, fun, ain’t it?
B5CL Mikey: GUESS who was IN FRONT OF ME??
B5CL Mikey: I near DIED!
B5Dragn1: Yes??????
B5CL Mikey: Pat Summitt!!
B5Dragn1: WHO????
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, Elvis?
B5Dragn1: WHAT?!?!?!?
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Sean!
Alex777A: Not really…I had the headphones on…and my brother had them
really turned up because he’s
Alex777A: mostly deaf.
OnlineHost: G QUON34 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: PAT SUMMITT!!! She works in that building
B5CL Mikey: And she just happened to be working late….I near DIED!
Trekkie102: who?
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, Thank you, thank you very much
B5Dragn1: Whoa…..get to tak to her???
Alex777A: Ave, G QUON34.
B5CL Mikey: Tried to get to her, daggum security guard grabbed me 😉
Trekkie102: who is she?
B5Dragn1: AWWWWWWW…..poor Mikey :>(
Alex777A: Er…yeah…who is she?
Trekkie102: kill the Capper!!
B5CL Mikey: All I could say was, “But…but..but…P…P..But…”
B5CL Mikey: LOL
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey
Trekkie102: ahem
OnlineHost: G QUON34 has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, she thought you were another wierdo, right?
B5CL Mikey: Alex, Trekkie, Pat Summmitt is the 3 time consecutive nation
champion Lady Vols head basket
B5CL Mikey: ball coach
B5Dragn1: Mikey….educate these poor fools…….
B5CL Mikey: Prolly Sean, and she’d be right, LOL
Trekkie102: ooooookay
Alex777A: Ah, I see…I wouldn’t know her from Eve.
SeanKC6QHM: Mikey, you said it, not I
B5CL Mikey: I know I did, Sean, proud of it! LOL
B5CL Mikey: Touched Reba that night, too
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, yes you would, Exe didn’t have a navel
B5CL Mikey: I can’t recall ever having a more perfect night 😉
SeanKC6QHM: Eve, that is
B5CL Mikey: G QUON, welcome to the Cafe! Chat is great!
Alex777A: Oh, really…I thought that was Lilith.
B5Dragn1: ooooooooohhhhhh……touch you Mikey….that is great!
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, I near died 😉
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, no, she’s a witch that ate children
B5CL Mikey: I said, “THIS IS TOO MUCH for one night,,,INCREMENTS” 😉
B5CL Mikey: Lilith? Lilith fair? 😉
B5Dragn1: But I have been part of a security team for Crystal
B5Dragn1: River Jam….Reba, Alabama, and Travis Tritt were
B5Dragn1: there….got to tallk to all of them
SeanKC6QHM: Mythilogical Lilith
Alex777A: Lilith as in the Lilith that was Adam’s mate before Eve.
OnlineHost: Jdorothy21 has entered the room.
SeanKC6QHM: Ah, never heard that one
B5CL Mikey:, either, Sean
Alex777A: Ave, Jdorothy21.
B5CL Mikey: Jdorothy, welcome to Babylon 5’s Eclipse Cafe!
Jdorothy21: hey
B5Dragn1: Mikey….ya got to get down here to go to CRJ….it is a whole
weekend of country headliners
Alex777A: She got tossed out of the garden for having progressive ideas…and
original libber.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, that would be fun!
SeanKC6QHM: Alex, OIC
B5Dragn1: coming up this weekend……
Jdorothy21: age/sex check
B5Dragn1: {S penalty} Jd
B5CL Mikey: Jdorothy, as cafe protocol, we don’t do age/sex checks here,
thanks! 😉
Alex777A: Check profiles for such info.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, have you heard Trisha and Garth’s new song?
OnlineHost: Morden99 has entered the room.
Morden99: Hello all
Alex777A: Erg! Country music…not my style.
Alex777A: Ave, Morden99.
B5CL Mikey: Folks, 28 hours til Lyta’s encore!
B5CL Mikey: Morden, glad you could make it! 😉
Trekkie102: hey mordy!!
B5Dragn1: or…..take your spring break and get here for
B5Dragn1: Suwannee River jam…….3 days of non stop
B5Dragn1: country music and fun
Alex777A: Er…is that east coast, Mikey?
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, Alex
B5CL Mikey: EST
B5Dragn1: Mikey…..spoiler please……does Lyta go poof in this one?
Alex777A: Then it’s 31 where I am.
Morden99: country music, fun. Why do those two not connect.
Alex777A: ::sad sigh::
SeanKC6QHM: Well, I’ll be back, Ta Ta
Morden99: <g>
B5CL Mikey: Wouldn’t know, Dragn
Trekkie102: sorry all, but I don’t like counrty
GODSIVAR: id o though drag
B5Dragn1: :::::::sigh:::::::Another one who doesn’t like country music
Trekkie102: 8country
Trekkie102: *country
B5CL Mikey: GODSIVAR, Drag? 😉
Trekkie102: VeQ nIm typos
Alex777A: Neither do I…I’m an Elton John…Beatles fan.
B5CL Mikey: Ok, then, hows about, uhm
B5Dragn1: No Morden……
Trekkie102: gtg, bye all
Morden99: Too much sugar again Trekkie?
B5Dragn1: Bye Trekkie
Morden99: bye trekkie
OnlineHost: G QUON34 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, did I tell you a Drag Queen done a Reba song for me? ROFL
B5CL Mikey: G QUON, welcome back! 😉
Alex777A: WB, G QUON34.
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie, come back soon! =)
Alex777A: Interesting screenname.
B5Dragn1: Now where were you that a DQ would be singing to you…Hmmmmmmm??
B5CL Mikey: Uhm, well
B5CL Mikey: ROFL
B5Dragn1: Yes?
Alex777A: Oops…the secret’s out.
B5CL Mikey: Lil place called, New Beginnings
B5Dragn1: Explain to Auntie Dragn………..
B5Dragn1: ROFL
B5CL Mikey: No secrets, Alex 😉
Alex777A: brb afk
B5CL Mikey: I’ve known him/her/it for ages, finally got to see em perform.
He’s good 😉
B5Dragn1: Who was it Mikey? Ru Paul?
B5CL Mikey: Naw, Dragn
Morden99: gtg see ya all later
B5CL Mikey: His name is Mike, his drag name is Candace Cordova
B5Dragn1: Bye Morden
B5CL Mikey: MOrden, come back soon!
Alex777A: Back again.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, I know every queen within 100 miles of Knoxville, LOL
B5Dragn1: Haven’t heard of him…met Paul…saw him perform in Savannah
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, he was comin to one of our local clubs, but they canceled
him 🙁
Alex777A: Hmmmmm…strange stuff.
B5Dragn1: Wonder Why?
B5CL Mikey: Too much money I think
B5CL Mikey: Whats that, Alex?
B5CL Mikey: We can change the subject if this bothers you 😉
Alex777A: I don’t like to see guys dressed as females who look better than I
do. 😉
B5Dragn1: Ahhhh….his shows are expensive…..we paid $35 a piece to get in
and then drinks and all
B5CL Mikey: ROFL, Alex!
B5CL Mikey: Don’t worry, most of em here is, uhm, SCARY, LOL
B5Dragn1: ROFLMAO Alex…..
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey……
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, they were gonna charge $25. They had LaBouche, and
Crystal Waters
B5CL Mikey: Turnout was bad for both of those, so they canceled RuPaul
B5Dragn1: Heard of them…but never seen them
B5CL Mikey: Oh, had C&C Music Factory, too
B5CL Mikey: LaBouche is the dancemix group, good music, gets your feet movin
Alex777A: Wow…varied performances.
B5Dragn1: Paul is great….really a great performer
B5CL Mikey: Alex, they play everything at my clubs
B5CL Mikey: But, somethign I heard that was just WRONG….
B5Dragn1: Makes you forget he is in Drag
Alex777A: Well, I don’t get out much, myself.
B5Dragn1: What Mikey?
B5CL Mikey: They had a dancemix version of Jewel’s “Foolish Games” and
Celine’s, “To Love You More”
OnlineHost: Am108 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: That was just WRONG, lOL
B5CL Mikey: AM, welcome to the Cafe!
Alex777A: Ave, Am108.
B5CL Mikey: Alex, ya should get out more! Come to Knoxville, I’
Am108: hi
B5CL Mikey: I’ll showya around 😉
G QUON34: hi am
B5CL Mikey: Am, how are you today? 😉
Am108: good
B5CL Mikey: Great! =)
Alex777A: 😉 If I ever get over that way, I’ll let you know.
Alex777A: 🙂
B5Dragn1: You in classes now Mikey?
B5CL Mikey: You do that!
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, nope 🙁
B5CL Mikey: Anyone who stops through Knoxville, lemme know, I’ll give you the
grand tour
B5Dragn1: Taking a break?
B5CL Mikey: Should take all of 30 minutes,LOL
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, just never have gotten back in school
Alex777A: Closest I’ve ever been to there is Atlanta, Georgia.
B5Dragn1: LOL Mikey….maybe 45 if you go up the pikeway…..LOL
B5CL Mikey: Ah, Atlanta is better than Knoxville by far 😉
B5CL Mikey: LOL, Dragn! Kingston Pike?
B5Dragn1: Hotlanta? FUN city
Alex777A: I was just passing through…only saw the airport.
B5Dragn1: Yup
B5CL Mikey: I’d LOVE to go to Atlanta
Am108: I live in Atlanta
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, yeah, maybe 😉
Alex777A: I’ve seen the New York airport, too…even that surprises me.
B5CL Mikey: Uhm, I’ve seen the Nashville airport! <g>
Alex777A: I love travelling…doesn’t much matter where.
B5Dragn1: I have family in Atlanta still…been a long time since I lived
B5CL Mikey: Atlanta has the nightlife, and I’m a night person, I need to go
there just once 😉
B5CL Mikey: Same way with San Francisco
Am108: I live in Atlanta
Alex777A: I was sicker than a dog when I was there.
B5CL Mikey: Am, coolies! 😉
B5CL Mikey: Alex, thats not good 🙁
Alex777A: Ah, well…it’s become my natural state. I can take it if I have
Am108: Don’t talk like that about Atlanta
Alex777A: I am also a creature of the night.
Am108: That’s better
B5CL Mikey: Like what, Am?
Am108: What do you mean?
B5CL Mikey: Don’t talk like what about atlanta?
Alex777A: Did you think one of us was dissing Atlanta?
Am108: Well, alex was saying that he got sick there
B5CL Mikey: She said she was sick while she was there
B5Dragn1: I don’t Dis Atlanta…….I am from there
B5CL Mikey: Not that Atlanta made her sick <g>
Alex777A: No, no…I was sick before I got there…and even sicker when I got
to NY.
Am108: OH
Alex777A: Not Atlanta’s fault at all.
Am108: Just wanted to clear things up
Alex777A: Sorry for the crossed signals.
Am108: That’s okay
OnlineHost: Babs5Capt has entered the room.
Alex777A: 🙂
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Babs5!
Alex777A: Wb, Babs5Capt.
OnlineHost: G QUON34 has entered the room.
Babs5Capt: Hi everyone..
B5CL Mikey: Anyone here watch, “Earth: Final Conflict”?
OnlineHost: ELLEN4289 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: G Quon, welcome back!
Alex777A: Wb, G QUON34.
Am108: Yea
Alex777A: Ave, ELLEN4289.
B5CL Mikey: ELLEN, glad you could make it!
Alex777A: Never seen it, sorry.
ELLEN4289: Hello everybody…
B5CL Mikey: I missed this week’s ep of EFC, what happened?
B5Dragn1: Lot’s to do and see in Atlanta… spots….and
B5Dragn1: unpleasentness”
B5CL Mikey: Heya ELLEN, how are you today? ;O)
ELLEN4289: I’m just fine. and you?
B5CL Mikey: Great! Thanks for asking! =)
B5Dragn1: Mikey are they new shows or reruns from the show that was on FOX?
Alex777A: I’ve had enough unpleasantness…I’d pass on those…but if you
know of a good party……..
B5CL Mikey: I really may go to Atlanta next year
Alex777A: That’s something else again.
Am108: I missed this week’s too. I don’t think it’s that good any more since
Boon left
ELLEN4289: Where are you from?
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, I heard there was a new ep this week
B5CL Mikey: Am, I agree 🙁
B5CL Mikey: ELLEN, I’m near Knoxville, TN
ELLEN4289: I’m from Texas.
B5CL Mikey: Glad to have ya with us, ELLEN 😉
Alex777A: Ah, a texan…and probably damn proud of it.
B5CL Mikey: So, peeps, whats gonna happen tomorrow night?
B5Dragn1: What part Ellen?
B5Dragn1: <~~~~~~~glued to TV from 10-11
ELLEN4289: Southeast,Texas
B5Dragn1: BIG Lyta show according to previews
Alex777A: That drawl is something else…I know a texan who married a
Canadian and now they both speak
Alex777A: with a southern drawl.
B5Dragn1: LOL Alex
ELLEN4289: Yeap…
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, Dragn
B5CL Mikey: She’s gonna FINALLY show us what she can REALLY do 😉
Alex777A: Maybe Pat Tallman will drop by.
B5Dragn1: Nobody can do “southern” like a true southerner…. you should hear
me talk….LOL
Alex777A: She seems very fan friendly.
Alex777A: Oh, I believe you Dragn1.
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, I’ll second that 😉
B5Dragn1: Looking forward to it Mikey….big time
B5CL Mikey: “You can’t stop someone who has been touched by the Vorlons”
B5Dragn1: She might..she’s been here before
B5CL Mikey: Ohhhhohohohoh!!!!!!
Alex777A: Yeah…it looked like they did just a bit more than touching her,
B5CL Mikey: I can’t wait!! I’mabithypercanyoutell?
B5Dragn1: ROFL Mikey
B5Dragn1: This has been great! Just what i laugh…..
Alex777A: Well, I must flee for a time…I may stop back by later…this flu
is killing me.
Alex777A: Cya all at a later time, I hope.
B5Dragn1: Bye Alex..{S drgnkiss
Alex777A: Ave and vale all. ::waves::poof::{S jump
B5CL Mikey: Alex, come back soon!
Alex777A: I will.
Alex777A: 🙂
B5CL Mikey: Glad you’ve enjoyed it, Dragn! Thats one thing I can do 😉
B5CL Mikey: Make people laugh that is
B5CL Mikey: Well, thats one of many things I can do, the only of which we’ll
discuss here
B5Dragn1: You are very good at it Mikey….:::::applauds Mikey:::::::;
B5CL Mikey: Why, thank you! <g>
B5CL Mikey: Feed that ego! LOL
B5Dragn1: ROFL
B5CL Mikey: Seen mom lately?
B5Dragn1: Last night
B5CL Mikey: I haven’t talked to her in a couple days
B5Dragn1: She is doing MUCH better
B5CL Mikey: Good
B5Dragn1: Finally woke up so to speak……she is taking care of herself
B5Dragn1: Said things were hard on Bessie though
B5CL Mikey: 90 people have odwnloaded mypic…how depressing, LOL
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, I’m sure they are 🙁 Things will probably get worse before
they get better
B5CL Mikey: But Bessie, and the others, will be fine. Itll just take time
B5Dragn1: LOL….I already had it….::::;blows raspberry:::::::
B5CL Mikey: This is coming from a person who grew up without either of his
parents 😉
B5CL Mikey: My pic? Ack! 😉
B5Dragn1: Well……I never knew my dad……he and Mom were
B5Dragn1: divorced wehen I was 6 months old…never met the
B5Dragn1: SOB
B5CL Mikey: 🙁
B5CL Mikey: My mother and father gave me to my grandmother to raise..and she
B5CL Mikey: But, I realize, by growing up with her, I had a lot more love and
opportunity than I would
B5CL Mikey: have notherwise
B5Dragn1: That is what happened to me…sheesh…think we might be
B5CL Mikey: LOL..not unless you’re related to the Roberts family 😉
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, GODSIVAR! 😉
OnlineHost: Batswing has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Batswing, thanks for joining us!
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
Batswing: hi
B5CL Mikey: You ok, GODS? 😉
B5CL Mikey: How are you today, Batswing?
OnlineHost: Kilrah4Eva has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Gnat747 has entered the room.
B5Dragn1: Nope…Deaton, Pierce and Murray…but no Roberts
Batswing: pretty good u
B5CL Mikey: Good to hear, Batswing, I’m great, thanks for asking!
B5CL Mikey: Gnat, chat is great, thanks for stopping by!
B5CL Mikey: Ah, Dragn, we’re not related then 😉
B5CL Mikey: I’m Roberts and Waldon
B5CL Mikey: Walden even
B5CL Mikey: They’re the Vol fanatics 😉
B5Dragn1: Can’t even spell your own name…..sheesh
B5CL Mikey: Ehhh, I’m on a caffeine rush 😉
B5Dragn1: Why? it’s not that late is it?
B5Dragn1: Everybody heard the latest news?
B5CL Mikey: No, its not 😉
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, what news would that be?
B5Dragn1: Crusade HAS been held back until Witchblade can start
OnlineHost: RMKWK has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Yeah, I heard about that a week ago 🙁
B5Dragn1: May not start until Feb or March
B5CL Mikey: RMKWK, chat is great, pull up a chair!
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{{RMKWK}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
B5Dragn1: LTNS Rm
RMKWK: Hi, Teah, all
B5Dragn1: How are you RMK?
OnlineHost: PMclau6084 has entered the room.
RMKWK: Doin good. Got a new ‘puter
B5Dragn1: What kind?
RMKWK: cutom. had it built
Gnat747: Any one here play Warhammer 40K?
B5Dragn1: Whoa….touch you……I wish i had a new one
B5CL Mikey: Play what, Gnat?
RMKWK: I wish you had the payments on this one lol
B5CL Mikey: PMClau, glad you could make it!
PMclau6084: no but I play aleins online and starship troops online
B5Dragn1: ROFL….mine are bad enough…….
Gnat747: Warhammer 40,000
PMclau6084: B5Cl my pluser
Gnat747: a games workshop game
Gnat747: table top wargame
PMclau6084: Gnat have any other onbline games
B5CL Mikey: I don’t think we’d be able to play that here, Gnat, try the
gaming rooms 😉
RMKWK: So whatch been doing, yourself b5Dragn?
B5Dragn1: Got to run all…pager just went off…talk to ya’ll later I
hope..{S drgnkiss} Mikey
B5CL Mikey: Dragn, come back soon!
Gnat747: No N No it isnt an online game
RMKWK: bye, Teah
PMclau6084: gtg you all
PMclau6084: work got to be don
OnlineHost: Fila City has entered the room.
GODSIVAR: hi kilrah
Gnat747: it is a TABLE TOP WARGAME
Kilrah4Eva: A
Kilrah4Eva: H
Kilrah4Eva: A
Kilrah4Eva: sorry room
OnlineHost: BUFFDAD1 has entered the room.
Kilrah4Eva: the crack is a little too much
B5CL Mikey: Kilrah, that isn’t nessecary
OnlineHost: Shadow9373 has entered the room.
Kilrah4Eva: it is necessary
Kilrah4Eva: thats how u spell it Bro.
OnlineHost: Andro22 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: GJCope has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: GJCope, welcome to the Cafe!
Andro22: hey
B5CL Mikey: Andro, thanks for coming! 😉
Andro22: no problem, I love it in here
B5CL Mikey: Glad to hear, Andro!
Kilrah4Eva: BRO. MAN IS TIGHT!
OnlineHost: PUNKPEANUT has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Cheer funk has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: PUNKPEANUT, welcome back!
Kilrah4Eva: who really runs B5?
Cheer funk: Hi
B5CL Mikey: Cheer funk, chat is great, thanks for joining us!
Cheer funk: ok
PMclau6084: hi
Gnat747: here, take a look, any who’s interested at
Kilrah4Eva: huh huh
Gnat747: ro.html
B5CL Mikey: Kilrah, Sheridan, obviously..and please, lower your caps, kay? 😉
PMclau6084: Andro22 alreadsy did it
Andro22: hey
Cheer funk: dont
PMclau6084: but got to do something eles take about 23min see you then
Andro22: okay
B5CL Mikey: PMclau, come back soon!
Gnat747: So no one here collects or plays warhammer 40,00?
Andro22: brb
B5CL Mikey: Nope, Gnat, sorry 😉
Gnat747: oops 40,000
B5CL Mikey: PUNKPEANUT, we heard you the first time 😉
Andro22: okay I’m back
B5CL Mikey: Andro, welcome back 😉
Andro22: what is on the docket today
Gnat747: hmm
OnlineHost: Bonzo4607 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Bonzo, glad you could make it!
Gnat747: oh well
PMclau6084: don it
OnlineHost: B5CL Rangr has entered the room.
OnlineHost: EvanMoore has entered the room.
Andro22: cool
B5CL Mikey: Heya Rangr, EvanMoore! 😉
EvanMoore: :::Evan strides into the room:::
Andro22: PMclau is in my sim
B5CL Rangr: hey Mikey
PMclau6084: had to do something but it was don
B5CL Rangr: How things?
B5CL Mikey: Finer’n frog hair split 3 ways, Rangr! ;D
OnlineHost: W8N 4 Y2K has entered the room.
PMclau6084: Andro22 sim rocks
B5CL Mikey: W8N 4 Y2K, glad you could join us!
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: GODSIVAR, welcome back 😉
Andro22: definetly
B5CL Rangr: hey…I didn’t ask you a personal question! ;P
Andro22: I like it
GODSIVAR: ranger wghen are you on
B5CL Mikey: LOL! I didn’t give you a personal answer ;)~
PMclau6084: but we arre haveing is some prob
Gnat747: Does any one even know what a “table top wargame” is?
B5CL Rangr: GODSIVAR, more like when am I off
B5CL Mikey: Gnat, I think so, but we told you, no one here plays it 😉
GODSIVAR: but we arre haveing is some prob
OnlineHost: Jsg21 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Jsg21,welcome to the Cafe!
B5CL Rangr: Mikey what you do with frogs in your own home is your biz 🙂
Gnat747: ok ok
B5CL Mikey: ROFL! Rangr, I’m not going there!
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: GODSIVAR, welcome back, again <g>
GODSIVAR: bwahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahhahahaha
Andro22: tomorrow will be awesome if we are fortnate
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: 27 hours, 15 minutes! 😉
Gnat747: its just last time i asked here i got a room full of collectors
PMclau6084: gtg might be on sooner then I think
B5CL Mikey: Ah, not this time, Gnat, sorry 🙁
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Rangr: having a problem with that revolving door GODSIVAR?
GODSIVAR: revolving
B5CL Mikey: Okie, PMclau 😉
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
Andro22: {s whoruwnt
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has entered the room.
Andro22: oh yeah
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: B5 jgDalek, chat is great, thanks for joining us! 😉
B5 jgDalek: Mikey,Ranger…Hiya
GODSIVAR: ::fires ppg at door::
OnlineHost: Ra1of3 has entered the room.
GODSIVAR: im ok now
Andro22: I had a little vote going on for best b5 eps top ten
B5CL Mikey: Ra1 of3, welcome to the Cafe! 😉
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
Andro22: {s ppg2
GODSIVAR: my intro
B5 jgDalek: {{{{Delenn}}}}
B5CL Mikey: Andro, “Severed Dreams” followed by “Comes The Inquisitor”
GODSIVAR: drumreool please
B5Delenn1: hi all
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{dalek}}}}}
B5CL Mikey: Heya Delenn! Glad you could make it! =D
B5CL Rangr: {S drum}
Andro22: Z’Ha’Dum followed by Severed Dreams followed by Into the Fire
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{{mikey}}}}}}}
B5 jgDalek: {S b5them4
Andro22: for me at the three top
B5CL Rangr: hey Mom
B5CL Mikey: {{{{{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}}}
GODSIVAR: andro endgame then into the fire then severed dreams
Andro22: so many are good
B5Delenn1: hello{{{Rangr}}}son
Andro22: endgame is in the top five for me
B5CL Mikey: Andro, I can’t honestly think of a single ep I DIDN’T like 😉
B5Delenn1: Bessie sends you a {S smooch
Andro22: not one?
GODSIVAR: purple
W8N 4 Y2K: {Slytagrr
B5CL Rangr: Mom, does that mean you’re {{{{Mommy}}}}son?
B5 jgDalek: SEvered Dreams has been scene in whole series. Delenn coming to
Resuce of B5
B5CL Mikey: Did you all happen to catch the reference in “The Fall Of
Centauri Prime” to “Deconstruction
B5CL Mikey: Of Falling Stars”?
Andro22: some were boring though you will admit
B5CL Rangr: {{{{Bessie}}}}
B5Delenn1: LOL
B5 jgDalek: Iggytime
B5CL Mikey: GODSIVAR, yes, what about green?
Andro22: vorlon homeworld earning the right in a million years you mean
GODSIVAR: im a drazi
B5CL Mikey: Ok, then, Purple if you wish 😉
B5CL Rangr: Drazi wars Mikey
Andro22: {s green
GODSIVAR: hahahahaha
GODSIVAR: i need to kille them
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B5CL Mikey: Yep, Andro….and humans going to new earth in 1 million
years…coincidence? I thikn not ;
B5CL Mikey: 😉
B5CL Mikey: Rangr, Drazi wars? I don’t follow?
B5CL Mikey: GQUON, welcome back!
Andro22: shadow allies get their home blown up and they have to move to some
where else
B5CL Rangr: B5CL Mikey, the last ep was about the Drazi wars
B5CL Rangr: green vs purple
Andro22: now our planet blows up and we move to the vorlon homeworld in a
million years
Andro22: fair universe
B5CL Mikey: Ohhh, ok, Rangr, of course, I’m a lil slow today 😉
B5CL Rangr: {S wakeup1} mikey
B5CL Mikey: No, not asleep, just dense, LOL
B5CL Mikey: I’m fine 😉
B5Delenn1: {S howdoi
Andro22: why do you think the humans would wear those encounter suits though
B5CL Rangr: oh…then here…{S dense}
Andro22: they can still go around in human form
B5 jgDalek: Is that a pre-requisit for CL status????
B5CL Mikey: Andro, they’ve obviously evolved to the point of the Vorlons 😉
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5Delenn1: {S comfychr
B5CL Mikey: Dalek, whut? <g>
B5CL Rangr: the comfy chair!
B5 jgDalek: spelling, too…lol
B5CL Mikey: Andro, the Vorlons could be seen as a solid form, too, but that
doesn’t mean its their
Andro22: rigtht but they appear to be able to be human and jason
OnlineHost: Spenscott has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: natural state.
B5CL Mikey: Spenscott, welcome to the Cafe!
B5CL Rangr: B5 jgDalek, spelling is for my editor
Spenscott: thanks
B5CL Mikey: Andro, the entire energy thing goes back to an Einstein theory
B5Delenn1: {S howdoi
OnlineHost: BUFFDAD1 has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: Delenn, is that LeannRimes?
B5CL Rangr: well, gang time to make dinner
B5 jgDalek: Uh huh editor ?proof reader???
B5CL Mikey: BUFFDAD, glad you could make it!
B5CL Mikey: Rangr, come back and see us soon! <g>
Andro22: didn’t everyone notice how much humans look like Jason Ironheart at
the end of Mind War
B5CL Rangr: B5 jgDalek, yeah, that’s her job
B5Delenn1: yes it ism Mikey hon
B5CL Mikey: Ack!
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{Rangr}}}}}}Bye
B5CL Rangr: see ya {S dumpgate}
B5CL Mikey: You knwo better than that Delenn! LOL
B5Delenn1: why???that is the only song of hers i like
B5CL Mikey: No, ANdro, didn’t pay that much attentionm
B5CL Mikey: Who’s Jason Ironheart anyway? LOL
B5CL Mikey: I don’t like LeAnn, Delenn, but you’re fine
Andro22: black telepath guy
B5CL Mikey: Trisha done a much better version of that song
OnlineHost: Trekkie102 has entered the room.
Andro22: love of talia
B5Delenn1: i am not a fan of hers either
B5CL Mikey: Welcome back, Trekkie!
Trekkie102: hey again Mikey ; )
Andro22: hey
B5Delenn1: cannot stand Shania Twain either
Andro22: trekkie
Trekkie102: thanx, hey all
Andro22: Mikey remember the first season episode “Mind War”
Trekkie102: hiya Andro 🙂
B5 jgDalek: {S phone
Andro22: where the telepath guy says he is evolving and he is a threat to the
B5CL Mikey: Delenn, the only Shania song I like is, “From This Moment”
Trekkie102: shania twain ::shudders::
Andro22: the first ep where bester makes his appearance
B5CL Mikey: Oh, ok, Andro, of course
B5Delenn1: ugh!!!!
Andro22: at the very end
B5Delenn1: cannot stand the woman
Andro22: when jason is that large light looking form
Trekkie102: I like Chekov
B5 jgDalek: {S thejoker
Trekkie102: er-Bester
B5 jgDalek: {S joker
Andro22: he looks exactly like the humans do at the end of “The
Deconstruction of Falling Stars”
B5CL Mikey: Interesting observation, Andro
Andro22: when they are popping into the encounter suit
Andro22: I try
B5 jgDalek: {S rocknme
B5CL Mikey: Andro, did you notice the ranger pin on the bottom of the human
ship? 😉
Andro22: hey trekkie catch last weds eps
Andro22: can’t say I did
Andro22: darn I should have
Andro22: only saw that ep once though
Trekkie102: wends at 10 pm I was asleep. to much sugar <g>
B5CL Mikey: Andro, it was cool
Andro22: try to record them
Andro22: rad
B5 jgDalek: Back later..see ya Mikey …{{{{Delenn}}}
B5CL Mikey: Trekkie, “The Fall Of Centauri Prime” was great
B5Delenn1: {{{{{Dalek}}}}}
Andro22: you should have gotten up at midnight last night to watch it
Trekkie102: i wanted to see it, but the sugar wouldn’t let me 😉
OnlineHost: Chadzkid has entered the room.
Trekkie102: can’t. sugar
Andro22: sugar
Andro22: sugar
Andro22: yummy yummy
Andro22: in my tummy
Trekkie102: isn’t it though?
Trekkie102: <g>
Andro22: the sugar are keepers
Andro22: we have figured out the entire reason b5 was created!
Andro22: to warn us of the sugar
B5Delenn1: well Mikey, love…..i hate to leave you hon
B5Delenn1: but mom duty calls
Trekkie102: Pixi sticks are not a good breakfast food i found out
B5CL Mikey: Delenn…awwww…well…come back and see us soon!
B5Delenn1: you know i will, hon
Andro22: the spice brings hyper-activity
Spenscott: Does anyone know the title of the episode where they back to…
Trekkie102: as does Pixi stix
Spenscott: B4 a 2nd time?
Trekkie102: off hand, nope
Andro22: War Without End, 1 and 2
B5CL Mikey: Spenscott, “War Without End”
B5CL Mikey: The two parter?
Andro22: oh yeah
Spenscott: thanks
Trekkie102: anyway
Andro22: {s b5them3
Spenscott: wont to watch it tonight
B5CL Mikey: Welp, folks, its time for me to head outta here!
B5CL Mikey: Pleasue, feel free to stay and enjoy the Cafe!
Andro22: I think JMS will need to hook me up to a b5 iv
Andro22: Don’t leave us
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
B5CL Mikey: And I’ll see you all tomorrow at 3PM EST! {S egyptbls}
B5CL Mikey: Sorry, Andro, my time is up ;(
Andro22: we will follow chaos or order
GODSIVAR: dont leave
Andro22: which ever one you want us too
Trekkie102: bye-bye Mikey, TTY later tomorow
GODSIVAR: you can stay late
GODSIVAR: please
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
Andro22: I’ll see you beyon the rim
B5CL Mikey: I’m sorry, Andro, GODSIVAR, y’all are welcome to come back
tomorrow at 3!
Andro22: I will try

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