Eclipse Cafe – 9/25/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
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OnlineHost: IvanovaX has entered the room.
IvanovaX: heyh
B5CL Tap: hiya Ivanova 🙂
IvanovaX: bye
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Corytheb: hey
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Corytheb: whats up?
B5CL Tap: hello Cory & Tltxman welcome to the Eclipse Cafe
B5CL Tap: dunno, just got here myself 🙂
Tltxman: hi
Corytheb: ok 🙂
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Corytheb: hihihihi
Tltxman: yo
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B5CL Tap: Welcome SgtGee to Eclipse Cafe..LTNS
B5CL Tap: where ya been?
Tltxman: afk
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SGTGEE: Hiya Tap, I’ve been hither and yon, but mostly yon. 🙂
B5CL Tap: I guess yon..
SGTGEE: Quiet room tonight…
B5CL Tap: been traveling?
B5CL Tap: Yeah it gets that way..will pick up.just got here myself.
SGTGEE: a little. Mostly military related stuff…
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B5CL Tap: I was talking to MstrGrinch
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B5CL Tap: says he has to evacuate.tomorrow
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SGTGEE: {{{{{{{{{{SUSE}}}}}}}}}}
Susetchka: Hi SDarge!!
Susetchka: Hi Tap!!
SHADOW5492: taaaaaappppppppppppppppppppp
B5CL Tap: Hiya Suse, EMays and Shadow welcome aboard BAbylon5
SGTGEE: where is he right now?
SHADOW5492: hows it going
B5CL Tap: He is at Elgin right now
Susetchka: {S grinch} ??
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B5CL Tap: But the hurricane is heading his way, yes, Suse our Grinch
MAD DOG512: hi
MAD DOG512: bye
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Susetchka: I know. How is he?
B5CL Tap: 105 mph winds
EMays37946: $(#^–grertings–^#)$
B5CL Tap: I talked to him earlier, he is fine right now
SGTGEE: wow, she’s picking up speed…
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SGTGEE: that’s good…
B5CL Tap: his wife is very worried though
Susetchka: Wife?
B5CL Tap: Hiya Nora welcome to the Eclipse Cafe
NoRa 16592: hi
B5CL Tap: that is what he said
Susetchka: I didn’t know that.
SGTGEE: I’m sure she is…
SHADOW5492: {S b5them5
B5CL Tap: Its a mess in the Keys
B5CL Tap: But Bonnie didn’t hurt them any, this one is a type 3
Susetchka: Over 250 dead in the Caribbean
NoRa 16592: guys go over to the right side of the chat room and click were
its says fresh air
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B5CL Tap: And poof your in the other room Nora 🙂
B5CL Tap: Read any good books lately , Suse?
Susetchka: Nope
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B5CL Tap: I got through Accusations #2..heading for #3 that is a Gkar book I
NoRa 16592: yeah everone click it cause there are tons of people in there
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B5CL Tap: just tons Nora 🙂
Susetchka: Read some okay ones, but nothing to bother telling people about
B5CL Tap: Welcome EnsPax to the Eclipse Cafe
EnsPaxASG: Thank you Tap, hello everyone.
SGTGEE: If I wanted tons of people I’d be in a real bar right now… 🙂
Susetchka: Read Dark Genesis yet?
EnsPaxASG: ::makes way up to bar::
B5CL Tap: its getting thin on good books?
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Susetchka: Hi Bio
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B5CL Tap: No host bar tonight, EnsPax go for it 🙂
Susetchka: Why’s everyone in the Lounge?
SGTGEE: with the holidays coming up, there should be new books on the way…
NoRa 16592: yes
EnsPaxASG: ::grins at Tap:: My kind of language::
B5CL Tap: Cause Drows was in there last time I looked.
Susetchka: Ahhh
B5CL Tap: 2 CL’s both rooms, no waiting 😉
Susetchka: The Bester book should be out late Dec/Jan
Susetchka: Wow
B5CL Tap: I saw the Bester doll today
B5CL Tap: 6 inch action figure.
Susetchka: The 4th season episode guide is out
SGTGEE: Did it scan you? 🙂
B5CL Tap: Kewl..Suse
Susetchka: LOL
B5CL Tap: LOL SgtGee..gosh I dont’ know ..must have been a surface scan!
NoRa 16592: bye i am going to fresh air bye guys oh yeah they are having more
fun over there then here
Susetchka: Checked it in last week, so unless the store is behind on mail it
should be out
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Susetchka: ::rasberry::
Susetchka: {{{tap}}
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B5CL Tap: They got the Pak’ma’ra too..
Susetchka: <eg>
B5CL Tap: I know what fun they are having Drows is dealing with VacaSean
B5CL Tap: who hates CL’s
B5CL Tap: such fun 😉
Susetchka: I heate him…
SGTGEE: Wow, I guess I’m going to have start looking for some of these
OnlineHost: NoRa 16592 has entered the room.
Susetchka: LOL From Cowville
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B5CL Tap: LOL Suse.
Susetchka: He IS
Susetchka: Cowville CA
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Susetchka: Vacaville?
B5CL Tap: You on my email list, SgtGee? last things I sent out was interview
of RichardBiggs.
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Susetchka: Yep. Didn’t reqad it yet.
B5CL Tap: Yeah I know where that is Suse..
SGTGEE: You have a beef with that place?
Susetchka: read even
SGTGEE: <weg>
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Susetchka: LOLOLOLOL
B5CL Tap: LOL SgtGee
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Susetchka: Where’s the beef?
SGTGEE: Sorry, couldn’t resist…
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B5CL Tap: Welcome Nephilium and EMays to the Eclipse Cafe
B5CL Tap: I know Sgt Gee I could tell 😉
NoRa 16592: bye i got to go
EMays37946: hi
Susetchka: Bye AGAIn NoRa
Nephilium0: About the show: Does anyone know if the new Warlock-class
cruiser that Ivanova was given
SGTGEE: Bye Nora
B5CL Tap: bye Nora
Susetchka: Hi Emays
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Nephilium0: command of was one of the cruisers integrated with the shadow
Susetchka: ::mumbles something about good riddance::
Susetchka: Neph Taht’s the rumor
B5CL Tap: There are several areas that are dedicated to the ships, Nep you
want some links?
SGTGEE: Now now Suse…
Susetchka: But it’s only that so far.
Susetchka: <EEG>
Nephilium0: Its rumor huh, right on…
B5CL Tap: I got 3 links about might have it.
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Nephilium0: That’d be cool since those cruisers could kick ass
SGTGEE: :::grumbles how it’s lenniers’ fault:::
B5CL Tap: Also LtMarq1997 knows everything about the ships.
Susetchka: Gee, I wonder who taht was::dryly::
B5CL Tap: ROFL Suse
B5CL Tap: a low class Borg?
Nephilium0: except they made get whooped to easily because of the plot
B5CL Tap: I mean only 1 of 3
Susetchka: LOL
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Susetchka: I got it.
B5CL Tap: its one of those nights, checks for full moon.
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B5CL Tap: why do I feel there is a shadow presence..of course not talking
about the one in the room 🙂
Susetchka: ::howls::
B5CL Tap: Hiya Killa and VAU welcome to the Eclipse Cafe
Susetchka: {S shadow
Killa1855: SUSE!!! Hey girl!
Susetchka: Hi Killa!!
VAUlkesh: hello
B5CL Tap: {S wolfhowl}
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Killa1855: ((((((Sarge)))))))
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SGTGEE: {{{{{Killa}}}}}
Killa1855: Tap, please send that when you are off duty?
Susetchka: Tap? Send that?
OnlineHost: Unmoor has entered the room.
Susetchka: Please?
B5CL Tap: Lennier always just comes and goes, poof! {S pixydust}
Killa1855: DMTA Suse
B5CL Tap: Wolfhowl?
Susetchka: Yep
Killa1855: Yes, please
Susetchka: Both of us
B5CL Tap: okay gotcha..:;writes down::
Susetchka: Eg Tap, did you investigate that “disappearance I told you about?
Susetchka: EG
Killa1855: Tap? you write?
Susetchka: LOL
Susetchka: ??
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B5CL Tap: EMays the Cafe is not a free fire zone, thank you 🙂
Susetchka: EMays You kill Sir George?
B5CL Tap: Ah yes I did Suse 😉
SGTGEE: :::finger creeps towards iggy button:::
Unmoor: B-5 movie “Demon Gate” I was upset that i didnt see Gar, Londo or
B5CL Tap: Why yes, Killa..abcdefghijklmnop:::lalalala:::
SGTGEE: Demon Gate????
Susetchka: Demon Gate?
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B5CL Tap: Unmoor never heard of that title
Susetchka: Thirdspace?
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OnlineHost: EMays37946 has entered the room.
Susetchka: WB EMAyes
Killa1855: ::::giggles:::: it’s so much fun to ask her questions while she’s
SGTGEE: Ahhhh…. :light bulb goes on:::
OnlineHost: Beaver1024 has left the room.
Unmoor: suse yeh
B5CL Tap: who is uploading? ::looks around::
Unmoor: !!
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Well it was a different kind of B5, Unmoor
B5CL Tap: Welcome Gr8 to the Eclipse Cafe
EMays37946: $(#^–Greaings–^#)$
B5CL Tap: We just didn’t have many aliens..
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Greetings
Unmoor: just disipointed i guess ..
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya SGT, how are ya
B5CL Tap: Well River of Souls is in November, Unmoor
SGTGEE: Pretty good, thanks…
B5CL Tap: 2 more movies to go…
OnlineHost: Shayne008 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: I kindof liked the movie, it was different
Gr8 1Gkar: Good, ALways glad to hear that
Unmoor: I havent heard about it yet..tell me
B5CL Tap: Welcome Shayne to the Eclipse Cafe
Shayne008: what yall doin up so late?
SGTGEE: How you been doing?
B5CL Tap: You want the link Unmoor?
B5CL Tap: it has Lochsley and Garibaldi in it.
Unmoor: yes, thanks..
B5CL Tap: so late? ::looks at clock its only 7:13 here
Shayne008: age/sex check?
B5CL Tap: Okay just a sec, Unmoor
SGTGEE: Old/As often as possible….
Shayne008: it is 9:16 here
Susetchka: {{{Gr8}}}
Gr8 1Gkar: Me too, Boy is my puter confused, It says 1:34
Killa1855: Sarge, which means you don’t remember the last time?
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya SUSE
Killa1855: <G>
Shayne008: age/sex check
Shayne008: age/sex loc check
Gr8 1Gkar: JerryBalding
OnlineHost: SHADOW5492 has left the room.
SGTGEE: :::iggy finger starts to itch:::
Susetchka: Poor Jerry. No hair
B5CL Tap: sorry Shayne no checks here only cred 😉
B5CL Tap: Vorlon thing?
Gr8 1Gkar: Vorlon thing??
Shayne008: texas and colorado rule
Susetchka: {S aliensex
SGTGEE: Vorlon thingy?
B5CL Tap: They do have Texas chats, Shayne 🙂
Killa1855: OI! Am I glad I haven’t reloaded the sounds!
B5CL Tap: Vorlons don’t HAVE thingies do they?
EMays37946: U KNOW $(#–^*$#)
OnlineHost: EnsPaxASG has entered the room.
Shayne008: i no
OnlineHost: RangerLav has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: how come..Killa?
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Koshdoom
B5CL Tap: WB Pax
EnsPaxASG: ::stumbles back into room muttering::
Shayne008: toooooo crouded
OnlineHost: Blader727 has entered the room.
EnsPaxASG: Thank you Tap.
B5CL Tap: Welcome RangerLav to the Eclipse Cafe
RangerLav: ::walks in::
B5CL Tap: what’s wrong Pax?
Blader727: Lav!!!!!!!!!
EnsPaxASG: ::smiles at Lavender::
Killa1855: Aliensex is cute… the first hundred and fifty times you hear
B5CL Tap: Welcome RangerLav to the Eclipse Cafe
B5CL Tap: LOL Killa
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya LAV
EnsPaxASG: Too many people want a peice of my time. ::winks at Tap::
Susetchka: LOL Party pooper Killa
Blader727: Narnabarney!!!!!
RangerLav: ::nods at Pax and Blader””
Killa1855: Kinda like {S trapd}
RangerLav: oops :::
Killa1855: ::::runs away giggling:::::
Gr8 1Gkar: Hi ya Blader
B5CL Tap: yeah I got a lot of wavs on zippy disc 😉
EnsPaxASG: A nod? Is that all I am to you now?
Gr8 1Gkar: {S B5Barney
Susetchka: Killa I don’t have that one…
Shayne008: bye
RangerLav: ::::walks over to Pax::
OnlineHost: Shayne008 has left the room.
RangerLav: {{{{{{{Pax}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Pax..we are gettin dramatic
Blader727: {S Barney
OnlineHost: B5CL Rangr has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: O’ he left
Susetchka: B5BARNEY????????????
Killa1855: Suse, I’ll send when I go offline… 20 min upload
Susetchka: {{{{ranger}}}
B5CL Tap: Hey Ranger how you be?
Blader727: ya funny
B5CL Tap: another new wav?
RangerLav: How’s that?
EnsPaxASG: ::hugs Lav:: Yeah…but hey, im an actor, I think I have the
right. ::winks at Lavender::
Blader727: yep
Susetchka: Ack!!! Just that one or the zip?
EnsPaxASG: Much better, thank you miss.
B5CL Rangr: Be? I’m not a bug!
Killa1855: Trapd? New? hardly!
Susetchka: Thx!!
Gr8 1Gkar: {S GetMe
EMays37946: bye
B5CL Tap: ::brings Ranger some Koolaid:::
OnlineHost: EMays37946 has left the room.
RangerLav: He called me Lav! ::giggles::
EnsPaxASG: Doh…. ::winks at Tap:: There we go…
Susetchka: Bye EMays
Killa1855: Just that one, hon…. if I can find the right zip disk
B5CL Tap: no B5 Barney ..what is that one?
Susetchka: Sheesh
OnlineHost: OnlyKosh has entered the room.
Unmoor: name fav charctures.. Londo!!
EnsPaxASG: Did I? Well…there goes that…
Blader727: funny
B5CL Rangr: no thanks…too much surgar
Killa1855: <~~~~~was never in the zip business
OnlineHost: OnlyKosh has left the room.
Blader727: Marcus
Gr8 1Gkar: Its Barney geeting Blasted by PPG
Killa1855: Well, okay, not zipped WAVs anyway
Susetchka: Fasten, then zip?
Gr8 1Gkar: {S PPG
Blader727: he ded
B5CL Tap: Ranger??? you don’t want Koolaid?
EnsPaxASG: ::pours a small rum::
Susetchka: {S good
Gr8 1Gkar: 🙂
Killa1855: ((((((((ranger)))))))))
Blader727: 😀
B5CL Tap: Cafe is not free fire zone…Ranger doesn’t like holes in the cafe
Susetchka: brb
OnlineHost: Susetchka has left the room.
Blader727: or zip then fasten
EnsPaxASG: ::sips rum and looks down at it::
Gr8 1Gkar: I only blasted Barney, No way to miss tha BIG target, Cafe is safe
B5CL Rangr: {{{{{{Killa1855}}}}}}
RangerLav: ::takes out a small sterling flask::
OnlineHost: OnlyKosh has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Barney posters make great targets 😉
RangerLav: ::drinks a small amount::
Blader727: bbl cya
B5CL Tap: WB Kosh
OnlyKosh: $(%#^ –Greetings– ^%@!#)
RangerLav: ::puts it away::
EnsPaxASG: ::sighs and pours rum out::
Gr8 1Gkar: WB Kosh
OnlineHost: Blader727 has left the room.
Killa1855: Lav, sterling adulterates the potion…
B5CL Tap: {S kosh
OnlyKosh: $(%#^ –Thanks– ^%@!#)
EnsPaxASG: :::looks around bar for something else to drink::
Gr8 1Gkar: {S forgot
B5CL Tap: Pax the Cafe bar is always stocked!
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has left the room.
RangerLav: ::hiccups::
EnsPaxASG: I know it Tap, Joel gave me the keys.
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has entered the room.
EnsPaxASG: ]
OnlineHost: Unmoor has left the room.
EnsPaxASG: ::mutters:: God bless you.
B5CL Tap: Joel ..who is that?
EnsPaxASG: Psicop.
B5CL Tap: Psicop owns the bar?
RangerLav: Bless who?
B5CL Tap: ::checks license:::
B5CL Tap: who sneezed?
EnsPaxASG: You Lavender, more like he runs it Tap.
RangerLav: I hiccuped, not sneezed
Gr8 1Gkar: Sounds to me as if VOR is going to blame every thig on JMS
B5CL Tap: hmm well depends on the time of day, Pax 🙂
EnsPaxASG: ::pours a mudslide::
RangerLav: Ooooh……mudslide
B5CL Tap: Mudslide???
EnsPaxASG: What am I supposed to say for Hiccup Lavender?
RangerLav: Excuse you
Gr8 1Gkar: ]Mudslide Pie,,,Yummy
B5CL Rangr: {S rdforgot}
B5CL Tap: Ah Chocolate stuff..
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Burp
RangerLav: ::looks at her attire::
EnsPaxASG: Ahh… ::makes a mental note and looks into drink::
Killa1855: Ranger? Holding out again? This engaged business is making you
Killa1855: <G>
OnlyKosh: $(%#^ –I must be off– ^%@!#)
Gr8 1Gkar: {S Drink
OnlineHost: Susetchka has entered the room.
EnsPaxASG: ::stirs drink with finger and takes a sip::
RangerLav: Uh-oh better change clothes
Killa1855: {S 2drinks
Gr8 1Gkar: WB SUSE
Susetchka: Thx
EnsPaxASG: ::grins and holds tounge::
Susetchka: {S thunder
Gr8 1Gkar: {S DrPepper
B5CL Tap: Hiya Suse….
OnlineHost: RangerLav has left the room.
OnlyKosh: $(%#^ –Goodbye All– ^%@!#)
Gr8 1Gkar: Bye KOSH
B5CL Rangr: Killa1855, dear you really need to watch Red Dwarf
Susetchka: Bye OInlyKosh
B5CL Tap: Red Dwarf is very strange..
Killa1855: Is it on US tv?
OnlyKosh: ::exits::
OnlineHost: OnlyKosh has left the room.
B5CL Tap: it is in New York
OnlineHost: Lavender7 has entered the room.
Gr8 1Gkar: U really think so rangr
B5CL Rangr: B5CL Tap, thank you
Susetchka: Killa It was on PBS in DC
EnsPaxASG: ::whistles at Lavender::
Lavender7: ::walks back in::
Lavender7: ::with one shoe in hand::
B5CL Tap: :::looks at Ranger:: since when did you call me by my full name?
B5CL Rangr: I just sent out some 15 Red Dwarf wav’s
B5CL Tap: only 15?
EnsPaxASG: ::prepares to be beat by shoe::
B5CL Tap: gee Ranger..tired?
B5CL Rangr: To my brother who introduced me to the show
Lavender7: ::hits Pax over the head with her shoe::
Lavender7: Do you mind?
EnsPaxASG: ::falls to floor::
B5CL Rangr: B5CL Tap, Uh huh
Lavender7: ::sighs::
B5CL Tap: yeah..B5CLRangr ::foofs::
Lavender7: ::puts her shoe on::
EnsPaxASG: ::rubs head:: What was that for?
Killa1855: Hmmm, :::writes note:::: search for Red Dwarf in guide….
staples note to
Killa1855: forehead…
EnsPaxASG: ::stands back up::
B5CL Rangr: B5CL Tap, {S thunder}
B5CL Tap: ::sips Minbari tea:::
OnlineHost: CmdrCool has entered the room.
EnsPaxASG: ::salutes Cool::
OnlineHost: CmdrCool has left the room.
B5CL Tap: Raining somewhere I suppose.
Lavender7: ::smiles::
B5CL Rangr: Killa1855, paperclips work better on the ears
EnsPaxASG: ::narrows eyes at Lavender::
Lavender7: ::puts cardigan on shoulders::
OnlineHost: Juanana has entered the room.
Lavender7: ::narrows eyes right back at Pax::
Juanana: hi
B5CL Tap: Welcome Juanana to the Eclipse Cafe
Susetchka: Killa Use office manager and put a postit on the ‘puter.
EnsPaxASG: ::continues stare while sipping mudslide::
Killa1855: Suse? On my, um, stable system?
B5CL Rangr: Tap, see ya…I’m going to annoy Drows
Juanana: Hola!
OnlineHost: B5CL Rangr has left the room.
Lavender7: Pax?
EnsPaxASG: Hola Juanana, Como Eres?
B5CL Tap: going to annoy Drows?
Juanana: anyone speak spanish?
EnsPaxASG: Yes Lavender?
Lavender7: Will you make me a White Russian?
EnsPaxASG: ::grins and holds tounge::
B5CL Tap: sorry Juanana..
Susetchka: Ranger hardly said a word in here. Some annoyance!!
SGTGEE: :::snaps fingers:::
Juanana: I’m lerning
EnsPaxASG: ::pours a white Russian:::
Lavender7: ::rolls eyes::
B5CL Tap: ah Spanish I ..hola Isabel como esta?
EnsPaxASG: ::wishes he had the nationality right for that one while setting
drink down::
Lavender7: ::smiles:: thank you, dear
Lavender7: ::sips::
EnsPaxASG: ::rolls eyes::
B5CL Tap: There is a Spanish chat online, Juanana
Juanana: B5 de donde eres?
EnsPaxASG: ::looks around room::
Juanana: where?
B5CL Tap: hmm Where is what?
Lavender7: Hmm…………very nice
EnsPaxASG: 7th layer of hell, Juanana.
SGTGEE: In the member chat rooms?
B5CL Tap: eres?
EnsPaxASG: Where do you live, Tap?
Juanana: where are you from?
B5CL Tap: California..
OnlineHost: Gr8 1Gkar has left the room.
Juanana: you speak spanish?
Susetchka: repeating Juanian
Lavender7: ::stretches legs and hears ankles pop::
EnsPaxASG: Learning how to Juanana.
Juanana: me too
EnsPaxASG: ::shudders and popping sound::
Lavender7: Ow…….
B5CL Tap: hmm I know conversation 1 after that its all down hill
B5CL Tap: :sighs:: languages not my forte.
Susetchka: lol
Susetchka: French Tap!!1
Susetchka: forte
EnsPaxASG: Look at it this way Tap, beauty is. ::sticks out tounge::
B5CL Tap: Well I am running over to ToysRUs and look for B5 dolls tomorrow.
Lavender7: ::takes some English toffee from her purse::
Juanana: I know a little spanish
B5CL Tap: a tongue, Pax?? ewwwwwwww
Juanana: it’s easy to learn
Susetchka: Tap I saw them at Target too
EnsPaxASG: ::laughs and sticks tounge back away::
B5CL Tap: Wow Suse your kidding, I need a Marcus and a Kosh
B5CL Tap: Although I am tempted to get a Pak’ma’ra 🙂
Susetchka: JUanana Easy to read anyway. I am slow in speaking it
Lavender7: ::puts cardigan back on:: I love cashmere
EnsPaxASG: ::sips mudslide::
B5CL Tap: cashmere is south american goat
Susetchka: Didn’t see them. Only Sheridan and Londo at Target
B5CL Tap: it is soft though 🙂
Susetchka: I thought it was a rabbit…
Lavender7: And what my sweater’s made of
B5CL Tap: Well I am going to get Sheridan at ToysRUs cause its marked down to
B5CL Tap: what were the prices, Suse?
Juanana: I’ll be back
OnlineHost: Juanana has left the room.
Susetchka: Oh. I saw the small ones Tap. !4.95? Uhoh. Just what I don’t
EnsPaxASG: ::watches the room::
Lavender7: I have Sheridian and Delenn
Susetchka: Can’t remember was weeks ago
OnlineHost: SGTGEE has left the room.
OnlineHost: Juanana has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Cashmere: Long haired goat famous for its silky wool.
EnsPaxASG: Cashew: Cresent shaped nut.
B5CL Tap: trying to help others find those things..also videos
B5CL Tap: Cashew is a flower seed, Pax 🙂
EnsPaxASG: Oh yeah…
B5CL Tap: Related to Poison Ivy 😉
B5CL Tap: hehehe
EnsPaxASG: ::sips drink and shuts up::
Lavender7: Mine’s lavender cashmere.
B5CL Tap: Scarey thought huh?
Lavender7: The dress and the cardigan
B5CL Tap: welcome to trivia chat .:-)
OnlineHost: Ttogrehram has entered the room.
EnsPaxASG: ::holds tounge::
B5CL Tap: Welcome Tt to the Eclipse Cafe
Susetchka: Did you know that cashews shells are poisonous? Taht is why you
get them altready shelled.
B5CL Tap: from soup to nuts ..:-)
OnlineHost: Ttogrehram has left the room.
Susetchka: LOL
Lavender7: ::shoots a scary look at pax::
B5CL Tap: Ack! Suse..your kidding?
OnlineHost: Juanana has left the room.
Susetchka: {S ahnuts
EnsPaxASG: ::rasies an eyebrow at Lavender:: What?
Susetchka: Tap Nope
B5CL Tap: Ack..develop skin blisters..nasty stuff!
Killa1855: LOL Suse! That’s one wav the uninstaller left!
Lavender7: What were you going to say…..
Susetchka: uninstaller?
B5CL Tap: Cashmere and Cashew right next to each other on in the encyclopedia
Killa1855: Wonder if I could make my daugher crazy by naming it IM?
EnsPaxASG: None of your business. ::Winks and quickly looks around room::
B5CL Tap: LOL got a mean streak, huh?
OnlineHost: CmdrCool has entered the room.
Lavender7: Well, excuse me for breathing
B5CL Tap: That could drive you crazy!
CmdrCool: hey all
EnsPaxASG: ::salutes Cool::
B5CL Tap: WB CmdrCool 😉
Susetchka: Naming wjat? The uninstaller?
CmdrCool: ::salutes::
EnsPaxASG: Your not excused Lav… ::mutters::
OnlineHost: BRAIN 2479 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: BABnut6 has entered the room.
Killa1855: Moi?
BRAIN 2479: hi
OnlineHost: Arijivan has entered the room.
CmdrCool: Hey BRAIN
B5CL Tap: Welcome Brain & Bab & Arijivan to the Eclipse Cafe
EnsPaxASG: Hello Arijivan.
CmdrCool: hey ari
Killa1855: (do you know how often I’d have to hear it?)
OnlineHost: Muuurgh13 has entered the room.
Lavender7: ::smiles:: Fine then
Arijivan: hi Pax
B5CL Tap: No Killa how often?
Arijivan: hi Cool
B5CL Tap: Welcome Muuurgh to the Eclipse Cafe
CmdrCool: hey Mu
OnlineHost: Arijivan has left the room.
Lavender7: Hi Ari
BABnut6: danka tap
Muuurgh13: wassup, Cool?
Killa1855: Well, not too often lately <G>
EnsPaxASG: I am not sure what crawled up your rear side Lavender…but you
should see about getting it
Susetchka: brb Getting something
EnsPaxASG: removed.
CmdrCool: nothing
Muuurgh13: Where’s star?
BABnut6: iva shoulda boffed him
B5CL Tap: now Pax we are a friendly chat room
Killa1855: Tap, I turned into a pumpkin 36 minutes ago.
B5CL Tap: Be nice to Lavender..
Lavender7: ::sarcastically:: Sorry…….
B5CL Tap: you did Killa? how do you type?
EnsPaxASG: And I am very friendly towards Lavender Tap…
Killa1855: BAB, can you eat just one potato chip? Huh?
B5CL Tap: LOL Killa
BABnut6: kay
EnsPaxASG: She just decides to shoot me evil looks, insult me, and physically
hit me…
B5CL Tap: well there is Ignore buttons, Pax
Killa1855: So anyway, I’m gonna go say ‘nite to drows and hit the hay.
Killa1855: ::::waves:::::
Lavender7: Please don’t iggy me
Muuurgh13: well, I got twenty minutes to kill
OnlineHost: B5 Alien has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Niters Killa ::waves::
OnlineHost: Killa1855 has left the room.
EnsPaxASG: Ignore? ::considers it::
B5CL Tap: Welcome B5Alien to the Eclipse Cafe
OnlineHost: B5 Alien has left the room.
Lavender7: I’ll be nice.
Lavender7: ::little girl smile::
Susetchka: {S hidiho
Susetchka: 🙁
B5CL Tap: Well that is what ignore is all about, and blocking in privacy
B5CL Tap: What’s wrong, Suse?
Susetchka: Nite Killa!!
EnsPaxASG: ::smiles cynically at Lavender:: Yeah, right.
Lavender7: ::pouts::
Susetchka: Forgor the wav name
OnlineHost: Shadow 60 has entered the room.
Muuurgh13: if anyone wanted to see action, ya should’ve been here almost twp
hours ago. The game was a
Muuurgh13: awsome
B5CL Tap: oh I hate that, Suse..then you have to dig for it!
CmdrCool: soo whats up Pax
B5CL Tap: game?
EnsPaxASG: ::sips mudslide and wonders what he’s doing with this drink:: Oh,
the usual..
OnlineHost: BlueCat184 has entered the room.
Shadow 60: hello
BlueCat184: hi all
B5CL Tap: Welcome Blue Cat to the Eclipse Cafe
Lavender7: ::finishes White Russian::
EnsPaxASG: Promotion is 2 weeks overdue…women beating on me, the slings and
arrows of fate raining do
BABnut6: my keeper is making me write stuff i cant stop i……..OBEY the
drak they are your masters
Muuurgh13: barkeep, give me a scotch on the rocks
B5CL Tap: LOL Pax
BABnut6: someone help me
EnsPaxASG: wn upon my bones to martyr me…
B5CL Tap: Open Bar tonight Muuurgh
CmdrCool: lol
EnsPaxASG: That type of stuff.
Susetchka: {S hidhidho
BlueCat184: hi Pax how have you been
Susetchka: g
Lavender7: Oh…Pax…By the way…
B5CL Tap: what is that wav, Suse?
EnsPaxASG: Blue, how the heck are you:?
Muuurgh13: ::::: gulps scotcha nd burps
EnsPaxASG: Yes?
BlueCat184: good what about you
Lavender7: Whatever happened to my hankerchief
Susetchka: Swing Mr hi dee hi dee ho, I know you got the answers… from
BRAIN 2479: bye.
Susetchka: Bye Pinky
Susetchka: LOL
B5CL Tap: Ah yes Cedarga and her zip drives 🙂
Muuurgh13: :::: blows nose on Lav’s hankie:::: oopsie doopsie
BRAIN 2479: Hey!!!!
EnsPaxASG: Eh, well, I was just offered a movie deal and found out that I am
going to be the lead in a
Susetchka: Yes?
EnsPaxASG: play…so pretty good.
Susetchka: ::Innocent grin::
OnlineHost: BRAIN 2479 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: what play, Pax?
OnlineHost: MARTOK9 has entered the room.
BABnut6: ?do centari have good hair days???????????//
EnsPaxASG: ::snaps fingers:: Oh…the hanker…it’s back at my apartment.
B5CL Tap: Welcome Martok to the Eclipse Cafe
EnsPaxASG: “The cask of Dr. Caligari.”
BlueCat184: ::::: goes to table and sits down :::::
Susetchka: Hi Martok
B5CL Tap: BAB that IS there good hair day 😉
Muuurgh13: Martok?
Lavender7: Still bloody?
EnsPaxASG: No…it’s clean.
B5CL Tap: Vampire thing, Pax?
Susetchka: brb
Muuurgh13: Mart, let’s not be enemies again
OnlineHost: Susetchka has left the room.
Lavender7: Oh….good.::smiles:: Thanks
EnsPaxASG: No Tap, it’s a comedy through the eyes of an insaine Villian…me.
BABnut6: ah and the narn need to join hair club for aliens
EnsPaxASG: No problem…get it to you soon.
MARTOK9: tap the usual
B5CL Tap: LOL Pax..sounds like you will have fun.
Muuurgh13: Tap, another scotch, please!
BlueCat184: :::: gets some milk ::::
B5CL Tap: Open bar Martok..just serve yourself 😉
Shadow 60: You know I think we should raid the Star Trek chat ’cause a Trekie
got on my nerves today
EnsPaxASG: I always have fun, best part is though, is Lil Sarita is coming to
see me.
OnlineHost: Razy b has entered the room.
BlueCat184: good milk
B5CL Tap: Now Shadow we be nice..
Lavender7: Really, Pax?
MARTOK9: thanks
B5CL Tap: kewl Pax
OnlineHost: Lt Tarin has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Welcome Razy to the Eclipse Cafe
Muuurgh13: Mart, how’s life been treatin’ ya?
Shadow 60: but they really make me mad
Lavender7: That’ll be nice.
Razy b: Hiya Tap
EnsPaxASG: ::finishes off Mud slide:: Yep Lavender…so I am going to have to
take a few days off from
BABnut6: milk bah humbug wheres the hootch
EnsPaxASG: school to spend with her…
MARTOK9: good you?
B5CL Tap: Welcome LtTarin to the Eclipse Cafe
Lavender7: Have you ever seen her before?
EnsPaxASG: I also almost have the money for that ring…
EnsPaxASG: Yep…several times Lavender.
Muuurgh13: cool. Sorry about the fight hours ago.
MARTOK9: yo dude
B5CL Tap: both in Texas..huh Pax
Lavender7: ::smiles:: Ah….young love.
Lt Tarin: hi Martok, Pax
Muuurgh13: ::::gulps the scotch::::
Shadow 60: I’m in Tx
EnsPaxASG: ::looks around bar for a drink while setting Mudslide glass in
EnsPaxASG: No Tap, I live in NM.
Muuurgh13: :::: chokes on an ice cube and coughs:::::
B5CL Tap: Gee how many Texans in here tonight
Razy b: byeeee
OnlineHost: Razy b has left the room.
Muuurgh13: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh
Shadow 60: I’m a Texan
B5CL Tap: anyone in Florida..
EnsPaxASG: I feel your pain Shadow…
MARTOK9: <gets some ice tea>
Lavender7: Guess who I spoke to today?
EnsPaxASG: ::pours a Don King.::
EnsPaxASG: Satan?
Muuurgh13: :::: falls ande burps cube on the floor::::
CmdrCool: me
BlueCat184: :::: gets 1 more glass of milk ::::
BABnut6: zooty zoot zoot ah it kills me blahhahahahahahhahahahha
Muuurgh13: :::: cough:::: wow
Lavender7: Ihsbooks
BlueCat184: ::: drinks the milk ::::
Muuurgh13: :::: drinks tea, careful around ice:::::
EnsPaxASG: How are things between you and him?
Lavender7: On the telephone
EnsPaxASG: Ohh…the man have a sexy voice?
BABnut6: zooty wait im rollen
Muuurgh13: thank you
BABnut6: zoot ahahaha
Muuurgh13: roll\\
Lavender7: ::smiles:: I couldn’t tell
EnsPaxASG: How come?
BABnut6: zoot man is that classic
EnsPaxASG: ::sips Don King::
OnlineHost: Susetchka has entered the room.
Muuurgh13: how do ya roll. Ii could once but I forgot how
B5CL Tap: WB Suse 🙂
Lavender7: When I spoke he um….got quiet
B5CL Tap: how is it over in the Lounge?
OnlineHost: CmdrCool rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 3
EnsPaxASG: What do you mean?
Susetchka: slow
Shadow 60: anyone else think the Whit Stars look like a cross between a frog
and a pheasent?
Lavender7: I said…”Hello”
B5CL Tap: Cool no dice rolling thanks 😉
Muuurgh13: Cool, how do you roll the dice?
EnsPaxASG: ::laughs at Lavender::
Lavender7: And he said “um”……..
EnsPaxASG: ::laughs::
OnlineHost: MARTOK9 has left the room.
Susetchka: Shadow It looks like a plucked chicken
CmdrCool: ok
Lt Tarin: Shadow, I belive some technicians said “plucked chickens” hehe
OnlineHost: Mrs G B5 has entered the room.
Lavender7: I think he was a tad surprised
BlueCat184: :::: looks around room ::::
Mrs G B5: hi al
EnsPaxASG: ::howls::
BlueCat184: hi
EnsPaxASG: That’s great.
Mrs G B5: hi all hi suse, havent seen in in some time
Muuurgh13: < Cool> I just want to know how to roll. I’m not being pesky
OnlineHost: Strbrst810 has entered the room.
EnsPaxASG: How long have you been seeing each other?
BABnut6: yeah you say that now but wait till you need the white star fleet mr
Shadow 60: no the front looks like a frog if you look at it close enough
B5CL Tap: Welcome Mrs G and Strbrst to the Eclipse Cafe 🙂
Mrs G B5: hi tap hi lav hi bab
EnsPaxASG: Hello Mrs G.
Susetchka: Tarin I think Matt the Painter was one…
BABnut6: hey mrs g
Lavender7: Well, you mean dating?
Mrs G B5: hi pax
EnsPaxASG: Yes Lavender.
Susetchka: Mrs G I now you?
B5CL Tap: how ya doing MrG..
OnlineHost: Lt Tarin has left the room.
Lavender7: About a month and a half
B5CL Tap: ack MrsG..
Mrs G B5: yes its suzy52
Strbrst810: hey shadow, the room is busier tonight
Lavender7: Hi Suzy!
EnsPaxASG: ::grins at Lavender:: How old are you and he?
Muuurgh13: :::: picks up another glass with whiskey in it qand tosses Tap a
big coin:::::
Susetchka: Hi Suxy!!
BlueCat184: how is everyone tonight
B5CL Tap: In disguise Suzy?
Susetchka: er, Suzy
B5CL Tap: 🙂
Mrs G B5: my one of 5 s n
Lavender7: he’s 17 and i’m 16 or so
Mrs G B5: not really tap, just wanted to feel like mrs gman tonight
EnsPaxASG: Or so? Don’t you know your own age?
B5CL Tap: oh okay you got the doll yet?
BABnut6: oops i need another grolsch lager brb
EnsPaxASG: ::sips Don King::
Lavender7: Well, that’s what he always says
Muuurgh13: I’m feeling evil. }:}>
Mrs G B5: does don king like to be sip, pax? lol
EnsPaxASG: You don’t belive him?
Susetchka: ::drools over pic of MR G (not {S grinch} either…
Lavender7: How old are you and Sarita?
OnlineHost: Strbrst810 has left the room.
EnsPaxASG: I’m 17 and she’s 16 or so. ::winks::
OnlineHost: BLORIEN5 has entered the room.
Muuurgh13: Tap, you got darts in here?
EnsPaxASG: It’s a great drink Mrs.
Mrs G B5: i got a full size stand up cut out of him
Lavender7: ::giggles::
B5CL Tap: Hiya Lorien welcome aboard Babylon5
Susetchka: {{{Lorien}}} LTNS!!!
EnsPaxASG: ::finishes off D.K.::
Mrs G B5: yes i know, but making a joke here
B5CL Tap: how you been?
BABnut6: who are you?
Mrs G B5: hi lorien5
EnsPaxASG: ::pull’s out a Monica Lewnisky::
BABnut6: what the heck do ya want
Susetchka: With hair or without?
BABnut6: ;0
Mrs G B5: ::kills monica:::
EnsPaxASG: It’s a cigar Mrs…
Mrs G B5: hate that woman and her big mouth
Mrs G B5: okay
Shadow 60: I’m going to raid a Trekie chat who’s with me?
BlueCat184: ok I take it no one is talking to me….
Muuurgh13: :::: hickups twice::::
EnsPaxASG: ::lights up M.L.::
Susetchka: LOL Everyone see the Dr Suess verson of the whole presidential
scandal? LOL
BABnut6: bill liked her mouth lol
Lavender7: ::takes out a cigarette::
Mrs G B5: shad, been there and i like it
EnsPaxASG: Smoking bad for you Lavender…
Susetchka: Blue Join the conversation?
EnsPaxASG: ::takes in smoke::
Lavender7: ::in an old-fashioned ciggarette holder::
CmdrCool: lav smoking is bad
Lavender7: Not cyber-smoking
CmdrCool: don’t
Susetchka: Ens You *inhale*? ::goes into shock::
Susetchka: LOL
Muuurgh13: I might be back. Bye all for now!
OnlineHost: Bichonlori has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: True virtual smoking causes no problems 🙂
Susetchka: {{{Lori}}}
Mrs G B5: it sure is lav. stunts your growth and gives you bad lungs later
in life
Bichonlori: hi sue
Bichonlori: hi tap
Lavender7: Got a light, Pax?
Mrs G B5: bye muuurgh
OnlineHost: Muuurgh13 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: hiya lori 🙂
Mrs G B5: hi lori
BABnut6: i quit smoking it made me lazy and inever smoked cigarettes:0
OnlineHost: FltAdmTroy has entered the room.
Bichonlori: hi mrs. g
Susetchka: MrsG I don;t smoke. How come I’m only 4’11”?
BLORIEN5: So how is Tap this Evening?
CmdrCool: Troy?
EnsPaxASG: ::holds up Cigar to Lavenders Cigerrete::
Mrs G B5: family tradition?
B5CL Tap: doing well Lorien you?
CmdrCool: pax?
Susetchka: lol
FltAdmTroy: Yes, Commander Cool?
EnsPaxASG: I hope so Mrs…I need to stop growing.
Lavender7: ::puffs::
EnsPaxASG: Yes cool?
CmdrCool: oh,ok
B5CL Tap: well time for me to jet all::waves:: {S tap}
BlueCat184: how is everyone tonight
B5CL Tap: byebye
Lavender7: ::blows a smoke ring::
CmdrCool: you smoke?
FltAdmTroy: Yes
EnsPaxASG: I smoke Cigars.
Susetchka: Just great Blue How are you doing?

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