Eclipse Cafe – 10/08/1998

PowerChat: *** Entered Eclipse Cafe on 10/8/98 at 10:51 AM ***

B5CL Stef: G’Day, DWebs10407, Welcome to the Eclipse Cafe aboard
B5CL Stef: Babylon 5!
DWebs10407: Hi Stef, good-morning.
B5CL Stef: Hi there
B5CL Stef: Hows it going?
DWebs10407: Thank’s stef.
DWebs10407: Fine thank’s, and you?

B5CL Stef: Pretty good
DWebs10407: That’s good.
B5CL Stef: Helping a friend plot a surprise for her hubby
DWebs10407: Oh that’s good.
B5CL Stef: Yeah. He is going to be gone for 6 weeks so she is doing something special for him
DWebs10407: Sound’s like fun.
B5CL Stef: Yeah It has been fun
DWebs10407: Oh I see, that’s neat.
DWebs10407: That’s good.
B5CL Stef: she is sending him on a scavenger hunt that will eventually lead himi to a hotel

B5CL Stef: with her waiting for him
DWebs10407: Oh I see, that’s neat.
B5CL Stef: yeah.
DWebs10407: Cool.
B5CL Stef: so what are you planning for today?
DWebs10407: Nothing much, reading my book.
B5CL Stef: ahhh
DWebs10407: I’m hoping to get to the Computer store, sometime this weekend.
B5CL Stef: Welcome MissesCC, please remember that we have no
B5CL Stef: Age/Sex questions here:-)

DWebs10407: Hi Miss.
MissesCC: Ok-Hello
B5CL Stef: I think that its going to be another quiet day here
B5CL Stef: Hi there Misses hows it going?
DWebs10407: Agreed, it look’s that way.
MissesCC: fine-how are you?
B5CL Stef: well with all the kids in school we get a nice break
DWebs10407: Agreed, true.
B5CL Stef: I am pretty good. and still pregnant
B5CL Stef: At least we dont have to fight off the simmers DW 🙂

MissesCC: yes-but my son is off tomorrow so I have to enjoy today!
B5CL Stef: LOL
DWebs10407: Yes, thank goodness.
DWebs10407: Thank the Great Maker.
MissesCC: I’m getting excited about the new 5th season eps due to air soon
B5CL Stef: You should see this place at about 7pm Eastern
DWebs10407: Me too, I read the spoiler’s i’m not going to say anything, but their going to be good.
B5CL Stef: I know Misses. And I am happy that I wont miss any being in the hospital

MissesCC: been reading some spoilers too
B5CL Stef: But if my mum thinks that I am going to not watch B5 when

B5CL Stef: she is here she is going to be sorry!
MissesCC: But will be happy to see the real thing
B5CL Stef: I havent read any of the spoilers. I like to stay ignorant
DWebs10407: I’ve got the same problem, my mother doen’s like sc-fi, but my dad and me do.
DWebs10407: Doesn’t, sorry.
MissesCC: I still think we will be surprised
DWebs10407: Me too Miss.
B5CL Stef: yeah well I go to the hospital on Thursday morning so she will
B5CL Stef: most likely want to “chat” on Wednesday night. Will have to
B5CL Stef: set the VCR

MissesCC: My hubby isn’t into sci-fi but my boys like some of it
B5CL Stef: My mum doesnt like sci-fi at all
B5CL Stef: Rob has started getting in to the show. He tends to remind me when the eps are on now
DWebs10407: Same here Stef, but I think she was getting into Mr. G’s character alittle.
MissesCC: Got my younger son into SG1
MissesCC: now he watches with me
B5CL Stef: kewl
DWebs10407: SG-1 is good, i’m hoping they’ll find Scarra again, soon.
B5CL Stef: I saw an ep of SG1 on TV
B5CL Stef: late Saturday night

DWebs10407: Oh cool Stef.
B5CL Stef: But I fell asleep
MissesCC: I just started watching it and am enjoying it
DWebs10407: It’s an interesting show.
B5CL Stef: I would like to see the first eps of it
MissesCC: yes it is
B5CL Stef: I hate coming in the middle of a show
DWebs10407: Same here, I hate that too.
MissesCC: different like B5 not always the same
MissesCC: Good stories

B5CL Stef: yeah
DWebs10407: I hope they find Scarra soon, and are ablie to help him, know that they know how too.
B5CL Stef: who is the big black guy with the thing on his forehead?
DWebs10407: That’s Tealk.
DWebs10407: Sorry I can’t spell his name right.
B5CL Stef: so where did he come from?
MissesCC: he is a good actor
B5CL Stef: I thought his type was a bad guy or something

DWebs10407: yeah he is, and Jack’s funny.
B5CL Stef: He was good. But I just didnt get why he was with them

MissesCC: think he’s name is Teal’C–something like that
DWebs10407: Thank’s MIss, I think your right.
MissesCC: I try to watch with the captioning on–learn the names and stuff
B5CL Stef: that is an interesting way to do it
DWebs10407: They found him, when Daniles wife, and brother in in-Law got taken.
B5CL Stef: oh
MissesCC: Besides-hubby likes to do that-he can’t hear to well
DWebs10407: Rember the kid from the movie?
B5CL Stef: yep
B5CL Stef: where is Daniel’s wife?

DWebs10407: Ok well him and his sister got taken.
DWebs10407: She got taken too.
B5CL Stef: oh
DWebs10407: By Apothos.
B5CL Stef: so are they searching for them?
DWebs10407: Kind of like Ra.
B5CL Stef: gotcha
DWebs10407: Yeah, and trying to fight him and his people.
B5CL Stef: see its very confusing to come in the middle of a series like that
DWebs10407: They ran into Scarra last year, and they almost got him.

B5CL Stef: oh
DWebs10407: And the wife the rain into rescatilly, and found out that Ap got her pregnate.
DWebs10407: Resantelly.
B5CL Stef: Recently
DWebs10407: recently, thank’s Stef.
MissesCC: Stef-showtime has a web site to bring you up-to-date
DWebs10407: Yeah, they have sinope’s for the show’s, and all sort’s of stuff.
B5CL Stef: kewl
B5CL Stef: synopsis
MissesCC: just go to showtimeonline

DWebs10407: Syonopsis, thank’s.
B5CL Stef: no prob DW.
DWebs10407: Thank’s Stef.
DWebs10407: The water gun fight, was funny in Bane.
DWebs10407: at the end.

B5CL Stef: water gun fight? ~..^
DWebs10407: Yeah T, and this little girl where having a water gun fight.
DWebs10407: It was cute.
B5CL Stef: I like watergun fights
B5CL Stef: {S bgsqurt

DWebs10407: Same heir, their fun.
DWebs10407: Oh and T has a wife and son.
B5CL Stef: I keep my supersoakers handy
MissesCC: LOL
B5CL Stef: keeps the snerts in line
DWebs10407: And oh we found out what happened to Danile’s parent’s.
B5CL Stef: what happened to them?
DWebs10407: They where killed in an accident.
B5CL Stef: oh
MissesCC: wow

DWebs10407: They where putting up and desplay, in a musiam, and the rope broke.
DWebs10407: Oh and we found out too, what happened to Jack’s son.
MissesCC: though he shot himself??
DWebs10407: Yeah, but what happened his him and the wife where don staire’s, and he got into the box –
DWebs10407: where the guy was, and shot himself.
MissesCC: Oh–Ok
DWebs10407: Ack, gun sorry.
DWebs10407: Is he still married, do you know?
DWebs10407: Be right back, phone.

B5CL Stef: I really would like to get in to that show

MissesCC: Stef–tell me about the hospital thing coming up
B5CL Stef: well I go in on the 5th to have my c-seciton
MissesCC: November?
B5CL Stef: and I will most likely be there til the following Monday. yep in November
B5CL Stef: less then a month and the kid will be free….
DWebs10407: I’m back.
B5CL Stef: and I will be doing the happy dance of joy
B5CL Stef: WB DW
MissesCC: Wow-you just missmy b-day it’s the 9th
DWebs10407: Thank’s Stef.

B5CL Stef: kewl.
DWebs10407: Cool.
B5CL Stef: well my ex-hubby’s is on the 6th
MissesCC: every had a c-section be4?
B5CL Stef: yep
B5CL Stef: Hwamm2, Welcome to the Bablyon 5 Chat. Home of more
B5CL Stef: races than anyplace.
B5CL Stef: had one last time
DWebs10407: HI Hwamm.
MissesCC: oh-good luck 🙂

DWebs10407: Same heir Stef.
B5CL Stef: Yep I get another lovely scar….
MissesCC: Hello Hwamm
B5CL Stef: Hi Hwamm what brings you to this end of the woods today?
MissesCC: have scar myself from surgery
B5CL Stef: I have ltos of scars from my car accident
DWebs10407: I had ear-tubes put in, that’s not fun.
MissesCC: oh-wow
DWebs10407: I can emmaige.
B5CL Stef: oh that sounds icky

Hwamm2: brb
DWebs10407: Thank’s, it’s not that bad, the bad part is that your druged for half the day.
B5CL Stef: Glad you could make it aboard Hwamm2!
MissesCC: are you ready for the baby?
B5CL Stef: they are going to have to knock me out totally for the c-section
B5CL Stef: so that means extra time in hosp
DWebs10407: I use get alot of ear infection’s, and they put them in, to help my ear’s.
MissesCC: wow
B5CL Stef: Well all we need to get is a dresser for the baby stuff and clean
B5CL Stef: the baby room up. its a mess

B5CL Stef: wb Hwamm

B5CL Stef: Well come in SGTGEE, you just joined the friendliest chat in
B5CL Stef: space 🙂
DWebs10407: HI Sg.
B5CL Stef: {{{{{{{{{Gee}}}}}}}}}
MissesCC: Hello SG
SGTGEE: Hiya Stef!, Howdy DW
DWebs10407: Hi Sg.
Hwamm2: hi sg
SGTGEE: what’s going on today?

B5CL Stef: not much
MissesCC: Rain here
DWebs10407: Nothing much here.
SGTGEE: Rain here too… 🙁
B5CL Stef: have any old battle scars you wanna talk about?
B5CL Stef: its bright and sunny here for a change
MissesCC: sounds good stef
B5CL Stef: of course last weekend we had enough rain to last a whole month
SGTGEE: Old? nah, I’m too young to have old battle scars. 🙂

DWebs10407: I got a coulpe of scratches from the cat’s.
B5CL Stef: sheesh. I got one of my first scars when I was ten
B5CL Stef: or was that 8?
MissesCC: my kittens are getting more careful and not scratching as much
B5CL Stef: We cant have pets 🙁
DWebs10407: Oh no stef.
SGTGEE: I prefer dogs…
MissesCC: oh–:(
B5CL Stef: Of course we will have a baby and that is more complicated than pets
DWebs10407: I prefer cat’s.

B5CL Stef: I like both
B5CL Stef: I like BIG dogs
MissesCC: have two kittens and a dog
B5CL Stef: those tiny ones arent good for much
SGTGEE: pets listen better and learn quicker than babies… LOL
B5CL Stef: true. and they are easier to potty train
B5CL Stef: and they dont become teenagers
DWebs10407: Oh the boy’s turned 2 last week.
Hwamm2: i have no pets
SGTGEE: LOL, that’s the best point of all Stef. 🙂

B5CL Stef: teehee
B5CL Stef: cant accuse a dog of becoming a snert
SGTGEE: and they don’t hog the puter either…
SGTGEE: or run up the phone bill.
B5CL Stef: or crash your system
B5CL Stef: dent the car
MissesCC: My kittens try to help me type–lol
DWebs10407: My baby Aundray turned two last week, and he has threw brother’s, and a sister.
B5CL Stef: My cats did too Misses when I had them
SGTGEE: empty the refrigerator, borrow your clothes, etc…

DWebs10407: Ack, three.

B5CL Stef: so what are the advantages of having kids?
B5CL Stef: :::starting to panic::::
MissesCC: lol–too late Stef
SGTGEE: you have someone to pick on, and to make clean up the house. 🙂
B5CL Stef: arrrgggggg
DWebs10407: You all should see my couin’s twin boy’s, thier too much.
B5CL Stef: i bet
SGTGEE: and your parents stop asking “when are you going to make us Grandparents?”
DWebs10407: Oh you wan’t to hear something funny?

B5CL Stef: true
MissesCC: ok
B5CL Stef: sure DW
Hwamm2: bye
DWebs10407: Ok.
B5CL Stef: by Hwamm
SGTGEE: And you stop thinking about biological clocks…
MissesCC: Bye Hwamm
DWebs10407: Well my cousin was giving them a bath, and had their older sister in the other bath room.

DWebs10407: She got them out of the tube, and when’t to get their sister out.
DWebs10407: And she put them on the floor, and ran out.
DWebs10407: She come’s back a few minutes later, and hear’s laughing.
DWebs10407: She open’s the door, and they had gotten the vasaline down, and where putting it all over –
DWebs10407: each other.
MissesCC: oh No
SGTGEE: LOL that sounds very familiar. But I stopped doing that a few years ago… 🙂
DWebs10407: The best part is, I think she said it took a week to get it out of their hair.
B5CL Stef: oh me oh my
DWebs10407: She had the whole family cracking up with that one.

B5CL Stef: I can imaging
B5CL Stef: imagine

DWebs10407: Their awfule, and they sister is hyper active, I don’t know how she does it.
B5CL Stef: give them coffee
B5CL Stef: a little bit of coffee will calm children down
DWebs10407: Thank’s i’ll tell her.
SGTGEE: or maybe some vodka. 🙂
DWebs10407: SG.
MissesCC: LOL
MissesCC: Nyquil=naptime

SGTGEE: or a nice hot rum toddy…
MissesCC: Ha-ha
DWebs10407: Lol.
SGTGEE: Personnaly, I prefer to old “go to your room until I call you!!!” routine. It always worked
SGTGEE: for me. 🙂

B5CL Stef: LOL
B5CL Stef: well then they destroy their room
MissesCC: I loved to go to my room
MissesCC: and listen to the radio and be left alone
SGTGEE: So did I. I’d pick up a book, and they’d never hear from me again…

B5CL Stef: Yeah If I went to my room it ws to escape my mum
DWebs10407: Me it was to read.
SGTGEE: that’s the best reason of all Stef…
SGTGEE: I would listen to my music and read something. I still do that. 🙂
MissesCC: I wish I still had my own room-Hubby is too messy!
SGTGEE: Put him on the couch. 🙂
B5CL Stef: Come in Snotrooper, join the chat of Babylon5 as seen on TNT.
SGTGEE: Hiya Trooper
B5CL Stef: HI there Sno

DWebs10407: Hi Sno.
MissesCC: Hello Trooper
B5CL Stef: I kept my radio on all the time
Snotrooper: hi Sgt
Snotrooper: hi Stef
Snotrooper: hi DW 🙂
DWebs10407: Hi Sno.
B5CL Stef: hows it going snowy?
Snotrooper: doing ok just bored…
B5CL Stef: why arent you in school?

Snotrooper: how about ya’ll?
Snotrooper: off all week 🙂
SGTGEE: Lucky you…
B5CL Stef: how did you manage that one?

Snotrooper: I don’t know was just in the schedule 🙂
B5CL Stef: interesting
Snotrooper: yup 😀
B5CL Stef: I have a very busy day ahead ofme today
Snotrooper: oh no!
B5CL Stef: I just hope that I get everything done!

Snotrooper: well I don’t just lounge around lol
Snotrooper: you will 🙂
SGTGEE: Sory to hear that Stef..
B5CL Stef: well I am not. I am hosting 🙂
SGTGEE: Sorry even..
B5CL Stef: teehee
SGTGEE: :::swats typo demon:::
B5CL Stef: goign to have to go wake up hubby soon
B5CL Stef: we have to leave when I get done hosting
B5CL Stef: and he isnt moving

B5CL Stef: Come in and join us Lespresto. New episodes begin in
B5CL Stef: October on TNT.
DWebs10407: My sister is like that, she slept throw Andrew.
Snotrooper: 🙂
SGTGEE: I can hardly wait. It’s been a long time coming…
B5CL Stef: he could sleep through pretty much anything
B5CL Stef: Me too Gee
DWebs10407: Me neather Sg.
B5CL Stef: only 20 days to go
Snotrooper: well they sure are taking there time..

SGTGEE: the cool thing is that the last ep is on my birthday…
B5CL Stef: they sure are
B5CL Stef: that is kewl Gee
Snotrooper: 🙂
B5CL Stef: when is your b-day?
DWebs10407: Oh cool Sg, what day?
SGTGEE: 25 Nov
DWebs10407: Oh cool Sg, me too.
B5CL Stef: another november baby
DWebs10407: Yep.

SGTGEE: Was born on thanksgiving…
B5CL Stef: the cafe is filled with them
DWebs10407: Same here Sg.
MissesCC: wow-room is full of november babies
MissesCC: <–Nov.9th
B5CL Stef: well i was born in july so I guess I am the odd woman out
DWebs10407: Oh cool Miss.
Snotrooper: nope January baby here 🙂

B5CL Stef: well Sno we can stick together
SGTGEE: :::turns up volume on cd player:::

B5CL Stef: Come on in SHADOW5492, The Tea is fresh!
Snotrooper: 🙂
SGTGEE: hi Shadow
DWebs10407: Hi Shadow.
Snotrooper: hi Shadow
SHADOW5492: how to become a bscl
SHADOW5492: hi
SHADOW5492: im sick
DWebs10407: I think i’m going to hide in here, on Turkey day.
B5CL Stef: oh dear Shadow

DWebs10407: It’s a zoo here.
MissesCC: Hello Shadow
SHADOW5492: whats turky day
DWebs10407: Thanksgiving.
SHADOW5492: o k
SGTGEE: I’m going for a long drive, or something. Or maybe i’ll be in cali…
SHADOW5492: i bet no one can guess my name
DWebs10407: Oh cool Sg, have fun.
SGTGEE: Thanks..
DWebs10407: Welcome.

B5CL Stef: I am goign to be feeding my baby
SHADOW5492: cool
DWebs10407: Maybe i’ll be luckey and get Frake’s pizzia on Wensday night.
DWebs10407: Ack, Franke’s.
SGTGEE: Pizza sounds very good.
DWebs10407: Thank’s Sg.
B5CL Stef: Pizza sounds great
DWebs10407: Oh no, I did it again.
DWebs10407: I vote we have a pizzia party.
B5CL Stef: yeah but I have to go soon

Snotrooper: ewww pizza
B5CL Stef: :::pout pout::
DWebs10407: Oh no Stef, i’m sorry.
B5CL Stef: Oh Sno you would be the 1% of human population that DOESNT like pizza

SHADOW5492: i dont like cheese pizza
DWebs10407: I mean’t of the on the 25, to celibrate Sleeping, and Sg’s, and me’s b-day.
Snotrooper: LOL
B5CL Stef: I like super combos with everything on them
Snotrooper: well I don’t so ::sticks out his tounge::
SGTGEE: cheese pizza is cool, with everything except pineapple…

SHADOW5492: well im allergic to milk
DWebs10407: plain cheese pizza.
Snotrooper: ::gags::
B5CL Stef: I LOVE Pinapple on pizza
SHADOW5492: ewwwwwwwwwwwwe freaks get away
B5CL Stef: yum yum
DWebs10407: Pinapple dosen’t like me.
SHADOW5492: mommy make it stop
SGTGEE: Plain? that’s no fun. pineapple belongs on ice cream, NOT Pizzas. 🙂
Snotrooper: later all

B5CL Stef: pineapple is great on ham pizza
SHADOW5492: the voiuces in my head make em staop
DWebs10407: Yes plain, I just don’t like alot of suff on it.
SHADOW5492: chicken wings are the stuff
SGTGEE: I like white pizza with plenty of garlic and ricotta. 🙂
B5CL Stef: Oh I like lots and lots of stuff on mine
SHADOW5492: wings are better
SGTGEE: Really hot wings? with blue cheese dip?
SHADOW5492: any type
SHADOW5492: yum yum yum yum yum

B5CL Stef: I like honey mustrad dip
SHADOW5492: i like galic wings
SHADOW5492: garlic
B5CL Stef: i think we all better go get lunch
DWebs10407: Sorry but I don’t like hot wing’s.
DWebs10407: I think your right stef.
SGTGEE: :::stomach starts growling:::
DWebs10407: Same heir.
SHADOW5492: yeah
SHADOW5492: brb

B5CL Stef: :::chugging milk::::
SGTGEE: and maybe some jalepeno poppers… Yum…
B5CL Stef: well folks its time for me to go. Got to plot hehehehehehe
MissesCC: yeah gotta go-have a good day everyone
DWebs10407: Bye Stef.
B5CL Stef: {{{{{everyone}}}}}
DWebs10407: I need to run too.

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