Eclipse Cafe – 10/06/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
B5CL Tap: boo!
B5CL Seuss: Welcome, B5CL Tap, to the Eclipse Cafe. Safe haven for weary
B5CL Seuss: Merlen, how many fingers do you see? :::::holds 2 fingers up::::
RAVEN COBALT: {{{{{{{ Tap }}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: hiya Seuss ready to jet?
B5CL Tap: hiya Raven
B5CL Seuss: Tap, {P eek}
B5CL Tap: {S muhahaha
RAVEN COBALT: must go for now
B5CL Tap: what???
RAVEN COBALT: shall return later
B5CL Tap: ah reality got you
RAVEN COBALT: {{{{{ room hugs }}}}}}}
OnlineHost: RAVEN COBALT has left the room.
B5CL Tap: :::looks for hidden link and Minbari teapot: okay Seuss where you
hide them?
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OnlineHost: Bichonlori has entered the room.
B5CL Seuss: Bichonlori, welcome, please remember we do not accept A/S checks
Bichonlori: hi tap, hi suess
B5CL Seuss: :::::: Passes the Teapot and the link over to Tap ::::::::
B5CL Tap: :::::pours hot water into teapot:::::
B5CL Tap: okay Seuss take care ..see ya <G>
B5CL Seuss: Well Old Friends it is that time again…
B5CL Seuss: See you all the same Bab channel same Bab time.
B5CL Seuss: 06-Oct-99 08:58 PM
B5CL Tap: ::pours freshly brewed tea:::
OnlineHost: B5CL Seuss has left the room.
MetaIDom: later seuss
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B5CL Tap: Anyone get the third PsiCorp bookyet?
MetaIDom: I keep getting lag :o(
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B5 Merlen: Hi Knuc..
B5CL Tap: yeah Metai.. its like this in evenings
B5 Merlen: bye Knuc
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B5CL Tap: LOL Merlen they come and they go
B5CL Tap: well darn the bookstore still hasn’t called me about my copy yet..
B5CL Tap: I might just call them tomorrow
MetaIDom: :o) am I christened metai now then :o)
B5CL Tap: well since you said its acapitol i .. yes <G>
MetaIDom: I gave the game away
MetaIDom: should have kept my mouth shut
B5CL Tap: Is Kirkie asleep at the keyboard ?
MetaIDom: no-one would ever have known
B5CL Tap: LOL you prefer Metal then?
MetaIDom: yeah
B5CL Tap: okay Merlen you asleep too or in IMland?
MetaIDom: I’m not too sure what metai means
MetaIDom: :o)
B5CL Tap: okay Metal.. you got it
MetaIDom: see what I can find.
OnlineHost: Bichonlori has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: now let’s see.. no book…yet.. Oh Rosewell was on tonight
Bichonlori: hi ya
Bichonlori: rosewell on now
B5CL Tap: How is it?
OnlineHost: Mac204 has entered the room.
Mac204: hi
B5CL Tap: Hiya Mac welcome aboard
B5CL Tap: @@@@@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
Bichonlori: dont know I am a drew carey fan
Bichonlori: and i heard the most funny thing on there tonight
Bichonlori: want to hear
B5CL Tap: but Lori Roswell and Harsh Realms is the only 2 new scifi shows
there are
Bichonlori: drew carey is calling mimi his beast in law… and mrs. louder
drews boss
B5CL Tap: for the networks anyways.
Bichonlori: goes… the carey and biso are breeding
Bichonlori: oh
OnlineHost: GreySage has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: never seen the show except when theydid the B5 one, Lori
Bichonlori: yikes imagine the children
B5CL Tap: ::bows to Sage:::
MetaIDom: Hi Sage
B5CL Tap: how’s life in the fast lane O great Sage <G?
GreySage: ::bows back to the fellow enigma::
GreySage: ‘lo Dom
Bichonlori: what ws that?
B5CL Tap: you see Roswell tonight Sage?
Bichonlori: the b5thing
B5 Merlen: Greetings Great Grey Sage
GreySage: fast lane? hah! the fastest lane around here is on the double
black diamond ski runs
B5CL Tap: It was on last season Lori.. they had people dressed for a
GreySage: hehe, neat, Merlen
OnlineHost: I love poetry911 has entered the room.
GreySage: what about it, Tap? literally?
B5CL Tap: and they used all our makeup techniciansand stuff it was cute.
B5CL Tap: Roswell is a new scifi show on tonight.. Sage
I love poetry911: back and ready to
B5CL Tap: on WB I think it was at 9pm
B5CL Tap: okay Poetry .. are you GeoDuck in disguise then?
GreySage: ahhh…nope, didn’t see it; been surfing for tools and gear
B5CL Tap: Harsh Realms is on Friday night
B5CL Tap: okay nobody saw Roswell. I might have to watch it myself tonight.
GreySage: hehehe
I love poetry911: mac hi dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mac204: hi…
GreySage: ‘lo Mac
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I love poetry911: its GEO!!!!!!!!!
Mac204: i know…
I love poetry911: im going to beam down to normal shape now
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GEODUCK244: back
GreySage: ::munching on stolen cinnamon roll::
GreySage: wb
B5CL Tap: now Sage you know that the rolls are free ..tsk tsk
GEODUCK244: tap heya
B5CL Tap: how did i know <G>
Bichonlori: i got a dog that snores louder than my husgband
MetaIDom: lecture in 6 hours. need sleep. later all
Bichonlori: and its snoring
Bichonlori: and i think its got a cold
GreySage: yep, but I got this one off the cooling rack…before it turned to
an agate
B5CL Tap: bye Metal ::waves::
GreySage: later Dom
OnlineHost: MetaIDom has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Sage :tapping foot:: my cinnamon rolls are not agates!
GreySage: boat anchors, then?
B5CL Tap: ::pouts::
B5CL Tap: meeeeeeeeean Sage
GreySage: nice pout…kinda sexy, in fact
B5CL Tap: ::blushes:: Sage your suppose to have loftier thoughts!
GreySage: well, the foof is kinda lofty tonight
B5CL Tap: ::looks in mirror:: no.. it looks always <G>
OnlineHost: GandyDancersKid has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: hiya Gandy how you be?
GreySage: didn’t say it was different::chuckling::
GandyDancersKid: Good Tap and you?
B5CL Tap: incredible as always Gandy ::foofsdahair::
GandyDancersKid: {s fof} LOL
GandyDancersKid: {s foof}
GreySage: {S life
B5CL Tap: Sage..:::{S wind1}
GreySage: ding nabit…{S life
GandyDancersKid: {{{{{Merlen}}}}} Hello
GreySage: sorry Tap, I don’t have that one
B5CL Tap: ding nabit. I thought it was dangnabit?
Bichonlori: roswell is ok.. whats the other one
B5CL Tap: you don’t. oh my .. i like this wav just a sec, Sage
GreySage: depends…I larned mine from Gabby Hayes
B5CL Tap: Harsh Realms Lori.. on Friday night at 9 on Fox
OnlineHost: GJACK91851 has left the room.
GandyDancersKid: I thought Roswell was too much like Dawson’s Creek.
GreySage: …or was it Rudolf the Redneck Reindeer…can’t remember
B5CL Tap: there ya go Sage ::bows::
B5CL Tap: that bad huh, Gandy?
B5CL Tap: I saw they were on back to back.. not much for sci fi
GandyDancersKid: Yeah. Don’t get me wrong. It is basically the same plot
but with a little twist.
B5CL Tap: Grandma got Runover by a Reindeer, Sage<G>
GreySage: got oit
B5 Merlen: Well, I’m just taking up space right now…. be back later
OnlineHost: LEPerky has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: yeah the kids are part alien right?
GreySage: er, got it Tap; thanks
B5CL Tap: bye Merlen
B5CL Tap: hiya LEP
B5 Merlen: Expect me…. when you see me
GreySage: later Merlen<G>
OnlineHost: B5 Merlen has left the room.
LEPerky: ::waves to Tap:: Hiya Tap
GandyDancersKid: ROLF Tap, “On her way to our house Christmas Eve”
GEODUCK244: bye sci-fi guys/gals i best be goin’
LEPerky: {{{{Sage}}}}
B5CL Tap: bye Geo
GreySage: ::blows wizard dust at Perk::
GreySage: later Duck
GandyDancersKid: {{{{Prky}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Me and Grandpa we believe <G>
LEPerky: LOL, Sage!
GEODUCK244: :::waves goodbye:::
GreySage: {{{Perk}}}
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{{{GandyD}}}}}}}}}}}
GandyDancersKid: LOL
OnlineHost: GEODUCK244 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: ::coughs:: hey this place is getting too dusty {S wind1}
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has entered the room.
LEPerky: For those of you that haven’t seen Voyager.. it is VERY GOOD!
GODSIVAR: :: walks in groweling very loud::
B5CL Tap: Welcome aboard Godsivar @@@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
GreySage: foof dandruff, Tap?
GandyDancersKid: Really Perky?
LEPerky: Gandy.. you bet!
B5CL Tap: no wizard and pixy dust Sage :::coughs::
GandyDancersKid: ROFL Grey. {s hehe
LEPerky: Tim did an excellant job on the set designs
GODSIVAR: voyager was bad
Mac204: You sound mad, Sivar…
LEPerky: I’ve already sent him a note!
Mac204: WHay?
Mac204: Why?*
B5CL Tap: Mac. you got a 90=10 chance that Godsivar will be mad when he walks
in dadoor.
LEPerky: ::waves hi to Mac204::
Mac204: lol
GreySage: hehm
B5CL Tap: 90 being mad.. 10 being happy
LEPerky: LOL Tap
GandyDancersKid: LOL Tap.
B5CL Tap: hey I call em like I see em
GandyDancersKid: yeah you do.
GreySage: you never see ’em, hehehe
B5CL Tap: So Roswell was that bad huh?
LEPerky: And you see’em all, don’t you, Tap?!
B5CL Tap: Sage I have been here 4 years..I have ‘seen’ alot!
LEPerky: <– didn’t watch Roswell
Bichonlori: roswell is werido
B5CL Tap: I think so LEP <G>
GreySage: uh, Tap…literally
B5CL Tap: Alien Teens I thought
LEPerky: LOL, I know so, Tap.
B5CL Tap: well not literally Sage. I live on another planet you know beyond
the rim <G>
LEPerky: The Post critic panned Roswell, but big time.
GandyDancersKid: Tap n Pixie Mom says {s drgnkiss} She’s going to guard the
GreySage: uhhhhyep
B5CL Tap: LEP betcha it becomes like Buffy. a teen cult thang
LEPerky: LOL, {S pxykiss} back to her, Gandy
LEPerky: Tap, god I hope not.
OnlineHost: Alex777A has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: ::waves:: to Dragn:::
GreySage: Buff this!
B5CL Tap: hiya Alex..
B5CL Tap: LOL Sage
LEPerky: I might not EVER watch it.
Alex777A: Ave, all.
GandyDancersKid: :::catches pixie kiss and runs to cave::::;
LEPerky: ::giggles::
GreySage: hiya Alex<G>
B5CL Tap: LEP Buffy was fun the first season
LEPerky: Hey Alex7!
B5CL Tap: then it got strange
B5CL Tap: even I watched Buffy the first season
LEPerky: WEll, Tap,I wouldn’t know about that one either, never watched it.
Alex777A: Hiya, Tap and LEPerky. ::swirls hair abour GreySage::
LEPerky: I’ve only, unfortunately, heard about it.
B5CL Tap: I think the funniest scene was the blond vampire crying in Buffy’
GandyDancersKid: I won’t get to watch charmed cause ER is on at the same
doggone time. ::pouts:::::
B5CL Tap: while her Mom gave him milk and cookies <G>
GreySage: well folks, I came in to pick on my fave enigma; time to surf walk
in the Light, y’all
LEPerky: a blonde vampire? Geeze
LEPerky: Niters, Sage!
LEPerky: Be Safe, dear.
GandyDancersKid: Bye Grey
Alex777A: Cya, Sage.
B5CL Tap: ::bows to Sage:: aww gee blushes:::
OnlineHost: GreySage has left the room.
B5CL Tap: yeah LEP white hair.. well her MOM didn’t know abou thte vampires
B5CL Tap: it was pretty funny
B5CL Tap: he was so pathetic..
LEPerky: ::sshakes head::: I’ll take your word on that, Tap.
B5CL Tap: but that is when the show was funny
B5CL Tap: not that violent either
OnlineHost: KIRKIE6353 has left the room.
Alex777A: I’ll have to take your word on it, too.
B5CL Tap: well gee whiz. was I the only one that watched Buffy?
GandyDancersKid: Did you see season pilot Tap?
B5CL Tap: you never saw the movie either?
B5CL Tap: for what Gandy. Rosewell or Buffy?
LEPerky: Anyway, Godsivar’s comments notwithstanding, Voyager, IMHO, was
B5CL Tap: I dunno when Voyager is on here.
GandyDancersKid: Movie was a wole lot better than the series.
GandyDancersKid: Buffy Tap
LEPerky: Tap, you should make a point of finding it.
B5CL Tap: well yeah its the first time I saw Donald Sutherland not playing a
druggie <G>
OnlineHost: BABnut6 has entered the room.
Alex777A: Voyager runs on Wednesday’s in my nape of the woods. 😉
B5CL Tap: welcome aboard BAB
OnlineHost: Mentat Jon has entered the room.
LEPerky: your nape of the woods, Alex? ::giggles::
B5CL Tap: hiya JON.. have a cinnamon roll@@@@@@2
BABnut6: danka been a while
B5CL Tap: Sutherland was actually a good guy
Alex777A: Ave. BABnut6 and Mentat Jon.
Mentat Jon: the spice must flow
LEPerky: Donald Sutherland is a good actor, If I remember correctly.
BABnut6: wheres my damn show.
BABnut6: ;o
Mentat Jon: hello guys/gals/others
GandyDancersKid: Yeah He is Perky.
BABnut6: :o(
GandyDancersKid: I liked him an Backdraft Perky
LEPerky: now THAT was a scarey movie
Mentat Jon: ponders “perky”
Alex777A: I prefer his nicer personifications.
OnlineHost: PicardUFPP has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: yeah LEP but he always played a druggie
B5CL Tap: or an ex druggie
Alex777A: Ave, PicardUFPP.
GandyDancersKid: Yeah it was a thriller Perky.
PicardUFPP: Hey everyone
B5CL Tap: hello Picard welcome aboard
PicardUFPP: Thanks Tap
LEPerky: hello Picard
GandyDancersKid: Hi Picard
LEPerky: Didn’t Donald Sutherland act in Mash?
Mentat Jon: i think i was perky one when i was 12
B5CL Tap: yeah the movie
Alex777A: Yes, he did.
Mentat Jon: once*
Bichonlori: tap rosewell is different
BABnut6: any one know any tidbits on crusade (are we gonna get any more eps)
B5CL Tap: but is it scifi or a teen drama?
LEPerky: Whew.. I haven’t forgotten everything afterall!
LEPerky: BABnut, it is kaput
GandyDancersKid: No Bab no more
BABnut6: i know there canceled
LEPerky: dead, over finished
LEPerky: gone, history.
B5CL Tap: congrats LEP see that Ginseng is working <G>
Mentat Jon: oh well
GandyDancersKid: {s thud} dead
LEPerky: LOL, Tap.. .sure ’nuff!
B5CL Tap: ::giggles::
Mentat Jon: we always have our B5 tapes
OnlineHost: PicardUFPP has left the room.
LEPerky: Now.. if I can JUST remember where I put it!
BABnut6: b5 was better
Alex777A: Too bad, too……just to give us and taste and then leave us
thirsting….but with the ulti
Alex777A: mate answer.
BABnut6: i miss gkar
GandyDancersKid: ROLF Perky
B5CL Tap: and we got trivia to play with Jon… <G>
Mentat Jon: =)
B5CL Tap: LEP its on the kitchen shelf .. third cupboard from the left<G>
B5CL Tap: you play Merlen’s trivia, Jon?
LEPerky: Ah.. thank you, Tap!
LEPerky: I knew that! ::giggles::
B5CL Tap: ::looks in crystal ball:: {S muhahaha}
B5CL Tap: {s wind1}
Mentat Jon: <–is never here enough to play triva,im a psdeo workohlic
B5CL Tap: okay Harsh Realms is by Chris Carter. a better.. show perhaps
Alex777A: Actually, one of my episodes got messed up…….and I haven’t even
seen it yet.
LEPerky: Haven’t seen Harsh Realms
B5CL Tap: Email. B5Merlen.. Jon.. its a game you play in email and Merlen
gives you a week to answer.
GandyDancersKid: Me either Tap.
B5CL Tap: it starts Friday LEP
B5CL Tap: on Fox I think TV guide said
OnlineHost: Susetchka has entered the room.
GandyDancersKid: It’s fun Jon.
B5CL Tap: 9pm again
LEPerky: Tap, I’ll join in Merlen’s game, soon enough, I hope
Mentat Jon: life is work,work is life (eyes glasing over,and a little drool
from my lip)
B5CL Tap: hiya Ssues
Alex777A: Ave, Susetchka.
Susetchka: Hiya Tap!!
B5CL Tap: ack Suse
LEPerky: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Suse}}}}}}}}}}}}
Susetchka: HI Alex, Perky
B5CL Tap: My book STILL is not in ::pouts::
Susetchka: Hello Godsivar! LTNS!
B5CL Tap: oh Jon you have to play a little. email Merlen ask him about it <G>
Alex777A: Hmm…more info than I needed to hear Mentat Jon. 😉
LEPerky: Tap, Which book is that?
Susetchka: Tap The B5 one? Wow, they are really late getting the mail open
B5CL Tap: the third book of the PsiCorp trilogy
LEPerky: I haven’t even started looking for it, yet
BABnut6: has the centari book on what happend to gkar londo and sheridens kid
been out yet?
B5CL Tap: yeah my friend in SanDiego got his…she can’t even find it in the
computer yet
Alex777A: Ack! I can’t afford books right now.
Susetchka: Went to VA Beach ::teeth chatter::
B5CL Tap: that don’t start until next year, BAB
Mentat Jon: since im not here much alex,i gotta give a big’ol dose of mentat
to tide you over =0
B5CL Tap: ack Suse isn’t it a bit cold for that
LEPerky: ::throws Suse a warm blanket:::
BABnut6: dang i always get dissed :o)
Susetchka: BAB In a few months. End of November, I think.
LEPerky: It’s cold down there, Suse!
B5CL Tap: ::throws Suse an electric blanket:::
Susetchka: Thanks Perky
LEPerky: Hell, Suse.. it’s cold here too!
Alex777A: End of November? I have a birthday around then.
GandyDancersKid: It’s nice here hehehe
Susetchka: 🙂 Went to the mrinr Science Museum. Petted some Sting Rays
Susetchka: er, Marine
LEPerky: petted some Sting Rays? Fish or car?
LEPerky: LOL
BABnut6: i fed dolphins at sea world so there
Susetchka: LOL
BABnut6: ;o
B5CL Tap: Sting Rays. are like bats in the water <G>
Susetchka: 😛
GandyDancersKid: Gotta run folks, Hunter is up and squalling!!!
LEPerky: BIG BATS!!!
B5CL Tap: byebye Gandy::waves:
Susetchka: Yep, soft skin. Silky
Alex777A: The closest I’ve come has been being splashed by a killer whale.
GandyDancersKid: May all your wishes, fantasies, and dreams come true!
LEPerky: have fun, Gandy!
Alex777A: Cua. Gandy
Alex777A: Er…cya, I meant.
B5CL Tap: with herkid squalling she isnt’ gonna have fun <G>
GandyDancersKid: Yeah sure Preky. LOL
Susetchka: Hopefully will go on Humpback tour this winter.
LEPerky: LOL
BABnut6: Did you know killer whales are the largest members of the dolphin
Susetchka: ::teeth chatter harder::
GandyDancersKid: Bye Alex {{{Eclipse Cafe}}}
B5CL Tap: :::gives Suse some tea::::::
GandyDancersKid: ~poof~
Susetchka: Bue Gandy
LEPerky: Suse, make your self some hot coco
OnlineHost: GandyDancersKid has left the room.
Susetchka: Thx!
LEPerky: that should help.
Susetchka: LOL Made some oatmeal’
Alex777A: Seems to me I had heard that info before…..but since we had Keiko
in our state, it was pro
B5CL Tap: well that should warm you up 😉
LEPerky: that’ll work too, if ya like the stuff
Alex777A: bably on one of the news broadcasts.
B5CL Tap: i would but I am doing a new diet. no oatmeal ::sighs::
LEPerky: no great loss there, Tap.
B5CL Tap: 12 days on. 2 days off
LEPerky: dare we ask on and off what?
B5CL Tap: but I like it LEP it tastes good to me
LEPerky: oh…. ooooookay! 😉
Susetchka: Right Perky. Jsut to lazy )and late) to make something else.
B5CL Tap: 12 days on diet. 2 days off diet . honestly LEP{S wind1}
Alex777A: Yes… oatmeal prejudices here, either.
Alex777A: 😉
BABnut6: im on a beer and taco bell diet but my chair keeps shrinking
OnlineHost: Gabriel Bell has entered the room.
Susetchka: lol
LEPerky: LOL, Bab
Gabriel Bell: hEY EVERYONE
B5CL Tap: ah yeah sure BAB
Susetchka: Hi Gab
Alex777A: Ave, Gabriel Bell.
BABnut6: what??
B5CL Tap: Hello Gabriel welcome aboard
Gabriel Bell: Hi susetchka
Gabriel Bell: Hello B5CL Tap
B5CL Tap: chairs don’t shrink. people do <G>
Gabriel Bell: I had a terrible dream just know that I was in the future
LEPerky: Bab.. put the chair on a diet!
Bichonlori: hi sue
LEPerky: LOL
BABnut6: lie to me please
Gabriel Bell: but thats another story
Susetchka: Gab I did that. LOL! Was alien ambassador on B5
B5CL Tap: Dreams are just tv shows of the mind
Gabriel Bell: any good news about Crusade?
BABnut6: k i will no fat arsess
LEPerky: Gabriel, Nope
B5CL Tap: hmm weren’t you just here asking that?
Alex777A: If you mean about it’s continuing existence the news is bad.
Susetchka: No. SF channel bought new shows. Guess Crusade is out.
Gabriel Bell: Well I dreamed I was in the year 2024, in a santuary district
where they keep homeless peopl
Gabriel Bell: and crazy people and I was homeless and alone in this santuary
Susetchka: Heard something about TNT has rights for 2 or 3 more years.
Gabriel Bell: it was quite terrifying
LEPerky: ::shakes head::
Mentat Jon: <—will tell a lie for you”clinton doesnt like female inturns”
LEPerky: ROFL, Jon
B5CL Tap: Suse money always talks. there just isnt’ any buyers.
BABnut6: really wow
B5CL Tap: oh Jon {S thwap}
Alex777A: Interesting spelling going on there, Mentat Jon.
LEPerky: ::snickers::
B5CL Tap: yeah Alex its part of his mystic <G>
Gabriel Bell: The future seems rather sad
Mentat Jon: <–the anti speller
Susetchka: Mental Jon 😀
Bichonlori: future can be scarey or werid
Gabriel Bell: i guess we can’t do mucha about it only maybe hope to survive
B5CL Tap: The Future was suppose to be bad in the 1990’s according to the
predictions of the 1800’s
Alex777A: I just don’t want my entire life placed on a piece of plastic. And
that’s what the future h
Alex777A: olds.
B5CL Tap: Its called the doom and gloomers
LEPerky: Gabriel, do you have a crystal ball?
B5CL Tap: sort of like Harlan Ellison <G>
Gabriel Bell: Not at the moment
Mentat Jon: look at the brite side,in the future al gore should be dead,by
B5CL Tap: LOL Jon. your so silly ::tickles::
Alex777A: Yeah, well….I say wait until the breakup…..then we can talk.
Gabriel Bell: I also had a dream my Cat and Dog were trying to take over the
LEPerky: Jon.. that isn’t a particularly nice thing to say.
Susetchka: LOL Plastic Mna? I think not…
Susetchka: er, Man…
OnlineHost: Shuzzy has entered the room.
OnlineHost: RAVEN COBALT has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: LEP .. you have to understand Jon is political .its his lot in
Mentat Jon: <–never once did i claim to be nice =)
Alex777A: Yes….plastic……it’s already happening.
B5CL Tap: hiya Shuzzy ..welcome back Raven
Alex777A: Ave, Shuzzy and RAVEN COBALT.
B5CL Tap: Plastic what?
Shuzzy: Yo, howdy!
LEPerky: Tap.. I LIVE in politico land.. I understand that mentality,
BABnut6: gotta leave gotta ariot on lesser krindor lol
Mac204: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Raven}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: didn’t that guy in The Graduate say that..
Shuzzy: Ave!
Gabriel Bell: I feel like I have been hit by 13 Minbari War Cruisers in the
last hour
OnlineHost: BABnut6 has left the room.
Alex777A: The government is forcing our lives onto little plastic cards.
Susetchka: Lotsa Angel Fish there…
RAVEN COBALT: {{{{{{{{{{{{{ Mac }}}}}}}}}}}
Mentat Jon: but i can be fussy and warm sometimes,(really)
B5CL Tap: what the heck did BAB say?
LEPerky: Tap, I don’t know either
B5CL Tap: yes you can Jon :: tucks Jon in with blankie::
Shuzzy: Warm and fuzzy?
Mentat Jon: like a bo bo kittie
B5CL Tap: Whatcha been up to Shuzzy?
Gabriel Bell: I need to sleep those little people are talking in my head
B5CL Tap: only if we wantcredit. Alex <G
RAVEN COBALT: am hoked
Gabriel Bell: Well I hope you all have a good night
Shuzzy: Looking for someone who knows all the answers.
B5CL Tap: bye Gabriel
Gabriel Bell: Take care, and mya Valen be with you
Gabriel Bell: Bye B5CL TAp
B5CL Tap: okay Shuzzy .. ask a question <G>
RAVEN COBALT: typo demons
Susetchka: Tap CAn’t live on cash theese days. No credit history = no
Shuzzy: Hey, Tap, how ya’ been?
OnlineHost: Gabriel Bell has left the room.
Susetchka: Ask my stepsister.
B5CL Tap: I have been incredible <G>
RAVEN COBALT: these Psi Corp books are pretty good
Shuzzy: :::wiggling eyebrows:::
B5CL Tap: I dumped my credit. I already got da house<G>
Alex777A: Not just credit…….the US is thinking of going to a non-monetary
system…….that means
B5CL Tap: LOL Shuzzy
Mentat Jon: if i know all the ansers me,and not bill gates would be worth 4
gazillon bucks and 5 cents
LEPerky: Alex, that will never happen
Alex777A: even more of our lives will be put on plastic cards.
LEPerky: not completely.
B5CL Tap: oh Alex. they thought that way 100 years ago. it didn’t happen
Mentat Jon: knew*
B5CL Tap: just like a paperless society ain’t gonna happen either.
Susetchka: Just watch out for chips in right hand or forehead.
Alex777A: When I started my disability hearing I had to get at least two
pieces of ID to prove who I w
Alex777A: as.
LEPerky: LOL, just like computers were going to make a paperless society?
Shuzzy: Well, I just wanted to know if they’re still making X-Files or is
B5CL Tap: Well that is cause people are sneaky about ID
LEPerky: {S roflmao
Mentat Jon: <–never had a credit card
B5CL Tap: Xfiles last season this year Shuzzy
B5CL Tap: {S xtheme}
Alex777A: I shouldn’t need a pack of plastic cards to prove who I am.
Shuzzy: I knew you’d know the answer.
B5CL Tap: They are gonna finish the show Millenium on Xfiles too
Shuzzy: Any new eps coming up?
Susetchka: Heard very tacky ripof fof XFiles on radio for tattoo parlor.
LEPerky: Alex.. just a drivers license, or some form of ID
B5CL Tap: Well Alex in my area. too many people sneak in..
B5CL Tap: DMV is all we need around here.
OnlineHost: GODSIVAR has left the room.
LEPerky: Same here, Tap.
B5CL Tap: tacky rip off , Suse?
Alex777A: I don’t drive…..and even if you’ve proved yourself to be yourself
in the past you have to
Alex777A: keep upgrading your ID.
Alex777A: Gets expensive.
B5CL Tap: its called ID. Alex. you can get one at DMV for10dollars
LEPerky: Alex, where DO you live?
Susetchka: Yep. Muldur and Skully talking about her tattoo and his fear of
getting one.
Mentat Jon: DMV= department of motoer vengence!!!
Susetchka: Very poor acting.
Alex777A: And the DMV makes sure the cops have your picture then.
Shuzzy: Sometimes I wonder if I’m really me.
B5CL Tap: you got it Jon
B5CL Tap: yes Shuzzy you are really you.. mostly <G>
Shuzzy: I look at the picture on my license and still have to wonder.
Mac204: We don’t get a credit for taking Driver’s Ed.
Mentat Jon: poor acting? ok whos bashing kirk again
B5CL Tap: of course part of you is somewhere else I am sure
Alex777A: Me? I live in Oregon…..supposedly a progressive state….or it
used to be.
Mentat Jon: muahah
LEPerky: shuzzy.. well that happens to all of us, those pics are terrible!
B5CL Tap: Hey no Kirk Bashing
B5CL Tap: I like mine.::refoofs:::
LEPerky: Alex, operative word is usedtobe
B5CL Tap: Alex Oregon is a bit backwards..
Shuzzy: I look like a convict . . . all I need is one of those cards with the
numbers on it.
B5CL Tap: Nogero. that is Oregon backwards
LEPerky: LOL, Tap
Alex777A: Hey…..Oregon’s not backwards……it’s just very damp.
Susetchka: ::hackhack hack:: I hate this cough. Been hear 2 weeks,
B5CL Tap: LOL Shuzzy and do you know your social security number by heart?
B5CL Tap: well that too Alex <G>
Shuzzy: Well, of course.
LEPerky: I do.
Mentat Jon: would never bash kirk,i save all my barbs of hatered for TnT and
crap TV!
Shuzzy: Don’t you?
LEPerky: doesn’t everybody?
Shuzzy: Yeah
B5CL Tap: Suse send it a YouHaveWon message it might leave you
Mentat Jon: wrestling anyone!
Alex777A: I’ve been to college….of course I know my social security number.
B5CL Tap: and your DMV number?
LEPerky: Bite your tongue, Jon.
Mentat Jon: :::ducks::::
B5CL Tap: LEP that would hurt <G>
LEPerky: <G>
B5CL Tap: :::throws Jon a cinnmaon roll:::
B5CL Tap: @@@@@@@@@
RAVEN COBALT: so this is where i caught my cough from
B5CL Tap: last batch for tonight 🙂
B5CL Tap: well Raven you can get virus’s online<G>
Alex777A: DMV number…..I don’t know it offhand but I do have one even
though I’ve never had a driver
Alex777A: s license.
LEPerky: ::snarfs a cinomon roll::
Susetchka: Throws Tap Donuts holes OOOOOOO
Mentat Jon: hmmm..i sould drive to dunkin doughs to buy s C-rols
B5CL Tap: I know mine starts with NO 😉
B5CL Tap: I have a very negative license
LEPerky: LOL, Tap.
B5CL Tap: its true.. honest!!
Susetchka: Egads. There’s a cinnaMonster in my MAll. Yum. 800 cal per, but
worth it.
Mac204: What day is it???I’ve forgotten
B5CL Tap: Wednesday
LEPerky: your social security number and DMV number are different, Tap?
B5CL Tap: 10/7
LEPerky: Interesting
Alex777A: Hmmmmmmm…my no’s always surfaced when I tried to get my license.
Mac204: Wednesday already?!?!?!?!
RAVEN COBALT: Mac wednesday
B5CL Tap: yeppers…why yours the same?
LEPerky: Tap, yep.
RAVEN COBALT: wish it was thursday though
LEPerky: makes it easier, albeit slightly illegal.
Mac204: I have afterschool band rehersal tomorrow…:~)
LEPerky: or at the very least mis use of the SSI number
Mentat Jon: some ppl licenses are so old the soical # is in sandscript
Alex777A: Just remember….slightly illegal can be very fun. 😉
Bichonlori: my ss# and drivers lic are different
Susetchka: Perky. Only VA s backward.
Alex777A: You mean sanskrit?
Mentat Jon: =)
Susetchka: And now you can request a non SS # DL #
OnlineHost: BadASSaZnAnGeL has entered the room.
LEPerky: Now now.. Suse.. you have to admit, it IS easier that way.
Shuzzy: That sandscript doesn’t hold up very well, does it, Mentat?
LEPerky: wHat, and be required to remember another number?
LEPerky: I think not.
Susetchka: Perky For others to get in your life…
Alex777A: Ave, BadASSaZnAnGeL.
Mentat Jon: <–is the master of inventive spelling
LEPerky: well.. maybe so.
LEPerky: I’ll cogitate upon it.
Susetchka: <— Is not far behind…
BadASSaZnAnGeL: 24
Alex777A: Well, they’re fooling around with area codes where I live.
B5CL Tap: ack. not far behind what?
OnlineHost: BadASSaZnAnGeL has left the room.
Susetchka: In Spelling Tap
B5CL Tap: oh they have split us up on area codes ..lots of times
OnlineHost: TheDelenn has entered the room.
RAVEN COBALT: Alex they already did that here
RAVEN COBALT: {{{{{ Delenn }}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Welcome aboard Delenn
TheDelenn: {{S taptap}}
LEPerky: WEll, all, time for me to hit the road!
TheDelenn: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Raven}}}}}}}}}}}}}]
Alex777A: In ours newly issued numbers have a different area code….so your
area code might not be th
Susetchka: Night Perky!! Slweep well!!!
Alex777A: e same as your neighbors.
LEPerky: Niters all! {{{{{{{{{{{Tap}}}}}}}}}}, {{{{{{{{Sus}}}}}}}}}}}
Alex777A: Cya, LEPerky.
LEPerky: Cya later, Alex!!!
RAVEN COBALT: night Perky
Alex777A: Ave, TheDelenn.
OnlineHost: LEPerky has left the room.
OnlineHost: Mentat Jon has left the room.
Susetchka: I’d better go too. ((((((((((((((Room)))))))))))))
OnlineHost: Susetchka has left the room.
Alex777A: Well, I, too must flee now…..time to slay some food for dinner.
Alex777A: Ave and vale all. Cya around soon. :;waves::poof:::{S jump
RAVEN COBALT: night Alex’
B5CL Tap: later Suse
Shuzzy: Nighters, Alex
B5CL Tap: Time for me to jet.. later all see ya Friday {S tap]
Shuzzy: Pax vobis cum
B5CL Tap: et cum spiri tuo
RAVEN COBALT: later {{{{{{{ Tap }}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: ::grabs jacket and heads out dadoor::

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