Eclipse Cafe – 9/24/1998

PowerChat: *** Entered Eclipse Cafe on 9/24/98 at 10:44 AM ***
B5CL Tap: Stef is going to kick back for a bit 🙂
JM ICEMAN: ..looks out window..bright sunny day 🙂
B5CL Tap: hehehe
BB5Alien: Hi Stef
B5CL Stef: ::::dives in squirting Troy::::
TARutter: TAP.. after her nice, calm wedding?
B5CL Tap: ::waves to Stef her cinnamon roll and c(_)

DWebs10407: I was watching End game, alittle while ago, sinces i’m probably not going to be-abile to-
TARutter: oops.. there’s Stef.
DWebs10407: see it later.
TARutter: Im innocent!
B5CL Tap: yeah Troy..calm
JM ICEMAN: Hiya Stef!!!
DWebs10407: Hi Stef.
B5CL Tap: hehehe Troy caught!
B5CL Stef: :::giggles:::yeah right Troy
BB5Alien: :::looks out the window…its pouring like……::::::

TARutter: Stef.. I borrowed your squirtgun last night
B5CL Tap: BB want some coffee or tea?

B5CL Stef: you did?
B5CL Tap: Yeah left it here!
BB5Alien: I’ll have some coffee
TARutter: Yeah, I had to squirt the great Cubini
B5CL Stef: hmmmmm its spelled so no one but me can use it…
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ Tappie** ICEMAN** DWebs** Steffie }}}}}}}}}}}]
DWebs10407: Hi Angel.
B5CL Tap: Warm cinnamon roll will take the rainy day blues away, BB 😉

B5CL Stef: {{{{{{{{{Angel}}}}}}
TARutter: Its a very miserable day here. 🙁
B5CL Stef: Hi there everyone…now that I have squirted the great Troy hehehe
BB5Alien: thanks Tap
DWebs10407: Hi stef.
B5CL Tap: Ack!!
B5CL Stef: Its raining like crazy here
B5CL Tap: ::gets papertowels:::
JM ICEMAN: What Tap?
B5CL Stef: been storming since last night

B5CL Tap: you okay sound blue?
BB5Alien: DW, how are you guys down south??
DWebs10407: Oh no, where probably going to get alot of rain here, tonight.
BB5Alien: i look blue too lol
DWebs10407: Where ok, it look’s like the Key’s are going to get hite bad.
B5CL Tap: DW is about as far south as you can get! Miami!
B5CL Stef: need a clue then BB?
AngelMpath: Tap, did you wake up this morning just to make cinnamon rolls for Troy?
BB5Alien: its pouring up here
B5CL Tap: hiya EF join the morning crew 🙂

B5CL Stef: ::::settles back enjoying roll and tea::::
DWebs10407: Thank’s for asking.
B5CL Tap: of course Angel..::foofsdahair:::
TARutter: I was complaining about rolls last night. >:D
EF600: Hello
B5CL Stef: {S foof
B5CL Tap: You didn’t complain you whined, Troy!
B5CL Stef: And Troy….I am beyond calm from my wedding nightmares
DWebs10407: The one good thing, is it’s not going to be as bad as, Andrew.

AngelMpath: Troy, you are soooo spoiled
B5CL Tap: you even stomped your foot, I saw you!! ::grins::
B5CL Stef: at least it provided humor for everyone that read it
DWebs10407: Andrew was so awfule.
BB5Alien: i’m glad to hear that DW
JM ICEMAN: Oh look ,the door to the fresh air lounge has its green thingy back
DWebs10407: Thank’s BB.
TARutter: Angel.. I know
B5CL Tap: Ack..the Green Thingie!!!!
B5CL Stef: We dont get a door with poertools 🙁

AngelMpath: brb phone
B5CL Stef: powertools that is
B5CL Tap: I got a door ..::stares at door:::
B5CL Tap: it looks like a green thumb Troy 😉
DWebs10407: Oh I see.
B5CL Stef: anhone seen any Miffs lately?
JM ICEMAN: Ahh,its noon now!
B5CL Tap: hmm maybe Troy is going to grow a garden?
AngelMpath: bac

TARutter: LOL
AngelMpath: Miffs?
TARutter: Thats the AOL Icon for “art not found”
BB5Alien: Miffs?
DWebs10407: Anyone here watch Stargate Sg-1?
TARutter: Its lovely
B5CL Tap: A few now and then, Stef..but Dobie near caught them all! he is gone now 🙁
B5CL Stef: bummer….
B5CL Tap: Your kidding, Troy?

TARutter: TAP.. uh, no. ;>its the middle of the AOL symbol ~ cant ya tell? 😀
B5CL Stef: Miffs are like tribbles…they pop up when you are really miffed….
B5CL Tap: Yes BB..Miffs were little creatures that ate the dust bunnies
B5CL Stef: they eat dust bunnies in the rafters
B5CL Tap: not really Troy..
B5CL Tap: LOL Stef..boy we got That story straight!
B5CL Stef: LOL
BB5Alien: i need some then,i have dust bunnies lol
JM ICEMAN: ….going to attic to check rafters
B5CL Tap: Dobie used to catch them in jars ::grins::

B5CL Stef: well just get someone mad enough and the Miffs pop up

B5CL Tap: Well miff is a small mad, Stef
B5CL Stef: they breed rather fast
JM ICEMAN: ….gee,there’s alot of rafters up there….but no river!
B5CL Tap: you used to be miffed..actually you were the one I used the word on.
BB5Alien: ::::giggles::::
B5CL Tap: and a legend to the cafe was born!!
B5CL Stef: yep hehe
B5CL Stef: is that like an urban legend?

B5CL Tap: JM wrong raft!
B5CL Tap: Yeah I think Stef, that is a new TV show I think
B5CL Stef: OH NO another PUNSTER!!!!!
TARutter: wrong tool
B5CL Stef: its a movie coming out Tap
B5CL Tap: Troy..{S hammer
JM ICEMAN: I know Tap…but what are they doiung in my attic?
B5CL Stef: hi there Flame
B5CL Tap: Hiya Lions !!
FIameLions: morning

FIameLions: hey Tapster
DWebs10407: Oh specking of tv show’s, anyone watch stagate?
FIameLions: ‘lo JM
B5CL Tap: hmm well maybe the miffs use rafts to catch the dust bunnies?
B5CL Tap: Stef you see how this thing is growing?
JM ICEMAN: perhaps rabbit perhaps….
B5CL Tap: dust rabbits?
B5CL Stef: true
B5CL Tap: no JM it don’t sound right

JM ICEMAN: {S up_doc
FIameLions: ::pulls out a nice satin tophat and pulls a bunny::
B5CL Tap: ::applause for Lions::
B5CL Tap: Nice on Lions, learn that from David Coppefield?
JM ICEMAN: Magic! I love a magic show!
B5CL Tap: ack..Copperfield
EF600: I have to go.
FIameLions: ::puts her hat on and tosses the bunny into the air where it turns into a flight of doves::
B5CL Tap: they opened a new place, where was it?
JM ICEMAN: Lets saw Tap in haft now!

FIameLions: well no…I’m a magic lion, have a few tricks
B5CL Tap: ::tapping foot:: {S thunder
DWebs10407: I saw Daivd Coppefiled before he became really famous.
B5CL Tap: he is good..DWebs
DWebs10407: I’m talking year’s ago.
DWebs10407: Yeah Tap, agreed he is.
B5CL Stef: :::finishes roll:::MMM those are so good
JM ICEMAN: Ho wmany years ago DW?
B5CL Tap: when he was young and made mistakes?
B5CL Tap: ::grins:::

DWebs10407: Oh let’s see, hmm.
B5CL Tap: Feel better, Stef?
DWebs10407: I think I was about 8 or 10 I think.
B5CL Stef: yeah a little
B5CL Tap: Troy..::hands napkin:: no crumbs in the cafe.
B5CL Tap: tsk tsk ::foofs::
JM ICEMAN: pre Babylon 5 DW
B5CL Stef: I am ready to go back to bed. sheesh
B5CL Tap: LOL JM everything based on the B5 era?
DWebs10407: Yes Ice, really pre babylon.

JM ICEMAN: long day already Stfe?
B5CL Stef: ::::Looks at the calendar::::
B5CL Tap: Pre-Babylonian5 age
B5CL Stef: No just long pregnancy
FIameLions: non, pre B5….I was reading Genesis last night….help.
B5CL Tap: 9 months is a long time
B5CL Stef: five weeks to go
FIameLions: what a list of begats!
JM ICEMAN: Soon you’ll pop out that kid Stef

B5CL Tap: Ack Lions..waaaaaaay pre Babylon5!

B5CL Stef: actually they are going to cut the kid out
FIameLions: oh yeah
B5CL Tap: Ack! Stef
B5CL Stef: no popping for me.
JM ICEMAN: Nice way of saying it Stef
B5CL Tap: Yeah the begatting went on and on ::smiles::
B5CL Tap: Hiya Tyger..your up early!
B5CL Stef: hi there Tyger
DWebs10407: Hi Tyger.
TygerEyez1: {S howdy

JM ICEMAN: Hi tyger
B5CL Stef: Thanks Iceman. I try
FIameLions: sounds like Lorien though with the ages, and how they just got shorter
AngelMpath: {{{Tyger}}}
TygerEyez1: Tap, actually I’m about to head out to work…..
FIameLions: after awile the begats got into the 30s
TygerEyez1: {{{{{Angel}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Aha!! not the bad word Tyger!! its W***
B5CL Stef: {S badword

JM ICEMAN: tyger said that 4 lettered word!
TygerEyez1: ::covers mouth:: so sorry…….{S thwap}s self
FIameLions: Work Tap? phoo…I have a couple classes today
B5CL Tap: tsk tsk..::foofs:: 30 lashes with a wet noodle!
B5CL Tap: Lions!! ::shocked and appalled:::
FIameLions: ::passes out red hot cinnimon lion candies::
B5CL Stef: Boy people sure are talking lots of those nasty four letter words today!
JM ICEMAN: ….I have to W*** today too
DWebs10407: Look’s that way stef.
TygerEyez1: No school this week though…..I’m on break.

B5CL Tap: who opened that door..::searches for open door:::{S hammer
FIameLions: when did four become a nasty four letter word? word to boot
B5CL Tap: ::dusts off hands:: there! that is better
B5CL Stef: hmmmmm
DWebs10407: All the kid’s are out, due to the storm.
FIameLions: Tyger, your not at your local community college
B5CL Tap: Lions not Word…W***
B5CL Stef: dont ask me. my brain is too fried
B5CL Tap: ewwwwwwwwwFried Brains for Breakfast!

TygerEyez1: Lions, no I’m not….I go to court reporting school…..we work in quarters, not semesters.
DWebs10407: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
FIameLions: hummn
B5CL Tap: Hercules Poirdot used to eat them!!
B5CL Stef: eep!!!!!
B5CL Tap: JM ::swats::
FIameLions: we just started this week, missed my first days of classes

B5CL Stef: Hi there TmpsFugid!
JM ICEMAN: What Tap?
DWebs10407: Boy is everyone in a mood today.
AngelMpath: Iceman, scrolling and 4 letter words?!!
B5CL Tap: Hiya TmpsFugid welcome to morning chat in the cafe @@@@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
B5CL Tap: Hiya CMR welcome aboard
TmpsFugid: Hello all
CMR113: Hi all

DWebs10407: Hi Cmr.
JM ICEMAN: hi Tmps and CMR
CMR113: Any particular subject today???
B5CL Tap: tsk tsk..::passes Minbaritea pot to Stef:::
DWebs10407: Well all, sorry but it’s time for me to go.
DWebs10407: Bye everyone, waves.
B5CL Tap: Changing of the guard..CMR 🙂
JM ICEMAN: good question CMR
DWebs10407: I’ll be back later.
BB5Alien: bye DW

B5CL Tap: later all {S tap}
FIameLions: high school stinks.
DWebs10407: Bye BB.
DWebs10407: Bye Tap.
AngelMpath: Later Tap
DWebs10407: Bye Ice.
B5CL Stef: :::takes tea::thanks Tap!
DWebs10407: Bye all, waves.
FIameLions: manyana DW, Tap

B5CL Stef: :::salutes with squirtgun:::
TygerEyez1: I’m outta here too… me seat. I’ll be here tonight.
TygerEyez1: me=my
B5CL Stef: ok
FIameLions: ::waves::
TygerEyez1: sheesh
B5CL Stef: dont everyone leave me….:::pouts::::
BB5Alien: bye Tyger
TygerEyez1: English major has major typo problems today. ::giggles::
JM ICEMAN: Well.its time for me to scoot too….get ready for W***

AngelMpath: Murphy’s Law, Tyger
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
JM ICEMAN: Stef Take care…..Bye All!!!!
TygerEyez1: too true, Angel….too true.
B5CL Stef: well if eeryone poofs I will just curl up here on the couch….
FIameLions: my writing teacher is kinda strict….oh well, he looks like a good one.
B5CL Stef: Bye Iceman!!
B5CL Stef: :::curls up on couch:::
BB5Alien: wow, they’re dropping like flies!!!!!
FIameLions: ::passes hot cocoa with an umbrella in it to Stef::

AngelMpath: Alien, the w*** demon gets the best of us
B5CL Stef: Oo thanks Flame!!!! Just what I wanted!!!!!!
FIameLions: 🙂
B5CL Stef: :::glances at hubby:::thank I can get him to run to the store?
BB5Alien: wish i had a w*** demon after me!!
B5CL Stef: I just have a pregnancy demon inside of me
BB5Alien: lol Stef
FIameLions: AFK, need to scrounge up some breakfast
B5CL Stef: I had some frosted miniwheats
B5CL Stef: but hot chocolate sounds YUMMY

AngelMpath: hope the cooling system is fixed at w*** today
AngelMpath: like working in a sauna
B5CL Stef: Try living in one.

FIameLions: back
AngelMpath: irony is that by Sunday it might snow
B5CL Stef: wb
AngelMpath: wb Flame
B5CL Stef: LOL Angel
AngelMpath: welcome to Colorado weather
FIameLions: PCC Sylvania is alot of outdoors. nice on pretty days, awful on other ones

B5CL Stef: Yeah Missouri is like that too
B5CL Stef: 90 degrees one day….5 feet of snow the next
FIameLions: lived there, Angel, next to a coastal summer thats devine
FIameLions: I was in SW CO
AngelMpath: me too, CO Springs
FIameLions: Pagosa Springs
B5CL Stef: ::sniffles::I miss Washington and the mountains
AngelMpath: sorry Stef, didn’t mean to make you homesick
B5CL Stef: Good morning Spenscott and welcome to the cafe
FIameLions: ::grin:: yesterday was shockingly clear for a view of Hood Stef

B5CL Stef: I think its that nesting thing that us mommies get
Spenscott: thanks
B5CL Stef: pppffftttttt Flame
FIameLions: those hormones
B5CL Stef: Werrf, Welcome to the Bablyon 5 Chat. Home of more races
AngelMpath: Stef, more than likely
B5CL Stef: than anyplace.
FIameLions: pppfffttttt?
AngelMpath: Hey Werrf, ltns
BB5Alien: hi Werrf

B5CL Stef: HI there Werrf whats up?
Werrf: Evenin’, chaps and chapettes 🙂
FIameLions: chapette?
B5CL Stef: would you prefer {S razz} Flame?
AngelMpath: Flame, heard Pagosa Springs is beautiful, friend of a friend lives there
Werrf: Female chaps.
B5CL Stef: Its just raining here….oh joy oh fun
FIameLions: ::sniffs and looks huffy before returning fire::
Werrf: What’s wrong, Flame?
B5CL Stef: ::::gets out squirtgun to extinguish flames:::

B5CL Stef: :::giggles:::
FIameLions: It is Angel, one stoplight, hardly people. I miss the clear views of the divide
AngelMpath: {S angrydrg}

B5CL Stef: I miss seeing Mt. St. Helens puffing steam
FIameLions: you havent missed much Stef, couldnt make it out the Mt. with the smog, let alone steam
FIameLions: Hoods hard enough to see from portland
B5CL Stef: you are in Portland arent you?
FIameLions: yep
B5CL Stef: Well Longview and Kelso dont get much smog so we get pretty good views
FIameLions: dang, you were costal

FIameLions: you didnt get the cascades, but the costal range…those are still pretty
Werrf: What’s so special about coastal?
B5CL Stef: well just on the columbia. but remember they are a lot smaller than Portland
FIameLions: much cleaner
FIameLions: alot of things are
Werrf: Oh…I hadn’t noticed.
B5CL Stef: Longivew and Kelso are just 47 miles north on I5 from Portland Flame
Werrf: I guess coastal America is different.
FIameLions: Portland is is kind of a glob of portland Beaverton, tigard, aloah
B5CL Stef: right between both Cascades and the Olympics

AngelMpath: Werrf, 180 degrees
FIameLions: with hardly gaps to wilsonville and vancouver WA.
B5CL Stef: True. Portland is getting so big
Werrf: Sorry, Angel?
B5CL Stef: and vancover is stretching to battleGround and closer to Woodland
Werrf: What about 180 degrees?
AngelMpath: <~~~don’t miss being a flatlander
B5CL Stef: It means totally different Werrf
Werrf: Yeah…I’m just wondering what from.
FIameLions: and Tacoma, Seattle and Olympia kinda slur along the highway.

B5CL Stef: yep
AngelMpath: Coastal and mountains are 180 degrees different from inland
FIameLions: oh true, true
B5CL Stef: not much of a break anymore between it all
FIameLions: they’re shorter
Werrf: Wouldn’t know.
FIameLions: not much to tell
B5CL Stef: Now for todays geography lesson….
AngelMpath: lol

FIameLions: where in the world is Carmen?

AngelMpath: welcome to geography 101
B5CL Stef: :::gets out map and pointer:::
FIameLions: ::passes a set of prim spectacles to Stef::
B5CL Stef: why thank you…
FIameLions: ::cherubic grin::
Werrf: ::Passes Stef a ‘Sensible’ cardigan::
B5CL Stef: :::put on glasses and purses lips:::today class we are
B5CL Stef: centering on the pacific northwest…
Werrf: ::Goes to sleep::
FIameLions: salmon, totem poles, and trees!

B5CL Stef: ::::struggles to get it over expanding tummy::::
BB5Alien: ::::sits down and opens notebook:::::
AngelMpath: rofl, Werrf she hasn’t even said anything yet
B5CL Stef: :::wraps Werrfs desk:::Pay attention young man!
Werrf: Pacific northwest was enough.
FIameLions: ::stuffs Werrf’s backpack under his head::
Werrf: ::Snores::
FIameLions: Werrf, I live there, it’s not so bad.
B5CL Stef: Its purdy!
Werrf: I didn’t say it wasn’t.

FIameLions: wet
AngelMpath: {S far2mfun}
Werrf: It just doesn’t have much relevence for me, that’s all.
B5CL Stef: Now besides the rush of salmon we also have lurking in the
B5CL Stef: depths of the Columbia river…..Sturgeon. that prehistorical fish
B5CL Stef: of ages past
Werrf: ::Jerks awake:: Who mentioned Salmon?
B5CL Stef: Hey we had to learn about europe in school
FIameLions: steelhead
AngelMpath: :::geez, she’s good at this:::

B5CL Stef: :::curtsies:::Thank you ANgel
FIameLions: we have whales off the coast.
Werrf: ::Snores::
FIameLions: got to see them diving.
AngelMpath: be careful with that curtsy, Stef, you’re a little top heavy <g>
B5CL Stef: Welcome ASHLEE 95, please remember that we have no
B5CL Stef: Age/Sex questions here:-)
B5CL Stef: The mouth of the Columbia River is large….Large enough that
B5CL Stef: on a rare occasion a stray whale has wandered into its mouth
Werrf: ::Gets up and walks to the door:: See you guys later.

AngelMpath: was it something you said Stef?
FIameLions: not good, it’s freshwater
B5CL Stef: hmmmm
FIameLions: we have a big sandbar up there.
AngelMpath: later Werrf
Werrf: I’ll see you all later.
FIameLions: and Portland is aptly names
FIameLions: bye

B5CL Stef: Yes whenever a poor whale had ventured into the lurky waters
B5CL Stef: by Astoria an all out whale herding party join in the fun getting

B5CL Stef: it back to the icy waters of the Pacific
FIameLions: Alaska current
B5CL Stef: and with a stretch of wter 3 miles wide that is a pain!
B5CL Stef: Come on in to the Cafe and have some {S brownies},
B5CL Stef: Jasonp197!
B5CL Stef: True
FIameLions: may be neighbor states with CA, but our costal waters are MUCH colder
B5CL Stef: G’day there SCarl77910! Welcome to the cafe…take a seat
Jasonp197: hey b5 hi bb
B5CL Stef: just not out the airlock:-)

B5CL Stef: Maybe I should become a History teacher instead of a theatre one
FIameLions: geography
SCarl77910: Howdy {S Dixie
BB5Alien: hi Jason! how are you?
B5CL Stef: At least class wouldnt be boring!
B5CL Stef: Hi there Scott!!!!
B5CL Stef: Geography could be fun too
Spenscott: hi
Jasonp197: i’m fine loag time no see
Jasonp197: long

FIameLions: actually Stef, you can do both with Social Studies, and make the kids groan
B5CL Stef: This is the southwestern unidted states….you can tell its
B5CL Stef: distinctfulness by the lack of anything resembling scenery
B5CL Stef: Hello there Lavender7. Wade through and grab a seat and join
B5CL Stef: the chat.
FIameLions: sagebrush, more sagebrush, and Ohhh, more sagebrush
B5CL Stef: BLORIEN5, Welcome to the Bablyon 5 Chat. Home of more
B5CL Stef: races than anyplace.
B5CL Stef: Sandmn134, Welcome to the Bablyon 5 Chat. Home of more
B5CL Stef: races than anyplace.

Jasonp197: some fix me a blood wine
B5CL Stef: I remember one of my social studies teachers…..she was kewl
Sandmn134: hello all
BLORIEN5: ((((((((Stef)))))))
Lavender7: Hullo all
FIameLions: lo
B5CL Stef: bloodwine is down the galaxy to the left in the StarTrek forum
B5CL Stef: Greetings Dpf01!!!!!! We dont take checks but we do take
B5CL Stef: Centauri Duckets!
B5CL Stef: {{{{{Lorien}}}}}}}

BB5Alien: need to check on something BRB
FIameLions: gotta go
BLORIEN5: Greetings room
Sandmn134: Bloodwyne*
Lavender7: Hi Lorien
BLORIEN5: ::::bows to lovely Lavender::
Sandmn134: yelllo
B5CL Stef: :::puts away maps and pointer::::
Sandmn134: yello*
Lavender7: ::returns bow:: Why thank you. ::smiles::

Jasonp197: please b5 please fix me a blood wine
B5CL Stef: I dont fix drinks… can do it…the counter is right over there…::smiles:::
Lavender7: {S emotnl
Sandmn134: bloodwyne*

B5CL Stef: I do have some fresh tea made though
BLORIEN5: ::::passes pitcher of Vorlon Shooters to room:::
Lavender7: I have a question
B5CL Stef: Yes Lavender?
BLORIEN5: diddo

B5CL Stef: Oh Me Oh my Lorien…trying to get everyone sauced????
Sandmn134: does anyone remember me????
Lavender7: Have anyy of you ever read any J+D fanfic?
B5CL Stef: Sandmn the name looks familiar but its been ages…..
Lavender7: Sorry. It’s really hard to type wearing this cast.
B5CL Stef: what happened to your hand?
Lavender7: Broke a finger
Sandmn134: didn’t you get married a while back
Sandmn134: ouch that sounds painful
Lavender7: It was. But I get it off on Monday

B5CL Stef: Moi? Last weekend…and boy was that Memorable
B5CL Stef: :::still having nightmares:::
Lavender7: Congrats, Stef
B5CL Stef: thanks
Lavender7: Ok, I guess no one has.
AngelMpath: Stef, I thought I was reading the script for a TV sitcom
BLORIEN5: You mean to tell me that I have a crush on a married woman, stef? LOL
B5CL Stef: Cleared for entry there Werrf, and welcome to the Eclipse
B5CL Stef: Cafe!!
Werrf: ::Sticks his head in the door:: Has school finished?

B5CL Stef: LOrien…..I am a WOMAN
Sandmn134: didn’t you have a military wedding and than you were gonna have regular one?????
B5CL Stef: Yes Werrf we are done with school
BLORIEN5: And I am a male
BLORIEN5: heheheh
Werrf: Oh, jolly good. Did I miss homework?
Lavender7: Hi Werrf
B5CL Stef: Oh ::::BLUSH:::::LOrien I misread that
BLORIEN5: I understand
Jasonp197: sorry guys but i got to go guy sorry my mom and dad are home bye

B5CL Stef: Werrf you have to right a 3 page essay on the value of mountains in todays society
Lavender7: Bye Jason
Werrf: Mountains
Werrf: Are
Werrf: Fun
Werrf: There you go.
Lavender7: LOL Stef
B5CL Stef: LOL
Lavender7: LOL Werrf
Sandmn134: well what is the topic for talking about??

B5CL Stef: Should send you off to the HeadMaster Werrf

BLORIEN5: The coming storm?
Lavender7: FanFic
Werrf: Why?
Werrf: fanfic? What sort of fanfic?
B5CL Stef: :::giggles:::::I dunno…just sounded drastic
Lavender7: J+D fanfic
AngelMpath: Stef, or better yet, the HeadMistress
Werrf: J+Who?
B5CL Stef: He might like that though Angel 😉

Lavender7: John and Delenn
AngelMpath: true
Lavender7: ::giggles::
B5CL Stef: ::::covers mouth:::oooo did I say that?
Werrf: Anyone read S:AAB fanfic?
B5CL Stef: ::smiles innocently:::
Werrf: Yes, Stef, you did.
B5CL Stef: I love that show Werrf. was so mad when they cancelled it
Sandmn134: {S goodbye

Lavender7: What’s that?
Werrf: Do you read S:AAB fanfic, though?
B5CL Stef: I havent seen any
B5CL Stef: where do you get it?
Werrf: Oh, boy, are you missing out!
B5CL Stef: Space: Above and Beyond. Lavender
Werrf: I’ll IM you a couple of links.
B5CL Stef: I bet.
Lavender7: Oh……right
B5CL Stef: Email them to me please

B5CL Stef: Otherwise I would lose them
Werrf: Sure thing.
Lavender7: ::sneezes::
B5CL Stef: thanks
Werrf: Oh, BTW…whatever you do, steer clear of a story called ‘Search and Rescue’.
B5CL Stef: :::hands over a tissue::::there you go Lavender
AngelMpath: {S divhug}
B5CL Stef: why?
Lavender7: ::takes it:: Thank you.
B5CL Stef: hey…who hugged who?

AngelMpath: what ever happened to that?
Werrf: Well, not to put too fine a point on it, it’s rubbush.
Lavender7: {s bighug
Werrf: It was cancelled due to studio politics ::Growls::
B5CL Stef: Getting to big to divehug at the moment Angel
AngelMpath: that’s what I thought
B5CL Stef: bummer Werrf
AngelMpath: just realized I still had the wav
B5CL Stef: :::giggles:::Yeah Jacocor made the wav for me
B5CL Stef: still have to like {S steffy} though

AngelMpath: don’t have that one
Werrf: What’s {S Steffy}?
B5CL Stef: you dont???
B5CL Stef: I better send it out then huh?
AngelMpath: {S wavbeg
B5CL Stef: Hi Lavender7!

Lavender7: Hi B5CL Stef!
B5CL Stef: anyone else want it?
B5CL Stef: will have to send it later
AngelMpath: np

SCarl77910: Later, folks.
B5CL Stef: Werrf its a wav a friend of mine made
B5CL Stef: by Scott
SCarl77910: {S dixie
B5CL Stef: have a good day
Lavender7: Buh-bye SC
Spenscott: by
BLORIEN5: sorry back from Im land
B5CL Stef: wb Lorien
AngelMpath: bye SC, try to stay dry

Lavender7: 2/74
B5CL Stef: well if you dont go outside that is easy
B5CL Stef: unless you have a leaky roof
BLORIEN5: Thank you Stef:)
B5CL Stef: anytime Lorien 🙂
BLORIEN5: :::blushes:::
AngelMpath: Stef, almost anyone in FL is going to get blasted
B5CL Stef: true
Werrf: {S Gotpost}, Stef
Lavender7: BRB

B5CL Stef: We are getting downpours here
B5CL Stef: thanks Werrf!!!
BLORIEN5: Where is DW I hope he makes it thru the storm.
Werrf: Welcome, Stef. ANything for a fellow Dwarfer.
AngelMpath: she was on earlier Blorien
B5CL Stef: aawww thanks
B5CL Stef: I need to get those tapes….
BLORIEN5: Thank you Angel
B5CL Stef: Hi Lavender7!

AngelMpath: DW says she’s doing okay so far
Werrf: Yeah…soon as you get ’em, let me know and I’ll stand by to record.
B5CL Stef: ok
B5CL Stef: As soon as we can afford somethign besides baby stuff I will let you know

Werrf: No rush…heck, leave it long enough and I’ll be able to give you Season 8 as well 🙂
B5CL Stef: kewl!
AngelMpath: If anyone cares, today is Kevin Sorbo’s 40th birthday
B5CL Stef: really?
Werrf: Whos?
B5CL Stef: Hercules

AngelMpath: yepper
B5CL Stef: big strong guy with lots and lots of hair
B5CL Stef: ::::giggles::::
BLORIEN5: Virgo, so is Mira Furlan
AngelMpath: Gary Cole of Crusade turned 41 this week too
Werrf: Never heard of him.
B5CL Stef: its a TV show over here
B5CL Stef: Hercules the INcredible Journeys
B5CL Stef: Hello there Lavender7. Wade through and grab a seat and join
AngelMpath: wb Lav

B5CL Stef: the chat.
B5CL Stef: along with Xena
Lavender7: Sorry.
Lavender7: Mail call
B5CL Stef: or is it Herc the legend continues?
B5CL Stef: those two are sooooooo confusing
AngelMpath: I know, just call them both Hercules
BLORIEN5: Good seeing you all. Take care and have fun::woosh::
Werrf: Wouldn’t know. Wouldn’t care, either, really 🙂
B5CL Stef: you too Lorien

AngelMpath: Werrf, you’ve never heard of Xena: Warrior Princess?
B5CL Stef: its an okay show if you like to see near nekked women
B5CL Stef: and pompus overbearing males
Werrf: Heard of it, not planning to watch it.
B5CL Stef: its got some humor though
AngelMpath: :::checks Werrf’s pulse:::
Werrf: Far as I can tell, Hercules is there to give women something to drool over,
Werrf: and Xena’s there to give men something to drool over.
AngelMpath: your the only guy I know that isn’t gaga over Lucy Lawless
B5CL Stef: lets see…I have been up 2 hours and I am so tired I can barely

B5CL Stef: keep my eyes open…does anyone else think that is odd?
B5CL Stef: Basically Werrf you got the picture…
Werrf: The woman from Xena?
AngelMpath: Not when you’re preggers, Stef, been there, done that
B5CL Stef: Welcome, JaJaSha, to the Babylon5 Eclipse Cafe….take a
B5CL Stef: seat and some spoo and join the fun! 🙂
B5CL Stef: I feel like I am living in my bed

AngelMpath: enjoy it while it lasts, Steffie
B5CL Stef: true
AngelMpath: five weeks from now you’ll wish you were there

B5CL Stef: cause in about 5 weeks I wont be getting ANY sleep
Werrf: You’re complaining about living in your bed?
B5CL Stef: yeah I know
B5CL Stef: I am used to being more active Werrf and this inactivity is driving me nuts
B5CL Stef: and My hubby is going nuts trying to keep me from doing too much
AngelMpath: I always thought it ironic we only get 9 months to prepare for 18 years
AngelMpath: hard to believe 18 years ago I was where you are now
B5CL Stef: well rather be preggers for 9 months instead of 22 like elephants
B5CL Stef: its the circle of life Angel…..
AngelMpath: {S amen} to that

B5CL Stef: we get a half a month to prepare for every year they are with us.
AngelMpath: yep, doesn’t seem fair
B5CL Stef: nope it dont
Werrf: When you say ‘we’…who do you mean?
B5CL Stef: and the guys just sit back and watch us expand
B5CL Stef: all womankind Werrf
Werrf: ::Sigh:: Thought so.
Werrf: And you call us sexist.
B5CL Stef: sorry Werrf……
AngelMpath: {S iamwoman}

B5CL Stef: next time you get something kicking you from the inside out I
B5CL Stef: will sympathize with you

Werrf: Next time you get women moaning at you every time they have kids, *I* will
AngelMpath: always loved the joke how the human race wouldn’t exist if the male’s
Werrf: sympathise with *you*
AngelMpath: had to bear the children
B5CL Stef: but right now I am kinda mad at guys… hubby wont go get
B5CL Stef: me the hot chocolate I want. said If I have a craving for
B5CL Stef: something I have to suffer if its not in the house cause he aint
B5CL Stef: going to get it

B5CL Stef: LOL Werrf. We complain to each other about the pain of it all too.
AngelMpath: Stef, tell him if it’s in the house, it’s not a craving
Werrf: No, you complain to each other about us.
B5CL Stef: werrf when we are this far along….we just complain
AngelMpath: “Women have many faults, but men have only 2, everything they say and
AngelMpath: everything they do”
B5CL Stef: Oh Angel that is bad…
B5CL Stef: There are many things that I could not do without my hubby for
AngelMpath: heard that eons ago

B5CL Stef: opening jars….
Werrf: Women have two faults, everything they say and everything else.
B5CL Stef: now now….lets all play nice
AngelMpath: making babies <g.
B5CL Stef: we all know that we could not survive without each other
AngelMpath: I know I couldn’t survive without Duky, wouldn’t want to if I could
B5CL Stef: true
B5CL Stef: I cant bare to be without Rob
Werrf: Play nice? You start being sexist, then tell us to play nice?
B5CL Stef: or is that bear?

AngelMpath: rofl, Freudian slip?
B5CL Stef: ummmmmmmmmmmm not saying anything that might incriminate me

AngelMpath: good idea
B5CL Stef: well Werrf I am trying to be nice too
Werrf: Well, when you’ve finished insulting half the species, gimme a call, I’ll be back.
B5CL Stef: oh dear…
AngelMpath: boy is he touch today
B5CL Stef: and they say we are the moody ones??
AngelMpath: touchy
AngelMpath: really!!

B5CL Stef: poor Werrf
AngelMpath: but then he’s a Brit
B5CL Stef: true
B5CL Stef: Greetings, Dasein718, and Welcome to the Eclipse cafe 😉
B5CL Stef: where credit is king and we dont take checks
AngelMpath: different species
B5CL Stef: doesnt quite get american humor
B5CL Stef: or understand that we are just joking
Dasein718: hi
B5CL Stef: hi there

B5CL Stef: well its time for my nap
B5CL Stef: I will see you tomorrow. :::::waves and waddles to quarters::::


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