Eclipse Cafe – 9/19/1998

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Eclipse Cafe”. ***
B5 Glory: Duh, that doesn’t sound like an ep designation
Duh1516639: My favorite was the one with the shadow wars
Gmmas: {{{{{Tap}}}}
B5 Glory: Which one Duh?
B5CL Tap: Evening all ::smiles:: {S tap}
RangerBAD: {{{{{{Tappie}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: hiya Gmmas how you be?
Ed91777: duh, which one of the shadow war eps
B5CL Tap: Hey RangerB !
B5 Glory: {{{{{{{{ TAP!!!! }}}}}
B5CL Tap: @@@@@@@@@cinnamon rolls are HOT!
Gmmas: ok, thanks, how are you Tap?
B5 Glory: mmmm, missed em last night
B5CL Tap: hiya Glory so we all got my email?
Ed91777: only if they are fresh
RangerBAD: Ohhh….i want some!!!
Duh1516639: The one where centauri died
B5 Glory: no I didn’t???
B5CL Tap: ::passes Roll to RangerB:::
B5 Glory: Unless you sent it to my other SN
B5CL Tap: ack Glory just a sec..
Gmmas: Tap: got email from Ranger today, but not you
RangerBAD: Thank you ::gobbles it up::
B5 Glory: :::: licking frosting off fingers :::: thanks Tap!
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RangerBAD: ::brushes off the crumbs from his ranger uniform::
B5CL Tap: well Ranger is ordered his B5 game ::foofs::
Duh1516639: Babylon 5 stinks like limberger cheese
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OnlineHost: BRAIN 2479 has entered the room.
OneDiOnly: hello all…
BRAIN 2479: hi
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Gmmas: Tap: was surprised to see Ranger reads the Sears catalog so closely!!
B5CL Tap: Welcome Brain to the Eclipse cafe ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: LOL Gmmas me too!
Ed91777: hey duh you shouldn’t say that it makes the first ones angy
B5CL Tap: prolly likes the lingerie stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰
B5CL Tap: hehehe
HoneyB87: hi all you guys
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B5 Glory: Wow, what a snappy insult Duh
Gmmas: Tap: LOL
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B5CL Tap: Welcoem aboard Babylon5 Honey and DrkPanthr:::grins::
OneDiOnly: ignore duh..he will go away
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Gmmas: Hi Wayne
B5CL Tap: Hey Wayne!
DrkPanthr: {S Panther
B5CL Tap: @@ passes cinnamon roll to Wayne
Ed91777: okay di
B5CL Wayne: Hello! ๐Ÿ™‚
B5 Glory: Hi Wayne!
B5CL Tap: Hey Panthr LTNS
OneDiOnly: is that the mr centurari I remember fondly
B5CL Tap: where ya been hiding?
B5CL Wayne: Thanks Tap!
RangerBAD: Hey Wayne!!! Hows it going?
MrCentuari: I don’t know, have you fondled me?
DrkPanthr: yep yep yep and Hi to you too TAP!!!!!!!!!!
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B5CL Tap: does one remember Centauri fondly?
MrCentuari: LOL tap
B5CL Tap: Hey JM ! {S thunder}
JM ICEMAN: Greetings Room!!!
HoneyB87: so is there a topic?
B5CL Wayne: BAD: Alright, and you?
B5CL Tap: thought I start you out on the right foot ๐Ÿ™‚
OneDiOnly: dont be crass
Ed91777: well they did have good parties
JM ICEMAN: Tap{S Thunder
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B5CL Tap: Crusades produciton is down for a month
B5CL Tap: but its really good news!
MrCentuari: ahh greatings Delenn
DrkPanthr: What?
RangerBAD: Hey MrC!!! What going on? Not to good Wayne
HoneyB87: so, is there a topic?
B5CL Tap: cause they got more money for the sets!
MrCentuari: Hey Ranger
Gmmas: Tap: saw that from AICN; so its true? one month?
JM ICEMAN: Yup,they are getting leather seats on the bridge!
B5 Glory: :::: looks at Tap :::: Topic is,,,, B5 rumors?
B5CL Tap: Not yet Honey..none that I noticed but I have only been here for 3
Ed91777: sweet
B5CL Tap: not rumor ..confirmed, Gmmas and Glory, by jms in the rec message
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JM ICEMAN: Hi Delenn
B5CL Wayne: I just stopped by to say “Hi!” I’ll see y’all later! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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B5Delenn1: hello Mrc
B5 Glory: And so it begins….
B5CL Tap: bye Wayne::waves::
B5Delenn1: hello JM
B5 Glory: Hello Ice
Ed91777: but it has ended and is going and will begin glory
B5CL Tap: Welcome Delenn ::pours Minbar tea::
RangerBAD: Bye Wayne ::bows::
MrCentuari: :::sips Brevari:::: {S Needrink
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B5Delenn1: Tap..i have amessage from you fromIce
OneDiOnly: sorry for delay…
B5 Glory: {S 2drinks
B5 Glory: ahhhhh
B5 Glory: nevermind
DrkPanthr: TAP… WHere is the Message Board?
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B5CL Tap: I talked to Ranger this afternoon Delenn
B5CL Wayne: Bye! ::waves::
B5CL Tap: the rec board Drk?
OneDiOnly: so what is the chat 2 nite
DrkPanthr: Yah
MrCentuari: {S kissgirl
B5CL Tap: Anyone have a link to the rec board?
JM ICEMAN: Bye Wanye
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B5CL Tap: I know I can find it ..through the spoilers know where
that is Drk?
JM ICEMAN: rec board?Whats that Tap?
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JM ICEMAN: Hi Destroy
B5CL Tap: Let me see if I can pull at least that part in for ya
JM ICEMAN: Bye Destroy
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RangerBAD: Hey Alien
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
BRAIN 2479: hey
B5CL Tap: its working slow tonight
DrkPanthr: Hmmmm….The Lurker’s Guide?
B5Delenn1: {S booted
B5CL Tap: Welcome BB and Tt to the Eclipse Cafe on Babylon5 station
BB5Alien: Hello Ice!! Hi Bad
MrCentuari: ::::sips Brevari:::::
Ttogrehram: did you whack that snert?
BB5Alien: Hi Tap..
JM ICEMAN: …I got a big zit on my lower chin….
Ttogrehram: Delenn?
BB5Alien: thanks for sharing that with us Ice
Gmmas: Iceman: that may be more info than we need to know…..
B5CL Tap: What snert Tt?
JM ICEMAN: .its annoying me
B5Delenn1: Tto
Ed91777: ouch
BB5Alien: Hi SIS!!!
B5CL Tap: JM! cover it up with a bandaid ๐Ÿ™‚
RangerBAD: Hey Tto? Hows it going?
Ttogrehram: Tap, a few hours ago…………Sqeeks? Squeeky?
RangerBAD: no “?”
JM ICEMAN: think I’ll pop it{S drop
Ttogrehram: Hi, Ranger.
B5 Glory: Thick with snerts
B5CL Tap: Oh just got here, Tt
B5 Glory: But we have retaken the Eclipse LOL
B5CL Tap: JM be nice…{S thunder1
JayBees: hmmmm………
B5CL Tap: ah yes…::kicks back in lounge chair::
JM ICEMAN: I’m always nice Tap ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: you are? let me know so I can take a picutre, JM ๐Ÿ˜‰
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B5CL Tap: Welcome Wurtzel to the Eclipse Cafe
BRAIN 2479: hi
JM ICEMAN: get your cammar ready..any minuit now
WurtzelFan: Yeah, thanks
B5Delenn1: as i was saying
WurtzelFan: Hello all
B5Delenn1: Tap
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HoneyB87: ::walks in with her psi-corps symbol shining very brightly.
B5CL Tap: So lets see what is new..hmm next S5 rerun is the Corp is
BRAIN 2479: hi
B5CL Tap: everyone like that show?
B5 Glory: Ice, must you give us a blow by blow account? Ugg
Gmmas: Tap: yes
B5CL Tap: swat him Glory;-)
Ttogrehram: Tap, what are your rules on Sharing?
Ed91777: got to go bye
B5 Glory: Like that one Tap
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JM ICEMAN: It was a little boring for me Tap
B5CL Tap: Gmmas you read Dark Genesis yet?
B5CL Tap: sharing what Tt?
MrCentuari: :::goes to juke box::::: {S chuwumba
BRAIN 2479: brb
Gmmas: Tap: no; have you? i want to, but haven’t
B5CL Tap: Ranger was on the phone with me telling me how great the book was!
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OnlineHost: BRAIN 2479 has entered the room.
Ttogrehram: Things in peoples’ lives, Tap.
BRAIN 2479: k
JM ICEMAN: I try to be up to date Glory ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: naw Tt..this is virtual ..playground, why deal with reality?
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B5CL Tap: I am waaaaaaaaay behind in my reading just in the middle of book #2
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BRAIN 2479: bye.
B5CL Tap: which is a darn good book!
B5 Glory: Whoa…
Gmmas: which is #2?
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B5 Glory: I agree Tap, two is good
B5CL Tap: not an Ivanova fan but I like murder mysteries, Accusation, Gmmas
JM ICEMAN: Book 2 of what Tap?
Ttogrehram: So, I can’t tell you what My dad did with illegal ordinance?
B5CL Tap: the B5 novels, JM
Ttogrehram: ordnance, even.
B5CL Tap: what is an illegal ordinance?
JM ICEMAN: Oh.what else ๐Ÿ™‚
Ttogrehram: Explosives, Tap.
DrkPanthr: weapon?
B5 Glory: Uhhh If I see one more stinking Titanic video commercial
B5CL Tap: of course JM::checks to see if B5 Zocalo sign still up::
B5 Glory: {S ppg
B5CL Tap: is that like fireworks?
Gmmas: Glory: i’m with you
B5CL Tap: ROFL Glory
JM ICEMAN: An ordinance that’s not legal
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B5CL Tap: thanks for the definition JM ๐Ÿ˜‰
Ttogrehram: Well…………technically, yeah.
JM ICEMAN: Your welcome Tap
B5CL Tap: Man I still remember them blowing a whole building off its
foundation in SF
B5CL Tap: illegal fireworks factory ..KABOOM!
B5CL Tap: guy went through 3 walls! ..didn’t get hurt!
B5 Glory: Ouch, bet that hurt Tap
B5CL Tap: could see it from Candlestick Park!
Ttogrehram: Tap, really? Wow! did you get a tape?
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JM ICEMAN: What? Cann’t hear you?
B5CL Tap: well I get he wasn’t too chipper, Glory ๐Ÿ™‚
Ttogrehram: Don’t you mean 3com park?
B5CL Tap: Hiya Arijivan
OnlineHost: Dragoniize has entered the room.
JM ICEMAN: Laugh louder Tap
B5CL Tap: dunno..I call it Candlestick ๐Ÿ™‚
Arijivan: Hiya Tap, how are you?
Gmmas: Hi Dragoniize
B5 Glory: lol Ice
B5CL Tap: {S jawawhip} JM
Arijivan: Whats tonights Topic??
OneDiOnly: like most of you I was reared on StarTrek…what do you think
about re-release?
Dragoniize: Hi Gmmas
B5CL Tap: doing well, ARijivan how about yourself
JM ICEMAN: {S scream
Arijivan: Good Tap
B5CL Tap: We were talking about the B5 novels..
B5 Glory: Liked it One
B5 Glory: like it One
MrCentuari: LOL. . . .novels
B5CL Tap: Scream? hmm they are watching Scream2 in the family room::closes
Gmmas: OneDi: good idea to include cut parts
Ttogrehram: Tap, He hit Delenn.
Arijivan: oh one of my best books to read
Arijivan: favorite even
JM ICEMAN: Nice family Tap….
B5 Glory: Who hit Delenn?
B5CL Tap: lots of screaming in that darn movie
Arijivan: Who hit Delenn??
Arijivan: Let me at him!
Ttogrehram: You, Ari.
DrkPanthr: Going surfing, TAP thanx again for the Link!!!!!!!!
B5 Glory: Hence the name
B5CL Tap: bye Panther {S panther
Arijivan: I did not Kosh hit her!
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B5 Glory: Kosh hit Delenn?
B5CL Tap: One wasn’t bad I wasn’t fond of Talia..but it was interesting
JM ICEMAN: {{Angel}}
Gmmas: Hi Angel
Arijivan: and you hit Delenn too Tt
B5CL Tap: Hiya Angel ^i^
Ttogrehram: OH! #^&^%$#, sorry, Ari.
B5 Glory: I haven’t read One
B5CL Tap: now Tt calm
RangerBAD: i like that thing Tap
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ TAPPIE }}}}}}}}}}}]
Dragoniize: Hi Angel
Ttogrehram: I did NOT HIT DELENN!!!!!!!!
Arijivan: And Kosh hit me with a Pike over the head hard!
B5CL Tap: They had a interesting part where they chased her in the desert
Gmmas: #1 is voices? i liked that, except Kosh talked too much
B5CL Tap: and she befriended these gangs out there
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ ICEMAN }}}}}}}}}}}]
B5CL Tap: LOL Gmmas well what is wrong with that?
JM ICEMAN: Who hit you with Capt Pike?
B5 Glory: Out of charactor a bit huh Gmmas?
B5CL Tap: {S kosh
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Arijivan: No Kosh hit me with a Ranger Pike!
AngelMpath: hi Gmmas, Hi Dragon
Arijivan: And those hurt!
Gmmas: Tap: Kosh should be more inscrutable
JM ICEMAN: Hey,what another name for a vegitable?
B5 Glory: Bingo Gmmas
Arijivan: I killed Kosh for doing that!
B5CL Tap: Well true, Gmmas maybe I just liked the change for one time around.
Arijivan: he should never mess with a Ranger or hit Delenn
RangerBAD: ::busts out laughing:: Bwhahahahahahahahaaha
B5CL Tap: Remember the guy with the jovian sunspots, reading Talias’ fear?
B5CL Tap: Kosh never did use that on her.
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B5CL Tap: You would think the guy would have read she was a sleeper ya know?
Ttogrehram: I am so paranoid, I always think I screw things up with the
people I care for.
B5 Glory: Right, I’ll bet he was supposed to if the actress hadn’t bailed on
the series
Gmmas: Tap: yeah , that was a strange show, but funny
Arijivan: Oh yeah the Robot dude Tap ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: BB5Alien has entered the room.
Ttogrehram: Alien!!!!!!
OnlineHost: Slickone00 has entered the room.
JM ICEMAN: I saw that movie”Sleeper”
B5CL Tap: :::::passes a round of Jovian Sunspots to patrons:::
Ttogrehram: {{{{{{Alien}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: Slickone00 has left the room.
Gmmas: Tap: when they did that show, they did not know that Talia would be
B5CL Tap: JM tha twas a silly movie
Gmmas: Talia/Andrea
BB5Alien: {{{{{{{Tto}}}}}}}}
RangerBAD: Thanks Tap
RangerBAD: ii heard that Gmmas
B5CL Tap: true, Gmmas ..well that was like Sinclair…sort of
B5 Glory: Sinclair didnt want out, did he?
B5CL Tap: I mean firstyear the whole crew was near different
Arijivan: “The Corp is mother, the Corp is father, we’ll find you Lyta
Alexander the Corp will find u!
B5CL Tap: He wanted to do stage stuff, I hear, Londo and Gkar do that now.
Ttogrehram: Alien, is everything OK between us?
Gmmas: Glory: yes, he and JMS both wanted out for his character
JM ICEMAN: The first movie the crew was different
B5CL Tap: while Vir is hanging around the studios still
B5CL Tap: Oh Eagle is leaving for Vancouver next week
B5CL Tap: to direct a Sliders
BB5Alien: why wouldn’t it be?
B5CL Tap: and a Disney show called So Weird
Ttogrehram: Alien, I am paranoid.
Arijivan: i like G’Kar
JM ICEMAN: Thats strange Tap
BB5Alien: are you?
Arijivan: hes Cool
B5CL Tap: well in Ragged Edge, Franklin mentioned Kyle
B5CL Tap: he was retiring..and Frankling taking his place
B5CL Tap: ack Franklin
OnlineHost: Arijivan has left the room.
B5CL Tap: so that came full circle I think
JM ICEMAN: Whos Ack Franklin?
OnlineHost: RangerBAD has left the room.
OneDiOnly: the color of my eyes
OnlineHost: RangerBAD has entered the room.
B5 Glory: Good night all, catch ya later!
B5CL Tap: it was like they were doing a closure there
B5CL Tap: niters Glory
Gmmas: right, and in first show with Franklin in 1st season it talked about
JM ICEMAN: Nite Glory
BB5Alien: bye Glory
B5CL Tap: wasn’t he in The Gathering, Gmmas?
Gmmas: nite Glory
OneDiOnly: how many b5 episodes are there left? dpes anyone know?
Gmmas: Tap: yes
B5 Glory: Thanks for the leading Tap, foof one for me!
B5CL Tap: 5 more ..One
JM ICEMAN: yes he was Tap
B5CL Tap: LOL Glory ::foofs::
OnlineHost: B5 Glory has left the room.
B5CL Tap: The first one airs October 25 -November 28 I think I read
Gmmas: OneDi: 5 more, plus a few TV movies
OnlineHost: Ttogrehram has left the room.
B5CL Tap: and River of we get 6 new B5’s in that short time period
OneDiOnly: are they going to wrap up that fast?
B5CL Tap: Hey the writer..One…I never question how or what he does.
B5CL Tap: its his storyline
B5CL Tap: his universe..
OneDiOnly: movies? explain
B5CL Tap: 2 more movies..River of Souls and Call to Arms
OnlineHost: Lavender7 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: Welcome Lav to the Eclipse Cafe
Gmmas: OneDi: River of Souls, Nov 8 and Call to Arms, Jan 3 i think (1st
Sunday in Jan)
Lavender7: Hi again all
Gmmas: wb Lav
OneDiOnly: sheridan & delenn have a child..before londo * g’Kar kill each
JM ICEMAN: tap,have they sceduled A Call For Arms yet?
Lavender7: Thanx Gm {S wb
B5CL Tap: well Gmmas’s date last one I heard, JM
AngelMpath: interview with Richard Biggs at
B5CL Tap: but TNT can switch stuff aruond
OneDiOnly: gmms..thanks
B5CL Tap: thanks Angel I will put it aside.for later.
Lavender7: Hi Tap
JM ICEMAN: Networks….
Lavender7: HI JM
Lavender7: Hi Angel
B5CL Tap: well its cable, JM but I never notice the you?
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OnlineHost: JM ICEMAN has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: I think the only difference between cable and net is the money they
give the stars.
Lavender7: WB
Lavender7: {S wb
B5CL Tap: what’s wrong One?
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OnlineHost: SPICE 7965 has entered the room.
Lavender7: Gotta play my song {S mono
B5CL Tap: Welcome Lexie and Spice to the Eclipse Cafe.
SPICE 7965: hola
LexieL7: {{{{{{{{Tap}}}}}}}}}
LexieL7: LTNS
JM ICEMAN: Hello Lex
SPICE 7965: que tal?
Lavender7: In English Spice
LexieL7: Hi Ice!
SPICE 7965: ok
Lavender7: Thank you
SPICE 7965: wuz up
LexieL7: nada
Lavender7: Nothin’ much. And you?
LexieL7: ceiling
SPICE 7965: lavender u still here?
Gmmas: OneDi: yes? what?
OneDiOnly: B5 is the BEST SciFi show ever. It was the first SciFi series…
OnlineHost: Nitegrl24 has entered the room.
LexieL7: sky
Lavender7: I left and came bak
B5CL Tap: We were on novels…and the last shows of the year.
SPICE 7965: oh
OneDiOnly: Serial
SPICE 7965: age//check
B5CL Tap: We think so too, One, that is why we come here ๐Ÿ˜‰
OneDiOnly: A beginning, middle and an end.
Lavender7: {S penalty
SPICE 7965: age/sex check?
Lavender7: No checks please
LexieL7: no no Spice
B5CL Tap: sorry Spice we don’t cash checks…only cash here ๐Ÿ™‚
Gmmas: OneDi: agreed; its an amazing show
Lavender7: BRB
JayBees: hmmmm……….
Lavender7: Have to use the phone
OnlineHost: Lavender7 has left the room.
B5CL Tap: bye Lav
JM ICEMAN: Or Centuri dunkets
SPICE 7965: oh me llamo rice
SPICE 7965: rico
OneDiOnly: Ok! name your favorite SciFi film.
SPICE 7965: que tal >?roho
B5CL Tap: film? oh gee whiz..::thinking::
SPICE 7965: me llamos
JM ICEMAN: Thats easy.err..Aliens
Gmmas: 2001
OneDiOnly: solvent green, lifeforce, star wars, aliens…
OnlineHost: Nitegrl24 has left the room.
OneDiOnly: DUNE
SPICE 7965: cola ci senor 2001
JM ICEMAN: War of the Worlds
B5CL Tap: hmm StarWars..i think..
LexieL7: {S iggy
RangerBAD: Night of the Living dead the orginal
B5CL Tap: the first one
OnlineHost: DBStarr7 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: I hear Lyta was in that one, RangerB or was it the remake?
BB5Alien: {{{{{{{{DB}}}}}}}}}}
JM ICEMAN: Sorry in my opion Dune was not a was a deaster
DBStarr7: [[[[[[[[[BB]]]]]]]]]]]!!!!!!!!!
SPICE 7965: hasta manyana
B5CL Tap: Welcome DB to the Elcipse Cafe
BB5Alien: how are you?
RangerBAD: Hey DB!!!!!!
SPICE 7965: que tal?
DBStarr7: Hi Tap!
SPICE 7965: me llamo rico
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘SPICE 7965’, duration 5 min
OneDiOnly: ranger…I slept outside my parents door for a week after seeing
that but it is not scifi..i
DBStarr7: Hi JM!!
RangerBAD: Quit it you idiot!!
B5CL Tap: LOL One..that scarey?
B5CL Tap: Ranger calm
OneDiOnly: jmice..i love dune…
RangerBAD: i meant that towards Spice
DBStarr7: What is up, B?
B5CL Tap: Spice just doesn’t know the rules, yet
BB5Alien: not much, how about you D?
B5CL Tap: I think its a love/hate movie
OnlineHost: Nitegrl24 has entered the room.
JM ICEMAN: The book was great One..the movie…leaves something to be desired
B5CL Tap: hiya Nitegrl welcome to the Eclipse cafe
RangerBAD: I shouldnt have to use my iggy every 5 seconds
BB5Alien: hi Nitegrl
OneDiOnly: b5cl..I was 7 or 8..hell yes
LexieL7: Dune was good if you read the book first
B5CL Tap: it was a large book, JM
OnlineHost: Cokie I has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Khabarakhk has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: LOL one
DBStarr7: Watched “Devil’s Advocate” for the second time on hbo. Just
OnlineHost: Lennierjp has entered the room.
JM ICEMAN: Hi nite
Nitegrl24: I FINALLY got my BSB cd! I love it!!
DBStarr7: Dune was the best book I have ever read
B5CL Tap: Welcome Cokie and Khabarakhk to the Eclipse Cafe
BB5Alien: was it good?
OneDiOnly: j,…i agree..but it was still a good miovie
DBStarr7: I have done so 4 times!!!
RangerBAD: Dune was a long book? i didnt think so
LexieL7: Stranger In A strange Land is the best book
OnlineHost: SPICE 7965 has left the room.
DBStarr7: Kick butt!
OnlineHost: Lennierjp has left the room.
B5CL Tap: a back to Heinlein
DBStarr7: Al Pacino acts his ‘patooty off!
OneDiOnly: are there any lifeforce fans?
JM ICEMAN: Anyone ever read Ringworld?
B5CL Tap: was that a movie too , One?
LexieL7: Heinlein had a lot of sexual problems but he was a good writer
BB5Alien: really? i’ll have to catch it
B5CL Tap: Larry Niven’s RingWorld
OnlineHost: Khabarakhk has left the room.
OnlineHost: Lennierjp has entered the room.
DBStarr7: He even gets Keanu to act for once purely with proxemity
OneDiOnly: b5..yes
OnlineHost: Lennierjp has left the room.
BB5Alien: lol
B5CL Tap: Lexiel I don’t think it really matters..sort of like how you put
your socks on, ya know?
LexieL7: read River World
B5CL Tap: as long as the book is great ๐Ÿ™‚
OnlineHost: Omega 1020 has entered the room.
LexieL7: LOL Tap You got that right
OnlineHost: BRAIN 2479 has entered the room.
BRAIN 2479: ::pulls ppg:: this is a stick up!!
OnlineHost: Americium1 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Omega 1020 has left the room.
JM ICEMAN: Integral Trees was also a good book by larry Niven
B5CL Tap: WB Brain
LexieL7: But I think he was a bit sexist
B5CL Tap: I have a site to that on the net, JM
JM ICEMAN: and its segual,The Smoke Ring
OneDiOnly: unfortunately we are in world of people that prefer film to
Americium1: Anyone here like Babylon 5?
B5CL Tap: Well it depends Lexie…I never really have that problem ๐Ÿ™‚
DBStarr7: Lifeforce was good. Patrick Stewart’s very forst role!
BRAIN 2479: give me all your money NOW!!!!
B5CL Tap: I like him to take all the responsibility ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: then I dont’ take blame when it goes wrong ::foofs::
Gmmas: Amer: yes, why?
OneDiOnly: dbstarr…not first for PS
Nitegrl24: :: hands over money ::
JM ICEMAN: My first roll was a kiesa
OnlineHost: SUZY52 has entered the room.
BRAIN 2479: i said NOW!!
B5CL Tap: Ah Patrick Stewart flick
Americium1: Just wanted to come into a cht room and talk about it
SUZY52: hi im back
LexieL7: Heinlein keep his women plyant
JM ICEMAN: hi Suzy
SUZY52: hi tap
AngelMpath: {S foof
SUZY52: hi iceman
BRAIN 2479: NOW!!!
Nitegrl24: :: chuckles at fake money ::
B5CL Tap: That is why we are here Amer
AngelMpath: Tap, better watch out for the foof patrol
Americium1: do you know anything about the last ifve episodes coming out
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Set permagag to 1 for ‘BRAIN 2479’, duration 5 min
SUZY52: has anyone heard from netsirk?
OnlineHost: BB5Alien has left the room.
JM ICEMAN: Hi Dragn1
B5Dragn1: Greetings all………
B5CL Tap: Yes Ameri….I got a link…if you want it.
SUZY52: hi drag1
Americium1: Sure
B5Dragn1: {{{{Suzy}}}}}}}
OneDiOnly: guess not…
SUZY52: {{{{{{dragn1}}}}}}}
SUZY52: di, when there is a cl on duty, there is
Gmmas: Hi Dragn1
B5Dragn1: {{{{{Gmmas}}}}}}}}
LexieL7: on duty Tap?
B5CL Tap: Its open chat today…One
B5Dragn1: Tap…read your mail…….?
Americium1: duty?
B5Dragn1: Big surprise in there
JM ICEMAN: Tap,you standing on duty?
B5CL Tap: :::looks like…
OnlineHost: Bichonlori has entered the room.
OneDiOnly: always is..b5
B5CL Tap: Can’t type JM…standing up..
LexieL7: :::eyes Tap’s uniform:::
B5Dragn1: Congratulations LORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5CL Tap: Hiya Lorie welcome aboard. ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Tap: not yet Dragn
SUZY52: hi lori, hows married life doing?
B5CL Tap: what I got a spot on my uniform?
DBStarr7: Not the first, OneDi??
B5Dragn1: Ok Lori….spill it…….Tap hasn’t had a chance to read her mail
DBStarr7: What did he do fore that one?
Americium1: Might I have that link Tap?
JM ICEMAN: ..hands Tap spot remover
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ Married lady!!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
OnlineHost: Slickone00 has entered the room.
LexieL7: looks like blood Tap
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{ANGEL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ Dragn!!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
Bichonlori: hi all
Bichonlori: and thank you
Bichonlori: hi suzy
B5CL Tap: Ack..checking mail..
Bichonlori: marired life is good and i miss jason so much it hurts
B5CL Tap: gee Lexie? really?
B5Dragn1: How is everyone tonight?
OnlineHost: BB5Alien has entered the room.
DBStarr7: Hi Bichon!
SUZY52: he went back to england? for how long? wb bb
LexieL7: :::sniffs spot on Taps uniform::: Oh Valen! It smells like snert
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{BB}}}}}}}}}}{S sissypoo
Bichonlori: okay to all that wish to know b5clkosh or b5clkoshy and i got
married on sept 16
Bichonlori: at 1030 am
Bichonlori: hi star
Bichonlori: hi alien
JM ICEMAN: Congradeulations lori
Bichonlori: hi angel
SUZY52: dragn, im fine except i fell the other day and now part of left arm
is purple
Bichonlori: hi jm
OneDiOnly: what did I miss
Bichonlori: hi lexie
B5CL Tap: well he is not really Kosh…its really Jason ๐Ÿ™‚
Bichonlori: hi jay
Bichonlori: hi gmmas
BB5Alien: {{{{{{{{{Dragn}}}}}}}}}}} {S sissypoo
JM ICEMAN: yikes! What did I spell up there?
Bichonlori: hi suzy
B5CL Tap: I mean to marry Kosh would be difficult ๐Ÿ™‚
Bichonlori: hi ranger
B5CL Tap: I dunno..JM what did you spell?
B5Dragn1: Suzy….good grief….be more careful
Bichonlori: yes but he is a vorlon thru and thru
SUZY52: yea like what would the sex life be like, tap?
Americium1: i can imagine that marrying Kosh would be pretty difficult
B5CL Tap: major bruise Suzy!
B5Dragn1: LOL Lori
OnlineHost: OneDiOnly has left the room.
B5CL Tap: well since he is dead, Suzy…ah nevermind I am not going there!
B5Dragn1: Suzy…..out of this world…….LOL
SUZY52: i try dragn, but i step on my own shoe lace when that happened
DBStarr7: One Di, what movie did Patrick do ‘fore Lifeforce?
OnlineHost: OneDiOnly has entered the room.
AngelMpath: Tap, rotflmao
LexieL7: Dune
Gmmas: Hi Lori – and congratulations!
B5CL Tap: ๐Ÿ™‚
Bichonlori: lets just say he got me drunk and he had to marry me
JM ICEMAN: so Lori,did Kosh come out of that encounter suit?
DBStarr7: No
OnlineHost: BRAIN 2479 has left the room.
Bichonlori: than you gmms
OneDiOnly: lex..what about Dune?
B5CL Tap: He got YOU drunk?
LexieL7: LOL Lori
Americium1: All the time
B5CL Tap: good grief!
Bichonlori: oh yes no encounter suit
B5Dragn1: LOL Lori….come on…he is a big boy…he knew what he was doing
Bichonlori: he got me drunk
AngelMpath: Hey, Lori, way to go
B5CL Tap: Lori!! ::blushes::
SUZY52: lexie, did you see him in an earlier movie called I,claudius?
DBStarr7: lifeforce was before Dune
LexieL7: Patrick did Dune ‘fore Lifeforce
Bichonlori: yeah well he was the first one i ever slept with
LexieL7: was it?
SUZY52: not a movie,b ut a pbs mini series
Americium1: he was carried by Lyta several times
AngelMpath: and Excalibur
OneDiOnly: YES
SUZY52: he sure was lex
Bichonlori: yep me smiling
JM ICEMAN: lets not go there Lori
Bichonlori: i can’t remember what we did
SUZY52: I,claudius was made in mid 70s
LexieL7: Excalibur maybe?
B5CL Tap: ah yes Excalibur…
SUZY52: he wore a skirt then, well a roman uniform
OnlineHost: Americium1 has left the room.
AngelMpath: not maybe, was Guenevere’s father
B5Dragn1: Who Suzy?
Bichonlori: no he took me to excalibur and to trease island
Bichonlori: the hotel
Bichonlori: hotels
B5CL Tap: Ack is that like a kilt?
SUZY52: patrick steward, dragn
SUZY52: no tap
Bichonlori: hey dragon he is a great kisser
LexieL7: stewart
Bichonlori: and i never got kissed like that before
AngelMpath: Patrick Stewart was in ‘Excalibur
JM ICEMAN: …,this is a messed upped chat..I like it
B5Dragn1: Patrick Stewart? has done many movies……but
B5Dragn1: thought he was neat in Robin Hood Men in
Bichonlori: and boy the guys at work said way to go lori he is sexy and cute
and what a man
B5Dragn1: Tights….LOL
SUZY52: know that angel, but earlier than that he was in I,claudius
AngelMpath: JM, just this one? <g>
LexieL7: I’m drunk Ice so it doesn’t matter to me
SUZY52: drag, that was only about 2 yrs ago
B5CL Tap: LOL Lexiel
JayBees: hmmm…..
JM ICEMAN: OK so there all messed up Angel ๐Ÿ™‚
B5Dragn1: I know…..but cute movie part for him
Bichonlori: lala lori is in love with her husband
B5CL Tap: well it is Saturday night…Jm ๐Ÿ™‚
B5Dragn1: You are right…in I claudius……
LexieL7: 2 glasses of good wine & I’m smashed I’m so ashamed
SUZY52: and mel brooks says, its good to be the king
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has entered the room.
SUZY52: wb d1
B5Dragn1: LOL Lexiel
B5CL Tap: Hey Lexie only takes one for me !
JM ICEMAN: So Lori,was Kosh {S naked}?
Bichonlori: hey delenn i married koshy
OnlineHost: OneDiOnly has left the room.
Bichonlori: yes iceman
AngelMpath: may have to go, huge lightning bolt out of nowhere just hit
B5Dragn1: Ice…thought you didn’t want to go there…..LOL
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{Delenn}}}}}}}}}}
Bichonlori: and he wore clothing to bed as well ,,, hehehe
LexieL7: I better go to bed
B5CL Tap: ack bye Angel!
AngelMpath: if I disappear call the {S puntemt
B5Delenn1: {{{{{{{dragn}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: niters Lexiel
Bichonlori: angle i love you
B5Dragn1: Be careful Angel…..bye………
OnlineHost: LexieL7 has left the room.
JM ICEMAN: seemed unavoidable Dradn1
SUZY52: okay angel. you got the number?
Bichonlori: hey tap i think love is great
B5Dragn1: Suzy…9-1-A-O-L
AngelMpath: not yet guys, going to live dangerously tonight
B5CL Tap: Dradn?
OnlineHost: B5Delenn1 has left the room.
Nitegrl24: :: jumps around like a crazy person to BSB ::
Bichonlori: angle are you going drinking
B5CL Tap: careful Angel don’t want your Motherboard fried!
B5Dragn1: LOL Ice……..
JM ICEMAN: devil you
SUZY52: thanks think i will need that for myself one day
OnlineHost: VAUlkesh has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: welcome VAU to the Eclipse Cafe
SUZY52: but bet you i will get a recording
B5Dragn1: Think Ice is drinking Tap….Dradn….sheesh
SUZY52: hi kesh
VAUlkesh: Hello
Nitegrl24: Hmm… purty font.
B5CL Tap: LOL Dragn;::sips Minbari tea:::
JM ICEMAN: wait one monment there,I don’t drink
Bichonlori: oh yes, his favorite beers are light and becks beer
Gmmas: g’nite all; have fun
B5CL Tap: you sure JM..?
OnlineHost: Gmmas has left the room.
B5CL Tap: niters Gmmas :waves::
SUZY52: i drink its diet pepsi
JM ICEMAN: yup Tap.would I lie?
SUZY52: sorry didnt see gm was leaving
B5Dragn1: Tap….how about some rolls and some of that special tea for
me….purty please……..
B5CL Tap: is that a rhetorical question, JM?
SUZY52: iceman, tap wants to smell your breath first
B5CL Tap: @@ rolls and tea for Dragnin large cut:::::::::
B5CL Tap: I do?
JM ICEMAN: Perhaps Rabbit Perhaps..
SUZY52: why not?
B5CL Tap: :::finds baloon for JM to blow up::
B5Dragn1: Thank you….:::takes rolls and Tea::::::::
OnlineHost: Lavender7 has entered the room.
B5CL Tap: O~ O~ O~
VAUlkesh: :: grabs a pepsi and moves to the corner::
OnlineHost: Cokie I has left the room.
Bichonlori: tap its easy to get me drunk 2 white wines and 4 diet cokes and i
am gone
SUZY52: left arm hurting a bit
B5Dragn1: :::::settles back to listen to chat and eat rolls and drink
Lavender7: ::dances in:: {S mono
Nitegrl24: :: plops down on the cafe floor :: I looooove this song..
JM ICEMAN: …takes pin out..I’ll blow up any ballon!
B5CL Tap: 4 diet cokes?
Bichonlori: yep
Lavender7: Hello!
B5CL Tap: gee that is what Lexie said too
B5CL Tap: wb Lav
SUZY52: i can drink though its been along time, but i can drink a 6 pak and
be okay
OnlineHost: Cokie I has entered the room.
SUZY52: wb lav
SUZY52: wb cokie
Bichonlori: no me i can’t really drink
B5Dragn1: Tap…mix wine and coke and the effervesence gets to you every time
OnlineHost: Slickone00 has left the room.
Lavender7: My little sis’s friend is in the room with me
OnlineHost: VAUlkesh has left the room.
SUZY52: hi there little sis’s friend
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{Lavender}}}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Bichonlori: no i have no tolerance to alcohol
DBStarr7: BB, U gonna’ stop by here when U go to Charlotte?
Lavender7: Her name is Lizzie
JM ICEMAN: Well,when I used to drink it was Volka and Orange
SUZY52: hi lizzie
B5Dragn1: {{{{{Lizzie}}}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: TygerEyez1 has entered the room.
Bichonlori: hi little sister friend
Lavender7: Hi Dragn {{{{{Dragn}}}}}
Nitegrl24: :: listens to ” As Long As You Love Me ” ::
SUZY52: hi tyger. iceman, my kind of drink
B5CL Tap: Welcome aboard Tyger to the Eclipse Cafe
BB5Alien: who says i’m going to Charlotte?? lol
B5Dragn1: <~~~~~~~drinks JD and water……
SUZY52: {S tyger
Lavender7: She is giggling. She wants to say hi.
AngelMpath: Dragn, stop that, I thought Duky was here <g>
SUZY52: hibb
DBStarr7: no one, YET!
TygerEyez1: {{{{{Tappie}}}}}}}}
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{Tyger-daughter}}}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Bichonlori: as long as you love
SUZY52: did lew fix his modem yet?
DBStarr7: Hi Tyger!
Bichonlori: who you are or where your from
B5Dragn1: LOL Angel
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Dragn-MOM}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Bichonlori: as long as you love me
Nitegrl24: :: sees she is obviously being ignored ::
B5Dragn1: ML says HI to all…still can’t get to the chats with his modem
OnlineHost: KWhit10120 has left the room.
Nitegrl24: He’s still on?
OnlineHost: JesterYarZ has entered the room.
Lavender7: hi how are you ! i lizzy
SUZY52: sorry nitegrl what do you want to know?
SUZY52: wb jester again
OnlineHost: Slickone00 has entered the room.
RangerBAD: what happened to his modem?
SUZY52: wb slick
Lavender7: i lizzy=i am lizzy
OnlineHost: Rosieflame has entered the room.
SUZY52: it got fried
JesterYarZ: thanks
Nitegrl24: its shot
BB5Alien: DB, where are you anyway? dont think i’ve ever asked you
Lavender7: She said hello people
OnlineHost: Slickone00 has left the room.
SUZY52: hi back to lizzie
DBStarr7: I have told U twice.
B5Dragn1: Yup Suzy….he is royally upset…..LOL
JesterYarZ: hey all
BB5Alien: <~~Alzheimers
SUZY52: i know. can only do a 4800 speed thing
Lavender7: thanks
Lavender7: That was lizzie BTW
B5Dragn1: Yup….that’s what he said…….
Nitegrl24: :: dances around on the bar ::
Lavender7: We are watching Titanic
OnlineHost: DBStarr7 has left the room.
OnlineHost: RangerBAD has left the room.
SUZY52: is that boogie nights dance, nite?
B5Dragn1: Said to give everyone a big {S smooch}….he misses EVERYONE
Nitegrl24: nope…. Backstreet….
Lavender7: And painting our nails
OnlineHost: OfALegend has entered the room.
Lavender7: Hi Nite
OnlineHost: Rosieflame has left the room.
SUZY52: have fun doing that lav
BB5Alien: Hi Legend
B5CL Tap: Welcome OfALegene to the Eclipse Cafe ๐Ÿ˜‰
Nitegrl24: :: pops cd into player, turns it up full blast ::
SUZY52: hi legend
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{Legend Darlin’}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: geesch I can’t spell tonight ::swats typo demon::
OnlineHost: GrainFedGy has entered the room.
OfALegend: Helllooooooooo folk! =D
SUZY52: hate loud music, nite
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Legend}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Bichonlori: hi legend
OfALegend: GO VOLS!! Gawd I’m soooo hyper!!
Nitegrl24: tough…
OnlineHost: JesterYarZ has left the room.
Bichonlori: legend you know that i got married right
SUZY52: i know i am
OfALegend: {{{{{{{{{{Tyger, Dragn}}}}}}}}
B5Dragn1: Did the Vols WIN????????????????
Bichonlori: married sheish i took the plunge
OfALegend: Yeah, Lori
Lavender7: {S Iris
OfALegend: Dragn, YESSSSS!!!!!!!
OfALegend: In OT!
SUZY52: no but mark mcgwire got 64 home runs now
B5Dragn1: Hot Da…..oops……YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TygerEyez1: Oh, Lord……he’s on a tear now.
OnlineHost: Iautaknow has entered the room.
Lavender7: {S jumper
SUZY52: hi lauta
Bichonlori: i am so happy
OfALegend: Dragn, WOOOHOOOO!!! =D
SUZY52: {S woohoo
B5CL Tap: Welcome GrainFedGy and Iautaknow to the Eclipse Cafe on Babylon5
Iautaknow: Hey Suzy :-]
OfALegend: They beat us 5 YEARS in a row!!
Bichonlori: he is the great person alive and the greatest looking person
OfALegend: Heya Grain! =D
Lavender7: We know Lori ::smiles::
Iautaknow: “foof” Tap! lol ๐Ÿ˜€
Nitegrl24: oh, no lori…
SUZY52: lori, your just saying that cause your married to him. lol
Lavender7: Lizzie says Titanic sux
B5Dragn1: FSU won….now the Big Bad gators Lost…….No
B5Dragn1: better way to end a saturday……….ALRIGHT!!!!!
B5Dragn1: ::::::pupms fist in air::::::::
B5CL Tap: I only foof on special occasions, Iautoknow
GrainFedGy: LOL Hi Guys
SUZY52: i like that movie lav. and i didnt think i would like it
Lavender7: I LOVE IT
Bichonlori: no he has the cutest little bald spot and its adorable
Bichonlori: and i love it
TygerEyez1: Well the Longhorns lost big today, but the Aggies won… I
did about 50/50
B5CL Tap: LOL Lori
Lavender7: Lizzie will type in a diff color
Bichonlori: i did not say that and no telling
GrainFedGy: hmm
OfALegend: hmmm…why are you hiding from ME, Grain? <g>
SUZY52: gawd, i hate all sports
OnlineHost: DBStarr7 has entered the room.
GrainFedGy: Texas Fan?
SUZY52: lav, wont see it, not using 4.0
AngelMpath: aren’t newlyweds cute? {S gag} <g>
GrainFedGy: I will fix that..
Nitegrl24: Now then….
BB5Alien: {{{{DB}}} what happened???
OnlineHost: KMGray3 has entered the room.
Iautaknow: …the world breathes a sigh of sadness and dissapointment at Taps
OfALegend: You better fix that <g>
SUZY52: i dont know angel, havent been one since 76
KMGray3: Greetings all
SUZY52: hi gray
B5CL Tap: Welcome KMGray to the Eclipse Cafe ::grins::
Nitegrl24: :: Plaster up pictures of Howie D. and Brian all over the cave ::
Lavender7: Hi Grey
BB5Alien: hello KMG
Iautaknow: Heyo Gray! :-]
OnlineHost: DBStarr7 has left the room.
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{Grey}}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
Bichonlori: i am going to try and find an encounter suit for xmas for him to
KMGray3: Hiya Angel, Tap, Dragn, BB, loriu, Iauta, Jay, JM, Lavender, Suzy,
SUZY52: if not lori, may have to make one
Iautaknow: {S lea} ;-]
KMGray3: {{{{Dragon}}}}}}}
AngelMpath: Hey KM!!
OnlineHost: B5CL Nost has entered the room.
Lavender7: Grey, call me lav(everyone does_
SUZY52: hi nost
Lavender7: )
B5Dragn1: LOL Gray….think you hit us all in one whack…….
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Iauta}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
OfALegend: {{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: Lori I sent out address for B5costumes
KMGray3: Ok Lav ๐Ÿ™‚
TygerEyez1: Hiya Gray.
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{NOSTY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Bichonlori: hiya nost
B5CL Tap: Hiya Nost ๐Ÿ™‚
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{{{{Legend}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
B5CL Tap: ::passes Minbaritea pot to NOST::
KMGray3: hmm…guess I did Dragn ๐Ÿ™‚
Bichonlori: oh yeah nost b5koshy and i are married
BB5Alien: {{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: Destroy227 has entered the room.
Iautaknow: {{{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: DBStarr7 has entered the room.
Lavender7: Lizzie is typing in Italics
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Nost}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
GrainFedGy: back
SUZY52: hi there dest
Destroy227: ::enters::
OfALegend: Nostie!! Didja hear the news? <g>
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{Des}}}}}}}}}}}}}
KMGray3: {{{{{{{{{{{{NOS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
BB5Alien: Again DB???
KMGray3: Hiya Des
SUZY52: cant see it lav, not using 4.0
TygerEyez1: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Alien}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I’ve been for a few and I
didn’t even see you.
Nitegrl24: : walks back to cave :
B5CL Nost: {{{{{{{{{{{{{Dragn Tap Tyger KMG Alien Angel Iauta ALL
Iautaknow: Ever feel like your being mobbed Nost?? ๐Ÿ˜€
Bichonlori: nost the only thing missing is a little koshy
Destroy227: hey suzy, KM {{{{dragn}}
Nitegrl24: :: takes boom-box with her ::
DBStarr7: Twice in 3 min. Can U b’lieve it??
BB5Alien: thats ok Tyger, i was hiding in the corner
B5CL Nost: Iauta all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚
Destroy227: :::follows nitegirl
Destroy227: :::
BB5Alien: i know!!
Lavender7: lav called me cool
Nitegrl24: slow song, kewl..
B5CL Tap: Naw Nost is used to it Iautaknow ๐Ÿ™‚
Destroy227: may i enter?
SUZY52: if you did IT before he left, you will see in 9 months
B5CL Nost: Lori missing? already?
Nitegrl24: sure
Iautaknow: So formal Tap… ๐Ÿ™
Destroy227: ::gets in:::
Lavender7: {S mono
AngelMpath: [{{{{{{{{{{ NOST!!! }}}}}}}}}}}]
BB5Alien: {{{{{Destroy}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: VACA SEAN has entered the room.
Lavender7: Ah…my theme song
Destroy227: may i have this dance?
Destroy227: {{{alien}}}
B5Dragn1: Nosty…….Lori is a married lady now…….
VACA SEAN: Guten Tag!
SUZY52: hi sean. long time no see and hear
B5CL Nost: Hey {{{Suzy}}}}}
Nitegrl24: :: grins :: but of course
Lavender7: Hi Des ::waves::
B5CL Tap: of course..always formal in uniform::straightens uniform::
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{sean}}}}}}}
KMGray3: Hello Sean
B5CL Nost: Yes Dragn I know.
Lavender7: Hi SEAN! {{{Sean}}}}
Destroy227: ::waves to lavender
B5CL Tap: Welcome Aboard Babylon5 VacaSean
DBStarr7: Did u get my loc. BB?
OnlineHost: LORDZIBA has entered the room.
OnlineHost: IRONF0X has entered the room.
Lavender7: {S iris
Destroy227: :::takes nites’ hands and starts to dance::
BB5Alien: no DB sorry
B5CL Nost: Hiya {{{Ziba}}}
SUZY52: hi ziba, hi fox
Bichonlori: he went back to london has to finish his contract out
KMGray3: Hi Ziba
VACA SEAN: Yeah, hey everyone loves me!!!
Lavender7: ::plays piano telekinetically::
DBStarr7: Greenville, SC
Destroy227: brb
OnlineHost: Destroy227 has left the room.
B5CL Nost: Hey Fox. Sean
Bichonlori: yes and i got the ring and licesne to prove it
OfALegend: :::offers Tap some Flexall454 for her fingers after this chat:::
SUZY52: sure we do sean, we are family in this chat room
Lavender7: I want some coke!
VACA SEAN: Ich bin kaputt
B5CL Tap: LOL Mikey
OnlineHost: VR azucar has entered the room.
BB5Alien: oh god, thats right, you have told me!!
B5CL Tap: Welocme VR to the Eclipse Cafe
VACA SEAN: ::jumps on sofa::
OnlineHost: Dgarye has entered the room.
SUZY52: lav, im not a drop dealer. heehee
SUZY52: hi VR
Nitegrl24: As Long As You Love Me is back on!!
SUZY52: wb dg
DBStarr7: twice, no, 3 time now. I’m cummin’ down there to check you for
OnlineHost: BoMik87 has entered the room.
BB5Alien: i may be coming thru there soon, i’ll look you up if i do
SUZY52: sorry dope not drop
OnlineHost: VACA SEAN has left the room.
Lavender7: ::Iris plays on piano:: {S iris
VR azucar: Hello just seeing who’s here.
AngelMpath: {S aslongas}
DBStarr7: shor term memory loss!!
IRONF0X: hey everyone hows it going
Lavender7: {S iris2
B5Dragn1: Hey Dgarye!!!!!
B5CL Tap: Welcome BoMik to the Eclipse Cafe
BB5Alien: ::::giggles:::: i’m sorry
Lavender7: {S iris3
Dgarye: Hey B5Dragn!
BoMik87: {S moo
DBStarr7: ssssssssOK!
Iautaknow: Just came by to poke my head in and say HI…..
SUZY52: db, you aint related to the starr lawyer are you?
Lavender7: {S moo
DBStarr7: I still love U!
Bichonlori: hi lauta
BoMik87: {S magic
Lavender7: {S magic
Iautaknow: {{{{{{{{{{Tyger}}}}}}}}
OnlineHost: Spires05 has entered the room.
Bichonlori: nost its great married ife that is
LORDZIBA: so, what’s up?
Lavender7: {S grunt
BB5Alien: wow. ….lookie at Dgarye’s font!!!!
B5CL Nost: Well Hi then Iauta. ๐Ÿ™‚
Dgarye: {S crap
SUZY52: hi spires
BoMik87: /
B5CL Tap: Welcome aboard Babylon5 Spires ๐Ÿ˜‰
Iautaknow: Heyo Lori. I hear congrats are in order..! ๐Ÿ™‚
Dgarye: {S b5dclars
Spires05: Hello all
B5CL Nost: Lori if he is gone already how would you know? LOL
Bichonlori: thank you all
KMGray3: brb everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
Lavender7: Spires! {{Spires}}
AngelMpath: {S lovemarg}
Bichonlori: and thank you lauta
Spires05: Hi Tap
Spires05: {{Lav}}
B5CL Nost: Hi spires.
Lavender7: {S well-duh
BoMik87: {S warble
B5CL Nost: BTW Congrats Lori.
OnlineHost: JayBees has left the room.
AngelMpath: {S marriedu}
Bichonlori: thank you nost
Lavender7: <Lizzie> Are y’all ignoring us?
B5CL Tap: Maybe the best way Nost?
Spires05: Hi Nitegrl
BoMik87: {S goodbye
B5CL Nost: Tap ah yup. hehe
OnlineHost: OfALegend has left the room.
Bichonlori: nost he is the best
Lavender7: {S addams~1
SUZY52: lori, if you do have a kid, you going to dress him up like a vorlon
for halloween?
Bichonlori: oh drows left
B5CL Nost: Now Lori that is pushing it cause bobby is the best.
Bichonlori: oh yes or a vampire or witch
B5Dragn1: LOL…well got to go….hubby just said get off that
B5Dragn1: (*Y*&^& thing……and come to bed…..Nitght all……{
Iautaknow: {S hmr_out
Lavender7: Well I guess you are, cause you aren’t sayin’ anything
SUZY52: bye dragn
VR azucar: see u all later. bye,
Bichonlori: depends on weather its a boy or girl
B5CL Tap: Well time for me to fly {S pixydust} later all
Nitegrl24: hi… this not sassy…
OnlineHost: VR azucar has left the room.
B5Dragn1: {{{{{{{{{ROOM}}}}}}}}}}{S drgnkiss
OnlineHost: Iautaknow has left the room.
Lavender7: Bye Dragn
B5CL Tap: ::waves :: {S tap
B5CL Nost: Niters {{{Dragn}}}}
B5CL Tap: have fun Nost ๐Ÿ™‚
BoMik87: ร†ร†ยต+รฆร†
JM ICEMAN: Nite Tap ๐Ÿ™‚
AngelMpath: later Tap
Bichonlori: i think the vampire parents would prefer a vampire however
SUZY52: doesnt matter under that suit, who can tell what sex they are
OnlineHost: B5Dragn1 has left the room.
Lavender7: okokookoookhokokedhdtrkjzxft5j4gxyl’hgc67,nbnhl
B5CL Nost: Ok Tappy see ya!
B5CL Nost: {{{{Tap}}}}
BoMik87: {S grunt
B5CL Tap: ::grabs jacket and head out of room::

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