Fresh Air Lounge 9/28/1998

PowerChat: *** Entered Fresh Air Lounge on 9/28/98 at 05:57 PM ***
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has entered the room.
TygerEyez1: where is everyone????
B5CL Drows: It’s still not quite 6.
B5CL Drows: TygerEyez1, welcome to the latest installment of “As the Station Rotates” that
B5CL Drows: ongoing soap opera staring all of us, the B5 fans!!!! 🙂
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TygerEyez1: so, what’s up?
B5CL Drows: You watch Homicide, Tyger?
TygerEyez1: yeah. most definitely.
B5CL Drows: Pembleton was just on Lois and Clark, playing a cop.
TygerEyez1: really? The show won’t be the same without him, I’m afraid.
B5CL Drows: He may be back, they didnt’ kill him off after all.
TygerEyez1: And Bayliss??? He’s gotten really spiritual.
B5CL Drows: Spiritual is one word for it.
TygerEyez1: or philosophical. I was like Munch….I wanted him to just shut up.
B5CL Drows: I figured that Pembleton was leaving when Bayliss was shot.
TygerEyez1: Yeah, but I really hate what they did to Kellerman. They really screwed up his character.
B5CL Drows: Well, I’m sure he’s not totally gone from the show, I expect he’ll be
B5CL Drows: around in another form.
TygerEyez1: Kellerman?
B5CL Drows: Maybe a PI.
TygerEyez1: or Pembleton?
B5CL Drows: Yeah, Kellerman.
TygerEyez1: I liked him….and I also liked Juliana Cox, too.
B5CL Drows: The coronor?
TygerEyez1: yeah…she was cool.
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B5CL Drows: She was great. Her and Kellerman made a good match, I thought.
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B5CL Drows: I do wonder how long G will stick around, though.
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HoneyB87: hello
B5CL Drows: HoneyB87, welcome to Fresh Air Lounge, the strangest place in known space!
HoneyB87: just coming here to clear my mind
TygerEyez1: hi
OnlineHost: Killa1855 has entered the room.
HoneyB87: i’m going back soon
HoneyB87: sorry
OnlineHost: HoneyB87 has left the room.
TygerEyez1: {{{{{Killa}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: well, that was quick.
Killa1855: Tyg! Quick!
B5CL Drows: Hey Killa1855, nice to see you today.
Killa1855: The duct tape!
TygerEyez1: hehehe
TygerEyez1: what’s wrong??? ::hands Killa the duct tape::
Killa1855: ::::eyes wide:::::: Why, hello, Drows. How *are* you today?
B5CL Drows: ..{ I. =-=-=-=-| }:  / ||
B5CL Drows: .. \_( o )___I -=-=-=-=-|_/  _/ \_ Killa
Killa1855: ::::Sneaks up behind Drows and hands Tyg long strip of tape::::
Killa1855: (((((((Drows))))))))
B5CL Drows: Lost the top line of that one.
Killa1855: ((((((((tyg))))))))
TygerEyez1: I am not involved with this. ::holds hands up::
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B5CL Drows: Hello NurEyvonGQ, have you seen the new “River of Souls” images at the TNT
B5CL Drows: Bayblon 5 site?
NurEyvonGQ: no
Killa1855: Fooey!
Killa1855: :::plops down hard::::
OnlineHost: PBojorquez has entered the room.
Killa1855: (((((Phlly))))))
NurEyvonGQ: PB!!
B5CL Drows: We were just talking about Homicide, Killa, since it’s finally in new eps.
TygerEyez1: Psyche! Give me that tape.
B5CL Drows: Hello PBojorquez, Babylon 5 is now showing Monday thru Friday at 6 PM
B5CL Drows: Eastern and Pacific time.
PBojorquez: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Killa}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
PBojorquez: NUR!!
OnlineHost: HoneyB87 has entered the room.
HoneyB87: hi
HoneyB87: brb
PBojorquez: thamks drows
OnlineHost: HoneyB87 has left the room.
Killa1855: Anybody want a 1985 Buick with only a few holes in the oil pan?
Killa1855: can be plugged by funny looking rods lying on street….
NurEyvonGQ: hehehe
B5CL Drows: Define “few”.
Killa1855: Will sell.
B5CL Drows: LOL
Killa1855: Cheap.
TygerEyez1: thank you, but no….I’m driving my own poor battered car.
NurEyvonGQ: Hello my fellow Maradian..(PB)
B5CL Drows: I take it you threw a couple of rods?
Killa1855: Poor Monkey Boy wasn’t even off the Greyhound before I trashed his engine
PBojorquez: hiya. you got a new aol account?
OnlineHost: P21rogue has entered the room.
P21rogue: hello
Killa1855: Hi Rogue
PBojorquez: hi p21
NurEyvonGQ: no, I am Trigari leader of the religous caste
TygerEyez1: ouch, Killa.
PBojorquez: oh okay
NurEyvonGQ: Loria is no longer a member of aol
Killa1855: By the time I lifted the hood, *all* the oil was on the ground.
B5CL Drows: Well, that will teach Monkey Boy to let you drive the car.
Killa1855: And it gets worse
B5CL Drows: P21rogue, welcome to the Fresh Air
B5CL Drows: Lounge.
Killa1855: My BBVD CD is stuck in the disk player….
PBojorquez: bbvd?
TygerEyez1: hehehe
Killa1855: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Phil
B5CL Drows: Killa, find a paper clip, straighten it out and insert it in the small hole under the tray,.
NurEyvonGQ: is this relevant??
PBojorquez: oh thats dance music right? like swing?
B5CL Drows: That will pop open the CD tray so you can take out the CD.
Killa1855: Well, it’s an expensive player. We’re gonna rip it outta the car…
Killa1855: when we get back to Wisconsin…
Killa1855: Yes Philly
PBojorquez: ohokay
PBojorquez: ohokay
B5CL Drows: Oh, the car CD player. You might still be able to do it.
NurEyvonGQ: ZzzzzzzzZzzzzzz
OnlineHost: HoneyB87 has entered the room.
NurEyvonGQ: Hi Hon!
HoneyB87: ::walks in::
OnlineHost: Dgarye has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Hi HoneyB87, Dgarye, did you know that
PBojorquez: hiya DG!!
B5CL Drows: Down Below has added season 5 wavs to its web site?
P21rogue: hi honey dg
OnlineHost: XMacShayx has entered the room.
HoneyB87: hi everyone
Dgarye: (¯`’·.,¸(¯`’·.,¸·´¯`·­>({S b5intro1})<­·´¯`·¸,.·’´¯)¸,.·’´¯)
Killa1855: AND the stupid kid in the seat next to me on the train tonight
Killa1855: was playing his headphones too loud…. you guessed it… BBVD
P21rogue: hi mac
XMacShayx: Hello all
TygerEyez1: that’s how it always is.
B5CL Drows: XMacShayx, the air date for the next new
B5CL Drows: episode is October 28th, “The Fall of Centauri Prime”
NurEyvonGQ: ::falls asleep with pike in hand::
XMacShayx: Woo Hoo : )
Dgarye: Drows we all know WB closed down below – get real
PBojorquez: ;þ
OnlineHost: Krstlsingr has entered the room.
HoneyB87: The NAME of “The fall of centauri prime” is a spoileri!i!i!i!
PBojorquez: really dg? that sucks they were great!!
P21rogue: bye all…i gotta go before i fall asleep at the puter
Krstlsingr: hi all
TygerEyez1: Hi Singer.
P21rogue: {S p21~1
OnlineHost: MLBlack44 has entered the room.
TygerEyez1: Bye Rogue.
Killa1855: No, Honey, it’s been foreshadowed for eps and eps and eps
P21rogue: {S bobbit3]
Krstlsingr: cafe just got empty…
XMacShayx: Got to see the repeat of Deconstruction today…I gained a new apprication for that ep.
XMacShayx: tonight
P21rogue: {S bobbit3
HoneyB87: {S im
Dgarye: But i am working on a Free WAv site and we can all go
OnlineHost: P21rogue has left the room.
Dgarye: to and for other
NurEyvonGQ: ::accidentally hits xmac on top of head with pike, still asleep::
Dgarye: wavs
XMacShayx: Besides….wait…Is this the spoiler area?
Dgarye: WB closed down below on 9/13
Dgarye: WB closed down below on 9/13
MLBlack44: yah
Dgarye: (The free one)
Dgarye: (via assimiltr’s web page)
B5CL Drows: Dgarye, then why did the site just open for me?
HoneyB87: are we allowed to sim here?
B5CL Drows: SIMMING – SIMming using “Babylon 5” characters or trademarks is strictly
B5CL Drows: prohibited in our chat rooms. Likewise, solicitation for outside simulations
B5CL Drows: using these trademarks is also prohibited.
Dgarye: how many wavs do you see?
Krstlsingr: WB = Wants Bucks?
XMacShayx: Hey is anybody intrested in beta reading a B5, Forever Knight, Higlander x over?
Killa1855: SINGER!!!
Killa1855: Hiyas girl!
Dgarye: {S forever
B5CL Drows: Dgarye, you said the site was closed, I just opened it. Didn’t keep it
B5CL Drows: open to check for wavs.
NurEyvonGQ: hello people?
TygerEyez1: Mac, I will. I like them both.
HoneyB87: Drows, are we allowed to do those things like: ::smiles:: ?
TygerEyez1: send it to me.
Krstlsingr: hi {{{killa}}}
XMacShayx: Cool… it isn’t finished yet.
Dgarye: Not closed like you can not get there but closed like
Dgarye: disclaimer
OnlineHost: XMacShayx has left the room.
Killa1855: Thanks, singer, needed hug
Log Count: There were 9 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:15 PM
B5CL Drows: HoneyB87, yes, that’s not considered “simming”.
HoneyB87: good
NurEyvonGQ: BOROLA!!!!!
Dgarye: okay I will show and remember you asked!
HoneyB87: before, i was doing that, and people were yelaling at me for simming
Killa1855: Neil Gaimon has published the Day of the Dead script
HoneyB87: typo
Krstlsingr: WB = Weasly Buissnessmen?
B5CL Drows: Closed means “closed to access”, to most people anyway.
OnlineHost: Norad VII has entered the room.
Killa1855: <~~~~has brand spanking new copy
OnlineHost: MLBlack44 has left the room.
Killa1855: Weird Boys?
OnlineHost: HoneyB87 has left the room.
OnlineHost: HoneyB87 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Hiya Norad VII, HoneyB87, the Iced Jhala is on the bar.
OnlineHost: PBojorquez has left the room.
Killa1855: Windy Butterer-uppers?
Norad VII: hey drows..
HoneyB87: hy, anyone, who here’s the bartender?
NurEyvonGQ: OUI!!!
OnlineHost: NurEyvonGQ has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Anyone catch the story about the McD’s employee’s at Burger King today?
TygerEyez1: no. what about it?
Killa1855: What happened Drows?
Krstlsingr: Heard about it as a free giveaway…
Krstlsingr: if they came ‘in uniform’
OnlineHost: PBojorquez has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Tyger, seems a couple of employees from one of the McD’s went into
B5CL Drows: Burger King and threw down their sandwiches for the promotion, in
Killa1855: ::::giggles::::: were the McBari’s even manned?
Krstlsingr: ::: Pours a cpuple Yarrans:::
B5CL Drows: protest.
TygerEyez1: LOL.
Krstlsingr: Wonder how much they got paid for it?
B5CL Drows: Hello PBojorquez, glad you could join us today.
B5CL Drows: Burger Wars are back, for anyone who remembers them from the 70’s
Killa1855: Oh, man! A *protest* over fast food hamburgers?
PBojorquez: lol
Killa1855: That’s what makes our country great, huh?
HoneyB87: um, can i have an iced tea?
HoneyB87: hey– computer freeze!
B5CL Drows: That and politics, Killa.
HoneyB87: ddd
Killa1855: Drows, the 70s should never be remembered!
HoneyB87: there we go!
Krstlsingr: I havent been to a Mcd’s in over 10 yrs. I like chinese spicy now…
TygerEyez1: Killa, I was too young to remember the ’70s
HoneyB87: gtg
HoneyB87: bye all ytou peoples
OnlineHost: HoneyB87 has left the room.
Killa1855: Well, Tyg, that’s what my grandma said…
B5CL Drows: HoneyB87, Have a good day.
TygerEyez1: hehehe.
Dgarye: LadyNarn’s
Dgarye: Sound Page
B5CL Drows: You try Thai food, Krstl.
Dgarye: only one left
OnlineHost: JM ICEMAN has entered the room.
Norad VII: gotta leave too…bye all…
Killa1855: ::::looks enviously at Tyg:::::
JM ICEMAN: Greetings room!!!
Killa1855: (((((((((Icey)))))))) Hiya good lookin!
B5CL Drows: Hiya JM ICEMAN. let me know if you need
B5CL Drows: a link to one of the Babylon 5 sites with updated information about the show.
OnlineHost: Norad VII has left the room.
TygerEyez1: :::Puts on most innocent look::: Why are you looking at me like that?
JM ICEMAN: ((((killa))))
TygerEyez1: Hiya Iceman.
Krstlsingr: Ive had it in Hawaii, Drows. That shrimp soup with the red stuff floating…
OnlineHost: MinbariRob has entered the room.
OnlineHost: GPC1121 has entered the room.
JM ICEMAN: OK Drows….gee Im all updated I think?
Killa1855: Hey Rob! How many days?
B5CL Drows: MinbariRob, GPC1121, welcome to the
B5CL Drows: Fresh Air Lounge.
MinbariRob: 81 days and counting
JM ICEMAN: {S lounge
Killa1855: :::looks at Icey’s attire:::: *that* is updated?
B5CL Drows: Rob counting down to the next school break, again?
OnlineHost: PBojorquez has left the room.
MinbariRob: aka too many days
GPC1121: hi
MinbariRob: Counting down til the next Mia break actually.
B5CL Drows: Iceman, you catch the “River of Souls” pictures at TNT’s site?
JM ICEMAN: Hey Killa.I’m not wearing anything!
MinbariRob: Hi JM
JM ICEMAN: Yup Drows
TygerEyez1: Drows, I’m counting down to Thanksgiving and I just began classes again today.
GPC1121: bye
OnlineHost: GPC1121 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Sheen looks quite different in Soul Hunter make up.
OnlineHost: Snotrooper has entered the room.
JM ICEMAN: Found them this morning
Killa1855: Hmmmm, must be the emperor’s clothing. I thought I was taking
B5CL Drows: Hey Snotrooper, nice to see you today.
Killa1855: a tuck here? ::::hastily unthreads needle:::::
Snotrooper: hi Drows.
MinbariRob: Need to get back to School myself, but I think I will wait another year.
B5CL Drows: What’s up Sno?
OnlineHost: AngelMpath has entered the room.
Snotrooper: nothing much just watching WWF.
Killa1855: ((((Snowy))))
Dgarye: World Wide Web (Keyword to:
Killa1855: ((((Angel)))))
Killa1855: Snowy, for shame!
B5CL Drows: Well, I suppose someone has to, Sno. LOL
MinbariRob: Hi Angel
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Dgarye: Blank page and that is the story
Snotrooper: hello Killa…..
Snotrooper: LOL
Killa1855: {S helogkar
Snotrooper: Killa do I know you..?
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Killa
Snotrooper: ::thinking back::
B5CL Drows: Hello AngelMpath, Gr8 1Gkar, glad you could join us today.
Killa1855: WEll, you might, hon.
JM ICEMAN: ((((Angel)))))
Snotrooper: oh..
JM ICEMAN: Hi Snotroop
Gr8 1Gkar: Hiya Angel
Dgarye: (¯`’·.,¸(¯`’·.,¸·´¯`·­>({S angel})<­·´¯`·¸,.·’´¯)¸,.·’´¯)
Killa1855: Quit IMing him, Drows!
B5CL Drows: You might say Killa’s a fellow “MSND” sufferer, Sno.
Snotrooper: hi ICe
OnlineHost: NurEyvonGQ has entered the room.
Snotrooper: MSND?
B5CL Drows: No IMs here Killa.
Killa1855: :::::stomps foot:::::
B5CL Drows: Multiple Screen Name Disorder.
Snotrooper: OHHH LOL
NurEyvonGQ: ~~hello all teeps~~
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ Drows!Dgarye!ICEMAN!Killa!Rob!Tyger! }}}}}}}}}}}]
Killa1855: (knew that, that’s why I picked on you hon)
Dgarye: oh sorry killa {S killrwav
TygerEyez1: Drows, you wouldn’t know anything about MSND, would you?
B5CL Drows: Hey NurEyvonGQ, welcome to the room!
NurEyvonGQ: hi
Snotrooper: lol
NurEyvonGQ: Hi Rob!
JM ICEMAN: BRB.Drow hold my seat…
Killa1855: No, actually, drows has been diagnosed OCMSND
B5CL Drows: Are you kidding? I’m president of the local 12 Step Program for MSND.
OnlineHost: JM ICEMAN has left the room.
MinbariRob: Hi Nur
TygerEyez1: LOL.
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Nur
Dgarye: {S chatroom
NurEyvonGQ: how are you?
NurEyvonGQ: Hi Gkar
TygerEyez1: Killa? I’m afraid to ask but what exactly is that?
Killa1855: Obsessive compulsive….
Gr8 1Gkar: I’m fine, Just BORED
OnlineHost: TJenni7073 has entered the room.
Killa1855: …well, you know…
NurEyvonGQ: LOL
MinbariRob: Doing all right. How are you?
B5CL Drows: Well, I’ll remember that, Killa.
TygerEyez1: ::winks:: {S gotcha
OnlineHost: TJenni7073 has left the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Burden
NurEyvonGQ: I am alright.. for a aggravated ranger mentor!
B5CL Drows: ::emails Killa’s SN to FBI for White House enemies list::
Killa1855: Polki says hi, Drows, G’Kar, Rob!!!!
B5CL Drows: Hey TJenni7073, nice to see you today.
MinbariRob: ahhh sounds like fun
B5CL Drows: >:-)
OnlineHost: ATh45 has entered the room.
MinbariRob: Hi Polki
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Polka, LTNS
Dgarye: So, B5 people – we are creating an ultra secret B5 wav
Dgarye: and gif room for all fans – send me your wav and gif s
Dgarye: and I will post them – the address will come when the room
Dgarye: (in a dungeon far far away) is completed 🙂
Krstlsingr: Hey, Id be proud to be on Clintons enemies list…
NurEyvonGQ: yeah, but you gotta love those trainees! ::chuckles::
OnlineHost: B5 Merlen has entered the room.
NurEyvonGQ: LOL
TygerEyez1: Drows, am I a good guy or a bad guy? I never can tell.
B5CL Drows: Hey ATh45, B5 Merlen, nice to see you
B5CL Drows: today.
Killa1855: Singer, don’t worry. I know somma those guys… they forget
NurEyvonGQ: hiya merlen
B5 Merlen: Hello fellow addicts…..{S adicted
B5 Merlen: Hello fellow addicts…..{S adicted
Killa1855: where they put their flashy thingies…
Killa1855: {S amnot
B5 Merlen: Yes you are Killa.
Dgarye: And they will be free!
MinbariRob: Love them even more when they’re no longer trainees.
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Honored
B5CL Drows: Tyger, well, I always thought you were a “good gal” so that would mean neither, yes?
Dgarye: In fact I may send them to you
TygerEyez1: yeah, if you want to get technical about it.
TygerEyez1: {S tygrgigl
ATh45: hello b5
Dgarye: forced free stuff
B5CL Drows: 😉
NurEyvonGQ: so gkar why are you bored?
NurEyvonGQ: r they ignoring u?
Dgarye: {S happy
Gr8 1Gkar: O’ I don’t know, I guess cause I’m BROKE
NurEyvonGQ: LOL rob.. I know
Dgarye: Oh where?
B5CL Drows: Well, that’s the leading cause of boredom, GKar.
B5 Merlen: Quick…. get the duct tape….. Gkar’s broke
MinbariRob: Join the broke club Gkar.
NurEyvonGQ: I sometimes wish I was still on the active ranger list
Dgarye: Splint it!
Killa1855: :::::rips tape off Drows’ back:::::
Gr8 1Gkar: Just bothers me more somedays than others
B5CL Drows: If the duct tape isn’t enough, we can scrap up some super glue.
Killa1855: Here, Merlen
Log Count: There were 12 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:30 PM
MinbariRob: Know the feeling Gkar, really.
Dgarye: Or give you the nearest support group for the -4rs
NurEyvonGQ: lol
Gr8 1Gkar: Ok, So watching b5 now
Gr8 1Gkar: Missed half of it
TygerEyez1: Feeling Drow’s pain as the tape is ripped off of his back…..OUCH!!!!!
Gr8 1Gkar: I hate when that happens
Killa1855: Oh, no, I think I just used the last of the glue on STCC’s boots
NurEyvonGQ: I got it on tape Gkar
MinbariRob: Hope Drows doesn’t have a hairy back ::winces::
OnlineHost: StarTrekCC has entered the room.
OnlineHost: ATh45 has left the room.
Dgarye: Now we know what the vorlons are actually –
Dgarye: humans and rangers combined right?
TygerEyez1: Rob, lol.
AngelMpath: bac from IM land
Killa1855: Well, am tired early tonight (no sleep for 2 days)
Gr8 1Gkar: Its a Good one, I love the way Garibaldi gets them in the end
B5 Merlen: Hi STCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: Drows!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: I’m watching Hercules, myself. I’ve seen the reruns several times and
B5CL Drows: have most of them recorde, (for my own personal use, of course).
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ STCC!!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Drows: Hey, StarTrekCC have you tried the Bagna
B5CL Drows: Cauda? Garibaldi just made a fresh batch.
Snotrooper: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{STCC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Killa!!!!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and Killa,{S thwap}, get some sleep
NurEyvonGQ: Baldi? where??
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sno}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5 Merlen: Your boots are still stuck on the floor where Killa glued them, STCC
NurEyvonGQ: drows you aren’t fibbing are u?
Killa1855: :::::giggles:::: Don’t watch video tapes with a friend, Drows?
Gr8 1Gkar: Baldi on soon
B5CL Drows: Under the table in the corner, Nur.
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Tygerrrrrrr}}}}}}}}}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: Gerry Baldi
StarTrekCC: Gkar!!!!!!!
Krstlsingr: long days Killa?
StarTrekCC: Merlen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gr8 1Gkar: CC!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: Krst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarTrekCC: Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NurEyvonGQ: ::calls out:: Baldi? where are you my friend.. I got a message from Sinclair!
B5CL Drows: Killa, you know, standard disclaimer for “not selling or profiting in any
B5CL Drows: way be the sale of prerecored tv shows” stuff.
MinbariRob: My days start at 3 AM 🙁
StarTrekCC: {{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}}}}}
Dgarye: ::::::wondering how Luciano got up to the top of the
Dgarye: Effiel tower without help::::::::
MinbariRob: Howdy STCC
OnlineHost: Snotrooper has left the room.
B5CL Drows: 🙂
NurEyvonGQ: poor rob!
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Kisslite
Killa1855: Singer, you don’t *even* want me to type all that again. Suffice it
Killa1855: to say I trashed my son’s engine and daughter got in an accident
Killa1855: (fender bender) when she picked me up….300 miles from home
Killa1855: or so…
Killa1855: …the day after my son moved to TN…
AngelMpath: Rob, aren’t there laws against that?
B5CL Drows: Robby, you still seeing that certain young lady on occasion?
MinbariRob: good thing is it means it ends at 1
Dgarye: WAtch Xena the male power thing is obsolete
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Flute
StarTrekCC: Killa, you need to get some sleep…how long has it been?
Killa1855: ::::waves::::::
Dgarye: {S xenahero
MinbariRob: Well Drows, I am seeing her when she is in the country.
NurEyvonGQ: Garabaldi? where are you?? ::looks around bar::
B5CL Drows: Robby, next time you chat with her, say Hi for m.
MinbariRob: all the other times I am just writing long letters to her.
B5CL Drows: me.
AngelMpath: {S xena2}
OnlineHost: Killa1855 has left the room.
MinbariRob: all righty.
Krstlsingr: sounds like some ‘sled repairs’ times ahead, bummer Killa…
B5CL Drows: I haven’t seen her online since before I found XCom Interceptor.
Dgarye: ::::;clasps Angels hand – let’s just lurk and let the
Dgarye: males pretend they are superior::::::
MinbariRob: Looking forward to Christmas 🙂
B5CL Drows: Well, it could always be worse, Killa.
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Flute1
Dgarye: {S gabygab
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Flute2
MinbariRob: I try to pretend Im equal….
AngelMpath: Dgarye, I’ve been doing that for 2 decades <weg>
StarTrekCC: I haven’t seen FlameLions for along tiime
B5 Merlen: Dgarye….. I don’t THINK I’m superior…. I think I’m equal
Dgarye: Wow only 2?
Krstlsingr: yaeh, i assume it wasnt trashed (engine and daughter) then got accident…
NurEyvonGQ: are you guys ignoring me?? I feel unloved! ::sobs::
Dgarye: Really Merlen care to explain?
AngelMpath: well, maybe three
B5CL Drows: “All people are equal, some are just a little more equal, in their opinions.”
MinbariRob: Nur, we’re not ignoring you.
Gr8 1Gkar: {S GetMe} Nur, you 2??
NurEyvonGQ: hehehe gkar! ::smiles again::
OnlineHost: NYC PANDA has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: No one’s ignoring you, that I know of Nur. You haven’t done anything what would warrent it.
Dgarye: really Drows let’s discuss if we are going to do that
Dgarye: B5CL Tap
Gr8 1Gkar: LOL, Thats a Good think
NurEyvonGQ: thanx drows! I feel wanted now! ::giggles::
MinbariRob: Im just in Robland…. ::shrug:: where ever that is.
Gr8 1Gkar: DROWS, some don’t ignore when they should
OnlineHost: NurEyvonGQ has left the room.
B5CL Drows: NYC PANDA, TNT has another movie due out this year, have you heard?
AngelMpath: Drows, haven’t seen anyone evoke the Goddess yet <g>
Dgarye: Okay ::::;the river runs through it::::;
Gr8 1Gkar: Seen, how would you see it??
NYC PANDA: Which movie is it Drows?
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Haven’t even had to run the new Caps macro, either.
B5CL Drows: NYC PANDA, “River of Souls”, with Martin Sheen.
Dgarye: {S joxerthm
AngelMpath: New Caps Macro??!! Oh please show it to us, please, please, please!
Dgarye: Sounds like Apocolypse with a new name
MinbariRob: PLEASE!!!!!!!1
B5CL Drows: Would you please type in lower case letters, it is much friendlier! . Thanks!
B5CL Drows: ::staggers around the room, doing a Hunchback impresion:: The Caps, the caps!
NYC PANDA: I heard a little about that one. I just can’t wait untilthey stop doing reruns.
TygerEyez1: hehe….cute.
B5CL Drows: That’s the one, I have too many of them.
MinbariRob: <g>
AngelMpath: ROFL, I love it
Dgarye: {S caress
AngelMpath: Almost as good as the Goddess
B5CL Drows: The humor set get’s a bit crowded some days. LOL
Krstlsingr: whats the airdate drows, or dont heyt have one yet?
Dgarye: {S b5dclars
B5CL Drows: Hmm, I should do a Kirk one, since I’m always picking on him.
B5CL Drows: River of Souls is about a group of Soul
B5CL Drows: Hunters come to the station demanding the return of something that was stolen
B5CL Drows: from them. Set to air on November 8th, 1998.
Dgarye: by the way i did not pay for that nor did I know
Dgarye: anyone on the set or in relation to the production it
Dgarye: was not obtained illegally it was heard here just
Dgarye: like you now
OnlineHost: NYC PANDA has left the room.
Dgarye: the circle always must be circular to be defined right?
B5CL Drows: I’m looking forward to seeing Martin Sheen in make up.
OnlineHost: MinbariRob has left the room.
Dgarye: He will (must) look younger
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
AngelMpath: {S scrfreez}
Spires05: Hello all.
Dgarye: {S frzvice!
TygerEyez1: Angel, hehehe…..Screenfreeze!!!!!!
B5CL Drows: Hot and chilled Jhala is by the bar, Spires05 help yourself.
B5 Merlen: You can see a picture of him in his makeup in the newest copy of Universe Today I think
B5CL Drows: Merlen, it’s also posted at the TNT site.
B5 Merlen: that too
AngelMpath: Tyger, thought we were being gagged again!
OnlineHost: KMGray3 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Hiya KMGray3. let me know if you need a
KMGray3: Greetings all
B5CL Drows: link to one of the Babylon 5 sites with updated information about the show.
Dgarye: Lets see Knight i did B5 i did what was the other
Dgarye: theme – i really don’t want to scroll was it {S
Dgarye: spabthme
KMGray3: Hiya {{{Drows}}}}
OnlineHost: Spires05 has left the room.
AngelMpath: :::hmm, wind just kicked up, can hear the chimes:::
TygerEyez1: Lord, I hope not….that was terrible.
Dgarye: {S hilanthm
KMGray3: Hiya Angel, Merl, Dgar, {{{STCC}}}}, Krstl, Tyger
OnlineHost: Fredsite2 has entered the room.
AngelMpath: {S wind}
B5 Merlen: Hello Gray
TygerEyez1: Hiya, KMG.
Fredsite2: hi everybody!
Krstlsingr: hi Gray
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ KMG!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
B5CL Drows: Fredsite2, I hope you’ve had your shots,
B5CL Drows: there’s another outbreak of “Rerun Fever” expected to last until October 28th.
KMGray3: Hi Fred
Dgarye: – — —•••—¤•¤º°{KM}°º¤•¤•••—— — –
OnlineHost: Hershey985 has entered the room.
Log Count: There were 10 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 06:45 PM
AngelMpath: brb afk
KMGray3: How’s everyone this eve?
OnlineHost: Hershey985 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Hershey985 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Pretty good, KM, how are you?
Dgarye: Hershey? Like in Hershey candy stuff?
OnlineHost: Hershey985 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Hershey985 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Hello Hershey985, have you seen the new “River of Souls” images at the TNT
B5CL Drows: Bayblon 5 site?
Dgarye: Guess not
KMGray3: Drows-doing better, was ill much of th weekend and today
Fredsite2: :::Curses the day reruns were conjered up:::
OnlineHost: Hershey985 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: KM, well, that always helps insure a good day, yes?
B5CL Drows: 🙂
KMGray3: absolutely
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
Krstlsingr: I dont get TNT but will should to watch the 28th ep live on vacation..
KMGray3: Hi Delenn
B5CL Drows: Hey B5Delenn1, have you checked the
B5CL Drows: Lurker’s Guide lately?
B5Delenn1: hi KM
B5Delenn1: hello Drows
TygerEyez1: Hiya Delenn.
B5Delenn1: {{Tyger}}
OnlineHost: MstrGrinch has entered the room.
Dgarye: I am generic site Dgarye
MstrGrinch: {P MrGrinch} Greetings and salutations.
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
KMGray3: Hi Grinch
MstrGrinch: Hiya KMGray,
B5CL Drows: Greetings MstrGrinch, Gr8 1Gkar, tonight’s specialty, Flarn a la Sheridan.
MstrGrinch: Hi Drows
Dgarye: heheheheh no one understands that is what WB said
Dgarye: too
B5Delenn1: hi {{{{{{Grinchie}}}}}dear
Fredsite2: WB shutting down wav sites???????
TygerEyez1: Hiya Grinchie
MstrGrinch: @}—->——-§{B5Delenn}§——-<—-{@
KMGray3: Hi GKar
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya KM
TygerEyez1: Delenn, I had quite a scare today.
B5 Merlen: No, they aren’t…..
Dgarye: yes they are
B5Delenn1: what happened Tyger?
B5 Merlen: they are shutting down sites who have EPISODES that you can download
Krstlsingr: SInce after S5 its over doesnt that fall into ‘beating dead horse’ futlitliy on WB’s part?
Gr8 1Gkar: {{{{{{ANGEL}}}}}}}}}}
TygerEyez1: I nearly passed out.
Dgarye: Shutting down is shutting down no money no pain
AngelMpath: {{{Gkar}}}}
B5Delenn1: Sheidn says Gaeti hit a 2 run homer
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Angel
B5Delenn1: GOOO CUBS!!!!
B5Delenn1: yeah
Krstlsingr: All it will get them is bad press…
B5Delenn1: why did you alm ost pass out Tyger?
Krstlsingr: and most floks have already pulled down anything they wanted…
Dgarye: Lets sue those weirdos who are giving free food to the
Dgarye: starving same concept only different genre
TygerEyez1: Not enough to eat today….and I had just a bit too much sugar for lunch today…
Gr8 1Gkar: And anything we don’t have we can get from our friends, RIGHT??
TygerEyez1: ….not enough real food.
Dgarye: Right!
Gr8 1Gkar: 🙂 Glad to hear it
B5 Merlen: I knew there was a reason I wanted to turn on power tools before I came in….
B5CL Drows: Dgarye, if you have a problem with Warner Bros. policies or actions, as
B5CL Drows: you see them, you should take it up with them.
B5Delenn1: gotta be careful…it will do it to you everytime
Dgarye: If you have an abundance you must give or be drowned
Dgarye: in your own overflow
B5Delenn1: i know…..i am hypoglycemic
TygerEyez1: My pulse began to pound….my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest.
Gr8 1Gkar: Do you think they will close DownBelow??
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: Delenn, same here.
Dgarye: {S delenn3
OnlineHost: RingSongs4 has entered the room.
B5Delenn1: yep…….need to be careful, hon
TygerEyez1: I could become that way very easily.
OnlineHost: Fredsite2 has left the room.
KMGray3: brb
MstrGrinch: must be genetic Mom,
AngelMpath: ::::helps Dgarye off of his soap box:::: come on dear, we are
TygerEyez1: Also, my vision blurred and I felt myself beginning to go.
B5CL Drows: Hiya RingSongs4. let me know if you need
B5CL Drows: a link to one of the Babylon 5 sites with updated information about the show.
AngelMpath: preaching to the choir here
OnlineHost: Fredsite2 has entered the room.
Dgarye: WB sucks I have no problem with that Drows
B5Delenn1: i’ll tell ya……i have passed out from it and it is not fun
TygerEyez1: Force of will kept me from it though.
Fredsite2: bak
B5Delenn1: oh yeah, grinchie?
Dgarye: {S b5intro1
RingSongs4: Ok…whats the URL?
OnlineHost: Spires05 has left the room.
MstrGrinch: yup I have the same problem
B5CL Drows: RingSongs4, to which site?
B5Delenn1: that is why i rarely drink pop…..
B5CL Drows: Greetings Fredsite2, have you read the
B5CL Drows: message boards lately?
RingSongs4: about the updated info about the show you said
Dgarye: Assimiltr is the nexus
B5Delenn1: and i usae sweet & low in my tea
Dgarye: need I define nexus?
Fredsite2: Nope, have the lounge on favorite
B5CL Drows: RingSongs4, I have several sites.
B5CL Drows: Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 is on the Web at
B5CL Drows:
B5CL Drows: The Turner Network Television (TNT) website for Babylon 5, the Television show
B5CL Drows: is on the web at:
Dgarye: ah a challenge
B5CL Drows: Those two are kept the most recent, from what I’ve seen.
Gr8 1Gkar: Challange??
Gr8 1Gkar: RingSong-Thats a New one to me
RingSongs4: does anyone know why TNT seems to not give promos anymore?
Dgarye: Assimiltr’s
Dgarye: Babylon 5
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
Fredsite2: See y’all later! ciao!
OnlineHost: Fredsite2 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: RingSongs4, there’s an email like at the TNT site, if I recall. You can ask them directly.
Gr8 1Gkar:
MstrGrinch: RingSongs, prolly because they are very $$ for a show that will end
MstrGrinch: soon 🙁 always comes down to the almighty $
OnlineHost: RearAdmMic has entered the room.
Dgarye: SciFI Advance: Babylon
Dgarye: 5 – Crusade
Dgarye: these are key words from
Dgarye: links
B5CL Drows: Hey, RearAdmMic have you tried the BagnaWe saved you a place, Spires05.
B5CL Drows: Cauda? Garibaldi just made a fresh batch.
OnlineHost: Dgarye has left the room.
B5 Merlen: um, what’s BagnaWe?
AngelMpath: Merlen, I was wondering the same thing?
B5CL Drows: Merlen, ok, that’s a bit scrambled. Just checking to see who’s awake. LOL
Krstlsingr: ::::gets a Bagna and a Yarran chaser:::
Spires05: Hi Mic.
AngelMpath: yeah, sure Drows, whatever you say <g>
B5 Merlen: That’s pretty chancy…. you wake people up and they may notice what they are saying
AngelMpath: Rule #1: Drows is always right
Krstlsingr: Garibaldi always makes a good drink…
TygerEyez1: Rule #2: Ignore Rule #1
B5CL Drows: Hey, I have a window’s system, what do you expect, perfect performance? ROFL
AngelMpath: Rule #2: If Drows is wrong, refer to rule #1
KMGray3: bak
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has left the room.
TygerEyez1: Angel, I like my Rule #2 better.
B5CL Drows: Rule #3, Those objecting to Rules 1 and 2, will be shot.
MstrGrinch: lol Tyger,
OnlineHost: RearAdmMic has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Public Service Announcement and 5 Minute Warning~*~ Heads up Folks ! Don’t
B5CL Drows: be fooled ! Only *official* B5 chat hosts can use “B5CL” in the beginning of their
TygerEyez1: Who me???? {S tygrlaff
B5CL Drows: Screen Name. This is the only official Staff for the Eclipse Cafe and Fresh Air
B5CL Drows: Lounge.
B5Delenn1: {:o/
AngelMpath: Tyger, Rule#4: don’t p*ss*ff the CL <g>
TygerEyez1: pshaw…..
B5CL Drows: Yeah, scrolling and polling make me cranky. LOL
Krstlsingr: rule # 4. Let those without aim shoot against you.
Log Count: There were 11 member(s) in Fresh Air Lounge at 07:00 PM
B5CL Drows: I prefer “Give the biggest guns to those with the worst aim.
TygerEyez1: Singr, lol.
KMGray3: got to go all…catch ya tomorrow!
OnlineHost: KMGray3 has left the room.
B5CL Drows: Later KM.
OnlineHost: BiosynCorp has entered the room.
OnlineHost: BlueCat184 has entered the room.
BlueCat184: hi all
B5CL Drows: BiosynCorp, BlueCat184, how are you today!
BiosynCorp: alright..
Spires05: {{{{{{{Cat}}}}}}}}
BlueCat184: good what about you
OnlineHost: HV Ezine has entered the room.
BlueCat184: hi Spires
OnlineHost: Gmmas has entered the room.
RingSongs4: Are there any B5 mailing lists besides The Zocalo?
B5CL Drows: I’m winning more then losing, guess that makes me ahead of the game.
B5 Merlen: Rule #5: Try to look unimportant… the enemy may be low on ammo and not want to waste it
B5CL Drows: Hi HV Ezine, Gmmas, did you know that
B5CL Drows: .
B5CL Drows: Down Below has added season 5 wavs to its web site?
B5CL Drows: RingSongs4, some of the Star’s web sites my have mailing lists, but I
B5CL Drows: don’t know of any off-hand, no
OnlineHost: SILNTSTRID has entered the room.
B5CL Drows: SILNTSTRID, how are you today!
OnlineHost: LilSarita has entered the room.
SILNTSTRID: I am just really happy that hurricane missed me
BlueCat184: :::: goes to bar :::::
B5CL Drows: Well, time for me to leave, you’re all
B5CL Drows: welcome to stay and enjoy the Fresh Air Lounge. If you need assistance, please
B5CL Drows: feel free to use KEYWORD: I Need Help or KEYWORD: Notify AOL to report
B5CL Drows: violations. Bye for now!! 😉
TygerEyez1: Later, Drows.
AngelMpath: Take care Drows
LilSarita: Good evening, my friends.
BlueCat184: bye
MstrGrinch: Bye Drows,
B5 Merlen: Hi Lil
B5 Merlen: Bye Drows
B5CL Drows: Nite everyone, see you tomorrow, same B5 time, same B5 chat room.
LilSarita: Drows, was it something I said?
HV Ezine: Bye Drows
OnlineHost: SILNTSTRID has left the room.
B5CL Drows: LilSarita, no, my shift is over, that’s all. 🙂
LilSarita: Be well, Drows.

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