Eclipse Cafe – 10/10/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
B5CL Stef: Hi there, B5CL Tap, come on in and join the mayhem ๐Ÿ™‚
Alex777A: Hmmm…my pre-teen days are far behind my…thank goodness.
B5CL Tap: geesch!
LtTranUFOS: america online= Scottish online SOL
Alex777A: Wb, Tap.
CCase3: you got that right
Alex777A: Ave, B5SENTINEL.
Lectarsh: :::makes morden fly around the room:::
B5CL Tap: :::gets blow torch for screen and cursor freeze::
Morden99: Or last night Scottish offline
LtTranUFOS: lol
Alex777A: So that’s the way it is, huh? lol
Morden99: weeeeeeee
B5CL Tap: thanks Alex ๐Ÿ˜‰
CCase3: IF its not Scottish IT’S CRAPPPP!!!
Lectarsh: :::morden starts to bobnk his head on the cealing::::
B5CL Tap: where was I ..oh ::passes out @@@@@@@@@@:::::
Alex777A: Looked like aohell was being cruel to you.
LtTranUFOS: heres another of my favorite quotes from ItB
B5CL Tap: LOL CC I know that line
Morden99: Hey Lec that hurts
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘Lectarsh’, duration 5 min
LtTranUFOS: Sheriden: “See you in h*ll” then he blows up the Blackstar.
B5CL Stef: Morden…I just love Scotsmen. They are sooooo sexy in those
Alex777A: Ah, my water has boiled…brb.
B5CL Tap: why are they sexy?
SGSPORTY88: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::is Molding her Sticky tak into B5CL
Morden99: Sorry, I don’t where a kilt.
CCase3: I think I would look good in Kilt
B5CL Tap: I mean that was battle dress.. they got killed in those things!
LtTranUFOS: well everyone got to be going
LtTranUFOS: i think ill pop in ItB
CCase3: laters
Morden99: Bye Lt
B5CL Tap: bye Tran
LtTranUFOS: Goodbye old friends
LtTranUFOS: ::enters jumpgate::
OnlineHost: LtTranUFOS has left the room.
B5CL Tap: old..who is old ::foofsdahair:::
Alex777A: Ugh! You have to have good legs if you’re going to wear a kilt.
Morden99: Not all battles by Scots ended in defeat you know
B5CL Stef: {s foof
Alex777A: I wouldn’t be caught dead in one.
Morden99: Just the important ones
B5CL Tap: ::scratching :: Just?
Morden99: Yeah just
B5CL Tap: does that mean..ah well they were losers?
B5CL Stef: what is a sticky tak?
Alex777A: Ah, Tap…I’m afraid I’m the old one.
CCase3: alex how old are you
B5CL Tap: oh Alex…you are NOT old, at least virtually ::grins::
Morden99: Only when we had Idots like Charlie in charge
Morden99: Idiots i mean
OnlineHost: B5SENTINEL has left the room.
OnlineHost: B5SENTINEL has entered the room.
Alex777A: I don’t know…I just seem to be old for the b5 group…I’m still
young at heart though.
B5CL Stef: Welcome, B5SENTINEL, to the Babylon5 Eclipse Cafe….take
B5CL Stef: a seat and some spoo and join the fun! ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Stef: what is age?
OnlineHost: Thor119345 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Welcome to the Eclipse Cafe, Thor119345. Please refrain from
B5SENTINEL: Stef, are those automatic greetings, or do you type them in
B5CL Stef: using the airlock. It creates a draft ๐Ÿ™‚
CCase3: well all I must go I must go out and spend the rest of my B-day gift
Alex777A: Something that gets me down, Stef.
B5CL Stef: Yeah I type them in myself…I am so fast…hehehehe NOT
Morden99: Age is what you make of it
OnlineHost: SGSPORTY88 has left the room.
Alex777A: cool…have fun, CCase.3
B5CL Stef: Age is a concept not a reality
Alex777A: Age is something that always goes up…never down.
Raiden437: bye
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has left the room.
OnlineHost: CCase3 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Reality what a concept
Morden99: I never liked reality
Morden99: Too boring
Alex777A: I prefer a virtual world…it doesn’t hurt quite so much when it
decides to stomp on you.
B5CL Stef: Imagination is limited only by your concept of reality
B5CL Tap: too true Alex
B5CL Tap: well my reality is quite a small
Morden99: Stomp stomp stomp
Alex777A: I feel like Indiana Jones running from the boulder at
time…although I never seem to be abl
Alex777A: e to get out of the way in time. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alex777A: ::squish::
B5CL Tap: Gee must be tired!
B5CL Stef: ouchie
B5CL Tap: ::::sips Minbari tea::::::
Morden99: Feeling a bit run down Alex
Alex777A: No, not really…life has just been being hard on me for the last
16 years or so.
B5CL Stef: I think the only thing that keeps me going is my firm grasp on
B5CL Stef: fantasy and not reality
B5SENTINEL: so, what’s up all?
Alex777A: Ah, yes…give my fantasy land…and make me a cat.
Morden99: How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking Alex?
B5CL Tap: {S cat
B5CL Tap: {S pixtydust} okay Alex your a cat
Thor119345: <<<—reality check bounced
B5CL Tap: {S pixydust}
B5CL Tap: Ack Thor think of the service charges!
Alex777A: {s meow
B5CL Stef: :::cough;::grabs more juice::::
B5CL Tap: {S purr
B5CL Stef: I think I am going to spend the day in bed today
B5CL Tap: just rest whenver you can Stef.
OnlineHost: C14Engr has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: G’day there C14Engr! Welcome to the cafe…take a seat just
Morden99: pixydust?
B5CL Stef: not out the airlock:-)
B5CL Tap: ::wavest to C14:::
OnlineHost: Beeman56 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: {S air
B5CL Stef: Hi there, Beeman56, come on in and join the mayhem ๐Ÿ™‚
Beeman56: Hello all
C14Engr: Hi Guys
Alex777A: Ave, C14Engr and Beeman45.
OnlineHost: C14Engr has left the room.
OnlineHost: C14Engr has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Mayhem? where:: check under table::
B5CL Stef: Welcome, C14Engr, to the Babylon5 Eclipse Cafe….take a
B5CL Stef: seat and some spoo and join the fun! ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Stef: Tap I feel like I have been rsting too much lately. Not much
Beeman56: What is today’s topic?
OnlineHost: C14Engr has left the room.
B5CL Tap: The new Spoo Revue
Thor119345: soo when do the new eps start? soon?
B5CL Tap: I dunno yet, Beeman it comes and goes
Morden99: Spoo tastes like chicken.
B5SENTINEL: yeah, later this month
OnlineHost: PeskyVarmt has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Hi there PeskyVarmt!
B5CL Tap: lets see its what 4 weeks from Wednesday? the 28th..Thor
Alex777A: Ave, SpekyVarmt.
PeskyVarmt: Hiya Stef
Alex777A: I mean Pesky.
Beeman56: Hey y’all I’m outa here.
B5CL Tap: and the movie is November 8th at 8pm ET/PT
PeskyVarmt: {{{Alex}}}}
Thor119345: can you be more specific? sentinel?
OnlineHost: Beeman56 has left the room.
Thor119345: thanx, tap.. ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: VorlonB5 3 has entered the room.
Alex777A: That dyslexia gets me every time.
B5CL Stef: Come in VorlonB5 3, join the chat of Babylon5 as seen on
B5CL Stef: it
B5CL Stef: TNT.
Alex777A: Ave. VorlonB5 3.
PeskyVarmt: {S rduckie} gone?
B5CL Tap: yeah Alex I know how ya feel
Morden99: Bye guys I gotta go. I’ll be back about 5pm your time.
Alex777A: Well, I must flee…my father must use the computer.
Thor119345: super, Tap.. am setting my VCR now
B5CL Tap: byebye Alex ::waves::
PeskyVarmt: Bye Alex…Morden
Alex777A: I’ll try to get on back by later…it’s been fun as usual.
OnlineHost: STARFURY88 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Just like to be early huh, Thor?
B5CL Stef: Greetings STARFURY88!!!!!! We dont take checks but we do
B5CL Stef: take Centauri Duckets!
OnlineHost: Morden99 has left the room.
Alex777A: Ave and vale all. ::waves::poof::{S jump
OnlineHost: STARFURY88 has left the room.
OnlineHost: STARFURY88 has entered the room.
Thor119345: {S mrmorden.wav
B5CL Stef: STARFURY88, enter the Eclipse Cafe, the place where coffee
B5CL Stef: has a whole new meaning in the mornings:-)
Alex777A: ๐Ÿ˜‰
OnlineHost: Alex777A has left the room.
STARFURY88: slow morning eh
B5CL Tap: @@@@passes the cinnamon rolls.
Thor119345: Tap.. the depression is too much, when i miss-em
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has left the room.
AngelMpath: nope, Pesky, just working 24/7, and the poor darlin’ has a nasty
B5CL Stef: Hi there, Raiden437, come on in and join the mayhem ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: oh its still cartoon time on the west coast..Starfury
PeskyVarmt: Well..tell him hello, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚
STARFURY88: hmm well here on tha east coast its a very ugly morning
PeskyVarmt: <—poof
OnlineHost: PeskyVarmt has left the room.
B5CL Tap: what is with colds this month?
OnlineHost: BTG1010 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: its too early for colds
B5CL Stef: BTG1010, enter the Eclipse Cafe, the place where coffee has a
B5CL Stef: s
B5CL Stef: whole new meaning in the mornings:-)
Thor119345: here on the east coast, its afternoon
STARFURY88: lol lets blame it on El Nino
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Greetings, Raiden437, and Welcome to the Eclipse cafe ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5CL Stef: where credit is king and we dont take checks
OnlineHost: BTG1010 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Naw Starfury…he dont’ do colds.
Raiden437: hi
STARFURY88: rofl
B5CL Stef: Tap its pretty cold here
B5CL Stef: and with all the rain we had
VorlonB5 3: understanding is a three edged sword, your, theirs, and the truth
B5CL Tap: he does rain, snow, sleet and prolly gloom of night!
Raiden437: grr i guess rampage is not hrar
B5CL Tap: Vorlon you ever picture that sword?
B5CL Tap: he was Raiden he left
Thor119345: it’s 60, here.. not so cold, where are you, stef?
Raiden437: how long a go
B5CL Tap: 10minutes maybe
Raiden437: o cool thanks
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OnlineHost: Lectarsh has left the room.
B5CL Tap: {S crickets
B5CL Stef: Missouri
AngelMpath: {S scrfreez}
Thor119345: how cold is it, stef?
B5CL Tap: something Angel ^i^ ..oh by the way ::waves::
AngelMpath: Hi Tappie, was afk
B5CL Tap: the Blue Angels are performing over in SF today, its Fleet week.
OnlineHost: STARFURY88 has left the room.
AngelMpath: thought my ‘puter froze, too quiet
B5CL Tap: prolly 70 today
OnlineHost: B5SENTINEL has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Emily634 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Hi B5SENTINEL, Emily634!
OnlineHost: Emily634 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Emily634 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: WB Sentinel
B5CL Stef: Welcome Emily634, please remember that we have no
B5CL Stef: Age/Sex questions here:-)
Emily634: Yeha I know
B5CL Tap: So anyone else ever read the 4th B5 novel?
B5SENTINEL: hi Tap, I really hate those automatic greetings
B5CL Tap: I dont’ do them Sentinel, no PT’s
B5SENTINEL: I started it, but I couldn’t get into it
B5CL Tap: it is sooooo awful
OnlineHost: StevenWarp has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Emily634 has left the room.
B5CL Stef: Come on in StevenWarp, Take up a chair and join the chat.
B5CL Tap: I am 2/3 of the way through..but its a stomach turner!
B5SENTINEL: I did read #7 and #9
B5CL Tap: Hey Steven!
B5CL Stef: that bad?
StevenWarp: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Steffiekins}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has left the room.
StevenWarp: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Tappiekins}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
B5SENTINEL: #9 was better than most episodes
B5CL Tap: I am reading them all Sentinel, I think I should before I start the
B5CL Tap: You read Dark Genesis yet/
StevenWarp: Hey Sentinel, LTNS
OnlineHost: DWebs10407 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: DWebs10407, Welcome to the Bablyon 5 Chat. Home of more
B5SENTINEL: Tap, no I haven’t
B5CL Stef: races than anyplace.
B5SENTINEL: hi Steven
DWebs10407: Hi everyone, good morning.
B5CL Tap: Steven! geesh! ::foofsdahair;
DWebs10407: Hi Tap, thank’s.
Thor119345: has anyone read #2? any good?
StevenWarp: DW!
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ DWebs }}}}}}}}}}}]
B5CL Tap: They rate it up there with #9…Sentinal
DWebs10407: HI Steve.
StevenWarp: {{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}
B5SENTINEL: Tap, 7 and 9 are really the only ones need to be read
DWebs10407: HI Angel.
B5CL Tap: I liked #2 Thor a lot!
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ STEVEN }}}}}}}}}}}]
DWebs10407: So, anything new anyone?
B5CL Tap: Well I am doing it for my patrons, I know what they
are all like ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5SENTINEL: #2 was a standard, (character accused of murder, must clear name)
B5CL Stef: HI there DW
Thor119345: cool, Tap.. I have it , but haven’t read it yet
B5CL Tap: Hiya DW ::waves::
DWebs10407: HI Stef, goodmorning.
DWebs10407: HI Tap, wave’s.
B5CL Tap: I checked everywhere today DW..nothing ;(
B5SENTINEL: #2 and #1 have basically same plot
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s Tap.
B5CL Tap: The Ivanova one starts slow…Thor
B5CL Tap: #1 was Talia ..:gags::
B5SENTINEL: can’t these authors think of something more original than murder
mystery plots?
B5CL Tap: Sentinel #2 was more a murder mystery.
VorlonB5 3: What do you think is going to happen in the Last 5 episodes
DWebs10407: Oh guess what’s on tonight?
B5SENTINEL: Tap, #5 was just absolute crap
B5CL Tap: #1 had Talia running out in to the desert somewhere meeting
Thor119345: that explains why i only got to page 10, LOL
B5CL Tap: Well its my next one Sentinel..4 was pretty bad, sex with
aliens..and lots of blood ::gags:
B5CL Stef: oh yuck Tap
OnlineHost: VorlonB5 3 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Oh Stef..its awful.
B5SENTINEL: #9 was a real page-turner
StevenWarp: I don’t get to ready B5 books, my Wal-Mart doesn’t carry them
B5CL Tap: I mean it was all implied but geesch!
B5CL Tap: this guy was suppose to be a Dr Who author.
DWebs10407: I hear book 9, is really good.
B5CL Tap: Steven don’t? you can order them you know.
B5CL Stef: sounds it
StevenWarp: Tap, you kinda have to have a credit card to do that
DWebs10407: Agreed, true.
Thor119345: whoever orders sci-fi books for wal-mart, doesn’t understand the
B5SENTINEL: DWebs, oh yeah, it would have madea great movie
StevenWarp: Tell me about it Thor
DWebs10407: Oh agreed, true.
B5CL Tap: hmm welll Steven..want me to get them for you?
DWebs10407: I’m hopeing one of theses day’s, they’ll make it into a movie.
Thor119345: well, steve, you’ll probably hve to find a good bookstore , maybe
at a mall
B5CL Tap: They still got them over at Waldens
StevenWarp: no thanks Tap, I workin’ on it myself :>
B5CL Tap: I want my Marcus and Kosh dolls ::pouts:: still haven’t found them
DWebs10407: Oh so guess what’s on tonight?
B5SENTINEL: DWebs, I really doubt that unfortunately
B5CL Tap: oh fine Steven ::foofs::
DWebs10407: Oh no Tap.
B5CL Tap: What the B5 movie?
StevenWarp: Tap, don’t make me open the window
B5CL Stef: what is on?
DWebs10407: Yeah I know B5.
B5CL Tap: Steven dont’ make me open that airlock next to you {S air
DWebs10407: I’m sorry what B5?
B5SENTINEL: that’s whats on tonight
B5CL Stef: {S airlock
B5CL Tap: I think they will be making it next year, after Crusades gets off
the ground.
DWebs10407: Tap do you have a Toy’s R Us near you?
AngelMpath: Steven, up to your old tricks, huh?
B5CL Tap: yeppers DW…I got no car today ..maybe look tomorrow
DWebs10407: Oh ok, good luck Tap.
StevenWarp: Angel, Always <EG>
StevenWarp: If Crusades gets off the ground
B5CL Tap: If I have the Marcus and Kosh dolls i will complete the collecion I
DWebs10407: I’m going to put them on my christmas list.
B5CL Stef: I dont have any dolls
B5CL Tap: dunno if I want green and purple Drazis ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: but I might get a pak’ma’ra they were so unique
DWebs10407: Oh so guess what’s on tonight?
B5CL Tap: what DW?
StevenWarp: hat?
B5CL Stef: Stargate
StevenWarp: what?
DWebs10407: Cuip.
B5CL Stef: Cupid?
StevenWarp: Cupid? yeah I like that show
B5CL Tap: Cupid is a show?
DWebs10407: Yes, thank’s steve, me too.
DWebs10407: It’s too funny.
B5CL Stef: Earth Final Conflicht season premiur is tonight
Thor119345: stargatethe series airs the afternoon on fox
B5CL Tap: ::glad sometimes her tv is a planter::
DWebs10407: Yes Tap, the guy thing’s he’s cupid.
B5CL Tap: strange DW
DWebs10407: Ack, think’s, sorry.
B5SENTINEL: <—- is desperately waiting for the season premiere of DEEP
DWebs10407: Yeah agreed, it is.
DWebs10407: But it work’s.
B5CL Tap: its this week Sentinel?
B5SENTINEL: I hope so
B5CL Stef: LOL tap
StevenWarp: B5, I’ve seen it, I really liked it, Especially the Romulans
DWebs10407: The best part is, they guy look’s like Mr G.
B5CL Tap: lots of controvery over in my SciFi board about the new Dax
DWebs10407: And he’s really funny.
B5CL Tap: I wonder what Jerry Doyle IS doing now?
B5CL Tap: I hear Bruce did a tv movie
B5CL Tap: I got the blurb here somewhere.
B5CL Stef: I have no idea Tap
StevenWarp: right now he’s on his hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor
B5CL Tap: I don’t think I mailed it out yet.
B5CL Stef: And Yeah It was on the other night on TNT Tap
B5SENTINEL: Jerry has done a movie that will be on USA called “The outsider”
DWebs10407: Same here tap, I saw him on one Learning channel, about a month
B5CL Tap: Who is scrubbing your floor..STeven?
OnlineHost: FALCON 882 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Glad you could make it aboard FALCON 882!
StevenWarp: Jerry
B5SENTINEL: Bruce is currently filming a movie with Jaclyn Smith
FALCON 882: ‘Lo everyone!
DWebs10407: Oh cool B5, do you know when?
B5CL Tap: I think that was on before, Sentinel its not that good
B5CL Tap: Hiya Falcon!
B5SENTINEL: DWebs, don’t have the date
FALCON 882: Hi Tap!
B5CL Tap: Yeah right STeven…he is that hard up huh?
B5SENTINEL: Tap, no, not the former Fox series
DWebs10407: Oh ok, could you please let me know when you find out B5?
B5CL Tap: oh that creepy one, Sentinel?
B5CL Stef: :::sneaks up and tickles Steven unmercelessly:::::
StevenWarp: Tap, yet, later this afternoon, he’s retiling my bathroom
Thor119345: tap, is that b5 movie going to be on TNT?
B5CL Tap: LOL Stef got him ::grins::
StevenWarp: Ack!!!! {S giggle}
B5SENTINEL: Thor, yes it will
Thor119345: thanx, sentinel ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Stef: teeeheee
B5CL Stef: that was for yesterday
B5CL Tap: Let me check that blurb I saved it..::rummaging::
DWebs10407: Oh and I just read in Jo’s site, that Jason has a movie in the
B5SENTINEL: all B5 movies are on TNT
B5CL Tap: its says the Fox Family Channel
DWebs10407: I think it’s an independent film.
FALCON 882: Sentinel, you
B5CL Tap: what ever that is
FALCON 882: (do’h)
B5CL Tap: its call Freefall..Thor
FALCON 882: Okay, start over…Sentinel, you’re connected with VORcon, right?
B5CL Tap: has Jacelyn Smith and Chad Everett
StevenWarp: Oh, this Klingon Academy Game looks so Cool
B5CL Tap: being filmed in Toronto
OnlineHost: Tigercat87 has entered the room.
Thor119345: what time frame does it encompass, tap?
B5CL Stef: Hello there Tigercat87. Wade through and grab a seat and join
B5CL Stef: the chat.
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has entered the room.
Raiden437: hi
FALCON 882: Do you know how long it will take for tickets to arrive if
say..ordered today?
Tigercat87: HEY DW Member me?????
DWebs10407: HI Tigercat yeah.
B5SENTINEL: FALCON, we would hold them at Will Call
Tigercat87: :}
Tigercat87: Gotta go
OnlineHost: Tigercat87 has left the room.
FALCON 882: Oh, so we can order the tickets in advance, but get them there?
B5CL Tap: sent out the 2 bits I had DW its not much
B5SENTINEL: and there are still Grey Council tickets left
DWebs10407: Oh ok, thank’s Tap.
DWebs10407: I’ll be right back.
B5CL Stef: :::leans back in rocking chair:::
B5CL Tap: Time Frame..Thor?
Thor119345: yes, tap..
B5CL Tap: for what Thor?
Thor119345: freefall
B5CL Tap: I lost that thread somewhere.
OnlineHost: Bichonlori has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Stef, did you get a chance to check out that baby site I sent?
Thor119345: :::::::hands back thread:::::;
B5CL Stef: {S greeting} Bichonlori, have you checked out the new TOS
B5CL Stef: guidelines for AOL? Go to keyword: TOS.
B5CL Tap: got me Thor..its all I got let me eamil it to you.
Bichonlori: hi stef
Bichonlori: hi tap
Bichonlori: hi all
Bichonlori: i am in love
Thor119345: ๐Ÿ™‚ tap thanx
B5CL Stef: hi lori
OnlineHost: STARCMD464 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: I’m back.
B5CL Stef: Hi there, STARCMD464, come on in and join the mayhem ๐Ÿ™‚
StevenWarp: :::sneaks up behind Tap and foofs da hair {S foof}::::
STARCMD464: Shaving cream fight
B5CL Stef: wb DW
DWebs10407: Stargate was good last night.
DWebs10407: Thank’s Stef.
B5CL Stef: I dont think so Star
B5CL Tap: Ack!!!! Steven dont’ muss the hair! ::refoofs::
DWebs10407: Be right back, sorry.
B5CL Stef: ::::gets out whip:::{S whip
OnlineHost: Lennierjp has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Greetings Lennierjp!!!!!! We dont take checks but we do take
B5CL Stef: Centauri Duckets!
Bichonlori: tap you are great
Thor119345: ohh , I guess I lost the thread, Tap.. I meant the B5 movie time
OnlineHost: Lennierjp has left the room.
DWebs10407: I’m back, sorry.
B5CL Tap: Oh that Thor? all I know is that they talked to the studio about
it..but nothing is firm
B5CL Tap: until Crusades gets off the ground
OnlineHost: SGSPORTY88 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Hi there SGSPORTY88!
FALCON 882: Has Crusade began production?
Bichonlori: we love tap
SGSPORTY88: Stef! Tap! Hi!
StevenWarp: Yes Falcon
DWebs10407: I like them to make that, to Dream in the City of Sarrow’s, into
a movie.
Bichonlori: okay whats the new stuff i hear
Bichonlori: about
Thor119345: I meand does the movies start whare the show ends, or is it a
prequell., or hwat
DWebs10407: But I dought it will happen.
B5CL Tap: Yes Falson, then they went on hiatus for a month got more money to
do new sets.
B5SENTINEL: Thor, movies are all over the place
SGSPORTY88: Haven’t I seen you two before?
FALCON 882: Oh, so was the release date pushed back?
Thor119345: :::keyboard demons, again:::
DWebs10407: Well I hate to do this, but I need to run.
B5SENTINEL: before, during and after B5
B5CL Stef: ::::starts to doze off::::
DWebs10407: I’ll be back soon/
DWebs10407: Bye all.
B5CL Tap: I don’t know what jms has up his sleeve Thor, just talking about it
DWebs10407: Wave’s.
STARCMD464: its almost Beer:30
StevenWarp: bye DW
DWebs10407: Bye.
OnlineHost: DWebs10407 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Stef? rise and shine you got a few more minutes now ๐Ÿ™‚
STARCMD464: so whats up folks
B5CL Stef: :::yawns:::Yeah I know but this chair is so comfy
B5CL Tap: I still want to know how those authors got #4 and 5 printed?
Bichonlori: hi stefe hows the tummy
OnlineHost: Thor119345 has left the room.
Bichonlori: tap i got a lot to learn about men and my husband
Raiden437: bye
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has left the room.
B5SENTINEL: Tap, yeah, I wonder how they got past JMS’ “qaulity control”
B5CL Stef: I feel like a bloated cow
AngelMpath: anyone going to Drows’ trivia contest this pm?
OnlineHost: Firecat443 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: he having it in the lounge Angel?
B5CL Stef: Firecat443, Welcome to the Bablyon 5 Chat. Home of more
B5CL Stef: races than anyplace.
Firecat443: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{tappie,stef}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
STARCMD464: {s bobbit3
Firecat443: i should not be here
AngelMpath: I think so Tap, wherever it was last week
StevenWarp: I’ve gotta run, Goodbye All!!!
B5CL Stef: Hi there Firecat
Firecat443: i got to work on a bio project
B5CL Tap: Fire is your doing your should be here?
OnlineHost: Nicko56 has entered the room.
Firecat443: more like a bio WEABON
B5CL Stef: Come on in to the Cafe and have some {S brownies}, Nicko56!
B5CL Tap: bye Steven ::hugs::
OnlineHost: StevenWarp has left the room.
B5CL Stef: Bye Steven
Nicko56: hello
Firecat443: ack
Firecat443: weapon
Firecat443: roflmao
Firecat443: jk
B5CL Tap: Remember Keyword: Encyclopedia
Firecat443: gotta go
OnlineHost: Firecat443 has left the room.
Bichonlori: bye steve
B5CL Tap: gosh this place is like a libary!
Bichonlori: what kind of library
B5CL Stef: ::::puts on glasses and tells everyone to SHHHH:::
B5CL Tap: a place with all kinds of subjects..Lori
Nicko56: has anyone found the vorlon visitor figure
B5CL Tap: gee Stef…if we be quiet ..{S crickets
Nicko56: {S jump1
B5CL Tap: no Nick..I want my Kosh and Marcus dolls .darn it!
Nicko56: what one the 6 inch
B5CL Stef: well if you whisper…..
AngelMpath: {S quetones}
STARCMD464: Its Miller Time
Nicko56: because we got those here and i bought marcus and kosh
Nicko56: {S quest2
AngelMpath: :::fondles Marcus dolls Venus bought her Mom in Florida:::: <g>
B5CL Tap: I need to get to Toys R Us..
B5CL Tap: well mine stay in the box, Angel
Nicko56: they are easy to find here
B5CL Tap: No Tickle me Marcus Doll?
OnlineHost: B5SENTINEL has left the room.
B5CL Stef: I dont have any ::pouts:::
OnlineHost: STARCMD464 has left the room.
OnlineHost: STARCMD464 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Come on in STARCMD464, The Tea is fresh!
STARCMD464: so how is the beer
AngelMpath: Steffie, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you had a hangover!
Nicko56: are you talking about the ones with the ships
FALCON 882: Later everyone!
B5CL Stef: nah was just up coughing half the night
FALCON 882: :::dashes out:::
Nicko56: inside
B5CL Tap: what kind do you want Stef?
Nicko56: {S goodbye
B5CL Tap: bye Falcon
OnlineHost: FALCON 882 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: I got both kinds Nick
B5CL Stef: well I would love to have a marcus doll and a ivanova and a Gkar
OnlineHost: Trepoe has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: I got Ivanova and Gkar
B5CL Stef: Come on in to the Cafe and have some {S brownies}, Trepoe!
Nicko56: you do we
B5CL Tap: but now Marcus ๐Ÿ™
AngelMpath: Stef, you poor darlin’, my Duky is sick too
OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
B5CL Stef: oh poor Duky
Trepoe: thanks taste great
B5CL Stef: Hi B5CL Tap!
Nicko56: only have some of the dolls
B5CL Stef: tap you bounced out
AngelMpath: he has a Dr appt in an hour
B5CL Tap: I have Sheridan, Delenn, Gkar, Londo, Vir, Garibaldi and Ivanova
B5CL Tap: those are my 9inch dolls
OnlineHost: STARCMD464 has left the room.
Nicko56: we are a small town we probebly wont see those for months
B5CL Tap: I got Sheridan, Delenn, Londo and Gkar I think in 6 inch dolls
Nicko56: i have kosh and marcus in 6 inch
OnlineHost: DWebs10407 has entered the room.
B5CL Stef: Hi there DWebs10407!
DWebs10407: Hi again, all.
Nicko56: hi DW
DWebs10407: Hi Stef.
B5CL Stef: WB Dw
B5CL Tap: what state are you in Nick?
DWebs10407: Hi Nick.
DWebs10407: Thank’s Stef.
Nicko56: south dakota
AngelMpath: wb DW
B5CL Tap: but I haven’t been at the store lately either
DWebs10407: Be right back, phone.
B5CL Tap: wow ….southdakota? where ?
Nicko56: rapid city
B5CL Tap: got a friend that lives in Spearfish ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: and another in BellFouche
B5CL Tap: I think that is a french name they never spell right
DWebs10407: I’m back.
B5CL Tap: wb DW
DWebs10407: Thank’s Angel.
DWebs10407: Thank’s Tap.
DWebs10407: Sorry all one of thoes day’s.
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 has entered the room.
Nicko56: you all probebly have more people living in your city then all of
south dakota
B5CL Stef: THENCHI 3, please come in and join our little Cafe across
B5CL Stef: space:-)
DWebs10407: Oh Stargate was good last night.
B5CL Tap: well in California there is few more, Nick ::grins::
THENCHI 3: greetings al
B5CL Tap: what was it about DW.?
Nicko56: thats right
B5CL Stef: well folks it that time for me to go poof. which is good cause
B5CL Stef: the baby is startingt o kick me again
B5CL Tap: byebye Stef ::waves:: rest!
B5CL Stef: {S grouphug} cyu all later!!!!
OnlineHost: B5CL Stef has left the room.
Nicko56: we are all are aways months behind all the other states
DWebs10407: Well it was about them, trying to from an Alience’s with another
goupe, to help them with –
B5CL Tap: ::::::passes out more cinnamon rolls:::::
DWebs10407: the Ra like guy.
DWebs10407: Bye Stef.
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: that Ra guy is creepy
DWebs10407: And of of the character’s father was vary sick, and dieing.
DWebs10407: Agreed, Tap he was.
OnlineHost: SGSPORTY88 has left the room.
DWebs10407: But all and all everything worked out, and they saved the
character’s father.
Nicko56: may be i will bye some more kosh and marcus and keep them in there
B5CL Tap: is this a good thing?
DWebs10407: And got the people’s help.
DWebs10407: Yeah Tap, it is.
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: That’s a good idea Nick.
THENCHI 3: greetings all
Nicko56: well i will go now bye all {S jump2
OnlineHost: Nicko56 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Yeah I opened my Sheridan one just to look at the quality
B5CL Tap: wb Thenchi
DWebs10407: Hopefule next time, they’ll be able to get the guy, and rescue
the kid, and wha’t his –
DWebs10407: name’s wife.
B5CL Tap: Its not bad…I got a doll from WildWest too..the same company has
cowboy dolls too.
DWebs10407: Be right back, phone.
THENCHI 3: thanx tap
B5CL Tap: Still in IM land Angel?
AngelMpath: not IM Tap, surfin
B5CL Tap: So anyway that 4th book I will finish today just to get it over
B5CL Tap: I might need some Mylanta or something ๐Ÿ™‚
DWebs10407: I’m back, sorry.
Bichonlori: well got to go and bye a refr. and a bed and a flu shot and
DWebs10407: One of thoes day’s.
AngelMpath: you are a brave soul Tap, to actually finish a book like that
B5CL Tap: Geesch after you get this great A-1 type show like B5 you expect
the same from the novels
OnlineHost: Bichonlori has left the room.
B5CL Tap: geesch Lori is taking a lot of stuff.
B5CL Tap: Well Angel at least now I can say I did :..and warn others away
B5CL Tap: Ranger told me 5 was worse!
AngelMpath: too true
AngelMpath: is that possible?
Trepoe: what books B
B5CL Tap: I would like to look at what this guy did to DR Who ..ya know?
B5CL Tap: The Babylon5 novels, Trepoe
B5CL Tap: there are 9 of them
Trepoe: no good to read
B5CL Tap: #1 was okay..I liked 2 and 3 …but 4 is horrible.
AngelMpath: Tap, only one I’ve heard all good things about is #9
B5CL Tap: I love to read…when I find some time
Trepoe: I’ll pass thanks
B5CL Tap: well Ranger told me 7 and 9..Angel and Dark Genesis
B5CL Tap: I figure if I finishe the first 9 ..I can go on to the trilogy
AngelMpath: hmmm, 6 tries before they got it right? <g>
B5CL Tap: prolly just in time for the shows to start again
B5CL Tap: I dunno Angel, they are all by different authors.
OnlineHost: PMRSTORAGE has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Welcome PMRS to the Eclipse Cafe
DWebs10407: Hi Pmrs.
B5CL Tap: But with rerunhell going on I figure it will keep me B5 orientated
for a few more weeks.
B5CL Tap: And looking for those B5 dolls…of course
B5CL Tap: sort of like a savanger hunt
B5CL Tap: I need a bigger box!
AngelMpath: brb phone
B5CL Tap: k..Angel ^i^
PMRSTORAGE: So whats all the news on B5
DWebs10407: Well this and that.
B5CL Tap: Not much PMR…who are you interested in>?
DWebs10407: Oh Cinescape, had something in it this morning, about Cursade.
Trepoe: waiting for oct 28th
DWebs10407: I have some Jason C new’s, if anyone is interested.
B5CL Tap: November 8th is River of Souls the new movie
PMRSTORAGE: Have we got a date for the new series in the UK yet
B5CL Tap: I saw the Canadian one PMR but not UK yet.
B5CL Tap: You check the Lurker’s guide?
OnlineHost: Thea1288 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: RMKWK has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Welcome Thea and RMK to the Eclipse Cafe
Trepoe: marked B5 on the 8th thanks
DWebs10407: Hi Rmk.
B5CL Tap: 8pm ET/PT..Trepoe
Trepoe: got it
DWebs10407: Hi Rmk.
B5CL Tap: The next movie Call to Arms is in January
DWebs10407: I hear River is going to be good.
DWebs10407: When does Crusade start?
Thea1288: Hey, how’s everyone doing?
DWebs10407: Fine thank’s, and you?
B5CL Tap: New B5’s on Wednesday nights from October 28th..through the day
before Thanksgiving.
Trepoe: need a new calander for jan dates
AngelMpath: bac, Duky says Hi
B5CL Tap: ::waves to Duky::
AngelMpath: he had to go to his Dr appt
DWebs10407: Hi Duky.
Thea1288: Good, What’s are we talking about?
B5CL Tap: he sick Angel?
DWebs10407: Oh no, who’s sick?
B5CL Tap: Were talking about the novels Thea
AngelMpath: yepper Tap, really nasty chest cold
OnlineHost: BehrEco55 has entered the room.
BehrEco55: hello
B5CL Tap: Welcome Behr to the Eclipse Cafe
BehrEco55: thanks
DWebs10407: Oh speacking of book’s, has anyone read a book called, Out
BehrEco55: no
DWebs10407: Oh I see, it’s a good book.
B5CL Tap: and how I am hoping to finish #4 without an Excedrin Headache!
DWebs10407: It’s out their, but it’s good.
B5CL Tap: who is the author DW?
PMRSTORAGE: no is it a B5 book
DWebs10407: Be right back, Tap.
DWebs10407: Getting book.
B5CL Tap: Outlander? nope but DW loves that book, PMR ๐Ÿ˜‰
BehrEco55: has anyone seen the new B5 movies the y’re great
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has entered the room.
DWebs10407: Yeah, thank’s Tap I do.
B5CL Tap: The next B5 movie is November 8th, Behr at 8pm ET/PT
DWebs10407: The Auther is, Diana Gabaldon.
B5CL Tap: Welcome Raident to the Eclipse Cafe
RMKWK: When are the new novels out? Its been awhile since the last one
BehrEco55: no i meen the made for video ones (in the beginning, thirdspace)
Thea1288: Tap, what’s about?
DWebs10407: It’s interesting, it has alittle of everything in it.
B5CL Tap: Dark Genesis was just released RMK its the new PsiCorp trilogy
Thea1288: Ditto
RMKWK: Whos in it?
Raiden437: i got to go bye
B5CL Tap: Dark about the Birth of PsiCorp
OnlineHost: Raiden437 has left the room.
PMRSTORAGE: Whats it about
RMKWK: bye
BehrEco55: can i ask a question where is everyone at the moment (city i mean)
Thea1288: Bye
B5CL Tap: I haven’t gottento it yet, but B5CLDrows has read it.
DWebs10407: Oh i’m sorry Rmk, are you talking to me?
B5CL Tap: bye Raiden
RMKWK: Talking about new b-5 books. Whos in those? Any one from current B-5
PMRSTORAGE: Haverhill England
Thea1288: I’m in Omaha, and it’s beautiful today
DWebs10407: Oh sorry Rmk.
B5CL Tap: in Dark Genesis..I dunno, RMK I got the book but B5CLDrows and
B5CLRangr have read them.
BehrEco55: thirdspace is cool
Trepoe: Muskegon,Michigan
RMKWK: No prob., Dw.
B5CL Tap: they both said it was real good
Thea1288: PMR – I’m in Omaha, Nebraska
THENCHI 3: bak
B5CL Tap: I am in California
BehrEco55: i am in edinburgh scotland
THENCHI 3: cali
RMKWK: Some of the books haven’t been worth the $, but a few are.
PMRSTORAGE: I wish I was in California
THENCHI 3: kool
RMKWK: Texas, here
BehrEco55: me to
AngelMpath: Behr, where are you?
Thea1288: Behr, How’s the weather?
THENCHI 3: im in new york
AngelMpath: oops
BehrEco55: i am in edinburgh in scotland
AngelMpath: Colorado here
BehrEco55: ok
PMRSTORAGE: Better still on B5
THENCHI 3: hehe
DWebs10407: Florida here.
B5CL Tap: kewl Behr..Centurian just got back from there
Thea1288: Ha Ha Ha
RMKWK: Boy, b-5 fans everywhere
BehrEco55: wow so many people(sorry i’m new to the web)
B5CL Tap: Just about RMK ๐Ÿ˜‰
DWebs10407: Be right back,
B5CL Tap: Actually Behr this is a quite time..usually 20 or more in the room.
B5CL Tap: er quiet
BehrEco55: really
PMRSTORAGE: B5 has to be the best SF ever
BehrEco55: definitely
RMKWK: for thinking people
Thea1288: Doe’s anyone know the best place to find B5 actors’ bios
B5CL Tap: It was meticuously crafted that is for sure.
RMKWK: on the web
OnlineHost: COITSTER1 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Let me find a place, Thea..I got a few sites
AngelMpath: For those interested, there is a B5 trivia contest at 4 pm EDT
Thea1288: thanks Tap
B5CL Tap: Hiya Coitster welcome aboard! LTNS
COITSTER1: {{{{{{{{{{{{Tap}}}}}}}}}}}}}
DWebs10407: I’m back.
THENCHI 3: greetings coitster
COITSTER1: whats up dear
COITSTER1: Hello Thenchi
B5CL Tap: not much how ya doing?
COITSTER1: doing good, 2 months and counting
B5CL Tap: Thea you want all the cast members..or anyone particular?
COITSTER1: for the baby that is
BehrEco55: what is the name of the next B5 video film
B5CL Tap: kewl is Misty?
PMRSTORAGE: will any of the B5 people be in crusader.
COITSTER1: she is good, very good
B5CL Tap: next TV movie is River of Souls, Behr
Thea1288: Mira Furlan, she’s the best actress i’ve seen
BehrEco55: thank
B5CL Tap: only Tracy..PMR
B5CL Tap: okay Thea..let me check
DWebs10407: Mr. G will be back, in River.
BehrEco55: star furies are amasing
DWebs10407: ๐Ÿ™‚
COITSTER1: when is River of Souls going to air
RMKWK: Tracy is my least favorite
PMRSTORAGE: thats good.
Thea1288: RMK, i agree
B5CL Tap: found 2 links for you Thea
B5CL Tap: yah I know RMK ;-(
Thea1288: Thanks!!!
B5CL Tap: she will play the B5 Captain I think its a small part for 13
OnlineHost: COITSTER1 has left the room.
DWebs10407: Atleast will get to see Mr. G again.
Thea1288: Good Point
OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
BehrEco55: The battle of the line in “In the Beginning” is AMASING!!!
THENCHI 3: where is everybody?
DWebs10407: Florida here.
B5CL Tap: ack? closed the wrong window! ::blushes::
Thea1288: All over, Im from Omaha
BehrEco55: im in edinburgh
THENCHI 3: no i don’t mean that i mean today
THENCHI 3: slow day
AngelMpath: RMK, same here
B5CL Tap: I hear the CD is out Behr..
Trepoe: Michigan
BehrEco55: what CD
PMRSTORAGE: I have to go now to pick up a chines take away see you all
later.Haverhill \england
Thea1288: I don’t know about you guys but I thought the last episode, season
4 was amazing
RMKWK: Why isn’t Franke going to do the music for Crusades?
DWebs10407: Bye Pmr.
DWebs10407: Well i’m going to take off too.
AngelMpath: brb, bee in the house, yikes!
B5CL Tap: Christopher Franke ‘s CD’s ..Behr
DWebs10407: Bye everyone.
DWebs10407: Wave’s.
RMKWK: Bye Dw, laters
DWebs10407: Bye Rm.
B5CL Tap: All the B5 music is out there in CD
THENCHI 3: bye
Thea1288: See ya
DWebs10407: Try and catch Cupid tonight all.
DWebs10407: Bye.
B5CL Tap: byebye PMR and DW
DWebs10407: Bye Tap.
BehrEco55: the B5 site is really behind Channel 4 over here is already airing
season 5/6
Thea1288: Angel, how are you doing?
Trepoe: Cupid????
DWebs10407: Yeah Cupid, it’s about a guy that think’s he’s cupid.
B5CL Tap: its a TV show I guess Trepoe
DWebs10407: Try it, it’s good.
OnlineHost: PMRSTORAGE has left the room.
Trepoe: oh a movie
DWebs10407: I know it sounds silly, but it’s good.
B5CL Tap: Season 5/6?
DWebs10407: No it’s a tv show.
B5CL Tap: no season 6 ..Behr
BehrEco55: yeah season 5/6
DWebs10407: Bye all.
Thea1288: I liked last weeks episode
Trepoe: what time
DWebs10407: It’s on at 9 or 10 here.
B5CL Tap: B5 ends at the 5th season, its just been kindof spread out a bit.
DWebs10407: Bye all, wave’s.
B5CL Tap: last 5 is on next month
Trepoe: bye dw
B5CL Tap: byebye DW
DWebs10407: Bye Trepoe.
DWebs10407: Bye Tap.
BehrEco55: it stopped showing them beacause they were going in front of
american airings
DWebs10407: wave’s.
OnlineHost: DWebs10407 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Yeah I read that in Lurker’s Behr
RMKWK: oops, gotta go. bye all, just when the conversation gets good.
Thea1288: Behr, Really?
Thea1288: Too Bad RMK
Thea1288: Bye
OnlineHost: GreySage has entered the room.
THENCHI 3: where is everyone going?
OnlineHost: RMKWK has left the room.
BehrEco55: yeah it gets a bit annoying to have no B5 for a few weeks
B5CL Tap: oh they come and go all the time, THE just like a real cafe ๐Ÿ™‚
Thea1288: I know! Angel, did you get that bee?
BehrEco55: …..or months
B5CL Tap: HIya Grey Sage ::bows to Sage and passes cinnamon roll and tea:::::
B5CL Tap: Well Behr I haven’t seen a new one since last June.
Thea1288: Some Chai here please.
AngelMpath: Thea, bac, just nailed the sucker
Trepoe: ::::sipps slowly:::
BehrEco55: has anyone heard news of the B5 PC game
Thea1288: Our Hero : )
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ !!!!!SAGE!!!!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
GreySage: hey there, Tap
THENCHI 3: ,why?
GreySage: tanx for the java undt roll::masticating::
AngelMpath: :::takes bow:::: thanks Thea
GreySage: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: ewwwwww Grey dont’ chew so loud!
Trepoe: lol
Thea1288: Behr, did you say you were from UK?
OnlineHost: Rhema k has entered the room.
GreySage: hehehe
B5CL Tap: Welcome Rhema to the Eclipse Cafe
BehrEco55: has anyone seen thirdspace apart from B5CL Tap(he/she seems to
know everything about B5
B5CL Tap: :::passes Sage a napkin:::::
AngelMpath: Who was from Michigan?
GreySage: {{{{{{{{Rhema}}}}}}}}
GreySage: thankee kindly
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 has left the room.
Trepoe: Mi here
AngelMpath: <~~~native Michiganian living in Colorado
BehrEco55: yeah i am from UK scotland in fact
OnlineHost: THENCHI 3 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Tis my job Behr I am a Community Leader ::grins::
Rhema k: Hi, there, sweety
Trepoe: Muskegon,Mi
Thea1288: How much American TV do you get?
BehrEco55: not much mostly on channel 4
THENCHI 3: bak
GreySage: ahhh, Angel…got a spare room??LOL
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Sage, as a mater of fact I do
B5CL Tap: Hiya Tyger
Thea1288: No, what kind of programing do you get?
TygerEyez1: hey ya’ll
THENCHI 3: bbl
AngelMpath: Hey Tyger, where ya been?
GreySage: howdy Tyger
BehrEco55: pardon ::::attepts to understand all the jargon::::
TygerEyez1: cloaked…doing a download.
GreySage: ohh really, Angel? hmmm
TygerEyez1: Hiya Grey.
AngelMpath: Sage, I’ve been renting out the spare bedroom, looking for a new
GreySage: Behr…we’ve even got our own brand of aol typonese in this room
BehrEco55: what proramming
OnlineHost: Rhema k has left the room.
BehrEco55: really
Thea1288: Has anyone seen the new Fantasy Island? McDowell is too cool
GreySage: really???? damn, now you’ve got me thinking…what’s the job
market like in your area?
B5CL Tap: McDowell>?
AngelMpath: tried to talk Fire into moving here, too far from his work
B5CL Tap: my guy said they are recruiting over there, Sage
OnlineHost: IzilZhaVni has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Welcoem Izil to the Eclipse Cafe
AngelMpath: Anything computers is hot, Sage
B5CL Tap: @@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
OnlineHost: Nharsent has entered the room.
GreySage: Tap…recruiting for what, though?
B5CL Tap: well so are my rolls, Angel ::grins:::
BehrEco55: i once went to this weird chat room where everyone talked about
football and swore
OnlineHost: Nharsent has left the room.
TygerEyez1: Angel, you get the mail I sent you?
B5CL Tap: computer stuff..Sage
AngelMpath: Sure did Tyger, merci beaucoup
GreySage: hmmm…computer mapping is my game
Trepoe: beh must have been kids
Thea1288: Tap, Malcolm McDowell, you know Clockwork Orange, Time After Time
TygerEyez1: no prob, Bob. Figured you would like it.
B5CL Tap: Behr its a much nicer group in here, when the CL’s are around
AngelMpath: Tap, you don’t miss a beat <g>
B5CL Tap: oh that one Thea
BehrEco55: what does fresh air do
B5CL Tap: why thank you Angel ๐Ÿ˜‰
GreySage: helps you breathe
B5CL Tap: its the spoiler zone, talk about programs not aired yet.
Trepoe: beh just another room
Thea1288: hehehe
B5CL Tap: Sage ! be nice {S thwap}
GreySage: aspirates in your lungs
BehrEco55: everyone here is so friendly not like on the trek chat pages
GreySage: provides oxygen
B5CL Tap: We can’t talk spoilers ever in the Cafe, against our rules.
OnlineHost: IzilZhaVni has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Sage..::tapping foot :: {S thunder
OnlineHost: IzilZhaVni has entered the room.
GreySage: {S muhahaha
TygerEyez1: Grey is never nice, Tap…haven’t you realized that yet?
B5CL Tap: We have hosted chats in that room too, Behr
AngelMpath: Halfbox, is on, must be done filming her movie
B5CL Tap: Would you like the schedule?
GreySage: <G> Behr, we get goofy in here, too
B5CL Tap: in my chat ..everyone is nice Tyger..
BehrEco55: no thanks B5CL
OnlineHost: CoryArtisn has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: ::foofsdahair::
B5CL Tap: Welcome Cory to the Eclipse Cafe
TygerEyez1: whatever you say, Foofaraw.
B5CL Tap: They better..::watches Sage::
CoryArtisn: Hello.
Thea1288: And now for my next performance in the cafe’, Smelly Cat. . . .
B5CL Tap: {S thunder1
TygerEyez1: ::giggles::
BehrEco55: its alright to be goofy just not to swear on every second word
GreySage: ‘lo Cory…well, Tap, you know me…always something up my sleeve
B5CL Tap: Too true Behr
GreySage: nope, no swearing here
CoryArtisn: Hi Tyger.
THENCHI 3: greetings cory
IzilZhaVni: hell, everyone
B5CL Tap: that is what the CL’s are for, keeps that under control
Trepoe: later all windows to wash floors to scrub laundrey to fold, its a
great day ๐Ÿ™
IzilZhaVni: hello
BehrEco55: thanks everyone and bye
AngelMpath: puhleeez Thea, not Smelly Cat
B5CL Tap: geesch Trepoe..
OnlineHost: BehrEco55 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: bye Behr
TygerEyez1: besides your arm, Grey?
OnlineHost: Trepoe has left the room.
GreySage: er, yep
Thea1288: O.k, how about some BEAT POETRY!
Thea1288: hehehe
B5CL Tap: So Sage how come your up so early?
B5CL Tap: Isn’t there a poetry chat?
CoryArtisn: ::Walks over to a seat in the cafe and orders a rather tall
Thea1288: I don’t Know
OnlineHost: IzilZhaVni has left the room.
B5CL Tap: No drinks over 4 feet allowed in the cafe, Cory ::grins::
Thea1288: Cory, get me a Chai, mine’s out
Thea1288: and a cookie
TygerEyez1: speaking of cookies……
GreySage: up so early??? I was at work over six hours ago this morning
CoryArtisn: Maybe Thea. Tap. . . . .It’s only 8 feet tall.
Thea1288: Too bad : (
B5CL Tap: geesch Grey!
CoryArtisn: And as wide as B5.
Thea1288: Ha!
B5CL Tap: Cory ..half that .. ๐Ÿ˜‰
THENCHI 3: cookies
B5CL Tap: B5 is 8 feet wide? I don’t think so
AngelMpath: Tap, only 4 feet? drats
CoryArtisn: What Thea? Oh come on Tap.
Thea1288: So, how does anyone think the show will end?
B5CL Tap: nope Cory you know you will spill it, and I got to keep this place
B5CL Tap: or Ranger will yell at me ๐Ÿ™
Thea1288: come on
CoryArtisn: I HAVE BIG ENOUGH STRAW! ::looks around:: Somewhere.
OnlineHost: Pete209823 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Welcome Pete to the Eclipse Cafe
OnlineHost: Pete209823 has left the room.
AngelMpath: Tap, did I send you the Yogi wavs we are going to change to
B5CL Tap: nope Angel but my drives aren’t working…have to wait until the
AngelMpath: {S yogi}
Thea1288: Well, maybe pete had to use the restroom?
B5CL Tap: who’s pets?
B5CL Tap: Oh you mean Booboo saying Ranger isn’t gonna like this!
Thea1288: Tap, nevermind, lame joke
AngelMpath: Tap, that’s the one
B5CL Tap: hate to see limping jokes, Thea ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5CL Tap: LOL Angel I want but I won’t be able to do D/L for a bit.
AngelMpath: cool, just let me know when
B5CL Tap: my zippy done was defective and they are replacing it for
OnlineHost: B5 jgDalek has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: I love that word……free
B5CL Tap: Hiya Dalek LTNS {S daleks
B5CL Tap: {S dalek
B5 jgDalek: Good morning
AngelMpath: I just IM’d halfbox, asked her to tell us about her movie
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{TAP}}}}}
B5CL Tap: I hear Bruce got one called least the guy is working
TygerEyez1: afk
B5CL Tap: {S drwho
B5 jgDalek: HIya Sage
CoryArtisn: ::Falls asleep after that HUGE drink::
GreySage: howdy jg!!<G>
B5 jgDalek: {{{{{{{{{{{Tyger***}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: see Cory I told ya!
Thea1288: ::had to get Cory off my shoulder, he starts to drool::
CoryArtisn: What Tap/
B5CL Tap: ewwwwwwwwww
B5 jgDalek: Hiya {{{Angel}}}}
CoryArtisn: Thea. . . .That’s mean.
THENCHI 3: ewww
B5CL Tap: huge drink your out of it for the rest of the day!
B5CL Tap: and its just beginning…
THENCHI 3: hehe
Thea1288: Oh, I’m sorry, it was only a little.
CoryArtisn: I don’t drool. Anymore.
Thea1288: Coffee will do that to ya
B5CL Tap: not even in your sleep, Cory?
GreySage: brb, afk
B5CL Tap: c(__) coffee anyone?
Thea1288: I’m going to have to leave pretty soon
CoryArtisn: Nope.
B5CL Tap: C(_)รด I have Minbari tea
Thea1288: it’s just too nice out
THENCHI 3: sure i’ll have one tap
CoryArtisn: Thea. . . Don’t leave.
B5 jgDalek: only if its irish coffee, TAP
B5CL Tap: gonna be 80 today.,
CoryArtisn: You’re cool.
B5CL Tap: well if we put the Bailey’s in it..poof C(_) {S pixydust}
CoryArtisn: ::Stagers around::
Thea1288: 70 here, sunny and just a little breeze
B5 jgDalek: mmmm good coffee
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ Dalek }}}}}}}}}}}]
THENCHI 3: 80 i wish it’s about 65
OnlineHost: Goro653 has entered the room.
CoryArtisn: I’m FINE. Really. I’m not drunk. ::Falls over::
Thea1288: very good coffee
B5CL Tap: Well time for me to jet..all..I will be back later at 11pmET byebye
{S tap}
AngelMpath: :::fans Cory with her wing:::
Thea1288: :: walk over Cory to get jackey
B5 jgDalek: Bye Tap
AngelMpath: Tap, come to Drows trivia contest!
B5CL Tap: ::grabs jacket and heads out the door:::
B5CL Tap: will try Angel
AngelMpath: cool

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